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TS-1240455 28.704:11:592018-03-08Open call with True Freeman
TS-1239459 8.701:36:512018-03-03Bitch call in
TS-1237261 9.501:50:042018-02-15open call pt 2
TS-1237237 32.805:00:072018-02-15Open call with True Freeman
TS-1237010 1.000:09:542018-02-13Why are you threatening True Freeman & Family?
TS-1236231 12.701:59:002018-02-07Open call Bionic Steve and others
TS-1236212 0.400:03:512018-02-07Open call Bionic Steve and others
TS-1235810 5.400:57:432018-02-04Open call with TrueFreeman
TS-1235674 18.602:46:162018-02-03Covert, Jay Blaque & Tommy call in
TS-1235575 4.900:42:512018-02-02Jay Blaque and other suckers
TS-1235618 34.204:59:552018-02-02Jay Blaque,Tommy Soto, Covert and anyone call in
TS-1233455 13.702:03:252018-01-17Open mic night #1
TS-1233445 2.700:28:492018-01-17Open mic night #1
TS-1233011 29.904:20:072018-01-15open call on this b/s
TS-1232192 6.601:02:492018-01-10Tommy & Vic call in and get @ True Freeman
TS-1231943 16.104:05:042018-01-09Tommy Sotomayor "WE READY"
TS-1231429 4.400:40:132018-01-06Hell 2 Naw Tammy Sorta-My-Whore
TS-1231295 8.001:12:262018-01-05ztommy, TNN Raw 2 & Sotomayor TV2
TS-1230728 21.603:13:212018-01-03Umar Johnson being investigated but what about Tommy Sotomayor?
TS-1230332 25.504:04:292018-01-01Open call with True Freeman getting @ Tommy Sotomayor
TS-1229754 90.815:00:002017-12-28Open call with True Freeman
TS-1229345 31.904:35:572017-12-26open call for Tommy & Vic
TS-1221689 14.402:09:312017-11-15WOW!!! Tommy Sotomayor & V/D really think they can stop True Freeman
TS-1221686 0.300:04:462017-11-15WOW!!! Tommy Sotomayor & V/D really think they can stop True Freeman
TS-1221305 17.803:22:482017-11-14Tommy Sotomayor proves it's about him and not his KITTY (ALEX)
TS-1221229 14.702:16:482017-11-13EPISODE577 - Str8 Exposing Em Truth Radio
TS-1221045 34.604:59:512017-11-13V/D is a jealous bitch
TS-1220876 26.003:54:062017-11-12EPISODE575 - Str8 Exposing Em Truth Radio
TS-1219026 3.600:31:342017-11-04open call
TS-1218007 18.503:10:432017-10-31How to report Tommy Sotomayor to AZ Home Land Security
TS-1217951 25.104:04:142017-10-30Prison for Tommy
TS-1217639 23.903:40:242017-10-29Vic Damoane had me rolling
TS-1217050 23.603:48:402017-10-26Tommy Sotomayor committed an act of DOMESTIC TERRORISM
TS-1216481 29.204:59:482017-10-24Vic what up doe? lmfao broke ass clown
TS-1215173 20.503:06:122017-10-18True Freeman proves B-Flunky is lying about dropping V/D's daughters school
TS-1214594 31.304:32:062017-10-16Tommy Sotomayor CRYING about his channels being demonetized
TS-1213845 2.800:26:302017-10-12Time to have a flag party Mr. Tommy & V/D
TS-1213527 17.303:12:132017-10-10Vic and Tommy your ass is grass
TS-1213321 31.904:46:222017-10-10Keyboard, go fund me a V/D
TS-1212694 7.201:03:252017-10-06true freeman Keyboard, texas
TS-1212639 30.804:42:492017-10-06Tommy Sotomayor Bitch it's on
TS-1212378 32.705:00:082017-10-05Is Kenneka Jenkins really DEAD? Mother shows no signs of a mother seeing he
TS-1212184 21.403:20:492017-10-05Kenneka Jenkins & Who is the guy following her? Was he at the so called par
TS-1211288 13.702:06:552017-10-02Ladies revenge porn is a crime start pressing charges
TS-1209584 14.902:10:262017-09-24Open call
TS-1209168 7.901:10:472017-09-21Tommy SotoMonkey summer is O/V where is the Doc/Mov?
TS-1208646 15.802:35:522017-09-19Kenneks Jenkins & what may have happen
TS-1207851 26.604:13:452017-09-15Tommy Sotomayor & Jessica's new $2,000,000 scam
TS-1207708 33.704:59:552017-09-15Tommy Sotomayor flags me yet again
TS-1207374 27.104:16:432017-09-14Real reason Tommy Sotomayor is coming to Indy
TS-1207049 27.704:12:312017-09-13Tommy Sotomayor takes on True Freeman in boxing match
TS-1205929 23.103:44:162017-09-082 minutes please
TS-1205884 24.703:42:182017-09-07Call in or shut the fuck up
TS-1205631 17.502:41:392017-09-07Tommy says f u to his mother
TS-1205421 4.100:40:342017-09-06Part 3 of Bitch Tommy
TS-1205295 31.704:59:392017-09-06Tommy supports grown men sleeping with 16 year old girls
TS-1205069 29.704:17:322017-09-05Tommy supports grown men sleeping with 16 year old girls
TS-1204722 17.702:42:022017-09-03Tommy Sotomayor & the Truth & Logic tour
TS-1204478 31.004:32:032017-09-01Tommy lies yet again on True Freeman
TS-1204271 24.503:32:342017-08-31Exposing Tommy & Pro Black community
TS-1203828 12.101:45:362017-08-29True Freeman is all for getting Tommy Sotomayor gone but stop making shyt u
TS-1203414 20.402:55:422017-08-28pt 2 from earlier
TS-1203293 34.405:00:062017-08-28Tommy Sotomayor, Hassan Campbell & the Mayweather fight that Tommy STOLE mo
TS-1202985 5.100:44:492017-08-26continuation
TS-1202978 8.301:14:592017-08-26Does Tommy Sotomayor condone children being touched by adults?
TS-1202810 5.701:25:162017-08-25Tommy Sotomayor & Crew lines are open O lets do it
TS-1200920 14.402:08:312017-08-17Whats the truth about Tommy Soto Monkey
TS-1193920 21.103:08:062017-07-19MadamWhipAss bullshit lmfao
TS-1193421 8.801:18:512017-07-17Lines are open be respectful no roaches allowed
TS-1193138 25.003:45:332017-07-16What has Tommy Sotomayor done 4 you?
TS-1193047 12.201:58:392017-07-15Vic uses wife's f/b to stalk True Freeman
TS-1192357 29.704:24:172017-07-12Vic Damone I hope you can handle what you are going to get my nigga
TS-1192195 13.702:08:112017-07-12True Going in
TS-1192060 33.605:00:052017-07-11Live exposing Vic,Tommy & Crew
TS-1192000 12.202:19:312017-07-11Bring the facts, phone lines are open
TS-1190779 23.603:38:032017-07-06CPS called on VD lets talk about it.
TS-1190650 10.701:37:532017-07-05CPS shows up to V/D's crib so what happen?
TS-1190506 8.501:27:502017-07-05Str8 exposing Vic & Tommy & crew
TS-1190184 9.001:27:372017-07-03You got 48 hrs nigga breaking news
TS-1189869 5.300:50:302017-07-01open call debate what True just said
TS-1188686 18.202:55:002017-06-27Tommy Sotomayor (CRISPY) what in the hell have you actually done for people
TS-1188405 21.103:34:592017-06-26Open Call
TS-1188224 20.303:17:222017-06-25You got a problem with me lets get it
TS-1187917 4.301:01:162017-06-23Vic got bonned your ass is grass
TS-1187633 33.705:00:052017-06-22Why do you fuck boys keep putting my address out?
TS-1187328 31.405:00:062017-06-21Tommy why do you continue to copy True Freeman
TS-1187013 27.204:12:152017-06-20True Freeman talks to the Soto Cult
TS-1186859 19.803:00:302017-06-19part 3
TS-1186765 34.105:00:042017-06-19Part #2
TS-1186720 14.102:05:572017-06-19Tommy Sotomayor and going after the money
TS-1186036 24.303:34:322017-06-15continuation
TS-1185916 32.704:59:552017-06-15Tommy Sotomayor for being scared to box True Freeman
TS-1183990 4.300:38:192017-06-06Tommy Soto call in and defend yourself
TS-1183762 13.102:00:012017-06-06Call in Tommy Sotomayor lets get it
TS-1183490 15.202:29:112017-06-05EPISODE503 - Str8 Exposing Em Truth Radio
TS-1183121 10.001:30:202017-06-03call in or shut up
TS-1183021 27.804:19:012017-06-02Justify or shut up
TS-1182885 22.803:43:392017-06-02Tommy Sotomayor & So Hoe Nation come & get your 2 minutes of fame
TS-1182421 14.002:15:212017-05-31Tommy Sotomayor your ass is grass my nigga
TS-1182079 5.000:46:282017-05-30continuation
TS-1181978 33.905:00:112017-05-30Is Tommy a pedophile?
TS-1180314 12.602:02:312017-05-23Why does True care about the kids
TS-1180209 20.402:58:332017-05-22tommy bitch ass calls in
TS-1180086 34.104:58:512017-05-22continuation
TS-1180057 6.500:59:362017-05-22Friend My
TS-1179833 0.300:05:522017-05-21continuation
TS-1179798 31.305:00:132017-05-21True Freeman apology to the sisters
TS-1176897 21.703:37:032017-05-11Truth Nation meet & Greet 2017
TS-1176519 4.800:43:032017-05-10Soto Cruise Scam
TS-1174500 9.801:37:152017-05-02continuation
TS-1174374 34.005:00:012017-05-02Damn Fee Fumble & Cum dumpster what happen to your new bride B and why set
TS-1174147 21.503:17:472017-05-01Tommy it's time for True to get back to business.
TS-1173771 19.403:05:432017-04-30My videos flagged and removed
TS-1173514 6.601:00:022017-04-28continuation
TS-1173416 32.905:00:082017-04-28Str8 Exposing Tommy Sotomayor & So Hoe Nation
TS-1172243 10.101:35:232017-04-24True freeman back from Mississippi so what's good?
TS-1171692 14.702:22:152017-04-21Tommy do you know about clean hands?
TS-1171379 8.601:25:482017-04-20Tommy Sotomayor don't celebrate just
TS-1171058 30.104:39:152017-04-19EPISODE474 - Str8 Exposing Em Truth Radio
TS-1170981 20.603:08:072017-04-18EPISODE473 - Str8 Exposing Em Truth Radio
TS-1170799 16.102:25:332017-04-18Addressing M Mitchell
TS-1170530 3.300:31:332017-04-17Is Tommy Sotomayor being set up by his handelers
TS-1169492 18.502:53:562017-04-13Tommy admits True Freeman didn't put his address out
TS-1169201 18.302:46:042017-04-12EPISODE466 - Str8 Exposing Em Truth Radio
TS-1168718 19.603:02:292017-04-10EPISODE465 - Str8 Exposing Em Truth Radio
TS-1167597 12.501:54:212017-04-06EPISODE459 - Str8 Exposing Em Truth Radio
TS-1167312 0.500:05:242017-04-05EPISODE458 - Str8 Exposing Em Truth Radio
TS-1166939 32.504:57:202017-04-04Exposing Tommy once again
TS-1166679 26.304:03:522017-04-03Open forum with True Freeman
TS-1166336 4.700:44:212017-04-02Str8 exposing Tommy Sotomayor yet again
TS-1166183 9.901:33:262017-04-01Str8 exposing soto hoe
TS-1166037 20.103:07:432017-03-31EPISODE453 - Str8 Exposing Em Truth Radio
TS-1165633 17.302:44:562017-03-30continuation
TS-1165530 21.703:10:172017-03-30Str8 Exposing Sotomayor
TS-1165018 14.002:10:372017-03-28EPISODE450 - Str8 Exposing Em Truth Radio
TS-1164895 32.104:58:072017-03-28EPINow is the Time Tommy Sotomayor
TS-1164425 29.904:45:472017-03-27Continuation on Tommy 3
TS-1164343 18.802:45:272017-03-26Continuation on Tommy
TS-1164282 33.405:00:062017-03-26Tommy hacked True Freeman
TS-1164137 17.702:41:082017-03-25Continuation on Tommy
TS-1164118 19.102:47:392017-03-25Tommy fakes call to CBS News Lawyers
TS-1163556 33.305:00:082017-03-23EPISODE443 - Str8 Exposing Em Truth Radio
TS-1162695 33.105:00:122017-03-20EPISODE442 - Str8 Exposing Em Truth Radio
TS-1161437 3.400:32:182017-03-15EPISODE441 - Str8 Exposing Em Truth Radio
TS-1161082 26.204:06:572017-03-14EPISODE440 - Str8 Exposing Em Truth Radio
TS-1161052 5.400:49:302017-03-14EPISODE439 - Str8 Exposing Em Truth Radio
TS-1160265 18.102:39:282017-03-11EPISODE438 - Str8 Exposing Em Truth Radio
TS-1160229 5.200:47:312017-03-11EPISODE437 - Str8 Exposing Em Truth Radio
TS-1160050 11.801:47:532017-03-10True Freeman & Vic
TS-1159695 25.403:44:572017-03-09EPISODE435 - Str8 Exposing Em Truth Radio
TS-1159245 17.802:47:202017-03-08Exposing Tommy Sotomayor
TS-1158523 33.405:00:122017-03-06Str8 exposing Tommy Sotomayor & the So Hoe Nation as usual
TS-1157163 0.000:00:002017-03-01EPISODE432 - Str8 Exposing Em Truth Radio
TS-1156355 18.102:54:272017-02-27Tommy Sotomayor nice try with the lie about the Truck
TS-1156087 33.105:00:052017-02-26Exposing Tommy & the So hoe idiots.
TS-1155026 34.005:00:062017-02-22Damn Tommy Sotomayor and the So-Hoe-Nation are really fucking stupid...lmfa
TS-1154145 28.404:22:592017-02-19Exposing the bullshit
TS-1154123 1.500:26:372017-02-19Exposing Tommy & the soto cult
TS-1153926 19.202:50:302017-02-18Saturday morning special exposing Tommy Sotomayor
TS-1153124 17.502:31:382017-02-15Continuation on Tommy
TS-1153005 34.104:59:572017-02-15Str8 exposing Tommy Sotomayor
TS-1152591 32.905:00:052017-02-13Tommy Sotomayor it's just about over 4 ya
TS-1151372 15.102:16:112017-02-09Flagging Tommy Sotomayor
TS-1151272 34.405:02:532017-02-08Tommy Flags again
TS-1150395 26.804:03:122017-02-06Part 2 exposing Tommy sucker ass
TS-1150346 9.401:25:062017-02-06Sgtill exposing Tommy Sotomayor the coon of the year
TS-1149784 29.804:59:532017-02-03EPISODE416 - Str8 Exposing Em Truth Radio
TS-1149299 2.800:24:582017-02-02open call with True Freeman
TS-1148943 24.204:12:582017-02-01Tommy Sotomayor openly lies on True Freeman
TS-1148549 23.703:38:062017-01-31Tommy & fans trying to sell my address.
TS-1148167 29.004:16:132017-01-30Why does the So-Called Black community look for a leader
TS-1147734 3.100:35:112017-01-28Str8 Exposing Tommy and the rest of the crew
TS-1147507 24.103:30:392017-01-27Exposing Tommy Sotomayor & the new $300,000 GOFUNDME
TS-1147175 20.203:08:522017-01-26Tommy,Vic,Lamar,Slappa,Tru Colors,Chucky Doll and the rest of the get along
TS-1146882 16.302:21:022017-01-25EPISODE407 - Str8 Exposing Em Truth Radio
TS-1146750 33.105:00:092017-01-25EPISODE406 - Str8 Exposing Em Truth Radio
TS-1146747 0.200:02:172017-01-25Str8 exposing Sotomayor
TS-1146524 7.701:08:332017-01-24Tommy Sotomayor bullshit p2
TS-1146434 26.204:08:372017-01-24Tommy and the sotonation exposed yet again
TS-1146130 33.704:59:472017-01-23Str8 exposing Tommy Sotomayor
TS-1145107 21.903:14:112017-01-19Exposing Tammy Sotomayor
TS-1144463 6.000:56:282017-01-17EPISODE400 - Str8 Exposing Em Truth Radio
TS-1144449 4.500:47:432017-01-17St8 exposing Tammy Sotomayor.
TS-1144433 0.800:09:212017-01-17Open call
TS-1144134 28.004:12:392017-01-16True Freeman getting at Tommy and his cult fans
TS-1143469 0.000:00:032017-01-13Tommy Sotomayor p 2
TS-1143421 7.701:08:202017-01-13Str8 Exposing Tommy
TS-1143339 12.801:56:592017-01-13Open call with True freeman so call in and address your issues with me.
TS-1142240 15.402:33:032017-01-10True Freeman Keeping it Str8 100
TS-1142100 20.903:14:562017-01-10St8 exposing Tammy Sotomayor.
TS-1141858 21.103:10:292017-01-09Tommy So Hoe Fans
TS-1141508 23.103:33:092017-01-08Str8 Exposing Tommy Sotomayor and the So Hoe Nation
TS-1141499 9.201:25:452017-01-08Bashing the fuck out of Tommy Sorta My Whore
TS-1140712 21.603:22:392017-01-05Tommy &
TS-1138947 20.303:05:492016-12-28Tommy Sotomayor & the So-Hoe-Nation p.2
TS-1138892 2.900:28:372016-12-28Tommy Sorta-My-Whore and the So-Hoe-Nation
TS-1138662 12.001:55:062016-12-27Sin Sinner BITCH
TS-1138573 3.800:34:592016-12-27Str8 exposing the So-Hoe-Nation
TS-1137871 12.002:00:142016-12-23Open Call with True Freeman about the community
TS-1137214 31.404:53:292016-12-21Open Call with True Freeman
TS-1136344 21.803:16:352016-12-18"SNITCH" Tommy Sotomayor, Vic Got Boned and So hoe nation "What is a SNITCH
TS-1136023 13.602:03:472016-12-16Victor Mann AKA VIC THE SUCKER M/F
TS-1134928 23.903:39:022016-12-13Bitch Tommy Sotomayor
TS-1131867 7.601:06:342016-12-01Bitch Tommy Sotomayor
TS-1130466 4.400:42:112016-11-26Str8 Exposing Thomas Jerome Harris A.K.A Tommy Sotomayor
TS-1123707 10.101:36:382016-11-01TommySotomat&Slappan
TS-1123438 28.404:07:432016-10-31Opencall
TS-1123339 30.004:46:342016-10-31The Fall of Tommy Sotomayor and the Soto Nation
TS-1122416 5.000:46:272016-10-27TommySotomayor
TS-1122164 33.705:00:112016-10-26DeathTheatsfromTommySotomayor
TS-1121036 13.502:10:132016-10-21Patreondown
TS-1120971 17.902:51:382016-10-21TommySotomayorp2
TS-1120884 20.403:15:472016-10-21Tommy your ass is grass homie
TS-1120600 12.501:53:262016-10-20TommySotomayor
TS-1120562 0.000:00:002016-10-20Tommy and bitch Joey Salads bullshit
TS-1119511 12.201:52:222016-10-17True Freeman deals with Tommy's bullshit again
TS-1119221 31.805:00:162016-10-16True Freeman addresses Tommy Soto & his fans
TS-1119084 32.404:54:262016-10-15Open forum with True freeman.
TS-1118634 33.904:59:022016-10-13Tommy Soto and his love for children...WTF?
TS-1118296 24.203:43:122016-10-12Tommy Sotomayor supports trafficking young girls on Part 2
TS-1117944 13.302:04:062016-10-11Thomas Jerome Harris AKA Soto whore is a sucker
TS-1117085 17.302:44:302016-10-07The truth about Tommy Sotomayor and the Fatherless America
TS-1116416 13.402:02:302016-10-05Tommy,Tommy,
TS-1115493 32.004:45:572016-10-02Tommy why are you crying?
TS-1115325 13.102:00:202016-10-01Real Talk
TS-1115210 29.104:19:202016-09-30going in p2
TS-1115125 10.301:33:032016-09-30Going in
TS-1114624 11.401:47:052016-09-28I must address all of you who say you support me.
TS-1114394 22.903:39:552016-09-28Tommy Sotomayor is trying to bring my channel down WTF?Tommy Sotomayor continues to file claimes against my channel to bring down the truth about him wow, so who know how much longer my channel will be up. Going live at 9:00 am est today. 724-444-7444 call id 125445# then press 1# 724-444-7444 call id 125445# then press 1#, To donate click here:
TS-1114122 33.605:00:152016-09-27Tommy it's time to bring you down once and for all
TS-1113836 20.803:24:162016-09-26True Freeman calls out Tommy Sotomayor to a
TS-1113324 32.905:00:112016-09-24It's time to unite and invest in property, so what are we going to do?
TS-1112432 31.404:37:352016-09-21True Freeman looking for a few investors
TS-1111443 33.205:00:132016-09-17Real men do men shit, real talk
TS-1107285 32.905:00:112016-09-01WHY ARE YOU BEING ARRESTED AND I AM NOT?
TS-1104368 34.204:59:542016-08-20Jonah Bey and this injunction bullshit.
TS-1103022 33.604:53:112016-08-15continuation call
TS-1102919 33.705:00:032016-08-15Right to Travel, Drivers License, Diplomatic immunityToday I will be going the phuck in with the facts family.
TS-1102740 21.703:10:252016-08-14continuation call
TS-1102678 34.605:00:192016-08-14Exclusive interview with Ramone Coleman Korryn Gains neighborToday True Freeman interviews Ramone Coleman the neighbor of Korryn Gains
TS-1101888 26.103:49:112016-08-10The Lack of real men (fathers) in the householdThe Lack of real men (fathers) in the household & what it has done to the family structure.
TS-1100448 23.203:23:522016-08-04continuation
TS-1100325 34.305:00:122016-08-04Are BLACK men responsible for Korryn Gains death?
TS-1099267 2.200:21:302016-07-31Open Forum: Repairing the damage that has been done.
TS-1099141 12.001:52:032016-07-30Tommy Sotomayor is in for a suprise.
TS-1098933 33.305:00:062016-07-29Tommy Sotomayor lies once again on True Freeman.
TS-1098786 5.400:48:552016-07-28continuation
TS-1098594 33.505:00:072016-07-28Tommy Sotomayor took the damn
TS-1098320 17.202:43:212016-07-27Tommy Sotomayor puts True Freeman's number out there.
TS-1097526 34.704:59:592016-07-24Black men & women it time to sit down and resolve our issues
TS-1096425 29.404:15:022016-07-19continuation call
TS-1096316 33.304:59:492016-07-19Tommy Sotomayor (Tommy-Sorta-My-Whore) you and mentally ill and insane.Tommy Sotomayor (Tommy-Sorta-My-Whore) you and mentally ill and insane and here is my take on it.
TS-1096104 27.904:05:562016-07-18True Freeman to Tommy Sotomayor and the ladies out there.
TS-1095806 8.201:11:392016-07-17continuation call
TS-1095764 34.505:00:012016-07-17The hate for the so-called Black woman, question is why?
TS-1094976 34.805:00:092016-07-13True Freeman want to talk to the real men and women.
TS-1094654 10.901:41:282016-07-12We have to start somewhere, so what are some solutions?
TS-1094014 22.403:14:062016-07-10continuation
TS-1094011 0.000:00:032016-07-10EPISODE319 - Str8 Exposing Em Truth Radio
TS-1093970 34.304:57:242016-07-10Religion, Black lives matter and No justice no peace bullshit.
TS-1093500 14.002:01:312016-07-07continuation
TS-1093439 34.304:57:502016-07-07Mentally ill police, race and what I warned you about long ago.
TS-1089233 32.604:42:042016-06-20The truth is you can't be Sovereign True Freeman comes cleanThe truth is you can't be Sovereign, True Freeman comes clean and admits that Sovereignty is not a reality and suggest you not try this at home. I have to come clean to the people.
TS-1088399 34.105:00:002016-06-16Carlos you bitch this one is for you.
TS-1088053 30.304:22:492016-06-15PUBIC IDENTIFICATION V PRIVATE IDENTIFICATIONPUBIC IDENTIFICATION V PRIVATE IDENTIFICATION. What is the difference between the two and are you 100% a SLAVE to the system if you carry a STATE/COMMERCIAL/PUBLIC Identification card?
TS-1086266 34.104:56:342016-06-08Open forum with True Freeman the one and
TS-1084397 20.602:59:292016-06-01Continuation call from yesterday
TS-1084066 31.304:33:102016-05-31Can you actually display your Sovereignty & get respect?The question is, Can you actually display your Sovereignty & get respect from the so-called system? Can it all be based and dependent on your action or lack there of?
TS-1083133 23.803:25:522016-05-26Stop blaming everyone else for what is actually your DAMN fault.
TS-1079479 11.901:43:092016-05-12Open forum with True Freeman what's on your mind?
TS-1074897 20.803:00:562016-05-01"Consider This " with Special guest: Don-Marc MakaveliSpecial guest Don-Marc Makaveli has a surprise for the family. Title/Topic is "Consider This " so lets show the brother some love. This will be a show that will reveal some possible remedies/options for those who over/inner/understand what will be shared.
TS-1075403 28.804:14:432016-04-28Open forum with True FreemanI have a few thing I want to discuss, but it's an open forum so lets do it.
TS-1070465 28.604:24:132016-04-11True Freeman's apology to Anthony Troy Williams
TS-1070285 23.203:22:582016-04-10continuation
TS-1070209 34.004:57:072016-04-10Anthony Williams claims to have revoked True Freeman's name
TS-1069626 34.304:58:152016-04-07Setting of debt, Discharge, Adjustment and more that you need to consider
TS-1068389 0.300:02:252016-04-03continuation
TS-1068317 34.104:56:312016-04-03They are making a claim so why in the hell are you complaining?
TS-1067602 33.805:00:042016-03-31Florida Judge (Referee) v So-call Sovereign CITIZEN
TS-1065589 32.004:38:242016-03-23DETROIT MAN HEADED TO PRISON FOR SAVING A LIFE...WTF?
TS-1061940 33.904:54:122016-03-10Open forum with True Freeman
TS-1060586 35.305:00:042016-03-06Breakdown of the conviction of PRIVATE ATTORNEY GENERAL ANTHONY WILLIAMSToday I will give my take on the conviction of PRIVATE ATTORNEY GENERAL ANTHONY WILLIAMS, and why I believe the conviction is valid.
TS-1058281 5.000:45:152016-02-27Theft of my dog and Hispanics are trying to extort me to get my dog back
TS-1056866 34.804:58:452016-02-22continuation
TS-1055430 34.004:54:232016-02-22Moorish Clarity - Clarifying the Basic Misconceptions.Special Guest Mario Bey will dig deep into this subject. Moorish Clarity - Clarifying the Basic Misconceptions.
TS-1054707 35.004:59:332016-02-15THE POWER OF UNITY Part 2
TS-1054549 35.104:59:542016-02-14THE POWER OF UNITY
TS-1053824 34.604:58:192016-02-11Open call with True Freeman and othersOpen call lets get it in and find some solutions after we address the problem. Everyone is welcome from all so-called communities.
TS-1052552 35.005:00:062016-02-07The Destruction of the Family, Woman, Man & Child and who is responsible.
TS-1050819 17.402:27:472016-02-01continuation
TS-1050663 35.305:00:092016-02-01Open call: Do you really know what you want?Title speaks for itself
TS-1049681 35.405:12:242016-01-28The reality of Status correction, getting out of jail free and moreToday True Freeman will try to educate some of you on the reality of Status correction and all to do with it.
TS-1047660 3.400:29:342016-01-21continuation
TS-1045909 16.402:26:142016-01-15True Freeman addresses so-called PRO BLACKS and Supremacy
TS-1043764 29.004:06:462016-01-09continuation
TS-1043734 35.104:59:542016-01-09Open forum with True Freeman
TS-1034611 34.604:59:502015-12-06The Assassination of Laquan McDonald and the cover upToday I will dig deep into this subject and address my concerns as well as what the People of Chicago can do about this, as well as the People across the United States of America.
TS-1032956 32.704:41:072015-11-30What is a Sovereign,Sovereign CITIZEN and Sovereign Government?Today we will talk about what is a Sovereign,Sovereign CITIZEN and The so-called SOVEREIGN GOVERNMENT, WHAT IN THE HELL IS THE DIFFERENCE?
TS-1032160 15.402:15:262015-11-25Police shootings, Racism and AccountabilityTitle say it all. This is what I will discuss with you today.
TS-1029438 29.704:23:142015-11-16Who is really destroying and holding Blacks back?Today we are going to address the issue and topic of who is really responsible for destroying and holding so-called black back.
TS-1024054 10.001:29:372015-10-28Discharge,Set-Off,Adjustment,Remittance, and A 4VThings you need to know
TS-1020130 9.601:24:112015-10-14Website hacked, what are they trying to tell True Freeman?
TS-1018324 20.202:59:192015-10-08If you abandon the so-called black woman you have abandoned the childThis will be a real deep show because shit is getting real.
TS-999622 14.002:02:442015-08-06True Freeman gets pulled over and they call for backupToday I will discuss how I was treated by the police when pulled over with wrong tag, no insurance, suspended license as well as being armed (open carry) do you want to know what happen?
TS-990668 8.001:19:242015-07-07True Freeman and getting back to helping those who seek it.
TS-990430 23.403:24:242015-07-06This call is for you Carlos and you punk ass boyfriends
TS-989476 17.502:38:012015-07-02Did I hurt you feelings? Well so damn what
TS-988199 15.902:25:002015-06-28Confederate flag p.3 and True Freeman is a UNCLE TOM
TS-988155 33.504:57:582015-06-28Confederate flag p.2 and True Freeman is a UNCLE TOM
TS-987070 30.404:25:232015-06-24If you ban the confederate flag you should also ban the crossToday I will discuss the issue and idea of removing and banning the confederate flag. My position is if you ban/remove the confederate flag, you should also ban/remove the cross.
TS-982293 34.904:59:382015-06-08Continuation but open forum
TS-982155 30.704:28:582015-06-08Under/Over/Innerstanding Prima Facie Evidence and can it help you?Today I will discuss Prima Facie Evidence, what it means and how you can use it to your advantage.
TS-980692 18.602:41:362015-06-03Making your cout documents,filings,declarations and claims more powerfulToday I will discuss how to make your documents,filings,declarations and claims more powerful and a way to clarify misunderstandings.
TS-981006 23.503:24:152015-06-03continuation
TS-979876 33.604:56:002015-05-31Open call,topic and discussion ask me whatever you want
TS-979153 34.205:00:012015-05-28Dealing with court ordered mental evaluations/Psychological evaluationToday I will discuss the issues with Psychological evaluation, mental evaluations and the colloquy. Do you really know why you may have been ordered to take an evaluation?
TS-978484 15.702:21:052015-05-26ARE YOUR BELIEFS REALLY YOURS OR ARE THE OF THE GURU'S THAT YOU FOLLOW?Today I am going to go in and address some STR8 truth, can you handle it?
TS-977253 12.901:55:232015-05-21Take #2 THE WORD OF THE DAY IS "SHALL"Sorry for yesterday be I was blocked from calling into my own show, so lets try it again.
TS-969225 19.302:53:222015-04-26True Freeman is back so strap you boots up tight
TS-965184 6.000:55:182015-04-13Walter Scott shooting, the stop and could this have been avoided?
TS-962521 31.004:34:212015-04-04For those of you who continue to try to get over on peopleI am tired of this game some of you try to play on my intelligence
TS-960846 16.402:29:242015-03-30Getting on the DO NOT DETAIN list and being private
TS-960332 23.903:31:262015-03-28What will it take for us to be able to work together?What will it take for us to be able to work together? The question is why do we have so much hate against each other? Why are we so self centered? Why do we have to always be head in charge? ETC.
TS-958480 16.302:23:242015-03-23L.I.G it "LET IT GO" I HAVE NOTHING TO PROVEL.I.G it "LET IT GO" I have nothing to prove so I am moving right along,letting the guru's have it and we will see what is what. Feel free to join in on the show and stress your thoughts.
TS-954195 20.102:55:382015-03-09Why do people continue to have True Freeman's name in their mouth?Today I am going to address a few issues with some of you guru's out there.
TS-950545 11.201:36:402015-02-26Update on True Freeman being ordered to vacate
TS-949239 2.200:33:552015-02-23Update on True Freeman being ordered to vacate
TS-946029 14.802:18:032015-02-12Breaking True Freeman has been Ordered to Vacate
TS-944405 6.701:00:502015-02-08Jonah Bey exposes himself
TS-943061 24.403:33:382015-02-04True Freeman's second home sold at tax saleI am going live today @ 11:00 have some bad news, They have secretly sold my second home at the tax sale and I just got notice yesterday and the redemption expires 02/16/2015 in 16 day
TS-941621 15.202:12:412015-01-30Are you having problems recording documents into the recorders office? p.2Today we will discuss the many reasons you may be getting rejected when attempting to record documents etc. into the county recorders office.I will also discuss some options that maybe you can use if this is a problem that you are having.
TS-941527 15.302:13:532015-01-30Are you having problems recording documents into the recorders office?Today we will discuss the many reasons you may be getting rejected when attempting to record documents etc. into the county recorders office.I will also discuss some options that maybe you can use if this is a problem that you are having.
TS-941054 28.804:16:212015-01-29Dealing with the rules of the GAME (Rules of The Court)Today I will discuss the rules of the game and rules of the court and how to make sure that you are able to get done what you are trying to get done when dealing with the court, county recorder etc.
TS-939468 10.801:38:382015-01-24True Freeman and Carol Keihn exposing public corruption in IndianaToday True Freeman and Carol Keihn will do a recap on the corruption that we have discovered in Indiana, which without a doubt is a game changer. Hope you have time to join us on this recap.
TS-938885 15.102:17:252015-01-22What's going on with my tax case and update on a special call for tomorrowToday I will update people on my tax case as I may be out of a and an update on a special show and hangout for tomorrow with yours truly True Freeman and Carol Keihn, things are getting done rather you believe it or not and we are still building evidence to bring the corruption to a halt in Indiana. Hope you can join me
TS-938118 14.902:14:232015-01-20Understanding injunctionsUnderstanding injunctions, and proof that and injunction does not dismiss the case
TS-937891 6.400:59:232015-01-19True Freeman wants to say something to his viewers, subscribers and friends
TS-937298 15.502:23:462015-01-17Truth about the 48 Laws of Power & what Low Frequency Radio won't tell youAll I can say is this is a call that you don't want to miss.
TS-937092 31.204:39:542015-01-16Str8 ExposingEm Jonah Bey and Low Frequency RadioI'm getting it in ya'
TS-936760 22.003:11:192015-01-15Dismissed,Dismissed With Prejudice, Dismissed Without PrejudiceToday I will discuss what it means when a case is Dismissed, Dismissed With Prejudice and Dismissed Without Prejudice. I will also be discussing a few other thins, and I expect someone that has had a case dismissed will be calling in to share some of what happen. Hope you can chime in.
TS-935291 33.905:00:032015-01-12Str8 Reality Monday
TS-934680 34.505:00:092015-01-09Update on True Freeman and what's to come for 2015Feel free to chime in with you thoughts and ideas.
TS-932375 14.002:02:532015-01-02continuation
TS-932298 32.004:41:382015-01-02Beginning 2015 with True Freeman (open call)Call in lets discuss what's to come and will you defend you liberties and not be scared?
TS-931439 22.703:19:282014-12-29Picking the winner of the raffle, hope it's you
TS-931345 26.703:53:572014-12-29What in the Phuck is wrong with you people?I have to address a few things before going into the new year. This will be a rated "R" show, if you can't handle the truth then don't call in
TS-930924 34.004:58:042014-12-26Open Forum Friday....lmfao
TS-929473 31.804:36:542014-12-19Open call and what's to come for 2015 from True Freeman
TS-928038 34.305:00:072014-12-15Str8 Reality Monday
TS-925523 5.200:46:482014-12-07EPISODE206 - True Freeman Str8 Exposing Em
TS-924361 15.902:23:182014-12-03Why People don't trust the Police, Sheriff's and other Law enforcementToday we will discuss why the majority of people do not and will not trust the Police, Sheriff's and other law enforcement officials. Why do most Law Enforcement officials have to fabricate evidence in order to file charges etc? Why do Law Enforcement Officials continue to unlawfully stop and detain Black males?
TS-923625 34.004:56:322014-12-01EPISODE204 - True Freeman Str8 Exposing Em
TS-914212 33.904:58:322014-12-01Str8 Reality Monday with True Freeman Str8 Exposing Em
TS-923291 18.302:41:082014-11-30Where do I go from here? Is it really worth my life?
TS-922610 6.401:00:472014-11-26OpenCall
TS-922573 4.400:38:132014-11-26EPISODE201 - True Freeman Str8 Exposing Em
TS-922488 34.605:00:062014-11-26Part 3 of Yesterdays call, get you mind right or get left behind
TS-922260 34.805:00:092014-11-25Continuation form earlier call today
TS-922063 34.605:00:102014-11-25Ferguson Verdict, Misconduct, Jury Tampering ETC. what are your thoughts?Lets discuss what just has happen and where do e go from her, and can we ever stop this corruption?
TS-914211 34.004:58:402014-11-24Deeds,Titles,Tax Sales, status,the true state, key is making the claimJust some of the things I will address on the show tonight, Deeds,Titles,Tax Sales, status, Who is the true state, and the key is making the damn claim.
TS-914210 20.602:59:442014-11-17Str8 Reality Monday with True Freeman Str8 Exposing Em
TS-918842 27.503:57:092014-11-14Child Support: Are Fathers 100% responsibleChild Support: Are Fathers 100% responsible? Who shall take the blame and does putting a man on child support help anything? Does it actually help the child or does it just make the woman feel better? I will also discuss the situation that putting a man in jail for non support actually hurts the child in the long run.
TS-914208 32.804:45:592014-11-10Str8 Reality Monday So-called order about my house and property tax case.What was the order, are there any violations, and hat's my next move. It's not over until the fat lady
TS-916176 29.004:35:062014-11-07Are some of these so teachers being paid to mislead you?
TS-914207 27.604:03:532014-11-03Str8 Reality Monday with True Freeman Str8 Exposing Em
TS-914213 22.403:16:272014-11-01Part 2 David Roach is being unlawfully help by a corrupt Judge Peggy LohornDavid Roach was jailed (kidnapped) at the Montgomery County jail today by Judge Peggy Q. Lohorn during a Child Support hearing without standing and without merit. David would not swear in and the Judge had him thrown in the county jail.
TS-913634 18.302:41:132014-10-30David Roach arrested for contempt of court, also Open call
TS-907819 12.201:48:142014-10-27Str8 Reality Monday
TS-911869 12.101:49:322014-10-25We Str8 Exposing'Em open call but things are changing around hereToday is and open call
TS-911062 25.303:39:322014-10-22continuation
TS-910901 34.105:00:072014-10-22Do you have a lawful right to expatriate from the corporate UNITED STATES?I am going live today to discuss the expatriation act of 1868 and your right to remove yourself from the Corporate UNITED STATES.
TS-910498 19.302:49:292014-10-21Part 2 Does so-called BLACK people who continue to blame WHITES hinder us?
TS-907818 27.503:58:472014-10-20Does so-called BLACK people who continue to blame WHITES hinder us?
TS-909689 34.104:56:192014-10-18Creating your own Private Identification and not getting charged with fraud
TS-909464 21.403:07:062014-10-17Why do most of you wait until the last minute to respond to a claim?Today I will discuss the issue of responding to a claim against you. If you wait until the last minute to respond they will nail you ass to the wall. One must prepare themselves ahead of time and not wait until the last minute.
TS-907817 33.604:56:282014-10-13Str8 Reality Monday
TS-907524 17.302:35:152014-10-12Failure to identify yourself and Creating you own private identification
TS-907160 23.803:30:112014-10-10Importance of being a Secured Party and Making a claim
TS-906450 26.303:48:242014-10-08continuation
TS-906318 33.705:00:102014-10-08Don't get caught up in the B/S that is being pushed
TS-905457 34.305:00:082014-10-06Str8 Reality Monday Open Call
TS-904891 33.905:00:032014-10-03Judicial and Statutory meanings of words
TS-903974 19.602:53:312014-10-01Was True Freeman correct that all bonds lead to Ohio Casualty Inurance Co.?
TS-902394 29.904:24:402014-09-30Str8 Reality Monday where we keep it str8 100%Today's show has been pushed back to tomorrow Tuesday Sept. 30th 2014
TS-902460 28.304:12:402014-09-26Open call and continuation from yesterday
TS-902065 27.604:03:402014-09-25Police shooting and how one can protect themselves
TS-900783 13.401:59:012014-09-22Str8 Reality Monday where we keep it str8 100%
TS-900372 27.404:04:592014-09-20Oaths,Bonds/Insurance and who is the Bonding Co. for the U.S?
TS-896984 33.104:56:452014-09-15Str8 Reality Monday where we keep it str8 100%
TS-897339 27.504:08:292014-09-11Let's set the damn record str8 with True Freeman Str8 Truth
TS-896625 33.504:51:132014-09-09They are coming after True Freeman's property again round 3
TS-894300 34.705:00:122014-09-08Str8 Reality Monday where we keep it str8 100%Str8 Reality Monday is where you can get your mind right, get your questions answered and understand how to deal with this corrupt judicial system.
TS-895094 11.501:43:332014-09-04Open Discussion and updates with True Freeman
TS-893844 23.403:26:132014-09-01Str8 Reality Monday where we keep it str8 100%Str8 Reality Monday is where you can get your mind right, get your questions answered and understand how to deal with this corrupt judicial system.
TS-893681 25.003:38:042014-08-30Can we get remedy within the system? And does suing the STATE help?
TS-891963 32.204:50:042014-08-25Part 2 Continuation call from earlier
TS-891806 34.204:59:362014-08-25Why is it that people want everything for FREE?
TS-891447 34.904:59:092014-08-23continuation
TS-891418 35.004:58:592014-08-23Str8 Truth Saturday get your mind right with the truth Open Call
TS-890825 34.705:00:042014-08-212nd Murder in Missouri Why Cops shoot to kill? It's simple
TS-890449 34.605:00:082014-08-20open call
TS-889173 27.604:08:252014-08-16Michael Brown was he murdered by police and Did he commit an ARMED ROBBERY?
TS-888602 34.605:00:002014-08-14Open Call with True Freeman
TS-887580 34.505:00:222014-08-11Lets Address the Murder of Mike Brown by the Ferguson Police part 2
TS-887473 33.204:53:172014-08-11Lets Address the Murder of Mike Brown by the Ferguson Police
TS-887029 34.204:55:542014-08-09Str8 Truth with True Freeman Open call so call in and lets build
TS-886870 0.100:01:012014-08-08Str8 Truth with True Freeman Open call so call in and lets build
TS-886471 34.704:59:432014-08-07Do The People within the State of Indiana have a right to shoot PoliceToday I will go into a topic that many do not want to address, well True Freeman is going to give you that facts so you don't get caught up.
TS-886024 34.304:56:422014-08-06Right to Travel Private Property Identification Affidavit & Number
TS-885777 24.903:34:432014-08-05Carol Keihn and True Freeman str8 exposing the corruption in Indiana 2
TS-885327 34.804:55:562014-08-04Carol Keihn and True Freeman str8 exposing the corruption in Indiana
TS-883038 25.903:51:232014-07-28Right to Travel v. Privilege to Drive Know the difference
TS-882671 32.204:36:592014-07-26So what are we going to do? Build or just keep talking and no action?
TS-881808 32.104:59:182014-07-23True Freeman is back and up and running so lets chop it upI have with the help of some of my subscriber been able to get new equipment, hopefully I can present a better show to the people.
TS-881575 17.205:00:072014-07-22This is only a test do not log in
TS-881218 0.200:02:452014-07-21This is only a test I repete this is only a test
TS-879894 0.000:00:042014-07-17testing
TS-878487 5.700:48:222014-07-12EPISODE128 - Str8exposingem Freeman317
TS-878455 34.604:57:062014-07-12Exposing YusefEl and HighFrequency Radio lol
TS-878025 8.701:17:122014-07-10part 2
TS-877902 33.604:57:402014-07-10Learn how to spot str8 bullshit when you see or hear it
TS-876532 34.004:59:472014-07-06So you want to challenge true freeman to a dual let's do it
TS-875444 31.104:29:102014-07-01Stop claiming other peoples shit before True Freeman str8 expose your ass
TS-875026 34.904:59:492014-06-30Face it you will never be free until you make the proper claim
TS-874263 34.204:56:022014-06-27Why are Sovereign Citizens, Moors and Freemen going to prison?Today we will discuss why So-Called Sovereign Citizens, Most Moors and Freemen are going to prison. Question is are they doing anything wrong?
TS-873554 35.404:59:582014-06-25Open Discussion so call in and let's chop it up
TS-873370 12.901:50:272014-06-24EPISODE119 - Str8exposingem Freeman317
TS-873276 34.204:59:582014-06-24Open call
TS-871571 15.302:11:232014-06-18EPISODE116 - Str8exposingem Freeman317
TS-871497 33.604:50:002014-06-18If you don't make the claim you will stay a damn slave PERIOD!!!
TS-865165 32.804:44:552014-05-29Today I will share an important book of definitions a must haveI believe that this will clear up a lot of the b/s about what these courts etc. are meaning when they say certain words.
TS-861173 33.704:52:222014-05-16Did True Freeman get put out of his home? What did the Judge decideToday I will discuss my tax case and the Order that I got from the court in the mail Wednesday May 14, 2014. What did the Commissioner (JUDGE) rule? If you want to know call in to the show today
TS-860157 34.204:57:332014-05-13How to get a mandatory hearing on your unlawfully taken propertyOne needs to understand your remedy by way of replevin "Claim for Immediately Delivery" in order to stop the current proceedings and the court shall set a hearing on your claim.
TS-859029 13.302:07:222014-05-09restart from earlier
TS-858974 34.605:00:112014-05-09True title, proof of ownership and and doing it privately
TS-857809 27.603:51:272014-05-06Can we in Indiana come together and help Carol Keihn?Calling on all who can help stop the unlawful act and identity theft that has taken place against her and her family.
TS-857472 34.504:57:522014-05-05EPISODE106 - Str8exposingem Freeman317
TS-857190 34.304:59:592014-05-04continuation fron previous call
TS-857043 34.905:00:082014-05-04More on court but an open call
TS-856811 17.302:28:142014-05-02EPISODE103 - Str8exposingem Freeman317
TS-856614 33.504:45:172014-05-02What happen in court with True Freeman on May 1 2014This hearing went on for almost 4 damn hours. WTF
TS-855078 32.404:38:372014-04-28STANDING, INJURY IN FACT, AND PRIVATE RIGHTSUnder current law, a plaintiff has standing to bring suit only upon alleging an injury in fact. The Supreme Court has noted that this factual injury requirement is necessary to preserve the separation of powers by limiting courts to their historical function of resolving only the rights of individuals.
TS-854380 35.004:59:282014-04-25Is Cliven Bundt Right? Are blacks better off in the fields?
TS-853628 18.302:39:022014-04-23Open call
TS-852349 24.103:23:202014-04-20EPISODE98 - Str8exposingem Freeman317
TS-852299 35.505:00:132014-04-20Open call and happy Ho-Li-Day "Whole Lie Day"
TS-850386 34.304:54:062014-04-14Open call let's get it done.
TS-849882 33.104:40:532014-04-12What happen to True Freeman in court and why did the U.S Marshall part 2
TS-849450 23.903:25:242014-04-10What happen to True Freeman in court and why did the U.S Marshallyou may want to listen to this call
TS-848975 10.401:30:522014-04-09EPISODE91 - Str8exposingem Freeman317
TS-848637 35.205:00:032014-04-08Opend call so call in and ask questions or add to the conversation
TS-846959 27.204:10:392014-04-03Continuation from Yesterdays call dealing with these corrupt officialsWhat are some remedies when dealing with the corrupt judicial system?
TS-846580 19.102:42:532014-04-02What are some remedies when dealing with the corrupt judicial system?Lets come together and see if we can wake up and beat the beast at their own game.
TS-845321 34.904:59:572014-03-30Open call but I want to address these corrupt courts and Judges
TS-844437 30.304:24:192014-03-27Open Call so if you want to chat and work together for truth call in
TS-843698 9.501:24:202014-03-25EPISODE84 - Str8exposingem Freeman317
TS-843549 35.605:00:052014-03-25EPISODE83 - Open Call Str8exposingem True Freeman317
TS-842621 0.700:06:412014-03-22EPISODE82 - Str8exposingem Freeman317
TS-842566 32.504:37:462014-03-22Step up you game because they are not playing with their slaves
TS-842398 24.403:35:062014-03-21Str8 Exposingem Open call so call in.
TS-841001 10.201:26:062014-03-17EPISODE79 - Str8exposingem Freeman317
TS-840888 35.005:00:122014-03-17Being free and controlling you destiny is not as hard as it seems
TS-832216 16.002:16:002014-02-21EPISODE74 - Str8exposingem Freeman317
TS-832221 35.004:59:592014-02-19Can "Blacks People" ever regain their dignity and self worth?
TS-831344 11.201:37:322014-02-16EPISODE73 - Str8exposingem Freeman317
TS-831252 33.904:55:022014-02-16Damn True Freeman was given a notice to vacate his home in 10 daysI will go into detail on the call
TS-830857 20.302:52:002014-02-14So you think you can expose True Freeman....lmfao
TS-829123 35.304:58:422014-02-09Open call so call in and let's get to work
TS-828754 35.105:00:042014-02-07Dealing with Public Corruption with Judges,Attorneys,Clerks,Police Etc.
TS-826751 17.302:28:282014-02-01Bonds and Oaths of Office for Public Officials
TS-824533 16.502:24:362014-01-31Dealing with Public Corruption with Judges,Attorneys,Clerks,Police Etc.How one can go about dealing with Public Corruption, and ways to expose the corruption, fraud, embezzlement etc. This will be a regular call.
TS-826123 33.204:49:522014-01-30Can some so-called Moors and so-called BLACK's do more harm than goodToday we will discuss rather some so-called Moors and Black do more harm to there own so-call people than other Nationalities. Put your personal feelings on the shelf and lets get to the facts.
TS-825817 30.904:27:362014-01-29Do you have a right to defend yourself in their court?Today's topic is: Do you have a right to defend yourself in their court? We will also talk about does the Judge have a right by law to appoint you counsel "Public Defender"
TS-824261 26.603:45:012014-01-24Dealing with Public Corruption with Judges,Attorneys,Clerks,Police Etc.How one can go about dealing with Public Corruption, and ways to expose the corruption, fraud, embezzlement etc. This will be a regular call.
TS-823973 34.805:00:042014-01-23Filing Judicial Misconduct Complaints against Judges and AttorneysToday I will discuss the way to file Judicial Misconduct Complaints against Judges and Attorneys.
TS-823404 21.303:04:172014-01-21Open call it's on you so call in
TS-822512 36.005:00:032014-01-18Open discussion
TS-820887 28.704:19:162014-01-13Part 2 There is more than one way "YOUR WAY"to skin a catI was cut off yesterday early and decided to do a part 2 call in at 4:00pm EST. 724-444-7444 pin code 125445
TS-820464 33.604:52:182014-01-12There is more than one way "YOUR WAY"to skin a cat
TS-818923 33.604:56:342014-01-07Bonds & Oaths Going After Public Officials BondsI am trying to give you all some ammunition go after their Bonds and make them pay.
TS-818653 0.000:00:052014-01-06Bonds & Oaths Going After Public Officials BondsI am trying to give you all some ammunition go after their Bonds and make them pay.
TS-818353 30.204:22:222014-01-05Continuation Traffic and Travel questions
TS-818271 24.103:31:292014-01-05Questions in regards to your Right to Travel
TS-818090 33.304:56:052014-01-04Dealing with Judges who violate the Codes of Judicial ConductDealing with Judges who violate the Codes of Judicial Conduct and how to force them to Recuse and or Disqualify themselves.
TS-817892 25.203:45:582014-01-03Str8exposing the Truth Open call
TS-816987 24.303:35:522013-12-31Open call What Do You Want to Discuss
TS-816708 34.004:56:372013-12-30Open call and why I believe some will never be FreeOpen call so call in 724-444-7444 pin 125445
TS-816188 33.404:55:482013-12-27Defects in the Complaint or IndictmentI am going to go over the Defects in the Complaint or Indictment. You may want to call in if you want to ask questions or comment.
TS-815978 20.002:53:082013-12-26Correcting Your Status, Public Notice and Playing By The Rules of the GameCorrecting Your Status, Public Notice and Playing By The Rules of the Game. Does it work or is it just b/s?
TS-815536 34.604:58:412013-12-23How do we defete the Beast?
TS-811414 33.004:43:272013-12-14Guest Yahoshua Yahweh Commercial Wars Quiet Weapons for Silent Wars
TS-812520 29.404:07:112013-12-12Is the Judges Order for mantal evaluation valid of B/SToday I want to discuss the issue about People being ordered to have a Mental Evaluation and is it valid or just b/s order by the Judge. And is there a State code, Law or Statute that allows the Judge to order you to have a evaluation.
TS-811473 26.903:49:542013-12-09Open Call so call in with questions and comments
TS-810490 34.004:57:092013-12-05continuation
TS-810404 32.304:50:472013-12-05What are we doing wrong
TS-810032 35.205:00:172013-12-04So you think you can Expose True Freeman bring it on
TS-809670 33.604:51:272013-12-03Keeping Judges in check with the Code of Judicial ConductIf you want to know and overstand how to Keep a Judge in check with the Code of Judicial Conduct call in
TS-809277 35.405:09:242013-12-02Open Call what do you want to talk about ?call in because I am going to block the entire chat so call in if you want to be heard
TS-808904 34.104:48:092013-12-01Bonds & Oaths and why they are so importantToday we will discuss Bonds and Oaths of Office and why they are important and what we can do to hold these Public Officials feet to the fire.
TS-808544 31.804:35:402013-11-29Overstanding titles, deeds, fee-simple, problems with Quit Claim Deeds Etc.I will go over the different types of titles,deeds etc. I will also explain what I think the People can do to actually own their property in fee-simple, as well as go over the big problem with using FRN's as the form of payment in regards to the transfer of property.
TS-807964 33.404:57:022013-11-26Open Call am I responsible for your problems or are you responsibleOpen call if you have questions call in
TS-807469 34.004:51:572013-11-25Oaths,Bonds,Bribery Statements and Economic Interest StatementsToday we will discuss Oaths of Office, Bonds, Anti Bribery Statements, and Statements of Economic Interest
TS-806830 35.205:00:002013-11-22Str8exposingem & Str8 Truth
TS-806553 34.904:57:402013-11-21Open Call
TS-804144 34.905:00:052013-11-15Str8 truth and exposing the bullshit between the people
TS-802918 34.705:00:172013-11-11continuation from previous call
TS-802802 35.505:02:202013-11-11Update on the triffic webinar and taking questions on traffic issues
TS-801523 34.304:57:102013-11-06continuation of call
TS-801324 34.304:48:552013-11-06Guest Carol Keihn the woman who exposed idenity theft by public officialsyou will not want to miss this show new updates
TS-799501 11.101:36:252013-10-30Str8exposingem with True Freeman continuation
TS-799347 35.005:00:092013-10-30Str8exposingem with True Freeman
TS-799101 34.705:00:192013-10-29Continuation of yesterdays call Str8exposingem
TS-798744 25.003:30:422013-10-28Bond & Oath Questions Str8exposingemBond and Oath information and questions
TS-797950 24.403:24:252013-10-25Str8 Truth continued and info on upcomming Traffic webinar
TS-797424 14.802:10:252013-10-23continuation
TS-797297 35.304:59:182013-10-23Going in and answering questions
TS-796756 25.403:34:482013-10-22Str8 Truth on Traffic Stops and Traffic Court Part 2
TS-796654 0.400:04:312013-10-21continuation of call on traffic that was just cut off
TS-796512 34.705:00:062013-10-21Str8 Truth on Traffic Stops and Traffic Court
TS-795843 35.104:59:592013-10-18Open call Str8 truth
TS-792707 16.502:21:292013-10-08Is this info actually free or are people lying to themselves?
TS-791722 33.004:40:482013-10-05Tricks are for kids Open call and taking questions
TS-791563 24.803:33:452013-10-04EPISODE11 - Str8exposingem Freeman317
TS-716879 14.102:07:202013-02-16Episode3- Open Discussion Part 2sorry call moved from 02-15-2013 to 02-16-2013
TS-716145 24.503:37:232013-02-08EPISODE1- Open Discussion Part 1Open chat and getting to know each other
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