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2013-02-23 22:00Colin DerekWhat's up yall
I have arrived!! :) The call may now begin lol
2013-02-23 22:00kariwiiowhere's the other call?
2013-02-23 22:01DELTA-9other call on RBN net radio
2013-02-23 22:01kariwiiooh - right!
2013-02-23 22:03Guest 12Jack...Who was your guest on other call?
2013-02-23 22:03Colin DerekGood Evening Jack
2013-02-23 22:03DELTA-9the stop vetern suicides guy
2013-02-23 22:03kariwiiothat's funny Jack - but good
2013-02-23 22:03Savannah77Another Great RBN Jack! Dr Millar is a Godsend. .. .
LO helping my 18 yr old assault victim suffering for past 2.5 yrs!
2013-02-23 22:05Guest 11Sheriff is ELECTED by the people!! Police are not.
2013-02-23 22:05Savannah77Yes #11
2013-02-23 22:06Jack BauerThanks everyone who was there!! (D)
2013-02-23 22:06Guest 11Savannah, what's the results?
hey Jack>> that was a nice push back on the guy that was dissing Vets>> you handled it great! (y)
2013-02-23 22:06Jack BauerHey Hermit
2013-02-23 22:07Savannah7712 guest was Dr Mark Millar,
2013-02-23 22:07getaRopeI know its True - Unconstitutional Law is not law
2013-02-23 22:07Jack BauerI've got the recording if anyone wants it.
2013-02-23 22:07BlackPopeThey are hired mercenaries.
2013-02-23 22:07Guest 12TKX Sav77...
2013-02-23 22:08Guest 11savannah>> how is the LO working for the symptoms..
2013-02-23 22:08Savannah77#12 another site is
2013-02-23 22:09Jack BauerI'm using it and seeing GREAT results!
2013-02-23 22:09kariwiiothat's Good, the Governor
2013-02-23 22:10Colin Derekmulberry v. madison ?
2013-02-23 22:10Savannah77PTSD: victim can sleep again, less nightmares, less panic attacks, less depression, improvement ea day, still low dose, in to second week
2013-02-23 22:10Guest 11will it help a messy person be more organized??
2013-02-23 22:10quantumtommarbury V
2013-02-23 22:10DELTA-9Lithium Orotate ' cured ' Jack's many demons.
2013-02-23 22:10Savannah7711, yes focus is improved!!!!
2013-02-23 22:10Colin Derekah Thanks quantum
Hi Rocko
2013-02-23 22:11Jack Bauernot all yet!! hehehe
2013-02-23 22:11quantumtomAhh
2013-02-23 22:11RockoVanZettihhhhhhhhhhhhh
howdy Amber
2013-02-23 22:12Guest 11well we don't want all these radicals to turn into pacifist zombies!!! We'll never get revolution !! heheh...
2013-02-23 22:12RockoVanZettihowdy Mo
2013-02-23 22:12DELTA-9ROCKfucius
2013-02-23 22:12RockoVanZettihey hey D9
2013-02-23 22:12DELTA-9Lithium Orotate
2013-02-23 22:13RockoVanZettiwhere's my bro magellan3? the trucker
I need to run down a ride
Amber - come by pick me up and take me to Colorado ;)
we'll have a blast...
2013-02-23 22:14Guest 11Rocko I know who it is.. I'll get a reminder to him
2013-02-23 22:14DuffWAmber.... take me outta here... into there....
2013-02-23 22:14Ben Frankschools lie?
2013-02-23 22:14RockoVanZetticool 11 I appreciate that
2013-02-23 22:14Ben FrankSure..The next thing you will be claiming is that the Red Cross never reported the Holocaust, that the Fed Reserve is not federal and has no reserves,
2013-02-23 22:15RockoVanZettiI have a new date to be out there - March 19th
2013-02-23 22:15kariwiioso Keith, the guest speaker is a sheriff?
2013-02-23 22:15Dr Boombenderif the sheriff is here to uphold the constitution , why then are they selling peoples property at the tax sales?
2013-02-23 22:15Ben Frankreserves, Israel is indiscriminately killing people in an outdoor concentration camp called Gaza, using military equipment stolen from the United Stat
2013-02-23 22:15DuffWthere must be some way outta this place........
2013-02-23 22:15Ben Franksure, like Id believe that!
2013-02-23 22:15Guest 11OK.. I'm sure he hasn't forgot it.. prolly waiting on some responses.. I'll forward that to him..
2013-02-23 22:16RockoVanZettithe sheriff is selling surety bonds in places
2013-02-23 22:16Colin DerekYay Rocko!! Lets take a majic carpet ride :)
2013-02-23 22:16DesichaleloWho's the speaker Jack? And the website if possible!!
2013-02-23 22:16DuffWshrink say.... I'll take that magic carpet ride......
2013-02-23 22:17Ben FrankSure... the next thing you guys will be telling me is that Sandy Hook was staged and that Adam Lanza couldnt really bench press 500 lbs!!!
2013-02-23 22:17DELTA-9take the Red pill
2013-02-23 22:17RockoVanZettiI'm sayin Amber - I'm sure you LQQK great in a head band and beads and mirrored shades... John Lennon glasses are not my thang~
I sure as hell don't need the blue pill
2013-02-23 22:17Ben FrankChain it down!
2013-02-23 22:18DuffWjohn lennon glasses are the least important part...
2013-02-23 22:18RockoVanZettiim sayin
2013-02-23 22:18DuffWyou need the blue pill... eh?
2013-02-23 22:18RockoVanZetticough cough cough
2013-02-23 22:18Jack BauerKeith Broaders
2013-02-23 22:18Ben FrankBoy Rods call was a disaster last night, eh
2013-02-23 22:18DuffWbtw, high rocko.
2013-02-23 22:18RockoVanZettihowdy Duff
2013-02-23 22:18Guest 11Hey Shrink>> did that recording save ok from Chappy today?
2013-02-23 22:19Jack BauerI heard it was good. What did I miss??
2013-02-23 22:19RockoVanZettihowdy Jack
2013-02-23 22:19DuffWyeh.. but I'm tweaking it to try to make sure I got all of it.. or as much as I could.. I'll be sending that tonight at some point or early am.
2013-02-23 22:19Colin DerekIm not subject to any except my Creator and my Creator gave me dominion!!! Not the State!!! -C
2013-02-23 22:19RockoVanZettiit's poetry night for me - i'm collecting my thoughts
2013-02-23 22:20Ben FrankAmber, YHWH gave Adam dominion
2013-02-23 22:20Guest 11Duff> what part is missing if any?
2013-02-23 22:20DuffWahhh... Amber... dominion... I'm all for it... lol
2013-02-23 22:20pavebartOr recall
2013-02-23 22:20getaRopeVOTE em out
You must be joking now
2013-02-23 22:20DuffWlast few minutes with Karl and ....
2013-02-23 22:20Colin DerekDK, I'm washing my hair
2013-02-23 22:20RockoVanZetti<<<aint misbehavin'
2013-02-23 22:20Ben Frankinteresting
2013-02-23 22:21DuffWmaybe that it was cancelled by Chappy... hard to tell but 98% is there...
2013-02-23 22:21Ben Frankblonde, brunette?
2013-02-23 22:21Guest 11Duff>> I got the last hour on mp3.. and MDog got a good part of it too> the last hour or so...
2013-02-23 22:21Ben Frankredhead maybe?
2013-02-23 22:22jesseelivermoreJack The Sherriff of San Francisco County is a convicted wife beater and remains in office
2013-02-23 22:22RockoVanZetti48 HOUR GO POUND SAND NOTICE
2013-02-23 22:22jesseelivermorehe beat up his wife after the election and before taking office
2013-02-23 22:22Colin Derekor in other words, DK.... PHUCK OFF
2013-02-23 22:22RockoVanZettiNOTCE TO POUND SAND
2013-02-23 22:22jesseelivermoreit takes 8 of 11 supervisors to vote to remove and only 7 voted to remove
2013-02-23 22:22DuffWif there is a way to merge, we shall... if you ship your part to me and I can merge it all within Amadeus... (mac program for audio)...
2013-02-23 22:22jesseelivermoreYou think that guy is protecting the people??
2013-02-23 22:22RockoVanZettitake that probe to Uranus pal
2013-02-23 22:23Guest 12JSL...that is hearsay not fact!
2013-02-23 22:23RockoVanZettishoot the moon
2013-02-23 22:23DuffWBut first, I will ship out what I have .. if we need to tweak it we will
2013-02-23 22:23Colin Derekyes, but that is the State that is Taxed not the people!!!
2013-02-23 22:23kariwiio++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
2013-02-23 22:23Guest 11what's ur skype or email.. u can get it to Jack or Angela if u rather..
2013-02-23 22:23Ben FrankYikes
2013-02-23 22:23StevenLeeWe need the sheriff to help us say no to the federal tax!
2013-02-23 22:23Colin DerekIt comes from Commerce not the people!!
2013-02-23 22:23DELTA-9Uhhh...Houston....we have a little problem...
2013-02-23 22:23jesseelivermore
2013-02-23 22:23Ben FrankAmber you have much to learn, poor thing
why so angry?
2013-02-23 22:24Colin Derekthe moment anyone anything can tax direct it is involuntary servatude!!
2013-02-23 22:24DuffWyeh, amber, the state... the artificial private company... it is taxed but not me. not me. not you.
2013-02-23 22:24getaRopeThere is no money there is no vote there is no debt when are we going to ignite and push bac k
2013-02-23 22:24Colin Derektwo thumbs up.. -c
2013-02-23 22:24DuffWskype is shrinkrat or dr welser
2013-02-23 22:25RockoVanZettiright now two cheeks serve as the buffer
2013-02-23 22:25kariwiioI want to move to this sheriff's county
2013-02-23 22:25pavebartThey are called excise, Imports and duties
2013-02-23 22:25Ben FrankIT DOES NOT SAY THAT!!!!
2013-02-23 22:25Jack BauerMy info: Jack Bauer, (559) 291-6188, SKYPE contact: michael.w.golden (D)
2013-02-23 22:25Guest 12That is the BS that was fed to the sheeple...Someone wants him out why else such a fuss? All BS politics
2013-02-23 22:25Guest 11@Duff>> ok.. I'll connect so u can advise as needed
2013-02-23 22:25RockoVanZettiIED even imposts excise direct
2013-02-23 22:25Ben FrankIt does NOT say the right to life, liberty and "persuit of happiness"!!!
2013-02-23 22:25StevenLeeWhat county is this guy from?
2013-02-23 22:25RockoVanZettiKABOOM
2013-02-23 22:25DuffWthis guy is at least fairly knowledgeable... more than DK.
2013-02-23 22:25pavebartNo man can take it away
2013-02-23 22:25Ben FrankIt says The RIGHT to "life, liberty and PROPERTY"!!!
persuit of happiness, WTF????
2013-02-23 22:26RockoVanZettisave a horse ride an impost~
2013-02-23 22:26jesseelivermoreGuest 12 is a supporter of wife beater sherriff murkarimi
2013-02-23 22:26Ben FrankLOL!!!!!
2013-02-23 22:26Dr Boombenderok smart guy explain property taxes then! PFFFFT
2013-02-23 22:26Ben FrankThere are VERY few who are more knowledgeable than I, and I learn from THEM!
2013-02-23 22:27DuffWI wish I had a little farm with a very nice appaloosa.. (I know I f'd up the spelling of that)
2013-02-23 22:27RockoVanZettithe property "right" is based on commercial use
2013-02-23 22:27getaRopeif we cant own property how do we get to pay a tax on it
2013-02-23 22:27pavebartIt is gain or profit "DERIVED FROM" wages...etc
2013-02-23 22:27getaRopeand if there is no money - we cant pay anyway
2013-02-23 22:27pavebartNot the wages itself
2013-02-23 22:27kariwiiotrue that getaRope
2013-02-23 22:27DELTA-9....Catch 22....
2013-02-23 22:27Colin Derekand later it says "... it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its Foundation on such
2013-02-23 22:28Ben Frank"STUDY to show yourself approved unto YHWH" 2 Timothy 2:15
2013-02-23 22:28Guest 11actually Duff you got it right :)
2013-02-23 22:28RockoVanZettiDK -my fave verse
2013-02-23 22:28Guest 11I used to have an app quarter horse..
2013-02-23 22:28Ben FrankNONSENSE!!!!
2013-02-23 22:28RockoVanZettii'll be dipped in sheep dip...
2013-02-23 22:28Guest 12Jessee...I am a supporter of civil liberties you buffoon...if you are stupid enuf to believe the news media, why are you on this call?
2013-02-23 22:28getaRopeone way to control the sheep is with television making sure they keep their right to vote but not to count
2013-02-23 22:29Ben FrankLOL
2013-02-23 22:29pavebartWeren't we debt free after Jackson took office???
2013-02-23 22:29DuffWand if you operate in 'commercial' you operate in admiralty... per The Informer... mail me skype.. I[ll provide the link....
2013-02-23 22:29jesseelivermoredefending scumball cops 12 good luck with that
2013-02-23 22:29Colin DerekPrinciples, and organizing its Powers in such Form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness."!!!!!!! Safety n Happiness
2013-02-23 22:30RockoVanZetti15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.
2013-02-23 22:30Ben FrankWe have TONS of natural resource and by sourcing our OWN gold based currency we would be WITHOUT debt!!!
2013-02-23 22:30jesseelivermoreHis wife went public on the assault and there is plenty of info available
2013-02-23 22:30RockoVanZettirightly dividing...
2013-02-23 22:30Colin Dereknot just persure but Safety and Happiness!!!
2013-02-23 22:30Ben FrankThis is WHY the jews had to implement their central bank!
2013-02-23 22:30RockoVanZettiin the Greek divide means to cut...
excise even
2013-02-23 22:30DuffWhere is link to "Fiction at Law" by The Informer.....
2013-02-23 22:30Ben Frankand yes! Andrew Jackson KILLED the bank!!!
2013-02-23 22:31Guest 12RVZ...better sheep dip than Horsesh#T
2013-02-23 22:31RockoVanZettiletters are written to a particular recipient
yup yup yup
2013-02-23 22:31Colin Derekyes but the "debt" for the war is actually Britins debt... did they not attack and we defended.. so England needs to be sued for damages and cost!!!!
2013-02-23 22:31Ben FrankBut, like the wicked "serpent" it is, it ALWAYS rears its wicked head, and it returned in 1913!!!
2013-02-23 22:31RockoVanZettinothing like sheep's milk - sweeter than cow's milk
2013-02-23 22:32Ben FrankBastard DOES NOT mean your parents were not married!!!
2013-02-23 22:32DELTA-9( that wasn't milk)
2013-02-23 22:32Ben Frank"bastard" means a mixed race or mongrelized person!
2013-02-23 22:32Jack BauerMy info: Jack Bauer, (559) 291-6188, SKYPE contact: michael.w.golden
2013-02-23 22:32DuffWbut God oh God.. the nanny goat I used to milk for a lady whose boyfriend was abusing her and ask me to take care of her goats....
2013-02-23 22:32RockoVanZetti...
2013-02-23 22:32DuffWThat was horrid... maybe because there was billy goat in her presence...
2013-02-23 22:32getaRopeI dont know much but I know its not silver - not gold - not nickle so it must not be Money - is that right?
2013-02-23 22:33Colin DerekHow can you "borrow" that which is already yours?
2013-02-23 22:33DuffWhe's got it right so far... must have read James Montgomery... and The Informer...
2013-02-23 22:33getaRopewho writes the so-called history for us - I wasnt there so I know nothing
2013-02-23 22:34Colin DerekEverything is already ours!!!! it was given to us by our creator!!!
2013-02-23 22:34Ben FrankAgain, we simply need to END the FED, and kick out the jews! There is a REASON that OVER 120 nations over the last 2000 years have
THROWN them out!!! Hello?
2013-02-23 22:34pavebartWarbergs, schiffs
2013-02-23 22:34Guest 11yep.. a billy goat can wreck good milk.. they piss on their beards and rub all over stuff..
2013-02-23 22:34DuffWThat Billy Goat was a story in and of himself... story about Holloween night... a billy goat adolescent.. a window and my Smith and Wesson 356...
2013-02-23 22:35DELTA-9that twenty dollar Gold piece will now 'cost' you 2000 FRN's
2013-02-23 22:35RockoVanZettinow that's thars what I call a hungry billy goat goat goat goat
2013-02-23 22:35Colin Derekincluding banks etc and every creation is ours already!!!!
2013-02-23 22:35RockoVanZetti
2013-02-23 22:35Ben Frankwarbergs, schiffs, kune and loab, rothschilds, ALL jews
Controlling stock in the Federal Reserve System is owned principally by eight international Jewish Banks, including; (1) Rothschild Banks of London an
of London and Berlin, (2) Lazares Brothers Bank of Paris, (3) Israel Moses Seaf of Italy, (4) Warburg Bank of Hamburg, (5) Lehman Brothers of New York
2013-02-23 22:36Colin DerekThink about it people, everything is already ours!! the lie is that we are lacking and need to borrow anything from a fiction!!!
2013-02-23 22:36DuffWHe was looking in the window on the slope of the cabin on the mountain in New Mexico just as the vampire was.... scared the bejesus out of me..
2013-02-23 22:36Ben Frank(6) Kuhn, Loeb and Co of Germany and
New York, (7) Chase Manhattan (Rockefeller) Bank of New York' (8) Goldman-Sachs Bank of New York.
2013-02-23 22:36DuffWAlmost shot him.. but didn't...
2013-02-23 22:36getaRopeschiff is geo bush is that right
2013-02-23 22:36pavebartPirates would be a better name
2013-02-23 22:37Guest 11you shot him thru the window??
2013-02-23 22:37Ben FrankThe other Jewish families that adopted the Rothschild plan of establishing local banking branches in European cities include-the Lazards, Sterns, Spey
2013-02-23 22:37DuffWnaw... I was too stoned.
2013-02-23 22:37RockoVanZettithey don't have the manners of a blue nosed mule
2013-02-23 22:37Ben FrankSterns, Speyers, Seligmans, Warburgs, and Loeb family.
2013-02-23 22:37Colin Derekat our expense!!
2013-02-23 22:37pavebartThat's called warring with the Constitution, also know as TREASON
2013-02-23 22:37Guest 22...deluge of bank paper, as we were formerly by the old Continental paper.
2013-02-23 22:38Guest 11I know an old rancher that shot a wolf straight thru his glass storm door.. got the wolf and the door.. his wife was not amused..
2013-02-23 22:38getaRopehow can we be in deep dodo Jack unless we are US citizens?
2013-02-23 22:38Colin Derekno we are just where we need to be!!!! Treat them just like any "drug dealer" arrest them and confiscate all and everything.. including the printing p
2013-02-23 22:38Guest 12It is "sanctioned counterfiting" by the congress who voted in 1913!
2013-02-23 22:38DuffWboy, that might asking a lot.. .most county sheriffs are not too courageous... too busy taking money off of the drug dealers.. at least here in
Burke county nc.
2013-02-23 22:39Colin Derekjust think we are looking at it the wrong way, just simply let the purpose of Banks be to receive "debt"..
2013-02-23 22:39RockoVanZettiyup Amber
2013-02-23 22:39Colin Derekthat is their job, accept all charges from the people and discharge it period!!
2013-02-23 22:39RockoVanZettiflip it
2013-02-23 22:39Colin Derekit is so simple we jsut cant see it
2013-02-23 22:40RockoVanZettiit's so simple even a...
2013-02-23 22:40Savannah77Excellent!!! thank you!!
2013-02-23 22:40getaRopewho elected the so-called county board of supervisers - for instance?
2013-02-23 22:40kariwiioSheriff's Posse? hmmm - what can the posse do? this sounds interesting
2013-02-23 22:40RockoVanZetticorn fed inbred horsey faced Brit could understand it
2013-02-23 22:40BlackPopeWho counts the votes ??????
2013-02-23 22:40Guest 11Co supervisors are voted in by the voters
2013-02-23 22:40Colin Derekso if a bank or banker says "Im here to collect the debt" he is right, they are there to collect the debt and keep it!! not to collect "credit" from t
from the creditors/creators/us
2013-02-23 22:41Guest
2013-02-23 22:41Jack BauerThanks G-11
2013-02-23 22:41getaRopeis that so G-11 then why did they leave me alone when I told them they cannot come into my Land?
2013-02-23 22:42Guest 11
2013-02-23 22:42Jack BauerRope, can U call in??? (D)
2013-02-23 22:42DuffWgood site..... think I will do it...
2013-02-23 22:42Guest 11(Y)
2013-02-23 22:42Colin Derekit is all based on a lie and the lie is only a belief of the people... that Churches/re-legions, that we are born in sin/debt etc. etc.
2013-02-23 22:43DuffWamber, of course you are correct.... but we must try....
2013-02-23 22:43BlackPopeZionist Jew Rahm Emanuel was a resident of Washington and was "chosen" as the Mayor of Chicago. Corrupt courts and election fraud.
2013-02-23 22:43Colin Derekonce we wake the fuke up and realize it was all created for us and given to us and the Banks are a creation of man to serve man!!
2013-02-23 22:43DuffWbut I wasn't born in any sin... .any sin I have, I did myself.
2013-02-23 22:43RockoVanZettilike all corporations
2013-02-23 22:44Colin Derekhow can you "sin"? it means that God created sin/you///
we are here to learn by making mistakes
2013-02-23 22:44Guest 12Amber...great question to ponder...
2013-02-23 22:44Colin Dereksin is only a tool of the controlers to control
2013-02-23 22:45DuffWit means when I felt anger and worse towards those who hurt me... when I should have maintained the awareness that they were more deluded than I.
2013-02-23 22:45RockoVanZettigreatest pickup line ever Amber
2013-02-23 22:45Guest 11getarope>> co supervisors are an elected position, can't answer your question... hmm...
2013-02-23 22:45RockoVanZettiim stealin it
2013-02-23 22:46Guest 11They don't have same authority of the Sheriff! they are under the budget of county, not the sheriff..
2013-02-23 22:46Colin Derek"thou shalt not have any gods before me" ..... me.. me You/me get it? Crator gave it all, complete dominion!!!
rock hard on VanZetti :-}
2013-02-23 22:46DuffWI have to remember that all humans may commit against me various ills...but it is not in their true nature... they have been deluded as have I....
2013-02-23 22:47RockoVanZetti...
2013-02-23 22:47Colin Derekyes!! yes! it is due to the precept that "I am lacking" that causes injury of others!!
2013-02-23 22:47DuffWI have to help and not otherwise.
2013-02-23 22:47getaRopewho paid for the roads?
2013-02-23 22:48DuffWand I do have that capacity.
2013-02-23 22:48getaRopeIf we own the roads - why do we need to ask c an we haul our own patatoes on it?
2013-02-23 22:48Colin Derekby conjuring the people to believe they are "Lacking" in some.. any mannner that causes one to be envious, anger etc....
2013-02-23 22:48pavebartNo you are "drive' is to use the public roadways for gain or profit for hire....not to move your own produce to market
2013-02-23 22:48DuffWyes, Amber.
2013-02-23 22:48RockoVanZettiin jury = placed into law
2013-02-23 22:49getaRopewho paid for the bridge? why do we have to pay some a hole to cross our bridge?
2013-02-23 22:49RockoVanZettidead in trespasses and sins
2013-02-23 22:49DELTA-9Rocko said "son yer gonna drive me to drinkin if ya don't stop drivin that hot...rod...Lincoln".
2013-02-23 22:49Colin DerekLove they God, they neighbor and by doing so thou loves thy self!!
2013-02-23 22:49sloforkthats what I'm talkin bout
2013-02-23 22:49RockoVanZettiha
2013-02-23 22:49kariwiio
2013-02-23 22:49DuffWI have the responsibility because I am coming to know...
Amber, you're ok.... you know.
2013-02-23 22:50pavebartMost states rules say you have to be moving "passengers or cargo/tare for profit on the public roads
2013-02-23 22:50sloforkI liked shrinkrat better, he was a good ole boy, his new a meanie
2013-02-23 22:50Colin Derekto me there only need be one "law" suggestion... be kind... kindness is the only true currency
2013-02-23 22:50jesseelivermoreTitle 42 1983
that is not new news
2013-02-23 22:51RockoVanZettioriginal version
2013-02-23 22:51Colin Derek(h) DuffW
I love you both
2013-02-23 22:51RockoVanZettiokay... i'll say~
2013-02-23 22:51DuffWlove thy neighbor as one loves thyself... that is the maxim.
2013-02-23 22:51sloforkcivil rights?? argh
2013-02-23 22:51Colin Derekbtw- that was Colin up there... he has left the room now
2013-02-23 22:52RockoVanZettithe shrink beside me was as white as a ghost
2013-02-23 22:52Colin DerekCivil Rights are EVIL
2013-02-23 22:52DELTA-9white line fever
2013-02-23 22:52DuffWI miss talking with you and Colin....
2013-02-23 22:52Colin Derekits only about creator given rights.... thats all that mmatters
2013-02-23 22:53hermitjohnGETTUM HOWARD!!!!!
2013-02-23 22:53Colin DerekWe miss you too Duff!!
2013-02-23 22:53RockoVanZettisaw that at the drive in
2013-02-23 22:53DELTA-9the travel inn
2013-02-23 22:53DuffWthe creator is also me.... by benificence of The Creator... I am just learning these days.... coming to realize what I am.
2013-02-23 22:53Colin DerekDuff, you know you are always welcome to call,,, anytime :)
2013-02-23 22:53timthewizardif issued a ticket for "driving" without a license,(or a suspended license) is that not a violation of 42-1983?
2013-02-23 22:54Colin DerekWe should be starting our classes again real soon we have a few new recordings already, check our talkshoe # 126101
2013-02-23 22:54Jack BauerYes it is!!~!
2013-02-23 22:54DuffWAs soon as I am sober, I will look for the number... lol...Actually, I am sober... wonder of wonders.....
I will, amber... you'se guys are special.
2013-02-23 22:55Colin Dereknot what you are but who you r and what you r not!!!!
2013-02-23 22:55bruce77Color of Law
2013-02-23 22:55Colin Derekstepping out for a moment bbs
2013-02-23 22:56RockoVanZettiholds the door~
maintaining eye contact
2013-02-23 22:56Desichalelo1935
2013-02-23 22:57MajorThrashFredrick Douglas was opposed to all that civil war civil rights Crap
2013-02-23 22:57hermitjohnso was gen. Sherman
2013-02-23 22:58MajorThrashbut if he didnt go along with it he would of been shot
2013-02-23 22:58RockoVanZetti
2013-02-23 22:59getaRopewell Howard - since so-called DC guvmint can only regulate so-called guvmint then we have been shamed - what court can we sue them dastages ?
2013-02-23 22:59timthewizard
2013-02-23 23:03getaRopewheres BP when ya need him?
if DC is not our guvmint and paper is not money and so-called votes are not counted what are we really doing?
2013-02-23 23:05DuffWthe congress we have today 'is' the board of directors for the corporation... that is all they are...
2013-02-23 23:05MajorThrashcongress is a bunch of Military Commissionairs
2013-02-23 23:05Guest 11according to Rod Class, if under martial law, all courts are administrative only, cannot hear civil and criminal cases
2013-02-23 23:05DuffWthey are all administrative.... all bogus.. all fraud....
2013-02-23 23:05Guest 12DuffW...good to know someone is awake!
2013-02-23 23:07Guest 11Some disagree, and my Congresscritter refuses to answer it, but no evidence that the War Powers Act has never been repealed..still under state of war.
2013-02-23 23:08TruthBugEmployee Notice For Old People
2013-02-23 23:09Guest 11As such, Executive Orders have no validity and open elections are SUSPENDED..
2013-02-23 23:10getaRopeIf the so-called guvmint has the power to charge us a property tax - then they by that math can take the property any time they want?
wuda country
2013-02-23 23:11Ambassador ThothUCC1-103
2013-02-23 23:11Dr Boombenderyeah he has a radio show , its called American reconstruction project LOL
2013-02-23 23:11Guest 11They're doing everything as a smokescreen to keep up appearances.. while following the military rule ..
2013-02-23 23:11Jack BauerThanks High Ball it!!!
2013-02-23 23:12Ambassador ThothThis Government is Forclosed...Damn Folks LOOK LOOK www.peoplestrust1776
2013-02-23 23:12Dr BoombenderOh Jack you know we love you and howard
2013-02-23 23:12Jack BauerI know!! Thankls (D)
2013-02-23 23:13Dr Boombenderoh oh I got it howard griswald co-host (smile)
2013-02-23 23:13Guest 11
2013-02-23 23:13Jack BauerThanks G-11
2013-02-23 23:13Guest 11YW
2013-02-23 23:14Ambassador ThothJACK did you check the website? STRUGGLE ITS OVER!!!! This Government is Forclosed...Damn Folks LOOK LOOK www.peoplestrust1776
2013-02-23 23:15Jack BauerWhich site Thoth?
2013-02-23 23:16Ambassador
2013-02-23 23:16Jack BauerThanks
2013-02-23 23:16Ambassador ThothPlease Jack Look
2013-02-23 23:17bruce77There was no treaty signed to end the Civil War.
2013-02-23 23:17Jack BauerGot it bookmarked! Thanks
2013-02-23 23:17Ambassador ThothWhy are we going into their courts? There's No Remedy
Good Jack You'll love it
2013-02-23 23:18kariwiiogerbils?
2013-02-23 23:19Jack BauerMy info: Jack Bauer, (559) 291-6188, SKYPE contact: michael.w.golden (D)
2013-02-23 23:19:Mighty-Mo;
2013-02-23 23:19kariwiiogo Howard!
2013-02-23 23:20getaRopeschool is to learn how to keep cucumbers from getting pregnant I think
2013-02-23 23:21kariwiiolol
2013-02-23 23:21DuffWwell, went on a cleaning jag..... tired of the dust... that's what doing a lot of dry-wall repair does to your environment...
amber, will be in touch if I can find the number.... be well. all love.
2013-02-23 23:22kariwiio"I never let my schooling interfer with my education" Mark Twain
2013-02-23 23:23Jack BauerMy info: Jack Bauer, (559) 291-6188, SKYPE contact: michael.w.golden
2013-02-23 23:23DuffWOne People's trust... all I wanna see is some reasonable facsimile of the proof... I will jump on.
2013-02-23 23:23kariwiio*interfere?
2013-02-23 23:23Guest 11 this is a new website from OPPT with letter to Swedish govt
2013-02-23 23:23Savannah77I like this guest speaking now! he and HG are informed
2013-02-23 23:23matthew33
2013-02-23 23:24Guest 44give that site again ambassador
2013-02-23 23:24Guest 43Wonder what Howard thinks of the one people's trust....
2013-02-23 23:24DuffWyes, it is most definitely a spiritual battle...
2013-02-23 23:24Ben Frankjust got back
2013-02-23 23:24kariwiiowhat you believe to be true - is.....go One People's Trust - foreclose the shysters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111
2013-02-23 23:25Ben Frankoh shoot, sounds like he bouts to axe some questions, he all strapped up and shit
2013-02-23 23:25DuffW
2013-02-23 23:25Ben FrankLOL
peoples trust is a joke
2013-02-23 23:25matthew33follow a lawyer join
2013-02-23 23:25sloforkaight dawg
2013-02-23 23:26Ben FrankThere is maybe a handful on this call who even know WHO The "People" are!!!
2013-02-23 23:26kariwiiobye bye Rat Zinger Pope
2013-02-23 23:26BlackPopeYES
2013-02-23 23:26DuffWin this case, DK. hold your ire in abeyance... for once... let the facts come out. Before you ridicule. Use the 'little grey cells' for once.
2013-02-23 23:26Guest 43?? What does Howard think of that peoples trust ??
2013-02-23 23:27Guest 11good advice Duff
2013-02-23 23:27Guest 42You are supposed to bury them in YOUR NEIGHBORS back yard!!!!
2013-02-23 23:27Ben FrankDuffW, what an unfounded comment! I use those little grey cells to think ALL the time! Thats HOW I know so MUCH MORE than YOU!
2013-02-23 23:27dwdialCould some kind person type that peoples trust URL into this chatroom?
2013-02-23 23:27Guest 11A closed mind works like an unopened parachute
2013-02-23 23:27Ben FrankI can back up and VERIFY 100% of EVERYTHING I say!
I dont deal in OPINIONS!!!
2013-02-23 23:27DuffWjust show some self-restraint, DK... if you are able.
2013-02-23 23:28kariwiioDK - hey, I hear your doorbell ringing...or was that your microwave going off? maybe you should go answer it
2013-02-23 23:28Ben FrankOh snap!! he gots the UCC hitten now, up in this beaatch!!
2013-02-23 23:28belchrob1
2013-02-23 23:28Guest 43I think this guy is dreaming....
2013-02-23 23:28Guest 22When a man assumes a public trust, he should consider himself as public property.
2013-02-23 23:28Guest 37All your SUPPLIES can be burned. All your suppiles do not mean a thing. They have a destruction TANK to rouse you out.And GAS fired burners
2013-02-23 23:29DuffWDK, you exhibit less and less rationality as time goes by....
2013-02-23 23:29kariwiiofrankly, i don't care if anyone is dreaming - maybe some positive dreaming is what is needed
2013-02-23 23:29Ben FrankHells yeah, I gots him on my ipod too, I always be listening and shit
2013-02-23 23:29BlackPopeDK. we found Charles Weisman's website.
2013-02-23 23:29DuffWoff to take Jasmine, the wonder snoot, lab, outdoors.. she will not tolerate my daliance....
2013-02-23 23:29Guest 11they're doing flash mob on public sites.. rofl!!
2013-02-23 23:29kariwiiosomething is up for sure- the Pope resigns? the Vatican is broke...
2013-02-23 23:29Jack Bauer (D)\
2013-02-23 23:30Ben FrankLOL!!
2013-02-23 23:30Jack Bauer (D)
2013-02-23 23:30Guest 43Rod probably already figured out it's bogus
2013-02-23 23:30:Mighty-Mo;
2013-02-23 23:30Ben Frankhells yeah, he putten it down for RC, RC up in this HIZZY!!
2013-02-23 23:30kariwiiodk - why are you so rude?
2013-02-23 23:30Guest 37There are not 3,000 prople in the U.S, that will do anything. NOTTA
2013-02-23 23:30BlackPopeMore patriot NONSENSE !
2013-02-23 23:31matthew33
2013-02-23 23:31Guest 43This 6 billion number is what this nonsense is all about
2013-02-23 23:31:Mighty-Mo;
2013-02-23 23:31Ben FrankYou dont think its RUDE to make a mockery of the English language EVEN MORE than we already do? Kariwiio???
With a name like Kariwiio, I bet you have VERY broken English!
2013-02-23 23:31Guest 37This Guy is brain washed & wants to believe B.S.
2013-02-23 23:32Guest 43They lure people in with thee 6 billion carrot
2013-02-23 23:32kariwiiolol, that's funny DK
2013-02-23 23:32Ben FrankI thought so too!
2013-02-23 23:33kariwiiowell, good we actually agree on something
2013-02-23 23:33sloforkDK be chimpin out
2013-02-23 23:33Ben FrankI think everyone here would agree you have a funny foriegn looking and sounding name!
2013-02-23 23:33:Mighty-Mo;
2013-02-23 23:33kariwiiolol
2013-02-23 23:34Ben Frankglad we can agree kariwiio!
2013-02-23 23:34kariwiioit's actually American Indian - not tooooo foreign! lol
2013-02-23 23:34Ben Frankwhat is that name by the way? a jungle name?
2013-02-23 23:34kariwiioit means "good word" lol
2013-02-23 23:34Ambassador ThothWell check out the public forclosure before you speak against it....
2013-02-23 23:34Guest 11 Jack's guest's site
2013-02-23 23:34BlackPopePastor Eli James is starting another network. His Sunday show on RBN will be broadcast on both stations.
2013-02-23 23:34kariwiioI love you DK
2013-02-23 23:35Jack BauerThanks again G-11
2013-02-23 23:35Guest 11YW
2013-02-23 23:35kariwiioyou always crack me up
2013-02-23 23:35mountaindogif you charge by the mile (common carrier) or time on the road (taxi), you are for hire.
2013-02-23 23:35Ben Frankkariwiio, did you know the actualy American Indians were not the so called native americans of today?
2013-02-23 23:35kariwiioyes
2013-02-23 23:35DELTA-9put a Not For Hire bumper sticker on back of yer automobile
2013-02-23 23:36Guest 11DK>> kariwiio has better spelling than you do.. congrats for your whiteness highness
2013-02-23 23:36Ben Frankguest 11, I type very fast and do NOT make sure to go back over and spell check my comments before I hit enter, who cares, numb nuts!
2013-02-23 23:37:Mighty-Mo;
2013-02-23 23:37Guest 11Maybe you should... heheh..
2013-02-23 23:38Ben Frankkariwiio, glad you realize that! So you realize the REAL Native Americans were white people?
2013-02-23 23:38Ambassador ThothUCC 1-103, common law remedy thereunder guaranteed, public policy, UCC 1-305; Duly witnessed, secured, entered and noticed; Without prejudice
2013-02-23 23:39:Mighty-Mo; howard griswold
2013-02-23 23:40Ambassador ThothUCC Doc No. 2012113593 and WA UCC Doc. No. 2012-296-1209-2, preserved and protected under perpetuity 2000043135, guaranteed, protected and secured...
2013-02-23 23:41:Mighty-Mo;Hooray; bring it on
2013-02-23 23:42kariwiiocitizens warrant for arrest
2013-02-23 23:43getaRopeIf this so-called guvmint is Honorable = whats the problem? If its not Honorable why are we talking?
2013-02-23 23:43:Mighty-Mo;
2013-02-23 23:43Ambassador ThothAny and all Public Servants, as identified in UCC Doc # 2012096074
Any and all states of body, as identified in UCC Doc #2012079290...
2013-02-23 23:43:Mighty-Mo;The Economy Collapses: Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation Obfuscates Seriousness of Crisis
2013-02-23 23:43getaRopeAre we gonna vote on it?
2013-02-23 23:45:Mighty-Mo;
2013-02-23 23:45winemo934It's called Usufruct- use of someon elses property for your benefit
2013-02-23 23:45Ambassador ThothUCC 1-103, common law remedy thereunder guaranteed, public policy, UCC 1-305; Duly witnessed, secured, entered and noticed; Without prejudice...
2013-02-23 23:45Guest 43Jack = this guest needs to listen to your show more often. He doesn't know as much as we all do!
2013-02-23 23:46:Mighty-Mo;The DTCC's $36.5 TRILLION Flood Fraud** Bix Weir & Andy Hoffman
2013-02-23 23:50Ambassador ThothOnly silly humans need licenses
2013-02-23 23:50kodiak123Thks moe,,now I got more to do tonight
2013-02-23 23:51Jack BauerTo stay current for the shows, go to: (D)
2013-02-23 23:52DELTA-9human U S Citizens
2013-02-23 23:53Guest 42Did you ever notice that non-whites can't wait to screw a white over???
2013-02-23 23:53Marthyi;m blocked
2013-02-23 23:53solution4theinnocentPublic Servants
2013-02-23 23:54MarthyLove howard
2013-02-23 23:54Jack BauerMarty. hit *8 so I know who U are
2013-02-23 23:54Guest 43Why does this guy keep talking over Howard ??
The birds eat because we feed them!
2013-02-23 23:54kariwiioa "signature" does not a contract make, and so true with an "autograph"
2013-02-23 23:54solution4theinnocent(d) Thanks for holding the door open for me Rocko
2013-02-23 23:54Ben Frankoh snap, he bouts to axe some questions, hells yeah bees like a bird
guest 42, no never noticed!
2013-02-23 23:56:Mighty-Mo;(-:
2013-02-23 23:57Jack Bauer(D) My info: Jack Bauer, (559) 291-6188, SKYPE contact: michael.w.golden (D)
2013-02-23 23:58:Mighty-Mo; just 1 more kodiak (-;
2013-02-23 23:58kodiak123cool
no sleep tonight
2013-02-23 23:59solution4theinnocentthe ppl who ask for permission think they are lacking
oppt is a bust
2013-02-24 00:00Ben Frankoh snap, he bouts to make statesment and axe some questions
Peoplestrust! LOL! Yeah, its the Peoples trust, yet they DONT know WHO the "People" are!
2013-02-24 00:00matthew33hand out from oppt is 10 billion from a Heather the lawyer.
2013-02-24 00:01Guest 43This peoples trust stuff is a bunch of fluff
2013-02-24 00:01Marthysounds like it
like nasara
2013-02-24 00:01Guest 11
2013-02-24 00:02DuffWirrespective of 'Peoples' Trust' .... DK is incredibly his derision... sorry DK.. but you know you are....
2013-02-24 00:02DELTA-9
2013-02-24 00:02solution4theinnocenthe's got it!!!!!
2013-02-24 00:02DuffWthat puts you in the 'disinfo' category henceforth...
2013-02-24 00:03solution4theinnocentWhat beautiful Truth Duff
2013-02-24 00:03Jack BauerG-30, ur next
2013-02-24 00:04Guest 11Obama's Brown Shirts
turning this nation into a bunch of snitches!! Just Orwellian...
2013-02-24 00:05Ben Frankour sheriffs ALREADY allow them to violate the Constitution left and right
No the PROBLEM is we have jews running the show!
2013-02-24 00:05Guest 42Oy-vey, DK!!
2013-02-24 00:05:Mighty-Mo;The CON stitution was written by them for them
2013-02-24 00:06Ben FrankMighty Mo, NO it was NOT!!!
2013-02-24 00:06Guest 11At least he's trying hear lately all the offers of "you may qualify for a reward if you call this number if you tell us of ..blablabla.." geez
2013-02-24 00:06Ambassador Thothwhatever it sounds like... They forclosed on this and all governments and it public knowledge... look for yourselves without ego....
2013-02-24 00:06timthewizardme too!!!
2013-02-24 00:06DuffWam simply tired of nonsense... eh, solution4theinnocent? It is so tiresome.. and so predictable.... no time for bullshit anymore.. time is runninout
2013-02-24 00:06Ben FrankIf it was then explain the 2nd Amendment smart guy!
2013-02-24 00:06BlackPopeDK is 100% Correct !
2013-02-24 00:07Ben FrankEvil tyrants who set their "People" onto a future course of slavery do NOT give them tools like GUNS and the law to ENSURE they are NEVER enslaved!
2013-02-24 00:07wmoftexasHey Doug
2013-02-24 00:07DuffWwell, BP and DK mutual support society.. will wonders never cease....
2013-02-24 00:07Guest 43Stay away from that one peoples trust stuff
2013-02-24 00:08StevenLeewhat was that web site?
2013-02-24 00:08solution4theinnocentwhere do you find that coutousy notice?
2013-02-24 00:08Guest 42Either show me where any of this stuff works, or don't mention it
2013-02-24 00:08solution4theinnocentYes Duff!!
2013-02-24 00:08Ben FrankBlackpope, knows the truth, not sure how he puts up with these sheeple
DO NOT let that lady GLORIA ON!!!
2013-02-24 00:08Marthylike the gov is gonna say oh you caught us okay
2013-02-24 00:08BlackPopeTell us who runs it all ??????
2013-02-24 00:08Guest 42Gloria is better than reclamator
2013-02-24 00:09Ben FrankLOL!!! Yes Gloria is and Rectumator should get married!!!!
2013-02-24 00:09DuffWas always, the proof will be in the eating of it.... and we shall see... but without the nonsense. We shall look and we shall see and if it passes
2013-02-24 00:09Guest 424 sure, DK!
2013-02-24 00:09DuffWall of the smell tests.. and we know what they are.. then we will consider it...
2013-02-24 00:09solution4theinnocentRight
and so far.......
2013-02-24 00:10Guest 43Is he the ambassador from the one people's trust? Is that why he calls himself the ambassador? I haven't heard this ambassador before
2013-02-24 00:10Ambassador
2013-02-24 00:10Ben Frankmost def bro, fa show! be bouts ta get it cracken up in her, patriot style
2013-02-24 00:10BlackPopeIts called IGNORE the ignorant DK, those who can't see or hear !!
2013-02-24 00:10StevenLeeArthur what was that Opt In site?
2013-02-24 00:10Savannah77knoclan@gmail
2013-02-24 00:10Ambassador ThothI'm just a guy like you...
2013-02-24 00:10:Mighty-Mo;I will be holding ma breath until I get the full value sent to me in a gift wrapped box from the OPPT
2013-02-24 00:11Ambassador
2013-02-24 00:11Ben FrankGood, FUCK those pigs! Take the guns from those wicked pigs!
And Ban jews, NOT guns!
2013-02-24 00:11BlackPopeLOL
2013-02-24 00:11matthew33be careful ambassador thoth with that
2013-02-24 00:11DuffWthose who mock.. are derisive without providing substantive argument and logic.. well, f them.. I am tired of gov disinfo, bullshit and local idiots.
2013-02-24 00:11StevenLeeThank's Mighty-mo... that works!
2013-02-24 00:11Guest 43Thanks Jack!
2013-02-24 00:11solution4theinnocentGood night Jack
2013-02-24 00:11Marthybye great show
2013-02-24 00:12bruce77It's the Commerce Clause
2013-02-24 00:12Jack BauerNight all!!
2013-02-24 00:12RockoVanZetti...
2013-02-24 00:12slofork*.*
2013-02-24 00:12solution4theinnocentNight Rocko
2013-02-24 00:12RockoVanZettignight
2013-02-24 00:12:Mighty-Mo;(-: yw
2013-02-24 00:12Ben FrankNight Jack!
2013-02-24 00:12slofork()*.*()
2013-02-24 00:12Ambassador ThothI only think and move for our benefit
2013-02-24 00:12RockoVanZettiMo
2013-02-24 00:12Marthynight
2013-02-24 00:12RockoVanZettiwhaddya know?
2013-02-24 00:12Ben FrankThanks for allowing a voice of reason, and not muting me!
2013-02-24 00:12Ambassador Thothno fear here
2013-02-24 00:12StevenLeeAnother great show Jack... THanks!
2013-02-24 00:12Ambassador ThothGN All
2013-02-24 00:13sloforkreally feel sorry for DK knowing that he was hit in the heat with a bat as a youth
2013-02-24 00:13Ben FrankMighty Mo is a crisis actor!
2013-02-24 00:13sloforkhead*
2013-02-24 00:14RockoVanZettiwho isn't
2013-02-24 00:14Ben Frankhit in the head with a bat, he slopork? VERY creative, you come up with that one all on your own?
2013-02-24 00:14Ambassador ThothJACK: Call Her Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf
2013-02-24 00:14Guest 11Thx Ambassador ... gotta hear and test all things..
2013-02-24 00:15sloforkso you don't deny being hit in the head with a bat and thus being brain dead
2013-02-24 00:15Ben FrankHey Ambassasor, women DONT have the right of sufferage in the Nation
2013-02-24 00:15Guest 11the right stuff will hold up to scrutiny!!
2013-02-24 00:15:Mighty-Mo;(-:
2013-02-24 00:15Ben FrankEITHER do black people! Black people need to HELP the white people restore OUR Nation, so we can then FREE the rest of humanity!
2013-02-24 00:15hermitjohnsee-ya
2013-02-24 00:16Ben FrankBlacks, asians (gloria), women (again gloria), do NOT have the right of sufferage under the de jure laws of this Nation, they CANNOT make
lawful orders!
They can only go in as 14th amendment subject citizens and be treated as such!
and FOOLS like clulis jewing, when they "win", they "win" because the wicked edomite judge has FULL discretionary powers and he ALLOWED
him to win!
Even clulis jewing, who is probably one of the better researchers of this silly mickey mouse commercial system of THEIRS, even his clueless
butt, ADMITS he ONLY "wins" "about 80% of the time"!!!!
The founders did NOT set the laws of this Nation up to ONLY work 80% of the time!
2013-02-24 00:19Guest 11DK>> neither can attorneys under our de jure federal constitution.. but the legislature is about 80% attorneys..
2013-02-24 00:19Ben FrankIs that a hard concept to grasp?
This was to be a "Nation of laws, NOT of men"
meaning no mans fate would ever be left to the whim of some man/"judge"!
The law says what is says! ANYTHING outside those lines is a BLATANT infringment!
Alright, done ranting, going to study!
2013-02-24 00:21Guest 11Attorney's have ruined the republic.. it has to be restored. Abolish the attorneys from public office. PERMANENTLY.
2013-02-24 00:22Ben FrankAgreed, attorneys are a major part
2013-02-24 00:22Guest 11everything with a double meaning, hidden meanings, entrapment..
2013-02-24 00:22Ben FrankKick out all the damn attorneys and jews and the problem would basically solve itself! lol
Good Knight
2013-02-24 00:23Guest 11let's do it
gnite all.. good program tonite