Talkshoe 136173 Uncommonlaw Cuts New Hampshire Updated: Wed Mar 20 05:31:26 2019
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TS-1238613 11.701:41:342018-02-24Roage on Q
TS-1214649 4.200:35:592017-10-12Rod Class 10-13-17
TS-1212736 6.900:59:232017-10-06US Supreme Court-1
TS-1200260 2.600:22:562017-08-13Rod Class 8-12-17
TS-1185969 3.000:25:542017-06-14Supreme Court Case
TS-1184743 3.100:26:312017-06-08Supreme Court Case
TS-1132397 7.101:02:282016-12-02Firearms and Media Deception
TS-1129066 2.200:18:522016-11-17AIB #1001
TS-1075966 5.600:50:062016-04-27AIB 4-27-16b (first cut)
TS-1020756 0.800:06:472015-10-14AIB 560 (first cut)
TS-1017395 1.500:13:072015-10-04AIB 959 (first cut)
TS-1019487 1.400:12:082015-10-04AIB 959 (second cut)
TS-1007897 1.000:08:312015-08-26MPA 331 (first cut)
TS-988021 7.801:07:172015-06-24MPA 322 (first cut)
TS-991910 5.400:47:092015-06-20KL 193 (second cut)
TS-987091 5.900:51:162015-06-19KL 193 (first cut)
TS-986011 3.500:29:482015-06-17MPA 321b (first cut)
TS-986010 10.601:32:122015-06-17MPA 321a (first cut)
TS-984044 9.101:18:052015-06-10MPA 320 (second cut)
TS-983802 3.900:34:042015-06-05KL 191-192 (first cut)
TS-979532 4.600:39:122015-05-27MPA 318 (first cut)
TS-971326 0.800:07:182015-05-01KL 186 (first cut)
TS-969415 6.100:52:122015-04-24KL 186 (first cut)
TS-969407 10.401:27:352015-04-15MPA 312 (first cut)
TS-966706 10.401:27:352015-04-15MPA 312 (first cut)
TS-969424 4.500:38:112015-04-14CLWN 69 (first cut)
TS-964858 5.600:47:482015-04-10KL 184 (first cut)
TS-962729 0.400:03:132015-04-03KL 183 (first cut)
TS-962039 1.600:13:362015-03-31CLWN 67 (first cut)
TS-962971 6.000:52:212015-03-27CLCC 263 (first cut)
TS-960090 3.800:33:182015-03-24Mark from Detroit-2
TS-960475 9.401:23:022015-03-24CLCC 225 (first cut)
TS-958308 11.801:41:302015-03-20KL182 (first cut)
TS-958306 11.800:00:002015-03-20KL182 (first cut)
TS-957746 6.901:01:062015-03-19Your 'person'
TS-957753 9.901:26:052015-03-17CLWN 61 (first cut)
TS-957052 6.300:55:082015-03-15CLCC 246 (first cut)
TS-958059 0.900:07:592015-03-15KL 181 (first cut)
TS-957051 0.500:04:102015-03-15CLCC 247 (first cut)
TS-956168 5.900:51:532015-03-13KL 180 (first cut)
TS-955910 2.900:24:502015-03-11MPA 308 (first cut)
TS-955790 6.600:55:472015-03-10CLWN 59 (first cut)
TS-955543 5.300:46:432015-03-08CLCC 236 (first cut)
TS-955541 7.601:05:382015-03-08CLCC 235 (first cut)
TS-954614 5.900:51:512015-03-06KL 179b (first cut)
TS-954049 10.801:33:242015-03-06KL 179a (first cut)
TS-953282 8.201:10:292015-03-03CLWN 57 (first cut)
TS-952811 9.201:19:542015-03-01CLCC 229 (first cut)
TS-951355 10.201:27:382015-02-27KL 178 (first cut)
TS-949057 7.000:59:582015-02-20KL 177 (first cut)
TS-958554 6.600:57:032015-02-20KL 176/177 (second cut)
TS-958494 6.600:00:002015-02-20KL 1778 (second cut)
TS-948668 10.501:29:232015-02-18MPA 305 (first cut)
TS-948558 1.900:16:072015-02-18Geocentricity
TS-946552 6.100:51:372015-02-14KL 174 (first cut)
TS-947310 10.901:33:242015-02-13KL (first cut)
TS-950178 9.501:21:522015-02-06KL 172 (second cut)
TS-944351 9.800:00:002015-02-06KL 172 (first cut)
TS-943849 5.100:43:552015-01-30KL 171 (second cut)
TS-943618 5.800:00:002015-01-30KL 171 (first cut)
TS-943246 7.301:02:232015-01-28CLCC 187 (first cut)
TS-942452 4.700:41:152015-01-27CLCC 185a (first cut)Bill Thornton
TS-941953 9.001:16:572015-01-27CLCC 185c (first cut)
TS-941952 8.501:12:342015-01-27CLCC 185b (first cut)
TS-941256 2.900:24:452015-01-27CLWN 42 (first cut)
TS-941399 5.100:00:002015-01-27CLCC 186a (first cut)
TS-941255 3.400:30:312015-01-26CLWN 41 (first cut)
TS-940056 9.801:24:392015-01-23KL 169b (first cut)
TS-940054 6.800:58:142015-01-23KL 169a (first cut)
TS-938847 0.900:08:002015-01-20CLCC 174 (first cut)
TS-938221 8.201:10:122015-01-16KL 168a (first cut)
TS-938222 6.800:57:532015-01-16KL 168b (first cut)
TS-937335 3.900:34:172015-01-16KL 167 (first cut)
TS-937039 0.900:08:222015-01-14KL 166 (first cut)
TS-935093 7.101:02:282015-01-10Firearms and Media Deception
TS-935092 8.300:00:002015-01-10Deception
TS-933762 2.300:20:002015-01-04CLCC (first cut)
TS-931600 4.700:39:462014-12-24MPA (IRS discussion)
TS-929983 12.101:43:292014-12-19KL 162 (first Cut)
TS-928260 6.900:57:142014-12-15The Constitution of No Authority-Bby Lysander Spooner read by Matt Prichard Very similar teachings of Karl. Good primer for their lack of authority.
TS-928259 7.401:00:562014-12-15The Constitution of No Authority-Aby Lysander Spooner read by Matt Prichard Very similar teachings of Karl. Good primer for their lack of authority.
TS-930782 4.500:39:422014-12-12CLCC (first cut)
TS-927475 5.300:44:512014-12-10MPA 295 (first cut)
TS-923239 11.401:37:042014-11-28KL 155b (first cut)
TS-923238 10.701:29:482014-11-28KL 155a (first cut)
TS-922074 4.500:38:262014-11-22KL 152 (first cut)Courthouses are public buildings
TS-922100 11.401:37:332014-11-13MPA 292 (first cut)Karl rests in Canada
TS-922351 9.601:22:562014-11-07KL 150 (first cut)
TS-922337 2.000:16:572014-11-06Colorado Well Dispute
TS-963888 11.401:37:342014-10-17KL 147 (first cut)
TS-922468 9.101:16:352014-10-15MPA 287 (first cut)
TS-922472 0.900:07:392014-10-10KL 146 (first cut)
TS-922473 1.700:14:332014-10-04KL 145 (first cut)
TS-922474 4.300:37:032014-10-03KL 144 (first cut)
TS-927050 2.100:17:582014-09-09CLWN 9-10-14 (second cut)
TS-922476 3.200:26:372014-08-08KL 131 (first cut)
TS-922477 9.201:17:302014-08-01KL 129 (first cut)
TS-975533 7.701:06:232014-06-06KL 120 (first cut)
TS-927021 5.700:48:362014-01-31KL 100b (first cut)
TS-926021 10.501:28:052014-01-31KL 100a (first cut)
TS-925368 9.401:20:272014-01-24KL 99b (second cut)
TS-925302 6.800:57:272014-01-24KL 99a (second Cut)
TS-923957 10.701:30:282014-01-17KL 98 (second cut)
TS-922409 4.700:39:082014-01-12Court-c
TS-922408 9.201:19:152014-01-12Court-b
TS-922407 7.401:02:122014-01-12Court-a
TS-922349 0.300:02:122014-01-11Liens
TS-923903 4.100:35:292014-01-10KL 97b (first cut)
TS-923901 7.701:05:112014-01-10KL 97a (first cut)
TS-922348 0.300:02:232014-01-10Karl's Case
TS-922344 0.200:01:232014-01-09The Law
TS-922399 3.800:31:532014-01-08Kids Back (2014)
TS-922342 0.200:01:282014-01-08Warrant
TS-956323 9.501:20:072014-01-08Kids Back 2013c
TS-956322 11.701:38:512014-01-08Kids Back 2013b
TS-956321 7.301:25:522014-01-08Kids Back 2013a
TS-922341 1.700:15:032014-01-07Pot Case
TS-922415 0.700:05:512014-01-06Debt-b
TS-922414 6.000:51:112014-01-06Debt-a
TS-922336 0.500:03:482014-01-05Child Support (2014)
TS-922335 1.000:08:352014-01-04Bills (2014)
TS-923437 8.101:08:582014-01-03KL 96 (first cut)
TS-922334 0.400:03:102014-01-03Claims (2014)
TS-922204 1.500:12:142014-01-02IRS-c
TS-922190 9.301:19:442014-01-01IRS-b
TS-922199 10.801:31:372013-12-31IRS-a
TS-922418 11.601:37:482013-08-28MPA 229
TS-979818 1.800:15:052013-05-08KL 20 (first cut)
TS-979753 0.800:06:392013-05-08KL 16 (first cut)
TS-931958 8.201:09:14Y2013-03-27KL episode 2b
TS-931885 9.301:18:47Y2013-03-27KL episode 2a
TS-962159 10.701:29:28Y2013-03-27KL episode 1 (first cut)
TS-922333 4.700:40:032012-12-31Intro to Karl
TS-971330 9.201:17:072012-11-14MPA 188 (first cut)
TS-951797 10.601:29:132012-11-07MPA 187 (first cut)
Death By Doctor