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2014-06-04 20:05caniamWhy is it impossible to call into Talkshoe with skype so you can talk on the show?
That's what I was going to say~ Guthrie
I have some good news. Just got off a Republic Congress committee meeting and someone shared that the Operation Spring Group which has something like
.....something like 150,000 that's Operation American Spring.
No phone this week.
.....and they are staying peacefully in Washing DC until the heads of all the Agencies resign.
And.....They have pledged to support our re-inhabiting our Republic form of governance.
There's our Common Law courts!
Of course it will take some doing to get it all further organized.
2014-06-04 20:45Guest 7931-244-4353
2014-06-04 21:04EdClanofChattan
2014-06-04 21:05CDIM_PROFESSORED, Clint and Guests and others show that The Constitution brings Us into bondage, not freedom. Also, the Only Real Law Must Be Christ here with Us,
Eternally, In Person
Clint Richardsom is on RBN from 8pm to 10pm EST
2014-06-04 21:22caniamPlus what they are putting out there is mostly distraction from what they are really doing~
I am a woman and I quite agree....go to solutions!~
2014-06-04 21:35Guest 6ed send your breifs to henry in ct... going to bed now.... hjm
2014-06-04 21:55caniamI like that metaphor, "the biggest ball-bat", I have been calling it "bringing in the Big Guns". It really helps to have metaphors to communicate with
...communicate with others with.
I am signing off. All my round trips to town on my bike are whooping my energy. Some good stuff & will listen over again tomorrow ~ night~ talk soon
2014-06-04 22:27JeanBapJean Bap = John The Baptist in French
I used to baptize alot of people. Nowadays, I find very few even willing to discuss Spiritual Matters, let alone willing to "go down under the water"
As Christ taught baptism
Ed, I know that instead of discussing cases or earthly law, WE ALL Must Begin To Have Programs devoted 100% to Getting Christ To Eternally Return
Once Word Gets Out that You (or anyone) is involved in the above, Your Audience (and all others') will INCREASE 1000+%, No Doubt!!!
"Except Christ Fixes His Creation, Any Attampts To Do So are In Vain"