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2011-04-30 19:34EFRAIM372 595 9487#
2011-04-30 19:44Jack BauerBoy you guys and gals are on early!!!!
2011-04-30 19:44EFRAIMwell, I really have no sound yet, please guide me in, first time here..
2011-04-30 19:45Jack BauerWe're not on yet. 15 mins to go
2011-04-30 19:45EFRAIMsuper
2011-04-30 19:45kuujahe's talking about a zombie outbreak in mexico
2011-04-30 19:45Guest 12oh gawd!! Truthpress is here
2011-04-30 19:45kuujaradioactive zombies spewing swineflu avian flu and aids have escaped from secret underground labs
2011-04-30 19:46Guest 12you don't know jack
2011-04-30 19:46JoeJackrod is that you as pag?
2011-04-30 19:46PrivateAttorneyGeneralcarl
2011-04-30 19:46Guest 12joejack, where is billy joe
2011-04-30 19:46PrivateAttorneyGeneralrod be here shortly
2011-04-30 19:47Guest 12carl is a dope smoker
2011-04-30 19:47kuujawhats her story why were they murdered?
2011-04-30 19:47PrivateAttorneyGeneral12 is an idiot
2011-04-30 19:47Guest 12don't call me your family names
2011-04-30 19:48RICOmanTesting- Testing, check-check-check, 123-123!@#$%^&*(?
2011-04-30 19:48Nightwolf1Hello Jack
Hey Rod and all :)
2011-04-30 19:49kuujaanyone else have sinus problems really mucousy
2011-04-30 19:49PrivateAttorneyGenerali have judgments what you have
12 must be eddie
2011-04-30 19:50kuujathey're giving us free metals when we breathe cmon free is awesome!
is our ozone layer still dying?
2011-04-30 19:52JoeJackNew at this. will i have to call in or can i hear on streaming audio?
2011-04-30 19:52Jack BauerYou should be able to hear streaming
2011-04-30 19:52Nightwolf1Hey Mac
2011-04-30 19:52EFRAIMi am in south america now.. nothing here..
2011-04-30 19:52PrivateAttorneyGeneraleddie you still in florida
2011-04-30 19:53jesseelivermoreDave is apparently not impressed with Robert Fox big mistake
2011-04-30 19:53Luis EwingHi Jack!
2011-04-30 19:54Jack BauerHello Luis
2011-04-30 19:55Truth&Truthpress.orgZues you say ?
2011-04-30 19:55idahoJesus is Coming...look busy!
2011-04-30 19:55jesseelivermoreThat specific date prediction thing has not historically worked out that well :)
The hale bop comet let them down
2011-04-30 19:56chickalahyeah quit being such a meanie
2011-04-30 19:56PrivateAttorneyGenerali concure
2011-04-30 19:56chickalah:)
2011-04-30 19:56jesseelivermoreI heard that cops say you are a bad guy too
2011-04-30 19:57chickalahDon't start yet, I gotta go take a crap
2011-04-30 19:57JoeJacktmi
2011-04-30 19:58niidjiDon't look like chickalah is a chick...
2011-04-30 19:58Nightwolf1Hello Rod
2011-04-30 19:58niidjiRod is logged in
2011-04-30 19:58PrivateAttorneyGeneralrod is here
2011-04-30 19:58JoeJackHey Rod from a fellow gaston county native
2011-04-30 19:59Liberty KidHey Everybody :)
2011-04-30 19:59Nightwolf1Hey Treei
2011-04-30 19:59Liberty KidHey Allen
2011-04-30 20:00PrivateAttorneyGeneralhey terr
2011-04-30 20:00Liberty KidHowdy Carl
2011-04-30 20:00Maxamus1Hi Terri
2011-04-30 20:00Liberty KidMaxamus, my Dream Team motivator
2011-04-30 20:00Nightwolf1Hey Carl
2011-04-30 20:00PrivateAttorneyGeneralsaturday night live
2011-04-30 20:00Liberty KidYep, Saturday Night Special for sure
2011-04-30 20:00chickalahnope, not a chick
2011-04-30 20:01Truth&Truthpress.orgincrease audio vol please
2011-04-30 20:01niidjiwoodbyhand you old dog... hello
2011-04-30 20:02Liberty KidLarry, thank you so much for the recording, I got it posted to the website
2011-04-30 20:02iintheskyHey hey
2011-04-30 20:02Liberty KidHey yourself iinthesky
2011-04-30 20:03niidjiI am just glad I could do that. We all just do what we can.
2011-04-30 20:03Truth&Truthpress.orgSending (L) to you accross the miles ms donna lee (L)
2011-04-30 20:03EFRAIMsuper
super super
2011-04-30 20:03Liberty KidIt takes all of us united, everyone has something they can contribute
2011-04-30 20:04iintheskyJack Bauer... heh.. good name
2011-04-30 20:04Jack BauerThanks!!!
2011-04-30 20:04Liberty KidHey Jack, thanks for having Rod on
2011-04-30 20:05Truth&Truthpress.orgwe (L) you too jackb
2011-04-30 20:05Jack BauerAgain THANKS
2011-04-30 20:06Truth&Truthpress.org
2011-04-30 20:07PrivateAttorneyGeneralthe question is with the video
2011-04-30 20:08Truth&Truthpress.org
2011-04-30 20:09Jack BauerMy info: Jack Bauer (559) 291-6188
2011-04-30 20:14EFRAIM*6
2011-04-30 20:15Jack BauerYes if you're on the phone
2011-04-30 20:15TexianRod Class here tonight?
2011-04-30 20:15Jack BauerYes
2011-04-30 20:15TexianWhen?
2011-04-30 20:15Guest 62hey
2011-04-30 20:16PrivateAttorneyGenerala-k 47?
2011-04-30 20:17woodbyhandhlo niidji hru all
2011-04-30 20:18PrivateAttorneyGeneralask here about a-k 47
2011-04-30 20:18Jack BauerDonna will be done in a minute
2011-04-30 20:18Texianyou know
2011-04-30 20:19iintheskySo why did they go after Jerry?
2011-04-30 20:19Truth&Truthpress.org
2011-04-30 20:20PrivateAttorneyGeneralsue
make a record
2011-04-30 20:21iintheskyI was watching NY1 a month or so ago and they had the manhattan DA in an interview admitting that his office made 80 billion dollars
and he was PROUD of it
2011-04-30 20:21Guest 62firearms definition 26 usc 5845, 27 usc 479
2011-04-30 20:22Truth&Truthpress.orgJack, ask Donna about the wrongful death lawsuit please
2011-04-30 20:22Jack BauerOK
2011-04-30 20:26Guest 30Probation officers are private contractors.
2011-04-30 20:27Guest 66The term "Aluf" is taken from the Bible, where it was a rank of nobility among the Edomites (Kingdom of Judea's enemies to the south).
"Aluf" is the term used for General and Admiral in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Since 1948 it has been used for senior ranks in the IDF.
2011-04-30 20:29Guest 72??
2011-04-30 20:29Guest 66so-called Jews are Edomites/Canaanites.
Synagogue of Satan
2011-04-30 20:34EdClanofChattanTOO MUCH WORK!!!!
2011-04-30 20:34Liberty Kid*Official Rod Class Website *
Rod, it's on your website
2011-04-30 20:36Jack BauerWelcome back Luis
2011-04-30 20:38chickalahROd, Do a system restore on your computer
2011-04-30 20:40PrivateAttorneyGeneralink on white paper
2011-04-30 20:40EFRAIMgraceful to get the hjr 192 into law
can someone repeat the cite please
2011-04-30 20:40Jack BauerWhat do you mean? 48??
Which site do you want?
2011-04-30 20:41EFRAIMpublic law
being cited
2011-04-30 20:41chickalahI got it now
2011-04-30 20:41EFRAIMgood
2011-04-30 20:41Jack BauerOK
2011-04-30 20:42Guest 83so when do we see any progress beyound just talk?
2011-04-30 20:43EFRAIM
trading with the enemy act
2011-04-30 20:43Guest 66What is this, Talmudic Law? Good luck playing with the Devil. brb
2011-04-30 20:43niidjiGuest 83 - where have you been? In your law office?
2011-04-30 20:44Guest 33damn audio cut out
ACT OCT. 6, 1917, CH. 106, 40 STAT. 411
2011-04-30 20:45Jack BauerLuis, if you're using IE, that's why you're dropping. Use chrome or mozilla
2011-04-30 20:45EFRAIMit is only a reference
2011-04-30 20:45Guest 81Moorish Law
2011-04-30 20:46Luis EwingHJR 192 has been rendered moot by 31 U.S.C.A. 5118(d)(2) (1983).
2011-04-30 20:47EFRAIMthank you
2011-04-30 20:47Guest 84with all the contracts that you have signed onto , it means jack diddly squat to say the comptroller of the currency is going to take care of you
2011-04-30 20:47Luis EwingGold Clauses in contract are now enforcible pursuant to The FAY CORPORATION a Washington corporation, Plaintiff v. BAT HOLDINGS 1, INC.
also known as Marshall Field & Co., a Delaware corporation; and Frederick & Nelson Seattle, Inc.,
a Delaware corporation, Defendants. No. C86-542D. United States District Court, W.D. Washington, at Seattle,
646 FEDERAL SUPPLEMENT 946, 948, 952, 953 (October 23, 1986). And;
FAY CORP. v. BAT HOLDINGS I INC., 651 F. Supp. 307, 308 (W.D. Wash. 1987). And;
2011-04-30 20:49timthewizardwho is claning the dishes!!!!
2011-04-30 20:49Luis EwingFAY CORP. v. FREDERICK & NELSON SEATTLE, INC., 896 F.2d 1227 (9th Cir. 1990). And;
2011-04-30 20:50Guest 30Luis what is BAT? Iv'e seen it around here somewhere?
2011-04-30 20:50Luis EwingThis is why Frederick and Nelson went bankrupt.
2011-04-30 20:52Guest 30It's silver is medicinal.
2011-04-30 20:52lstanleyRod how do you get to talk in court? The judges in Missouri do not allow you to talk and will tell you that they don't believe your paper work.
2011-04-30 20:52Luis EwingHJR is moot because gold clauses "in contract" are now enforceable.
2011-04-30 20:53EFRAIMenforsable under what authority?
2011-04-30 20:54jesseelivermoreI have a car that was paid off before I moved into my current state if I quit registering with them I dont think they have title or any other claim of
of ownership
ask rod that Jack
2011-04-30 20:54Guest 84Bankruptcy occurred on January 1, 1788 based on 21 loans that the United States of America received from the King of England
2011-04-30 20:56iintheskyIs that on the record?
Every 2 years
Have we checked that out?
2011-04-30 20:56Guest 44So we are in a perpetual state of emergency?
2011-04-30 20:57kodiak123LOVE IT YOU GUYS ARE ON IT, LETS GET EM
2011-04-30 20:58Jack BauerMy info: Jack Bauer (559) 291-6188
2011-04-30 20:58kodiak123LOAD UP LETS GO
2011-04-30 20:58iintheskyRod, is it verified that the state of emergency is renewed every 2 years?
2011-04-30 20:59Guest 86Jack, what do you think about the new Obama birth certificate forgery. What will Rod do about that on hid DC court case?
2011-04-30 21:00kodiak123EDUCATION FIRST ,THOUGH THEN .........LOAD UP
2011-04-30 21:01Guest 84Citizenship in D.C. and being "subject to the jurisdiction thereof" under Amendment 14 is completely voluntary
2011-04-30 21:01Luis EwingObama does not have to be a citizen to run for and hold the position of Military Commander in Chief.
2011-04-30 21:02niidjisomeone is eating with there microphone open.
2011-04-30 21:03Luis EwingAll State Constitutions and the U.S. Constitution have been SUSPENDED and ARCHIVED.
Go visit your State Capital and ask the head Archivist how many State Constitutions are in the State Archives.
2011-04-30 21:03Jack BauerMy info: Jack Bauer (559) 291-6188
2011-04-30 21:03Guest 17Suspended and Archived? Says who?
2011-04-30 21:04Guest 66ADL = Edomites/Canaanites
2011-04-30 21:04Guest 3066 you are spot on with that comment.
2011-04-30 21:04Luis EwingGo visit the NATIONAL MILITARY ARCHIVES and you will see that our so called U.S. Constitution is on display under a glass case . . .
2011-04-30 21:04Guest 66good to meet you G30.
2011-04-30 21:04Guest 84they sold all the guns for drugs to iran, out of mena, arkansas thanks to your secretary of state and her husband
2011-04-30 21:06Guest 17So what. Archiving an original era document does not suspend the law.
2011-04-30 21:06Guest 3066 the SPLC seems to think the Confederates are all white. How dumb they are. Or how they lie.
2011-04-30 21:06Guest 62Dick act 1002-3 can't be repealed
1902-3 dick act
2011-04-30 21:07Texiansooooooooooooooo............where are we going with this.........Rod seems to have a valid venue
2011-04-30 21:07Luis EwingThe license plate is for the protection of the public not to have your car stolen.
2011-04-30 21:08Guest 40Kib
2011-04-30 21:08Luis EwingThe MCO is nothing more than a Bill of Lading that allows the truck driver to transport your car . . .
2011-04-30 21:08chickalahbut that is not for hire
2011-04-30 21:08Guest 40kindly mute the clanging in someone's kitchen.
2011-04-30 21:08Luis Ewingfrom the manufacturer to the new car dealer or from dealer to dealer.
2011-04-30 21:09Guest 84nooooooooooooo, even, you people know that murdering two people are much worse than getting beat up with nightstick or getting stopped 4 speeding
2011-04-30 21:09Luis EwingIn 1989, all States were ordered to put a "recreational vehicle" statute on your law books.
I have free no license required flyers at <> or <>
2011-04-30 21:11Guest 84do you ever stop spamming people to drum up business?
2011-04-30 21:11Luis EwingI have free "recreational vehicle" flyers at <> or <>
2011-04-30 21:11kodiak123now rod, endangering is /an can be constrewed as what
2011-04-30 21:11Luis EwingGuest 84, I am giving away free flyers and I don't need anyone's business here period.
2011-04-30 21:11Liberty Kid*Rod's Timeline with Jeanette, about halfway down this page *
2011-04-30 21:12Guest 40Finally, Thank You
2011-04-30 21:12chickalahI am an Amway double diamond, I need everyone go visit my site and order the expensive ass soap so I can make $$$
2011-04-30 21:12Luis EwingGuest 84, I consider it to be "cowardly" to attack someone "without" posting your real name.
2011-04-30 21:12Guest 84up yours
2011-04-30 21:12Luis EwingWhat do you have to hide?
2011-04-30 21:13chickalahDo you have proof that his name is not actually Guest 84?
2011-04-30 21:13Luis EwingAre you a so called "jew"?
2011-04-30 21:13chickalahpeople get too hung up on names
2011-04-30 21:14Luis Ewing<> REVENGE OF THE NEANDERTHAL.
2011-04-30 21:14chickalahif I see a hot woman walking down the street in tight jeans,,,I couldn't give a crap about her name
2011-04-30 21:14Guest 84(- ; what is that double diamond am way website?
2011-04-30 21:15Luis EwingRevelations 2:9, Revelations 3:9, Revelations 20:4 and John 8:44 says to beware those who call themselves the jew . . .
2011-04-30 21:15Guest 30That Amway LOC is great soap.
2011-04-30 21:15Luis Ewing. . . but who lie and are from the Synagogue of Satan.
2011-04-30 21:15Guest 84buy more amway
2011-04-30 21:16chickalahlol
2011-04-30 21:16kodiak123carlos good to here good new ,proff some one is getten em
2011-04-30 21:16Luis EwingAll of you are using the "statute constitution."
2011-04-30 21:16Guest 84that will cost you only 2500, as a retainer for that comment
2011-04-30 21:17Luis EwingThe U.S. Constitution has been in "the custody" of the National Military Archives since 1860 when Martial Law was first declared.
2011-04-30 21:17Guest 84brb, gotta go give jean keating some money
2011-04-30 21:19Luis Ewinglloyd smith, Kurt Riggin and I spent 2 weeks on 2 separate research expeditions in Washington D.C., Library of Congress & the U.S. Supreme Court.
2011-04-30 21:19Guest 30Is the bank a government?
2011-04-30 21:20EFRAIMfiat money!!!
2011-04-30 21:20Guest 66FED = Edomite/Canaanite Usury Bank
2011-04-30 21:20kodiak123they are anti constitutional
2011-04-30 21:21Luis EwingAll so called jews are mixed breed Canaanites & Neanderthal's who ar the real animal or "goyim", a "sub-man."
. . . in the MAY/JUNE 2010 issue of THE BARNES REVIEW VOLUME XVI NUMBER 3.
2011-04-30 21:24chickalahx
2011-04-30 21:25Luis EwingI have "free" ultimate user flyers which show you can lawfully possess marijuana or any other controlled substance.
2011-04-30 21:26Guest 30Luis can you make a flyer stating gardening is a good thing.
2011-04-30 21:27chickalahblack is white, white is black
2011-04-30 21:28Luis EwingI am going to hand out a new flyer at the Seattle Hemp Fest this summer which shows everyone how they can legally grow their own weed for free!
2011-04-30 21:28UseTheVortex*LUIS EWING* you are being a *CHAT HOG*
2011-04-30 21:28Luis EwingUse the Vortex, why do you "hide" behind an "acronym" like L.B. DORK????
2011-04-30 21:28kodiak123ROD WE NEED.. THAT ONE ON PRINT, THAT WAS GOOD
2011-04-30 21:28Jack BauerMy info: Jack Bauer (559) 291-6188
2011-04-30 21:29Guest 30Common sense has been educated out of Humanity.
They like to lie and frustrate.
2011-04-30 21:30Luis EwingRod is right, "they are the Constitutionalist's."
2011-04-30 21:30Guest 44agree guest 30. This generation who still has some idea of what has happened needs to take this country back
2011-04-30 21:30timthewizardlewis ewing. could you send me one of those marijuana flyers.
2011-04-30 21:30UseTheVortexLUIS .. is an attack , name calling (hider, using acronym) the only defense you have to being a *CHAT HOG* ?
2011-04-30 21:30Guest 66What happened to our Journalists and Media that are to help us? The Mass Media and Hollywood are under the control of Edomites/Canaanites.
2011-04-30 21:31Liberty Kid*Official Rod Class Website *
2011-04-30 21:31Luis EwingBoo hoo, use the vortex.
2011-04-30 21:32UseTheVortexi'm not crying .. i'm stating facts.
2011-04-30 21:32kodiak123YOUR ON IT ROD , THANK YOU
2011-04-30 21:32Guest 3066 The journalists on the main stream media are selfish liars.
2011-04-30 21:32UseTheVortexyou are the one that seems to be acting childish. *LUIS EWING*
2011-04-30 21:33Guest 44Luis, please stay on point with the call
2011-04-30 21:33timthewizardreally guys, quit yr bitchin!
2011-04-30 21:34Luis EwingUse the vortex, I am giving away free flyers and posting case cites & statutes everyone can use.
Use the vortex, what do you offer besides wasting chat space with your petty attacks and arguments????
2011-04-30 21:34UseTheVortex*LUIS EWING* , FINE.. Post it and DROP it !!!!!!!!!
2011-04-30 21:35timthewizardlewis ewing, got a website for the flyers?
2011-04-30 21:35niidji<Luis Ewing> & <UseTheVortex> you are both abusing the chat and the group listening.
2011-04-30 21:35Guest 30Your reality. A boot on the face of humanity forever, if they go any farther with Agenda 21.
2011-04-30 21:35chickalahhe is too lazy to put up a web site
2011-04-30 21:35UseTheVortex*LUIS EWING* A fact is not an argument or an attach is it?
2011-04-30 21:36Luis EwingYou are not my daddy bub, so go fly a kite and mind your own business.
2011-04-30 21:36Guest 30chickalah do you teach people how to make a web site?
2011-04-30 21:36chickalahLOL
2011-04-30 21:37Luis EwingTim the Wizard, send me an e-mail to <> and <>
2011-04-30 21:37niidji<Luis Ewing> Just here for business? That is exactly what it looks like.
2011-04-30 21:37Guest 80ban Luis ban Luis Ewing. He can do his own Talk Shoe., but he's to lazy.
2011-04-30 21:37Guest 30Maybee Luis doesn't like to talk out loud.
2011-04-30 21:38Luis EwingThe people who hide behind acronyms are the scammers I have listed on my BEWARE FALSE PROPHETS e-mail which names all the scammers.
2011-04-30 21:38iintheskyHow can one know if they are a neanderthal?
is there a test?
2011-04-30 21:39chickalahiinthesky, find a picture of luis....that will give you a good idea
2011-04-30 21:39Luis EwingThe so called jews went through extreme efforts to try to trace their DNA
2011-04-30 21:39Guest 30chickalah looks don't count. What is in the Heart does count.
2011-04-30 21:39Guest 66Luis. hard to trace a mongrel
2011-04-30 21:40niidjiLUIS - My name is larry francis of the family friend. 218.208.1226. I am all over the net and not hiding. You appear to be hear for sales reasons.
2011-04-30 21:40iintheskyI just want to know if there is a test like a pregnancy test you can pee on and it will give you a plus or minus indication of neanderathalhood
2011-04-30 21:40Luis Ewingto try to prove that they are Israelites have all gone silent when they discovered they were Neanderthals.
Wrong, I don't need anyone's business here, and I don't need it, I am only here offering free and legally correct information.
2011-04-30 21:41iintheskyLuis.. how can we test for neanderthalhood?
2011-04-30 21:41niidjiLegally correct but do they need to contact you to use it? Is it complete?
2011-04-30 21:42Luis EwingI have individual free flyers that attack and beat 1 subject individually and yes they are proven "to work."
2011-04-30 21:42niidjiYou are obviously a very intelligent guy but you bully.
2011-04-30 21:42Guest 66iinthesky. Psychopathy is testable
2011-04-30 21:42iintheskyIm just wondering how we can identify those of us who are evil neanderthals
2011-04-30 21:43Luis EwingGo read the Barnes Review PDF file: <>
2011-04-30 21:43chickalahI am not convinced that neanderthals are more evil than java man
2011-04-30 21:43iintheskyOr should we just go around asking people of they are jews and just kill them all? I'm confused.. Luis ... how do we know for sure?
2011-04-30 21:44Luis EwingThe bible says we are to love everyone and that we are all 1 blood.
2011-04-30 21:44Guest 66iinthesky. evil edomites/canaanites are identifiable. They love to identify themselves
2011-04-30 21:44iintheskyLuis.. I read.. it sounded like something written by Goebbels
2011-04-30 21:44Luis EwingWhat I am pointing out is not about "real jews," I am talking about those "who call themselves the jew, but who are not the jew."
Go read Revelations 2:9, 3:9, 20:4 and John 8:44.
2011-04-30 21:45niidjiHow many, not counting you being involved, have won with your paperwork?
2011-04-30 21:45Guest 66Luis. The bible says no such thing. The Adamic Bible is about the Adamic race and provides seedlines and specific racial genealogy.
2011-04-30 21:46Luis EwingNiidji, send me an e-mail and I will send you a huge laundry list of positive TESTIMONIALS of many many people.
2011-04-30 21:46iintheskyLuis.. again.. how do know who is a neanderthal? Do you distinguish by facial features?
big nose?
2011-04-30 21:47Luis EwingGuest 66, send me an e-mail and I will send you my free scriptural flyers which says you are wrong, you can't "cherry pick" the bible.
2011-04-30 21:47Guest 30I thought it was the hook nose.
2011-04-30 21:47iintheskyOh yeah
Hook nose
2011-04-30 21:47niidji<Luis Ewing> - Post it for all to see, not just me. I like Rod's do it black ink on white paper.
2011-04-30 21:48UseTheVortex*JACK BAUER* unblock blocked chat users please, Thank You. *@@@@@@@@@@@@@*
2011-04-30 21:48Guest 66Luis. I never cherry pick. Mongrelization of the Adamic race is destruction of Gods creation. Noah was of pure generations for a reason.
2011-04-30 21:48EFRAIMhey luis, send me those cites please my email
2011-04-30 21:48Luis EwingNiidji, I am working on a few new websites that will be up and running in a few weeks.
Sure Efraim.
2011-04-30 21:49Jack BauerDone
2011-04-30 21:49EFRAIMthank you
2011-04-30 21:49Guest 66Luis. Jesus only came to the lost sheep of the House of Israel. specific genealogy.
2011-04-30 21:49Luis EwingJesus came to . . . "THE WHOLE HOUSE OF ISRAEL," . . . NOT JUST 1 TRIBE.
2011-04-30 21:50Guest 66Universalism = Babylon
2011-04-30 21:50niidji<Luis Ewing> I do appreciate what you do and please let me know when your sites are up
2011-04-30 21:50Guest 30I praise the Lord, Of the conspiracys I never did.
2011-04-30 21:50Guest 66The House of Israel is not all humans but a specific genealogy of the pure Adamic Race
2011-04-30 21:51iinthesky66-- who is excluded ?
2011-04-30 21:51Guest 81Jesus, not really his name, come to earth NOT to create religion but to give us a New WAY OF LIFE....he tried to teach us HOW TO LIVE on Earth.
2011-04-30 21:51iintheskywhich hu-mans?
2011-04-30 21:51EFRAIMi love to hear that some have won cases. Anyone has info on those trusts(or constructive trusts) that are somewhat effective within commerce..
2011-04-30 21:51Guest 66mongrels are excluded and non-Adamites
2011-04-30 21:52iinthesky66-- who are they?
please describe them
2011-04-30 21:52Guest 66The Adamic Family Bible was not written for them
2011-04-30 21:52BuzzerSounds like Keith Livingway
2011-04-30 21:53-J-Man-Charlotte! That's where I'm at too!!!
2011-04-30 21:53niidji<Luis Ewing> - It is not the content of your messages and your work is very detailed - it is the frequency.
2011-04-30 21:53iinthesky66- please describe the 'mongrels' and non adamites in detail
2011-04-30 21:53Luis EwingIn 2004, Kurt Riggin and I beat the largest marijuana case in Washington State pre-trial in Snohomish County.
2011-04-30 21:53chickalahread it now
2011-04-30 21:54Liberty Kid*Official Rod Class Website *
2011-04-30 21:54chickalahhurry
2011-04-30 21:54Guest 66NO DIFFERENT than how America was founded for the FOUNDERS posterity. A specific people. The Constitution only applies to them
2011-04-30 21:54Jack BauerMy info: Jack Bauer (559) 291-6188
2011-04-30 21:54Guest 30My eyes are so Blue.
2011-04-30 21:54iinthesky66-- please describe the 'mogrels' and non-adamites
2011-04-30 21:54homecircleI think its Keith Livingway
2011-04-30 21:54chickalahone blew that way and the other blew this way
2011-04-30 21:54Guest 66Edomites/Canaanites infiltrated America and are now destroying it.
2011-04-30 21:55Luis EwingSnohomish County Superior Court Cause No. 02-1-01835-6 - This case was ordered "unpublished" and "sealed."
2011-04-30 21:55niidjiWhat nation is the speaker the SOS of.
2011-04-30 21:55Guest 3066 I know how they destroy my family.
2011-04-30 21:55Luis EwingKurt Riggin got caught growing over 166 pot plants all over six feet tall of the best purple bud you ever smoked in your life.
2011-04-30 21:56Guest 66destroying America with mongrels and non-Adamites
2011-04-30 21:56chickalahyisrael nation
2011-04-30 21:56Luis EwingKurt was charged with multiple felony counts and we kicked their butts and beat it pre-trial.
2011-04-30 21:56iinthesky66- Please describe in detail who are the 'mongrels' and non-adamites
2011-04-30 21:57BuzzerLuis, what do you mean "we"?
2011-04-30 21:57Guest 80send me some purple haze Luis.
2011-04-30 21:57BuzzerI thought Dave Myrland worked on that with Kurt
2011-04-30 21:57Luis EwingBuzzer, we means Kurt Riggin and me together worked on his case and beat his case.
No, Dave was not involved, I went with Kurt Riggin to every hearing in the Snohomish County Superior Court.
2011-04-30 21:58BuzzerThis is Keith Livingway talking
2011-04-30 21:59iinthesky66- it seems you have no idea what you're talking about because i asked you multiple times for more detail and you have no clue how to reply..
2011-04-30 22:00niidjilincoln public trust? any website links?
2011-04-30 22:00Luis EwingJack Bauer is right, the court rules were written for us to use against them!
2011-04-30 22:00Guest 30Yes the cops beat me up, for reporting I was beat up.
2011-04-30 22:00chickalahlincoln public trust is hard to find info on
2011-04-30 22:01Luis EwingThe problem Rod, is that the court's take . . . "jurisdiction in the premises."
2011-04-30 22:01Buzzeryour crew
2011-04-30 22:02Luis EwingThis is why the attorneys call themselves . . . "attorneys . . . at law."
2011-04-30 22:02EFRAIMi am here
2011-04-30 22:03Luis EwingBy Jack.
2011-04-30 22:03Guest 86Jack has the archive recording ended?
2011-04-30 22:03Jack BauerThanks Luis
2011-04-30 22:03EFRAIMthank you.. all.
2011-04-30 22:03timthewizardgood stuff!!!
2011-04-30 22:03Guest 44Awesome
2011-04-30 22:07Luis EwingGo tell that lady to go look at the 1893 Gun Control Act.
2011-04-30 22:08Guest 9look up the definition of "firearm"
2011-04-30 22:08Luis Ewinglloyd smith beat a major weapons case in the United States District Court in Oregon a few years ago based on the 1893 Gun Conrol Act.
2011-04-30 22:09iintheskyGuest66 mysteriously disappeared
2011-04-30 22:09Guest 150I learned the HARD WAY! NEVER PUT YOUR PARENT IN A NURSING HOME! NEVER!
2011-04-30 22:10Luis EwingTo the lady speaking, you can win if you use their statutes, court rules and case law properly.
Apply for a Franks Hearing to challenge the veracity of the warrant.
2011-04-30 22:12Luis EwingFranks v. Delaware, 438 U.S. 154, 92 S.Ct. 2674, 57 L.Ed.2d 667 (1978).
2011-04-30 22:13Guest 143i agree never put your parent or love ones in a nursing home
2011-04-30 22:13iintheskyLuis-- you have some contact info?
2011-04-30 22:13Guest 9Luis, what is a "Frank's Hearing" ??
2011-04-30 22:13Luis EwingYes, <> or <> or <>
2011-04-30 22:14iintheskyok thx
2011-04-30 22:14Luis EwingThe purpose of a "Franks Hearing" is to challenge the veracity of the warrant, go read the case I just cited.
My free ultimate user flyer beat all possession charges for free.
2011-04-30 22:15iintheskyNight all
2011-04-30 22:15Guest 150I have a funny warrent, proving my ID has been stolen. MY name, wrong details.
2011-04-30 22:18Luis EwingGo research the annotated case law on the 1893 Gun Control Act and you will beat your husbands case.
All gun laws today are based upon the 1893 Gun Control Act which only prohibits black people from owning guns.
That is a hot issue that they do not want to hit the courts.
2011-04-30 22:20Guest 150All Bar members are euginists.
2011-04-30 22:20Luis EwingThe judge has to allow you to present "jury instructions" if they are based upon a statute.
Demand to present a copy of "The 1893 Gun Control Act" as your jury instruction and they will drop your husbands case like a hot potatoe.
2011-04-30 22:21Guest 143Black is only a label it does not describe the bloodline of a nationality.
2011-04-30 22:22Luis EwingUse their rules against them.
2011-04-30 22:22Guest 150My appointed attorney saw the cut on my arm, from my abuser and still made me prosecuted.
2011-04-30 22:23Guest 143How about jury nullification, possibility?
2011-04-30 22:23Luis EwingI am signing out, anybody who wants my free flyers, send me an e-mail to <>
2011-04-30 22:25scottf88Is it a firearms charge???
2011-04-30 22:26Guest 81You need a Republic De jure Grand Jury look into the fre republic of Maine
Why don't you appraoch the Governor and ask him to Pardon this guy
2011-04-30 22:30scottf88It all falls under 11th amendment immunity..
2011-04-30 22:31Guest 150My mother in law drove my mom home from the hospital that day. I know now she pushed my mom down the stairs.
2011-04-30 22:32scottf88court.. prosecutor can not gain jurisdiction cause when they take an oath of office they lose their citizenship, being a foreign entity they can not
bring you into court.. check out rod class' stuff
2011-04-30 22:33JerseyJoyceGSA Form 90 to release the prisoner
2011-04-30 22:34Guest 87lady, shut up and let the man answer
2011-04-30 22:34JerseyJoyceAsk them for the receipts for the bond, they are in possession of contraband for not paying the tax on a taxible termination
2011-04-30 22:34Truth&Truthpress.org
2011-04-30 22:34Guest 66All Nations/civilizations start out as biologically and racially unified groups of people. Once a Nation is no longer made up of the people
(race/biology) who founded it then it ceases to be that Nation and is destroyed by mongrelization/multiculturalism (loss of identity/control).
2011-04-30 22:35Truth&Truthpress.orgThe USA, a corporation of the English Crown, is bankrupt, and has been since at least 1788.
2011-04-30 22:35Guest 80Joyce you're a good stoodent. lol
2011-04-30 22:35Guest 66Basic Biology applies to the human species as it does to other species.
2011-04-30 22:36JerseyJoyceI try
2011-04-30 22:36Guest 80good Jean class tonight.
2011-04-30 22:38JerseyJoyceGuest 80 yes it was, I'm having trouble opening up the docs we get though
for some reason alot of them won't open
2011-04-30 22:38Guest 80why can't we just hang these bastards already?
2011-04-30 22:38Guest 143Have the lady to contact The Truth And Justice Center, Bivins, Texas, Robert Fox
2011-04-30 22:39JerseyJoyceYikes!!! hanging at high noon???? Gunsmoke :) for
2011-04-30 22:39Guest 80PDFs Joyce? or what docs?
2011-04-30 22:40Guest 15080 can't hang them. The creator is comming after them.
2011-04-30 22:40JerseyJoycethis week, we got 35 docs in the download, my doc files won't open
the jpg's open but not the docs
2011-04-30 22:41Guest 80they will kill alot of us before the creator gets here. The time is at hand.
2011-04-30 22:41UseTheVortexsniffing dogs Bull Shit. Read the stats on them. the are right about 10% of the time .
2011-04-30 22:41JerseyJoyceNo, we were promised we will be protected, where's the faith!!!!
2011-04-30 22:41Guest 143I have Robert Fox contact information, email me
2011-04-30 22:42scottf88doesn't matter how different the states are... by accepting federal funding under title 23 they MUST follow federal procedures..
2011-04-30 22:42Guest 150David Rockefeller is TOAST! Thats what I believe.
2011-04-30 22:44Guest 80having no trouble with the docs Joyce. Maybe your computer file extentions.
2011-04-30 22:44JerseyJoyceWhat's the latest on David Myrland???Anyone know???
I'm working on repairing word, maybe that will help
2011-04-30 22:45Guest 150I know who gave me no good encouriging words.
2011-04-30 22:46Guest 80you will not be able to do anything through corrupt congress. They will need to hang for colusion with the bankers. They know it.
2011-04-30 22:48Guest 150Congress loves hearings, to prove they abuse.
2011-04-30 22:48JerseyJoyceBill Windsor need eye surgery and is looking for someone in the Atlanta area to take over for him
2011-04-30 22:49Guest 81How can it be up to the people in Community when the PRESS is part of the PROPAGANDA.
2011-04-30 22:50Guest 80the MSM needs to hang too. For the colusion and complicity in all this fraud. So get your guns ready.
2011-04-30 22:50JerseyJoyceAnyone know??? What's the latest on David Myrland???
2011-04-30 22:51Guest 87if the states are under federal, there are not states, they are all federal, according to Rod's info, when they all agreed to the fed financing DOT
2011-04-30 22:51Guest 81It's in theh COnstitution & state sthat people with titles of Nobility can't be CItizens therefor can't be in Gov't BUT it's a Lawyers' Monopoly in DC
2011-04-30 22:51JerseyJoyceNo guns, that's not the answer
just arrest their bonds
2011-04-30 22:52Guest 150JerseyJoyce. Mao liked no guns too.
2011-04-30 22:52JerseyJoyceWe can turn the lawyers into Immigration and get them deported :) I really like that idea :)
2011-04-30 22:52Guest 80not enough sheeple woke up and won't wake up till they're starving in a FEMA camp Joyce. Lets get real about this. Viva French Revolution!
2011-04-30 22:53Guest 87sounds great, I can't wait to hear of victories based on Keating info, if he ever completes telling it
2011-04-30 22:53JerseyJoyceI hear ya 87, really a learning curve for me
2011-04-30 22:54scottf88guest 81.. that was the original 13th amendment.. people right now will never get away with that challenge, it was the whole reason for the war of
1812. you have to attack them using their buried rules, laws etc that rod class is using now
what you could try is filing a motion of dismissal AND filing a affidavit for freedom of information on the bonds etc.
2011-04-30 22:55Guest 80there is already a good case to use the second amendment on these usurping assholes. Off with their heads I say.
2011-04-30 22:56Guest 87something about nobility and guillotines gets some attention
2011-04-30 22:56Guest 81DISCOVERY
2011-04-30 22:56scottf88when filing an affidavit, only a flesh and blood can rebut an affidavit, the state cannot respond, their a fiction and should have to dismiss
exactly 81..
I have a great example i could email.. would need to be tweaked to fit your case. also, can't use FOIA, your state will have somthen very similar
2011-04-30 22:57JerseyJoyceIf you do a good conditional acceptance upon proof of claim of all the things they do not want to disclose, they will dismiss and/or settle
2011-04-30 22:58Guest 87Rod's method sounds better. Let the criminals fight each other over the money based on their rules.
2011-04-30 22:58Guest 165You can call me and I will put you in contact with Robert Fox 410-905-7977 JB
2011-04-30 22:58scottf88rod's methods are very good.. i have used them
2011-04-30 22:59Guest 80exactly Jack. Anericans are stupid. Most of these assholes voted for Barry Soetoro.
2011-04-30 22:59Guest 150Randy Weaver was RIGHT.
2011-04-30 23:00Guest 87vote? with evoting? there are no elections, just shows.
2011-04-30 23:02Guest 80absolutly hate the publics stupidity.
2011-04-30 23:03Truth&Truthpress.orgwhat is priority, rambling about a case on the tv, or working on your own?
2011-04-30 23:04Guest 87tv programming. check all the crazy patents - ten minutes and viewer is ready for subliminal programming
2011-04-30 23:04Truth&Truthpress.orgyup
2011-04-30 23:16Guest 80I love AIB. And the whole team.
2011-04-30 23:20Guest 17027 CFR 479.11 FIREARMS subpart b - DEFINITIONS
2011-04-30 23:22Guest 159This woman with the gun situation should be quiet and listen and stop interrupting the people who are trying to help her.
2011-04-30 23:36Guest 176
2011-04-30 23:36Guest 159Why isn't the husband participating in trying to solve this problem?
2011-04-30 23:37Guest 176
2011-04-30 23:44Guest 174what number?
2011-04-30 23:46Guest 145This Gun Gal will never learn as she will not listen & want to talk none sense
Typical of women & many men
2011-04-30 23:48Guest 174what number did the chat move to?
she is in crisis and shock and not thinking right
and probably never thot there could be other possibilities