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2011-05-21 19:39Guest 6toodles n noodles all (8)
2011-05-21 19:43Guest 7Hi All
what is a form 56 for
2011-05-21 19:45glockenheimerfiduciary appointment
2011-05-21 19:51johngalt1what's up?
2011-05-21 19:52glockenheimernot a whole lot
2011-05-21 19:53Guest 7thanks for the help <g locken heimer>
2011-05-21 19:55johngalt1
2011-05-21 19:59UseTheVortexGoldman Sachs stock is falling ... Hmmmmmm
2011-05-21 20:00Nightwolf1Hey Jack :)
2011-05-21 20:00johngalt1
2011-05-21 20:01Guest 23cynthia on maryland/hi all!
cynthia on maryland/doing online this time, let me know if you want me to call by phone
2011-05-21 20:02johngalt1let's not be to graphic Jack LOL
2011-05-21 20:02Guest 23cynthia on maryland: They are U.S. mafia
2011-05-21 20:03Guest 18if the law doesn't matter then why bother using it then?
2011-05-21 20:03Guest 23cynthia on maryland: Anyone that has 'story' of any form of abuse, fraud, corruption, etc. Please contact and through
cynthia on maryland: email them your Story and information
2011-05-21 20:04johngalt1the official line is BS
2011-05-21 20:04Nightwolf1None of us did
2011-05-21 20:04DELTA-9Jerry& Joe were MURDERED, sue those criminals!
2011-05-21 20:04johngalt1put out the website info to the group
2011-05-21 20:06Jack BauerOk, give me a minute
2011-05-21 20:06johngalt1Bob Hurt is a good man
2011-05-21 20:07DELTA-9Kanes >>
2011-05-21 20:07johngalt1
2011-05-21 20:07Jack Bauer
2011-05-21 20:08johngalt1Jack, i would like to make a comment vocally
2011-05-21 20:08Guest 6same thing happened with OKLAHOMA CITY INCIDENT, an independent reporter took investigative evidence to ALPHABET-SOUP GUYS and THEY would not take it
2011-05-21 20:08Jack BauerGive us 1 minute
2011-05-21 20:09johngalt1no prob
2011-05-21 20:09Guest 6that independent reporter had to take them to COURT to make THEM take the information
2011-05-21 20:09DELTA-9I thought it was impossible for cops to "turn off their dash cams"
2011-05-21 20:10TheFedWhat are we talking about?
2011-05-21 20:10DELTA-9murder
2011-05-21 20:11Guest 6it was a good thing THEY did not kill that reporter like THEY did many others who witnessed the incorrect data of the OK CITY INCIDENT!
Jerry Kane and his son, when they were massacred by GOV.
2011-05-21 20:12Jack Bauerne who's husband was murdered a year ago by some dirty cops
This Donna Lee.
Jerry Kane was helping many people nation wide from the mortgage scam
2011-05-21 20:13UseTheVortexWhy would a silly thing like Date/Time matter in evidence/law .. that's Silly. .. Dash cams .. the whoops button that turns off Date/Time .. hmmm?
2011-05-21 20:14EdClanofChattanWas the vehicle that they showed on the vid Jerry's vehicle or fake too?
2011-05-21 20:15Jack BauerIt's more evidence of the possibility of a photo shopped video
2011-05-21 20:16johngalt1
2011-05-21 20:16glockenheimerthe video was cut and pasted , noticeably edited .
2011-05-21 20:16Guest 23cynthia on maryland: Does that mean that dawn on montana should also worry about being attached since she is also helping MANY in her own area?
2011-05-21 20:17johngalt1
2011-05-21 20:17Guest 23cynthia on maryland: er attacked?
2011-05-21 20:18Guest 6hmmm the OBAM-MER FAKE-LADEN-KILLERS must have gotten THEIR Photo-Shoppin' skills and Media Update Skills from The Arkansas Characters...
2011-05-21 20:20glockenheimerthat police chief is bad news
2011-05-21 20:21Guest 6you mean besides being LIARS?
2011-05-21 20:21Guest 23guest 6 - you need to go to BlacksLaw and look up Liar... its NOT the definition you presume...
2011-05-21 20:23glockenheimeryes, that sort would side with criminal government
2011-05-21 20:24Guest 23cynthia on maryland: You got that one Right Speaker... in ALL regards
2011-05-21 20:24mountaindogvigilante police cheif
2011-05-21 20:24DELTA-9police chief must be one o those 'sovereign citizens' they were talking about
2011-05-21 20:26mountaindogyup vegas, just ask 60 mins... they are pros at sovereign identification and profiling it seems...
2011-05-21 20:27DELTA-9yep
2011-05-21 20:27Guest 23Donna - Are you going to Sue for Murder and Slander of Jerry and Joe?
2011-05-21 20:27mountaindog60 mins should be called "60 Questions"
2011-05-21 20:28Guest 23Donna - Are you going to Sue 60 Minutes for Slander of Jerry and Joe, and Sue Police for both Murder and Slander?
2011-05-21 20:28DELTA-9first time I saw that video they showed of the traffic stop I thoutht it didn't 'look right'
2011-05-21 20:28mountaindogNot my hero by any stretch
2011-05-21 20:28savcashHI ed, got here a bit late, did Jack mention david mryland yet?? What is status is? Or any update??
2011-05-21 20:29EdClanofChattanALL COPS ARE RACISTS!!
2011-05-21 20:29Guest 23Savcash - Nothing on Dave yet...
2011-05-21 20:29savcashthanks
david has been locked away far too long!
2011-05-21 20:29Jack BauerI update on David in a few
2011-05-21 20:30savcashthought he had a jury trial scheduled april 25th, now moved to sept sometime???>
2011-05-21 20:30Guest 23Anyone with copy story - check out and email them your Story/Statement.
er Copy = Cop
2011-05-21 20:30savcashok jack, thanks much (L)
2011-05-21 20:30DELTA-9the alphabet agencys are the real #1 domestic terrorists
2011-05-21 20:30Guest 37amen vegas
2011-05-21 20:31Guest 23cynthia on maryland: I know all about Water World and its Symbolism -
2011-05-21 20:32PACTS MODERATORHi
2011-05-21 20:34Guest 23Donna - Are you consulting with Rod-Class or Others in your Cases?
2011-05-21 20:34glockenheimer
2011-05-21 20:34Jack Bauer
2011-05-21 20:36Guest 23Public = Citizen, Slave, Fiction; Private = Living, Trinity, Give Commands; Hold Servants to their Oath and Bond
2011-05-21 20:37glockenheimer
2011-05-21 20:37Nightwolf1:)
2011-05-21 20:39DELTA-9the Federal Mafia
2011-05-21 20:39Guest 23U.S. = MAFIA
2011-05-21 20:39glockenheimerinternational syndicate
2011-05-21 20:39DELTA-9just like Irwin Schiff predicted 20 years ago
or more
2011-05-21 20:39Guest 23cynthia on maryland: your COUNTY and STATE Comprehensive Accounting Financial Report VERIFIES that all 'government' are in FACT Corporate and Politic
cynthia on maryland: Not Government
cynthia on maryland: check out for more information
cynthia on maryland: search CAFR - your STATE and COUNTY 2010
2011-05-21 20:40Guest 18the TSA is also on the horizon
2011-05-21 20:41Guest 23cynthia on maryland: I also encourage ALL to look into your local DISTRICT COURT to see if the building is being Enlarged...
2011-05-21 20:42johngalt1I'm IN!
2011-05-21 20:44Guest 23cynthia on maryland: 1984 got that one right, same with 9-11, et all
2011-05-21 20:45mountaindogfictitious cartoon characters are hard to kill. One episode they die, next episode they live...
2011-05-21 20:45Guest 23cynthia on maryland: Hey there, Who you talking "Blond"???
2011-05-21 20:45mountaindogOsama myth is no different it seems
2011-05-21 20:45DELTA-9Donna rocks!!!
2011-05-21 20:45Jack BauerThanks Ted
2011-05-21 20:46DELTA-9u rock 2 Jack
2011-05-21 20:46Jack BauerThank You!!!!
2011-05-21 20:46Guest 40the voters here refused the bond issue for a new courthouse, but it was built anyway.
2011-05-21 20:46Guest 23cynthia on maryland: I don't believe anything on tv unless its, or
2011-05-21 20:50glockenheimerthe feudal manors of mortmain --> UNITED STATES
2011-05-21 20:50Guest 6robert fox
2011-05-21 20:51DELTA-9
2011-05-21 20:51Jack BauerMy info: Jack Bauer, (509) 291-6188
2011-05-21 20:52Guest 6just dave was supposed to go to the COURT, for all the days and said he would try and update...
2011-05-21 20:52Guest 30we are chattle.
2011-05-21 20:52Jack BauerOnly if you choose to be!!
2011-05-21 20:52Guest 23cynthia on maryland: Donna - Tell them!!
2011-05-21 20:52DELTA-9we are the rulers
we the people
2011-05-21 20:53MelsBarAndGrillhe should demand a conflict attorney
2011-05-21 20:54Guest 23cynthia on maryland: I agree, don't 'plea' instead 'demand'!
cynthia on maryland: steve has got it!!! Rebut the Presumption!
2011-05-21 20:55Guest 18for the United states of America
not of
2011-05-21 20:55UseTheVortexwhere's the membership card? where's the certificate? where's the prove of being a U.S. citizen ?
2011-05-21 20:55DELTA-9we are citizens of the state we reside in
2011-05-21 20:55UseTheVortexproof
2011-05-21 20:55wavelengthstate national.
2011-05-21 20:56Guest 30if we the "PEOPLE" had any balls, we'd march right on D.C. and drag the bastards out in the street.
2011-05-21 20:56Guest 23cynthia on maryland: ted - Provide proof that I'm a "Citizen" "Slave" etc.
2011-05-21 20:56glockenheimerthe states are sovereign
2011-05-21 20:56Guest 39How do you file to get from under the United States? What are the steps? Please explain, what forms? Please help
2011-05-21 20:56Guest 23cynthia on maryland: Provide proof that I am a "resident" when I can proclaim non-resident alien per Ephesians 2:19 and other Holy Text.
2011-05-21 20:57jeffcoramI AM. PERIOD
2011-05-21 20:57Guest 18you don't have to file any papers..just quit using their stuff
2011-05-21 20:57glockenheimerthe States are of the UNITED STATES
2011-05-21 20:57wavelength30 I think the military is too brainwashed.
2011-05-21 20:57Guest 23cynthia on maryland: Guest 39 - lookup Withdrawal of Consent and email jack bauer
2011-05-21 20:57whoopidoo2uPOST IT HERE PLEASE
2011-05-21 20:58Guest 23cynthia on maryland: Guest 39 - also look up 'walk the talk' kurt. I'm also working on other similar documents etc. Email jack for my information
2011-05-21 20:59wavelengthEver see the movie, "Yes Sir, No Sir"?
2011-05-21 21:00Guest 23cynthia on maryland: Sounds like Nazi Germany 'history'..... progression... stages...
2011-05-21 21:01savcashwe need to team up and stand together, join for a start to stop government assault
2011-05-21 21:01DELTA-9Most SWAT/COPS synonymous with Gestapo
2011-05-21 21:02savcashdonna is interupting, not needed
2011-05-21 21:03mountaindogNo, their going out inventing crime
2011-05-21 21:04Guest 23cynthia on maryland: How can you 'cut a budget' when their 'reserves' are in the millions???
cynthia on maryland: Check your local
cynthia on maryland: I know all about Paula -
2011-05-21 21:04Jack Bauer
2011-05-21 21:04Guest 23cynthia on maryland: You can't 'cut an unlimited budget'
2011-05-21 21:04Daniel K"Citizens may resist unlawful arrest to the point of taking an arresting officers life if necessary" Plummer V. State 136 Ind. 306
2011-05-21 21:05Guest 23
2011-05-21 21:05wavelengthThey also like to RE-Victimize.
2011-05-21 21:05Daniel KI have a whole list of these... does this prove that they DONT have to follow THIER own rules?
2011-05-21 21:05Jack Bauer
2011-05-21 21:05Guest 23cynthia on maryland: Paula has openly professed to being a U.S. Citizen because she has considered running for local Office -
2011-05-21 21:05savcashtoo many s in miss spelling
2011-05-21 21:05Daniel Ksince NO court would rule in your favor in a case like this?
2011-05-21 21:06Guest 23
2011-05-21 21:06savcash
2011-05-21 21:06Jack Bauer
2011-05-21 21:06Buzzerwhat is this about today?
2011-05-21 21:06Guest 23cynthia on maryland: Paula also is 'active' with local U.S. COUNTY and STATE representatives etc.
2011-05-21 21:06savcashsomeone eating crackers? :(
2011-05-21 21:07Buzzertheres a lot of noise
2011-05-21 21:07Daniel KNOBODY understood the deed of trust better than Jerry!!!
2011-05-21 21:07MelsBarAndGrillI sent a challenge to jurisdiction which has worked in Texas as a habeas Mr. Jack Bauer.
2011-05-21 21:08savcashwe need to team up and stand together, join for a start to stop government assault
2011-05-21 21:08UseTheVortex*JACK* mute out those not talking .
2011-05-21 21:09Guest 49we have a new challenge tonight: can you NAME THAT NOISE??
2011-05-21 21:09Buzzersince when does SDonna have a lisp?
2011-05-21 21:09glockenheimerdistrict of columbia
2011-05-21 21:09Daniel Kbecause we claim to be a corporation that they own
2011-05-21 21:09DELTA-9terrorists eating crackers
2011-05-21 21:09BuzzerHe voice sounds a lot higher pitch than usual
2011-05-21 21:09wavelengthThe noise sounds like a keyboard.
2011-05-21 21:09EdClanofChattan14th amendment is how they do it!!! ;)
2011-05-21 21:10Daniel Khey ed
2011-05-21 21:10EdClanofChattanIt is assumed that all are 14th citizens or SLAVES!!!
2011-05-21 21:10BuzzerHi Ted
2011-05-21 21:11DELTA-9hiBuzzer
2011-05-21 21:11EdClanofChattana 14TH CITIZEN CAN NOT RESIST THE SUIT OF THE STATE!!!
2011-05-21 21:11BuzzerHow's the econ there in Vegas?
2011-05-21 21:11glockenheimersecond class citizen is federal corporation UNITED STATES under jurisdiction of congress
2011-05-21 21:12DELTA-9good 4 far
2011-05-21 21:12BuzzerThats awesome
2011-05-21 21:12DELTA-9unemployment 13% I hear
2011-05-21 21:12BuzzerI heard vegas wasn't doing so good
2011-05-21 21:13Guest 51Splintered we are!!!
2011-05-21 21:13DELTA-9glad I'm not in that percentage lol
2011-05-21 21:13Buzzerwhoa
13% is a lot
2011-05-21 21:13Guest 39Can the W9 be used in a criminal case?
2011-05-21 21:13DELTA-9casinos need a bailout, Sahara closed down this week
2011-05-21 21:13BuzzerI saw that
2011-05-21 21:13savcashfind on dun and bradstreet
2011-05-21 21:13Buzzerone of the originals
2011-05-21 21:14DELTA-9has the NASCAR meseum there too :(
2011-05-21 21:14Buzzerit closed too?
2011-05-21 21:14DELTA-9prolly, it's inside the casino bldg
2011-05-21 21:14Buzzeroh
I thought it was a separate build on the strip?
2011-05-21 21:15glockenheimerA "State" means the District of Columbia:
2011-05-21 21:15BuzzerI haven't been in a long time
2011-05-21 21:16Daniel Kthey assume there are NO more "People"...
2011-05-21 21:16glockenheimerthe freely associated compact states are countries
2011-05-21 21:16EdClanofChattanAll corporations are private businesses.
2011-05-21 21:17Guest 51I'm do do I'm do do
2011-05-21 21:17chickalahPresumption Presumption Presumption
2011-05-21 21:17DELTA-9I'm a citizen of the Universe, just visiting this planet temporarily
2011-05-21 21:17Daniel KYou MUST be a belligerent claimant
2011-05-21 21:17DELTA-9gotta visa
2011-05-21 21:17Guest 51Correct chick it's all presumtion
2011-05-21 21:17glockenheimerone has to clarify verbally
2011-05-21 21:17DELTA-9diplomatic immunity
2011-05-21 21:18Daniel Kyou GOTTA make the correct claim of standing and STICK TO YOUR GUNS!
2011-05-21 21:18Guest 51*presumption
2011-05-21 21:18Guest 35Everybody look at this website MANTA is called and you will see they are a lot of things but not stupid
2011-05-21 21:18DELTA-9patriotic American
2011-05-21 21:18EdClanofChattanMaxim of Law: "It is assumed all people know the Law" Does that talk to you?
2011-05-21 21:18Daniel Kbut even then I dont know for sure that they would do the right thing...
2011-05-21 21:18Guest 51One at a time please
2011-05-21 21:18Buzzeroh right
2011-05-21 21:19EdClanofChattanRod is nothing but a "hayseed" LOL
2011-05-21 21:19Daniel KALL ROADS LEAD BACK TO THE LAW...
2011-05-21 21:19Guest 52cynthia on maryland: my system crashed right when Donna was talking about City Auditor filling out W9 form
2011-05-21 21:19DELTA-9Rod's taking 'them' to task in court this week
2011-05-21 21:19chickalahall roads lead to hooters
2011-05-21 21:20Buzzerall roads lead to Rome...just follow the money
2011-05-21 21:20Daniel Khis research is REALLY good, but for some reason there is ONE.. VERY important truth he refuses to accept....
2011-05-21 21:20Jack BauerMy info: Jack Bauer, (509) 291-6188
2011-05-21 21:20Guest 52cynthia on maryland: No Statute of Limitations on Fraud
cynthia on maryland: DK, what is that?
2011-05-21 21:20Guest 49what reason do you give the auditor to get him to fill out the w9??
2011-05-21 21:20Jack BauerActually 7 years after it's discovered
2011-05-21 21:20Daniel Kone VERY IMPORTANT... VERIFIABLE TRUTH!
2011-05-21 21:21EdClanofChattanThere is another maxim of equity that says: "Those who seek equity must come with clean hands"
2011-05-21 21:21Guest 51Just answer the simple question!!!!
2011-05-21 21:21Buzzerits to get their IEIN number
2011-05-21 21:22Guest 39james on maryland, cynthia lets talk about some of the metods,
2011-05-21 21:22Buzzerto make them state they are a corporation
2011-05-21 21:22Guest 49around here they would say: you want me to do what??
2011-05-21 21:22EdClanofChattanLISTEN FOLKS!!! YOU NEED TO FLEE ALL EQUITY!!!!
2011-05-21 21:22Daniel Kwhich is why it is a dishonor when folks go in and claim the name....
2011-05-21 21:22Guest 51Around here they would simply sday ...Why?
2011-05-21 21:22Guest 15sorry to say, you will never get your rights back, its over folks,
2011-05-21 21:22Daniel Kwe CANT win in the de facto!
in my opinion
2011-05-21 21:23Guest 52cynthia on maryland: DK, what is it that Rod-Class is refusing to acknowledge?
2011-05-21 21:23Jack BauerNot without some or much bloodshed
2011-05-21 21:23EdClanofChattanThe LAW is the only narrow way to get done what you want!!!!
2011-05-21 21:23Buzzerjutsay thee IRS requires it
2011-05-21 21:23Guest 49just a simple question, why do you want him to fill this out?
just something to not get an argument?
2011-05-21 21:24EdClanofChattanThe de facto is not Lawful!!
2011-05-21 21:24Daniel Kthis system is de facto and was NOT set up to benefit us in ANY way, so why would they DO ANYTHING that would be detramental to them?
2011-05-21 21:24Buzzerlook it up at the web site the purpose of a W9
2011-05-21 21:25Daniel KWHO it is that can use ... the LAW
2011-05-21 21:25Guest 51Visit your town auditor and ask him/her to fill out a w-9? And if he/she asked why, how should one respond?
2011-05-21 21:25Buzzerlook it up at the web site the purpose of a W9
2011-05-21 21:25Guest 52cynthia on maryland: DK in that regard I have to say I agree because he is working 'in the system' demanding they 'follow their own rules' which
2011-05-21 21:25Guest 46the purpose of a W9
2011-05-21 21:26Guest 52cynthia on maryland: which is only one piece of the puzzle
2011-05-21 21:26EdClanofChattan14th citizens CAN NOT use the Law!
2011-05-21 21:26mountaindogwhy do people interrupt when someone is talking ?
2011-05-21 21:26savcashmaine has hand up :)
2011-05-21 21:26Daniel KRight, OUR system was usurped and is NO longer for us, a system was built on top of ours made to look like ours but set up to benefit the esquires....
2011-05-21 21:27chickalahbobbit
2011-05-21 21:27Guest 51It's not an issue of being afraid, it's being able to spar verbally with these criminals and hold your own.
2011-05-21 21:27Daniel KNOT us... BUT.... our system is STILL there... we just need to start using it again!
2011-05-21 21:27wavelengthChick Loraina Bobbit.
2011-05-21 21:28Daniel Kwho cares about "money"?
2011-05-21 21:28Guest 49they would want to know "why" I would would want them to fill this out
2011-05-21 21:28EdClanofChattan"We the People" vs. The B.A.R.
2011-05-21 21:28Guest 52cynthia on maryland: good one ed : CHATTAN
2011-05-21 21:28Guest 51British Accredited Registry
2011-05-21 21:28Guest 49they are very wary around here.
2011-05-21 21:29Daniel KDONNA ... you are fine, no reason to be sorry for being blunt!
2011-05-21 21:29Guest 52cynthia on maryland: anyone that watches Sanctuary on SyFy - take note of how the Credits run.... given is all lower and FAMILY is all UPPER case -hhm
2011-05-21 21:30EdClanofChattanThe B.A.R. is the source for why the cops are so tyrannical.
2011-05-21 21:30Guest 47well technically donna, because you Trade with the Debt Instruments THEY supply, you are broke.
2011-05-21 21:30Guest 52cynthia on maryland: DK, you got that one right regarding 'our system is STILL standing', we just have to Take It, by knowing WHO we are, etc.
2011-05-21 21:30EdClanofChattanRUN THE BLOODY ENGLISH OFF THIS LAND!!!!!!!!!
2011-05-21 21:31Daniel Kagreed!
2011-05-21 21:31Guest 52cynthia on maryland: DK - Big Smile - Nod
2011-05-21 21:31wavelengthguest 52,
2011-05-21 21:31Daniel Kwow thanks!
2011-05-21 21:31Guest 51DK and Donna?
2011-05-21 21:31Jack BauerMy info: Jack Bauer, (509) 291-6188
2011-05-21 21:31chickalahI thought DK was a lesbian
2011-05-21 21:32BuzzerForm W-9 is the IRS form used by a company to request your taxpayer identification number. You may get a blank Form W-9 to fill out if you or your bus
2011-05-21 21:32EdClanofChattanDK is a man right after my own heart!!! ;)
2011-05-21 21:32Guest 51What is the site address?
2011-05-21 21:32Daniel Kdont be mad someone said something good about me...
2011-05-21 21:32BuzzerMost often, Form W-9 is sent to independent contractors, consultants, and other self-employed workers. Form W-9 is also used by banks and other financ
2011-05-21 21:32Daniel Kahhh
2011-05-21 21:32DELTA-9Dear IRS, I am writing to you to cancel my subscription. Please remove me from your mailing list. Thank you By: _______ :
2011-05-21 21:32Buzzerfinancial institutions to request tax information from customers.
2011-05-21 21:32UseTheVortex
2011-05-21 21:32Guest 47don't need to look donna, i knew THEY didn't say the truth during the first reports!
2011-05-21 21:33Jack Bauer
2011-05-21 21:33BuzzerFilling out a W-9 is pretty straightforward. Just provide your name and Social Security Number, or the name and Employer Identification Number of your
2011-05-21 21:33Guest 51So this was a "hit"? Was it the Banksta's?
2011-05-21 21:33BuzzerYou also need to certify whether or not you are subject to backup withholding. Most taxpayers are exempt from backup withholding.
2011-05-21 21:33Guest 47go to the link g51
2011-05-21 21:33DELTA-9this was an AWESOME talkshoe call !!!
2011-05-21 21:33Guest 47decide for yourself...
2011-05-21 21:34Jack BauerThanks Ted!!!
2011-05-21 21:34MelsBarAndGrillAs long as he has an attorney, they will not accept a motion from him without a Weeks motion (I believe that is it)
2011-05-21 21:34wavelengthThe Bankstas didn't like Jerry and Joe. My opinion.
2011-05-21 21:35Jack BauerMy info: Jack Bauer, (509) 291-6188
2011-05-21 21:35MelsBarAndGrillthat is where he can submit motions along with the attorneys filings without the attorney
2011-05-21 21:35Guest 52cynthia on maryland: I was told point blank by one of the contract Deputy Marshall Posers that they came after me because of document I sent the local
2011-05-21 21:36Guest 51I'm aware the Jerry was conducting seminars regarding the forms 25, 90, 91 etc. helping folks with foreclosures and so on and having success.
2011-05-21 21:36glockenheimerB.A.R. is organizational tool for communist death grip
2011-05-21 21:36Guest 52cynthia on maryland: sent local Sheriff regarding Right to Travel, referencing court cases, supreme court, state and US constitution, etc.
cynthia on maryland: They called me "Promise Keeper" and I told them honestly I'd never heard that one before
2011-05-21 21:36MelsBarAndGrillI am also sending you a copy of a marsden motion submitted by an attorney and stuff needed to make your own
2011-05-21 21:36Daniel KNOBODY understood the deed of trust better than JERRY!
2011-05-21 21:37Jack BauerThanks Mel
2011-05-21 21:37savcashcynthia on maryland: please see and join our group too at
2011-05-21 21:38Daniel Kif you study Jerry's process... he unraveled the deed of trust and exposed it for what it is!
2011-05-21 21:38Guest 51I met Jerry about 6 or 7 years ago. He and his first wife and joe came up to Massachusetts, hung around for several days and shared some good info.
2011-05-21 21:38Guest 52cynthia on maryland: savcash, got the link written down from first time it showed up in the chat (smile), I have spiral and take notes on these calls
cynthia on maryland: smile
2011-05-21 21:38Guest 51Nice guy
2011-05-21 21:38Jack BauerMy info: Jack Bauer, (509) 291-6188
2011-05-21 21:38BuzzerJerry said if each one of us liened 5 people...
2011-05-21 21:38savcashcool, do you know too about the talkshoe chat grabber?
2011-05-21 21:38Guest 47well, that is what is part of is done with a complete UCC filing, no/yes?
2011-05-21 21:39Nightwolf1Nail her as too
2011-05-21 21:39Guest 52cynthia on maryland: Jack - I'll be emailing you request for Jerry and Steve's Contact info... need to include them in our "Freedom Board"
2011-05-21 21:39Daniel Kisnt the general attitude of AMerica that its OK to screw over whites?
2011-05-21 21:39Guest 52cynthia on maryland: Guest 47 - I refuse to accept or engage in Commerce - Period, Just my preference
2011-05-21 21:40savcashwhat is your website cynthia??
2011-05-21 21:40Guest 52cynthia on maryland: my "Freedom Journal" is - need to add some updates
2011-05-21 21:40EdClanofChattanThe male white man is the lowest of low in this society today!!!
2011-05-21 21:40savcash - need to add some updates
2011-05-21 21:40Guest 52cynthia on maryland: I also post share emails on important information at
2011-05-21 21:41savcashgot it,Thanks
2011-05-21 21:41DELTA-9the Revenooooersss
2011-05-21 21:41Daniel Ksupreme court case law says they have NO obligation to protect you, so the ONLY left that they are doing is collecting revenue...
2011-05-21 21:41Buzzerthey should take a rope and hang themselves
2011-05-21 21:41Guest 24I'm new, but isn't Truth on Angelas website- please fill me in what happened??
2011-05-21 21:41Guest 51Jack you're holding back
2011-05-21 21:41Daniel Kthe ONLY thing left that they are doing is collecting revenue, rather
2011-05-21 21:41savcash
2011-05-21 21:42Guest 51Mel's Bar and Grill...Happy hour
2011-05-21 21:42savcashgot it, thanks C
2011-05-21 21:42Jack BauerMy info: Jack Bauer, (509) 291-6188
2011-05-21 21:42pjmpjmHi Mel
2011-05-21 21:42Guest 51Tomorrow night Mel?
2011-05-21 21:42Guest 46Hi MEL
2011-05-21 21:42BuzzerHa
2011-05-21 21:42Guest 46.
2011-05-21 21:43Guest 52cynthia on maryland: Mel's show Sunday 7pm EST - TalkShoe
2011-05-21 21:43Guest 49audio is gone again
2011-05-21 21:43Jack BauerMy info: Jack Bauer, (559) 291-6188 OOPS, prior phone was incorrect!!
2011-05-21 21:43Buzzer
2011-05-21 21:43glockenheimerhollywood is very much a part of the sinister apathy plague upon the people
2011-05-21 21:43BuzzerMel
2011-05-21 21:44Guest 55Stopagencyabuse? talking made the rest unclear!
2011-05-21 21:44Buzzer76483
2011-05-21 21:44Bill Johnson of IndianaWarren v District of Columbia
Police do not have a duty to the individual.
2011-05-21 21:44Daniel Kwho "owns" Hollywood?
2011-05-21 21:44Guest 49the little audio symbol on this chat page is GONE!!
2011-05-21 21:44Guest 52cynthia on maryland: if you check your local COUNTY and STATE Comprehensive Accounting Finance Report (CAFR), read it and note "Business Like" -Traffi
2011-05-21 21:44Bill Johnson of IndianaCheck our case on wikipedia
2011-05-21 21:45Guest 52cynthia on maryland: Travel, Traffic
2011-05-21 21:45glockenheimergood question dk
2011-05-21 21:45Buzzeryour welcome
4PM pacific
2011-05-21 21:45Nightwolf1
2011-05-21 21:46MelsBarAndGrilltalkshoe call ID 76483 Stopping Agency abuse
2011-05-21 21:46glockenheimeri'd guess the caananites
2011-05-21 21:46Buzzeryes
2011-05-21 21:46Guest 49I even clicked on "trouble hearing", got the windows media player up, and even it is silent now.
2011-05-21 21:46EdClanofChattanI like the military too when they are protecting america!!!
2011-05-21 21:46Guest 52cynthia on maryland: If you enlist then you are "Citizen" "Slave" Contracted
2011-05-21 21:46wavelengthWhat about all the homeless military, sleeping under bridges?
2011-05-21 21:47Daniel Kwhen have they done that?
2011-05-21 21:47Jack BauerMy info: Jack Bauer, (559) 291-6188 OOPS, prior phone area code was incorrect!
2011-05-21 21:47Guest 52cynthia on maryland: There are plenty single parents, children, and families on the streets due to government and corporate fraud and abuse
2011-05-21 21:47Guest 58no one will shed blood. do not fool yourself. we will be taken over like CUBA & others. No bunch of pussy will shed blood.
2011-05-21 21:48EdClanofChattanWhen one joins the military today they take allegiance to a foreign power!!
2011-05-21 21:48Buzzer
2011-05-21 21:49Jack BauerMy info: Jack Bauer, (559) 291-6188 OOPS, prior phone area code was incorrect!
2011-05-21 21:49Guest 52cynthia on maryland: Yeah, I saw history channel or military channel special on Gang Members joining Military
2011-05-21 21:49Daniel Kthis county CAN prevail, BUT certian "People" MUST wake up!!!
2011-05-21 21:49Guest 58Wake up??? Yea? Right? NEVER !!
2011-05-21 21:49TruthBugI'm sorry, but they are spraying Chem Trails above us... but if folk understood foood... they can overcomee..
2011-05-21 21:49Guest 47because the Military coming back *know* what THEY have done and are coming back and are not going to take it anymore!
2011-05-21 21:49Guest 52cynthia on maryland: TruthBug - Nod
cynthia on maryland: I bet Veterans for Peace is Growing
2011-05-21 21:50Daniel Kin regards to Glen Beck... the devil will allow you to tell an ocean of truth as long as you continue to float the lie on top!
Beck perpetuates the Islam is the enemy lie!
2011-05-21 21:51Jack BauerMels call info: 1-724-444-7444, pin #76483
2011-05-21 21:51Guest 52cynthia on maryland: DONNA - Have you contacted Bill at with your situation?
2011-05-21 21:51wavelengthVeterans for Peace need enforcment to keep the peace.
2011-05-21 21:52Jack BauerMels call info: 1-724-444-7444, pin #76483, 4pm pacific, 7pm eastern
2011-05-21 21:52Buzzerwhos the gurst?
2011-05-21 21:53EdClanofChattan
2011-05-21 21:53wavelengthCongress is Brainwashing the people. And they get a 400,000.00 gauarenteed retirement a year.
2011-05-21 21:53Buzzeris he saying stick or dick?
2011-05-21 21:53Guest 52cynthia on maryland: JACK - Thanks for the site info on powerpolitics - was not aware of that one.
2011-05-21 21:53Daniel Ksaw this.. UNREAL!!!
2011-05-21 21:54Jack Bauer
2011-05-21 21:54Guest 35fighting with the cops is what the Zionists want because most of them are not informed and as they say they are just doing their job
2011-05-21 21:55Guest 52cynthia on maryland: This information on Administrative Procedures Act is IMPORTANT
2011-05-21 21:55Daniel Kyes agreed
this is what Rod is doing...
interested to see how it plays out
2011-05-21 21:56wavelengthWho is running HAARP?
2011-05-21 21:56Daniel Kbut thats HOW THEIR system is designed!! They have WIDE discretionary powers to interpret THIER rules HOWEVER they want!!!
2011-05-21 21:56Guest 35also most of the military are told to say this is just a job have you noticed
2011-05-21 21:57Daniel KWho is running, Hollywood, the legal system, the monetary system, the media, etc....?
2011-05-21 21:57Guest 35ZIONISTS
2011-05-21 21:57DELTA-9God bless Donna
2011-05-21 21:57wavelengthThe Pentagon runs Hollywood scripts.
2011-05-21 21:57EdClanofChattan"Tennesee Law Enforcement Stealing Money"
2011-05-21 21:59Guest 35Who is helping Donna
2011-05-21 21:59wavelengthVampires at Hollywood, Pentagon?
2011-05-21 22:00glockenheimerhollywood has always been run by SUPER-JEWS
2011-05-21 22:00DELTA-9Donnas website...required reading >>>
2011-05-21 22:00Daniel KBINGO
2011-05-21 22:01wavelengthI had read about the Vampire Disease a few years ago from another source.
2011-05-21 22:01Daniel Kwatch this... www.&feature=player_embedded
2011-05-21 22:01Guest 35who is going with Donna to the fight
2011-05-21 22:02wavelengthDidn't keep the site and source.
2011-05-21 22:02Daniel KEVERYONE of us SHOULD BE!
where were the cops bullet wounds?
2011-05-21 22:03DELTA-9check the grassy knoll too
2011-05-21 22:03Daniel Kso MANY things DONT make sense!
2011-05-21 22:03Guest 69Audio being edited in real time?
2011-05-21 22:03DELTA-9more assasins
2011-05-21 22:05wavelengthRalph Winteroad played the tapes, with Donna on his show. The tapes didn't evan make common sense or logic.
2011-05-21 22:05Guest 69Serpico?
2011-05-21 22:06DELTA-9say hello to my little friend
2011-05-21 22:06Daniel KAGREED Donna!!
2011-05-21 22:07Jack BauerMels call info: 1-724-444-7444, pin #76483
My info: Jack Bauer, (559) 291-6188 OOPS, prior phone area code was incorrect!
2011-05-21 22:07Guest 52cynthia on maryland: sounds like small town ...
2011-05-21 22:08Daniel Kexactly, why do you think cops almost always get off?
2011-05-21 22:08Guest 52cynthia on maryland: mafia yeauppers, just not Italian per say
2011-05-21 22:08Daniel Kno ed is in Texas@
2011-05-21 22:08glockenheimermel gibson was correct about jews
2011-05-21 22:09Daniel Kwhere is the video of paudert getting shot?
he ended up in the middle of the street
2011-05-21 22:09DELTA-9Las Vegas has a perfect record, no cop EVER found guilty in city history
2011-05-21 22:09wavelengthIf you compliane, report abuse, you get, RE-Victimized.
2011-05-21 22:09Guest 69All cops are bad...a good cop sees another cop pull dirty shit and says nothing he's a bad cop also!!!!
2011-05-21 22:09Daniel Kthey ONLY showed Joe shooting to the side of the road?
where is the rest of the film?
2011-05-21 22:11wavelengthHow would a police dispatcher know I'm not taking the pills I was prescribed, after my kidnapping? Cause the pills are already MICRO CHIPED!
2011-05-21 22:11Daniel Kwhere is the video of paudert getting shot?
he ended up in the middle of the street
they ONLY showed Joe shooting to the side of the road?
2011-05-21 22:12Guest 47so, either a setup or all of the cops consisted of LAUREL & HARDY, THREE STOOGES, and a host of other SLAPSTICK CHARACTERS...
2011-05-21 22:12Daniel KHOW DID PAUDERT end up in the MIDDLE of the street?
plus thats a rather long rifle to turn backwards out the window like that, my opinion
2011-05-21 22:13Guest 52cynthia on maryland: Sounds like a professional 'hit' to me
cynthia on maryland: I just lost sound on my side
2011-05-21 22:13Daniel Kthat was my POINT!
It ONLY shows Joe shooting to the side of the road? Even if Joe did shoot evans... WHO shot Paudert in the middle of the road?
2011-05-21 22:14Guest 52cynthia on maryland: I have to restart computer - lost sound from my computer sound card - totally gone - not just internet hhmmm
cynthia on maryland: getting interesting with my computer -
cynthia on maryland: brb - rebooting
2011-05-21 22:15DELTA-9a whole lotta 'magic' going on in the video
2011-05-21 22:15wavelengthSo much for Wallmart.?
2011-05-21 22:15Daniel KI LIKE THIS CALLER!
we should all start to OPEN carry rifles
2011-05-21 22:16wavelengthIf all had guns, it would be a REAL POLITE SOCIETY!
2011-05-21 22:16DELTA-9shhhh....I'm hunting wabbitsss
2011-05-21 22:17Daniel Kyes!
2011-05-21 22:17TruthBugi CAN'T take the reserection of laughter over the death of a son and husband....
2011-05-21 22:18wavelengthTruthBug, I notice something too.
2011-05-21 22:18DELTA-9Waco was an 'inside job' too
2011-05-21 22:19Guest 39tell the guy to post the 3affidivat info.
2011-05-21 22:19Daniel Kthe "People" need to wake up if we want to have any chance of saving this country
2011-05-21 22:19wavelengthYep I'm in the south.
2011-05-21 22:19Daniel Kagreed, the PTB dont give a shit about a couple pig cops lives... they were out to kill Jerry and Joe for exposing the deed of trust
2011-05-21 22:20DELTA-9I'm in the South....of uhh nevada
2011-05-21 22:20Jack BauerMy info: Jack Bauer, (559) 291-6188 OOPS, prior phone area code was incorrect!!!!
2011-05-21 22:20Daniel K60 minutes interview said the cop "looked confused at Jerry's paperwork" ... WHOSE fault is that?
2011-05-21 22:21wavelengthMy BAR attorney? Pure Criminal.
2011-05-21 22:21Daniel Kcmon game wardens are everywhere!
2011-05-21 22:21pjmpjmMargy and Jack Flynn use a Presumptive Letter. They just sent me info on it.
Go to Maine Blogs/Websites. Scroll down once you click on that and you'll see their website.
2011-05-21 22:21sahara80kel-tec prl-16 223 check out u tube american made
2011-05-21 22:21Daniel Kgame warden? seriously??? Never heard of that before that day...
2011-05-21 22:22pjmpjmOr write to me and I'll send it to you.
2011-05-21 22:22Daniel Kwtf is a game warden?
2011-05-21 22:22pjmpjmLaw enforcement who watch over the lakes and woods
2011-05-21 22:22Daniel Kyou mean "Code" enforcement?
2011-05-21 22:22wavelengthGame Warden is for Pets, animals.
2011-05-21 22:23pjmpjm6 of them came here with a search warrant a few weeks ago, along with 2 deputy sheriffs, ICE (Immigrations)... and more!
Wild animals.
2011-05-21 22:23DELTA-9Obama found to have a fake SSN number too ..
2011-05-21 22:23glockenheimeroh yea, game wardens will take you out in a second. Fed agents
2011-05-21 22:23pjmpjmYou must live in the city. We have animal control officers too.
2011-05-21 22:23Daniel Kthey can steal your cash in Tennessee, INdiana Suprem court just ruled they can enter your home WITHOUT a warrant!!!
WHEN are the "PEOPLE" going to WAKE UP???
2011-05-21 22:24wavelengthCode enforcement? For what? Electricity, Plumbing, Paint color, Shingels, soil, Asprin?
2011-05-21 22:24pjmpjmThey checked our fridge for illegal game, found none. We were about to cook up some bird, but it was legal.
2011-05-21 22:24DELTA-9"We" are waking up
2011-05-21 22:24pjmpjmThey don't need a warrant, if they have good reason to have to act fast. But it has to be a REASONABLE search.
They have to have good REASON!
2011-05-21 22:25glockenheimeri'm afraid the doo doo will have to hit the fan before waking up
2011-05-21 22:25Daniel Ksadly, I think you are right!
2011-05-21 22:25DELTA-9thanks Donna, God bless ya
2011-05-21 22:26Daniel K2/3rds arent going to make it!
she is RIGHT!
2011-05-21 22:26pjmpjmMy husband's felon charge is thirty years old. They came for his guns because they just realized he had guns and isn't allowed.
2011-05-21 22:26Daniel KHE NEVER took the article 6 oath in "This Constitution"!!!
she is right!!!
2011-05-21 22:26pjmpjmRecords don't get expunged. You have to ask and receive a pardon.
In Maine, that is.
2011-05-21 22:27Daniel Khe ONLY swore in as CEO of a corporation and that is why the BC is irrelevant!!!
2011-05-21 22:27wavelengthglockenheimer? Whos doo doo?
2011-05-21 22:27glockenheimerpoo poo
2011-05-21 22:27Daniel Khe is NOT the president of the United States of America, he is merely the president of the United States
2011-05-21 22:28pjmpjmWith the presumptive letter, you send it to the perpetrator and his supervisor. If they don't answer the specific question
2011-05-21 22:28glockenheimerexactly dk exactly
2011-05-21 22:28Daniel KOffice of President, President of the United States, President of the United States of America.....
are these three the same?
2011-05-21 22:29Guest 67which means we can get ARNOLD now
2011-05-21 22:29pjmpjmno answer within 30 days, they agree to what you stated. Then you do an affidavit and file it somewhere like registry of deeds.
They can't rebut it after that.
2011-05-21 22:29Daniel Kin fact NO president since George Washington has taken the proper article 6 oath in "this constitution"
2011-05-21 22:30glockenheimerinteresting
2011-05-21 22:30pjmpjmGood nite
2011-05-21 22:30Daniel K420 time, night folks
Yahweh Bless
2011-05-21 22:32wavelengthI had the Home Invasion dream long ago.
2011-05-21 22:33truth1healthy greetings
2011-05-21 22:36wavelengthWhen you have a dream that you been shot in the chest for no reason, in the middle of the night. You wake up, in the middle of the night.
How's the Military Industrial Complex Medicine?
All the dead, in America, since the Civil War?
2011-05-21 23:02FlashGordon !anyone still around ?
Is Jack gone ? I will email him then missed the call, I am sick today and did the Madrid thing happen ??
I have always wondered how no one talks, no one writes on the board but people are listed still on this call ?