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2011-01-15 20:48SMOCKOI celeste?
2011-01-15 20:49Celeste6hi
2011-01-15 20:52Brandon7waht your phone namber
2011-01-15 20:52SMOCKOdo you participate in the courts?
2011-01-15 20:52Brandon7can i call you
can i call you smocko
2011-01-15 20:54SMOCKOabout?
2011-01-15 20:54Brandon7can i talk to you on the phone
2011-01-15 20:55SMOCKOi suppose, shoot me an email,
where are you from?
2011-01-15 20:57*Data*stand by
got a call, intro without me, Jack
hi John
Colleen Thomas, chemtrail discussion
2011-01-15 21:04Diamondsmjshe's a terrorist now
2011-01-15 21:05*Data*hi Dial
2011-01-15 21:08Diamondsmjmichael murphy photographs --- link?
2011-01-15 21:09*Data*
2011-01-15 21:10Diamondsmjthank you Data
2011-01-15 21:11dwdialSee the 1941 book, "Chemical Warfare" by Curt Wachtel for more information about phosgene, mustard gas and other chemical weapons used in World War I.
Boca Raton?
2011-01-15 21:11DiamondsmjI found her on youtube a couple of weeks ago
2011-01-15 21:11John De HerreraHey Data, just settling in with a little food/drink, enjoying the show....
2011-01-15 21:11Diamondsmjwow
2011-01-15 21:12*Data*we'll get to you, John
2011-01-15 21:12John De HerreraCopy....
2011-01-15 21:12Jack Bauerthaanks DW
2011-01-15 21:13DiamondsmjI have these symptoms
what can I take?
I am trying colloidal silver
I could not even squeak 2 days ago
2011-01-15 21:14dwdialIt sounds like something that requires heavy-duty detoxification of some sort.
2011-01-15 21:15*Data*Colleen Thomas, chemtrail discussion
2011-01-15 21:15DiamondsmjI have epsom salts here I will be in the bath as soon as the call is over
2011-01-15 21:15Jack
2011-01-15 21:15John De HerreraH2O2 Therapy to detox:
2011-01-15 21:15wireman
2011-01-15 21:15Jack Bauer
2011-01-15 21:16dwdialLithium and barium are light metals with small atomic weights. Heavy metals have much higher atomic weights and different chemical properties.
2011-01-15 21:16mountaindogselling vacuums
2011-01-15 21:16DiamondsmjColleen mentioned codeine as well? on her youtube?
2011-01-15 21:16dwdial"Not in my job description, man!"
Whose bleeping side are these government agencies on anyway?
Once you realize the feds aren't listening, why bother asking for permission from them?
2011-01-15 21:19UseTheVortex<--- gots a big mount (pssssssssst ... Tell *ME* a secret .. )
2011-01-15 21:20mountaindogprank?
2011-01-15 21:20*Data*Hi Mountai
2011-01-15 21:20mountaindoghowdie!
2011-01-15 21:20dwdialEMP = Electro-Magnetic Pulse, a variety of weapon used to knock out electronic equipment and computers by inducing an extremely high current within...
2011-01-15 21:21Jack BauerMy contact info: (559) 291-6188
2011-01-15 21:21dwdial...within electronic devices not remotely designed to carry such currents.
2011-01-15 21:21Diamondsmjwhat color is the dust?
our cars are covered in a white powder type thing
also the paint is peeling of the cars
2011-01-15 21:22UseTheVortexpaint is coming off my car
2011-01-15 21:23wavelength old detox recipe
2011-01-15 21:23geneticdonorcloudbuster
2011-01-15 21:23dwdial...peeling off the cars...
2011-01-15 21:24mountaindogorgone technology! Been meaning to build one of those...
2011-01-15 21:24dwdialOrgone, a name for a form of energy which was coined by Dr. Wilhelm Reich in the 1930s.
2011-01-15 21:24mountaindogrightee-o
2011-01-15 21:25John De HerreraSome more info on H2O2 detox:
2011-01-15 21:26dwdialUh-oh, I live in SoCal.
2011-01-15 21:26John De HerreraWill do....
2011-01-15 21:26Diamondsmjfood grade ?
2011-01-15 21:26dwdialIsn't that Ken Adachi's site? (
2011-01-15 21:27*Data*org
2011-01-15 21:27dwdialPainting a route is better than leaving a trail of bread crumbs, Jack.
2011-01-15 21:27John De HerreraYes it is Adachi's site....
2011-01-15 21:27*Data*Colleen Thomas, chemtrail discussion
2011-01-15 21:27DiamondsmjH202 food grade?
2011-01-15 21:27mountaindogI'm waiting for one to crash
ya beat me to it!
2011-01-15 21:27John De HerreraYes, food grade H202....
2011-01-15 21:28geneticdonorI read years ago that the Mayors of the cities had control of the air space over the cities. It said Vancouver BC had stopped the spraying.
2011-01-15 21:28UseTheVortexwho is keeping the RADAR watchers quiet
2011-01-15 21:28dwdialI've been of the opinion that it would be useful for an amateur to shoot down one of these chemtrailing planes to force the issue out into the open.
2011-01-15 21:28princessonewitchgood point vortex
2011-01-15 21:29mountaindogwonder what the transponders are telling the controllers
2011-01-15 21:29*Data*an inconvenient crash
2011-01-15 21:29mountaindogyup
I've met so many dumb ppl who don't care what they see in the sky!
2011-01-15 21:30Diamondsmjnot props here
2011-01-15 21:30*Data*
2011-01-15 21:30Diamondsmjevergreen
2011-01-15 21:31princessonewitchor many still think its a "show" in the sky, just "sky writers" or ordinary jets...uhhhh,,,hello????
2011-01-15 21:31clearmanYou don't get to be a pilot without knowing everything about your plane.
2011-01-15 21:31mountaindogI call it "sky painting"
2011-01-15 21:31dwdialA true contrail (condensation trail) is usually at a very high altitude (above 35,000 feet) and are only about ten times the length of the plane's...
2011-01-15 21:31geneticdonorAlso watched 6 years ago 10 small planes take off and spray.
2011-01-15 21:31dwdial...only ten times the length of the plane's fuselage.
2011-01-15 21:31John De HerreraChain of cammand is being privatized....
2011-01-15 21:31geneticdonorThey were UN planes.
2011-01-15 21:32mountaindogtime to visit the military surplus sales...
2011-01-15 21:32dwdialOr check out the auctions from the General Services Administration (GSA).
2011-01-15 21:33princessonewitchawesome comment a good woman to attract one ;)
2011-01-15 21:33mountaindog...did the GSA the other day!
2011-01-15 21:33dwdialJust get the word out wherever and however you can, Colleen.
2011-01-15 21:34John De HerreraLet's bring the country back.... Article V Convention....
2011-01-15 21:34DiamondsmjDoes Colleen still recommend Codeine? for the phosgene poisoning treatment????????
2011-01-15 21:34mountaindogSara Lee attracted Mary Kay that way...
2011-01-15 21:34dwdialBaked goods attracting cosmetics?
2011-01-15 21:35mountaindogLittle Debbie was adopted next...
2011-01-15 21:35John De HerreraHolding a convention will reactivate our sovereignty....
2011-01-15 21:35UseTheVortexmonkey see monkey do .. they learned from the Masters .. US Army.
2011-01-15 21:35DiamondsmjColloidal Silver???
2011-01-15 21:35dwdialIt sounds like "fozz-jean", Jack.
2011-01-15 21:35mountaindogArmy? NO! ...CIA!
2011-01-15 21:35UseTheVortexYEP silver
2011-01-15 21:36dwdialMaybe baking soda would help.
2011-01-15 21:36DiamondsmjHimalayan crystal salt
2011-01-15 21:36dwdialI've got that too.
2011-01-15 21:36UseTheVortexLUGOLs rids ya of heavy metals
2011-01-15 21:37mountaindogI have a 5lb bag of Himalayan salt...
2011-01-15 21:37wavelengthCointruex to suppress cough
2011-01-15 21:37dwdialLugol's solution
2011-01-15 21:37Diamondsmjwhere do you get 5lb bag?
2011-01-15 21:37mountaindogOn line...
2011-01-15 21:37Diamondsmjsource?
2011-01-15 21:37Celeste6what about msm
2011-01-15 21:38Guest 23wouldnt those kinoki foot pads work aswell?
2011-01-15 21:38mountaindogGive me a minute...
2011-01-15 21:38Celeste6I tried those did nothing
2011-01-15 21:38Diamondsmjk
2011-01-15 21:39dwdialGuest 23, are those the footpads that extract toxics through the soles of the feet?
2011-01-15 21:39Guest 23how long did you try em for?
2011-01-15 21:39*Data*yes
2011-01-15 21:39dwdialI meant "toxins".
2011-01-15 21:39Celeste6every night for a week, they did not pull anything out
2011-01-15 21:39Guest 23did they not eventually turn white?
2011-01-15 21:40Diamondsmjwhere to get this bath?
2011-01-15 21:40Celeste6they never turned at all
2011-01-15 21:40mountaindogDiamond check out this page of my supplier under "Himalayan Pink Salt" :
Buy from those guys about twice a year...
2011-01-15 21:41Diamondsmjthank you mountaindog :)
2011-01-15 21:41dwdialDave owns lots of cool URL names..
2011-01-15 21:41mountaindogThey're in Woodinville Washington
2011-01-15 21:42*Data*
2011-01-15 21:42mountaindogI have the corse and grind my own
2011-01-15 21:43Diamondsmjthat sounds good I like to grind my own
2011-01-15 21:43dwdialHimalayan salt comes in fine-ground and coarse-ground forms.
2011-01-15 21:43John De HerreraHow we take matters into our own hands: Article V Alive:
2011-01-15 21:43FreeamericanGot in late.
2011-01-15 21:43Diamondsmjbut I only found small bags before 3/4 pound
2011-01-15 21:43mountaindogAND BE THE FIRST ONES TO GET THERE!! B4 THE FEDS SHOW UP!!
2011-01-15 21:43dwdialIs that you, Clay?
2011-01-15 21:44*Data*
Colleen Thomas, chemtrail discussion
2011-01-15 21:44FreeamericanYes. Not too many Freeamericans out there
2011-01-15 21:45mountaindogDiamond- Ya can get a 55 lb bag if ya want on this site tho...
2011-01-15 21:45Diamondsmjthat sounds good!
is it certified mercury free?
2011-01-15 21:45FreeamericanRats won't eat it either
2011-01-15 21:45mountaindogI've also seen cutting boards made of slabs of the Him. salt. Really cool!
2011-01-15 21:46DiamondsmjI have a lamp
2011-01-15 21:46wavelengthAlways watch the animals.
2011-01-15 21:46Diamondsmjits a solid lump of it
its supposed to work like an ionizer
2011-01-15 21:46dwdialI bought a couple of salt lamps when they first came out back in 2006.
2011-01-15 21:46mountaindogcomes out of the mountains it's 10,000 + y/o
2011-01-15 21:46FreeamericanTell Colleen I said hello.
2011-01-15 21:46John De HerreraArticle V Convention--not too late....
We're not gonna lose this.... She's right....
2011-01-15 21:47DiamondsmjI use a salt lamp in a closed room and you can tell the difference in the air from that room to the other rooms
2011-01-15 21:47clearmanI'm not participating in repairing the corporation.
2011-01-15 21:47mountaindoghmmm... never heard of that...
2011-01-15 21:47dwdialToo many people know about the scams now.
2011-01-15 21:48FreeamericanThey just set up and shot Judge Roll here in Tucson.
2011-01-15 21:48wavelengthYes Freeamerican he was the target.
2011-01-15 21:48FreeamericanGrandma, VK Durman has a trust with money earmarked for the Republics.
2011-01-15 21:49dwdialThe Tucson killings are so full of MK Ultra red flags.
2011-01-15 21:49Guest 23just wondering colleen if the decloaking is still feb 28th?
2011-01-15 21:49UseTheVortexTwo Strands of Liberty in the Western Canon
2011-01-15 21:49DiamondsmjClay's show is where?
2011-01-15 21:49FreeamericanShe was Jewish. So was the shooter
2011-01-15 21:49Diamondsmjty
2011-01-15 21:49FreeamericanI have already proposed.
2011-01-15 21:50dwdialAnd they both belonged to the same small Reform Jewish congregation in Tucson.
2011-01-15 21:50John De HerreraI'm muted, I'd like to speak with Colleen a moment before she goes.... Don't know how long she's on.... Just for a moment....
2011-01-15 21:50FreeamericanI appreciate you.
2011-01-15 21:50mountaindoglol
2011-01-15 21:51Jack BauerThanks Clay
2011-01-15 21:51dwdialBut, Dave, they're Chinese engineers...coming from a society that enforces groupthink.
2011-01-15 21:52FreeamericanWhat is the difference between the Chinese building their settlements here and the Jews building their villages in Palestine?
2011-01-15 21:52clearmanI don't want any government!
2011-01-15 21:53Guest 23/agree
2011-01-15 21:53clearmanI don't want any government!
2011-01-15 21:53FreeamericanA Constitutional Republic is the best form government
2011-01-15 21:53dwdialI think the Boise deal should be nixed because it provides no jobs for any of the Americans living in the area.
2011-01-15 21:53clearmanTesting 1 2
2011-01-15 21:54Diamondsmjshow ID
2011-01-15 21:54dwdialGive the date of the show in the archive, Jack, so we can find it.
2011-01-15 21:54mountaindogGood luck keeping special interests out!
2011-01-15 21:54clearmanThe de jure CONstitution barely lasted 100 years. No thanks.
2011-01-15 21:54wavelength92949
2011-01-15 21:55Diamondsmjty
2011-01-15 21:55mountaindogaint gonna happen these days
2011-01-15 21:55clearmanI don't need no stinking representative!
2011-01-15 21:55dwdialSeptember 29, 1949?
2011-01-15 21:56clearmanDo we have a bunch of statists here?
2011-01-15 21:56Jack Bauer9299
2011-01-15 21:56*Data*
2011-01-15 21:56dwdial92949 - Article V Alive
2011-01-15 21:57Diamondsmjcan I have the links as well? please :)
2011-01-15 21:57dwdialLinks to what, Diamond?
2011-01-15 21:57Diamondsmjthat John is talking about
2011-01-15 21:58mountaindogenemy has guns and jail to even the score...
2011-01-15 21:58Jack Bauer
2011-01-15 21:58dwdialGuam-tanemo?
2011-01-15 21:59Guest 23as soon as we all believe that age old question to be true. we would severly out number them. our conciouss decision to want them out will be enuff
2011-01-15 21:59Guest 20I'm not so worried about this year. :)
2011-01-15 21:59dwdialJack, you left out the "tc" in that address:
2011-01-15 21:59Guest 23this year will be awesome. if you have an open mind
2011-01-15 22:00Guest 20my mind is always open\
2011-01-15 22:00Guest 23that is why we are all in this chat room ofcourse =D
2011-01-15 22:00John De HerreraArticle V Alive:
2011-01-15 22:00Guest 20yep : )
2011-01-15 22:01Guest 23colleen's blogtalkradio is badass
2011-01-15 22:01FreeamericanWednesday Jan 19 Colleen Thomas will be on my show on the htttp:// will be the link for the show
2011-01-15 22:02Guest 23colleen's show be tomorrow
2011-01-15 22:02clearmanWhere?
2011-01-15 22:02Guest 20there was 4 fighter jet planes flew over early today, not sure it was for a football game, but it was flying the opposite of the stadium, idk
2011-01-15 22:02Guest 23blogtalkradio
type in her name
2011-01-15 22:03Guest 20heading west
2011-01-15 22:03*Data*Colleen Thomas, chemtrail discussion
2011-01-15 22:03Diamondsmjso the email about ron paul was fake
2011-01-15 22:03mountaindog250 sheets to the roll too
2011-01-15 22:03clearmanI looked and there was no "The Next Pardidigm shift" show.
2011-01-15 22:03dwdialIt's such a bummer to find out the country you thought you were born in doesn't exist.
2011-01-15 22:03*Data*that's too true
2011-01-15 22:04Guest 23not tomorrow?
hmm ill check myself
2011-01-15 22:04Guest 20eh, its okay, i have a good family, that's all I care :)
2011-01-15 22:04mountaindogtakes the wind outta your sails don't it dwdial?
2011-01-15 22:04clearmanPlease post her show address.
2011-01-15 22:04FreeamericanHere is the show I did with Colleen. Let me know who is the best interviewer.
2011-01-15 22:05Guest 23isnt it tomorrow?
2011-01-15 22:05SMOCKOno sound?
2011-01-15 22:06Jack BauerYou're the only 1 with no sound smoko
2011-01-15 22:06dwdialHow does Colleen compare in size to Melody Gillespie?
2011-01-15 22:06Guest 20say hi to the Captain for me COLLEEN !
2011-01-15 22:07dwdialWhat are the six communities that comprise the Greater Metropolitan Myrland area in Norway, Dave?
2011-01-15 22:07Guest 23 scroll down to the orange header
2011-01-15 22:07Guest 20I got a AREA51 is on our side?????
2011-01-15 22:07Guest 23im sorry?
on our team?
2011-01-15 22:08Guest 20idk
2011-01-15 22:08mountaindogshe can't be a Capricorn!
2011-01-15 22:10FreeamericanOne of my father in laws was the Marine Col. by the name of Loy Conrad. He escorted the surviving aliens to Truman's Office
He has a wall full of medals
2011-01-15 22:10*Data*I just GoogleEarthed the town, found 6
2011-01-15 22:11FreeamericanHe said they were telepathic
2011-01-15 22:11Guest 23so anyone hear about the 200 dead cows in wisconsin?
2011-01-15 22:11FreeamericanNo. When?
2011-01-15 22:11clearmanWhat Time Zone is her show on at 10am?
2011-01-15 22:11John De HerreraIn Wisconsin now?
2011-01-15 22:11mountaindogprice of cheese is goin up now...
2011-01-15 22:11Guest 23,0,588933.story
2011-01-15 22:12PeaceandLoveSome are talking about 2 or 3 days without sun , when this will happen ?
2011-01-15 22:12Guest 23i heard from some guy on youtube that the birds, fish chose to leave the planet
he also said that the cows were next. and not even a week later those 200 cows are dead
2011-01-15 22:13FreeamericanThe CIA and the Mossad are bringing in the drugs. May not be all of them but a lot of them ARE involved
2011-01-15 22:14whoopidoo2uare we going to have a disclosure for the world to see, and are the aliens evil?
2011-01-15 22:14Guest 23yes
feb 28th
hopefully it stays that date
2011-01-15 22:15TheNextLevel11Is Colleen familiar with the Stargate the has opened in the Gulf Of Aden, where the whole worlds military is and there is a HUGE Media Blackout
2011-01-15 22:15whoopidoo2uNIBRIU
They keep lieing to us about it being real
2011-01-15 22:16TheNextLevel11Nibiru is real, it's not even denied.. It's even on
Fact that it is a binary system
2011-01-15 22:16Guest 23big big ship
a monster
where will it decloak?
2011-01-15 22:17whoopidoo2uI like this woman
2011-01-15 22:17*Data*I like her too
Colleen Thomas, chemtrail discussion
2011-01-15 22:17TheNextLevel11:-) thank you for addressing
2011-01-15 22:18Guest 18what about 2012 the end of the world??
2011-01-15 22:18whoopidoo2uthe whole war in iraq was to get their stargate
2011-01-15 22:18Guest 23there was a very scary photo posted on her facebook page. a commercial airline jet rigged with looked to be beer kegs. now thats where you askyourself
why would a jet made for human transportation be rigged to carry beer kegs (chemicals)
2011-01-15 22:18TheNextLevel11Keep it up Colleen. We appreciate your COURAGE :-)
2011-01-15 22:18Guest 232012 is the ascension of mankind
2011-01-15 22:18Guest 18WHAT ABOUT 2012 THE END OF THE WORLD??
2011-01-15 22:19Guest 23not destruction
2011-01-15 22:19Guest 18WHAT IS GOING TO KEEP US ALIVE??
2011-01-15 22:20whoopidoo2uTHANKS FOR HAVING COLLEEN ON JACK
2011-01-15 22:20Jack BauerYou're welcome
2011-01-15 22:20clearmanHow do we get them to expose theirselves to us?
2011-01-15 22:20mountaindogvery informative!
2011-01-15 22:20Guest 23when we see the good human aliens comedown and literally tell you this
2011-01-15 22:21whoopidoo2uthey are trying to keep us from growing food for our own use, I guess to starve us into submission
2011-01-15 22:21Guest 23thats when we cant ignore the fact when theyre standing infront fo us
or we see that huge mothership decloak
2011-01-15 22:21FreeamericanYou can hear my show at 7:00AM Pacific, 10:00AM Eastern, 5 days a week here on TalkShoe also. Host ID 87590
2011-01-15 22:21*Data*"Hey - Alien!!! Show us your *^&^%$ parts!!!'
bingo - exposure
2011-01-15 22:22whoopidoo2uSHOW US THE PICTURE
2011-01-15 22:22*Data*
2011-01-15 22:22FreeamericanNot from me. But I wrote about those ships in a novel 40 years ago.
2011-01-15 22:23Guest 20they are listening :O
2011-01-15 22:23Guest 23those asshats!
2011-01-15 22:23mountaindogMIB are being disruptive tonight...
2011-01-15 22:23PeaceandLovewhere will be this north pole at the end ?
2011-01-15 22:23whoopidoo2uARE THEY REALLY SPRAYING US WITH progenes
2011-01-15 22:24Guest 5Many Theologians believe that 2012, probably during the passover that evil will be taken on by the Creator and be eradicated.
2011-01-15 22:24Guest 20is there really a big hole that leads to the center Earth real? : o
2011-01-15 22:24whoopidoo2uguest 5 I REALLY HOPE SO
2011-01-15 22:24Guest 5Yes, the hole leads to hell
2011-01-15 22:25TheNextLevel11Here is some information about the STARGATE that has opened up in the Gulf of Aden.
2011-01-15 22:25Guest 5that is where the biblical hell is.
2011-01-15 22:25mountaindogdough nut area?
A Winchell's sign or a magnet for cops?
2011-01-15 22:26FreeamericanThank link does not work.
2011-01-15 22:27mountaindogIt's a bad link or MIB took it down...
2011-01-15 22:28wavelengthmountain what is MIB?
2011-01-15 22:28Jack Bauermen in black
2011-01-15 22:28mountaindogmen in black
2011-01-15 22:28whoopidoo2uthe nextlevel that link does not work
2011-01-15 22:28*Data*Colleen Thomas, chemtrail discussion
2011-01-15 22:28TheNextLevel11
2011-01-15 22:28clearmanCan she verify any of this?
2011-01-15 22:29TheNextLevel11;-) oopsy
2011-01-15 22:29wavelengthThanks, so many alphabets
2011-01-15 22:29mountaindogPTB = powers that be
2011-01-15 22:29TheNextLevel11Colleen, can you address the 22 E.T races who have contributed to our DNA?
2011-01-15 22:30Guest 20I dopnt even vote ! :\
2011-01-15 22:30SMOCKOcome on who believes this?
2011-01-15 22:30TheNextLevel11smocko, it's all true....seriously.
Watch David Wilcock - 2012 Enigma (on youtube)
Watch Steven Greer-Disclosure Project (on youtube)
2011-01-15 22:31Jack BauerGlad you can now hear us Smoko
2011-01-15 22:31Guest 18IT'S A CORP. FLAG
2011-01-15 22:31TheNextLevel11Watch the 120 Airforce of the US MILITARY who spoke under oath about the documented 57 E.T Races
2011-01-15 22:31TheNextLevel11if you want links, i will send
2011-01-15 22:31PeaceandLoveWhen the holograph signal will be shut down ?
2011-01-15 22:31whoopidoo2uthe supreme court says he was here as a guest and is not legal, the supreme court is remaining silent, THATS NOT OUR NATIONAL FLAG its a military flag
2011-01-15 22:32TheNextLevel11I didn't mention project camelot
that was someone else
How does Colleen feel about ALEX COLLIER
2011-01-15 22:32Guest 20i was about to ask that
2011-01-15 22:32TheNextLevel11no prob :-)
2011-01-15 22:33Diamondsmjlinks for wilcock and greer would be appreciated
2011-01-15 22:33*Data*Colleen Thomas, chemtrail discussion
2011-01-15 22:33Guest 26when can we quit our day jobs :)
2011-01-15 22:33*Data*Hi Ed
2011-01-15 22:33Guest 18JACK ASK HER ABOUT 2012
2011-01-15 22:33whoopidoo2uthats why some people grow HORNS out of their heads and tails
2011-01-15 22:33*Data*we asked already about 2012
she's not into it
2011-01-15 22:33TheNextLevel11Is our 12 strand DNA. Felines
2011-01-15 22:33whoopidoo2uhave 12 fingers and toes
2011-01-15 22:33TheNextLevel111 of each strand. many authors say so...
supposedly each person has 2 of the 12 open
2011-01-15 22:34Guest 23alex is great
2011-01-15 22:34SMOCKOlike goerge green?
2011-01-15 22:34Guest 20alex collier speak about the Moon being a whole satelite and is from another solar system... ?
2011-01-15 22:34Guest 11WHAT HAPPENED TO JOHNNY CASH?
2011-01-15 22:34whoopidoo2uDON'T trust fullford
2011-01-15 22:34PeaceandLoveWhat about this 12 strand ADN ... ??? is it true ?
2011-01-15 22:35Guest 5So true
2011-01-15 22:35FreeamericanHope you all get up early and catch my shows every weekday morning. All of the shows are archived on
2011-01-15 22:35Guest 11BUT WHAT HAPPENED TO JOHNNY CASH?
2011-01-15 22:35AbundantenergyKeep up the GREAT WORK COLLEEN
2011-01-15 22:35EdClanofChattanTRUST NO MAN!!!!
2011-01-15 22:35Guest 26Awesome
2011-01-15 22:35whoopidoo2uI HOPE THEY KEEP YOU SAFE
2011-01-15 22:35TheNextLevel11Alex Collier says 22 E.T Races contributed to our DNA. Many humans on other planets are said to have more than 22 E.T races. It would be beneficial
2011-01-15 22:36Guest 26what about the day job :)
2011-01-15 22:36TheNextLevel11for Colleen to be open minded to Alex Collier, and maybe contact him. He is legit.
2011-01-15 22:36FreeamericanI am Clay Douglas. This show is great and Jack prepares you for me.
2011-01-15 22:36Guest 11BUT NOW WHERE IS HE???
2011-01-15 22:36whoopidoo2uSure would love to see them
2011-01-15 22:36Guest 5Intent is key, God knows the heart
2011-01-15 22:36Abundantenergythenextlevel..thats great info!!
2011-01-15 22:36clearmanWhat's Colleen's take on 9-11?
2011-01-15 22:36*Data*thanks
2011-01-15 22:36wavelengthClay how's the Liberty villages concept going?
2011-01-15 22:37*Data* - NoConfidence w/David Myrland
2011-01-15 22:37FreeamericanIt just needs financing
2011-01-15 22:37SMOCKOjohny cash is dead
2011-01-15 22:37*Data*7pm Eastern weekdays
2011-01-15 22:37Guest 11NO NOT THAT JOHNNY CASH
2011-01-15 22:37Guest 18ME TOO:)
2011-01-15 22:37FreeamericanI quit doing drugs when I learned the CIA was making all of the money.
2011-01-15 22:37Guest 11WHO IS LIKE SOME SAVIOR
2011-01-15 22:37TheNextLevel11Is the SENATE 100% non human???
2011-01-15 22:37Guest 11SHE SAID HE WAS
2011-01-15 22:37AbundantenergyColleen--are you planning on connecting with Kerry Cassidy of Project camelot? She said on the radio she would be open to doing a show with you!!!
2011-01-15 22:37TheNextLevel11lol freeamerican
2011-01-15 22:38Guest 11BUT I FORGOT WHICH ONE HE WAS
2011-01-15 22:38TheNextLevel11she already addressed project camelot-answer is no
2011-01-15 22:38Guest 11I THINK HE MAY HAVE BEEN JOSHUA
2011-01-15 22:39Jack BauerI will, give me minute
2011-01-15 22:40Guest 26oh wow
2011-01-15 22:40Guest 30Please speak about the ET contact Colleen spoke of 24 Feb 2011
2011-01-15 22:40*Data*pay toilet / Johnny Cash
2011-01-15 22:41Guest 31he uses CAPS NEERDD RAGE
seriously colleen is right
this guy is tweaked
2011-01-15 22:41TheNextLevel11Colleen is Superwoman
2011-01-15 22:41whoopidoo2uWHAT ABOUT THE KHAZAR JEWS?
2011-01-15 22:41*Data*
2011-01-15 22:41Guest 31ive seen 8 year olds have more intelligent conversations
2011-01-15 22:41Guest 11HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO BELIEVE HER?
2011-01-15 22:41Guest 31then the fake johnny cash
2011-01-15 22:42Guest 11IT ALWAYS CHANGES
2011-01-15 22:42*Data*Colleen Thomas, chemtrail discussion
2011-01-15 22:42Guest 26she said she was wrong
2011-01-15 22:42whoopidoo2uFalse jews
2011-01-15 22:42TheNextLevel11Colleen, can you address THE ELOHIM which translates to "those who come from the sky"
2011-01-15 22:42whoopidoo2uthat run the banks
2011-01-15 22:42Guest 30Et contact 24 Feb...
2011-01-15 22:42AbundantenergyColleen keep doin your thing
2011-01-15 22:42TheNextLevel11Guest30, why Feb 24?
2011-01-15 22:42clearmanWho did 9-11?
2011-01-15 22:43Guest 30she gave this date in a vid of hers..
2011-01-15 22:43*Data*Arab terrorists w/box cutters, glued to the bottom of the 2nd plane
2011-01-15 22:43TheNextLevel11Are the ANUNNAKI SEPARATE FROM THE ELOHIM?
2011-01-15 22:43Guest 3024 Feb contat date of ET given by Colleen
2011-01-15 22:43Abundantenergyinteresting
2011-01-15 22:43TheNextLevel11thanks :-)
2011-01-15 22:43wavelengthEzechial Chapter 1.
2011-01-15 22:44*Data*Colleen Thomas, chemtrail discussion
2011-01-15 22:44*Data*great show tonite - This show IS RECORDED, visit this archive for full show
2011-01-15 22:44TheNextLevel11here is information on the Stargate in the Gulf of Aden!
2011-01-15 22:44Guest 11IT GETS SO CONFUSING
2011-01-15 22:44Guest 5Works for me
2011-01-15 22:45whoopidoo2uDID YOU SEE THAT THEY FOUND A 345 YEAR OLD BIBLE
2011-01-15 22:45Guest 26when will we be free of this system? when will the general public know about what's going on?
2011-01-15 22:45TheNextLevel11glad i found this show.. I found the link on Colleen's page :-)
2011-01-15 22:45SMOCKOHow does she rate with what she says with the bible?
2011-01-15 22:46AbundantenergyI was getting Pizza AND MISSED THE WHOLE SHOW
2011-01-15 22:46SMOCKOor any of you guys who believes this. I am guessing you are not christian
2011-01-15 22:46wavelength26 the general public seem to still be asleep.
2011-01-15 22:46Jack BauerIt's archived!!
2011-01-15 22:46Abundantenergynice..thanks JB
2011-01-15 22:46Guest 26yeah..but for how long? its getting scary
2011-01-15 22:46whoopidoo2uWHATS THE LINK nextlevel
2011-01-15 22:46Jack BauerI keep them up for ever!!
2011-01-15 22:47wavelengthThe Vatican hords the truth.
2011-01-15 22:47TheNextLevel11What does Coleen think about what many are saying about the return of Jesus on May 21, 2011? And does Colleen think that the BOOK OF REVELATION will
be played out?
2011-01-15 22:47wavelengthThe
2011-01-15 22:47whoopidoo2uWHATS THE LINK TO COLLEEN PAGE?
2011-01-15 22:47TheNextLevel11
Gulf of Aden info
2011-01-15 22:48clearman
2011-01-15 22:48wavelengthThe Vaticon keeps secrets to oppress.
2011-01-15 22:48TheNextLevel11Please check it out, Lots of info EVERYWHERE Millions
i will post it on COLLEENS page
2011-01-15 22:48geneticdonorAny comments regarding Frank O'Collins
2011-01-15 22:48Guest 5The Vatican is the Center of all evil, they are the first world power and the black pope is the antichrist, head of the jesuit army
2011-01-15 22:48Guest 26when is the revolution? when will the republic become common knowledge??
2011-01-15 22:48TheNextLevel11Is the Pope and the Royalty, both Draconian??
2011-01-15 22:49*Data*
2011-01-15 22:49Guest 32i would think so
if not then they are humans consumed with reptile beliefs
2011-01-15 22:49*Data*Colleen Thomas, chemtrail discussion
2011-01-15 22:49TheNextLevel11thanks :-)
2011-01-15 22:50Diamondsmjlink to full version enigma 2011?
2011-01-15 22:50*Data*Colleen Thomas, chemtrail discussion
2011-01-15 22:50TheNextLevel11data data, chemtrails are real.. Sylphs are the Entities who are eating up the chemtrails and disposing them into other dimensions
2011-01-15 22:50John De Herrera Article V Alive, tomorrow, 8:30 PM EST--Learn how we're meant to retrieve what's been taken from us....
2011-01-15 22:50*Data*
2011-01-15 22:50Guest 13what about Krishna, and the ancient vedas
2011-01-15 22:50wavelengthStewert Swerdlow?
2011-01-15 22:50Diamondsmjis there good reading on Article V Alive
2011-01-15 22:51*Data*great show
2011-01-15 22:52Guest 32this guy totally makes sense
2011-01-15 22:52TheNextLevel11there is a STARGATE that has opened up in the Gulf Of Aden. You can find out more information, here.
2011-01-15 22:52Jack Bauerthanks
2011-01-15 22:52AbundantenergyThe stargate is of major relevance too
2011-01-15 22:53TheNextLevel11COLLEEN, Can you address the ARTIFICIAL MOON. Was it dragged here from URSA MINOR?
2011-01-15 22:53Guest 32yes
2011-01-15 22:53*Data*
2011-01-15 22:53Guest 32hes right
thats what alot of channelers say
from what ive gathered
band together
2011-01-15 22:54TheNextLevel11THE Powers are hiding the STARGATE from us. It is real and the most important thing that will lead to disclosure
2011-01-15 22:54Guest 32rid ourselves of the useless reptiles n greys
2011-01-15 22:54clearmanWhen has this government EVER protected our BirthRights? I'm so done with government!
2011-01-15 22:54Guest 32you have to acquire the knowledge to use stargates?
2011-01-15 22:54dwdialUniversal Citywalk!
2011-01-15 22:54whoopidoo2uME TOO GUEST #@
2011-01-15 22:54Guest 32as in get higher merkaba
i think
2011-01-15 22:54whoopidoo2uOOPS 32
2011-01-15 22:55Guest 32the pleidians teach us this
mainly i listened to alex collier and colleen
2011-01-15 22:55*Data*publicservantonians
2011-01-15 22:55Guest 20both are great
2011-01-15 22:55dwdial
2011-01-15 22:55whoopidoo2ulike to see pictures of them
2011-01-15 22:55SMOCKOlol
2011-01-15 22:55TheNextLevel11Alex Collier is GREAT
2011-01-15 22:56Guest 32alex is the best speaker
such emotion
2011-01-15 22:56SMOCKOi have researched this, and i can't follow it
2011-01-15 22:56Guest 32and the andromedans teach the exact same message as the pleiadians
2011-01-15 22:56John De HerreraArticle V info:
2011-01-15 22:57Guest 32tis true
2011-01-15 22:57John De HerreraMore info:
2011-01-15 22:57Diamondsmjthank you John
2011-01-15 22:57TheNextLevel11Here is a lecture by Alex Collier. You WILL NOT BE disappointed.
2011-01-15 22:57John De HerreraYou got it D.
2011-01-15 22:57Abundantenergyi hope youre correct colleen!!
i would love to see way more ppl wake up
2011-01-15 22:57Guest 20i seen pretty much all Alex's lectures : )
2011-01-15 22:57Guest 32i cant wait for everyone who shuns me because of my "weirdness" and starts begging for information
2011-01-15 22:57SMOCKOi believe in satan, devils, angels and saints, christ and god
2011-01-15 22:57wavelengthThe so called laws always says "and for other perposes"
2011-01-15 22:57TheNextLevel11Colleen, Was the Moon dragged here from the Star system, URSA MINOR?
2011-01-15 22:58*Data*RECORDED SHOW, check the archive here in a couple of hours
2011-01-15 22:58Guest 32to believe in the light. you need to believe in the dark
2011-01-15 22:58Guest 13great show, hi from Macedonia
2011-01-15 22:58Jack BauerThank You!!
2011-01-15 22:58Abundantenergywe love you colleen
2011-01-15 22:58whoopidoo2usmocko I do too , but they may be aliens and not gods or angels
2011-01-15 22:58*Data*Hi Macedonia
2011-01-15 22:58Guest 32colleen is the bomb
2011-01-15 22:59SMOCKOor the aliens are devils
2011-01-15 22:59Guest 32i wish alex collier would put out another vid
aliens are the devils and demons or whatever you wanna call em
2011-01-15 22:59Abundantenergycolleens energy is wonderful!!!
2011-01-15 22:59Jack BauerI'll try to book him!!
2011-01-15 22:59Guest 13it's 5:00 in the morning
2011-01-15 22:59TheNextLevel11Here is some Up to date information the biggest thing that is going on in the world, where there is a media black out.
2011-01-15 22:59Guest 20that be funny and cool if aliens are watching and gov are watching our lil chat room ;P
2011-01-15 22:59TheNextLevel11GULF OF ADEN STARGATE
Guest 20, they are....
2011-01-15 22:59Guest 32who cares if they are
2011-01-15 22:59TheNextLevel11100%, no question about it
2011-01-15 23:00whoopidoo2udoes alex collier have a site
2011-01-15 23:00Guest 32he does but youtube is better
2011-01-15 23:00Guest 20Hi guys !!!
2011-01-15 23:00TheNextLevel11Whoopidoo, youtube
2011-01-15 23:00Jack BauerDon't know
2011-01-15 23:00whoopidoo2uthanks
2011-01-15 23:00TheNextLevel11just type his name in, watch "2010 Earth Transformation Conference"
2011-01-15 23:00whoopidoo2uare they under his name?
2011-01-15 23:00wavelengthThey sprayed the whole southeast Confederate States.
2011-01-15 23:00Guest 32alex hasnt put one out since june of last year i think
2011-01-15 23:01*Data*thanks everybody!!!
2011-01-15 23:01whoopidoo2ubest show for awhile
2011-01-15 23:01Guest 20Thanks Colleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen
2011-01-15 23:01*Data*g'nite
2011-01-15 23:01TheNextLevel11Can you ask COLLEEN If she is familiar with the MOON being dragged here from URSA MINOR?
2011-01-15 23:02clearmanCan she discuss 9-11?
2011-01-15 23:02geneticdonorWhat does she know about Frank O'Collins of ?
2011-01-15 23:02Guest 20I heard the moon is a big satalite or something with hundreds of ruins
2011-01-15 23:02TheNextLevel11URSA MINOR WAS BEFORE THE MOON...
hmm thanks for asking :-)
Ya, it ringed
it ringed for hours
2011-01-15 23:03Guest 20there was a water leak on the moon, did they have water supply accident?
2011-01-15 23:03TheNextLevel11COLLEEN FOR PRESIDENT!
2011-01-15 23:03clearmanThat's what David Icke says too.
2011-01-15 23:04AbundantenergyGooooo COLLEEEEEN
2011-01-15 23:04Guest 32agreed
for pres
2011-01-15 23:04TheNextLevel11COLLEEN FOR PRESIDENT!
2011-01-15 23:04wavelengthAre the MIB draining the lakes and ponds?
2011-01-15 23:04TheNextLevel11SUPERWOMAN FOR PRESIDENT!
2011-01-15 23:04AbundantenergyColleen Thomas '12
2011-01-15 23:04Guest 20I love this group ! : )
2011-01-15 23:04TheNextLevel11:-)
Colleen for THIS, THAT and the OTHER THING!!!!
2011-01-15 23:05AbundantenergyYeah Colleen
2011-01-15 23:05Guest 20:)
2011-01-15 23:05Abundantenergy:)
2011-01-15 23:05TheNextLevel11Jack, GREAT SHOW!
2011-01-15 23:05Guest 20Byeee colleen
2011-01-15 23:05whoopidoo2uBYE COLLEEN COME BACK AGAIN
2011-01-15 23:05clearmanThanks Mike!
2011-01-15 23:05Abundantenergythanks for a great show
2011-01-15 23:05Guest 20that was fun
2011-01-15 23:05TheNextLevel11how do you speak?
2011-01-15 23:05SMOCKOcall in
2011-01-15 23:06Guest 20well, until next time guys, g'nigthers !
2011-01-15 23:06SMOCKOwho all is promoting this with you john? or are you alone in this?
2011-01-15 23:06whoopidoo2uI'm going to log in later and listen to what I missed
2011-01-15 23:07SMOCKOjohn de herrera
2011-01-15 23:07Guest 13great stuff, just great
2011-01-15 23:08whoopidoo2uI wish I would have called in , I think she sounds sincere
2011-01-15 23:11TheNextLevel11"Jack Bauer"
2011-01-15 23:11SMOCKOwho is promoting article 5 with you John?
2011-01-15 23:11TheNextLevel11Y'all should make sure to update yourselves on the situation in the Gulf Of Aden. E.T's are there. They are using it to travel in and out of worlds.