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2013-10-23 20:10fatdealhey ed
genart is fat deal ed
2013-10-23 20:15Guest 5Karl the Krazy??
2013-10-23 20:16SuperjediCliches of Zoning by Raymond Buker Cliches of Zoning by Raymond Buker
2013-10-23 20:17Guest 8Good Evening ED..near Albany,ny cheers
be noble..not smucks
2013-10-23 20:18fatdeali'm on the line
i'm genart also
2013-10-23 20:19Guest 8my village zoning lists>Everything needing permits And permission..inspection..regulating itemizing
2013-10-23 20:19fatdealwhy. i don't know
2013-10-23 20:20Guest 8hi rob Willet..cheers too aye
2013-10-23 20:20fatdeallaw of nations, read it by vattel
2013-10-23 20:20Superjedifamily Willett. We came here in the mid 1600's at Maryland.
2013-10-23 20:20Guest 8ny:>no wood deliveries over 50
2013-10-23 20:21TruthLover123Dan's show was very good, now over to Ed's
2013-10-23 20:21Guest 8'prevention'
2013-10-23 20:21Superjedisettled Maryland, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Kentucky.
2013-10-23 20:22BunneeGreetings everybun (:
2013-10-23 20:22TruthLover123Rob, you sounded great when you called in to Dan's show
Hi Bunnee and everyone
2013-10-23 20:23Guest 8liberty robberbaronship's:-(
2013-10-23 20:23Logan11hey Bunnee and all
2013-10-23 20:23Bunneegreat to see everybun again (:
2013-10-23 20:24Guest 8red:no private propertyship
i hear echo..i relog brb
2013-10-23 20:25BunneeI hear it too :(
2013-10-23 20:26Superjedino relogging. it is Ed's phone. nothing wrong with the website. Cliches of Zoning by Raymond Buker
2013-10-23 20:27TruthLover123chat keeps failing
2013-10-23 20:28SuperjediI read the quote from Cliches from US Supreme court George Sutherland.
2013-10-23 20:28Bunneesame for me PWM :( sucks
2013-10-23 20:28Guest 11i'se back...41 f mostly cldy near albany,ny hi ya's
2013-10-23 20:28TruthLover123where is RPWake and Joe in Pennsylvania and our other senior folks?
it does, bunnee :(
2013-10-23 20:29fatdeallegalese
2013-10-23 20:29TruthLover123quality was infinitely higher, just 20 years ago with computers and everything else
When We Made It All for Everyone
2013-10-23 20:30Guest 11i'se be a senior sheep person male gender
2013-10-23 20:30BunneeI feel like I miss allot every time the chat fails :(
2013-10-23 20:30TruthLover123I tell myself I'm not and feel better :(
I meant
2013-10-23 20:30Guest 11nothing 'new' under the sun
2013-10-23 20:30fatdealwe were marxist before fdr
we were installing planks for a long time
2013-10-23 20:31TruthLover123I have never been marxist, myself. Always a Christ-follower
2013-10-23 20:31Guest 11just another ponzi
2013-10-23 20:31fatdealyou know, the 10 plancks
not plank lke max
2013-10-23 20:31Bunneethis is what I get when I googled your link Superjedi, need I worry about that?
2013-10-23 20:31TruthLover123better speak plainly then :)
2013-10-23 20:32BunneeThis site may harm your computer. sorry Superjedi
I forgot to paste :(
2013-10-23 20:32Guest 11franklin school educated
trickery via 'leaps and bounds'
2013-10-23 20:34Bunneegood idea PWM :) there's always the archive too, but you can get great stuff in the chat too :)
and, not but :/
2013-10-23 20:34TruthLover123archive?
of this shoe?
2013-10-23 20:34Bunneethe archive of the show
2013-10-23 20:35TruthLover123this is a shoe, not a show, silly!
jolly good shoe
2013-10-23 20:35Bunneeyes, if you have as much trouble as I do, then the archive becomes your best friend
2013-10-23 20:35Guest 11i heard a man say he pays Over 54% taxes..and He said he was not a slave....hmm
2013-10-23 20:35Bunneeyou are right PWM
2013-10-23 20:36TruthLover123Bunnee, being home as much as I am, yes, I listen to archives of all of the shoes and shows
of course :)
2013-10-23 20:36Guest 11a talkshoe with tongue and soul
spare rod..begat a brat
2013-10-23 20:37TruthLover123beget or begat?
new deal was No Deal!!!
2013-10-23 20:38Guest 11i'se was 'alert' to dads' switch making skills
2013-10-23 20:38fatdealsee edward bernays as well
2013-10-23 20:38Bunneeam I gone again?
2013-10-23 20:38TruthLover123rabbi edward bernays
2013-10-23 20:38fatdealpublic opinion haha?
2013-10-23 20:39Guest 11begat=after the fact
2013-10-23 20:39fatdealhave you read about him?
2013-10-23 20:39TruthLover123but in that quip, beget is more precise diction-wise
tense wise
2013-10-23 20:39fatdealbernays
2013-10-23 20:40TruthLover123oh yes, a fair amount, a real piece of ...
2013-10-23 20:40Guest 11i'se no linguist..i know the meaning,though ey
2013-10-23 20:40TruthLover123I forgive you since you apologized, so nicely then :)
2013-10-23 20:40fatdealwork?
2013-10-23 20:40Guest 11tu all wise and knowing..
2013-10-23 20:41fatdealthe foundations were 1st before the crash
2013-10-23 20:41TruthLover123comme non
audio stopped
What happened Ed?
2013-10-23 20:41fatdealyeah t/s does that to me as well
2013-10-23 20:41Guest 11non reply either
audio fine..with me
2013-10-23 20:42TruthLover123I pressed trouble hearing and i can hear again
2013-10-23 20:42Bunneethe best reason I have unlimited data on my phone, I can listen to archive shoe's, show's anytime, anywhere :)
2013-10-23 20:43TruthLover123goodee for you-ee ):
2013-10-23 20:43BunneeI'm streaming the show on my cell while hanging in the chat
2013-10-23 20:43TruthLover123i'm trying to make that funky smiley which twirls but can't remember how, Bunnee (???)
do you remember which keys to press?
2013-10-23 20:45Guest 11all hell begun after davy crockett left congress
just as he stated
2013-10-23 20:46TruthLover123hell began on earth the second Our Pure Spirits were clothed upon with "the sinful flesh" (Jude 1:23ff)
2013-10-23 20:46Guest 11eve 'cloaked' us :-(
2013-10-23 20:47fatdealand all insurance is admiralty
2013-10-23 20:47TruthLover123The Real You, The Real Me, The Real Everyone and Everything Is A Pure Spirit, clothed upon by sinful, very weighty destructive corrupt flesh.
some worse than others
2013-10-23 20:48Guest 11insurance is false assurance and not 100% valuie
value...soory non typer
2013-10-23 20:48TruthLover123I pay hundreds every month for my children and myself
Auto etc
my share is less than $40/month
2013-10-23 20:50Guest 11you are a good husbandman poorWiseMan
2013-10-23 20:50TruthLover123Bunnee, are you here as a Guest?
I try, guest 11 :)
Big Poppa
2013-10-23 20:50Guest 11i'se betcha
winner's,loser's,and survivor's
2013-10-23 20:51Bunneelost my connection again......GGGGRRRRR!!
2013-10-23 20:51TruthLover123Glad you're back
2013-10-23 20:51Bunneeme too
2013-10-23 20:52Guest 11i'se a survivor (so far) ;-)
2013-10-23 20:52TruthLover123jawohl (yes, indeed) :)
Everyone Please Counsel Christ (Prov 11:14) to end this present evil age and bring in the Eternal Righteous One, Immediately. Do this 24/7!!!
Till He Does, Soon!!!
2013-10-23 20:54Guest 11i'se 'visited' fdr residence> You can still 'smell him' there
2013-10-23 20:54TruthLover123We are His Multitude of Counselors (Prov 11:14)
2013-10-23 20:54Guest 11an actor there>Lookins/acts just like him
lookins?? looks like him
2013-10-23 20:55BunneeAmen PWM
I'm gone again :(
2013-10-23 20:55TruthLover123Amen Bunnee
2013-10-23 20:55Bunneeguess not, YIPPPEEE :D
2013-10-23 20:56Guest 11robo type i think,here
2013-10-23 20:56TruthLover123HipHipHooray!!
2013-10-23 20:56Bunneethank you Ed :)
2013-10-23 20:56Guest 11and the band played on
2013-10-23 20:57Bunneeif you have a news letter Ed, I'd like to be included, please :)
2013-10-23 20:57TruthLover123:-)
2013-10-23 20:57Bunneeiknowright PWM :D
2013-10-23 20:57Guest 11fdr i think is america's version of hitler
2013-10-23 20:57TruthLover123I don't think Ed sends out too much, from my experience. I have only gotten a few emails in several years
2013-10-23 20:58Guest 11a duelfold mentality
2013-10-23 20:59TruthLover123FDR = a mere demon in shoe leather; nothing more nor less
"a liar from its beginning"
created thus
2013-10-23 20:59Guest 11he was a seer seeking jeanie dixon counslering
2013-10-23 20:59TruthLover123"gone astray from its womb"
2013-10-23 21:00Guest 11witchcraft is high places
2013-10-23 21:01TruthLover123fdr = a rosenfeldt or rosenfeld, as trotsky its relative
as stalin
2013-10-23 21:01Guest 11imagine Only radio..and listening to this rot
2013-10-23 21:01TruthLover123as eisenhower
2013-10-23 21:02Guest 11no wunder liquor was made 'illegal'
eg,no 'relief' for the weary
'crammed down the throat policies
2013-10-23 21:06Bunneeam I here?
2013-10-23 21:06Guest 11we are 'enchanted' via listening
2013-10-23 21:06Bunneeguess so yippee
2013-10-23 21:07Guest 11currency?..and rob the my
cyclop news speak
it takes a village..back then,too it seems..
wunderspeak Galore
2013-10-23 21:11TruthLover123sorry I was reading an email and writing back.
explaining the Sinful Flesh Factor to a friend
2013-10-23 21:12Guest 11barnum&bailey without the circus
2013-10-23 21:12Bunnee...
2013-10-23 21:13Guest 11dictatoral powership
2013-10-23 21:15Bunneefdr is burning in hell
2013-10-23 21:16TruthLover123without the sinful flesh, there is no stock market, no theivery, no need for anything, save Sweet Eternal Fellowship :)
and Singing (w/even better voices than we all have now) :)
2013-10-23 21:17Bunneeall done on purpose
2013-10-23 21:17TruthLover123it is in each's flesh or dna, imposed upon us, for some (?) reason, we have not been told, so far!
each's attitude, behavior, etc
2013-10-23 21:18Guest 11the turning the wheel turns
phychogeneous sociopath
2013-10-23 21:19TruthLover123is there a bubby in the house?
2013-10-23 21:20Guest 11if shoe fits
war is pro$it
2013-10-23 21:20TruthLover123I knew it
2013-10-23 21:21Guest 11just elementary,watson
2013-10-23 21:24TruthLover123did Dan come in here, Bubby?
He should and join Ed too, each week
2013-10-23 21:25Guest 11john rockafeller threw dimes to the crowd for his enjoyment,too
i know not..i lie to you not
2013-10-23 21:29TruthLover123ok, I was reading a bio about campanella
2013-10-23 21:31Guest 11catcher in the rye is filth read
2013-10-23 21:32TruthLover123campanella a 1/2 black, 1/2 sicilian jew played baseball long ago
2013-10-23 21:32Guest 11swear no oath..held responsible
negro baseball,back then
2013-10-23 21:34Guest 10my grandmoth is 101!
2013-10-23 21:35TruthLover123a ripe old age....if we had No sinful flesh we'd all be the same age...eternal :)
2013-10-23 21:35Guest 11that is great G 10...but i 'se not 'obligated' to the contract
2013-10-23 21:35Guest 10she will nvr really know
2013-10-23 21:35TruthLover123in the land where we never grow old....never grow old
2013-10-23 21:36Guest 11trickery in high places
a-z agencies
yellow fringed flag
here in ny..i'se be 65 yrs old..and must 'show id' for simple beer buying..incradable
conquest via disception
eg,'it behooves you' etc
2013-10-23 21:41TruthLover123I buy alkaline foods, vitamins a yr supply each year, pure water, and little or no desserts----just healthy alcohol, or other unhealthy
2013-10-23 21:41Guest 11i'se trust in GOD for my longivity
we all whots the big deal..can't 'prevent' it
2013-10-23 21:43TruthLover123alkaline = body condition of say Methuselah, Noah and other Patriarchs; why they lived nearly a millenium each
2013-10-23 21:43Guest 10I dont want to inherit all of that telemerase
2013-10-23 21:44Guest 11the co2 was higher then...the big size of animals,lengthy life records,etc
no Ed
2013-10-23 21:44TruthLover123key was remaining alkaline, not acidic---not burning up from the inside out
google Alkaline Foods and eat them
2013-10-23 21:45Guest 11we eat poison all day long now..manufactured for that sitrep
2013-10-23 21:46TruthLover123I eat a super healthy / alkaline diet and have not been sick in 16 years, thus
2013-10-23 21:46Guest 11i hear the censor's,occassionlly..'i hear you lol
2013-10-23 21:46TruthLover123I'm sorry you ea poison, though :(
2013-10-23 21:46Guest 11so do you,too...even you cannot control everything
springwater has fluride 'added' to it..also
2013-10-23 21:47TruthLover123"and the poor wise man saved the city, and was not remembered, thereafter" (Ecclesiastes)
2013-10-23 21:47Guest 5not my spring water
2013-10-23 21:48TruthLover123Few There Be, Who Find It (Truth)
2013-10-23 21:48Guest 11the Unknown phophet was 'decieved' also..alsa for him
2013-10-23 21:48TruthLover123few seek so few find
"and they all with one accord made excuse, every one of them"
2013-10-23 21:49Guest 11what about your flour,grain,olive oil,meat,etc g 5
air you breathe...etc
2013-10-23 21:50TruthLover123google Alkaline and choose from the list and never be sick from anything again
"No Weapon Formed against Me shall (ever) prosper" (Isaiah 54:17)
Claim it!!!
2013-10-23 21:51Guest 11'and they said not a word'
2013-10-23 21:52TruthLover123Ed, as in Gideon's Day and Night, Christ came and executed ALL 100% of the wicked ones, before they could attack Us, The Remnant..and there was Peace"
2013-10-23 21:52Guest 11believe Lies..if you so please yourself
2013-10-23 21:53TruthLover123those who are untrustworthy comme toi, do not trust, either. "As you think in your heart, so are you."
2013-10-23 21:54Guest 11natural foods,minerals, and no lab vitimins
2013-10-23 21:54TruthLover123but then each (the trustworthy and the opposite) were created, each for her or his role in Christ's Divine Pageant (this evil age)
2013-10-23 21:55Guest 11sheep or goat..
brb woodstove refill
2013-10-23 21:57TruthLover123Bunnee, you still there?
2013-10-23 21:57Bunneeit's getting late, may have to close
2013-10-23 21:57TruthLover123yes, I have to go soon too
have to listen to archive of this and another one or two :)
2013-10-23 21:58Bunneeindeed PWM (: :D
2013-10-23 21:58Guest 11baack
2013-10-23 21:58TruthLover123how do you make that funny smiley and the other orange one?
2013-10-23 21:59Bunneealways hard to say good night before the show or shoe is over
2013-10-23 22:00TruthLover123Bunnee, how do you make 'em???
2013-10-23 22:00Bunnee:D
2013-10-23 22:00TruthLover123the spinning one?
2013-10-23 22:00Guest 5:D
2013-10-23 22:00TruthLover123yes how???
2013-10-23 22:00Guest 11bunnee is agorithic lol
keeper of the code books lol
2013-10-23 22:00TruthLover123(:
2013-10-23 22:00Bunnee( then : with no space
2013-10-23 22:01TruthLover123thanks
2013-10-23 22:01Guest 5(d)
2013-10-23 22:01TruthLover123I just copied and pasted it and it showed the needed marks (:
2013-10-23 22:01Bunneeguest5, who are you? (:
2013-10-23 22:01TruthLover123(d)
2013-10-23 22:01Guest 5streaming photons
2013-10-23 22:02TruthLover123:D
2013-10-23 22:02Guest 11then:
2013-10-23 22:02Bunneespill do ya make the martini?
2013-10-23 22:02TruthLover123Goodnight Bunnee and All others
2013-10-23 22:02Guest 11no work for me:-(
2013-10-23 22:02TruthLover123Sleep Tight!!!
2013-10-23 22:02Bunnee( : = (:
2013-10-23 22:03Guest 11Good Night cheers
2013-10-23 22:03Bunneethe Martini Guest5, please (:
2013-10-23 22:03Guest 11oh la la ...tu bunnee
i'se be craazy lol
2013-10-23 22:04Guest 16Ed these ar brilliant observations that you have made!
2013-10-23 22:05Bunnee(d)
yay!!! I did it!! (d)
2013-10-23 22:05Guest 16Why didnt anybody ls see this/
2013-10-23 22:06Guest 11Ed is a TruthFinder..Great Ed>TU
2013-10-23 22:07Guest 5a presumed contract
2013-10-23 22:07Guest 16I mean the remedy? GOOD CATCH
2013-10-23 22:07Guest 11eg, like poker..IF you know not the game..They Will keep your Winnings
eg, 'i had no sex with that woman'..etc
no locusts,but cockatricx infection
a scrapgoat mentality
he wanted it sold quickly
fiet paper..give me your gold,silver,copper,etc..i'll 'payback' paper fiet>a new deal
take taker's and give giver's
they vs us
'getting Something' for nothing'..a good 'new deal' speel
salesmanship enchantments
a sucker born ea.minute
a dynomo hum shystermeister
showmanship theartre acting abilities
lack of substance=proverty
'and the people said not a word'
ho cus..we been po cus'd
war powers act
2013-10-23 22:36See-Eye-Ed, do you have a link to this document?
K :)
2013-10-23 22:37Guest 11legality via phychbabbling
a shroud operator
shrowd operator
1st american dictator
simple simon says
serfdom and royalcourtship
ghottohood and manorcourt
2013-10-23 22:47EdClanofChattan
2013-10-23 22:47Guest 11wonder who the speechwriter was? hmm
Never admit to guiolt>tis 'written' on your vehicle insurance card..Incredible
i'se 'served' in a 6 person jury>ny
a 'weekender' sat/sunday
2013-10-23 22:52See-Eye-So really there are two assumptions they have. 1) that you are NOT white and therefore a 14th amendment subject citizen and/or 2) that you
are contractually bound by the "new deal"?
2013-10-23 22:53Guest 11no Ed..good show
all is vanity and illussion
history 'repeating' itself
no jubilee..just robbery
hide the papertrails
evaporating microfliche technue
Good night TU Ed..cheers
2013-10-23 23:02See-Eye-Ed, I need to think on this a little more, but we've known they are operating under the new deal...
2013-10-23 23:02Guest 11conclownartist
pearl was false was tonkin gulg,etc
2013-10-23 23:03See-Eye-Even if you rebutt the presumption that you are part of the new deal, wouldnt you still need to assert yourself as a state citizen and make it clear
you are NOT a 14th amendment citizen?
2013-10-23 23:03Guest 11enfamy speech was a day Before 7th
written in desk
2013-10-23 23:04See-Eye-*make it clear you are not a 14th amendment state citizen, rather
2013-10-23 23:04Guest 11'hidden in plainsight'
2013-10-23 23:05See-Eye-Thanks Ed
YHWH bless
2013-10-23 23:05Guest 16great information d thank you
contract 1o1 Im not 101!