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2013-08-07 20:02EdClanofChattanGreetings G 2 ;)
Greetings Paula ;)
2013-08-07 20:15badbabylive now page
I have been having problems to
thank you
problems with my window
2013-08-07 20:24EdClanofChattanMiranda v. Arizona, 384 U.S. 436 (1966)
Olmstead v. United States - 277 U.S. 438 (1928)
2013-08-07 20:31Guest 5in Rod we Trust
2013-08-07 20:32Daniel KYes, my exact thoughts
I think Rod is in for a rude awakening
2013-08-07 20:33Guest 5rudi, thats Darkknights mama
2013-08-07 20:33Daniel Klol
good one
2013-08-07 20:34Guest 8Hello!
2013-08-07 20:34Guest 5wut up 8
2013-08-07 20:34Daniel KThey like their ears tickled
2013-08-07 20:35JeanBapi can't say it enough
i long to see all of the jews in the lake of fire, AMEN!!! I DESIRE IT GREATLY, ABOVE ALL ELSE, SAVE BEING WITH CHRIST, FOREVER, SO BE IT!!!
2013-08-07 20:35Daniel KAmen Jean!
2013-08-07 20:35JeanBapAMEN
2013-08-07 20:35Daniel KQuality of quantity
2013-08-07 20:35Daniel KLike in the story of Gideon
2013-08-07 20:36JeanBapYES!!
2013-08-07 20:36Daniel KYHWH kept telling him he had too many men
2013-08-07 20:36JeanBapGood Point
2013-08-07 20:36Daniel KI meant, quality NOT quantity, lol
2013-08-07 20:36Guest 2is Ed gonna have a show tonite or just music?
2013-08-07 20:36JeanBaphe's on now
2013-08-07 20:37Daniel KGuest 2, cant you hear him on now?
Oh man, Rod is so lost
But he should know the truth
2013-08-07 20:37JeanBapbrb getting my dinner my dear Wife made
2013-08-07 20:37Daniel Kwhich is why I think he is a CoIntellPro agent
2013-08-07 20:37Guest 2No,just music
2013-08-07 20:38Daniel KOMG
Glad I didnt hear it!
The REAL natives were WHITE!
Rod is such a retard!
2013-08-07 20:38Guest 6very interesting Ed
2013-08-07 20:38Daniel KUnreal!
King Edward
2013-08-07 20:39Guest 6rod the redman
2013-08-07 20:39Daniel KEdward I (17 June 1239 - 7 July 1307), also known as Edward Longshanks
2013-08-07 20:39Guest 8and other tribes that fled from the romans, from the west shores of Europe
2013-08-07 20:39Guest 6rod / red
2013-08-07 20:40Guest 8racially they were white but in America they used a savage like outfit
2013-08-07 20:40Daniel KLOL, Im going to start calling him "RED Class"!!! LOL
2013-08-07 20:41Guest 8somthey go0tmistaken by indians
so they got
2013-08-07 20:42Daniel KAnyone try the kerosene therapy yet?
2013-08-07 20:44EdClanofChattanI am taking Kerosene
Feeling GREAT too!
2013-08-07 20:47Daniel KHow long have you been doing it Ed?
2013-08-07 20:47Guest 8i've been taking some too, and turpentine. But now i am doing a break, i guess it overloads the liver a little.
2013-08-07 20:48Guest 9Why are you taking kerosene and how much and straight or mixed with something.
2013-08-07 20:48JeanBapplease pray that all Our Girls and Women stay away from the blacks, asians, browns---away from any involvement with any Non-White Boy or Man, period!!
2013-08-07 20:48Daniel KGuest 9, let me get you the article
2013-08-07 20:49JeanBapGuest 9 listen to last broadcast, or a couple back
very goo
2013-08-07 20:49Daniel KHere is the article
2013-08-07 20:50Guest 8it tastes like resin
2013-08-07 20:50JeanBapRick Adams proved beyond doubt that all blacks and asians are completely miscegenated critters, mixed by the demons, and are Our Enemies---one and all
of them
2013-08-07 20:51Guest 8why not in a glass?
2013-08-07 20:51Daniel KGuest 8, you DONT want to end up puking
If you puke, it can get into your lungs, that would not be good
2013-08-07 20:52JeanBapplease pray that all Our Girls and Women stay away from the blacks, asians, browns---away from any involvement with any Non-White Boy or Man, period!*
2013-08-07 20:52Guest 8NO!, i drink it mixed with water - a glass ofwater with someof the substance, there's no reason to puke, it only tastes a bit bad!
2013-08-07 20:53JeanBapRick Adams proved beyond doubt that all blacks and asians are completely miscegenated critters, mixed by the demons, and are Our Enemies---one & all
2013-08-07 20:53Daniel KOh, lol
I thought you meant, to drink an entire glass, LOL!
2013-08-07 20:53Guest 8are you crazy? LOL, of course not!
2013-08-07 20:55Daniel Kfungus!
I think we all have candida
That is why I am particularly interested
Onion will cure pain from an ear ache
2013-08-07 20:57Guest 8with all the polution in the air water and food, and all the chemtarils, it's almost impossible not to have something , DK
2013-08-07 20:57Daniel Kand olive and garlic oil will completely heal it in a day or two!
Yes, its terrible
You can do things to fight it though
Eliminate the fluoride from your water for one
Watch "Cancer is a fungus" on jewtube
2013-08-07 20:59Guest 8candida is "blood malware"
2013-08-07 20:59Daniel KIts really hard not to eat sugar
Sugar is literally in everything
Oh he is so ignorant on all subjects, its painful!
2013-08-07 21:02JeanBapI'm here reading and listening...and not watching chat screen, too much
2013-08-07 21:04Daniel KLOL
Except Rod hates TRUTH!
Oh jeanette, she's a friggin retard too!
Rod's getting his info. from talmud vision now, eh?
2013-08-07 21:12Guest 8it's simple, it's the old story of a more technologically developed nation conquering barbarian tribes. The romans did this with the kelts
2013-08-07 21:12Daniel KYes, he is retarded!
2013-08-07 21:12Daniel KProbably a jew
2013-08-07 21:12JeanBapGUEST 8 IS A LIAR / JEW
2013-08-07 21:12Guest 8shut up!
guest 8 go back to the lake of fire you came out of, NOW, By Christ, AMEN!!!
2013-08-07 21:13Guest 6the Indians were tribal wonderers
2013-08-07 21:13JeanBapindians = jews of asian and part black demon descent, all of them
2013-08-07 21:13Guest 10ew did purchase the lands from the Indians
2013-08-07 21:14JeanBapasians were given malay; negroid was given nubia, ONLY
they left, transgressing God's Law regarding Their Habitation, as the demons did
2013-08-07 21:15Guest 6they were the humans
2013-08-07 21:15Guest 8and you are a troll and a stupid Bible beater
who are you calling a jew and a liar to? come tell me that in my face you coward
2013-08-07 21:15Guest 6or the man beast
2013-08-07 21:15JeanBapcome to my martial arts studio, and we can discuss it
2013-08-07 21:15Guest 10Indians broke the tratis and has to move out to resrvations
2013-08-07 21:17Guest 8chat box bully and a pseudo saint, if not a jew, that's what you are, you must know as much about martial arts as insulting people on chatboxes
keyboard warrior!
2013-08-07 21:18JeanBaplol
Jean L. Baptiste
John en Englais
2013-08-07 21:20Guest 5once you go white, you forget how to fight
2013-08-07 21:21JeanBapEd, all of the so called "indians" in America and elsewhere are descendants of the invaders from among the fallen ones' descendants
2013-08-07 21:21Guest 5run forrest run
2013-08-07 21:22JeanBapsome may have Celestial (White) blood
but very little, as the "indians" murdered off God's Elect (Caucasian) people, and all which back the indians, prove they are L O S T forever, of
course, So Be It!!!
the lake of fire we built, long ago, is full of such, but there is plenty of room for All new arrivals :)
Matt 25:41
2013-08-07 21:28Guest 5aren't legislators mostly white
2013-08-07 21:28Daniel KAmen Jean!
2013-08-07 21:30JeanBapAMEN DK
legislators today are primarily lake of fire bound followers of the beast (judaism) and thus are jews, in every way, and forever.
john mccain = john son of Cain, satan's son (I John 3:12)
obamanation of desolation sitting where it is never supposed to sit (unless it wants to be forever in the lake of fire, obviously)
anyway, the lake of fire we built, long ago, is full of such, but there is plenty of room for All new arrivals, of course.
2013-08-07 21:36Guest 10plagerising
2013-08-07 21:36Guest 5speaking of satan
charles magically appears
2013-08-07 21:37JeanBapwell, I must call my dear brother, to set up his lesson schedule. Be back in about 20 mins, unless he is inquisitive as usual :)
2013-08-07 21:39Guest 8i thought he was reading and listening and learning and not paying too much attention to the chatroom.,,,
he left!! adieu! goodbye
maybe he was feeling hungry and went to eat a Bible
hope he chokes
what a buffon
What about an elective monarchy Ed?
2013-08-07 21:45charles8854"elective monarchy" is an excellent focus, ed.
2013-08-07 21:45Guest 8and other countries, not only England
i don't think democarcies are working too well
2013-08-07 21:45Guest 5we have a king in this country!! King Labron
2013-08-07 21:46Guest 8you think so too Charles? thanks
2013-08-07 21:46Guest 5Lebron
2013-08-07 21:46Guest 8Lebron? who is that one?
2013-08-07 21:46charles8854The basic concept of "Organic Law", Requires such an organic-process as "Elective Monarchy".
2013-08-07 21:46Guest 5King Lebron
2013-08-07 21:47Guest 8?
2013-08-07 21:47charles8854Yes; 8.
Under "Monarchy", everyone knows who to blame for society's problems; as opposed to the modern anglo/american mass of confusion.
2013-08-07 21:49Guest 8i think it's the only system in history that worked better, but i think we don't have any modrern example
that's why it has to elective, if it is absolute then it's like North korea!
not only anglo/american Charles, universal democratic chaos.
2013-08-07 21:50charles8854And with a process in place for frequent "votes of confidence" in buck-stops-here type of monarch/leader, then ...
... then very efficient mechanisms of accountability can be invoked.
2013-08-07 21:51Guest 8de,mocracies have proved to be failiures, the average citizen has no intelligence enough to vote, and it's easy forcorruption to settle
2013-08-07 21:51charles8854sounds right, 8.
2013-08-07 21:51Guest 8yes, we're agreed!
exactly, he's supposed to be like a father and guardian to the nation, not a ditactor
2013-08-07 21:56Guest 5I gotta go take a crap, anyone have a can of lysol
2013-08-07 21:56Guest 8dictator to me implies abuse
you go keep company to jean Baptiste, guest 5? go ahead!
the say they're religious biggots but then they use their Bible for another thing...
now i know the use they give to the Holy Scriptures...when no one's watching of course
2013-08-07 22:01Daniel Kback from cardio
good sweat!
2013-08-07 22:08Guest 8will listen to this later, good night Ed, DK, Charles
2013-08-07 22:09Daniel Knight guest 8
YHWH bless
2013-08-07 22:12JeanBapWhen you read about The Name in Matt 28:19 and Acts 2:38, what do you find out, DK?
I see the One True God (Elohe) and His Name; whereas, when I see the Name or Term (Adj) YHWH, I see a Word "Eternal" Which fits everywhere
we see the term "Lord", which is Not the Name or Adjective for GOD (Elohe / One True God)
in any Scripture
What do you see, DK, or Anyone Else?
2013-08-07 22:26Guest 16Jffrson read Coke and did not like Blackstone
2013-08-07 22:26JeanBapAlso, look at Colossians 2:9 and Titus 2:13, and We see the same Conclusion, from The Word of God (Christ Rom 8:9)
2013-08-07 22:27Guest 16you can google many of his letts that talk about it
2013-08-07 22:41Guest 6this nation was turned into the 'melting pot'
2013-08-07 22:44Guest 16thats what national geographic magazins were for,
2013-08-07 22:44Guest 6the melting pot works contrary to cultural integrity
2013-08-07 22:45Guest 16more like garbage dump
2013-08-07 22:46Daniel KYeah, those wicked jews can take their "diversity" and shove it up thier homo kosher a**es!
Ive had ALL I can handle of OTHER cultures!
2013-08-07 22:47Guest 6one culture should not subvert another
2013-08-07 22:48JeanBapkosher = yiddish for UNFIT for Consumption by any but demons
2013-08-07 22:48Guest 16cultue?
2013-08-07 22:49JeanBapkosher = lake of fire fuel
kosher food = burned like toast
2013-08-07 22:50Daniel Klol
2013-08-07 22:50Guest 6holocaust = burnt offering
2013-08-07 22:51Guest 16God said to put away their strange wivs and children
2013-08-07 22:52JeanBaplol DK
2013-08-07 22:52Daniel Khes a mongrel mamzer half breed jew
2013-08-07 22:52JeanBapculture = How one worships and Who or What they worship
have a great night all. My brother just called me back. Talk with you all tomorrow on T or C :)
2013-08-07 22:53Daniel KNight Jean
YHWH bless you brother
2013-08-07 23:13leonard901.
2013-08-07 23:17Daniel KThanks Ed
Good night
YHWH bless
2013-08-07 23:19Guest 6that was a good find Ed
2013-08-07 23:32EdClanofChattan