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2013-06-12 20:09JOB 42:2It is what Christ the Creator does which counts most of all. All else is vanity, esp by comparison.
good show over here, Guest 2 in the meanwhile till Ed comes
Rick Adams
2013-06-12 20:18EdClanofChattancan you folks hear me talking and the music too?
2013-06-12 20:21JOB 42:2I can hear the music. I was gone
away from my computer
2013-06-12 20:21EdClanofChattanThanks
2013-06-12 20:21JOB 42:2yw Ed
Dan's group usually comes over here next (?)
2013-06-12 20:22EdClanofChattanyes
2013-06-12 20:22JOB 42:2brb Ed....dinner time etc
2013-06-12 20:22EdClanofChattank
2013-06-12 20:34JOB 42:2well, we've gained one more guest
yes audio is great
2013-06-12 20:34Guest 6lot of noise
2013-06-12 20:35JOB 42:2the audio has been w/o any problems thus far, Ed
2013-06-12 20:35Guest 6wind storm
2013-06-12 20:38JOB 42:2now it is scratchy
here anyway
i'm back and forth listening
everyone went out for dinner, save us, Ed
looks like next week with You, Rob and Eli and maybe ask Dan to come on too :)
2013-06-12 20:47Guest 6what is the echo
2013-06-12 21:01JOB 42:2did we ever start?
ok, glad I came back
2013-06-12 21:01EdClanofChattanYes it is playing now. Can't you jere it?
2013-06-12 21:02JOB 42:2sound is excellent
2013-06-12 21:02EdClanofChattanhere
2013-06-12 21:02JOB 42:2you must be southern Ed, I be hereing ya :)
or hearing you all
I used to live in Memphis and Texas
2013-06-12 21:03EdClanofChattanYes I am from Dallas, Texas
2013-06-12 21:05JOB 42:2ok
i just looked at scalia's photos and he appears to be a sicilian sephardic as Annas and Caiaphas, Ed. His features are not those of an Israelite
your thoughts?
2013-06-12 21:10EdClanofChattanI am not sure of his nationality.
2013-06-12 21:12JOB 42:2my expertise is people's looks and then I check out their personality, and there is never a contradiction, from birth to each's passing...should we
pass bf Christ comes
to be a "judge" on the "supreme court" and yet still e a catholic: proves one is neither
2013-06-12 21:26See-Eye-Greetings
I have to run out again, but Ill go back and listen
They can KEEP thier jew democracy!
2013-06-12 21:30EdClanofChattanI AGREE!
2013-06-12 21:33JOB 42:2although, it would be nice to think that justice will come by a peaceful method, I believe Christ's method will be most dramatic, as in Gideon's case
and mixed with I Cor 15:52 and Rev 21:5 as the theme...and final result, for the next age
2013-06-12 21:45Guest 9what's ed playing?
2013-06-12 21:46EdClanofChattanThe A.C.L.U. debate with Antonin Scallia, US Supreme Court Justice.
2013-06-12 21:46Guest 9thanks ed, sounds interesting
2013-06-12 21:46EdClanofChattanIt is!
2013-06-12 21:53JOB 42:2Nadine Strossen is a radical jewish supremacist, per her bio and record
2013-06-12 21:54EdClanofChattanYes she is!
2013-06-12 21:55JOB 42:2part ashkenazi, part cainite, and black. scalia is a sephardic jew....and rarely do they see eye to eye
2013-06-12 21:56EdClanofChattanI don't think Scallia is a Jew.
2013-06-12 21:56JOB 42:2perhaps they are the ones in particular (sephs and -nazi jews) which kill each other on the final judgment day, of Ezekiel 38-39
maybe not or very little, Ed....sephardic, thatis
he certainly looks more "benign" than nadine
2013-06-12 21:58EdClanofChattanAt least he is on our sude!
2013-06-12 21:58JOB 42:2probably, yes
2013-06-12 21:58EdClanofChattanside
2013-06-12 22:00Guest 10well fuck, there is just not any talkshoes anymore that have any substance, I do believe I will go scratch my ass.
2013-06-12 22:01charles885410; why dont you go do that with-out dumping your shit here.
scalia is a roman-cathloic deceiver.
the legitimate "will of the people" is never appropriate to "frustrate".
roman-catholics inherently attempt to coerce & manipulate the common people.
our nation was founded by protestants; & the fresh-memory of the wars between the roman-catholics & the protestants were then quite clear.
ed; what is the back-ground for where & when this recording was made?
ed; imho; you are defining "the people", & "what they want", way too broadly.
that is only corect when the people are acting as a mob.
2013-06-12 22:10JOB 42:2democracy is mob rule
aclu = Anti-Christ lawless Union
see? she is utterly lawless...not a "lawyer"
If Scalia were fighting the good fight, truly, he would verbatim state scripture, above all. And "evolution" is an impossible math equation.
evolution states 0 + 0 = 10
no cause no elements = All lol
and no one I know is that deficient in math skills to believe that
ms strossen has a steady iq of about 100, which is high for her brood. Her strength is her ability to distract and deceive.
Scalia is not her match in the latter, nor should he be. He should be beating her on Truth, instead.
2013-06-12 22:19Guest 11In legalese, the singular implies the plural, i.e. God also means God's
2013-06-12 22:21JOB 42:2Catholicism was founded by the sanhedrin saduccees, and some pharisees. They said, "we must defeat Scripture by any means...and much incense."
idolatry and by any means we can corporately invent
yarmulkes (Calvary or Skull Caps) are worn by both, as what they call, "Their Victory over God, at Calvary"
Calvary = the Place of the Skull
rabbi is head or vicar in traditional judaism (talmudism) and pope is called Christ's vicar or head in talmudic catholicism
they think alike in the real sense, at their mutual foundation
she is lying but then the witnesses are jewish founded, as all false anti-Christ traditions of the demon-kind
Scalia should have said, "the jews had zero to do with Christ' Commandments!!!" II Thess 2
Well, Ed?
2013-06-12 22:35Guest 8that's why the whole talk is bull... not even once jew is mentioned
2013-06-12 22:38Guest 13is there sound?
is there any sound?
2013-06-12 22:41JOB 42:2yes
sound is great
2013-06-12 22:41See-Eye-I lost sound too
2013-06-12 22:42EdClanofChattanHang folks I'll be right back on.
2013-06-12 22:43See-Eye-.
2013-06-12 22:44JOB 42:2ok
Scalia didn't even know that -nazi is a yiddish term for an ashke-nazi jew....a ploy to relate National Socialism with judaism (nazi-ism)
which are absolute diametric in meaning. National Socialist is a True Christian
a nazi is a jew
2013-06-12 22:47charles8854am calling back in, ed.
2013-06-12 22:48EdClanofChattanD.C v Heller No. 07-290 2008
2013-06-12 22:56See-Eye-Yes thats the rules of statutory construction Ed
2013-06-12 22:59charles8854Arent "Political" things, just dealing-with Election of leaders & things, such as Judges sitting in court-rooms?
that is "Statutory rules of construction", it is Not "Organic.
that policy is aborting the jury-trial "Unanimous" decision-making process, as a source of Law.
it is aborting the organic/spiritul moment-by-moment search for Organic/Spiritual "Justice".
this is what is wrong with relying on written lex-scripta texts, as the romanists, like scalia, al-ways do.
the statutory lex-scripta advocates abort the case-by-case search for organic/spiritual "Justice".
that is only because the common-law/due-process of unanimous jury-trails as a source of "Justice" is aborted.
that policy & process is Not "Organic"; ed.
2013-06-12 23:07See-Eye-Charles the organic statutes are law
2013-06-12 23:07charles8854affection for the search of "Justice" is a good "Emotion".
"organic-statutes" is an oxy-moron, dk.
2013-06-12 23:08See-Eye-The Constitution and the statutes written pursuant to, along with the treaties, is the law of the land!
NO its NOT!
2013-06-12 23:08charles8854oxy-morons are impossible to be "Law", dk.
"statutes, & all written texts, are solidified in tiome.
2013-06-12 23:10See-Eye-Charles, thinks "organic statutes" is an oxymoron!
2013-06-12 23:10charles8854"Organic", means natural/organic, life-breathing, alive. that is what "organic" means, ed.
2013-06-12 23:10See-Eye-LOL!!!
2013-06-12 23:11charles8854the only true "organic law" are "unanimous decisions" from the "conscience of the community", which is what jury-trial process is all about.
2013-06-12 23:11See-Eye-LOL!! Charles, are you serious?
2013-06-12 23:12charles8854as a heart-attack, dk.
almost nothing from the civil-government, including its courts & judges, is "organic".
flowers are "organic", only while their material-body still contains some form of life-force.
if you grind up that flower, cook the snot out of it, & make paper out of it, & write "the constitution" on that paper, that paper is Not "Organic".
2013-06-12 23:15See-Eye-It simply means the ORIGINAL law of this Nation charles, duh!
And its organic in the sense that its perpetual and NEVER ending
2013-06-12 23:16charles8854that is a perverse/statutory definition of "Organic", dk, & ed. you both fail from the same lex-scripta romanistic fallacy.
2013-06-12 23:17See-Eye-LOL!
2013-06-12 23:17charles8854maybe next time, ed. try to get a better phone-connection.
rod class is a stupid ass.
2013-06-12 23:17See-Eye-I just do my best to try to figure out what he's saying and draw some sort of meaningful anything, when he does so
2013-06-12 23:18charles8854agreed, ed; generally-speaking.
2013-06-12 23:18See-Eye-Yes, no disagreement there!
Rod is a retard
Thanks Ed
2013-06-12 23:18charles8854gnight ed.
2013-06-12 23:18See-Eye-Night Ed!
YaHWeH bless!
2013-06-12 23:19Guest 11gn
2013-06-12 23:19Guest 14Monte Python music!
2013-06-12 23:20EdClanofChattanThis is the "Liberty Bell Song"
March I mean
2013-06-12 23:21Guest 14come and see the violence inherent in the system