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TS-1125135 28.000:00:00Y2016-11-06EPISODE249 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-1098268 5.000:44:14Y2016-07-25EPISODE 248 - CPS call - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-1073407 10.801:33:59Y2016-04-21EPISODE246 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-1071986 32.605:00:04Y2016-04-16EPISODE245 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-1071829 1.100:10:58Y2016-04-15EPISODE244 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-1071090 29.005:00:05Y2016-04-13EPISODE243 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-1070995 8.901:16:54Y2016-04-12EPISODE242 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-1070938 34.805:00:12Y2016-04-12EPISODE241 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-1070829 8.700:00:00Y2016-04-12EPISODE240 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-1070682 10.701:30:07Y2016-04-07EPISODE 239 - Uncommonlaw by KarlUpdate on Frank, the Kids and public lands
TS-1069390 32.905:00:11Y2016-04-06EPISODE238 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-1068722 6.500:57:01Y2016-04-04EPISODE237 - Uncommonlaw by KarlKarl talk with Eli and Brittany
TS-1064682 37.606:02:56Y2016-03-20EPISODE236 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-1047599 31.205:00:15Y2016-01-21EPISODE230 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-1045559 2.400:20:52Y2016-01-16EPISODE 229 - Uncommonlaw by KarlThe show is scheduled for 6 ... I will try to call in as Karl to trigger the Audio Stream at the beginning of the call and Karl hopes to be on the call between 8 and 9 --- these calls are set up to give folks a chance to network and share contact info -- Gus
TS-1045557 12.101:41:01Y2016-01-14EPISODE 227 - Uncommonlaw by KarlThe show is scheduled for 6 ... I will try to call as in Karl to trigger the Audio Stream at the beginning of the call and Karl hopes to be on the call between 8 and 9 --- Gus
TS-1044610 32.805:00:15Y2016-01-12EPISODE225 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-1041520 17.302:27:46Y2016-01-07EPISODE 221 - Uncommonlaw by KarlThe show is scheduled for 6 ... I will try to call in to trigger the Audio Stream at the beginning of the call and Karl hopes to be on the call between 8 and 9 --- Gus
TS-1041519 19.702:49:16Y2016-01-06EPISODE 220 - Uncommonlaw by KarlThe show is scheduled for 6 ... I will try to call in to trigger the Audio Stream at the beginning of the call and Karl hopes to be on the call between 8 and 9 --- Gus
TS-1041518 19.202:43:18Y2016-01-05EPISODE 219 - Uncommonlaw by KarlThe show is scheduled for 6 ... I will try to call in to trigger the Audio Stream at the beginning of the call and Karl hopes to be on the call between 8 and 9 --- Gus
TS-1041517 17.002:29:58Y2016-01-04EPISODE 218 - Uncommonlaw by KarlThe show is scheduled for 6 ... I will try to call in to trigger the Audio Stream at the beginning of the call and Karl hopes to be on the call between 8 and 9 --- Gus
TS-1041637 30.204:18:10Y2016-01-03EPISODE 224 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-1041594 35.205:00:10Y2016-01-03EPISODE 216 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-1041464 8.901:18:44Y2016-01-02EPISODE 215 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-1041193 6.600:57:15Y2015-12-31EPISODE 214 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-1040197 20.102:54:43Y2015-12-27EPISODE213 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-1039972 12.201:45:53Y2015-12-26EPISODE 212 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-1038036 19.802:48:20Y2015-12-17EPISODE209 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-1036438 19.902:47:54Y2015-12-12EPISODE 208 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-1035471 27.503:52:19Y2015-12-10EPISODE207 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-1033898 32.204:38:48Y2015-12-03EPISODE 206 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-1033221 1.000:17:23Y2015-12-01EPISODE205 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-1033219 0.500:08:43Y2015-12-01EPISODE204 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-1033218 0.400:00:00Y2015-11-30EPISODE203 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-1032616 21.603:07:24Y2015-11-28EPISODE 200 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-1032708 27.104:29:58Y2015-11-28EPISODE 201 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-1032378 12.201:46:55Y2015-11-25EPISODE 199 - Uncommonlaw by KarlPhone call with Gus
TS-1032377 2.100:18:05Y2015-11-20EPISODE198 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-1023041 11.101:37:39Y2015-10-31EPISODE 197 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-1022991 33.604:46:56Y2015-10-24EPISODE 196 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-986180 31.404:35:06Y2015-06-21EPISODE193 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-981979 33.404:54:16Y2015-06-07EPISODE192 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-981926 27.104:54:13Y2015-06-07EPISODE191 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-978204 2.800:24:20Y2015-05-25EPISODE 190 - Karl and Rod Class
TS-977930 5.600:48:12Y2015-05-23EPISODE 189 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-977929 2.000:16:53Y2015-05-23EPISODE 188 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-971269 34.604:56:01Y2015-05-02EPISODE 187 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-969115 32.104:38:24Y2015-04-25EPISODE 186 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-966807 90.213:10:48Y2015-04-18EPISODE 185 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-964749 29.204:11:02Y2015-04-11EPISODE 184 - Uncommonlaw by KarlOk
TS-962575 23.203:18:22Y2015-04-04EPISODE 183 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-958128 33.404:48:44Y2015-03-21EPISODE182 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-956370 1.100:09:17Y2015-03-16EPISODE181 - Uncommonlaw by KarlSATISFIED CUSTOMER SATISFACTION
TS-953594 91.815:00:00Y2015-03-07EPISODE179 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-951205 28.104:04:05Y2015-02-28EPISODE178 - Un-common-law in accordance to Karl
TS-948889 33.804:48:17Y2015-02-21EPISODE177 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-948881 9.101:34:08Y2015-02-21EPISODE176 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-946534 24.805:00:16Y2015-02-14EPISODE174 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-944177 25.303:39:47Y2015-02-07EPISODE 172 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-941836 30.504:21:54Y2015-01-31EPISODE 171 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-941758 9.400:00:00Y2015-01-31EPISODE 170 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-939473 32.804:41:00Y2015-01-24EPISODE 169 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-937314 5.000:44:05Y2015-01-17EPISODE 167 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-937354 35.105:00:17Y2015-01-17EPISODE168 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-936771 3.700:40:46Y2015-01-15EPISODE166 - Uncommonlaw by Karlphone call- CPS DSS DHR DHS : KIDS
TS-932424 32.704:41:55Y2015-01-03EPISODE 165 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-929865 0.900:08:01Y2014-12-21EPISODE163 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-929344 33.904:51:39Y2014-12-20EPISODE162 - 'Uncommonlaw' by; a man
TS-925610 16.802:23:43Y2014-12-13EPISODE159 - Uncommonlaw by KarlHosted Karl in the US and by Bali in the UK
TS-925360 1.200:10:35Y2014-12-06EPISODE157 - Uncommonlaw by KarlUnKommonlaw, hosted by Bali (UK) then Karl (US)
TS-923023 34.404:52:11Y2014-11-29EPISODE155 - Uncommonlaw by KarlUnKommonlaw Radio Show with Bali Man (UK) and Karl Lentz (US)
TS-919204 34.304:54:10Y2014-11-22EPISODE152 - Uncommonlaw by KarlUnKommonlaw with Bali Man and Karl Lentz
TS-919007 33.704:48:38Y2014-11-15EPISODE151 - Uncommonlaw by KarlUnKommonlaw hosted by Bali and Karl Lentz (if hes back from Canada in time)
TS-919694 19.402:47:41Y2014-11-15EPISODE151b - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-916427 34.304:58:40Y2014-11-08EPISODE150 - Uncommonlaw by KarlUnKommonlaw hosted by Bali and Karl Lentz
TS-919692 17.302:30:53Y2014-11-08EPISODE150b - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-911974 13.802:00:15Y2014-10-25EPISODE149 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-911876 26.303:47:46Y2014-10-25EPISODE148 - Uncommonlaw by KarlUnKommonlaw Hosted by Bali and Karl Lentz
TS-909678 32.404:37:33Y2014-10-18EPISODE147 - Uncommonlaw by KarlUnKommonlaw hosted by Bali and Karl
TS-907357 32.204:44:31Y2014-10-11EPISODE146 - Uncommonlaw by KarlUnkommonlaw UK with Bali Man
TS-905197 5.501:08:28Y2014-10-05EPISODE145 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-905122 23.303:19:26Y2014-10-04EPISODE144 - Uncommonlaw by KarlUnKommonlaw UK
TS-902529 34.404:54:23Y2014-09-27EPISODE142 - Uncommonlaw by KarlUnKommonlaw
TS-900994 33.005:00:18Y2014-09-22EPISODE141 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-900243 33.204:46:08Y2014-09-20EPISODE139 - Uncommonlaw by KarlUnKommonlaw
TS-898150 0.100:00:43Y2014-09-13EPISODE137 - Uncommonlaw by Karli will do a Show when Balraj gets back from Ireland
TS-895686 30.704:27:41Y2014-09-06EPISODE136 - Uncommonlaw by KarlUnKommonlaw UK
TS-893658 34.104:58:17Y2014-08-30EPISODE134 - Uncommonlaw by KarlUnKommonlaw UK
TS-891446 34.304:57:21Y2014-08-23EPISODE133 - Uncommonlaw by KarlUnKommonlaw UK
TS-889198 34.804:59:04Y2014-08-16EPISODE132 - Uncommonlaw by KarlUnKommonlaw UK
TS-887048 33.204:44:47Y2014-08-09EPISODE131 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-887043 0.000:00:02Y2014-08-09EPISODE130 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-884770 34.404:51:30Y2014-08-02EPISODE129 - Uncommonlaw by KarlUnKomonlaw UK Tour
TS-882262 34.304:54:16Y2014-07-26EPISODE128 - Uncommonlaw by KarlUnKommonlaw
TS-880640 29.804:32:33Y2014-07-19EPISODE126 - Uncommonlaw by KarlUnkommonlaw
TS-878330 31.604:28:25Y2014-07-12EPISODE125 - Uncommonlaw by KarlUnKommonlaw Uk
TS-874480 33.004:59:05Y2014-06-28EPISODE124 - Uncommonlaw by KarlUnKommonlaw
TS-872323 34.304:58:06Y2014-06-21EPISODE122 - Uncommonlaw by KarlUnkommonlaw Uk
TS-870247 27.304:47:58Y2014-06-14EPISODE121 - Uncommonlaw by KarlStarting the show in the England with Bali then handing over to Karl in the US/Canada
TS-868021 31.704:37:02Y2014-06-07EPISODE120 - Uncommonlaw by Karlstarting wit Bali and UnKommonlaw UK then handing over to Karl in US
TS-865852 33.304:45:41Y2014-05-31EPISODE119 - Uncommonlaw by KarlStarting with Bali from UnKommonlaw UK handing over to Karl in US
TS-863896 35.104:58:53Y2014-05-24EPISODE118 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-861482 29.604:46:17Y2014-05-17EPISODE117 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-859146 32.904:42:33Y2014-05-10EPISODE 114 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-856900 33.604:43:29Y2014-05-03EPISODE113 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-854608 32.904:41:21Y2014-04-26EPISODE112 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-852170 29.404:08:29Y2014-04-19EPISODE111 - Uncommonlaw by KarlTopic? yeah right, i just wing it ;)
TS-849914 32.604:37:20Y2014-04-12EPISODE 110 - UnKommonlaw by Karl
TS-847577 21.803:08:18Y2014-04-05EPISODE109 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-845087 30.804:27:19Y2014-03-29EPISODE 108 - Uncommonlaw by KarlBalraj - UK Karl - O'Canada!
TS-842610 28.404:22:11Y2014-03-22EPISODE 107 - Uncommonlaw by KarlBali on the Air, for Karl is flying in the Sky! (over Canada)
TS-840322 35.104:53:26Y2014-03-15EPISODE 106 - Uncommonlaw by KarlOoh CANADA!
TS-837905 34.804:50:48Y2014-03-08EPISODE 105 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-835631 32.204:38:39Y2014-03-01EPISODE104 - Uncommonlaw by Karlon My Way to NJ CANADA , via Vancouver, BC.
TS-831864 35.205:14:26Y2014-02-22EPISODE 103 - Uncommonlaw by Karllets try 5:00 PM EST
TS-830998 34.604:49:36Y2014-02-15EPISODE102 - Uncommonlaw by Karlok
TS-828848 32.504:33:49Y2014-02-08EPISODE101 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-826559 82.715:00:00Y2014-02-01EPISODE 100 - Uncommonlaw by KarlWow ! 100 g0d be praised !
TS-824599 35.605:00:12Y2014-01-25EPISODE 99 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-822564 35.005:00:09Y2014-01-18EPISODE98 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-820356 35.204:59:24Y2014-01-11EPISODE 97 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-818005 30.804:20:45Y2014-01-04EPISODE 96 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-816142 0.000:00:03Y2013-12-28EPISODE 94 - UnKommonlaw by Karlits Thursday i am still exhausted i will see about Saturday i am looking at doing blogspot it will reach alot more folks
TS-812908 30.904:26:55Y2013-12-21EPISODE 92 - Uncommonlaw by Karli am not sure if i will flying back to the USA, on this Day
TS-812981 35.804:59:46Y2013-12-14EPISODE 93 - Uncommonlaw by KarlOops its 4:00 PM not 9:00 pm its 9:00 pm here Oops
TS-810491 34.804:56:02Y2013-12-07EPISODE 90 - UnKommonlaw Karl in UKAnother Week in the UK Paper Products and Seminars in the nigh forecast
TS-807324 34.704:59:48Y2013-11-30EPISODE 89 - UnKommonlaw by way of UK & Karlhopefully i will make the magic happen HERE in the UK
TS-807106 31.604:51:01Y2013-11-23EPISODE 88 - UnKommonlaw by KarlUnKommonlaw U.K. STYLE
TS-801748 33.804:48:47Y2013-11-16EPISODE 87 - Uncommonlaw by KarlOne Day Before the UK In-vasion
TS-800344 34.604:55:52Y2013-11-09EPISODE 86 - Law by Karl
TS-796110 35.304:59:32Y2013-11-02EPISODE 85 - LAW !Wow 85 ?
TS-793642 35.504:59:21Y2013-10-26EPISODE 84 - law: Karl
TS-793626 34.604:51:17Y2013-10-12EPISODE 82 - Ok, where to NEXT ?
TS-789896 32.004:35:24Y2013-10-05EPISODE 80 - Uncommonlaw by KarlWOW 80!
TS-788775 34.104:49:26Y2013-09-28EPISODE 78 - commonlaw from: Karl
TS-789757 35.104:56:01Y2013-09-28EPISODE79 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-789922 5.200:44:00Y2013-09-28EPISODE 81 - UnKommon Law by Karl; RESTORATION of: property / child(ren)BERNARD CAZARES gets Restoration of his WIFE/GF's PROPERTY ( a 3 YEAR-OLD Girl ) from: 'THE GOV'T OF THE STATE OF ARIZONA'
TS-785441 34.704:52:42Y2013-09-21EPISODE 77 - law by KarlEPISODE 76 - law by Karl
TS-782831 34.804:57:27Y2013-09-14EPISODE 75 - LAW: kommon to i, a man: Karlg0dwilling and HOPEFULLY i made it through Surgery on Monday 9 September 2013 ;)
TS-782823 33.304:42:50Y2013-09-07EPISODE 74 - LAW: UnKommonlaw by, Karl
TS-780610 25.903:43:03Y2013-08-31EPISODE73 - Uncommonlaw by KarlNot Sure as of Yet (29 August 2013)
TS-776574 34.004:52:12Y2013-08-24EPISODE69 - Uncommonlaw by Karljust testing
TS-774628 33.504:53:09Y2013-08-10EPISODE67 - Uncommonlaw by Karlhopefully /g0dwilling i will be home at 9:00 PM EST to do a Show
TS-772324 34.905:00:11Y2013-08-03EPISODE66 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-769513 33.504:47:49Y2013-07-27EPISODE65 - Law: common, to i, a man...i might still be in Indiana , BUT all going according to: well; scheduled; planned , (no drama) and i am still waiting for "Chris" in Wisconsin to finish Videos
TS-768041 34.304:53:16Y2013-07-20EPISODE64 -Law: the way i, a common man; i, see itIndiana called me and i went (am) there
TS-765783 34.804:58:46Y2013-07-13EPISODE 63 - Law: the way i, a commoner, see iti just exhausted Folks, hopefully some folks will come on to help explain whats going on around here [ and in the court(s)] ... i dont want to end up like Mike ( for those that dont know, he died a few hours after finishing up HIS Saturday Night Show - EXHAUSTION)
TS-765142 31.704:29:00Y2013-07-11EPISODE 62 - Uncommonlaw by KarlTraffic Stops Pig/Hog/Cattle farms
TS-764809 14.502:08:41Y2013-07-10EPISODE61 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-763470 33.204:44:55Y2013-07-06EPISODE 60 - Law, as it is common to: me and MyInteresting the Past few Weeks, eh?
TS-762954 29.704:23:25Y2013-07-04EPISODE59 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-761447 30.104:19:22Y2013-06-29EPISODE58 - Uncommon law by Karl?
TS-759328 33.104:51:42Y2013-06-22EPISODE56 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-758566 34.805:00:15Y2013-06-20EPISODE 53 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-756645 34.404:53:19Y2013-06-15EPISODE52 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-755997 23.903:23:47Y2013-06-13EPISODE 51 - Law: common to Karl
TS-754453 24.803:31:10Y2013-06-08EPISODE50 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-753955 8.801:15:19Y2013-06-06EPISODE49 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-752212 23.903:27:38Y2013-06-01EPISODE48 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-750415 22.703:11:33Y2013-05-25EPISODE 46 - Law: common to KarlDonate early and Often :) who know what we will talk about
TS-748324 24.003:26:11Y2013-05-18EPISODE42 - Law: common; by way of KarlLAST WEEKS Donors, i will go through their Questions, LIVE on AIR
TS-747888 29.604:11:29Y2013-05-16EPISODE41 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-746305 24.603:30:15Y2013-05-11EPISODE 40 - Law: uncommon by Karl
TS-745741 30.804:22:41Y2013-05-09EPISODE 20 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-745699 6.300:53:29Y2013-05-09EPISODE 16 - Law: Unc Kommon by Karl
TS-744140 20.702:55:20Y2013-05-04EPISODE 18 - law: uncommon by Karl
TS-741842 8.501:12:01Y2013-05-02EPISODE 17 - Law: uncommon
TS-743727 29.805:00:06Y2013-05-02EPISODE 17 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-741838 30.904:24:02Y2013-04-27EPISODE 16 - Law: uncommon
TS-741442 19.602:46:35Y2013-04-25EPISODE 15 - Law: common to Karl
TS-741365 7.701:05:00Y2013-04-25EPISODE 14 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-740778 18.202:37:33Y2013-04-23EPISODE 13 - Uncommonlaw by Karl
TS-739705 30.604:20:41Y2013-04-20EPISODE 12 - UCC CREDIT CARDS
TS-739138 25.603:37:29Y2013-04-18EPISODE 11 - Restoration of Property Contracts
TS-737425 21.503:02:26Y2013-04-13EPISODE 10 - Uncommonlaw
TS-736631 20.902:56:22Y2013-04-11EPISODE 09 - Karl
TS-735879 21.202:59:23Y2013-04-08EPISODE 08 - Court Decorum
TS-735200 17.402:26:44Y2013-04-06EPISODE 07 - Habeas - Claims - Orders - Code v. law
TS-735017 10.301:27:23Y2013-04-05EPISODE 06 - Property Return - Habeas Corpus by Karl
TS-734337 34.704:52:43Y2013-04-04EPISODE 05 - Karl's UNcommonlaw
TS-733030 3.700:30:432013-03-31Karl v. Marc Stevens: No Rights
TS-732953 23.503:19:39Y2013-03-30EPISODE 03- CLAIM LAWSUIT terms of art
TS-732741 0.400:03:402013-03-29Karl's Advise to Dean Cliffordi explain to Dean how to move thru First Appearance in as few words as possible
TS-732496 26.503:44:30Y2013-03-28EPISODE 02 - Karl's law One Page Claim
TS-731739 15.902:13:53Y2013-03-28EPISODE 01 - CLAIM ONE PAGE SUITS
TS-732111 3.000:25:442013-03-27Karl Destroys Gordon HallPoor Gordon Hall , runs into my Simple initial court appearance procedure and he Blows up on 'TALKSHOE Live', like a Drunk !@#$%^ Sailor
Death By Doctor