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2014-05-28 19:50EdClanofChattanHey Elijah ;)
2014-05-28 19:50Jacob IsraelHi Ed :)
how is your week etc going?
2014-05-28 19:52EdClanofChattanGreat!
2014-05-28 19:52Jacob IsraelI just came back in from a chemtrail filled world, a few minutes ago. Sneezing, and lots of phlegm built up, etc. Do you see them over your way too?
2014-05-28 19:53EdClanofChattanYes, every day!
2014-05-28 19:53Jacob Israelold rabbi rosenfeld was quite the liar!
2014-05-28 19:54EdClanofChattanYes, they all are!
2014-05-28 19:55Jacob Israelit is not just the chemtrails here in Tx, Ca, Fl, Ok, NY, etc, but that like 97% I've read are part of the brood, and you can hear and sense it!
2014-05-28 19:55EdClanofChattanYes
2014-05-28 19:56Jacob Israelthe archaeologists point out that all but Noah and family (plus virtually all animals) were turned into brood members by the sexual activity of the
nephilim (satan and the rest of the jews)
j.e.w. = abbrev for the demons and all of their progeny, per what I have studied
2014-05-28 19:56EdClanofChattanWe have ti get back to the LAW!
2014-05-28 19:57Jacob IsraelBut, Ed, how can only 3% of Creation do anything, save Christ steps in?
I just don't find any even Israelites who are truly awake, and so few, worldwide
2014-05-28 19:57EdClanofChattanChrist promises to step in for those who will follow the LAW!
2014-05-28 19:58Jacob IsraelI see that we have only a few more hours, days, weeks, month, or a year at most and the brood will make their move (Ezek 38 Evil Move or Plan)
That is, Christ must Step in anon (immediately)
the brood wiped out virtually 100% of the Israelites in our Nation of Russia in c 1917
1932 November?
by the way, PUTIN, per all the very few Israelites in Russia, is jewish. All of the few whites in Russia know him to be a ruthless jew as obamanation
No, Your Sound is like on Silent, Ed
Ed, let's talk about how Christ will step in, Amen?
let's face it, this entire universe is very "taxing" on Us, who were placed here against our best interests, per the evidence.
I passed 10,000 plus of earth's other inhabitants, today, while working, and most were of 3 or 4 races, out of their minds, and dangerous to Children
et al
Multiple Personality Complex = A Guaranteed Severe Condition of All Who are of Mixed Race Ancestry.
which applies to 97% of Earth's Population, including those in the seas, forests, jungles, deserts, etc
Why didn't "Freud" tell People this? Fraud was a fraud which nnly sought to get All to race-mix, as his ancestors did---and freud did many other
heinous tricks to unsupecting Christians, etc
Certainly, Only Christ stepping in, Ed, as we talked about earlier, can this horrible mess be "Made New" or Made Right (Rev 21:5)
2014-05-28 20:55EdClanofChattan
2014-05-28 21:06Jacob IsraelEd, 97% or so of the world is contrary to All Law, per their given genetics & most of the 3% or so who are Israelites are still asleep. So, What
Can We Actually Do, Save Wait For Christ to Come?
In Other Words, What Can Even The Total 3% of Us, worldwide, or c. 240 Million Do, When Our World Is So Completely Controlled by the god of this world
2014-05-28 21:20charles8854hi ed, hi elija.
2014-05-28 21:20Jacob IsraelI like the answer found in Judges 7:25 that after Christ had killed most of the jews of midian, Gideon and Army beheaded the lead jews, ending the war
hi charles
The law of Judges 7:25 is the only effective modus operandi ever. Kill or be killed. Every Time, White People (Israel) used this method We All Won!!
Every time we go into an earthly court, which has only very temporary pseudo-power, We never truly win. We just get postponements of Our Victory
Victory is only Won on A Real Battlefield.
Christ says, "I AM A GOD Of War"
2014-05-28 21:26charles8854
2014-05-28 21:27EdClanofChattan
2014-05-28 21:28charles8854all races have the right to defend themselves against the lawlessly-aggressing races &/or cultures.
yes, nice document from maine, there, ed. you posted it bwefore.
2014-05-28 21:29Jacob Israelall blacks, then mongoloids were sexually taken down per the archaeological evidence by the nephilim (first jews); ditto virtually all animals.
Thus, we all exist, today, in a vast majority jew (demon) world.
2014-05-28 21:31charles8854you dont really comprehend the simplicity of true israelite torah-law, ed.
2014-05-28 21:31Jacob Israelwho doesn't?
2014-05-28 21:32charles8854there is no need for any "civil jurisdiction", if we revert back to true israelite torah-law/common-law.
right, elija
"civil procedure" is derived from the laws of the roman slave-traders, who got that from ...
... who got that from the pharisee-jews, & their babylonian-talmud.
ed really does not comprehend the deep simplicity & beauty of true israelite torah-law/common-law.
2014-05-28 21:35Jacob IsraelCharles, although, most Pure White People obey the law, from birth onwards, like no others, still our Population numbers are at an all time low of c3%
2014-05-28 21:35charles8854or else he would not speak in support of "civil" law &/or procedure.
2014-05-28 21:36Jacob IsraelSo, The Real Basis for Law if Christ here in person, eternally, Setting the Eternally Best Example, once again, In Person. Nothing else will help.
2014-05-28 21:36charles8854i am dedicated to re-building our anglo/american/israelite christian/identity culture also, elija.
2014-05-28 21:37Jacob Israelchar, it won't help, anymore than Gideon and the 300 could have defeated 1 Million midianite jews, Unless Christ interceded. We only have months till
All Whites are gone, Unless Christ comes anon!
Pure Whites that is.....since race-mixed folk are of no use, or of virtually no use
Well, I have to go, for awhile. bbl, hopefully
2014-05-28 21:45charles8854"nisi prius" courts, are "if not before", courts; which means that they can only act if the people's common-law courts fail to act before them.
2014-05-28 22:12Jacob IsraelEd, Paul, and All Others, The Bolsheviks (demon jews) have done the same thing In America, thus far, exactly as they did in Our Russia c 1917
Well, no discussion going on, so I guess I will go for the night. There must be discussion, or there is no reason to "gather together"