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TS-1089516 34.004:59:58Y2016-06-21EPISODE26 - common sense is valueTo help fellow man
TS-1076578 26.504:19:01Y2016-05-03EPISODE25 - common sense is valuehelp fellow man
TS-1061133 1.200:14:08Y2016-03-08EPISODE20 - common sense is valueMan ideas to stay free
TS-861515 0.400:03:56Y2014-05-17EPISODE8 - common sense is value
TS-859245 10.001:27:05Y2014-05-11EPISODE7 - common sense is value
TS-859223 34.504:57:53Y2014-05-10EPISODE6 - common sense is value
TS-856151 34.304:55:38Y2014-04-30EPISODE4 - common sense is valueThanks Dennis! Following up to assist
TS-854647 33.804:57:11Y2014-04-27EPISODE2 - common sense is value
TS-852256 34.304:57:11Y2014-04-19EPISODE1 - common sense is value
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