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2014-04-16 20:24Guest 4Im not Rob
2014-04-16 20:32EdClanofChattan
2014-04-16 20:46Seek&YouShallFindNational Socialism has been the best form of Government to date but ALL WHITE PEOPLE Must take part, this time, not 10% or so of US!!!
sorry I can't hear anything b/c of some hacking of my computer by the brood, if you are responding to my post, Ed (?)
type your response, if you did
anyway, I can't hear anythinb b/c of above, so back to Eli and Doc's show, for now
Ed, just a suggestion but I believe a great one: Why not switch from paper solutions to Leading A Militia of Mature Men and Women vs the brood?
I think you could easily find and lead a Militia as the One Eli and Doc are reporting about in Nevada, Amen?
That is What I am doing and the numbers are growing, out west here!!!
How about you others, Papacat and Traveler1?
What We MUST Do Is As Gideon and as Samson in book of Judges!!!
Well, let Us know!
The Only Law Ever Is Leading by Example, IN PERSON!!!
2014-04-16 22:38EdClanofChattan