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2013-10-16 20:53Guest 2that was thomas paine ed download of a 3 session course by Andrew Galambos, delivered live in 1966, entitled 'The Declaration of Independence, Thomas Pai
2013-10-16 21:05Guest 5Hello Ed...59 f cloudy..near Albany,ny...rah rah us
2013-10-16 21:05MajorThrashDan had a long show tonite
probably missed some good stuff
2013-10-16 21:07Guest 5resenfelt
legal gold embezzleing schemes
2013-10-16 21:09Guest 2"I pledge you to a new deal" - Roosevelt
2013-10-16 21:09Guest 5a new rip off
2013-10-16 21:10Guest 2a pledge is a unilateral contract
2013-10-16 21:12Guest 5churchhills' stocks were 'saved'..of course
2013-10-16 21:12TruthLover123welcome back, Ed
where have you been? I just left Dan's lonnng show, tonight
2013-10-16 21:13Guest 5rah Ed
accept new deal then..acept nwo now
2013-10-16 21:14Guest 2MAKE MINE FREEDOM (1948) (classic cartoon)
2013-10-16 21:14TruthLover123SENATE VOTES TO END SHUTDOWN
2013-10-16 21:15Guest 5all that has been done now..has been done Before
we soon forget history
2013-10-16 21:16TruthLover123Christ designed and created every detail of everyone forever...every thought word action of everyone and of all else...all writen down since before
the very beginning of the foundations of the Creation
We are His Robots, doing His Will, "Who lives in Us to will and to do according to His Good Pleasure"
Also See Isaiah 45:7
2013-10-16 21:25Guest 2requires no proof
Roosevelt gave the people back their booze
2013-10-16 21:32Guest 5my Parents(both ww2 vets) loved The Deciever,too...the 'brainwashing' abilities of the radio at that time era
2013-10-16 21:34TruthLover123fdr was created as cain to be just plain evil, as rosa muschovitz, and the rest of the brood
Revelation 22:20 & 21:5 Anon and Forever Amen!!!
2013-10-16 21:42Guest 5robbing 'the cookie jar' as rapidly as possible
2013-10-16 21:42Guest 2either way, lol
most whites are either dumb as rocks or wicked as the devil
2013-10-16 21:44Guest 5'pinkie' is not white
my dad died just before(3 days) he recieved his 1st soc.sec.check..mum did the 'return to sender'..he wanted the 62 he would have 36 'payday
a wi win..them...lose lose for us
a 'stacked' card game
2013-10-16 21:56Guest 2the states no longer exist in original jurisdiction
2013-10-16 21:57Guest 5zoning law controill,home insurance policy controll rules...big brother take over of Everything normal and rightful.
2013-10-16 21:58Guest 2i don't
who's we?
2013-10-16 21:59Guest 5we vs them
you do know them...don't you?
"they' are the ones who say this that and that etc
2013-10-16 22:00Guest 2'reinhabit the republic' is a psyop
2013-10-16 22:03Guest 5step back to go forward
doing the cha cha cha
war and minting is Profit
2013-10-16 22:06Guest 2interest free currency would turn things around much faster, that's the real issue
2013-10-16 22:07Guest 5engraving imagery scenes and 'defects' for rare collecting profitreering
'accidents' is coincedential..right
2013-10-16 22:10Guest 2...then the interest on bank loans should be use to fund government, eric whoru is correct on this point [.]
2013-10-16 22:10Guest 5republic for which it stands
2013-10-16 22:12Guest 2China is a republic, so is North Korea, so what does republic mean?
2013-10-16 22:12Guest 5home owners/landowners should not have to bear brount of school taxes..esp no children in family
senior citizens should be tax exempt
2013-10-16 22:13Guest 2guest 5, 54% of my property tax goes to public school.
2013-10-16 22:13Guest 5'we the People' that case:chinese,korean,etc
2013-10-16 22:13Guest 2at a cost of 45k per yr per student
2013-10-16 22:13Guest 5are u bbraggin g,or complaining G2?
i know people wish to pay more taxes..what sheeple
2013-10-16 22:14Guest 2stating a fact, an unfortunate one
2013-10-16 22:15Guest 5that is Dedication beyond indurance..surely
ok..unfortunate..i was wondering if otherwise..ghasp
2013-10-16 22:16Guest 2...and i pay for private school
2013-10-16 22:17Guest 5the more we own(work for!) the more we are Taxed
2013-10-16 22:17Guest 2owner = liability
2013-10-16 22:17Guest 5knocker...whot else can u do kidding
slaves'thinking' they are my
2013-10-16 22:19Guest 2i am no slave and never was
2013-10-16 22:20Guest 5i'se be 65 young ;-)
tommie jefferson was right
hamilton was illegamte
hamilton was a banker man lol
Good Night ED>TU cheers
2013-10-16 22:22Guest 2all the 'founding fathers' where loyal to the crown
2013-10-16 22:22Guest 5they were born that way g2
caste change
i no audio...just type..need no debating sitrep
audio yes
2013-10-16 22:24Guest 2Thomas Jefferson called what was being created at the time a 'Commercial Democracy'
2013-10-16 22:25Guest 5verbal..i should say..correction speak
all is brainwashing
vibration via frequencies
2013-10-16 22:26Guest 2 download of a 3 session course by Andrew Galambos, delivered live in 1966,'The Declaration of Independence, Thomas Paine
2013-10-16 22:26Guest 5gullible people
enlightening knowledge for the masses
2013-10-16 22:28Guest 2go learn from galambos too G5, hope you have read 'the rights of man' as well
2013-10-16 22:28Guest 5ponzie pyrimiding schemes
git git cya
strangers and forigner's are Nopt citizens
not..non typer sri
Good Night...all Cheers All awway i'se go..out
2013-10-16 22:32Guest 2G5, go listen to eric's solution:
the book "day of deceit" explains it very well
Father Coughlin
gn ed, hope to see you next week