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2013-07-24 20:00EdClanofChattanGreetings G 2 ;)
2013-07-24 20:00Guest 2hi
2013-07-24 20:07ghostshipwho is this playing?
2013-07-24 20:07fatdealdio? no halford?
2013-07-24 20:08ghostshipgont think so
2013-07-24 20:08fatdealgfd
2013-07-24 20:08ghostshipmaby halford
2013-07-24 20:09fatdealchecking chat function
ts sucks lately
big time
2013-07-24 20:10ghostshipwho was that?
2013-07-24 20:11Guest 6is this the call with David Clarence?
2013-07-24 20:12Dresden88lkhligh
2013-07-24 20:14Guest 6hmmmm
2013-07-24 20:17Dresden88Give me liberty or give me death. Patrick Henry.
2013-07-24 20:19fatdealpatrick henry had limited info on the law to study with
as many did in the coonies
no, that was madisons infomercial last night
est here
2013-07-24 20:21Guest 6sounds like ed is selling bootleg liquor
2013-07-24 20:21Dresden88I MAKE HARD CIDER.
Stupid caps lock.
holy cow.
2013-07-24 20:25Guest 6oil of oregano drops will get ride of the heart worms, just a few drops of the good stuff every day for about a week to 10 days
2013-07-24 20:25Guest 7ok
2013-07-24 20:26Guest 625 bucks a bottle will last for years, you gotta dilute it or it will kill ya
2013-07-24 20:26Guest 7do people have worms lol
2013-07-24 20:27EdClanofChattan
2013-07-24 20:27Guest 6people have tons of parasites and worms
2013-07-24 20:28Guest 7older folks like me
2013-07-24 20:28Seek&YouShallFindhmmm, I think I saw some of you youngin' over in Dan's shoe :)
2013-07-24 20:28Dresden88yes .
2013-07-24 20:29Guest 6you can usually look at the gums and tell if a dog has heart worms
2013-07-24 20:31Guest 7zzz
2013-07-24 20:31Dresden88Wake up.
2013-07-24 20:31Guest 7yup
2013-07-24 20:33ghostshipjet fuel
2013-07-24 20:33Dresden88you can get kerosene at some gas stations still.
2013-07-24 20:33Guest 6don't ever put turpentine on a raw butt.. ROFLMAO
2013-07-24 20:33Guest 2what music is this?
2013-07-24 20:34Guest 6I get kerosene at the farmers Coop
2013-07-24 20:34Guest 7we are talking about drops, right?
i guess its like whiskey ,sort of
2013-07-24 20:38Dresden88xjcghkfjkl
2013-07-24 20:40werj01Ed, what is the name of this article?
Thank you...
2013-07-24 20:42Dresden88I must taste horrible.
2013-07-24 20:42Guest 7amazing
2013-07-24 20:48Dresden88Wow. half a teaspoon is not much. Interesting.
2013-07-24 20:50fatdealthere are 10 to the power of 7000 reactions in the human body every day
this is like colloidal silver
2013-07-24 20:57Dresden88I wonder if kerosene could lower cholesterol.
2013-07-24 21:04Daniel KGreetings brethren!
Ed, you sure the white race actually have pain receptors? LOL!
Dumbed down with drugs and fluride
2013-07-24 21:05ghostshipyeah, we are fearfully and wonderfullt made
2013-07-24 21:05Daniel KEd, I can tell her how to fix it!
Back pain, neck pain, sciaticia, slipped disc, herniated discs, bulging discs, etc. ALL jewish scams!
2013-07-24 21:06Guest 8Goid Evening ED and Clan kind..
'revolving door' eg,,'see ya next week..see the 'secratary on the way out'..schems
2013-07-24 21:08ghostshipany mention of toluene?
2013-07-24 21:09Guest 8potato 'raw'...removes warts..keep it compressed against the wart,eg
red cidar good too..a 'slug a do ya'
pine rison as a gum chew,goodie
good evening..sorry my typo..i just 'noticed'>sorry
cycists,boils,and fugal..
don't eat raw fish,egg's,shellfish,etc
boil all drinking etc
2013-07-24 21:21Guest 6sushi is pretty good if it has been seasoned out in the sun for a few days
that way the maggots are more mature and you can pick them out
2013-07-24 21:21Guest 8sore throat..painful
2013-07-24 21:22Guest 6speaking of maggots, hello SeeEYE
2013-07-24 21:22Guest 8natural 'sun curing'..>minus the blowflies
2013-07-24 21:23Daniel KEd, what are you reading?
2013-07-24 21:24Guest 8candida is a std isn't it..hmm
the 'clapping' effect
2013-07-24 21:25Daniel Kfugus is usually white
Yes like cotton candy
2013-07-24 21:25Guest 8stinkbox situation..i betcha
2013-07-24 21:25Daniel KI think most people have candida
2013-07-24 21:26Guest 6yes white people and fugus are synonymous
2013-07-24 21:26Daniel KAh I see we have a jew in the midst!
2013-07-24 21:26Guest 8company coming
2013-07-24 21:26Daniel KHey jew guest 6, fitting #
2013-07-24 21:27Guest 8he knows oneeye
2013-07-24 21:27Guest 6I am an alien, I don't give a shit about blood lines
2013-07-24 21:28Daniel KYep, glad tick season just ended!
All jews are aliens!
2013-07-24 21:31Guest 8i seen bug's on snow..i fished the ny salmon river...and the snowbanks had 'bugs' on the early spring snowmelt remnants
kerosine,sulpher,and cidar,and blacksalve..use brownsoap..and salt good,too
2013-07-24 21:37Guest 6"
2013-07-24 21:39Guest 8bleach 'shocking' for cleaning..not overuse
white kerosine>Not the red dye type
benzine carcinagenic..careful
just don't puke..always remember that
2013-07-24 21:45Daniel KSo start VERY slow so you DONT have to puke!
All things are MORE potent in a fasted state
2013-07-24 21:47Guest 8molassas and prune juice is a goodie cocktail..'kills off' the bad taste
kerosine good for nits,headlice,too..
not use on eyebrows or nasal area..beneficial body worms are vital for your internal health...yes...worms live in these locations
petri dish fertilizer dirt
when in doubt..take a slug of red wine (apple)cider
money for Pro$it
corn silage 'juice'..a goodie,too
peptin..grapejuice..a goodie health benifit
blackpowder good as a 'peppering' too
lost audioo
2013-07-24 22:09Daniel KYep audio cutting in and out
2013-07-24 22:09werj01Me too
2013-07-24 22:10Guest 8use a magnet to 'locate' any 'forgotton iron pinnin's' in your worked in scrap ironwork..and had a'iron chunk' deep in hiswrist..too fa
too far down to remove it..he 'living with it
i'se need to 'reload' ..i be baack
2013-07-24 22:12Daniel KAnyone get sound back yet?
2013-07-24 22:13Guest 10i'se be baaack
2013-07-24 22:13werj01not yet
2013-07-24 22:14Guest 10audio nought
2013-07-24 22:15werj01yes
2013-07-24 22:15Guest 10home remedies..we need
2013-07-24 22:15Guest 11any mention on toluene?
2013-07-24 22:16Guest 10petrolium jelly?
i used a rubberhose for 'shyphoning' gasoline,most my life lol
2013-07-24 22:18Daniel K
2013-07-24 22:20EdClanofChattanhhhhhh
2013-07-24 22:20charles8854hi ed; hi dk.
hi fd.
2013-07-24 22:21Guest 11thanks ed, good info
2013-07-24 22:22Guest 10eat various lumens,cabbage,colard greens,health benefits
banannas,coconut oil..
2013-07-24 22:23charles8854right-on, 10. vegetarian-diets produce longer-lived & heathier bodies.
2013-07-24 22:23Guest 10scurvy illiminators
2013-07-24 22:24Daniel KGuest 10, my speculation is that lemons and limes work similiar for the same reasons
2013-07-24 22:24Guest 10salt baths
2013-07-24 22:25Daniel KHighly acidic
has a REVERSE alkelizing effect?
2013-07-24 22:25Guest 10the cousins lol
my kinfolk knew it...but the 'establishment know all's made the young folks detest the homecureing folk
called 'crazy' hillbilly' ect
kerageen..seaweed/kelp in icecream, red bug juice in cranberry juice as a 'color dye'
mice..rat in wine starter,beer,cheese..
2013-07-24 22:31Daniel KEd, its the eskimos who are behind all of this, right?
2013-07-24 22:32Guest 10raw meat eater's lolo
the viking's knew that,too lol
coal oil
gasoline was a 'wasteproduct'
2013-07-24 22:36Daniel KLOL!!! Charles I warned you and all the rest about DC LONG ago! So has Ed!
2013-07-24 22:37Guest 10devil city? lol
2013-07-24 22:37Daniel KHow about the fact he calls himiself "one"?
If he is ALREADY "one", what is the purpose of the judgment day?
2013-07-24 22:37charles8854right, dk.
2013-07-24 22:37Daniel KI do!
I think he's CoIntellPro!
2013-07-24 22:38Guest 10i'se's my 'alibi'
2013-07-24 22:39Daniel KWell, Im not going to criticize you Charles, at least you have realized he is clueless!
NOTHING he says EVER makes any sense!
2013-07-24 22:39charles8854thanks, dk.
2013-07-24 22:40Guest 10the 'holder of the books'..i bet
2013-07-24 22:40Daniel KLOL!
2013-07-24 22:40Guest 10james wickstrom had a good talk,tonight
2013-07-24 22:41Daniel KThat made me laugh, Ed! Ed says "Im not even sure where in the hell he is"! LOL!!!
Me neither!
Guest 10, what is the deal with wickstrom?
2013-07-24 22:42Guest 10he warning about the book holders
2013-07-24 22:42Daniel KI mean, Ive listened to him before and he seems alright, why do others in CI have a problem with him, what has he done?
When you lie to your sub-conscience, it can only take it so long, BEFORE depression sets in!
2013-07-24 22:43Guest 10i'se listen to all knowledge...i trust no man...but i purcue wisdom...must Alway's be careful of men and Lies
seek truth
we love Lies
2013-07-24 22:45Daniel KThat is if you are intellectually honest I should say
2013-07-24 22:45Guest 10milk of the word..thjan
2013-07-24 22:45charles8854
2013-07-24 22:45Daniel KYes, you associate what you read with a mental picture!
2013-07-24 22:46Guest 10a house of tks
2013-07-24 22:46Daniel KEd, I must be different because I cant lie to my sub conscience, Ive tried, in my younger years! It causes depression!
2013-07-24 22:47charles8854
2013-07-24 22:47Daniel Kcharles, dont use wikipedia for anything
at least anything related to Christianity or history
2013-07-24 22:47Guest 10all is not what it appear's to be..
2013-07-24 22:48charles8854dont tell me what to use; dk.
2013-07-24 22:48Daniel KFine, use jews sources all you want and look like a fucktard, sorry I tried to help you!
2013-07-24 22:49werj01what was the name of the first book about the mind that you were speaking about, Ed?
2013-07-24 22:49Guest 10a good remedy is also a feasting..24 hr or more...cleasening the body
2013-07-24 22:49Guest 6you sure have a hard on for jews, did one take your girlfriend once upon a time
2013-07-24 22:49Daniel Kguest 10, feasting or fasting?
2013-07-24 22:49charles8854"fasting", 10.
2013-07-24 22:49Daniel KLOL!
2013-07-24 22:49Guest 10sauna rocks throw cold water on them...steam cleazeing
2013-07-24 22:50Daniel KFasting is great!
so are sauna's!
2013-07-24 22:50Guest 10fasting..i'se sorry
2013-07-24 22:50Daniel KBut a sauna are of NO benefit if you continue to drink fluoride water
2013-07-24 22:51Guest 10yes...even spring bottled water has fluride added
2013-07-24 22:52Daniel KYes! Dont drink any bottled water! If you must drink a bottled water, drink a steam distilled one like "smartwater", even then I DONT trust what they
put in there!
DISTILL you're own water!
2013-07-24 22:52Guest 10yes,i concur...distill your not
2013-07-24 22:53Daniel Kyou can get a good home distiller for less than 200 "dollars"
2013-07-24 22:54Guest 10copper tubeing needs much water 'washing' to remove any solder or copper poisoning
2013-07-24 22:55Daniel KEd, Charles has a sophomoric understanding of the Bible and how white people were given dominion and therefore fails to understand the
2013-07-24 22:55Guest 10iron wioll create 'manganese' and oxidebuild up,too
2013-07-24 22:55Daniel Ktrue foundational structure of this nation.
2013-07-24 22:58Guest 10a counterfeit/deciever/lier
souvighn and the them
us,and them simple..not hard
it was a 'staged event' taken out of context
word,,,covenant deed...other deed's..
the justus'er's make the 'final say' quaint of 'em
waste not>need not ;-)
voter 'em out
vote 'em out
no audio,again:-(
2013-07-24 23:34Guest 13baack..all excerllent audio
all is 'fixed' except death and taxes
2013-07-24 23:37Daniel KWTF is wrong with my hip, Im getting old
just kidding
just sore from leg day
2013-07-24 23:39Guest 13old is a mind thing
2013-07-24 23:39Daniel Kagreed
2013-07-24 23:40Guest 13the real king of england lives in austrillia...a dave hastings..ole ye edward 4th was a the researched documentary sayslol
all is not whot it seem's ey lol seems eg,, a 14th admntmnt thing type,too lol
i was asked on a work applicant exam:If a person is advanced in higher it about corruption or merit own 'Personal observatio
n'..i checked the corruption decision...I was not hired lolo
soo.. i guess the truth does hurt
it starts at the ballot box>vote 'em OUT!
i heard the stripper dancer got her million dollar's given back to her...lucky her
2013-07-24 23:59werj01Before I go, thank you for this info about the benefits of Kerosene and turpentine, Ed. My household will be looking further into this !! :)
2013-07-24 23:59Guest 13be careful of matches lol
hand shaking...arse&ring my
the cardgame is fixed
ignorance is no excuse
vote 'em Out1
the cha cha cha
vote 'EM OUT!!
we are coward's and self centered idiots...duped by consent
and we love it soo
bullie's not fall into thier traps
2013-07-25 00:35EdClanofChattan
2013-07-25 00:36Guest 13freakle what
term Limits
justlife bs'ersnot
when you need it the have to get your triggerlock key..wthech>mentalmidgetry
i'se walked my guard post with empty ammo magizine..i was a combat trained/experienced professional my so much
i witnessed a fellow officer of police get fired>He Never cleaned his service Revolver! it could not be 'opened' for a 'surprise weapon check on line
abuse is abuse..both these situations are horrid
we are a sick society
Praise Our LeaderMan>AMEN
grims fairytales were worth reading
briaqr rabbit,fox and etc,too
i'se a layman lol
we retreat to fight again lol...kidding ya's
Good Morning Men
ny here
rock rah
2013-07-25 01:00charles8854i lost my sound.
2013-07-25 01:01EdClanofChattanTalkshoe cut us off I think. Let me try to call back in.
2013-07-25 01:01charles8854good night, dk. good night, ed.
i would not worry about it, ed.
2013-07-25 01:02EdClanofChattanIt won't let me call back in in this session so I will see you folks back here next Wed. YaH bless ;
I'll play this song next Wed
2013-07-25 01:03charles8854right, ooo. yah bless, ed.