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2013-07-03 20:02EdClanofChattanGreetings Paula.
Greetings Bunnee
2013-07-03 20:09caniamHello Edward Allen The Intrepid Fyffe~ I could not get on talkshoe last week???? Hope all is reasonable well with you~
2013-07-03 20:09BunneeGreetings Ed :)
Maybe it's the holiday
I can only stay for about an hour, :( I have an early day tomorrow.
I plan on listening to the archive show :) I'll leave the chat open in case there are some good links to view
I find this show fascinating :)
2013-07-03 20:26Guest 6you also have the right to face your accusers
2013-07-03 21:00Bunneeartifical
Ed I think we cost you, or I did
You're back
lost not cost
Hi BlackPope :)
2013-07-03 21:03BlackPopeGreetings Bunnee
Was on Pastor Dan's call earlier.
2013-07-03 21:05budmonmusthey were not worried about millionares
2013-07-03 21:05BunneePastor Dans show is on tonight? I thought he was on Thursday
I think Pastor Visser is on Wednesday
2013-07-03 21:06BlackPopeAlways Wed at 7:00 central
Sunday at 9:00am
2013-07-03 21:06BunneeVisser or Dan?
2013-07-03 21:06BlackPopeSorry Dan.
2013-07-03 21:07BunneeSunday at nine is Pastor Eli and Gregg, right?
2013-07-03 21:07BlackPopeYes Pastor Eli and Greg 8 - 10 Central
2013-07-03 21:07Bunneeguess I'll listen to Pastor Dan at 7 on Wednesday
2013-07-03 21:08BlackPopeCan always listen to archives
2013-07-03 21:08BunneeI love these shows
2013-07-03 21:08BlackPopeMe too
2013-07-03 21:08Bunneetrue, but you can learn so much in the chat room sometimes
2013-07-03 21:08BlackPopeIn two weeks we are having another CI bible study with Pastor Eli.
2013-07-03 21:08Bunneefolks post some wonderful reading in the chat rooms
2013-07-03 21:09BlackPopeIndeed
2013-07-03 21:09BunneeWhen is Pastor Eli doing that show? don't want to miss that one
Amen Ed
2013-07-03 21:10BlackPopeDoing it locally here in Illnois.
Rob is Ed's co host a good friend of mine here locally.
2013-07-03 21:11Guest 6artificial persons operate under color of law
2013-07-03 21:13BlackPopeBunnee, have you seen this site ?
2013-07-03 21:14BunneeJust lost my connection :(
did I miss anything?
2013-07-03 21:15BlackPopeBunnee check this site out.
2013-07-03 21:16BunneeBP, did you post when Pastor Eli is doing his Bible study show? I lost my connection when we were talking about it
2013-07-03 21:16budmonmusprevious condition of servitude? how's that work with evoting?
2013-07-03 21:17BlackPopeIts a local meeting. If you come to Illinois let us know.
2013-07-03 21:18BunneeI would love to, not sure I can, I'm on short term disability and my airline may not allow me to fly while I'm out. Where would one stay if one were
to attend?
2013-07-03 21:18EdClanofChattan
2013-07-03 21:19BlackPopeCan always host a sister here.
2013-07-03 21:20Bunneeawesome, what are the dates?
2013-07-03 21:20BlackPopeWe don't publicize public gathers. The SRS Communist watch.
2013-07-03 21:20Bunneehaven't been to Chicago in almost 10 years
2013-07-03 21:21BlackPopeJuly 14th
2013-07-03 21:21BunneeThat's right, I remember. how would I find out?, email perhaps?
2013-07-03 21:21BlackPopeYes
2013-07-03 21:22BunneeI'm on his email list, or should I give you mine?
2013-07-03 21:22BlackPopeSure go ahead
2013-07-03 21:23BlackPopeGreat, I'll send you my email address.
2013-07-03 21:24Bunneeawesome
2013-07-03 21:24BlackPopeEds co host Rob lives here also
2013-07-03 21:25BunneeYes he does. I use to live in Chicago
2013-07-03 21:25BlackPopeasaiah 14 lives close also
Did you live in the city itself or suburbs ?
2013-07-03 21:26Bunneegreat, Rebekah isn't too far either
2013-07-03 21:26BlackPopeShe is PA ?
2013-07-03 21:27BunneeYes, all over the place, East Lakeview, Wicker Park, Ravenswood,
Boys town too, no she's in Ohio
2013-07-03 21:27BlackPopeAwesome. Miss it ?
2013-07-03 21:28BunneeI miss allot of the people, some of the nicest and most helpful people I've ever encountered
2013-07-03 21:28BlackPopeI usually vacation in Clearwater late October.
2013-07-03 21:28BunneeVery clean city for a large city
2013-07-03 21:29BlackPopeYes it is. Great pizza and restaurants.
2013-07-03 21:29BunneeClearwater is beautiful, I'm on the space coast. I just moved to a farm
I lost to audio :(
2013-07-03 21:29BlackPopeSee many snakes
2013-07-03 21:30BunneeI LOVE Chicago Pizza, I also like how you can have anything delivered
2013-07-03 21:30BlackPopeThe best...
2013-07-03 21:30BunneeGino's East
2013-07-03 21:31BlackPopeAnd Lous, UNO
2013-07-03 21:31BunneeI'm going to have to call in for audio, my computer isn't co-operating
2013-07-03 21:31BlackPopePress trouble hearing
Under chat board
2013-07-03 21:32Bunneeoh yeah uno, I liked duey, not sure of the spelling
2013-07-03 21:32BlackPopeGreat pizza
2013-07-03 21:32Bunneewhere is that?
2013-07-03 21:32BlackPopeSorry???
2013-07-03 21:32BunneeI liked the Billy Goat tavern and Green Door tavern
the trouble sound? I don't see it
2013-07-03 21:33BlackPopeLove Greek Town. Parthenon and Roditys
2013-07-03 21:33BunneeI've been to Parthenon
2013-07-03 21:33BlackPopeSee it lower right under the facebook logo
To the right of chat board
2013-07-03 21:34Bunneemy screen doesn't have that
2013-07-03 21:34BlackPopeGrrrrr
2013-07-03 21:35BunneeOkay that is me Florida, just listening Ed
2013-07-03 21:36BlackPopeBunnee any animals on the farm ?
2013-07-03 21:36BunneeI lost my audio on my laptop, I missed the last 5 minutes trying to get sound to work
No I lost sound too many times, so I missed allot of what you just said
Yes, we have animals, Goats, cows, llamas, two rescue pigs, ducks and chickens, all free range organic
2013-07-03 21:39BlackPopeBunnee do you ever get scheduled for flights into Chicago overnight ?
2013-07-03 21:39Bunneeit's not my farm, but my friends place. I help out
2013-07-03 21:39BlackPopeHard work I'm sure
2013-07-03 21:40BunneeI haven't had a long lay over since 2004, I'm NYC based and we don't get many long layovers there from the NY base
2013-07-03 21:40Seek&YouShallFindI completely forgot about our other shoes, after Rick's show
2013-07-03 21:40Bunneeit is hard work, but rewarding
2013-07-03 21:40BlackPopeHonorable too
2013-07-03 21:40Bunneethe animals are wonderful and can be very funny
2013-07-03 21:40Seek&YouShallFindI used to live in the big rotten apple
2013-07-03 21:40BlackPopeHey Shem
2013-07-03 21:40Seek&YouShallFindhey BP
2013-07-03 21:41BlackPopeMany snakes on the farm ?
2013-07-03 21:41Bunneeit is, I love it. I use to live there too, jew gardens
2013-07-03 21:41Seek&YouShallFindthe rotten apple is a place to live if you are studying or teaching martial arts, as I used to, when I lived there :)
2013-07-03 21:42BunneeHammy the pig was hoggin all the food today, I told him to stop being such a pig, then I realized he is a pig, too funny
2013-07-03 21:42BlackPopeHahaha
2013-07-03 21:42Seek&YouShallFindI could always find a willing student
on Broadway, especially
2013-07-03 21:43BunneeHammy has a new girlfriend, her name is Black Bean, Beanie for short together they are black beans and ham :)
I learned the NY subway system by getting lost all the time
2013-07-03 21:44Seek&YouShallFind
good honest article about black students
by a fellow teacher
nyc blacks are an especially wicked brood
2013-07-03 21:45BunneeI liked the Union Square farmers market, I shopped there when I lived in NY
2013-07-03 21:45Seek&YouShallFindby NYU
2013-07-03 21:45BunneeThanks Shem
2013-07-03 21:45Seek&YouShallFindYou're welcome Bunnee
2013-07-03 21:45BunneeI steered clear of them
2013-07-03 21:46Seek&YouShallFindblacks are much worse behaved than lions, tigers and other beasts
that article (above) shows this conclusively
I have studied the miscegenation of the earlier created negroid and seen that they were all forcibly bred by the demons, to produce the demon black we
all know
as all mongoloids (magog)
blacks are The Troop mentioned in Ezekiel 38
2013-07-03 21:49BunneeI avoided the black areas in NYC, I got lost in Cabrini Green ages ago when I moved there the first time, I didn't even stop at stop signs
2013-07-03 21:49Seek&YouShallFindashkenazi-cainite-edomite jews led by satan, are Gog of Ezekiel 38
2013-07-03 21:49BunneeCabrini Green Chicago that is
tons of them in jew gardens
2013-07-03 21:50BlackPopeFew months ago I was at Cottage Grove and 79th. Nasty filthy demons.
2013-07-03 21:51BunneeBP where is that hood?
2013-07-03 21:51Seek&YouShallFindAmerica is Completely Full of Gog, Magog and The Troop to the tune, I've found from my studies of about 250+ Million of THE ENEMY OF TRUE ISRAEL
Ezekiel 38-39
2013-07-03 21:51BlackPopeSouth Dan Ryan expressway.
Past Sox park
2013-07-03 21:52Seek&YouShallFindSo, Christ's killing them all (all of gog, magog and that troop) must be imminent (about to happen)
2013-07-03 21:52Bunneeokay, I took the Dan Ryan (in part) to get to Midway Airport, I use to work for Midway Airlines
2013-07-03 21:52Seek&YouShallFindhere in America and in all other White Nations
2013-07-03 21:52BlackPopeI like Midway
2013-07-03 21:53BunneeThe America I was born in is gone
2013-07-03 21:53BlackPopeWay gone.......
2013-07-03 21:53Seek&YouShallFindas Prophesied in Ezekiel 38-39 Bunnee
2013-07-03 21:53BunneeWe didn't make any money but we sure had fun
2013-07-03 21:53BlackPopeWe were safe always too
2013-07-03 21:53Seek&YouShallFindThat is why I wrote : So, Christ's killing them all (all of gog, magog and that troop) must be imminent (about to happen)
forever, until Christ fixed all
executes all of the wicked here
2013-07-03 21:54BlackPopeWe has a negro maid in the burbs.
Uniform and all
Picked her up and drop her off at the train station.
2013-07-03 21:55Seek&YouShallFindThere are over 1000 Chinese Plus other Asians here in CA for every White Person, and it is getting worse with every incoming flight...and there are
2013-07-03 21:55BunneeI worked for Midway before the orange line went out there and you could valet park your car, I did that when I was short called, it was great
2013-07-03 21:55Seek&YouShallFindlots of flights from Asia etc
CA is mainly Asian, about 75%
at this moment
so are most other states, whether you know it or not
2013-07-03 21:56BlackPopeI grew up in the city of "Destiny" Des Plaines, the very first McDonalds.
while we argue silly points of so called "law" which is not law, actually!!!
2013-07-03 21:57BunneeI grew up in Niagara Falls NY
2013-07-03 21:58Guest 6lol
2013-07-03 21:58BlackPopeStill have accent Bunnee ?
2013-07-03 21:58Bunneenot into this arguing stuff :(
2013-07-03 21:58BlackPopeyep
2013-07-03 21:59Guest 6girl is in dreamland
2013-07-03 21:59Bunneeno, I've lived in 10 states, some of them more than once some more than twice
2013-07-03 21:59BlackPopewow
2013-07-03 21:59Seek&YouShallFindwe have NO LAW anywhere in this world----never really have, save for a few days or hours at a time....TILL CHRIST ETERNALLY COMES!!!
2013-07-03 21:59BunneeI turned off the sound, let me know when we get back on track
2013-07-03 21:59BlackPopeBeen in HELLINOIS for 55 yrs
2013-07-03 21:59Seek&YouShallFindthat is the prob and solution
2013-07-03 22:00Guest 9Ed this is going nowhere
2013-07-03 22:00BunneeI wanted to see the US, I did allot of my traveling before I started flying
2013-07-03 22:00BunneeHellinois, funny
2013-07-03 22:00BlackPopeWould you want to remain in FL ?
2013-07-03 22:01Seek&YouShallFindwe're here, for what it is worth, Ed
2013-07-03 22:01Bunneeundecided, would like to live in a state that won't go along with the BS happening in our country
I like the warm weather in Florida
2013-07-03 22:02BlackPopeWe need our own region Only for our people.
2013-07-03 22:02BunneeI've been in Florida 12 years
I agree BP
I commute to NYC to go to work, that sucks
2013-07-03 22:03BlackPopeMy grandparent were of the original snowbirds who moved to FL in 60's. New Port Richey
2013-07-03 22:04BunneeI know where that is
2013-07-03 22:04BlackPopeGreat memories.
2013-07-03 22:04BunneeI live almost out in the middle of no where now
and I love it
2013-07-03 22:04BlackPopeSponge docks in Tarpon Springs, Paul's Shrimp House.
Sounds great
2013-07-03 22:05BunneeI remember when I first started flying and laying over in Florida, most of the hotel's had that smelly water running from the tap
Old Florida was cool
2013-07-03 22:06BlackPopeI stay at the Sandpearl. 5 stars awesome...
Yea, Fl has really changed
2013-07-03 22:06BunneeI haven't been to Clearwater in 5 years
2013-07-03 22:07BlackPopeAbsolutely beautiful.
2013-07-03 22:08BunneeIt's getting too crowded. When I first moved here I liive in Cape Canaveral, there use to be no people on the beach now it's like cocoa beach :(
I moved
lived, not liive
I've been to Cedar Key, that nice, north of Tampa I think
taht's, not that
that's UGH!
2013-07-03 22:09BlackPopeLast yr went to Caladesi Island. Peace and quite. All nature.
2013-07-03 22:10Bunneewhere's that?
2013-07-03 22:10BlackPopeJust north of Clearwater
20 minutes
Can only access by boat.
2013-07-03 22:11BunneeI should get out and explore Florida, I go to the National Seashore in Titusville, by Kennedy Space Center
sounds great, I like remote
2013-07-03 22:12BlackPopeNice I'm sure
Roberts is a POS Ed
He looks light in his loafers
2013-07-03 22:13Bunneeit is, your cell phone won't work out there and if you go on Monday's is quiet
2013-07-03 22:13BlackPopeReal nice
2013-07-03 22:13BunneeMonday
it's a nature preserve, NASA stole the land from the locals, I guess the nature preserve may make up for the theft
they displaced allot of folks in the 50's
2013-07-03 22:14BlackPopeTheives..
Like Clinton signed over the National Parks to U.N. control.
2013-07-03 22:15BunneeI've never been to the space center, no desire to hear their propaganda
2013-07-03 22:16BlackPopeNot a fan of tourist traps.
2013-07-03 22:17Bunneeme either, I have seen a few shuttle launches, watched one at 4am, the whole sky lit up and you could see Melbourne from the beach on the cape
2013-07-03 22:17charles8854hi ed; hi bp,
2013-07-03 22:17BlackPopeA launch would be cool no doubt.
Hi Charles
2013-07-03 22:18Bunneereally glad that launch didn't get scrubbed, especially since I rolled out of bed at 3:30 am to see that launch
it was
Hi Charles
2013-07-03 22:18BlackPopeOUCH...
2013-07-03 22:18Bunneeiknowright
we had baileys and coffee on the beach, watched the launch, then went back to bed
2013-07-03 22:19BlackPopeSleep was my enemy for many years.. No longer.LOL
2013-07-03 22:20Bunneeit is currently my enemy, but my wholistic doctor has been helping me with that, and I am starting to see a bit of improvement
2013-07-03 22:21BlackPopeHard to sleep, sorry to hear that.
If I don;t get proper sleep, I feel it.
2013-07-03 22:22Bunneeyeah, it stinks. I have Hashimoto's disease and that's one of many problems associated with Hashi's. I haven't slept well in years
2013-07-03 22:22BlackPopeWhats that ?
2013-07-03 22:23Bunneean autoimmune disease that attacks your thyroid
that's why I'm on short term disability
2013-07-03 22:24BlackPopeYea my mom had thyroid removed
2013-07-03 22:24budmonmustry the radiation...get iodine
2013-07-03 22:24charles8854hi bunnwewe
2013-07-03 22:24BlackPopeSo sorry
2013-07-03 22:25BunneeI am planning to send mine into permanent remission
Thank you BP
2013-07-03 22:25BlackPopeYou will Bunnee. AMEN
2013-07-03 22:26Bunneebeing off work right now isn't so bad, I get to spend more time on the farm, helping the animals :)
2013-07-03 22:26BlackPopeThat will help for sure.
Do you see wild animals ?
2013-07-03 22:26BunneeI will, it takes a complete life style change, something I'm already doing
no, the llamas keep them at bay
2013-07-03 22:27BlackPopeSnakes too ?
2013-07-03 22:27Bunneethey are the gate keepers of the farm
yes, just some black snakes. Nothing to be scared of
2013-07-03 22:28BlackPopeSnakes everywhere in FL !
2013-07-03 22:28Bunneethe ones who live in the barn refuse to leave
2013-07-03 22:28BlackPopeKeeps out rodents
2013-07-03 22:29Bunneeyep and the bats keep the bugs away
2013-07-03 22:29BlackPopecool
2013-07-03 22:30Bunneebat's are wonderful
2013-07-03 22:30BlackPopeDon't get bit
2013-07-03 22:30Bunneethey eat 300 times their body weight every night when they head out for the evening
2013-07-03 22:31BlackPopeIncredible
2013-07-03 22:31Bunneethey leave humans alone, bats get a bad rap
they really are wonderful creatures
2013-07-03 22:31BlackPopesounds like it
2013-07-03 22:32Bunneeone bat house will keep the whole neighborhood bug free
2013-07-03 22:32BlackPopethat is outstanding
chemical free too
2013-07-03 22:34Bunneethe beast part
best not beast
2013-07-03 22:34BlackPopeunderstand
I have sausage fingers typing
2013-07-03 22:35BunneeI bottled fed several baby goats this spring, we had some frisky goats. 11 babies born in a week
I type too fast
2013-07-03 22:36BlackPopeMust be amazing to see
2013-07-03 22:37Bunneeit is, the goats jump around and chase each other, the chickens wander into the store and steal lettuce, beg for food. it's really great
2013-07-03 22:37BlackPopeyea a different world for sure
2013-07-03 22:38Bunneethe chickens expect you to open the gate so they don't have to fly over it, spoiled rotten, just as it should be
2013-07-03 22:38BlackPopefunny
2013-07-03 22:39BunneeI like this world better than my other world, job :)
2013-07-03 22:39BlackPopeI would also, been in business for 35 years. taking its toll.
2013-07-03 22:39budmonmushey, Ed you still need those discs? now that it is clear they match up USPS mailers... if you don't need it, I won't mail it...
2013-07-03 22:40BunneeI use to love to travel all over, now I just want to stay home, no money in that though, so I will keep my day job :D
2013-07-03 22:40budmonmusyou dpm
you don't want to get matched with me ...and the reverse
2013-07-03 22:41BlackPopeI only like to travel to a beach in the U.S.
2013-07-03 22:41budmonmussee nyt article on usps recording of who to who etc
2013-07-03 22:42BlackPopeEphesians 2: 19 Not a citizen of the world. Only of YAHWEH !! AMEN
2013-07-03 22:42BunneeI've been to some cool place both in the US and abroad, I've been to Petra (a favorite) Cairo riding camels in front of the pyramids, sight seeing in
Cape Town, soaking up sun in Dakar
2013-07-03 22:43BlackPopeDifferent Im sure
2013-07-03 22:44Bunneeit is, I loved some of our international routes, I liked the 10 day Africa trips, it was a paid vacation, with the bad economy I'm back to domestic
crap :(
2013-07-03 22:45BlackPopeConstant change
2013-07-03 22:45Bunneeit can be and will mess up your body clock
2013-07-03 22:45budmonmusso when it comes to wins, he gets tired...and goes back to telling history... so long as everyone knows this chat is a complete waste of be
2013-07-03 22:45BlackPopeyou bet..
2013-07-03 22:47budmonmushey Ed, ain't got time to mail you anything when you ain't got time to tell me what I told you if it worked to fix your computer or be it
2013-07-03 22:47BlackPopeBunnee its that time. Enjoyed the chat. I will email you. Good night to you, Ed & Charles.
2013-07-03 22:47budmonmusI am beginning to think Luis Ewing blows this guy away in terms of actual usable court information...want a bullshit history story that might be true?
2013-07-03 22:47BunneeI was suppose to go to bed early, I have a very early day. Farm work is never finished. I have to tidy up the store & produce room, then feed the anim
2013-07-03 22:48budmonmuscheck ed
2013-07-03 22:48Bunneeanimals
Night BP, I have to sign off my self...early day for me. Good night. No not tired of listening, just an early day.
are there any links for that?
all those criminals have to go
sound is back, so am I
no I lost my sound so many times,
I loved Kansas
2013-07-03 22:58Guest 6gn ed
2013-07-03 22:58BunneeHoppy 4th
2013-07-03 23:01EdClanofChattanGn all ;)