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2014-02-19 20:54fatdealtoo much static
steely dan?
2014-02-19 20:57EdClanofChattanBlack Friday
2014-02-19 20:57TruthLover123another show later or its recording mp3
2014-02-19 20:58fatdealhe features eli james sometime right?
2014-02-19 20:58TruthLover123and John Friends w/Fetzer
both recorded
yes, Eli is on w/John
2014-02-19 21:01fatdealheard j fetzer is a movement killer
2014-02-19 21:02TruthLover123no, Fetzer is accurate---the others are the deceivers
2014-02-19 21:02fatdeali haven't listened to him though, limit my followings
who are the others?
2014-02-19 21:06TruthLover123i'm in a conference. be back later
2014-02-19 21:17fatdealhang up and call back,
you think?
get closer to the reciever
on a cordless i bet
speak up
no the senate and house of reps have birth regs
pres 14, sen 9, house 7 years cit of us
pres is a co that's it
and benefit
all private contracts supercede any constitution
same as a treaty
on a false claim
2014-02-19 21:30Guest 8fuckdeal has a one person chat bla bla bla
2014-02-19 21:31fatdealit says so in not the same terms in the constitution
2014-02-19 21:33Daniel KWicked seed of satan JEWS!
That was the alleged purpose Ed! We all know it was just HOW the jews took over!
2014-02-19 21:33fatdeala treaty is private, and cannot be read for a period of 8-yrs. if that treaty be currently signed? today? 8-10 yrs till you get a chance to peruse
as per thomas, the government shitty database for info
so the const gives it permission to destroy itself
2014-02-19 21:40Daniel KYes, clever devils
2014-02-19 21:41TruthLover123back for a few seconds. The Only Reason Jews Control everywhere is because 95% of the world is Jewish
2014-02-19 21:41fatdealthanks
2014-02-19 21:41TruthLover123devoid of Christ's Spirit (Rom 8:9)
2014-02-19 21:42Daniel KAll non-whites are not jews PWM
2014-02-19 21:42TruthLover123Most Talmud practitioners are in Asia, then Middle East, then Africa (voodoo-ists / talmudists), then everywhere else
correck Nok
2014-02-19 21:43fatdealare you dark night or dave kennedy
2014-02-19 21:43TruthLover123who?
2014-02-19 21:43fatdealthey know
2014-02-19 21:43Daniel KDark Knight
2014-02-19 21:43fatdealTHE dark night?
2014-02-19 21:43TruthLover123oh ok
2014-02-19 21:44Daniel KLike I said, I have to keep changing names to stay ahead of these wicked jews!
Also, if folks get to used to me, they WON'T love me anymore :)
2014-02-19 21:45TruthLover123:0
The Real Problem is: 99% Either Hate the Truth, or Can't Take more than an ounce of it, per lifetime
2014-02-19 21:46Daniel Knumber 6, interesting!
Yes, agreed PWM
MOST hate the truth and scripture!
2014-02-19 21:46TruthLover123ok, I have to go again, for awhile bbl
2014-02-19 21:47Daniel Kyeah, gotta go eat, brb
2014-02-19 21:47TruthLover123yes, most were created to be anti-Truth, for some unknown reason / fear of the same
2014-02-19 21:52fatdeali have chat creep
gotta stay vigilant
like dk
one of the best and funniest on t/s
phone tax been in place long b4 1933
2014-02-19 21:54EdClanofChattan
2014-02-19 21:55fatdealcivil war?
justia is good
they all are
2014-02-19 22:21Guest 9I heard you on tammi pepperman utube and she was desperate to desparage you. Ive never heard her lose her composure like that. Good job Ed
2014-02-19 22:25fatdealcause your legs were wet when we pulled from the water
2014-02-19 22:34Guest 9I want to hear it
i really think that they CANNOT hear us
I think that they know who all the posterity areand its on our birth certificates
They CANNOT hear you
2014-02-19 22:53Guest 10Former Aryan Nation leader charged with sexually assaulting child
2014-02-19 23:04caniamI am here. Always good to hear this over & over again. I've got a hard head and need to hear it many times-thanks. Good call~
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2014-02-19 23:40Ethan24why do they hide this show
what a joke
Sweet dreams