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TS-1255795 1.300:10:59Y2018-07-14EPISODE206 - Moneymike
TS-1254991 1.500:14:00Y2018-07-07EPISODE205 - Moneymike
TS-1254515 8.201:16:12Y2018-07-02EPISODE204 - Moneymike
TS-1252856 8.501:14:02Y2018-06-14EPISODE203 - Moneymike
TS-1252212 9.901:26:53Y2018-06-09EPISODE202 - Moneymike
TS-1251381 6.501:00:23Y2018-06-02EPISODE200 - Moneymike
TS-1251184 17.902:37:10Y2018-05-31EPISODE199 - Moneymike
TS-1250639 11.501:44:41Y2018-05-26EPISODE198 - Moneymike
TS-1249980 3.200:32:24Y2018-05-20EPISODE195 - Moneymike
TS-1249919 19.102:47:08Y2018-05-19EPISODE194 - Moneymike
TS-1249754 9.001:19:25Y2018-05-17EPISODE193 - Moneymike
TS-1249206 6.900:59:552018-05-14192-JC and Shaman challengedfirst,faceone and donaldson , then a nice man explain 13th amendments ,you,and meand,,,,donaldson was most on point, as a matter of fact... he gets muted just because of that , and that was wrong .
TS-1248936 24.503:31:55Y2018-05-10EPISODE191 - Moneymike
TS-1248922 10.901:32:012018-05-10190 -jc and shaman destroys mike millerBONUS. an interesting discussion with faceone, jc, and shaman.
TS-1248309 4.200:40:01Y2018-05-06EPISODE189 - Moneymike
TS-1247275 9.601:22:50Y2018-04-29EPISODE188 - Moneymike
TS-1247074 24.603:30:31Y2018-04-26EPISODE187 - Moneymike
TS-1246101 25.403:37:13Y2018-04-19EPISODE186 - Moneymike
TS-1245234 2.400:20:43Y2018-04-13EPISODE184 - Moneymike
TS-1245153 18.302:40:09Y2018-04-12EPISODE183 - Moneymike
TS-1244324 25.003:39:43Y2018-04-05EPISODE182 - Moneymike
TS-1243575 18.502:44:58Y2018-04-01EPISODE181 - Moneymike
TS-1242754 14.002:02:39Y2018-03-24EPISODE180 - Moneymike
TS-1242559 10.101:28:02Y2018-03-22EPISODE179 - Moneymike
TS-1242244 5.000:52:02Y2018-03-20EPISODE178 - Moneymike
TS-1242082 8.601:15:35Y2018-03-19EPISODE175 - Moneymike
TS-1241926 0.500:05:05Y2018-03-18EPISODE174 - test call
TS-1241832 14.802:17:57Y2018-03-17EPISODE173 - Moneymike
TS-1241650 33.404:51:18Y2018-03-15EPISODE172 - Moneymike
TS-1240574 15.202:11:31Y2018-03-08EPISODE171 - Moneymike
TS-1239422 7.001:02:232018-03-02170 angela aftercall follow uproddy k stops by
TS-1239321 27.303:53:07Y2018-03-01EPISODE169 - Moneymike
TS-1238502 13.601:59:44Y2018-02-23EPISODE168 - Moneymike
TS-1238404 19.802:52:15Y2018-02-22EPISODE167 -Angela Aftercall
TS-1237596 4.300:39:10Y2018-02-17EPISODE166 - Moneymike
TS-1237584 2.600:29:222018-02-17165 - aquila watch 2108 2
TS-1237511 4.300:44:01Y2018-02-16EPISODE164 -special report
TS-1237409 26.603:45:27Y2018-02-15EPISODE163 - Moneymike
TS-1236487 7.101:01:032018-02-09162 who hacked 10 shows in one night?SERIOUSLY? thats feed up. a lil funny too. one of the caslls completely shut down after a barage. others took it in fun.
TS-1235552 24.903:35:38Y2018-02-01EPISODE161 - Moneymike
TS-1234615 0.800:07:322018-01-25Face One Part Twofull 7 min recording of faceone in FULL QUALITY 320 kbps audio. plus.. a lil musical background for mood setting.
TS-1234607 8.801:15:11Y2018-01-25EPISODE159 - Angela after call
TS-1234302 7.801:10:55Y2018-01-23EPISODE158 - live call
TS-1233675 5.500:49:18Y2018-01-18EPISODE156 - Moneymike
TS-1233464 1.200:10:402018-01-17155- Chappy and Tru Freman SHUT DOWN!!!!bothh were hacked...they didnt know how it happened. donaldson tries to help chappy, but he seems to be cut off too. wow.
TS-1233432 71.710:09:542018-01-17154-Talkshoe Year in Review pt 3-MONEYMIKEclips from 2017 of the moneymike society. music tracks included.
TS-1233298 66.400:00:002018-01-162017 Year in Review pt 3- Money Mike
TS-1232443 0.101:01:362018-01-11Don't download. Record ended after 30 sec.What the f bomb talkshoe!!!!!
TS-1232436 99.413:58:012018-01-112017 Talkshoe year in review pt 2 Angela Stark- STILL PENDINGAll Angela Stark. more pts to come
TS-1229891 11.301:40:56Y2017-12-28EPISODE147 -WTF?mike gets a visit from a weed seller from 1973. special guest ...DONALDSON
TS-1229901 1.300:00:00Y2017-12-28EPISODE148 - Moneymike
TS-1227851 89.812:56:572017-12-17147 Fun With Colin13 hrs of colin derek.mostly getting bopped by faceone and roddy k
TS-1227850 18.302:36:452017-12-17145-More Batmannew batman stuff, including Robert Menard!
TS-1225982 15.202:16:18Y2017-12-07EPISODE144 - LIFE WITHOUT LAWFAN
TS-1224455 29.304:19:32Y2017-11-30EPISODE143 - LIFE WITHOUT DONALDSON
TS-1223345 4.200:38:15Y2017-11-23EPISODE138 - LIFE WITHOUT DONALDSON
TS-1222036 9.001:19:40Y2017-11-16EPISODE136 - LIFE WITHOUT DONALDSON
TS-1221491 20.602:57:332017-11-14133- Donaldson is DoneDonaldson was giving roddy k and evryone else shit. mike miler corrects him about a definition, donaldson posts a youtube about him and everyone being a troll, then he goes on a completely neutral call the next night telling that we are not to be trusted ,,,,imy name is mentioned....after i became his last chance of going somewhere to rant....Effectively, as of now, Donaldson is BANNED from my call.
TS-1220438 17.002:32:40Y2017-11-09EPISODE131 - Angela call-afercall
TS-1220363 5.600:50:352017-11-09130- Faceones Hearing ....OH OHi dont know what faceones thinking, but i have a strange feeling about this.
TS-1219402 38.805:55:202017-11-05129- Donaldsons dead and other beautiful shit.
TS-1218794 15.502:17:59Y2017-11-02EPISODE125 - Donaldsons Last Hope
TS-1217292 6.300:56:08Y2017-10-26EPISODE122 - The Moneymike Society
TS-1217283 6.400:56:39Y2017-10-26EPISODE121 - The Moneymike Society
TS-1215601 19.602:47:33Y2017-10-19EPISODE118 - talking about karlKarl supposedly don't want aquila around. Cheyanne told some kinda supposed rumor. And master Louis claims he has audio to prove it. Really? Other guests..toddy k. Face one. Donaldson. Tyrone . PLUS...Genene clarifys some things.
TS-1214058 25.103:37:01Y2017-10-12EPISODE116 - The Moneymike Society
TS-1212458 16.302:21:37Y2017-10-05EPISODE114 - The Moneymike Society
TS-1212096 20.102:51:08Y2017-10-04EPISODE112 - The Moneymike Society
TS-1210754 1.600:18:32Y2017-09-28EPISODE110 - karl lentz first time in how long?if u wanna put up with the bs and music ,, the lswt 5 min has me and karl lentz.
TS-1209173 24.903:35:41Y2017-09-21EPISODE107 - The Moneymike Society
TS-1208891 0.100:00:00Y2017-09-20EPISODE105 - The Moneymike Society
TS-1208909 5.200:00:00Y2017-09-20EPISODE106 - The Moneymike Society
TS-1207642 15.902:20:41Y2017-09-14EPISODE104 - Angela aftercall
TS-1205885 20.402:57:42Y2017-09-07EPISODE100 - Angela AftercallGreat Gazoo talk about reptilians and Donaldson talk about quantum and roman common law Claire stops by for some nice chat.
TS-1205537 29.704:19:34Y2017-09-06EPISODE99 - Just Futzin aroundRoddy K And Todd Morris Join the fun. special drop in guest...Tyrone Shoelaces
TS-1202694 22.303:14:18Y2017-08-24EPISODE98 - live call
TS-1201151 31.204:35:03Y2017-08-17EPISODE96 - live call
TS-1200574 24.103:31:452017-08-1595 - Land of a Thousand ShoesMONEYMIKE RETURNS.....sort of. see how many you can make sense out of this upload where everyhting is all in one big jumble.
TS-1192763 4.700:42:54Y2017-07-13EPISODE94 - SOCIETY CRUMBLESmoneymike breaks it down.......plays a lil music, then ends the call for a lil while. ill be back.
TS-1192752 2.500:00:00Y2017-07-13EPISODE93 - SOCIETY CRUMBLES
TS-1191258 18.702:41:532017-07-0892-Remembering Al Barcroft pt 1
TS-1191257 25.503:36:342017-07-0891-Remembering Al Barcroft pt 2
TS-1190916 26.403:56:48Y2017-07-06EPISODE90 - Charles and Donaldson
TS-1189533 25.403:42:472017-06-2988- donaldson.charles.gazoo.cheyanne
TS-1187822 12.701:54:032017-06-2286...lenny. donaldson.lawfan
TS-1186381 1.200:10:55Y2017-06-16EPISODE85 - Roddy K
TS-1186168 6.100:55:57Y2017-06-15EPISODE82 - kinda sukky episodethis week didnt get of to anything special. charles dropped by. i tried to play music. but i discovered my new system suks. so i ended the call after a coyole songs.
TS-1186174 0.700:00:00Y2017-06-15EPISODE83 - Misfits in Commerce
TS-1184563 24.003:34:56Y2017-06-08EPISODE81 - a word about last weekchales.donaldson,roddy k and a couple others join. NOTE. you might wannas skip first two minutes . i was trying the intro on my new speakers . they sukk.
TS-1182782 14.202:09:39Y2017-06-01EPISODE80 - 180 degree turn of crazywhat the fuck. i had to leave the call an hour into it. and all hell breaks loose. i cant babysit you guys. starring donaldson. master louis. charles. and marty. first half. great gazoo mike amore and others.
TS-1180774 25.703:47:56Y2017-05-25EPISODE76 - Angela aftercallAlan King, Great Gazoo, Donaldson, and others after the my private audio call was over,
TS-1180781 4.500:38:33Y2017-05-24EPISODE77 - Calminlaw11-17-16!!!!!!HUGEFace One uses Karl Lentz theory,and mikes as well to clarify....Mike Miller cant respond properly!!!!Mike might as well shut down his entire call!!!!THIS IS THE NAIL IN THE COFFIN FOR MIKE MILLER. sorry mike.
TS-1180233 10.001:26:20Y2017-05-22EPISODE75 - Calminlaw SnookerGenene , Aquila, Plus.... Ashley and Face one meets Roddy K for the first time!!!!!! live from the snooker parlor. no..for real!
TS-1180232 3.300:29:03Y2017-05-22EPISODE74 - calminlaw 2016 unreleased callCalminlaw with face one , roddy k and cheyanne
TS-1180230 2.700:22:56Y2017-05-22EPISODE73 -Calminlaw 4 23 164-23-16 Calminlaw or cheyanne,...Louis And the Money Join
TS-1180229 4.900:41:50Y2017-05-22EPISODE72 - Calminlaw 05 - 22 -16Little Bill, Donaldson, and Vane
TS-1179950 8.001:06:41Y2017-05-21EPISODE71 - Remember Druanna?fun with druanna. donaldson appears on her next to last episode.
TS-1179369 27.503:56:47Y2017-05-18EPISODE70 - Great Live CallAllan King and Great gazoo join with Donaldson and others
TS-1177349 11.801:41:56Y2017-05-12EPISODE67 - Batman And Donna-NEW
TS-1177347 8.301:11:29Y2017-05-12EPISODE66 - BATMAN AND FRIENDS 2
TS-1177272 8.401:13:38Y2017-05-12EPISODE63 - BATMAN AND FRIENDS 4-23-17
TS-1177050 17.402:40:49Y2017-05-11EPISODE62 - Donaldson/Great Gazoo-live call
TS-1176764 5.900:52:23Y2017-05-10EPISODE61 - BATMAN RETURNS!!!batman comes in at 19 min approx.marc stevens methodists,whoever the fuck they are. check out batmans new show on word press or youtube, called,,,SPEAK FOR THE CLAIMANT.
TS-1176634 6.100:00:00Y2017-05-10EPISODE60 - BATMAN IS BACK
TS-1174798 27.604:00:472017-05-0359 Lawfan,Aquila,Master Louis
TS-1173027 6.900:00:00Y2017-04-26EPISODE58 - futzin round
TS-1171297 14.800:00:00Y2017-04-19EPISODE55 - SWISS MISS
TS-1169438 5.100:45:30Y2017-04-12EPISODE52 - Music
TS-1169046 2.600:00:00Y2017-04-11EPISODE51 - COOKING BREAD
TS-1168765 1.200:10:292017-04-1050 Bathtub Girl Started The Oregon RiotsBathtub Girl is in trouble. this is also why she no longer wishes to be called bathtub girl. shes trying to pursue a more healthy life. good girl.
TS-1163398 23.403:35:212017-03-2246 Face one, Aquila,Roddy K,Tyrone,Futzin Around
TS-1161558 18.202:35:56Y2017-03-15EPISODE45 - KARL LENTZ AT ABEL DANGERKARL, OBAMA, AND....SNOOKI?
TS-1161505 30.604:29:382017-03-1544 Aquila,Jeffrey, Jeremy,Lawfan,
TS-1155975 9.901:31:01Y2017-02-25EPISODE43 -CNN LEAKS MEETING 2another meeting at cnn about somethin.
TS-1155972 9.901:31:01Y2017-02-25EPISODE42 -CNN LEAKS MEETING PT 1An Excrept from the cnn leaks from projest veritas...what do you think?
TS-1154595 18.202:38:55Y2017-02-20EPISODE1000 pt 1 higher quality
TS-1154594 47.206:52:18Y2017-02-20EPISODE1000 FULL SHOWMike Miller, Genene, and Moneymike tests some TRVTH.Aquila gets challenged byeffrey and Faceone111 full episode low quality. will be uploaded hq in 3 pts.
TS-1154597 13.802:01:39Y2017-02-20EPISODE1000 pt 3 higher quality
TS-1154596 15.502:12:57Y2017-02-20EPISODE1000 pt 2 higher quality
TS-1152938 12.601:49:14Y2017-02-13EPISODE999 -Valentine Eve Massakerguest starring Aquila Cheyanne,Mike Miller, Roddy K .Vital, Batman Improves on Gordon Halls Theory long before Karl destroys it...but Gordon dont wanna understand it...Genene,Shay.Todd Morris, Martin Luther King, Foamy The Squirell , and Stone Cold Steve Austin.Nice Music,too.
TS-1144952 29.304:39:01Y2017-01-18EPISODE 456 .....3 calls in one!
TS-1141271 16.302:18:16Y2017-01-06EPISODE34 - Blast from the pastremember jeff from stop the pirates.blogspot? hes on this week, as well as batman. karl ,and todd morris pays tribute to some n****gger named money mike. plus,, awesome post talk with colin derek and moneymike from sonyas call
TS-1139010 9.501:27:002016-12-2833 roddy k face one aquila ashie
TS-1138344 13.001:54:172016-12-2630 - Elves, Trolls , and Squirells xmasA lil fun with audio in this CHRISTMAS BONUS. lawfan and friends, batman, charlie brn, plus....chayanne discusses her crack.....really?
TS-1138314 12.900:00:00Y2016-12-25EPISODE30 - Trolls Elves and Squirells
TS-1137410 18.002:41:082016-12-2128 Roddy K Mike Miller Jeremy,others.Roddy K Taldks about Trufreeman317 and plays a clip of the truth behind freemans hate filled agenda. HOWS SOTOMEYOR?
TS-1137133 12.701:50:29Y2016-12-20EPISODE27 - XMAS GIFTSFun with Donaldson, Roddy K, Karl,Aries And Saggitarian Mind Bang all fucked up,and others,
TS-1130546 12.901:52:51Y2016-11-26EPISODE25 - Misfit Thanksgiving
TS-1130386 13.502:06:38Y2016-11-25EPISODE24 - Todd Morris is Disabled ep.10todd morris in hte morning 10. upoiaded with permit by Mr Flair. NOT NOW BATHTUB GIRL, I HAVE A HEADACHE
TS-1130385 26.104:08:20Y2016-11-25EPISODE23 - Morris is Disabled ep,4todd morris in ht emorning ep. 4 .uploaded with permit
TS-1130383 18.300:00:00Y2016-11-25EPISODE18 -Misfit Thanksgiving
TS-1130285 0.000:00:00Y2016-11-24EPISODE18 - ThMisfits Live Thanksgiving
TS-1130314 18.400:00:00Y2016-11-24EPISODE18 - Misfit Thanksgiving
TS-1128420 6.100:55:01Y2016-11-17EPISODE16 - Vital Rights Clips Dec 2015Classic unreleased material including my first time impersonating Chayanne, Gordon Hall, and the first known recording of Vital saying "MUTE THESE EFFERS OUT!"Mike Miller, MoneyMike5000, RoddyK, and others.
TS-1127043 10.201:27:10Y2016-11-13EPISODE13 - Calminlaw 10-31-16Colin Derek Bein A Dick, Makin Roddy K And Chayanne mad.
TS-1126936 6.001:02:42Y2016-11-12EPISODE12 - Todd Morris Is Disabled 204Todd Morris In The Morning 204 .uploaded with permission by mr. Flair
TS-1126933 5.100:58:37Y2016-11-12EPISODE11 - Todd Morris Is Disabled 202Todd Morris In The Morning 202 Uploaded With permission by the man hinself.
TS-1126211 8.501:14:40Y2016-11-08EPISODE10 - Calminlaw 11-07-2016Prevoiusly unreleased material with musical interludes. ENJOY.
TS-1124299 0.600:09:32Y2016-11-02EPISODE8 - SAVE OUR SICK, DYING TODD MORRIS
TS-1124304 6.200:00:00Y2016-11-02EPISODE9 - SAVE OUR SICK, DYING TODD MORRIS
TS-1120454 5.700:00:00Y2016-10-26EPISODE5 - misfit toys firstofficial unofficial call
TS-1122296 2.900:00:00Y2016-10-26EPISODE7 - THE AISLE OF MISFIT TOYS
TS-1120427 14.702:07:24Y2016-10-19EPISODE4 - moneymike's test call seriesfun and music and dedications too
TS-1118462 4.400:39:37Y2016-10-12EPISODE3 - moneymike's test call series
TS-1114646 0.300:00:00Y2016-09-28EPISODE2 - moneymike's test call series
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