Why these pages?

I follow a few talkshoers was tired of running out of room on my phone (or frequent buffering when mobile streaming), and not being able to identify downloaded shows. So I set up these pages that keep a smaller size (via compression) of the same mp3s as found on talkshoe. To facilitate track identification I have taken the descriptions of the files and encoded them in the mp3 tags where EPISODE numbers exist, for a given show/host. As time allows I may add tags to non-episode-numbered shows based on the date.

At some point I'm going to make it possible to annote these so folks can find stuff easily.

A bit more on compression

Talkshoe encodes it's mp3 files at 22Khz, which is overkill for phone quality audio. So after I download the rss.xml page and the mp3 files I use lame to compress to 16Khz, then update the rss.xml pages to reflect the change (60% to 75% reduction) in size. You can see these shows buffer or download quickly.

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