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2013-12-11 21:06EdClanofChattanGreetings all ;)
2013-12-11 21:09fatdealdans outro music does not appeal to me
have audio ed
we disagree on this contract
this constitution
good one ed
but don't use wiki for biograher/publisher pages
this is where i have read, charles warren, francis leiber, joseph story, john taylor of caroline, gustav meyersson or gustavus meyers
and more of the same ilk
2013-12-11 21:19Seek&YouShallFindTraveler, are you Erin Dakins from Truth Traveler?
Keep Your Powder Dry, Ed, Fatdeal, undefinedwon, Cent PA, Il, SE and Traveler
and "buy a sword" too
2013-12-11 21:22fatdealoh yeah?
2013-12-11 21:23Seek&YouShallFindand some nukes....I think 50 apiece will just about do...that's all!
2013-12-11 21:23fatdeala book on government? here you go
2013-12-11 21:23BunneeGreetings everybun (:
Shem, you want some spider honey? (:
2013-12-11 21:23Seek&YouShallFindBunnee has some extra nukes in her arsenal, right?
2013-12-11 21:23Bunneespider honey
2013-12-11 21:23Seek&YouShallFindno, I'm alergic to that stuff
2013-12-11 21:24Bunneethat's why I brought it ;D
2013-12-11 21:24Seek&YouShallFindbut i'm not allergic to nukes, if you want to trade some to me, for some spider honey?
one bottle for one nuke, ok?
no, haven't heard that one, Rob
2013-12-11 21:25fatdeali also will mention authors as this
2013-12-11 21:25Seek&YouShallFind:-)
2013-12-11 21:25Bunneeyou bet cha shem :)
2013-12-11 21:25Seek&YouShallFindcause I'm allergic to it?
2013-12-11 21:26fatdealbenedict on admiralty and william whiting on the war powers of the gov't
2013-12-11 21:26Seek&YouShallFindlet's press the buttons, in 5 seconds, ok, everyone ready?
all gone :)
ok, now that peace has been restored (above) we can all sit down and have some spider honey (organic)
2013-12-11 21:27fatdealhe was wiped out intentionally, the indians had 5 bullet cartridges in their rifles
2013-12-11 21:28BunneeOnly organic spider honey will do
2013-12-11 21:28Seek&YouShallFinda little dab ull do ya
Bunnee's favorite high country song
2013-12-11 21:35Bunneelove Johnny Cash :)
2013-12-11 21:36Seek&YouShallFindme too :)
my cat dog and ferret love this song especially...all dancing as I type
it makes 'em all behave for awhile, if you know what i mean (?)
2013-12-11 21:39Bunneemy cat is beating up the cat in the mirror again, wish I could post the video
2013-12-11 21:40Seek&YouShallFindi taught mine judo, and sometimes they break things....but they roll beautifully :)
american judo
2013-12-11 21:41Bunneelove that :)
2013-12-11 21:41Seek&YouShallFindamerican judo?
2013-12-11 21:42Bunneethe cat is now hiding on the cat she just beat up in the mirror :D
2013-12-11 21:42Seek&YouShallFindmy horse is still in the bathroom...won't come out.
2013-12-11 21:42BunneeLOL :D
damn horse
2013-12-11 21:43Seek&YouShallFindjust hanging in there over the shower rod, on a towel...his name is picture :)
wears oversized sunglasses
loves the bathroom aromas
and steam effect
2013-12-11 21:46Bunneecan he talk? his name Mr Ed by any chance?
No Ed, just goofing around with Shem. Sorry for disrupting :(
2013-12-11 21:47Seek&YouShallFindno he only talks when no one is in there with him. his name is picture, because he is on a towel...where he sleeps
2013-12-11 21:47Bunneehe sleeps on a towel?
2013-12-11 21:47Seek&YouShallFindlazy horse
2013-12-11 21:47Bunneedamn lazy horse
2013-12-11 21:48Seek&YouShallFindEd sent him to me....cost less than a dollar to ship him from Tx...good deal
2013-12-11 21:48Bunneevery good (:
2013-12-11 21:49Seek&YouShallFindi my goodness, something is coming out of the br and its over 17 hands in height!!! :-)
horse-sense, Ed and roommate
oh my goodness, i meant
2013-12-11 21:51Bunneeoh horse feathers (:
2013-12-11 21:51Seek&YouShallFindhe does, Bunnee!!!
2013-12-11 21:52fatdealnope
2013-12-11 21:52Bunneehave feathers? (:
2013-12-11 21:52Seek&YouShallFindmind reader!!! :0
fatdeal is his favorite jockey!!!
if Bunnee's not available, of course ;-)
2013-12-11 21:54Bunneeof course
2013-12-11 21:54Seek&YouShallFindafter all....
a horse....
orse, of course of course
2013-12-11 21:55Bunneea horse of course :D
2013-12-11 21:55Daniel KHey brethren! Ed, fatdeal, Bunnee, Greetings!
2013-12-11 21:56Seek&YouShallFindtoo late, Ed just rode away out the front door into the moonlit night
2013-12-11 21:56Daniel KDK/See-Eye here :)
2013-12-11 21:56Seek&YouShallFindaka Picture
2013-12-11 21:57BunneeGreetings Dis(CI)pline :)
2013-12-11 22:01Celestine SrSO4Bunnee you fat ugly cunt go back to your kkk friends
2013-12-11 22:02Seek&YouShallFindThechad80 anti-Christ troll has arrived and made its evil greetings like all jews do
"filthy creatures, always straying from the light"
come on over to my judo studio, for a free "lesson" chad. Open invitation!!!
oh, it already ran and hid itself
2013-12-11 22:03Bunneehe's so wrong, I am not fat, nor am I ugly, silly white rabbit yes, the other stuff no (:
2013-12-11 22:04Seek&YouShallFindgood ole kkk....always cleaning up the darkness...removing dirt :)
most kkk, all Aryan Nations, and most or all other White Groups, study, know and teach martial arts (the best ones are all White Founded)
most members are 1st degree or above
2013-12-11 22:06Bunneewhat's so wrong with the kkk any way? I just rhymed (:
2013-12-11 22:06Seek&YouShallFindnot the phony asian or other jibberish type ones, either
real black belt martial artists....Who Wait, then Strike...effectively :) :)
A White Woman Can Usually easily take down several black or asian females.
if they don't run away first (blacks and asians)
99% or more will immediately
the other is already in his or her wheelchair and rolls away :) :)
chat function here fagged out, as usual, after an hour or so
hi everyone. I have to go and take care of my little girl. I may be back later....she's not feeling well.
2013-12-11 22:16Guest
The case against military drafts and conscriptions by Charles Weisman
2013-12-11 22:21Bunneewill pray for your daughter Shem :)
hey everybun, I have an early day tomorrow. I am off to bed, will catch the archive tomorrow. Nighty night, Yahweh Bless
2013-12-11 22:48Guest 12Ed; I missed the very beginning; could you repeat how to place yourself at law?
2013-12-12 00:09Daniel KThanks Ed! YHWH bless!!
2013-12-12 00:10EdClanofChattan
2013-12-12 00:13Guest 13thank you Ed
2013-12-12 00:14EdClanofChattanWelcome ;)