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2014-06-11 20:12Guest 3Ed, you sound muffled.
2014-06-11 20:14Logan11im from Canada sorry
don't know too many other Americans
no questions
2014-06-11 20:32Guest 4the maxims of law is the law right
they dont lie they mis speak
i doubt he wrote it at all
id like to hear about dealing with police on a traffic stop
2014-06-11 20:58caniamGood Stuff, dear one~
2014-06-11 20:59Guest 4they r the first encounter of evil most people fase
2014-06-11 20:59caniamTried to get my phone on today,but not yet~ Prob. tomorrow~
2014-06-11 21:00Guest 4some say you can bill him for ur time and carrying out his order
is there any way to show or tell the officer that ur not in his jurisdiction
2014-06-11 21:03Guest 5please discuss spme cases
2014-06-11 21:07Guest 4i don't know how they can find the thing that dictates their life boring
2014-06-11 21:16caniamEdward, I found someone in the Republic who will have have a visit with you and spend sometime, sometime soon. This weekend might be good.
2014-06-11 21:29Guest 4kids now can graduate high school without being able to read
2014-06-11 21:39caniamThe fellow that I am going to introduce to you Ed has gotten the IRS to leave him alone also~
2014-06-11 21:44Guest 5it was 40 years ago. lots of stuff worked 40 years ago that no longer is effective
2014-06-11 21:45Daniel KAll done by satans kids the jews!
Implied and Express
2014-06-11 21:46caniamWho says it's a benifit?
2014-06-11 21:46Daniel KThey work solely off of implied contracts
2014-06-11 21:47Guest 5not I!
2014-06-11 21:49caniamNO "equal consideration, NO full disclosure,& not real value and consensual benefits~
I think it's just an appearance of a contract until proven differently~
I think I misspelled some words ~
Hello Rob, good to hear you. I will be emailing you still before long. I have been restarting my business lately.
2014-06-11 21:54Daniel KAND... Jurisdiction can be challenged at ANY time in ANY court.
2014-06-11 21:55Guest 3Ok....caniam. This is Rob
2014-06-11 21:55caniamAfter so many years doing this stuff, I finally am having to take care of some/many survival issues etc.
2014-06-11 21:55Daniel KAND WHY am I in this court, when I have NO "New Deal" Contract with ANYONE?
2014-06-11 21:56Guest 3a man
Eddie Craig Monday night call
2014-06-11 21:56caniamRob, you always have so many good tidbits and references to add, appreciate it.~
2014-06-11 21:57Guest 3you are welcome Caniam
2014-06-11 21:59caniamRob~ you were going t put in your email again~ did I miss it?
2014-06-11 22:00Guest
2014-06-11 22:00caniamThat is soooooo sweet!
Thank you sir~
2014-06-11 22:15Guest 3No titles of nobility Candace.... :)
Sir, Mr.
2014-06-11 22:22caniamI really did not know that "Sir" was part of title of nobility. Thanks again for enlightening me. And I am a, not an ....ace. Maybe when I
2014-06-11 22:24Guest 3sir, mr....we should stay away from them. Eddie Craig agrees
2014-06-11 22:24caniam....maybe when I win in the higher courts, I'll change me name to include ....ace, lol. Where do you find smiley faces on here?
Sounds like a plan~
We should have a call dedicated to reading Charles Weisman together!
2014-06-11 22:27Guest 4yes!!! i love the word bamboozled
2014-06-11 22:28Seek&YouShallFindAs I wrote earlier this evening, "It Is Time" Rev 22:7,12,20
"I AM Coming"
Ed, the problem is not so much which law, though "their law" is not even law, but rather the problem is the numbers: For Each of Us, there are 1000
of the brood
For Each of Us Awake Folk, that is
Ezekiel 38 and 39 Will have to take place (Christ executes all of the Many Wicked before "Joy Cometh in the Morning"----then, We All Bury them all
(Ezek 39
2014-06-11 22:34Guest 4a republic if we can keep it
2014-06-11 22:35Seek&YouShallFindthat is, Christ will have to take out the vast majority of earth's population, before this huge mess will be solved
Read Ezekiel 38 and 39 which describes how world jewry (Gog, Magog and That Troop) will be brought over to every White Nation, and then Christ kills
them all 100% forever.
This ALL Was Planned in Heaven By God, long ago, to All happen This Way.
2014-06-11 22:48caniamYes, they did something like that with me. They sent me a letter stating that $1,000 worth of my $3,000 with them had been paid off. I had paid noth
I had paid nothing. They were like you guys said, "trying to put their hooks back into me? It was really weird!~
2014-06-11 22:52Guest 3yes candace, they are trying to drag you into an arguement
2014-06-11 22:59Seek&YouShallFindThis entire age has gone as it is going now. This Age Must Be Ended Immediately----that is the only solution. A Truly Loving Wonderful Righteous Age
Must be Begun and Must Never End, By Christ, Amen!!!
2014-06-11 23:01caniamDon't we say.."I have anAdmistrative matter"?
2014-06-11 23:34Logan11might
2014-06-11 23:36EdClanofChattanGoodnight all ;)
2014-06-11 23:37Daniel KThanks Ed, YHWH bless :)
2014-06-11 23:38caniam..............................................................................
2014-06-11 23:38EdClanofChattanSame back at you!
2014-06-11 23:38caniamThank you Edward~