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2014-05-14 20:26Seek&YouShallFindOnly White People Obey Laws. It has always been this way, since the very beginning.
White People = The Righteous
all of the rest of creation = jews; the lawless
White People = lone Minority
Jews = The Other part of Creation; the Vast Majority
We The Minority Carry the rest of Creation on our shoulders, and they "hate Us without a cause"
2014-05-14 20:33Guest 6Jews all financial scams
Who is the caller Illinois?
2014-05-14 21:19charles8854
2014-05-14 21:19charles8854hi ed.
what is this woman's name, ed.
2014-05-14 21:23Seek&YouShallFindthe creation degenerated primarily due to the creation and imposition of the needs-based flesh. The environment thus became worse exacerbating all as
2014-05-14 21:23EdClanofChattanCandice
2014-05-14 21:23Seek&YouShallFindwell.
The Golden Rule in Essence for God to make Us 100% as He is, that is, as Spirit.....never as flesh, of course.
*The Golden Rule in Essence is for God to make Us 100% as He is, that is, as Spirit.....never as flesh, of course.*
I was created to know and to do the truth.
"the flesh never profits in any sense whatsoever"
"the flesh is merely a burden" 2 Cor 5
"the flesh keeps Us from being Spiritually Pure" Gal 5:17
Only Once The Eternal Allows Us to be Spirit as He is (I John 3:2) and He is eternally here With Us, Will Anything be finally made Right (essence of
Rev 21:5)
and that for the very first time
2014-05-14 21:32charles8854Broad-Based Consensus-Building around Natural-Laws of Truth & Justice.
2014-05-14 21:33Seek&YouShallFindEd, Your putting the blame All on the puny weak Creatures, rather than on the All-Powerful Creator who alone designed and created All. Rom 1:25ff
Anyway, that is the Bible Scholar's take on the problem and solution. Only The All-Powerful Creator Can Be Responsible for How His Creation Is, and
that forever, of course.
We need to All be on the same page (above). Let Us Come to the knowledge of the Truth, Amen!!!
2014-05-14 21:37charles8854is candice's group the same as tim-turners group?
where is t5he "leadership", now, for this group?
who now claims turners office of "dejure president"?
we need some-one with true common-law "leadership-skills" to step in-to the office of "dejure president".
turner did not have that, imho.
"james giger" now occupies turners "dejure president" office.
is tim still in prison?
2014-05-14 21:43EdClanofChattanYes Charles TT is still in prison
2014-05-14 21:44charles8854thanks ed.
we need to do common-law jury-verdict of habeas-corpus to order him released.
2014-05-14 21:47Teddie Hinklecharles8854 is a nazi
2014-05-14 21:48Seek&YouShallFindNazi = ashkenazi jews / satan in the flesh
2014-05-14 21:48Teddie Hinkle8_19
2014-05-14 21:48Seek&YouShallFindbolshevik = the lake of fire's lowest level eternal inhabitants, "where there worm dieth never"
2014-05-14 21:49charles8854you a pharisee/ashkenazi, bolshevik?
2014-05-14 21:49Teddie HinkleI am a Kenite
2014-05-14 21:49charles8854sounds ashkenazi/khazarian, to me.
2014-05-14 21:50Seek&YouShallFindbolshevik = majority in yiddish (satan-speak). Yes, all kenites (brood of the vipers) will spend all eternity roasting in the lake of fire, and know
2014-05-14 21:50charles8854
2014-05-14 21:51Teddie Hinkle
2014-05-14 21:51Seek&YouShallFindbolsheviks (majority) are the vast majority of the lake of fire's inhabitants
i.e. all of the vipers and their brood will be therein
National Socialists = Those Who Sit Eternally with Christ Judging All
2014-05-14 21:52charles8854so, bolshevik, you admit to being "seed of satan"?
2014-05-14 21:53Seek&YouShallFindNational Socialism = Golden Rule Keepers
2014-05-14 21:56charles8854we need a re-election, frequently, for who is qualified to sit as dejure-president.
2014-05-14 21:57Teddie HinkleDo you really believe in that kike on a stick?
How about the 12 lampshades?
2014-05-14 21:58charles8854Broad-Based Consensus-Building around Natural-Laws of Truth & Justice.
"james giger" now occupies turners "dejure president" office. ??
2014-05-14 22:16charles8854
nice looking book, ed.
can you communicate more clearly, bolshevik?
who you calling a kike?
they are mis-using the phrase "public policy".
"common-law is the basis of public-policy."
i have case-law citations which say that.
"For reasons of public policy, the Common Law protected a person in peaceable possession of land, irrespective of the method of acquisition."
2014-05-14 22:27Superjedicharles, do you have links?
I am back now. I had to leave the call for a while.
2014-05-14 22:29charles8854 Page 50:
"This principle had its origin in the policy of the Ancient Law, to guard by all possible means against maintenance, the subversion of justice, and ,,
... and the oppression of the poor, by the rich and powerful."
Page 228-229, footnote 10:
those the links you were looking for, jedi?
Broad-Based Consensus-Building around Natural-Laws of Truth & Justice.
that youtube-link is to a video i recently made.
2014-05-14 22:37EdClanofChattanOk I'll check it out Charles.
2014-05-14 22:41Seek&YouShallFindSolution: Christ rid the entire creation of all evil and returns Us His White (Israelite-Adamite) People to Our Spirit-Only Condition, so "We Are As
He Is" I John 3:2
2014-05-14 22:42Teddie Hinklecharles8854 luvs 2 h8
2014-05-14 22:43Seek&YouShallFindThere is no other solution, and All know this, in each's core. Even the wicked know this (above) Must Occur and Anon!!! Amen!!!
2014-05-14 22:47charles8854so, bolshevik; you do seem to be admitting to being "seed of satan". please correct me if i error.
and i suppose that would accurately harmonize with your "gangster" handle.
ow cheez. bolshevik/seedofsatan left the chat. i suppose that is best.
2014-05-14 22:50Seek&YouShallFindgangster = satan, and all other jews (since jews are too weak to work alone or face to face against any of God's One People, White People.
2014-05-14 22:50charles8854sounds right, shem.
2014-05-14 22:51Seek&YouShallFind"one of you (White People) will chase a thousand (jews)"
jews' god is on the face of the book of their god, seten (ba'al aka satan)
the talmud
2014-05-14 22:52charles8854im with you in spirit, shem, but ...
... but i like to use popularly-supported words to our greatest advantage. ...
2014-05-14 22:53Seek&YouShallFindChrist the Creator alone has any (i.e. All) Power, of course.
2014-05-14 22:54EdClanofChattan
2014-05-14 22:54charles8854the word "jew", can, imho, be used positively. as in revelation 2:9 & 3:9.
2014-05-14 22:54Seek&YouShallFindseten (ba'al / satan) is as that powerless toy in the commercial, unless "energized"
the abbreviation "j.e.w.s." was invented by the demons around the time they were let out of the abyss (Rev 20:3). It stands for just ever wickeds,
which defines j.e.w.s. precisely
the brood of the vipers
2014-05-14 22:57charles8854our differing views are merely based on semantical/definition differences.
2014-05-14 22:58Seek&YouShallFindany difference is created long ago, and is the intent and design of Christ
2014-05-14 22:58charles8854i prefer the revelation 2:9 & 3:9 implied-true-definition.
2014-05-14 22:58Seek&YouShallFindI have the knowledge of the absolute truth, as He intended, from the very beginning
j.e.w.s. corporately are the synagogue of satan, satan's family
2014-05-14 22:59charles8854i admit i do not possess your level of self-confidence. but ...
2014-05-14 22:59Seek&YouShallFindI have no confidence, only His given inspiration
nothing less nor more than He intended
2014-05-14 23:00charles8854... but that does not mean that i also admit that your level of insight is more enlightened than mine.
2014-05-14 23:01Seek&YouShallFindyou cannot discern any more than you were given to
nor can anyone else
2014-05-14 23:01charles8854admitted.
2014-05-14 23:02Seek&YouShallFindChrist says He Will Solve His Creation Problem, huge as it is. See Ezekiel 38 and 39
death of all the just evil wickeds and then they are all cast forever into the lake of fire, where even their worms never die (Rev 14:11)
Mark 9:46
Good Night All and To All In Christ A Good Night.
2014-05-14 23:08charles8854good show, ed. your doing good work.
good night.