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2014-02-26 21:03ExitTheMatrixhey Ed
maybe you can explain the new deal to us a little better
2014-02-26 21:24Guest 5I believe this crazy age will continue on exactly as is, Till Christ finally Comes and Makes All New (Rev 21:5)
it is all His plan, and under His complete direction.....His Divine Pageant
I just came in from working, solving This Age's Problems, a few minutes ag
I preached and taught all day to various Israelites and their co-workers, employees
Everyone agrees, that Christ created all of this Age's many aspects, and He sustains it, for some reason, as is.
2014-02-26 21:55fatdealbouvier's was the legal dictionary for the terms in const period
the supreme ct uses it
as others
2014-02-26 21:58EdClanofChattan
2014-02-26 22:00fatdealsilent contract
2014-02-26 22:03caniamWhy would we want to go to a court that works for a corporation and is not a, as you say, "a valid/lawful court"?
That's what I mean, they can not "recognize" us.
They don't want to claim "responsibility" for their country,
2014-02-26 22:37fatdealsupremacy?
2014-02-26 23:04caniamWhat is your opinion of using a Complaint against a lower court judge and his judgement against us which he lawfully was not qualified to make?
2014-02-26 23:10tngstanhowCan a Plaintiff drop a state case and move it to a federal court?
Thanks Stan
I still need the 1789 Judiciary act
Lost Your sound
2014-02-26 23:41EdClanofChattanCan you hear me now?
2014-02-26 23:41tngstanhowNo
2014-02-26 23:41Guest 8nope
2014-02-26 23:43EdClanofChattanCaanyou hear me now?
2014-02-26 23:44Guest 8no
2014-02-26 23:45tngstanhowNot a Peap Stan
2014-02-26 23:45EdClanofChattanNothing yet?
Anything yet?
2014-02-26 23:49Guest 8still nothing
2014-02-26 23:49tngstanhowNot a Thing Stan
2014-02-26 23:51EdClanofChattanAnything?
2014-02-26 23:52tngstanhowSorry No
2014-02-26 23:52EdClanofChattanI'll send out the Judiciary act to you and Stan tonight.
2014-02-26 23:53tngstanhowThanks Stan
2014-02-26 23:55EdClanofChattanCan you hear me now?
If you folks can't hear me now, I guess I will just end the call. I have dine everything I know to correct the problem.
See you folks next time.