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TS-1153854 23.203:16:18Y2017-02-17EPISODE172 - Ontario-Canada Common LawOpen to subjects
TS-1151940 22.103:14:52Y2017-02-10EPISODE171 - Ontario-Canada Common LawLots going on, perhaps a good discussion will emerge.. got some good sources and videos to share.. call in and lets have good polite conversations.. the law ans what is the proper way to solve problems.. immigration, and how can the president accomplish his mission without "executive order" for which last week we discovered there is no provision for in the Constitution unless it is to the Navy, the Army when lawfully created by Congress for a limited time of two years and the militia when called upon Found many references to "Common law" in various Supreme Court Cases will share... How about you finding and sharing good law, cases and wins?
TS-1149848 26.303:55:15Y2017-02-03EPISODE170 - Ontario-Canada Common LawLets talk about what is going on with this new administration.. the opportunities and possibilities ahead
TS-1147641 16.702:30:43Y2017-01-27EPISODE169 - Ontario-Canada Common Lawlets see if the trolls are still out.. or can we have a nice show? Talk about Trump, Sessions, and Gowdy unless someone has questions
TS-1143556 25.503:44:41Y2017-01-13EPISODE168 - Ontario-Canada Common LawBetter stronger and more resolute. The more you learn the more you see the more you see the more you learn.. time to turn the tables back to serve the people. What do we know now that makes the difference? Tune in and find out ... Russ will be back on and Colin Derek Guest host sharing his revelations too.
TS-1141217 33.204:47:38Y2017-01-06EPISODE166 - Ontario-Canada Common LawOne more time ... common sense, fundamentals to replace the programming. Russ will be Colin Derek is still the substitute Host
TS-1139399 27.604:00:22Y2016-12-30EPISODE165 - Tips and Stratifies, using tools availableColin Derek , Still Guest Host and Speaker. Russ will be jumping in to share his techniques as well. If you have an actual experience win or loose worked or didn't share, especially if it is what people call "Common Law method". Though it is my Belief That all Law stems from "Common-Law" and it appears that "Equity" is referred to as "Common Law".. so share and lets all learn how to win. No disrupters please.. nor separate chats on the board, that is for Notes, references useful to the conversation. Other distractions will be nutted out. Blessings to all and congratulations on making it through one more year.
TS-1137962 31.704:35:06Y2016-12-23EPISODE164 - Taxes, Property, Mortgages and other great informationRuss will be helping out tonight.. so tune in get your note pads out... Blessings to all who come in kindness... Colin still guest host. Sonya is still unable to come on and sends love to all
TS-1136116 27.404:03:43Y2016-12-16EPISODE163 - Back to Basics, Man v Entity, People v PersonWho is man? What is a "Person" ? Lets review and see how to un-entangle ourselves from the "Persons" we are presumed to be... representing?... He who is asking is acting as-king..!!
TS-1134149 29.304:15:05Y2016-12-09EPISODE162 -about writing, tools, perspective and Strategy to winSome more good, useful information for those that came to win. Those that try will cause the universe through them to be sure not to succeed so that your desire to "try" can be fulfilled. So what happens when one determines to succeed.. lets find out from those that have done and those that are doing their "due process".
TS-1132307 24.403:32:00Y2016-12-02EPISODE161 - Use of and perspective of Civil suit such as 42 USC 1983Tonight may be a bit short but full of meat. After the overwhelming support from normally silent listeners I have renewed my vow to continue helping against the criminals in office inspite of the trolls, nay sayers, and disruptive children in need of a spanking. The board and audio will be muted since review of past postings are distractive and clearly not about the subject matter addressed, thus no loss to those who are interested and listening. If you have a valid question call in and raise your hand when that segment of the call is opened. This is extremely important to anyone contemplating bringing any action in virtually any court!
TS-1130400 32.804:46:57Y2016-11-25EPISODE160 - Ontario-Canada Common LawHappy Thanksgiving everyone... as a possible parting gift a recording about manifesting.. enjoy.. and all the best
TS-1128936 28.804:16:05Y2016-11-18EPISODE159 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-1126834 24.003:28:18Y2016-11-11EPISODE158 - Ontario-Canada Common Lawinteresting times we live in today.. a close call on having an evil woman in office who has and would continue to sell out this country and even have you wacked if she no longer likes you or thinks you know too much about her.... So what can we expect from Trump No disruperts please all muted and chat board will as well upon any negativity nasty criticism, insults or poking fun at others expense... the rest is up to us to figure out .. lets have another great discussion...
TS-1124874 34.304:53:52Y2016-11-04EPISODE157 - Ontario-Canada Common LawI'm late, over napped after long three days.. .. Russ is back so lets have some info
TS-1122885 33.004:48:28Y2016-10-28EPISODE156 - Ontario-Canada Common Lawhello everyone... playing it by ear, starting with another comment and bit of history of :common law" and real life situations... research and observations...
TS-1121068 11.201:37:33Y2016-10-21EPISODE155 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-1121034 33.104:49:45Y2016-10-21EPISODE154 - Ontario-Canada Common LawRunning late listening to Rich Iverson on Angela show thurs... also if Russ can make it we will be doing a back and forth open to questions of pertinence, all are muted and any improper posting will close the chat. this is just too good to disrupt.
TS-1118998 31.404:35:19Y2016-10-14EPISODE153 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-1117125 8.601:14:48Y2016-10-07EPISODE152 - Ontario-Canada Common LawLast minute.. again, open mic till a subject comes up or gets too boring
TS-1115258 21.003:02:23Y2016-09-30EPISODE151 - Ontario-Canada Common LawColin here, so sorry, e got away from me yet again.. lets just see what spirit brings. got message from Sonya which I will post on the chat..
TS-1113220 33.704:54:39Y2016-09-23EPISODE150 - Troll relief, Juristic Person, Contract LawTitle tells it... will share cases regarding Juristic person a "created entity" capable of suing and being sued. Are you a person? Can you be a "person" or are you man acting in the personal of a legally defined and statute created, limited, subject "persona" juristic person? Positive input welcome. Disrupters and Trolls please come early so that we may give you your desired limelight and time to insult, tear down, be rude and all the things you love to do. Blessings to all who come in Kindness.
TS-1111295 24.903:30:14Y2016-09-16EPISODE149 - Ontario-Canada Common Lawlets see what develops
TS-1109363 33.704:56:07Y2016-09-09EPISODE148 - Ontario-Canada Common Lawsorry so late, computer locked up... Colin here hosting again.. no Trolls or rude people please
TS-1105937 23.503:26:32Y2016-08-26EPISODE147 - Ontario-Canada Common Lawtonight Sonya is again unable to Host so Colin will be filling in again. Due to the rude and malicious attacks both verbal and on the chat, both will be muted and one must put in *8 to raise hand to be unmuted. After the show I read the remarks and they were mean, vicious, rude and completely non productive. so the chat board will also be muted except for when someone wishes to post some valuable link or information. Sorry children but you have not been playing nicely. It makes one wonder if the system is not actually working well by managing every aspect of peoples lives since they do not seem to be able to manage themselves.. so much for being in honor, and not hurting, harming or trespassing others and their rights. At the end of the show when sharing inventions that will help clean the enviorment and house many people who are homeless and provide ready shelter for medical facilities anywhere in the world, one jerk made a very mean statement that "no one is interested in your inventions" and then ran off like a punk. So after much thought it was easy to conclude that indeed "no one" was interested, obviously speaking for his "no body" self. So tonight all the "some bodies" are invited to share their inventions and idea and construct of a better world and lets see if we can manifest a better world for our future. Speaking it into existence is the first step. The we shall continue with people sharing good and positive things. Enough negative has been spewed. Time for a change...
TS-1104280 29.904:20:22Y2016-08-19EPISODE146 - Ontario-Canada Common LawColin will be hosting the show till I get settled in my new place and feet on the ground. Thanks for your patience. Play nice.
TS-1097618 30.304:35:18Y2016-07-29EPISODE145 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-1097366 33.804:55:04Y2016-07-22EPISODE144 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-1094368 31.404:49:38Y2016-07-15EPISODE143 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-1093743 31.404:21:36Y2016-07-08EPISODE142 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-1091798 33.704:57:52Y2016-07-01EPISODE141 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-1089489 27.904:10:55Y2016-06-26EPISODE139 - Bryan Parker-Tactical [Sovereignty]
TS-1090084 33.704:48:13Y2016-06-24EPISODE140 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-1088802 34.204:53:42Y2016-06-17EPISODE138 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-1087087 18.902:41:00Y2016-06-11EPISODE137 - Born again as a wo/man in this systemo-Canada Common Law
TS-1086767 32.604:43:12Y2016-06-10EPISODE136 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-1085175 32.704:40:43Y2016-06-03EPISODE135 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-1083502 34.404:53:22Y2016-05-27EPISODE134 - Why should we learn the law??
TS-1080908 14.702:09:41Y2016-05-20EPISODE133 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-1079940 31.104:51:40Y2016-05-13EPISODE132 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-1077548 21.903:19:31Y2016-05-06EPISODE131 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-1075229 34.804:59:39Y2016-04-29EPISODE130 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-1073586 27.604:03:03Y2016-04-22EPISODE129 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-1071873 29.404:21:01Y2016-04-15EPISODE128 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-1069418 25.103:34:33Y2016-04-08EPISODE127 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-1067788 32.804:39:43Y2016-04-01EPISODE126 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-1066186 32.404:36:51Y2016-03-25EPISODE125 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-1062532 32.104:34:21Y2016-03-18EPISODE124 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-1060542 33.104:44:41Y2016-03-11EPISODE123 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-1058404 31.204:51:12Y2016-03-04EPISODE122 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-1056412 33.704:41:10Y2016-02-26EPISODE121 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-1056261 33.704:51:50Y2016-02-19EPISODE120 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-1054974 22.303:06:52Y2016-02-15EPISODE119 -Dean Clifford-The Beginning-09-11-15
TS-1053689 33.204:46:37Y2016-02-12EPISODE118 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-1051970 34.804:57:29Y2016-02-05EPISODE117 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-1047910 32.704:34:59Y2016-01-22EPISODE114 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-1045919 19.202:40:32Y2016-01-15EPISODE113 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-1041206 34.504:45:51Y2016-01-01EPISODE111 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-1039962 27.603:58:27Y2015-12-25EPISODE110 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-1037127 34.104:48:20Y2015-12-18EPISODE109 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-1036398 33.404:44:37Y2015-12-11EPISODE108 -Guest - Colin Derek
TS-1034363 29.004:09:45Y2015-12-04EPISODE107 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-1031213 28.404:05:14Y2015-11-27EPISODE106 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-1030986 32.104:49:46Y2015-11-20EPISODE105 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-1024832 23.103:17:32Y2015-10-30EPISODE101 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-1022888 21.103:04:27Y2015-10-23EPISODE100 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-1019992 25.603:40:29Y2015-10-16EPISODE99 -Her Grace Karen Macdonald
TS-1018807 33.104:44:57Y2015-10-09EPISODE98 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-1014902 32.904:43:01Y2015-10-02EPISODE97 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-1014719 31.504:40:29Y2015-09-25EPISODE96 -Writing a Claim - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-1012794 32.004:31:43Y2015-09-18EPISODE95 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-1012462 19.502:50:15Y2015-09-17EPISODE94 -Municipality trespass Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-1010277 30.404:21:21Y2015-09-11EPISODE93 -My case dealing with CAS Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-1008611 34.905:00:04Y2015-09-04EPISODE92 - Letter from Karl - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-1005734 23.903:25:03Y2015-08-28EPISODE91 Gold Nugget: A Letter From Karl - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-1005356 17.502:28:21Y2015-08-25EPISODE90 -Letter writing Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-1004282 33.404:47:04Y2015-08-21EPISODE89 - LETTERS Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-1002186 11.401:39:51Y2015-08-14EPISODE88 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-1000014 32.504:46:07Y2015-08-07EPISODE87 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-997961 33.904:54:57Y2015-07-31EPISODE86 - Ontario-Canada Common LawSam Chiarelli - Children Aid Societies
TS-995943 33.404:50:02Y2015-07-24EPISODE85 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-993601 26.603:58:36Y2015-07-17EPISODE84 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-991827 18.702:51:42Y2015-07-10EPISODE83 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-989730 31.804:38:43Y2015-07-03EPISODE82 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-987941 23.603:25:35Y2015-06-26EPISODE81 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-985657 21.403:12:09Y2015-06-19EPISODE80 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-983823 32.704:40:30Y2015-06-12EPISODE79 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-981684 28.304:22:19Y2015-06-05EPISODE78 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-973317 29.904:19:09Y2015-05-08EPISODE75 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-971136 30.404:57:20Y2015-05-01EPISODE73 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-964633 32.704:41:38Y2015-04-10EPISODE71 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-962443 32.704:48:07Y2015-04-03EPISODE69 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-960259 18.702:45:53Y2015-03-27EPISODE68 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-957986 32.304:59:19Y2015-03-20EPISODE67 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-955705 33.504:46:07Y2015-03-13EPISODE66 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-953469 34.105:00:18Y2015-03-06EPISODE65 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-948776 27.804:01:38Y2015-02-20EPISODE62 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-946397 32.904:45:16Y2015-02-13EPISODE61 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-944092 32.404:51:30Y2015-02-06EPISODE60 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-941653 34.304:55:10Y2015-01-30EPISODE59 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-939316 30.304:31:31Y2015-01-23EPISODE58 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-937193 33.305:00:02Y2015-01-16EPISODE57 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-934875 33.004:55:41Y2015-01-09EPISODE56 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-929601 32.904:46:56Y2014-12-19EPISODE54 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-927378 31.204:41:50Y2014-12-12EPISODE53 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-925231 31.204:58:29Y2014-12-05EPISODE52 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-918912 33.904:51:13Y2014-11-14EPISODE50 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-914291 9.001:20:33Y2014-11-07EPISODE49 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-914119 28.404:16:01Y2014-10-31EPISODE48 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-911757 32.204:54:22Y2014-10-24EPISODE47 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-909580 31.304:41:30Y2014-10-17EPISODE46 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-907281 30.304:35:41Y2014-10-10EPISODE45 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-904957 24.203:31:58Y2014-10-03EPISODE44 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-902571 27.604:35:08Y2014-09-26EPISODE43 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-900280 32.704:50:49Y2014-09-19EPISODE42 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-893597 33.004:44:50Y2014-08-29EPISODE39 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-886943 33.404:55:37Y2014-08-08EPISODE37 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-882554 34.505:00:14Y2014-07-25EPISODE35 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-880435 32.404:54:10Y2014-07-18EPISODE34 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-878321 30.504:47:10Y2014-07-11EPISODE33 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-874562 34.304:59:43Y2014-06-30EPISODE31 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-863662 28.804:15:10Y2014-05-23EPISODE27 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-861329 25.903:51:39Y2014-05-16EPISODE25 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
TS-856759 16.402:22:42Y2014-05-02EPISODE23 - Ontario-Canada Common Law
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