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2013-11-13 21:05Guest 6It sounds like something very, very soft in the background
2013-11-13 21:07TruthLover123There is One Problem and One Solution: Once Christ removes all of sinful flesh from off of all, all problems cease to even be, forever, of course.
When did the fall begin? once the sinful flesh was imposed, of course.
2013-11-13 21:08fatdealok dark night is in the house
2013-11-13 21:09TruthLover123Once the sinful flesh is removed from all, and Christ is eternally here with Us, All will be eavenly :) (Only Then, though)
2013-11-13 21:10fatdealthe crash was a scripted event
2013-11-13 21:10TruthLover123There is One Problem and One Solution: Once Christ removes all of the sinful flesh from off of all, all problems cease to even be, forever, of course.
2013-11-13 21:11fatdealdk's forte
2013-11-13 21:12TruthLover123brb all
2013-11-13 21:13fatdeal informer audios....war powers,banking,con job constitution, creation of irs,
transition of corp colonies to corp states
all information heavily sourced and backedup
2013-11-13 21:14TruthLover123back finally
I had to invite some folks (from Dewey's shoe) to come over here, Ed
2013-11-13 21:15fatdealthe bankruptcy may have been a fraud in 33
all debts were forgiven. it's in a 3 volume book
heavy reading
2013-11-13 21:16TruthLover123there never have been any debts, ever, by anyone, "save to love one another"
not even Yogi owes anyone anything, even for his nice picnic baskets :)
2013-11-13 21:18fatdealwell we are in an administrative state, which became the common law of this country
batf was created by administrative agreement
and did not have to be "published" as a result
oh ed!
the informer..........
rod class and others have used his material
we have gone through "reorganization plans"
2013-11-13 21:23Guest 6What about the "state of emergency" that Roosevelt declared, which suspended the Constitution, and supposedly has never been rescinded since?
What does it mean if the "Constitution is suspended"?
2013-11-13 21:23fatdealfdr confiscated the gold to pursue interests in europe after ww1, when people went to redeem the gold, the crash was an inevitable result
2013-11-13 21:23Guest 6What does it mean to have the Constitution "suspended"?
2013-11-13 21:24fatdealwe were made enemies of the banks by the creation of the bank holiday banking act
i posted link to informer audios on u tube scroll back for link
2013-11-13 21:25Daniel KGreetings brethren
2013-11-13 21:25Guest 6What about the "state of emergency" that Roosevelt declared, which suspended the Constitution, and supposedly has never been rescinded since?
2013-11-13 21:25Daniel Kmissed Dan's call... been running around like a chicken with my head cut off! Brb....
2013-11-13 21:25fatdealyou can grab the full original text of banking act of off cornell universities legal information institute
are you luis ewing dk?
2013-11-13 21:26Daniel KME??
2013-11-13 21:26fatdeali wish to call in
2013-11-13 21:27Superjedicall the talkshoe number fat deal
2013-11-13 21:27Daniel KYou joking with that question fatdeal?
2013-11-13 21:28fatdealyes
2013-11-13 21:28Guest 10dark knight!
2013-11-13 21:28Daniel KI like to joke, but calling someone clulis is below the belt!
2013-11-13 21:28fatdealcan you post the call in number and call id dk?
2013-11-13 21:29Daniel Kclulis jewing! that retard! I havent even thought about that dingleberry in ages!
sure, one second
2013-11-13 21:29fatdealhave a prob w/screen
2013-11-13 21:29Daniel KPhone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 90413
2013-11-13 21:30fatdealyou bring in the constitution in court
2013-11-13 21:30Guest 6Not clear ENGOUH
2013-11-13 21:30Daniel KONLY guest she's ever had on who as ANY clue is Al Barcroft!
2013-11-13 21:31fatdealcan't bring in the const in court
2013-11-13 21:31Daniel KKarl Lentz is a jew cointellpro fucktard!!
2013-11-13 21:31Daniel KKarl Lentz is a nitwit!
And a psychopath JEW!!
2013-11-13 21:32Superjediany proof dark knight?
2013-11-13 21:32fatdealcommon law is dead unless administrative
2013-11-13 21:32Guest 6chat screen doesn't scroll well
2013-11-13 21:32fatdealno it doesn't like now
2013-11-13 21:32TruthLover123in other words, Once Christ begins to truly care for His Entire Creation, all will begin to become better----only then, of course.
2013-11-13 21:32Daniel KAsk Ed... Ed sat there and tried to explain WHY his process is flawed to him of hours before he acted INSANE
*for hours, rather
2013-11-13 21:33Superjediwhy is his process flawed?
2013-11-13 21:33Daniel KHis idea of "common law" is completely WRONG
2013-11-13 21:33Guest 6.
2013-11-13 21:34Daniel KAnd he runs around saying "Jesus was a JEW"!!!
2013-11-13 21:34Superjediwhat is his idea?
2013-11-13 21:34Guest 6/
2013-11-13 21:34SuperjediJesus was not a Jew.
2013-11-13 21:34Guest 10jesus was not a jew, never saw it
2013-11-13 21:35SuperjediJesus is an Israelite.
2013-11-13 21:35Guest 10say
2013-11-13 21:35Guest 6...
2013-11-13 21:35fatdeali've been doing a shitload of reading dk, got on john taylors work and stories volumes on the constitution
AND!!!! a copy of the hickey const of 1854
read and done
2013-11-13 21:37caniamI am thrilled that you will be going to court before me Edward. Though I am quite certain they will run over us & we will have to appeal~
2013-11-13 21:37Superjediwell......Dark Knight?
2013-11-13 21:38Dresden88xchxcgh
2013-11-13 21:39fatdealagain d88, bless you!
2013-11-13 21:40Daniel KYeah, he claims proudly that "Jesus was a jew" Rob!
2013-11-13 21:40Dresden88Hey thanks. It might be this homemade elderberry wine im drinking.
2013-11-13 21:40Daniel KOn top of being CLUELESS about ANGLO SAXON common law
2013-11-13 21:40Guest 6test
2013-11-13 21:40fatdealhave at it and have fun
2013-11-13 21:40Daniel KADMITS his mother worked for the IRS!
2013-11-13 21:40SuperjediNot good...I heard him also say that you don't have to say you are son of God, Yaweh, Jesus.
so Lentz is 100% jewish?
2013-11-13 21:41Daniel KYes, listen to him enough and you'll see
He sure act it
sure acts like it, "ye shall know them by their fruits"
And when Ed and I tried to explain the so called "white man issue" to him, he was HIGHLY combative and unreceptive
2013-11-13 21:43SuperjediI heard him call Ed the "clan man." I do not think Karl likes the white man issue.
2013-11-13 21:43Guest 10i am sure any jew would want to destroy you
2013-11-13 21:44Guest 13yes there is an echo
2013-11-13 21:44Daniel KYeah, Ive heard him say that about Ed MULTIPLE times! Always makes it like a big joke like it has something to do with KKK and like Ed is involved in
such petty nonsense...
2013-11-13 21:44SuperjediHe's also telling non-whites to claim to be a man, which they are not, here on American soil.
2013-11-13 21:44Daniel KWho ME, guest 10??
jews cant STAND me! The HATE EVERY little thing about me!!!
2013-11-13 21:45SuperjediKarl does bring up a lot of interesting stuff that is valid...though.
2013-11-13 21:45Guest 10the jews are our controllers
2013-11-13 21:46Dresden881234546
2013-11-13 21:46SuperjediEsau has gained dominion over Jacob...that is the final straw for Esau.
Read: Who is Esau/Edom. By Charles A. Weisman.
2013-11-13 21:47Daniel KYes, that's a good one Rob
I was surprised to find out Charles Weisman is NOT CI
2013-11-13 21:48SuperjediWe are close to the end for Esau.
2013-11-13 21:48Daniel KYep, he just speaks the TRUTH, CI = TRUTH
cocunut oil is friggin GOOD!
Oh Rod... poor Rod
2013-11-13 21:50Guest 13sound keeps cutting out
2013-11-13 21:51Guest 10esau/edom looks like a good read
2013-11-13 21:52TruthLover123Guhvuhreesh Puhrooskee, Russian Connection? Yah yehvoe Guhvuhroo
2013-11-13 21:54Guest 10no jurisdiction no trial no judgement
2013-11-13 21:55fatdealadmin is common law today
2013-11-13 21:55Guest 13not true "fatdeal"
2013-11-13 21:56Daniel KNot likely Ed
2013-11-13 21:56Daniel KThose wicked attorney hang around our courts like white on rice! lol
2013-11-13 21:57fatdealall is contracts
2013-11-13 21:57Daniel K"Russianconnection" says "da".... LOL
friggin Russians
2013-11-13 21:57fatdealread harvard law review forget where offhand
2013-11-13 21:57Daniel KGotta love em
2013-11-13 21:57fatdealwhat article
how common is the phrase my lawyer screwed me
2013-11-13 21:59Daniel KI have a Russian friend I do muay thai with named Ivan, he literally the real life Ivan Drago!
He IS literally!
Man I cant type tonight!
Greetings in Russia!!!
2013-11-13 22:00fatdealdk, what do you think of mike?
2013-11-13 22:00Guest 10hi comrade lol
2013-11-13 22:01Superjedimy connection was cut off. I am back now.
2013-11-13 22:01RUSSIANCONNECTIONPriviet
2013-11-13 22:01Daniel Kmike?
2013-11-13 22:01TruthLover123SORRY, I GOT A PHONE CALL
2013-11-13 22:01SuperjediMike from Russia.
2013-11-13 22:01TruthLover123PRIVIET?
2013-11-13 22:01SuperjediMike was on Pastor Dan's call prior to this call.
2013-11-13 22:01fatdealyeah
2013-11-13 22:01TruthLover123DOE-BREE-UH OOTRUH
2013-11-13 22:01Daniel KOh....
I missed Dan's call tonight
2013-11-13 22:02fatdeali know
2013-11-13 22:02TruthLover123EE VEE-ECH-CHER
2013-11-13 22:02Daniel KI have to go back and listen, been running around like a chicken with my head cut off
2013-11-13 22:02fatdeali'm sorry but mike is a bit of a joke.
2013-11-13 22:03TruthLover123KAK TOO-EE PUH-GEE-VY-YET-TYEH?
2013-11-13 22:03fatdealprivate contracts supercede all constitutions
2013-11-13 22:03TruthLover123HORE-EH-SHOE, Z-DEE-ACE :)
2013-11-13 22:04Guest 14Russians nver had any common law
and as other Israelites, of course
2013-11-13 22:06Guest 14the peak of what?
2013-11-13 22:07fatdealto themselves they did 14
2013-11-13 22:07TruthLover123Everything, Kone-Yech-NYeh (of course)
2013-11-13 22:07fatdealthey had their common law
2013-11-13 22:07Guest 10goon night all
2013-11-13 22:08Guest 14it was all fraud. did peole knowingly, willinglly and with full disclosure enter that contract?
2013-11-13 22:08TruthLover123Russian Israelites were at the Highest Level of all, when the jews (satan) attacked and murdered etc 100 Million of Them, For tht Very Reason.
and after
2013-11-13 22:11Guest 14I stand corrected!
Russians are going to save the white race
2013-11-13 22:12TruthLover123blacks have in their given dna the one lone steal, murder and destroy w/ no other parts to their personalities.
2013-11-13 22:12fatdealjetro speaking
2013-11-13 22:12TruthLover123component
blacks only have the steal murder and destroy component in their given dna
2013-11-13 22:13Guest 14wouldnt it nice to hafve a president like Putin?
2013-11-13 22:13fatdealgood night jethro!
2013-11-13 22:13TruthLover123Putin is part jewish, and his mate is of Beth-Togarmah ("ashkenazi")
2013-11-13 22:13fatdealdid he have his frontal lobe cut out maybe?
2013-11-13 22:14RUSSIANCONNECTIONYes...I was born an Israelite in Virginia...
2013-11-13 22:14TruthLover123Ezekiel 38:2ff
2013-11-13 22:14fatdeali was born a brooklynite in brooklyn
2013-11-13 22:14TruthLover123Ya Ruh-deels-yuh buh PA :)
2013-11-13 22:15RUSSIANCONNECTIONFatdeal...Are you a comedian ?...
2013-11-13 22:15fatdealno
just decent at wisecracking maybe
2013-11-13 22:16TruthLover123Pah-nee-my-yesh, RussianConnection?
2013-11-13 22:16Guest 14his wife of his girlfriend?
2013-11-13 22:17TruthLover123Jeh-nah, 14
2013-11-13 22:17Guest 13Putin is divorced
2013-11-13 22:18TruthLover123Own ee Ahnah "Yeh-vray" (jewish)
he and she are both jewish
2013-11-13 22:18Guest 13no he is not
2013-11-13 22:18TruthLover123and girlfriends...hence, "be Not deceived!"
he partly
his leet-zoe (face) is clearly jewish / demonic
animal like
as most in this Creation
Putin is not as bad as say Obummer, of course, but he is not fully Righteous either
To be Righteous, One must know the absolute Truth about all.
He or She Cannot be deceived (Mt24:24)
2013-11-13 22:22Guest 14hes not a pansy ass
2013-11-13 22:22RUSSIANCONNECTIONDa...PWM...
2013-11-13 22:23TruthLover123he has that in his favor
2013-11-13 22:23Guest 13does anyone know how to block people in the chat screen?
2013-11-13 22:23TruthLover123Hore-Eh-Show!!!
Ed can block, but doesn't
2013-11-13 22:23RUSSIANCONNECTIONGood
2013-11-13 22:24TruthLover123Da
2013-11-13 22:24Guest 14who Is fully rightous and knows all absolute truth?
2013-11-13 22:24TruthLover123Only We Very Elect
2013-11-13 22:25Guest 13how do you become "the elect" poorwiseman?
2013-11-13 22:25Guest 14he believes in redom of spech and chat
2013-11-13 22:25TruthLover123We know, live and love The Truth above all else
2013-11-13 22:25Guest 13wrong
stop spamming this chat
2013-11-13 22:25TruthLover12313, You must be created / chosen so, 13
2013-11-13 22:25Guest 14YOU?
2013-11-13 22:26RUSSIANCONNECTIONMoi Rooski Ochen Ploha, No Nu Ladna...
2013-11-13 22:26TruthLover123yes, 14
:) Yah pah-nee-my-yoo :)
13, if you were very elect, you would certainly know it
2013-11-13 22:27Guest 13i do know it; I wanted to hear what you think it is, since you brought it up; and you don't.
2013-11-13 22:27Guest 14I had no idea
2013-11-13 22:28RUSSIANCONNECTIONOOy Dacha Ludii...Ya Boodoo Spat Sechaas
2013-11-13 22:28Daniel KEd, that's pretty good!
2013-11-13 22:28TruthLover12313, Christ spoke to you in John 8:29-47, correctly, of course.
2013-11-13 22:28Daniel KHitting on a few issues, NOBODY else even knows about!
2013-11-13 22:28Guest 13yes, Ed's info is very good!
2013-11-13 22:28TruthLover123shtow spat, RC?
2013-11-13 22:29RUSSIANCONNECTIONSpat = Sleep...
2013-11-13 22:29TruthLover123Da, puhneemyyoo, say-chas
Yah tow juh :)
2013-11-13 22:29Guest 13please talk about the "citizenship status" document Ed!!
2013-11-13 22:30TruthLover123skorr-uh
2013-11-13 22:30RUSSIANCONNECTIONShasliva Chelavek...
2013-11-13 22:30TruthLover123Spuh-cee-buh, Moy Brot
tebe tow-juh
2013-11-13 22:30Guest 13How do you do that Ed!
What is the purpose of it overall; end result of it
2013-11-13 22:31RUSSIANCONNECTIONMerci Bo Koo...
2013-11-13 22:31TruthLover123De Rien
2013-11-13 22:31Guest 13Declare the citizenship so you are not under Amend 14?
2013-11-13 22:31TruthLover123Car Dieu....
2013-11-13 22:32Daniel KYeah they have to do that to keep up appearances
2013-11-13 22:32Guest 13Okay; severs jurisdiction
2013-11-13 22:32Guest 14Ed what about having bank accounts? how do you deny that?
2013-11-13 22:32Daniel KI dont have any jew bank accounts!
That's an easy one
But, Ed is correct!
It should NOT matter!
2013-11-13 22:33TruthLover12313, no comment to my comment above?
2013-11-13 22:33Daniel KHowever, these cretins are NOT going to obey the law
2013-11-13 22:33Guest 13thank you Ed
2013-11-13 22:33Guest 14so the law cannot require an impossibility maxim
2013-11-13 22:33TruthLover123DK, it is really not about the law, of course, but 100% about only What Christ (Yahweh) does or does not do.
2013-11-13 22:34Daniel KThe law is YHWH'S law
2013-11-13 22:34Guest 14Thank you
2013-11-13 22:34Daniel KThe laws of this Nation were made in EXACT accordance with the Fathers laws
2013-11-13 22:34TruthLover123And it is not about His law, least not during His Present Evil Age
otherwise, satan would have been executed by Christ, long long ago, or rather, He never would have created satan et al demons!
2013-11-13 22:35Guest 14Look at thaat maxim Ed
2013-11-13 22:35TruthLover123nor cain, etc
nor blacks, nor asians, nor race whatsoever
2013-11-13 22:36Guest 14the law cannot require an impossibility
2013-11-13 22:36TruthLover123"it's all about keeping the law" is among the most obvious parables, DK, of course.
2013-11-13 22:37Daniel KMaxim of Law: The law compels no one to do anything which is useless or impossible.
2013-11-13 22:37TruthLover123not a maxim but a parable. No One has ever kept the law, of course. Not Christ, nor anyone else, of course.
antonym of parable = Truth
DK, you must leave the repetition of the parables, and begin to Seek and thus Find The Truth, which Christ has kept hidden to Most, since the very
2013-11-13 22:39Daniel KMaxims of Law...
2013-11-13 22:39TruthLover123Only I and other Very Elect are entrusted with The Absolute Truth, from Christ
2013-11-13 22:39Daniel KMaxim of Law: It has been said, with much truth, "Where the law ends, tyranny begins."
2013-11-13 22:39TruthLover123DK, you must leave the repetition of the parables, and begin to Seek and thus Find The Truth, which Christ has kept hidden to Most, since the
2013-11-13 22:40Daniel KPWM, MY father reached down and took hold of me, I've been shown the truth :)
2013-11-13 22:40TruthLover123Tyranny is inherent in the Very Creation, since The Creation was designed, within all, and within all, and esp in the most evil
DK, then please show Us :)
2013-11-13 22:42Daniel KI show folks all the time!
Go here and STUDY!
2013-11-13 22:42TruthLover123The Creator has within His very fibre, every aspect displayed to date, and which will be displayed in all, till eternity ends
2013-11-13 22:43Guest 14I do lik that one
2013-11-13 22:43TruthLover123that site is for 4th graders, not for me and other post-doctoral Professors, silly duck!
2013-11-13 22:43Guest 14under duress
2013-11-13 22:43Daniel KYour a JEW!!
GO read your talmud you wicked filthy edomite!!
NOBODY cares about your silly JEW post doctoral IDIOCY from some dumb JEW college! Get REAL!!!
2013-11-13 22:44TruthLover123jews can't spell you're, DK, nor pronounce Shibboleth, DK
you lesbians, DK, are all the same---jewish
2013-11-13 22:45Daniel KGo read YOUR talmud!
2013-11-13 22:45TruthLover123and as a lesbian, you may be "tough" or butch, but you are always cowardly as your male counterparts
2013-11-13 22:46Daniel KActually, UNLIKE YOU.... people CALL ME "professor" because I've got a black belt in BJJ, NOT a faggot "post doctoral" from some JEW "college"!!!
2013-11-13 22:47TruthLover123I once had a samoan in my m-a studio, who was over 300 lbs and could press yet more, and I had him on the mat, w/i seconds, and crying, like a dk-head
you would be as it was, an it on the mat, begging
2013-11-13 22:47Daniel KI'd LOVE to test your theory!
Where do you live?
2013-11-13 22:48TruthLover123come and learn, lying jew scum filty
2013-11-13 22:48Daniel KIF you could fight like ME!! Then YOU would!
But YOU DONT! So its OBVIOUS you CANT!!!
2013-11-13 22:48Guest 14Ed it was a contract with a child unlawful
2013-11-13 22:48Daniel KYou've got NO clue who I am, you faggot edomite jew!
2013-11-13 22:48TruthLover123give me your name and add and I will send you a one way-er
cowardly dog jew
give it to me, coward
or leave
2013-11-13 22:49Daniel KGo read your talmud you demon!
2013-11-13 22:49TruthLover123SENSEI WAITING
cowardly lesbian
2013-11-13 22:49Daniel KJust like a JEW to talk about lesbos! Go read all about it in your talmud!!
2013-11-13 22:50TruthLover123your book, I have read too, and know you cowardly demons well, as that samoan....bigger they "think" they are, the easier they squeal.
2013-11-13 22:53EdClanofChattan
2013-11-13 22:53Daniel KYOU'RE a fag jew, Im DONE wasting energy on your jewishness! Better learn about Obediah 1:18
2013-11-13 22:53TruthLover123DK, you will be skewered soon, by the True Christ and He will roast you, forever and ever, of course. As He said to you, long ago, "I will never
forgive you" (Enoch)
And As He, Nor Will I, EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!
Obadiah 1:18 is part parable and part non-fiction, and it pertains to you unrighteous, of course, which Christ created to be evil (Is 45:7)
I make light and create darkness. I make blessings and create disasters. I the ETERNAL (YHWH) do all these things.
2013-11-13 23:06Guest 13Makes great sense Ed!
2013-11-13 23:07TruthLover123I send good times and bad times. ... I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the ETERNAL do all these things.
Well, my 11pm est counselee just called. Aufwiedersehen, wirkliche Brudern
2013-11-13 23:19Guest 13Will you do the call next week Ed?
That would be great to do a Mock Trial!!
GREAT SONG ED... thank you
great song Ed thank you