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2013-06-05 20:04EdClanofChattanGreetings G 2 and Hobe ;)
2013-06-05 20:05oldhobeHowdy
2013-06-05 20:05EdClanofChattanGreetings G 4 we will be starting shortly.
Waiting for more folks to come in.
2013-06-05 20:06Guest 4Greetings to you too, master Ed!
2013-06-05 20:06EdClanofChattan;)
2013-06-05 20:07oldhobeWhat are you 2 smilling about we are in a mess!
2013-06-05 20:07Guest 4LOL
2013-06-05 20:08EdClanofChattanHobe, is the glass half full or half empty?
2013-06-05 20:08Guest 4now i am not smiling, im laughing!
2013-06-05 20:08oldhobe9 tenths empty
2013-06-05 20:08Guest 4no sound
oldhobe, you must be able to smile even when you're down1
2013-06-05 20:10oldhobeI was only pulling your leg
2013-06-05 20:11Guest 4OK, for a moment i was afraid you were serious :-)
2013-06-05 20:11oldhobeI smile about lilfe but weep for the USA
2013-06-05 20:12Guest 4Yes, not only the US ut the whole world have never been in such a mess,i reckon!
2013-06-05 20:12oldhobeI lived in Payson for 26 years and was on their Town Council.
That even makes the situation even worse when no country is sound.
2013-06-05 20:15Guest 4Yes. Indeed.
2013-06-05 20:21TruthLover123I know that Christ deemed for all that has happened to happen, and why He chose this modus operandi, for this present evil age (Gal 1:4)
or rather, that He chose this modus operandi for this present evil age
Christ planned for all to happen, precisely, as all has happened, everywhere, for "He knows the end from the beginning of All"
2013-06-05 20:23Guest 4i was here wondering if i asked you why,,,
2013-06-05 20:24TruthLover123He is the Only God-Creator of absolutely All People, Animals, Beasts of the field, Plants, Situations, Needs, Feelings, Reactions and of all else
guest 4, were you in the other (Dan's) chat?
if you were asking me, that is (?)
2013-06-05 20:27Guest 4yes. i was at Dan's, no, i was going to ask you if you know about the reasons of Christ, which in the end no man can fathom
2013-06-05 20:27TruthLover123only His Elect can fathom
Guest 4, see Luke 4:23, for the Reason. It is found within that verse spoken by The Creator to His Only Folk, His People, in Nazareth.
I meant to his Own Folk, not Only
only one of Christ's Very Elect will see the "WHY" in that verse
2013-06-05 20:29Guest 4OK
2013-06-05 20:31TruthLover123
Guest 4 do you see the answer in this verse?
Or Ed, BP, Bunnee, oldhobe, Guest 5, Guest 6, or Illinois?
2013-06-05 20:33Guest 4LOL, i guess i do, at least part of it!
2013-06-05 20:33TruthLover123ok, what do you see?
2013-06-05 20:33Guest 4i see what i don't see!
2013-06-05 20:34TruthLover123that verse is actually a prophesy Christ gave
"surely you will say to Me..."
in other words, His People, represented by Nazareth, those who know Him best....(can you see the rest of The Answer, Anyone?)
The Elect Alone will see the answer to the final question of this Divine Puzzle, we have been placed into, by our Creator, Christ Jesus. The WHY
Why this modus operandi for this age....why did Christ choose this modus operandi, rather than a peaceful, pure, righteous one, as "The Next Age"
is supposed to be???
Christ tells us in 2 Kings 19:35, exactly HOW He feels towards Blacks in America, or Asians in America, or in Europe, Canada, So Africa, etc White
also see Ezekiel 38 - 39 both chapters..."all will be executed and buried by Christ and by Us....till the Nations are cleansed of them all"
unless that is a parable (fable) as well
"Christ spoke unto them in parables, and without a parable, He did Not speak unto them" (Christ speaking to all Non-Elect people and others)
I hope the above lesson has helped motivate you all to seek the Truth, and never again to settle for the mere parables (lies) Amen!!! :)
2013-06-05 20:48oldhobeHow do you determine which ones are the correct ones.
2013-06-05 20:51TruthLover123oldhobe, sorry, I was gone for a few. are you asking me or Ed or Rob?
2013-06-05 20:53oldhobeIam asking you
2013-06-05 20:53EdClanofChattan
2013-06-05 20:54oldhobePoor
2013-06-05 20:55TruthLover123which definitions of the parables are correct or ?
2013-06-05 20:56oldhobeYes
2013-06-05 20:57TruthLover123oldhobe, seek and ye shall find
I know which statements in Scripture are parables and which are Truth. Do you know many or all of them, too?
2013-06-05 20:58oldhobeNo thatis whyI am asking and which Bible are you using?"
2013-06-05 20:59TruthLover123I use many versions. It does not matter which version, too much, if you are well versed in history, psych, and such like academics.
Do you know what I mean?
What matters most is do you love Truth above all else (1st commandment) and do you seek with all your being, for your entire time.
2013-06-05 21:00oldhobeNo I do not. All know is that there are many versions and everyone beleives in thier heart every word came from God
2013-06-05 21:01TruthLover123oldhobe, you need to begin seeking the absolute truth, and then it becomes more and more obvious what is the Truth of each parable
2013-06-05 21:02oldhobeSo where does one go to seek the thruth?
2013-06-05 21:02TruthLover123oldhobe, quote me an obvious parable, and I will explain it, ok?
oldhobe, you must study and meditate upon basically all, in order to find the truth (seek with all your being, Christ says in Jeremiah)
2013-06-05 21:03oldhobeIn the old testament God ordered his people to go into a wicked countryand slay every man woman and child. Yet answered a disciple
2013-06-05 21:04TruthLover123You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.
2013-06-05 21:04oldhobewho aske dhimhow many times should I gofrgive my brother and Christ's eply was 70 X 7.
2013-06-05 21:04EdClanofChattan
2013-06-05 21:05TruthLover123oldhobe, which of those do you know is a parable (fable or lie)?
2013-06-05 21:06oldhobeIf I am to be saved by faith alone, tnad every wrd came from God then both are true. Whihc do you feel is a parable and whilhc is a lie?
2013-06-05 21:07Guest 4as far as i gnow,a parable is like an alegory. Unless the Bible is full of lies, it must be full of alegories,
2013-06-05 21:07TruthLover123neither, Christ chose create evil beings in e.g. Jericho, and to have them killed by his arms and legs and hands and feet (His Israelite Folk)
2013-06-05 21:07Guest 4you use an alegory in order not to give one million exaamples
2013-06-05 21:08TruthLover123and forgiveness is integral, as we all know
Christ chose to create, I meant
2013-06-05 21:09oldhobeSo you beleive that Christ created evil?
2013-06-05 21:09TruthLover123oldhobe and everyone, here is an example of an obvious parable: "We are to blame for Creation's innumerable problems"
2013-06-05 21:09Guest 4you don't happen to be "shem caucasian", do you, poor?
2013-06-05 21:09TruthLover123here is the truth of that obvious parable: Christ must fix His entire creation, of course
simple, very simple, once you have eyes to see with and ears etc to hear and understand with
most were not given such
2013-06-05 21:10Guest 4well, getting late here anyway, bye.
Ed, everyone,good night
2013-06-05 21:11TruthLover123good night, youngin' :)
Who is responsible, forever, for every aspect of Creation, The Creator, Christ, or We who were created? See how simple finding Truth is?
2013-06-05 21:12oldhobeI had what I considered a good conversation with God back when Martin Luther King was on his goal.
2013-06-05 21:12TruthLover123You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.
2013-06-05 21:13EdClanofChattan
2013-06-05 21:13TruthLover123what about MLK, OldHobe?
2013-06-05 21:13oldhobeOur miniser accused us of being unable to see that God had sent us a second Christ in black skin.
2013-06-05 21:13TruthLover123MLK went to an all-negro school, and still was far back in the pack, gpa etc wise
I fell for mlk'ers back in the 50s and 60s but never had such as friends, because their lack of intellect and their violent and perverse nature was so
now, I know from Christ Himself, that Christ created them to be as they always have been...just as He created all others to be as all others are
the opposite of the pseudo-science called "Evolution"
which teaches that evil turns to good and good becomes evil; which is never the case. All have a behavior given them by Christ when He alone creates
them all.
oldhobe, all blacks, and all asians, and all indians and arabs see a Jesus of their ilk, when they think or talk about Christ
2013-06-05 21:19oldhobeWell PWM God has not informed as to what is correct. However I amd comfortalbe with my bleive.
Let your concius be your guid if you do nt guide your concius.
2013-06-05 21:20TruthLover123oldhobe, Christ is not angry at what He alone created, of course. Rather, He is well aware of His own shortcomings, and He knows He alone must fix
all, and very very soon.
see Luke 4:23
Physician (Christ) heal Thyself....His People Will All Say (Luke 4:23)
2013-06-05 21:21oldhobeIt has been nice chatting with you but I goota go now.
2013-06-05 21:21TruthLover123and once He heals Himself, He will then Heal all of Us (I John 3:2)
Seek the truth of the scripture and in all other arenas, OldHobe
and all others
2013-06-05 21:22oldhobeOne more point. I had an ucle that could nmot only quote the Bible but you could read a verse an he would tell us where it was in the Bible
2013-06-05 21:23TruthLover123ok
2013-06-05 21:23oldhobeOr we could give him the verse and chapter and he would quote it.
2013-06-05 21:23TruthLover123that is a great help, but secondary to understanding the Truth from the parables, agreed?
2013-06-05 21:24oldhobeAman to that. It was a good memory not necessarily making it all trught.
2013-06-05 21:24TruthLover123exactly...helpful but not the whole enchilada
2013-06-05 21:25oldhobeI still wonder how you sepearte the parables are the truth and which are a lie?
2013-06-05 21:26TruthLover123only when Christ finally exemplifies the Golden Rule, In Essence, will all be as all should always and forever have been (I Jn 3:2, etc)
2013-06-05 21:26oldhobeSo long.
2013-06-05 21:26TruthLover123Oldhobie, it becomes easier, once you understand that most in this life is a deception (a parable) and when you see one, you begin to see all of 'em
Good Night
I will have to listen to the rest later, too. Good night for tonight All!!! :)
2013-06-05 21:32See-Eye-greetings
2013-06-05 21:34Guest 10trying to decide between a new Newell Motorcoach or a Prevost
it it tough being filthy rich
hell I wouldn't be caught dead in Plano Texas, that place is the ghetto as far as I am concerned
2013-06-05 21:41See-Eye-Yeah, I did throw up in my mouth a little bit after you read that Ed!
2013-06-05 22:03Guest 11Hey mama Rock Me
who in the hell let that crazy ass charles in here?? Charles, David Clarence is not here so move along please
2013-06-05 22:46charles8854burn in hell, 11.
2013-06-05 22:47Guest 11Charles, don't be so pissy
everyone knows you are full of crap
2013-06-05 22:48charles8854who the hell are you, 11? where do you live, you cowardly/dark cheap-shot-artist creature?
2013-06-05 22:49Guest 11you may refer to me as the alderman
2013-06-05 22:49charles8854i may also refer to you as a sack of shit.
2013-06-05 22:50Guest 11creature?? you are the one who preaches that common law shit...common law is for the common idiots like you, you dipshit
2013-06-05 22:51charles8854cowards who refuse to identify who they are, are "not qualified" to render judgements about who is raising "worthy issues of law".
2013-06-05 22:53Guest 11oh I didn't realize I was under obligation to you?? what a dumb ass you are
2013-06-05 22:54charles8854right-on, ed. the 14th-amendment was subversive from the very get-go.
2013-06-05 22:54See-Eye-I Have to agree with you guest 11! charles is a BUMBLING MORON!
The TRUE definition of a FUCKTARD!
Fucking RETARD STILL believes in the friggin HOLOHOAX for crying out loud!
2013-06-05 22:56charles8854and you, 11; you are subversive of lawful-process. it is not about obligation to me, it is about obligation of all lawful-people to higher-law.
2013-06-05 22:56See-Eye-DOESNT understand the Bible and has NO concept of common law of the foundation of this Nation! DOESNT even know what "Nation" means!
2013-06-05 22:57charles8854come-on, dk. you know i dont support the holohoax. what is wrong with you? i have never seen you out-right lie before.
2013-06-05 22:58See-Eye-was Hitler a Hero?
Im gonig to go back and get what YOU wrote charles!
2013-06-05 22:59charles8854hitler was superior to both roosevelt & churchill. but, in my book, he is still not a "hero".
i hold visions of very few "heros".
2013-06-05 23:04See-Eye-Yeah see, FUCKTARD!
If you dont think he was a hero, you dont know anything about him!
2013-06-05 23:05charles8854you go around making way too many enemies; dk.
im one of the few people who sticks-up & defends you most of the time.
your not real dam smart, dk.
2013-06-05 23:06See-Eye-You are a fucktard IDIOT!
I dont need YOU to stick up for ME! Are you joking?!!!
I have MORE knowledge in one of my FARTS than you and YOU'RE ENTIRE family have!
You are a JEW!
Go read your talmud! Subversive jew truth hating retard!
2013-06-05 23:07charles8854yea; kuz you never get booted out of any conferences, for being a total ass-hole; correct?
2013-06-05 23:08See-Eye-LOL! Yeah, IM the ASS!!!!
You just proved my point!
What a fucking IDIOT!
OF course I get kicked off of CoIntellPro JEW shows, you mindless drone!
2013-06-05 23:08charles8854tell everyone here how everything you say is completely true, again; dk.
2013-06-05 23:09See-Eye-Ed already knows!
I ONLY speak truth!
2013-06-05 23:09charles8854go ahead; spout your shit about how you are as pure a s jesus-christ himself; dk.
2013-06-05 23:09See-Eye-Ed is the ONLY one on talkshoe who is speaking the TRUTH!
Ed and Eli!!!
Finck for the most part
2013-06-05 23:10charles8854what about david-clarance, schroll; who 11 was blathering about how wonderful he is?
2013-06-05 23:10Guest 11I think charles is a member here--->>> P'nai Or of Portland
2013-06-05 23:11charles8854ed lost his connection.
2013-06-05 23:11See-Eye-If you dont understand the WHITE MAN issue, and YOU DONT, then you are LOST!
2013-06-05 23:11charles8854ed is probably still chattering into his phone.
2013-06-05 23:12See-Eye-The same way you CANNOT understand the Bible UNLESS you understand WHO is WHO, you CANNOT understand the foundation of this
2013-06-05 23:12Guest 11karl lentz and charles.... aka dumb and dumber
2013-06-05 23:12See-Eye-LOL!
2013-06-05 23:12EdClanofChattanI am calling back in folks. Just a sec.
2013-06-05 23:12See-Eye-karl lentz, is another jew
2013-06-05 23:12charles8854the crowning-glory of the white-race is the common-law; dk.
2013-06-05 23:13See-Eye-karl lentz admitted he was a jew and that his mother worked for ZOG IRS!
*IS a jew
2013-06-05 23:13charles8854but you, eli, & ed, are all too stupid to comprehend that crowning-glory; you both are embarrassments to our great race.
2013-06-05 23:14See-Eye-LOL!!!!!!
You dont have half a clue!
Yeah I can hear you Ed!
2013-06-05 23:14charles8854no more than 2 minutes lost there ed.
2013-06-05 23:14Guest 11been gone about 2 minutes
2013-06-05 23:14See-Eye-charles, ive tried to help you!
YOU REFUSE to do the research!
2013-06-05 23:15charles8854ask ed to facilitate our debate, dk. call in.
2013-06-05 23:16See-Eye-LOL!!
2013-06-05 23:16charles8854see? you are almost as bad as 11.
2013-06-05 23:17Guest 11blah blah blah, charles you gotta be RETARDED
2013-06-05 23:17charles8854answer the question about whether or not saul/paul admitted to being a pharisee & a roman-citizen, dk.
2013-06-05 23:17See-Eye-What Ed is reading is FAR more important than your jewish nonsense! Yeah lets stop the call so we can prove what we ALL already know!
I answered it over and over again you FUCKING RETARD! You are literally RETARDED!!!
What part of "MIS-Translation" do you NOT understand???? DERKA DERKA!!!
2013-06-05 23:19charles8854look, young pup. your supporting 11, who supports david-clarance, who you know is a real dysfunctional-puppy.
2013-06-05 23:19Guest 11run charles run....errr Forest
2013-06-05 23:19See-Eye-David clearance is just another fucktard!
Hes in your same category charles!
2013-06-05 23:19charles8854all because you got your panties in a bunch because i personally dont consider hitler to be a "hero".
2013-06-05 23:20Guest 11where did you ever get that I support David Clarence??? did you pull that info out of your ass like you do everything else??????
2013-06-05 23:20See-Eye-No, all because you are a moron!
2013-06-05 23:21charles885411; you said earlier in chart here" "Charles, David Clarence is not here so move along please".
2013-06-05 23:21See-Eye-Ive heard you say TOO many DUMB ass things and tried to help you and SHOW you the truth with documentation and you REFUSE
2013-06-05 23:21charles8854how else can that be construed but as being supportive of david?
2013-06-05 23:21See-Eye-to study or look because in your STUPID ass brain, someone YOUNGER than you CANT know MORE than YOU!!
YOU are going to have a RUDE awakening!!!
2013-06-05 23:22Guest 11the implication is that you and clarence are butt buddies
2013-06-05 23:22charles8854answer the question about saul/paul admitting to being a pharisee & a roman-citizem, dk.
2013-06-05 23:22See-Eye-Charles, are you seriously this DUMB?
He was telling YOU that YOUR HERO David Clearance is NOT here, SO PLEASE MOVE ALONG!!
OMG!!! HOW DUMB can one man be?
2013-06-05 23:23Guest 11ROFLMAO
2013-06-05 23:23See-Eye-What verse does Paul admit to being a pharisee?
2013-06-05 23:24charles8854david & i argue every time we cross paths. I argue with david more than i argue with you, dk.
2013-06-05 23:24See-Eye-My Bible doesnt have it!
2013-06-05 23:24Guest 11lovers usually do argue alot
2013-06-05 23:24charles8854no one who knows us both seriously proposes that david & i are compatriots.
2013-06-05 23:25See-Eye-charles, NOBODY knows you seriously because you CANT be taken SERIOUSLY!!!
charles, GET OFF the fluoride water!
2013-06-05 23:28charles8854...
2013-06-05 23:29See-Eye-charles points out that I get kicked OFF of ALL the JEW talkshoes! NO SHIT!!!?
" And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved." Matthew 10:22
2013-06-05 23:29charles8854Acts 23:6:
2013-06-05 23:29See-Eye-"Howbeit no man spake openly of him for fear of the Jews." John 7:13
"Obviously, I'm not trying to win the approval of people, but of God. If pleasing people were my goal, I would not be Christ's servant." Gal. 1:10
Ed, what was the name of that article?
2013-06-05 23:32charles8854
"Paul ... called out in the Sanhedrin, "My brothers, I am a Pharisee, descended from Pharisees."
Acts 23:6; you stupid young puppy.
And you are the one who is subverting the effort to restore god's law thru our white-race, by raising that un-winable hitler issue.
2013-06-05 23:38See-Eye-OMG! You are so fucking DUMB!
Do you even know what a concordance is?
2013-06-05 23:38charles8854adl & splc could not buy a better judas-goat in our midst, that what you are doing to subvert our real organizing efforts, dk.
2013-06-05 23:38See-Eye-Have you ever done a word study on that verse? Have you EVER done a word study on ANY verse? ROTFLMWAO!!
I already told YOU! Short answer is, its a MIStranslation!
And you are TOO dumb and uninterested to do the research to understand a more in depth one!
As I gave you AMPLE documentation that refutes your jew ideas!
2013-06-05 23:40charles8854multiple translations read that same way. you scream mis-translation every time i catch you in mis-representing bible-texts.
why did you ask for where the bible said that; if you already knew so much about how it is allegedly a mis-translation?
you really are inconsistent in how you are arguing your game here, dk. you are sounding more & more like an adl/splc cointelpro subversive.
why did you make me go chasing verses, if you were already such a great scholar about mis-translations of that verse?
your game is beginning to smell like a dead-rat, dk.
insisting everyone consider hitler a "hero"? posturing like your an expert on mis-translations of verses that you dont even know exists?
something smells like a dead-rat here, dk.
2013-06-05 23:48See-Eye-LOL!
I proved you wrong so many times and on so many issues, whats the point?
You'll just change the subject
Im going to do an IN DEPTH study, as there were Israelites that were pharisees, and there are TONS of Paul bashers out there who take
his writing completely out of context and go off complete mistranslations!
So what is your point? Paul was a pharisee? is that it?
Ok, Ill go check it
Thanks Ed
Yeah, I got it Ed. Thank you!
2013-06-05 23:59charles8854yea; something smells like a dead-rat here, dk.
saul/paul also admitted to being a "roman citizen".
2013-06-06 00:01EdClanofChattan
2013-06-06 00:01charles8854you gonna holler for me to show you that verse also, & then holler that it is a mis-translation also?
where & when is your bs going to become an embarrassment to you, dk?
2013-06-06 00:04See-Eye-LOL!!!
Paul was a pharisee!
so what is the point!!!
Are you fucking joking!!!?
2013-06-06 00:05charles8854pharisees are the ones who schemed with the roman to put the mesaih to death, dk.
2013-06-06 00:05EdClanofChattan
2013-06-06 00:05See-Eye-Paul is a COMPLEX issue you fucktard!
2013-06-06 00:05charles8854do i have to paint every stinking detail of the entire picture for your stupid brain?
2013-06-06 00:05See-Eye-OMG! you are dense!
romans DIDNT kill the messiah!!!
WHERE the hell do you get this shit?
Charles is a PAUL Basher!!!!
2013-06-06 00:07charles8854pleading excuse thru "complexity", all while implying ignorance of your opponent, is un-christian, dk.
2013-06-06 00:07See-Eye-You are an idiot!
2013-06-06 00:07charles8854ed; i was tracking your words. most of what your saying is very good.
2013-06-06 00:09See-Eye-Night Ed, YaHWeh Bless!
2013-06-06 00:09charles8854im beginning to seriously question your loyalty to the cause of the god of israel, & the god of our white-race, dk.
gnight ed.