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2013-07-17 20:00Guest 2hi ed
2013-07-17 20:02EdClanofChattanGreetings folks ;)
2013-07-17 20:04caniamHello Edward. I was going out the door when I got your message. You must have felt me thinking about you yesterday. Hope all is reasonable well.
2013-07-17 20:05EdClanofChattanYes all is well, but could always be better ;)
2013-07-17 20:06caniamI think I broke a toe today. But still rode my bike all day despite. Should be able to connect on phone tomorrow~ Catch you later~
2013-07-17 20:07EdClanofChattanBroke a toe?! How?
2013-07-17 20:08caniamI will be on the call until aby. 10- Nice music! ~
Oh, I was trying to break up a cat fight- seriously~
2013-07-17 20:08EdClanofChattanYes I like it too
2013-07-17 20:09caniamMissed the cat and hit a log instead~
Yet- coming through~
That's Yes, coming through loud & clear~
2013-07-17 20:26Guest 5I heard that Dk was charged with holding up a liquor store
2013-07-17 20:30caniamIsn't it not "including the government", but rather especially the Government.
2013-07-17 20:34Seek&YouShallFind100% German-Judahite, as Christ, here
2013-07-17 20:50Guest 2is there sound?
2013-07-17 20:50Guest 8thrtr is
2013-07-17 21:04Guest 5I love jews
whitey must die
we must riot against the white crackas
dam honkies
2013-07-17 21:10Guest 8theyhave no authority
2013-07-17 21:10Guest 9they have no lawful authority
2013-07-17 21:10MajorThrashI see those clauses in all the laws stats allthe time when looking thru the law books
2013-07-17 21:11Seek&YouShallFindEd, please erase satanist, guest 5 's, posts, above
2013-07-17 21:12Guest 9women, and non-organic citizens can not act in lawful authority in government
2013-07-17 21:14Seek&YouShallFindThe Problem(s) are really two-fold, at their foundation: 1) the creation of the flesh with its own law in it (Rom 7:23) and 2) Lust for anything
both were created and since their beginnings, the heavens and the earth have absolutely degenerated, beyond doubt.
Your Thoughts?
Christ says in I John 3:2 that He will forever remove the sinful flesh, for the Righteous Eternal Age.
"We Shall Be Forever Like Him....A Spirit" (I John 3:2 and John 4)
Gospel of John, that is, when Christ was talking with the Samaritan Woman
"Like the Angels in Heaven" (Spirit, NOT Flesh, ever again)
All Problems Will Forever Cease, ONCE Christ Removes The Sinful Flesh, from OFF of Our Spirits, for the first time, since we were Created.
Hint: Colossians 2:9-end of Chapter
2013-07-17 21:28Guest 9ed, this my be under the general welfare clause... under general interest
2013-07-17 21:31Seek&YouShallFindThe Only Rightful Resident of America (God's Realm in Caucasian / Hebrew) Is One Who Loves and Knows The Truth, The Very Elect (Mt24:24) and none
others, ever.
Same Rule as Entrance into Heaven (Eternal Life)
All others are "the lawless" (illegal or lawless) which are merely being restrained (2 Thess 2) till Christ casts them all into the lake of fire (Rev
if one is a black, or asian, or other non-White, and in Christ's Kingdom, America, or if one is otherwise cursing Israel and Christ The King, they are
to be eternally punished (Rev 14:11)
"they which curse Abraham's descendants (esp Abraham's Spiritual Kin) will be cursed" forever Genesis 12:3
Ed, I do not hold to the clearly false claim, that We The Remnant Few (<5% of all Creation) are to blame, for anything. All has clearly occurred by
design. Christ has a purpose for His Creation being as it has been, and is to this day. I do not know the purpose for that, but He must have a
purpose for the same.
NOW, IF I were given the Power, The Super Power, to Change All that is evil, I would, long ago, have Change all that is, in fact, evil.
as I am sure, all of you would have, also, long ago, have done
2013-07-17 21:51MajorThrashso wheres do we get the enforcement,,,ya right military just gonna jump in and remove the fired
2013-07-17 21:52Seek&YouShallFindChrist Alone Created, and He Alone Has ALL POWER ("The One and Only Potentate" / Power) to Fix All, for Part Two, The Righteous Eternal Age"
SO, Until Christ decides to Fix or Re-Create (Rev 21:5) His Entire Creation, All will remain as it has been, since the beginning (Gen 1:1ff / John1:3)
I Cor 15:52
Any Comment, Anyone?
I write others, all the time, every day, and 90% never respond. They are the non-Elect of this present evil age. Only The Very Elect CAN Respond.
and I primarily write folk in CI, or near CI adherents
The Very Elect are A Very Select ("Few There Be Who Find It" Truth) People...Very Few!!!
Any Other Very Elect in here?
Well, We can discuss this, again, next time, UNLESS CHRIST RETURNS, BEFORE NEXT WEEK, HOPEFULLY!!! AMEN!!!
"All Who Love His Appearing"
2013-07-17 22:05caniamright on Edward~
It does matter how things transpire, so we can properly undo the damage and have a chance of not repeating it again~
2013-07-17 22:09Guest 9case law supports your opinion ed, that if you invite someone into your home, and they rip you off... you're SOL
2013-07-17 22:10EdClanofChattanCorrect G 9
2013-07-17 22:12Guest 9the communist's model is to impede the natural exchange between men, by become a third-party of interest in all transactions
when you welcome someone into you home, your are saying that "my home is your home," ...thank you very much for your generosity friend!
2013-07-17 22:21Guest 13sombody was giving Ed credit for being correct on Angela Starks show last week
you are right Ed thanks for clarifying things for us
2013-07-17 22:31Guest 9we have good land here ed, the promised land
this land was for the tribe of Manasseh
ed, we are loosing our birth right through adulteration of our blood line
"thou shall not commit adultery"
2013-07-17 22:40caniamDisinherit~
They condone it. "Silence is acquiescence"~
2013-07-17 22:43Pastor VisserAmen.
Great show, brothers!
2013-07-17 22:49Guest 13later alligators
2013-07-17 22:49EdClanofChattanlater G 13
2013-07-17 22:51charles8854nice music, ed.
2013-07-17 22:51EdClanofChattanYes!
2013-07-17 22:52charles8854good night, ed.
2013-07-17 22:53Guest 9gn ed, all
2013-07-17 22:53Pastor VisserYah bless.
2013-07-17 22:53EdClanofChattanYaH bless al my brethern ;)
2013-07-17 22:54caniamMany Thanks dear one~