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2013-05-29 19:54Seek&YouShallFindbb in a few: getting supper in here :)
in Dan's room, too, Ed?
I was trying to teach Dan and the rest of the Congregation, therein, and in Covenant People's talkshoe, too
Dan is a good speaker, but his understanding as most's is not beyond the parable-reading stage, sadly
be back in a few, Guys
ok commercian on other station, so I'm back.
I teach doctors of various academia, and even they cannot grasp the deeper truths of God's Creation, even with much explanation
Only Christ can explain the deeper levels of Truth, since He is the Creator of everyone and of everything, of course
Both of you sound fine
Ed, you sound fine, most of the time, anyway
2013-05-29 20:20Guest 11Good Evening ED and Our KinClans
bubbyc from near Albany,ny..rainy 7o's wx
no audio
2013-05-29 20:22Seek&YouShallFindok, now I hear nothing at all...only silence
but our audience is growing :)
2013-05-29 20:22Guest 11not me..i washed and changed me clothes lol
aah yes..wakeing to the charmset
2013-05-29 20:23Seek&YouShallFindyes, audio is fine again
2013-05-29 20:26Guest 11i have audio..i 'unpluged' the all is goodie
2013-05-29 20:31Seek&YouShallFindJohn Friend and Dr. Jim last night said "the jews are causing Blogtalk (and other Radio Stations, like Talkshoe) to NOT WORK"
I know they have been given much including being the most Created of All Christ's Creation...since black, asian and other jews are the vast majority,
in this world.
of course
2013-05-29 20:51Guest 11'rights' are for Criminal's only..everything else is civil
'informer's' truthful or'madeup'..have More privacy rights..then the person/people being,,guilty til proven innocent..revers
standard's being 'applied' now:-) we are living in a dangerous society..unless changed to normalcy,again
2013-05-29 20:58See-Eye-Finally got on!
Damn talkshoe wouldnt let me on
Shem, Im still waiting to hear that parable?
Im curious what parable you think says blacks and asians are jews?
2013-05-29 20:59Guest 11parable of the Tres?
2013-05-29 20:59See-Eye-No its not the parable of the wheat and the tares
2013-05-29 21:00Seek&YouShallFinduse of drugs is not against God's law, literally, though using such and hurting self or others violates The Entirety of Christ's (God's) Laws
2013-05-29 21:00See-Eye-huh? whose using drugs?
2013-05-29 21:00Seek&YouShallFindsame with speeding and other "traffic codes"
2013-05-29 21:01See-Eye-ALL things are lawful for me, but not all things are helpful
2013-05-29 21:01Seek&YouShallFindbeing in America or other Israelite Founded Christian Nation is expressly Forbidden by Christ according to 2 Kings 19:35 and similar verses
2013-05-29 21:02Guest 11soverign Citizen's have arm's and Travel not to be infringed
2013-05-29 21:02See-Eye-1 Corinthians 6:12
2013-05-29 21:02Seek&YouShallFindbasis of Laws regarding illegal (lawless) immigrating into America, et al, Israelite Nations
2013-05-29 21:03See-Eye-shem, you there?
2013-05-29 21:04Guest 11American slaves were first White..redneck's from sugar cane cropping in the carribean..'hense the term'redneck..from sunbuirn in the hot fields
2013-05-29 21:04Seek&YouShallFindtalkshoe chat and audio suddenly went out
2013-05-29 21:04Guest 11ogothompe's ga., ect
2013-05-29 21:05Seek&YouShallFindneither did in CPM nor in Dan's
ok chat went down again
2013-05-29 21:07Guest 11good
2013-05-29 21:08Seek&YouShallFindverruckt
crazy in German
audio is ok, now, Bubby
2013-05-29 21:09See-Eye-Shem, you there now?
2013-05-29 21:09Seek&YouShallFindyes
2013-05-29 21:10See-Eye-Please tell me which parable you were talking about that says blacks and asians are jews?
2013-05-29 21:10Guest 11good.. good show
2013-05-29 21:10Seek&YouShallFindI was trying to teach you all the meaning of the word "parable"
2013-05-29 21:10See-Eye-Ed's show is ALWAYS good guest 11!
2013-05-29 21:11Guest 11aye concur concur
2013-05-29 21:11Seek&YouShallFinda parable is a fabrication or fable or literally a lie
2013-05-29 21:11See-Eye-so the parable of the wheat and the tares is a LIE?
2013-05-29 21:11Seek&YouShallFindits antonym is "the truth" (the opposite of it : an antonym)
2013-05-29 21:12Guest 11a parable is a secret ...that is why it was 'other's' could not Uderstand
2013-05-29 21:12See-Eye-LOL^^^^^
2013-05-29 21:12Seek&YouShallFindsuch is of course a parabolic teaching
no, Bubby
2013-05-29 21:12Guest 11all is Not what it seem's to be...rightio
2013-05-29 21:13Seek&YouShallFindyou see, neither of you has been given a love of the truth, nor eyes nor ears to see nor hear least not yet
true, Bubby
2013-05-29 21:13See-Eye-Shem, thats NONSENSE! A parable is like I told you and what guest 11 is saying, it was HOW YaHshua spoke to his people!
Here is the meaning of "Parable"...
Parable 4912 mashal maw-shawl' apparently from 4910 in some original sense of superiority in mental action; properly, a pithy maxim, usually of metaph
2013-05-29 21:13Guest 11the outer image is not the heart
2013-05-29 21:13Seek&YouShallFindwell, yes, true, you do not understand, See-Eye, as it has not been given to you to least Not yt
2013-05-29 21:14See-Eye-of metaphorical nature; hence, a simile (as an adage, poem, discourse):--byword, like, parable, proverb.
2013-05-29 21:14Seek&YouShallFindthose are not the definitions of "a parable"
go to a more reliable source, Roget's Thesaurus
2013-05-29 21:15See-Eye-I used a CONCORDANCE!
2013-05-29 21:15Guest 11shape shifters living..amongst us..looking like us..but are Not us
2013-05-29 21:15See-Eye-Paleo Hebrew and Greek Concordance!
Are you joking?
2013-05-29 21:16Guest 11we love lie's..the truth are not in Them
2013-05-29 21:16Seek&YouShallFind
go down to "Antonym" of parable
2013-05-29 21:17bikermanjeve`nin y`all
finally made it by
2013-05-29 21:17Seek&YouShallFindbrb getting more of my dear wife's food
hey Biker
2013-05-29 21:17Guest 11night bikerman cheers
2013-05-29 21:17bikermanj14/83
2013-05-29 21:17Guest 1114/83
2013-05-29 21:18bikermanjbeen down at the hospital many days the last two months, campin at sis`s or my cuz
pops is fadin fast now
2013-05-29 21:19Seek&YouShallFindso, See-Eye, do you See now?
soon to be with Christ, Bikermanj
like mine
2013-05-29 21:19See-Eye-Yes, but that is just a jew mainstream website! Are you saying the parable of the wheat and the tares is a LIE?
2013-05-29 21:19Guest 11Blessing and Prayers be with you and your's bikermanj..sri to hear this sad news
2013-05-29 21:19Seek&YouShallFindsort of, See-Eye
2013-05-29 21:20bikermanjhope he just goes really
2013-05-29 21:20Seek&YouShallFindbut you must look at ALL facts, not just one example
2013-05-29 21:20See-Eye-You are talking crazy!
2013-05-29 21:20Seek&YouShallFindmy dad had loads of health problems and pain, when he passed
2013-05-29 21:20bikermanjhad the shakes so bad today, legs almost convulsing
2013-05-29 21:20Seek&YouShallFindno, See-Eye, I'm just one of Christ's closest Confidantes
2013-05-29 21:21See-Eye-Christ wouldnt quote a jew source!
2013-05-29 21:21Seek&YouShallFindbikermanj, I would stay with him, 24/7, unless Mom is there, and others
2013-05-29 21:21See-Eye-Go look in a concordance! Parable does NOT mean a LIE!
2013-05-29 21:21Guest 11i'se lost both mine..daddy was strong drinking and black coffee drinkin g man..mum was Christian to a total..but now in the otherside awaiting our cla
2013-05-29 21:22Seek&YouShallFindantonym of parable is Truth; opposite of it
2013-05-29 21:22bikermanjyea sis is still there till 11
2013-05-29 21:22Seek&YouShallFindok
that is good
2013-05-29 21:22bikermanjthey kick us out around 10:30
2013-05-29 21:22Seek&YouShallFindi hate that stuff
2013-05-29 21:22bikermanjnurses look other way for a half hr
2013-05-29 21:22See-Eye-Shem, here is ANOTHER mainstream jew website that says the exact opposite! What now?
2013-05-29 21:22Seek&YouShallFindthe ones with souls
2013-05-29 21:22See-Eye-
2013-05-29 21:23Guest 11be not decieved or decieving
2013-05-29 21:23Seek&YouShallFindRoget's is the very best resource for meanings
Parable: Christ is angry at Those He Created 100% (that is, He created every detail about them...and yet is "angry" at "them")
2013-05-29 21:25See-Eye-Here is ANOTHER one
2013-05-29 21:25Seek&YouShallFindsimple to see, once one seeks the Truth with all their as to find it
2013-05-29 21:25See-Eye-and ANOTHER one!
2013-05-29 21:25Guest 11by grace Only...not Earned..least we bragg..all are like filthy rags
2013-05-29 21:26Seek&YouShallFindParable: The Creation (E.G. Adam and Eve) is to blame for sin entering the world
2013-05-29 21:26See-Eye-ALL of the mainstream jew sources say the same!
2013-05-29 21:26Seek&YouShallFindTruth: No, Christ created 100% of Everyone and Everything. That is WHY He went to Calvary Alone.
He is The Lone & Responsible Creator, of course.
2013-05-29 21:27Guest 11She was 'beguiles' snake..or anyway...a 2 legged 'snake' aye
2013-05-29 21:27Seek&YouShallFindThe Truth of The Parables
2013-05-29 21:27See-Eye-you are VERY confused!
2013-05-29 21:28Guest 11Christ and GOD share the same Name
2013-05-29 21:28Seek&YouShallFindbut don't worry, you were created to be deceived deceivers. You did not, of course, choose to be so.
2013-05-29 21:29See-Eye-LOL!!
TITUS 2:13, ETC)
2013-05-29 21:29See-Eye-Your info came from a JEW source!!
2013-05-29 21:29Guest 11We are read Scripture..we need to 'hear' the baal preist's tell us 'lies'..Not truth
2013-05-29 21:30Seek&YouShallFindsee-eye, you are of your father the devil, and you know it...but
but don't worry, you were created to be deceived deceivers. You did not, of course, choose to be so.
2013-05-29 21:30See-Eye-LOL!!!!
2013-05-29 21:30bikermanjguess i`ll kick back
catch `ya soon `nuff
2013-05-29 21:31See-Eye-YOU quote a jewish source and it is I who is of the devil??? ROTFLMWAO!!
2013-05-29 21:31Seek&YouShallFindAmen, Bikermanj
2013-05-29 21:31bikermanjYahweh bless
2013-05-29 21:31See-Eye-Go read your talmud you wicked filthy LYING jew!!!
2013-05-29 21:31Seek&YouShallFindChrist Bless All His, Amen
2013-05-29 21:31See-Eye-You are FULL of LIES!!!
You have NOTHING to back up ANYTHING you say!
2013-05-29 21:31Guest 11heil Victory
2013-05-29 21:31bikermanjKlasp.... for any of those ;)
2013-05-29 21:31See-Eye-This started when I asked YOU to back up your statement that blacks and asians are jews, which YOU STILL have
2013-05-29 21:31Seek&YouShallFindsee-eye, you are a murderer and a liar from your beginning, but you were created to be so, of course
2013-05-29 21:31See-Eye-FAILED to do!
"ye shall know them by thier fruits"!
2013-05-29 21:32Seek&YouShallFindI'm God's Son (Luke 3:38) and His closest confidante, as Noah, my brother (Gen 7)
2013-05-29 21:32See-Eye-THEN!!!!! INSTEAD of giving me anything credible you quickly change the subject to "parables'!!! just like a friggin jew!!
2013-05-29 21:33Seek&YouShallFindas Abraham and Isaac, and Jacob
2013-05-29 21:33See-Eye-to top it ALL off....
YOU FRIGGIN use a mainstream edomite JEW source as your proof!!!
2013-05-29 21:33Seek&YouShallFindsee-eye, you are a demon, and you know it. It is so obvious to us Celestial Ones
2013-05-29 21:33See-Eye-"Ye shall know them by thier fruits"!!!
2013-05-29 21:33Seek&YouShallFindbut you were created a demon
it is not your fault
2013-05-29 21:34See-Eye-Thats funny becasue as soon as you left the room on the last show, MANY people left their two cents about HOW FRIGGIN DUMB and delusional YOU
ROTFLMWAO!!!! Go look up the chat on chatgrabber!
2013-05-29 21:34Guest 11some are born evil,from the womb..not sin of either the parents..
2013-05-29 21:35See-Eye-Saying YaHshua's Parables are LIES!! GO read your TALMUD you wicked lying, murdering jew!
See he left!
Thats HOW you slay a demon folks!
Simply call them out on their bullshit and then tell them to get LOST and GO reat their talmud!
POOF!!! Works everytime!!!
2013-05-29 21:36Guest 11evil flee's from rightiousness
2013-05-29 21:36See-Eye-Yes, EVERY time!
"YaHWeH shall cause your enemies who rise up against you to be defeated before you; they will come out against you one way and will flee before you se
seven ways." Deuteronomy 28:7
2013-05-29 21:37Guest 11persecution purge's us..we overcome
2013-05-29 21:38See-Eye-This is the SECOND time TONIGHT he left, after I pressed him for answers! ROTFLMWAO!!
Oh, but Im sure he was just "kicked off", LOL!!!
2013-05-29 21:39Guest 11good audio..just times
2013-05-29 21:40caniamEd, you can be heard
2013-05-29 21:40See-Eye-I can hear you Ed, but Ed not on the chat to see this
Yeah we can hear you Ed
2013-05-29 21:41Guest 11censormeisters again, i betcha
blindsided via Lies and Deceitful Trickererys
2013-05-29 21:49TruthLover123the negorid is a violent beast of the field, just as the magoggers are botf which have stolen their way into White Nations to destroy
2013-05-29 21:49Guest 11democracy is not republic
gog and magog are daddy and son
2013-05-29 21:51TruthLover123the negroid was created and shortly thereafter satan and other others were cast to earth, where they impregnated all negress beasts of the field
other demons
2013-05-29 21:52Guest 11ufo's are demons
2013-05-29 21:52TruthLover123the Tutsi and Masai negroids remain VERY tall to this day
they have found magoggers (oriental) skeleton and negroid ones which are up to 35' in height weighing nearly or more than one ton
with their flesh included
2013-05-29 21:54Guest 11whites are world wide people
2013-05-29 21:54TruthLover123similar to Cain which was of that wicked one (I John 3) and was huge, easily able to murder (cain) his dear Brother Abel
2013-05-29 21:55Guest 11cain was a murderer and a Liar
2013-05-29 21:55TruthLover123and HUGE, perhaps 35' Tall
the son of satan
a giant
2013-05-29 21:56Guest 11eve was 'beguiled'
cain was the the other races peoples
2013-05-29 21:57TruthLover123Eve was per the Apocrypha about 10 years of age, and satan was perhaps one million years of age, and HUGE....not much of "match"
no Eve was raped, in every meaning of the word, "RAPE"
2013-05-29 21:58Guest 11i concur..she was 'Beguiled'..
2013-05-29 21:58TruthLover123Rape is the meaning of the original word(s)
2013-05-29 21:58Guest 11adam was not watching his house...hmm
2013-05-29 21:58TruthLover123till the jews (cainites) mistranslated it
Adam was about 10 years old too...and raped by the same or another HUGE ANCIENT DEMON
2013-05-29 21:59Guest 11adam even 'wussered' out
2013-05-29 22:00Guest 11right..we was just 'in love' i guess..>he 'wussered' out
sri typo
2013-05-29 22:00TruthLover123Adam was so righteous that he told Christ (YHWH / The Eternal) "I do not want to be here, Father" over and over again, for nearly 1000 years
as Did Eve
Matt 13:43
2013-05-29 22:01Guest 11rebelious nature..presume?
2013-05-29 22:01TruthLover123Whom?
2013-05-29 22:02Guest 11adam?possibly
2013-05-29 22:02TruthLover123Adam was and is purer than the purest
w/o flaws, in and of Himself
for all Eternity
2013-05-29 22:02Guest 11agree..but all are flawed..just as good moses
noah was rightious
2013-05-29 22:03TruthLover123No, all do not have flaws in and of and of ourselves
Adam was more pure than Noah...much purer
2013-05-29 22:03Guest 11true..but he Disobeyed
2013-05-29 22:04TruthLover123no, nor did Noah
2013-05-29 22:04Guest 11i refer to adam
2013-05-29 22:05TruthLover123rather, a part of them or as Paul put it "a law placed in my body" is against me, that what I want to do, I cannot...but that which I HATE
I do
2013-05-29 22:05Guest 11body is 'worldly'spirit is Spiritual
2013-05-29 22:06TruthLover123Adam, Eve, Noah, and all other Creatures are really Only A pair of eyes, at the most, and a set of nerves, to see and to feel pain with.
We have zero free will; Only Christ the Creator has All Free Will, of course
2013-05-29 22:07Guest 11as mist,we suddenly fade away
2013-05-29 22:08TruthLover123well, we are eternal...only the flesh, Christ placed on Us, has weakness. The Creation is w/o any flaw, apart from the created flesh and needs
sin came by way of the flesh Christ created, with its many needs...and frailties
The Creation has no needs, apart from those forced upon it or given to iit
2013-05-29 22:12Guest 11life abundedly...else life as Slaves
eg,wage slave,debt slave,tax slave
illegal=not Legal
2013-05-29 22:14TruthLover123thus, when Christ (God) eternally returns, We Will Be Like Him, Spirit, as He Is Spirit (John 4 and I John 3:2)
Illegal = Lawless (2 Thess 2)
"The Lawless" as in jews, the illegals or lawless ones
ashkenazis, cainites, edomites, negroids, chinese, japanese, filipinos, mexicans, and all other illegals (jews) which have stolen their way into
America and other White Nations
America means God's (Christ) Realm or Kingdom in Hebrew, I have read
2013-05-29 22:17Guest 11audio distortion
new jerUSAum
2013-05-29 22:18TruthLover123Bubby, are you a Man or a Woman? I'm a Man (Adamite-Israelite)
yes, America is the New jerUSAlem
land of unwalled village or land of peace (salem)
2013-05-29 22:19Guest 11i'se be a Son of the Living GOD..also a Slave to GOD..i 'se be an !st Born Son...GOD Owns me..I 'se be GOD Slave
1st born son>Scripture
2013-05-29 22:20TruthLover123I'm a Son of God, as Adam or Jacob, and a first born in the family into whom Christ, My Abba, placed me
2013-05-29 22:20Guest 11land measured by angels..large..sea to sea
Bless you
2013-05-29 22:20TruthLover123Christ, The Father of All Creation :)
Bless you as well, or rather, May Christ Our Father Bless Us, Amen!!!
2013-05-29 22:21Guest 11SMEN
2013-05-29 22:21TruthLover123AMEN
2013-05-29 22:21Guest 11let it be soo
2013-05-29 22:21TruthLover123:)
my wife, brother, daughters, and and other family, friends and I all pray this all day every day, "Till He Comes" (Rev 22:7ff)
2013-05-29 22:22Guest 11GOD come Quickly
2013-05-29 22:23TruthLover123I believe there is no prayer but this one. Because Christ Coming Solves Every Problem, forever
2013-05-29 22:23Guest 11ROCK ROCKS
2013-05-29 22:23TruthLover123ROCK OF AGES
well, I have to go. Talk with you later Bubby and all others :)
2013-05-29 22:25Guest 11Cheers Good Night YAHWEH bless ..US
Vote it..we Read it Later>sad
a shill..apparently
audio good
Blinded by the Lies:-(
a rod to the fools' back
bought off shill
2013-05-29 22:47charles8854good summary; ed.
2013-05-29 22:48Guest 11'armtwisting' tactics
2013-05-29 22:49charles8854the present legislative-assembly of the USA is a perversion of the natural/organic laws which should govern christian societies of honorable-people.
2013-05-29 22:50Guest 11'we' elect anti's via controlled vote rulage
2013-05-29 22:50charles8854the bi-cameral division between the house-of-representatives & the us-senate is a perversion of christian natural/organic laws.
2013-05-29 22:50Guest 11game is 'rigged'
lynatic Society
2013-05-29 22:51charles8854the singular assembly of the general-congress that functioned under the articles-of-confederation was a much more natural/organic model.
2013-05-29 22:51Guest 11lunatic
copperheads and carpetbaggwers
history is soon forgotton
all that is,has been done,before
2013-05-29 23:05See-Eye-Ed, do you have a link to this?
2013-05-29 23:08Guest 11we are just 'too nice' for our common my
sheep to our Own Slaughter
'intermission time?
2013-05-29 23:18EdClanofChattan30 Wis. 129 (1872)
Rowan v. State
2013-05-29 23:18See-Eye-Thanks Ed
2013-05-29 23:19Guest 11'dirty deed's done dirt cheap'
buried in deep mud
a dumbdown society>easy to control
Enjoyable Knowledge for the people
2013-05-29 23:22See-Eye-Thanks Ed
Great show
2013-05-29 23:22Guest 11rah rah
2013-05-29 23:22See-Eye-YHWH Bless!
2013-05-29 23:22Guest 11AMEN
Good Night Ed