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2013-05-01 19:59Jacob IsraelI have to go again, in a couple but will be back, in a fairly short while, and will listen to what I miss, later, this evening or tomorrow :)
2013-05-01 19:59EdClanofChattank
2013-05-01 19:59Jacob Israelk
almost supper time
Ed, have you heard Dan John's favorite song, on his shoe, something YHWH / Yahweh? Or "in the name of YHWH"? Beautiful Song and Very Stirring, Too
2013-05-01 20:02EdClanofChattanNo I haven't
2013-05-01 20:02Jacob Israelask him, ok? I'll be back in awhile. You will love it, Ed!!! Guaranteed!!! :)
2013-05-01 20:02Bunneegreetings from sinkhole city florida :)
2013-05-01 20:03EdClanofChattanGreetings Bunnee ;)
2013-05-01 20:05davekennedy77Song He is Yahweh
2013-05-01 20:07EdClanofChattan
2013-05-01 20:07davekennedy77Greetings from the great White north
2013-05-01 20:08Guest 4Hi this is Richard
2013-05-01 20:08davekennedy77Hi Richard
2013-05-01 20:09BunneeHi Richard
2013-05-01 20:11Guest 4How do you talk on this program??
2013-05-01 20:11BunneeEd, I copied the link, will follow along. I thought I did sign up to receive emails from you
this is where I plan to spend tomorrow
2013-05-01 20:15MajorThrashfunny,i been hearing shit that the Moorish people have claim to this land, that there just under European Military seems all peoples
r tryn to claim this land
2013-05-01 20:15Bunneenot the link I posted, right?
2013-05-01 20:16davekennedy77The Beach looks nice Bunnie. But my white irish/german skin burns after 1 hr
Thus I do not spend long at a beach. I do swim though
2013-05-01 20:16BlackPopeVery nice Bunnee. Reminds me of Caladesi Island.
2013-05-01 20:16Bunneemine did until I destroyed it when I was in New Mexico, now I turn pink brown
2013-05-01 20:17Guest
2013-05-01 20:17davekennedy77I got burnt today up here in Canada
2013-05-01 20:17Bunneefunny my back gets more sun burned than my front, cell phones don't work here and if you head down the shore far enough you can avoid people
2013-05-01 20:18davekennedy77Away from people sounds real good
2013-05-01 20:18See-Eye-Greetings brethren
2013-05-01 20:19BunneeWhere are you in Canada? I'm originally from Niagara Falls, NY, Use to ride my bike across the boarder all the time
2013-05-01 20:19Guest 4there are several court cases tht say the same thing
2013-05-01 20:19See-Eye-Hey BP, this is DK
2013-05-01 20:19BlackPopeGreetings
Hey DK, how about Jack ???
2013-05-01 20:19BunneeI love being far away from people, I like animals much better
2013-05-01 20:21davekennedy77I'm from a wee town called Guelph - 60 miles west of Toronto
2013-05-01 20:22Bunneewee little towns are so much better than big cities, I've been to Toronto allot when I lived up north
saw some great bands at the CNE
I think it's called the CNE
2013-05-01 20:22See-Eye-Yeah, that is too bad
Any word on the cause yet?
2013-05-01 20:23BlackPopeSome doubt about that, Ed spoke of it.
2013-05-01 20:23Guest 7thats a nude beach Bunnee
2013-05-01 20:23BlackPopeI heard natural causes, maybe stress.
2013-05-01 20:23davekennedy77Sorry distracted a bit. Yes the CNE, Cdn National Exibition.
2013-05-01 20:25BlackPopeBe back shortly
2013-05-01 20:25davekennedy77I have to walk the TERRIBLE TERRIER. Be back in 10
2013-05-01 20:25BunneeThat's okay DK....only beach 12 is nude
there are 12 beach lots, lots 8 and 9 are usually empty. 1 and 2 are busy and loaded with tourists, 12 is for the nudies
the other side is wooded with walking paths, and quiet fishing holes. NASA "stole" the land (from the residents) for the space center
I can't follow along using the provided link :(
2013-05-01 20:37bikermanjhey y`all
eve`nin Ed
2013-05-01 20:38davekennedy77back again
good day biker
2013-05-01 20:40bikermanjnaw... just got in
2013-05-01 20:40BunneeHi bikermanj
2013-05-01 20:40bikermanjcuttin grass.... waited too long
uugghhh 2 hrs
2013-05-01 20:40davekennedy77Fishing Holes, I would like that
2013-05-01 20:41Bunneebummer, it's raining cats and dogs down here, we really might sink tonight :D
2013-05-01 20:41davekennedy77Yah will float you
2013-05-01 20:41Guest 9I just got bumped ? no voice ! maine
2013-05-01 20:41BunneeEddy Creek, is lovely and quiet, birds, manatee
2013-05-01 20:41bikermanjheh, yep... got a buddy in lake worth... rained good down there
2013-05-01 20:41davekennedy77But if you are floating you could be shark bait
2013-05-01 20:42BunneeBiker, are you in Florida?
more like gator bate :/
2013-05-01 20:42davekennedy77It's real nice up here about 25 C 78 to 80 F
2013-05-01 20:42Bunneesilly me
nice, rained all day here, even the ducks ran for cover
2013-05-01 20:43bikermanjnorth of detoilet here
2013-05-01 20:43Guest 9hey ya all, if I can't hear , I may as well write got any ideas for a judge who wrongly took my social security no. and then had lawyer and clerk wri
2013-05-01 20:43davekennedy77B your right the gators
2013-05-01 20:43Bunneeone of the mistakes on the lake
2013-05-01 20:43davekennedy77Fatal mistake for shure
2013-05-01 20:44Guest 9write a deed TAKING MY LAND... THIS ALL STEMMED FROM 2 FLA. TRUSTS AND I AM IN ME.
2013-05-01 20:44Bunneewe had a 6 footer in the pond last spring, some loser shot it
2013-05-01 20:44davekennedy77B he watches too much TV
2013-05-01 20:45Bunneewho does?....TV sucks
2013-05-01 20:45bikermanjI dont have a tv
2013-05-01 20:45Bunneeme either and I'm proud of it :D
2013-05-01 20:46bikermanjyep yep ;)
eehhh we just lost our host
2013-05-01 20:46BunneeTV makes my skin crawl
2013-05-01 20:46See-Eye-lost Ed?
2013-05-01 20:47Guest 10no sound
2013-05-01 20:47SuperjediEd , we cant hear you
no sound
2013-05-01 20:47Bunneeruh-roh. what happened to Ed?
2013-05-01 20:47bikermanjoohhh I got one `fer y`all
2013-05-01 20:47Guest 10ED!!!! NO SOUND!!!!
2013-05-01 20:47bikermanjbuddy of mine has a place in warren michigan
2013-05-01 20:47Bunneebiker, are you new here?
2013-05-01 20:48bikermanjhe`s been there like 18 years
2013-05-01 20:48Bunneesince you've tuned into this show?? LOL
2013-05-01 20:48bikermanja few months ago a renter moved in
nope, been here `n there a while
2013-05-01 20:48Guest 11no sound
2013-05-01 20:49bikermanjanyhoo.... the renter throws food out in the grass, and yard
2013-05-01 20:49Guest 12?
2013-05-01 20:49Bunneeoh, okay....I'm still new here only a few months on this show
2013-05-01 20:49bikermanjthe rats are comin now
can you guess
its a
he`s tried to get thru to it
she does the `ol headbob..... aahhh ainz got taa doo sheet
2013-05-01 20:51See-Eye-Looks like Ed got kicked off the call! jews DONT like it when folks discuss the lynchpin of their FRAUD
2013-05-01 20:51bikermanjlovely eehh
2013-05-01 20:52Guest 9I CANNOT CALL IN EITHER.
2013-05-01 20:53Guest 11what was he reading?
2013-05-01 20:53Bunneebummer biker
2013-05-01 20:53Superjedino sound...
Ed has been having problems with his micro phone.
2013-05-01 20:53Bunneethis I think, only I couldn't open it
2013-05-01 20:54Guest 11thank you
2013-05-01 20:54Bunneewe can entertain each other until he gets back :)
2013-05-01 20:57davekennedy77Enjoy the beach Bunnie gotta go, no sound etc,
2013-05-01 20:57Bunneeokay DK, have a great evening stay out of the sun :)
2013-05-01 20:59Guest 11tomorrow night Chals is going to explain Quo Warrento. H is vry knowledgable about common law remedies. on Angela Stark talkshoe
2013-05-01 21:00Jacob Israelwhat happened to Ed and Eli and Rob's Shoe?
or BP?
2013-05-01 21:01Guest 11Charles 8858. we will need this
2013-05-01 21:01bikermanjguess i`ll wander
2013-05-01 21:01Jacob Israelwhat happened, Biker?
2013-05-01 21:01bikermanjcatch y`all soon
2013-05-01 21:01BunneeNot sure where Pastor Eli went, he said he'd be back. Ed got cut off
2013-05-01 21:01bikermanjwe lost ed
2013-05-01 21:01Jacob Israelare they coming back?
2013-05-01 21:02Guest 11no sound, Elijah for about 10 minutes
2013-05-01 21:02Jacob Israelthis is crazy, though, Dan's was great, earlier
2013-05-01 21:02Bunneeguest11 do you have a link for the show?
shit happens :(
2013-05-01 21:02Jacob IsraelBunnee!!
2013-05-01 21:02Bunneesorry :(
2013-05-01 sound....see you guys next week.
2013-05-01 21:02Bunneenaughty me :(
2013-05-01 21:03SuperjediThis is Rob signing off.
2013-05-01 21:03Jacob IsraelI will have to board incognito
2013-05-01 21:03Guest 11no i cant do any linking. Just type in Angelas Stark Talkshoe at 7 central. She always has good guests
2013-05-01 21:03BunneeBummer, guess the show is over
2013-05-01 21:03Jacob Israelok, see you all later, Lauri, write me an email, please, ok?
2013-05-01 21:03Bunneethanks G11
will do Elijah
2013-05-01 21:04Jacob Israel:)
2013-05-01 21:04Guest 11sometimes Ed calls in to it. But she tries to ignore him!
2013-05-01 21:04Bunneewhy?
I like Ed and his show
2013-05-01 21:04Guest 11Too much truth!
2013-05-01 21:05Bunneeso this Angela isn't into the truth? what's her show about?
2013-05-01 21:05Jacob Israelhere is the url Lauri
2013-05-01 21:05Bunneeyeah, that's what I just said
2013-05-01 21:06Guest 11up to a point. about remedies of our troubles
2013-05-01 21:06brian83Greetings from occupied Southern California
2013-05-01 21:07Jacob Israel
2013-05-01 21:07Bunneegreetings Brian83, where in Southern Ca? I lived in San Diego once
2013-05-01 21:07Jacob Israelthat is Angela Stark'
2013-05-01 21:07brian83between san diego and los angeles
2013-05-01 21:07Jacob Israelthat is Angela Stark's Talkshoe
2013-05-01 21:07Bunneewho is Charles Steward?
2013-05-01 21:08Jacob Israelonce again
2013-05-01 21:08Bunneenice out there Brian83
2013-05-01 21:08Jacob IsraelI think she was on earlier this evening
2013-05-01 21:09Guest 11he seems to have a very good grasp of common law
2013-05-01 21:09brian83good show
2013-05-01 21:09BunneeI like talkshoe, you can always archive the shows
2013-05-01 21:09Jacob Israelno, she is on, tomorrow
2013-05-01 21:10BunneeI'll try and listen in, after Pastor Dan
oops they may be on at the same time
2013-05-01 21:11brian83hope everyones having a good night
2013-05-01 21:11BunneeI am....bummer about the show tonight, I like this stuff :)
2013-05-01 21:12brian83me too Bunnee
2013-05-01 21:14Bunneeoaky, guess I'm outta here too, will leave the chat open, just in case...night all, see everyone tomorrow night with Pastor Dan :)