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2013-05-15 20:02davekennedy77I hate being the first one to the party
Hi Ed
2013-05-15 20:03LaneCrabHi Ed, good to be here.
2013-05-15 20:03SuperjediHi Ed. It's Rob. I will call in, in just a second.
2013-05-15 20:03LaneCrabGetting rain in Fort worth
2013-05-15 20:04davekennedy77Things are reasonable on my end
Sunny and warm
No problem Ed we are a patient bunch
2013-05-15 20:06Guest 5omg
2013-05-15 20:14EdClanofChattan
2013-05-15 20:15LaneCrabstorm sirens going off here. Might have a tornado in the area. hope not.
Storm will be in Big D in a bit, I would guess.
2013-05-15 20:22Jacob IsraelI just left Rick's rbn show. He has another host, in his place, tonight
evening All
2013-05-15 20:23davekennedy77Hi E1
2013-05-15 20:23Jacob IsraelHi Dave
2013-05-15 - phone 214-573-3294
2013-05-15 20:23Jacob Israelbrb getting some of the ice cream shake for myself
2013-05-15 20:24davekennedy77I had to leave for a min . I had to get my son to bed we have to get up at 5:30
2013-05-15 20:24Jacob Israelthanks Ed
brb...that's earrrly Dave
brb in a few
2013-05-15 20:24davekennedy77A friend said He didn't know there was a 5 am
2013-05-15 20:27Jacob IsraelI get up before 5:30 some a.m.s but usually around 7 or 7:30am
and I'm more or less retired
2013-05-15 21:00davekennedy77Sorry guys %;00 comes early, gulp a cup and dig Daniel out of bed and we're off. Good night. Thanks Ed good stuff. Concentration is a bit low tonight.
Because I have not had much sleep lately
It is good to know people dig up and declare the truth
2013-05-15 21:13BunneeHi everyone
2013-05-15 21:14Guest 5ed, the sound is poor
some bleedover
2013-05-15 21:17Guest 7it is ok now
2013-05-15 21:25TruthHistorianThe Constitution is for Us, Israelites, exclusively, and excludes all, esp our enemies, from any part in America, forever, as Scripture does
The Real Meaning of It
Blacks can rule over themselves, Under Us, Under Christ; asians over asians, etc, under Us, Under Christ, Who Is Over All, Forever, amen.
2013-05-15 21:27BunneeHey Truth, I was wondering where you went, I forgot it was Wednesday :)
2013-05-15 21:27TruthHistorianif they do this, they are in fine shape, forever; if not, they are doomed now and forever, amen
Hey Bunnee. I was here, then left for a few, and then came back, what about 10 mins or so ago
2013-05-15 21:28Bunneeoh, okay
2013-05-15 21:28TruthHistorianblacks and asians have failed to keep their part of the bargain and have been in eternal jeopardy, ever since...esp now, that they are joined at the
hip with jews
as have all hybrids
2013-05-15 21:29BunneeWhen I realized it was Wednesday, I came came here
2013-05-15 21:29TruthHistoriandid you think it was Th or another day?
2013-05-15 21:30Bunneeno, just wasn't thinking
I've been distracted
2013-05-15 21:31TruthHistorian"those who bless (work in truth) with Us are blessed; those who work against Us, in any way, are toast, forever, amen!!!
2013-05-15 21:31Bunneeamem Truth
I have some health issues and had to deal with the insurance company, my job etc
2013-05-15 21:32TruthHistorianwhen blacks worked with Us, at any time, they were in perfect health, in every way. But they always get deceived by the jews, and are toast, forever
2013-05-15 21:32Bunneeof course Truth
2013-05-15 21:33TruthHistorianever since I started on an all alkaline diet, along with using alcohol to be real hygienic, I have not been sick, in about 14 yrs
in any way
2013-05-15 21:34Bunneeplease tell me about this alcohol thing, can you post a link?
2013-05-15 21:34TruthHistorianweight, any other health issues, completely left, ever since
I spray alcohol on my hands, seats in restaurants, etc, on table, too, and never put my hands in my mouth, unless they are totally clean
2013-05-15 21:35BunneeI was just diagnosed with Hoshimoto's disease
2013-05-15 21:36TruthHistorianI do not believe in any of "their" false diagnoses, and yet know that women are more susceptible to believing, due to how Christ made you all
2013-05-15 21:36BunneeI work for an airline, airplanes are filthy, really hard to keep clean
2013-05-15 21:36TruthHistorianyou just have to Make It A Habit, NOT to believe them, ever
2013-05-15 21:37Bunneeoh okay,
2013-05-15 21:37TruthHistorianI worked in prisons, and in public schools with inner city student bodies, and was always sick in one way or another, till I went alkaline
and hygienic
I never shake "their" hands, etc
2013-05-15 21:38BunneeI will have to google this alkaline thing,
2013-05-15 21:38TruthHistorianand "they" know it
2013-05-15 21:38BunneeI do have an alkaline water filter, so at least my water is alkaline
I don't shake hands either
2013-05-15 21:39TruthHistorianhere is one list
2013-05-15 21:39Bunneethank you
2013-05-15 21:39TruthHistorianmost foods are alkaline; processed sugars are evil, though we crave them :) no vaccines, nor other pharmaceuticals, if possible, ever
2013-05-15 21:40BunneeI see many of my favorite foods on this list :)
2013-05-15 21:40TruthHistorianas much fresh air as possible; moderate exercise every day, 9+ hrs of sleep daily, let all stress roll completely off your back
2013-05-15 21:41Bunneeno vaccines for me
2013-05-15 21:41TruthHistorianand keep clean w/alcohol (cheapest anti-bacteria product of all)
the fresher the food the more LIFE you put in yourself ---- very important
2013-05-15 21:42BunneeI have to work on the stress thing, sleep alludes me :( I fly all over the world, I think that plays into my sleep disorder
2013-05-15 21:42TruthHistorianpick and apple off an organic tree, or one from other trees, and wash thoroughtly and eat LIFE into yourself
very true....quit any job that is such!!! yesterday!!!
pick an apple, i.e.
2013-05-15 21:43BunneeI shop at a local farm, all organic, free range, and raw
2013-05-15 21:43TruthHistorianthoroughly
work locally, and buy American :)
2013-05-15 21:44BunneeI'd love to quit, but there are no jobs where I live.I shop locally only and always buy American :)
2013-05-15 21:44TruthHistoriandont drink alcohol, save a little now and years etc
2013-05-15 21:45BunneeI have no taste for alcohol, I use to drink socially but It doesn't taste good so I ddon't do it
2013-05-15 21:45TruthHistorianapply for local below market rental programs, unless you own...and even then renting may be cheaper / wiser, than owning...via the below
market program in your area
2013-05-15 21:45BunneeI'd have to live in a black neighborhood to do that, I think
I don't currently own property
2013-05-15 21:46TruthHistorianno, not previous building was primarily Israelits
and a below market one
now I live in another bldg and it is about 1/2 white
2013-05-15 21:46Bunneeyour still here Ed
2013-05-15 21:46leonard901we can hear u
2013-05-15 21:46BunneeI can hear you
2013-05-15 21:46TruthHistorianWe hear you, Ed
2013-05-15 21:46Guest 5it's ok
2013-05-15 21:47TruthHistorianEd in Dallas or near there
2013-05-15 21:47BunneeI'll keep that in mind Truth,
2013-05-15 21:47TruthHistorianREBOOT, ED, FROM THE WALL...UNPLUG AND REPLUG IT, ED
Yes, go down in person and speak to one of the White People, there, Bunnee
as I did
2013-05-15 21:49BunneeCool, I will
2013-05-15 21:50TruthHistorianAmen
2013-05-15 21:51BunneeI want to move to the middle of no where
2013-05-15 21:57TruthHistorianI want to move to one place: Out of this evil world, forever, amen!!!
2013-05-15 21:58Bunneethat would be better :)
2013-05-15 21:58TruthHistorianI'm completely unsuited for this evil world
Amen :)
2013-05-15 21:58Bunneeme either
2013-05-15 21:58TruthHistorian99% of all I know and meet are either luke warm at best or just plain evil
cold like vampires
2013-05-15 21:59BunneeI find it difficult to even talk with anyone, so asleep, so clueless :( etc
that and stupid
2013-05-15 21:59TruthHistorianmy favorite activity is being in a totally deep sleep, after praying Christ comes, with my dear brother, each night
he almost yells AMEN :)
2013-05-15 22:00BunneeI would kill for deep sleep, :)
2013-05-15 22:01TruthHistorianhow about working in a nice quiet office, locally or doing local sales, or teaching in your local school district, and trying to reach the children
it pays 200+ f/t and 150 or so, per day, subbing
sometimes they throw in benefits, even for the latter
2013-05-15 22:02BunneeI'm working with a Wholistic doctor, who's treating me
2013-05-15 22:02TruthHistorianand sometimes you start at 9 or 10am and only work a few hrs and are paid for the full day
your primary care doctor or employer?
2013-05-15 22:02Bunneeno jobs where I live, I'm on the Space Coast
2013-05-15 22:02TruthHistorianEd you are loud and clear
2013-05-15 22:03Bunneemy PCP
2013-05-15 22:03TruthHistoriannear nasa?
2013-05-15 22:03Bunneeyes Ed
Yes Truth
2013-05-15 22:03Guest 5sound is good ed
2013-05-15 22:03TruthHistorianok
along what hwy 75 or 95?
my mom lives at the end of it
2013-05-15 22:04BunneeI am :)
always nice to be here Ed :)
2013-05-15 22:05TruthHistorianI went to a grad school in Tn and then drove to see her, yrs ago, that route
I pray Christ awakens her, immediately, amen!!!
2013-05-15 22:05BunneeI am 2o miles from KSC
at the end if 75 or 95?
2013-05-15 22:10TruthHistoriantalkshoe went down
about an hour is all it can take
I think she is near both
2013-05-15 22:11Bunneebummer
2013-05-15 22:11TruthHistorianshe talks fwys every other convers on the ph
no black, nor asian, nor other non-Israelite is ever allowed to even be in America, nor in Europe, nor Canada, NZ, Australia, Africa, India, etc
they are restricted, solely, to Nubia and to Malay, their original locations
to be in America, or any other Isaelite Nation is to eternally curse the Black, Asian or Other Non-Israelite, forever, Amen!!!
all the "LAWLESS" (illegals) are eternally damned (Revelation 20:15ff
no Mexican nor C nor S American is ever allowed to even approach the Border of America, nor of any other White (Israelite) Nation (2 Kings 19:35)
All of India, China, and most of the rest of F, C, and N Asia belongs To Adam's Descendants, forever and only
as well as all of the other White Nations
asians are restricted to the original Malay; blacks to the original Nubia, only, or they will be Rev 20:10-15
arabs are restricted to the lands of Ishmael, only....they are NEVER to come to America, or to any other White Nation, even to visit!!! OR ELSE!!!
Rev 20:15 Amen!!!
Ok, I'm being beckoned to another task. See you all tomorrow on Truth or Consequences, Amen!!!
2013-05-15 22:33BunneeI'll be there :)
I'll be listening, but not in the chat :)