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TS-1256322 12.401:50:15Y2018-07-21EPISODE 142 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-1255495 14.202:05:12Y2018-07-18EPISODE 140 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-1254996 14.602:06:52Y2018-07-14EPISODE 139 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-1254371 15.502:13:23Y2018-07-11EPISODE 138 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-1254073 16.902:25:46Y2018-07-07EPISODE 137 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-1253019 15.902:17:10Y2018-06-30EPISODE 136 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-1254350 0.800:07:11Y2018-06-29EPISODE 135 - JC and Shaman attempt to swear out a warrant against a Judge
TS-1253018 16.902:26:00Y2018-06-27EPISODE 134 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-1253017 14.402:05:19Y2018-06-23EPISODE 133 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-1253378 19.502:50:10Y2018-06-21EPISODE 132 - Common Law Word NerdzSimulcast with Angela's My Private Audio
TS-1253016 9.801:25:59Y2018-06-20EPISODE 131 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-1253014 12.901:52:06Y2018-06-16EPISODE131 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-1251004 15.302:12:29Y2018-06-13EPISODE 129- Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-1250255 15.002:10:43Y2018-06-06EPISODE 128 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-1251003 14.502:05:39Y2018-06-02EPISODE 127 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-1249095 10.301:29:17Y2018-05-30EPISODE 126 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-1250342 15.702:17:54Y2018-05-26EPISODE 125a - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-1249093 16.002:17:42Y2018-05-23EPISODE 124 - Common Law Word NerdzLink to tonight's lesson plan
TS-1248938 16.502:21:14Y2018-05-19EPISODE 123 - Common Law Word NerdzCampfire Night - Open Forum - Questions & Random thoughts - Call in and hang out with us, tell us what's on your heart
TS-1248937 16.902:26:03Y2018-05-16EPISODE 122 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-1248224 14.502:05:58Y2018-05-12EPISODE 121 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-1246801 13.902:01:22Y2018-05-09EPISODE 120 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-1247828 20.903:02:28Y2018-05-05EPISODE 119 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-1245690 15.302:11:24Y2018-05-02EPISODE 118 - Common Law Word Nerdzhope to upload a recording a few hours before this call
TS-1245406 21.203:02:03Y2018-04-25EPISODE 117 - Common Law Word NerdzJC and the Shaman are going to share some of their court experiences with regard to the ins and outs of how a man may act in a Courts of Law and how to avoid some of the lethal mistakes some of us have made. Learn more at their temp study page about About Common Law Shamanism -
TS-1245404 23.403:21:41Y2018-04-18EPISODE 116 - Common Law Word NerdzWe've not hung out together for a while so this is going to be a call to discuss how everyone's doing and to catch up on "things" . . . and where do we go from here.
TS-1245791 1.200:10:43Y2018-04-18EPISODE 115 - upload - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-1243269 5.900:50:48Y2018-03-24EPISODE 114 - Common Law Word NerdzPre-Constitutional Law I was on another call
TS-1215309 25.803:46:06Y2017-10-25EPISODE 111 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-1214964 33.104:49:11Y2017-10-18EPISODE 110 - Common Law Word NerdzDoing a call on J-Walking and Vaccinations . . call in if you've had some fun with these issues
TS-1127698 9.701:27:48Y2017-04-19EPISODE 109 - Common Law Word NerdzI may start later .. depends on what else is going on that day .. i'm going to be calling in to say hi and catch up on what y'all have been up to .. so be ready to give me some updates if you call in.
TS-1100234 14.302:02:27Y2016-08-04EPISODE 108 - Common Law on "Walls In Our Mind"Common Law on "Walls In Our Mind" with Terry Dodd, Brent Winters, Carl Swennson and former Judge and Police Chief Paul L. Nally
TS-1097955 12.301:46:05Y2016-07-25EPISODE 106 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-1070939 1.200:15:17Y2016-04-12EPISODE 105 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-1055679 10.001:29:20Y2016-02-17EPISODE104 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-1049920 12.301:48:10Y2016-01-28EPISODE 103 - Common Law Word NerdzJesse's day in Court -- update
TS-1049397 29.104:18:19Y2016-01-27EPISODE 102 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-1045118 13.301:56:11Y2016-01-13EPISODE 101 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-1033329 3.900:34:27Y2015-11-16EPISODE100 - man goes to court - part 2 of 2
TS-1033327 8.701:17:22Y2015-11-16EPISODE 99 - man goes to court - part 1 of 2
TS-1027933 14.402:06:38Y2015-11-12EPISODE 97 - Common Law Word NerdzSsimulcast with "Walls In Our Mind" on Blogtalk Radio with Terry Dodd, Red Beckman and Dr. Kate.
TS-1026220 7.501:05:02Y2015-11-11EPISODE 96 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-1022867 27.604:02:35Y2015-11-04EPISODE 95 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-1020367 22.203:16:06Y2015-10-21EPISODE 94 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-1019399 21.903:10:11Y2015-10-14EPISODE 93 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-1016469 19.303:12:47Y2015-10-07EPISODE 92 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-1014138 23.503:26:17Y2015-09-30EPISODE 91 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-1012163 24.003:32:53Y2015-09-23EPISODE 90 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-1013325 1.000:09:26Y2015-09-18EPISODE 89 - my "Probable Cause" hearing
TS-1010843 22.503:19:36Y2015-09-16EPISODE 88 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-1008034 14.002:05:20Y2015-09-09EPISODE 87 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-1007919 14.802:11:29Y2015-09-02EPISODE 86 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-1004298 17.202:32:15Y2015-08-26EPISODE 85 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-1001904 20.302:59:10Y2015-08-19EPISODE 84 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-1000738 14.702:11:22Y2015-08-12EPISODE 83 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-995202 10.301:30:44Y2015-07-22EPISODE 81 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-991218 32.304:45:37Y2015-07-15EPISODE 80 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-987095 13.902:00:19Y2015-07-08EPISODE 78 - Common Law Word NerdzThis will be a short call (maybe an hour) just to say hi and catch up with folks to find out what y'all been up to.
TS-990332 20.403:09:11Y2015-07-01EPISODE 77 - Gus, Gene and Bill Thornton - Feb 2013
TS-979624 0.400:03:58Y2015-05-29EPISODE77 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-978572 0.300:02:52Y2015-05-25EPISODE 76 - Common Law Word Nerdz - Notes - Grand Jury
TS-976987 0.600:05:09Y2015-05-20EPISODE 75 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-972642 1.000:08:47Y2015-05-13EPISODE 73 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-971755 18.502:42:41Y2015-05-06EPISODE 72 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-968940 28.004:04:42Y2015-04-29EPISODE 71 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-968155 24.503:34:50Y2015-04-22EPISODE 70 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-965016 24.203:29:52Y2015-04-15EPISODE 69 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-961438 22.003:11:56Y2015-04-08EPISODE 68 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-961437 28.804:12:38Y2015-04-01EPISODE 67 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-958148 23.403:21:40Y2015-03-25EPISODE 63 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-945748 32.604:44:57Y2015-03-18EPISODE 61 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-955434 10.601:36:30Y2015-03-12EPISODE 60 - Probable Cause Hearing
TS-953179 17.702:32:34Y2015-03-11EPISODE 61 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-953178 4.000:35:32Y2015-03-05EPISODE 58 - John H goes back to court
TS-950370 20.202:53:38Y2015-03-04EPISODE 59 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-953177 3.300:00:00Y2015-03-04EPISODE 58 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-950377 13.701:59:59Y2015-02-27EPISODE 56 - UnKommon Law w Mo
TS-949135 15.702:19:16Y2015-02-25EPISODE 55 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-947521 32.704:48:27Y2015-02-18EPISODE 54 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-946564 3.300:29:52Y2015-02-14EPISODE 53 - John H goes to court
TS-945659 26.403:49:40Y2015-02-11EPISODE 52 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-944275 2.000:16:55Y2015-02-11EPISODE 51 - Karl re CPS and Strippers
TS-943748 27.203:59:08Y2015-02-05EPISODE 50 - Myths of the Common LawOn "Walls in our Mind" with Terry Dodd, Red Beckman and Dr. Kate ---
TS-942898 33.304:47:56Y2015-02-04EPISODE 47 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-943081 1.600:13:14Y2015-02-02EPISODE 46 - Karl's Claim Basics - Merge from KMA61
TS-943108 1.100:09:24Y2015-02-01EPISODE 45 - Common Law Word Nerdz - BONDS
TS-943107 1.400:11:23Y2015-01-31EPISODE 44 - Common_Law_Word_erdzClaim of Conusance
TS-943101 8.101:12:02Y2015-01-29EPISODE 43 - Audra in Court
TS-940085 26.903:51:47Y2015-01-28EPISODE 42 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-940512 4.100:36:26Y2015-01-27EPISODE 41 - Karl talks about John
TS-942926 8.101:12:02Y2015-01-25EPISODE 43 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-943077 8.100:00:00Y2015-01-25EPISODE 43 - Court Recording - Audra
TS-937968 30.304:29:46Y2015-01-21EPISODE 40 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-937550 0.400:03:16Y2015-01-15EPISODE 39 - Karl Lentz: law is just an opinion
TS-930671 32.504:44:11Y2015-01-07EPISODE 37 - Common Law Word NerdzHope y'all enjoyed your holidays, Happy New Year
TS-926812 33.404:47:44Y2014-12-17EPISODE 36 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-924571 33.104:46:45Y2014-12-10EPISODE 35 - Common Law Word Nerdz - Letter WrittingWhy Letter Writing: 1) who do you write to? 2) who do you really write for? 3) Are you focused on exposing the man behind the person?
TS-923076 33.404:48:38Y2014-12-03EPISODE 34 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-922284 33.804:52:24Y2014-11-26EPISODE 32 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-922291 12.601:49:20Y2014-11-25EPISODE 31 - Family Affairs with Dave
TS-918184 32.104:37:41Y2014-11-19EPISODE 30 - Common Law Word Nerdzi received lots of questions from people this week about common law courts and jurisdiction and so on ... i asked them all to call in tonight... they said they would ... should be an interesting call
TS-915690 24.203:30:37Y2014-11-12EPISODE 29 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-915593 32.004:37:45Y2014-11-05EPISODE 28 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-909579 33.004:46:21Y2014-10-22EPISODE 26 - Common Law Word Nerdzplease review the Statute of Staple page at before the call.
TS-908856 30.704:26:17Y2014-10-15EPISODE 25 - Common Law Word NerdzStatute of staples - Oaths of Office
TS-906170 32.904:58:10Y2014-10-08EPISODE 23 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-904080 30.604:27:44Y2014-10-01EPISODE 21 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-902642 13.101:53:46Y2014-09-26EPISODE 20 - Provost Marshal - Mark, Sean & Al ____and____
TS-901879 15.502:06:45Y2014-09-25EPISODE 19 - this "Wall In Our Mind" recording is a follow-up to Episode 12Walls In Our Minds - September 11, 2014 This was a follow up to the September 4th call the week before.
TS-901766 33.104:50:40Y2014-09-24EPISODE 18 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-898700 32.104:47:36Y2014-09-17EPISODE 17 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-897160 25.803:54:24Y2014-09-10EPISODE 16 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-893932 28.404:15:35Y2014-09-03EPISODE 15 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-892858 32.204:46:46Y2014-08-27EPISODE 14 - Common Law Word NerdzReview of "English Common Law in the Early American Colonies" by Reinsch
TS-887049 30.704:34:14Y2014-08-20EPISODE 13 - Common Law Word Nerdz
TS-890158 15.302:03:16Y2014-08-19EPISODE 12 - Walls in Our Minds Sept. 4th, 2014 - Intro to Common LawThis "Walls In Our Minds" recording is from September 4, 2014
TS-886245 17.402:32:58Y2014-08-13EPISODE 11 - Common Law Word Nerdzgo to or and click on "Study Guide" to learn more about these calls.
TS-887636 10.901:34:39Y2014-08-11EPISODE 10 - Word Nerdz - return of property hearingWe discussed Episode 8 --- 1min 30 seconds to about 20 minutes ---- regarding: how to hold a restoration of property preliminary hearing.
TS-886244 26.003:49:51Y2014-08-06EPISODE 9 - Common Law Word Nerdzgo to or and click on "Study Guide" to learn more about these calls.
TS-881870 32.804:48:00Y2014-07-30EPISODE 8 - Common Law Word Nerdzgo to or and click on "Study Guide" to learn more about these calls.
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