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2013-02-06 21:00Guest 6anyone there?
2013-02-06 21:04ripper84Still spraying Phoenix area unmercifully SE.
2013-02-06 21:06Pastor Eli JamesANP POB 411373 Chicago IL 60641
2013-02-06 21:10ripper84No sound?
2013-02-06 21:10Pastor Eli JamesEd is not here yet, but you should be able to hear us talking
2013-02-06 21:11ripper84ty
2013-02-06 21:11Guest 6can anyone hear us?
2013-02-06 21:12Pastor Eli
2013-02-06 21:12bikermanjaahhh there we go
eve`nin y`all
2013-02-06 21:12Pastor Eli
2013-02-06 21:12bikermanjC.S.A. greets
2013-02-06 21:13TruthHistorianlets see if this works. t/s or comp is acting up
2013-02-06 21:15Pastor Eli
The Great IMpersonation
2013-02-06 21:15ripper84Still no sound here???
2013-02-06 21:15isaiah14I have no sound either.
2013-02-06 21:16ripper84Maybe not plugged in yet??
2013-02-06 21:16isaiah14I wonder. It's 15 minutes past the hour.
2013-02-06 21:16bikermanjEd is not on the show
the host is missing
so therefore no audio
2013-02-06 21:17TruthHistorianI guess Ed is taking the night off
2013-02-06 21:17ripper84ty biker
2013-02-06 21:17TruthHistorianThat means Eli can talk for 5 hours straight, if you'd like to, Eli ?
or switch off with Rob
2013-02-06 21:18Pastor Eli James
2013-02-06 21:19TruthHistorianmeir kahane = blood descendant of satan or another demon
utterly evil
2013-02-06 21:21isaiah14Still no audio
2013-02-06 21:21TruthHistorianjew rubin, Eli, in that youtube says, "when times get tough, People Pick On The jews"
2013-02-06 21:21Guest 6if you call in there's audio
2013-02-06 21:22TruthHistorianTimes are always and only tough because jews were created and put on earth With Us
2013-02-06 21:22Guest 6Pastor Eli and I, Rob are talking
2013-02-06 21:22isaiah14Well there is a very good reason to pick on the Jews. They make it tough.
2013-02-06 21:23Guest 6I'm guest 6's Rob
Rob from Chicago Ill
2013-02-06 21:25TruthHistorianfortunately Eli and Rob are professional chatters :)
2013-02-06 21:25Guest 10ed still in court fighting that parking ticket???
2013-02-06 21:25Guest 6The Right to Keep and Bear Arms....Charles Weisman
2013-02-06 21:25Guest 12GE ED&Pastor Eli...Praise YAHWEH...25 f ptly cldy...near Albany,ny
2013-02-06 21:25Guest 13
2013-02-06 21:26Guest
go to resource catalog then click on books
2013-02-06 21:27Guest 12ranch wranglers;-) rah rah
2013-02-06 21:27TruthHistoriani have my cordless phone on but muted
2013-02-06 21:28Guest 12no audio,yet
2013-02-06 21:28Guest 6no audio....try to call or sign back in
2013-02-06 21:28TruthHistorianall arabs are dna-jews, as are all or most blacks, so called mestizos, aka "Indians" and all or most asians = all fallen angel jews, dna-wise
2013-02-06 21:28Guest 12okay>TU
2013-02-06 21:29ripper846 Are you hearing anything???
2013-02-06 21:29Guest 14ello.was g12
nyet audio
2013-02-06 21:30ripper84Is anyone hearing something????
2013-02-06 21:30Guest 14i hear Nothing
2013-02-06 21:30isaiah14o to the telephone.
2013-02-06 21:30Guest 14i see nothing..i do nothing lol
2013-02-06 21:31isaiah14go to the telephone
2013-02-06 21:31Guest 14be doer's..not just hearer's only
2013-02-06 21:31ripper84Patience is a virtue
2013-02-06 21:31Guest 6try and sign back in....I'm hearing the call just fine.
2013-02-06 21:31Guest 14i do again..aye
2013-02-06 21:32Guest 10fuck patience, I want my money for nothing and chicks for free and I want them RIGHT NOW!
2013-02-06 21:32Guest 17i'se baack
2013-02-06 21:33Pastor Eli JamesTrue Ott
Voice of Christian Israel
2013-02-06 21:33Guest 20says audio not yet available
2013-02-06 21:34Guest 17no sweat,gi
is believing
2013-02-06 21:35Guest 21No audio here also
2013-02-06 21:35Guest 6call or dial back in if no audio...
2013-02-06 21:35ripper84Call in....they are talking
2013-02-06 21:35Guest 17not yet say's
no call in..i'se message,only
2013-02-06 21:36Guest 20no audio
2013-02-06 21:36Pastor Eli JamesSedcond Amendment Committee
2013-02-06 21:36TruthHistorianyou have to call in, to hear
2013-02-06 21:36Guest 17okay,TU info
2013-02-06 21:36TruthHistorianyw
2013-02-06 21:37Guest 6if no audio.....try to call back in.
Ed is not on the call yet....he's late
We are waiting for Ed.
2013-02-06 21:37Guest 17okay..i'll wait..i be patient retiree whiteyman
2013-02-06 21:38TruthHistorianthe call id may not work, so use Talkshoe's Alternative Method, "I + #" I believe
2013-02-06 21:39Guest 17wasn't 'lanza' candid camera of yesterday era../
2013-02-06 21:41Guest 25Ok someone step up & be the stenographer & type in the chat what's being said.
Has the call started?
2013-02-06 21:44Guest 17i know nought
2013-02-06 21:45Guest 25Does any have audio?
2013-02-06 21:46TruthHistorianevery murderer has a jewish psychiatrist (witch / warlock) telling them to Do It!!!
2013-02-06 21:46BunneeI don't am listening on my phone
2013-02-06 21:46genartno audio
2013-02-06 21:46Guest 25Yeah but does anyone have audio?
2013-02-06 21:46TruthHistorianI know, having worked in the counseling field for decades
2013-02-06 21:46Guest 17eg,'normalcy in reverse:-(
2013-02-06 21:46TruthHistorianno audio, save By Phoning In
2013-02-06 21:46genartsays they aren't streaming
here we go then
2013-02-06 21:47TruthHistorianCALL IN
2013-02-06 21:47genartbrb getting phone
2013-02-06 21:47Bunneenp audio for me using my phone
2013-02-06 21:47TruthHistorianAND MUTE
2013-02-06 21:47Guest 25Talkshoe is beginning to suck!
2013-02-06 21:47Bunneeno, not np
2013-02-06 21:47TruthHistorianMUTE YOUR PHONES ALL
2013-02-06 21:48genartstar? what?
to mute
2013-02-06 21:48TruthHistorian1 and # sign
2013-02-06 21:49genarthow can dk be in several chats at once?
2013-02-06 21:49TruthHistoriansplit personality
2013-02-06 21:49genartgive the heads up to call
not on dial in yet
2013-02-06 21:50TruthHistoriangenart, enter info for "Not A Talkshoe Member"
2013-02-06 21:50Guest 17speaking 3 conversation's at the same time is amazing ;-)
2013-02-06 21:51genarti am though
2013-02-06 21:51TruthHistorianmay all evil doers die right now and forever
2013-02-06 21:51Guest 26Hell with it...going over to Bo & Rocko's radio program.
2013-02-06 21:51Guest 17AMEN
2013-02-06 21:51genartthru the phone?
2013-02-06 21:51TruthHistorianamen
2013-02-06 21:51genartwhere is that?
let's all go
2013-02-06 21:52Guest 17anp
2013-02-06 21:52Guest 6can you guys hear us....Rob Ed's co-host
2013-02-06 21:52TruthHistorianSteven Seagal(sp) = jew (?)
2013-02-06 21:53genartno
2013-02-06 21:53Bunneeno
2013-02-06 21:53Guest 10hell no we can't hear you
2013-02-06 21:53BlackPopeno
2013-02-06 21:53genartlike ventura a plant
2013-02-06 21:53Guest 26FreedomSlips Revolution Radio 10 - 12 pm
2013-02-06 21:53TruthHistorianhe does Not look nor behave like an Adamite / Israelite!
too oriental leaning
and his face appears to be cainite but not Awdawmite
Steven Seagal
2013-02-06 21:55Guest 17crooked or shady ways
2013-02-06 21:55Bunneenever was a fan of Seagal
2013-02-06 21:56Guest 26Who gives a shit about Steven Seagal? How is discussing him going to help find a TRUE remedy?!?!?
2013-02-06 21:56genart26 give the #
2013-02-06 21:56Guest 17'reracher' &axler' type fer me reading enjoyment
2013-02-06 21:56TruthHistorianYES, STEVEN SEAGAL IS IN FACT A JEW
2013-02-06 21:56Guest 17dolan,goodie,too
been awhile
2013-02-06 21:56genartwho cares?
2013-02-06 21:57Guest 17rightio..
2013-02-06 21:57genarthe's full of shit
2013-02-06 21:57TruthHistorianJEWS = DEMONS / UTTER EVIL
2013-02-06 21:57Guest 26I don't give a f&%$ about SS & whether he's a jew or not
2013-02-06 21:57Guest 10who gives a fuck if seagal is a jew....big fucking shit
2013-02-06 21:57genartme neither
2013-02-06 21:57TruthHistorian10 AND 26 ARE JEWS, AS WELL, PER THEIR "BAD FRUIT"
2013-02-06 21:57genartsomeone's gonna screw us if not jews
2013-02-06 21:58isaiah14Segal's father is Jewish so technically he isn't Jewish.
2013-02-06 21:58genartmaybe jesuits
2013-02-06 21:58genartor the boy scouts
2013-02-06 21:58Guest 17'thier in the money' types
2013-02-06 21:58Guest 10Truthhistorian, that just stupid to even say anything like that
2013-02-06 21:58Guest 26Zionist are the issue & not all jews are Zionist
2013-02-06 21:58TruthHistorianAND LIARS, TOO
2013-02-06 21:58genarteveryone lies
2013-02-06 21:59oldhobeI called Ed and got his answering machine.
2013-02-06 21:59genartneanderthals?
2013-02-06 21:59TruthHistorianSEAGAL IS A JEW, BY ITS DADDY, SATAN / OTHER DEMON
2013-02-06 21:59isaiah14Not according to the Talmud.
2013-02-06 21:59genartso was alexander hamilton so what
2013-02-06 21:59Guest 17all was Darkness..then Light came...still Light is being attacked by darkness
2013-02-06 22:00TruthHistorianmother also had bad jew dna
According To TRuth, Seagal is a jew
even if satan's book the talmud lies about it
2013-02-06 22:00isaiah14Not according to the Talmud
2013-02-06 22:00genartlike he matters
2013-02-06 22:00Guest 17burr won that duel
2013-02-06 22:00genartof course, know why they had it?
2013-02-06 22:01TruthHistorianleave talmudism, and come to The Truth
2013-02-06 22:01Guest 26Going over to the Bo & Rocko Van Zetti show @ FreedomSlips Revolution Radio...Bye all.
2013-02-06 22:01genartgive the call code
2013-02-06 22:01Guest 17YAH bless
2013-02-06 22:01Guest Eddie Craig Monday nights
2013-02-06 22:01TruthHistorianFreedom Slips is a jew controlled talmudic website
2013-02-06 22:02genartsaints
2013-02-06 22:02Guest 17all is vanity and fables :-(
2013-02-06 22:02Indivisiblegen thank you for those links
2013-02-06 22:02genarthey how are ya?
there is a ton of shit on ts
2013-02-06 22:02Indivisibleno doubt
2013-02-06 22:03BlackPopeHey Rob
2013-02-06 22:03Indivisibleits all good though
2013-02-06 22:03Guest 6Hey Paul
I think Ed is here
We've been waiting for Ed
2013-02-06 22:03Guest 17audio now goodie rah
2013-02-06 22:03BlackPopeSoon you'll have Saturday's off...
2013-02-06 22:03Guest 10well look at this shit
2013-02-06 22:03TruthHistorianSeagal is indisputably jewish and magog / mongoloid, per him
2013-02-06 22:03Guest 6Not yet....congress must approve
2013-02-06 22:03Bunneehave audio now
2013-02-06 22:03BlackPopeHave sound
2013-02-06 22:03See-Eye-Greetings brethren
2013-02-06 22:03Guest 6congress created the mess
2013-02-06 22:04BlackPopeHey DK
2013-02-06 22:04TruthHistorianand all or 99% of magog/mongoloids are of jewish-dna
2013-02-06 22:04EdClanofChattanI am here now.
2013-02-06 22:04See-Eye-hey BP
2013-02-06 22:04BlackPopeDK, where ya been ?
2013-02-06 22:05Guest 17not me:-(
2013-02-06 22:05Guest 10beating his meat
2013-02-06 22:05See-Eye-We couldnt hear it!
2013-02-06 22:05Guest 6hahahaha
2013-02-06 22:05Guest 17all cheers
2013-02-06 22:05Guest 6chokin the chikin
2013-02-06 22:06Guest 10hehe
2013-02-06 22:07Guest 171871 change..i think/
right..Not privledge
2013-02-06 22:09Indivisibleits up to us anyhow because in essence there is no law now
2013-02-06 22:09isaiah14I can't choke the chikin any more. It's dead, it just hangs there.
2013-02-06 22:10Guest 17bravo bravo
2013-02-06 22:11See-Eye-charles, you need to pay close attention!
I could NOT believe what I was hearing on your show last night!
2013-02-06 22:12charles8854dont tell me what i need too do; dk.
2013-02-06 22:12See-Eye-I am TELLING you brother! You are CONFUSED as hell!!!
2013-02-06 22:13Guest 6Black some good info coming to you in the next week.
2013-02-06 22:13BlackPopeGreat can't wait Brother.
2013-02-06 22:13charles8854look; dont go getting in my face here; or you will be endangering our friendship.
2013-02-06 22:13Guest 6We're putting the band back together....the Chicago Blues Brothers ride again...Brother.
2013-02-06 22:13Guest 17all is inc.
2013-02-06 22:13See-Eye-LOL!!!!
2013-02-06 22:13BlackPopeDo IT !
2013-02-06 22:14Guest 6It's all going down in the windy yeah!!!
2013-02-06 22:14See-Eye-If telling you, that YOU are WRONG, because you ARE endangers our friendship, then SO BE IT!!!!
2013-02-06 22:14Guest 10DK doesn't have any friends, only cell mates
2013-02-06 22:15See-Eye-You are DEAD WRONG! The vatican is NOT behind all of this, romans did NOT kill Christ, Slavery IS biblical, the list goes ON and ON!!!!
2013-02-06 22:15charles8854thanks 10.
2013-02-06 22:15isaiah14True, the Jews killed Christ.
2013-02-06 22:15See-Eye-LOL!! I am not here to make friends! ONLY to spread the TRUTH!!!
2013-02-06 22:15charles8854you have your head up your ass; dk.
2013-02-06 22:15See-Eye-Yes, tell charles that!
you think the vatican is behind all of this and its ME who has MY head up my ass???
2013-02-06 22:16isaiah14Remember that Pontius Pilate washed his hands and declared that Jesus Christ was innocent. He gave Christ to the Jews.
2013-02-06 22:16See-Eye-YOU think the romans killed YaHshua, and it is I who has MY head up my ass???
2013-02-06 22:16genartit's a war between the elites
2013-02-06 22:17Guest 17dragon&beast
2013-02-06 22:17BlackPopeTrue isaiah 14
2013-02-06 22:17isaiah14Indirectly the Vatican is behind it since they are controlled by the Jews just like the U.S.A.
2013-02-06 22:17BlackPopeYou bet
2013-02-06 22:17Guest 17pyramid worshipers
2013-02-06 22:17See-Eye-Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, a
and buy one. (Luke 22:36)
2013-02-06 22:18BlackPopeJesuits = Jews
2013-02-06 22:18See-Eye-The jews usurped the Catholic church LONG ago for two reasons!!!
1) to cover up their CHILD RITUAL MURDERS!!!
2013-02-06 22:18isaiah14Yes. The Jesuits were the assassination arm of the Roman Catholic church. Loyola, who started the Jesuits, was a Jew.
2013-02-06 22:18Guest 17^
2013-02-06 22:18See-Eye-and, 2) to COVER up the FACT they MURDERED Christ!!!
Exactly! Tell this to Charles! He will not listen to me for some reason . . .
2013-02-06 22:19Guest 17infiltration via usuper's
red=no private property
2013-02-06 22:20isaiah14I have even read that secretly the Roman Catholic church actually supports abortion and gay rights. Since they are controlled by the Jews, this is
2013-02-06 22:21Guest 17coven of devils
2013-02-06 22:21See-Eye-I do NOT say things or talk about things I do not understand! I KNOW what I say is the TRUTH, which is WHY I say it so vehemetly!
2013-02-06 22:22Guest 17surpressing truth is an agenda
2013-02-06 22:23BlackPopeTrue Rob
2013-02-06 22:23See-Eye-of course abortion is a modern day child ritual sacrafice!!!
2013-02-06 22:23isaiah14That is true Dark Knight.
2013-02-06 22:23Guest 17brb...woodstove tasks calling for me attention
2013-02-06 22:24See-Eye-Abortion has become an overt means of child sacrifice which Jews have instituted under their de facto law. A more covert means of child sacrifice has
has been by their infamous "ritual murders, which Jews have been accused through the ages." In this practice "the blood of the sacrificed gentile (chi
gentile (child) is mixed with flour to make the unleavened bread eaten at Passover." (For a history and expose on this subject see "Jewish Ritual Murd
Jewish Ritual Murder" by Arnold S. Leese, 1938).
The Jewish Encyclopedia lists 121 Ritual Murder cases from 1146 to 1900, which were tried in courts. Many of the listings show convictions and the mod
mode in which guilty Jews were executed. - The Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. III, (1903) pp.266-67.
From 1900 to the 1930s there have been about another twenty cases of ritual murder by Jews. Even to this day their are reports of ritual murder of chi
2013-02-06 22:26Guest 17back,aye
2013-02-06 22:26See-Eye-children by certain extremist Hasidic Orthodox Jewish sects. - The Pharisees were originally identical with the Hasidim or Hasidic sect of Judaism. Th
The Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. IX (1905) p. 661.
2013-02-06 22:28charles8854
2013-02-06 22:28Guest 17liberty and happiness is being eroded away
slyfor trickeries
dumbdown society
2013-02-06 22:31charles8854who is the woman speaking with ed?
2013-02-06 22:31EdClanofChattan
2013-02-06 22:32charles8854us vs johnson is a great case, ed. "belligerent claimant", yes?
2013-02-06 22:35BlackPopeI think Meridith ?
2013-02-06 22:35charles8854appellate-courts make corrupted-rulings all of the time, ed.
thanks bp.
2013-02-06 22:36Guest 10baxter-birney
2013-02-06 22:36BlackPopeYW Charles
2013-02-06 22:36charles8854i guess i dont know her. she sounds pretty good.
2013-02-06 22:36BlackPopeVery intelligent.
2013-02-06 22:37Guest 17rightiousLady..yes
2013-02-06 22:37Guest 10sharp as a marble
2013-02-06 22:37BlackPopeIndeed she is.
2013-02-06 22:37Guest 17wise as serpent aye aye
2013-02-06 22:38BlackPopeRob is good friends with her.
2013-02-06 22:38Guest 10oh really!! how good??
2013-02-06 22:38Guest 17it is IOurs
2013-02-06 22:38charles8854the UN has a "bill of privileges".
2013-02-06 22:39BlackPopeF the U.N.
isaiah 14....
2013-02-06 22:41Guest 17eg,squatter's law run amock
2013-02-06 22:41Guest 6That was Meredith Talking
Meredith is very smart
2013-02-06 22:41BlackPopeSaturday's off soon.....Rob
2013-02-06 22:41charles8854they have the guns.
2013-02-06 22:41genartbingo
2013-02-06 22:42Guest 6No, Black Pope....Postmaster general does not have the authority
2013-02-06 22:42BlackPopeOh
2013-02-06 22:42Guest 6My union called for him to resign today
2013-02-06 22:42BlackPopeWOW
2013-02-06 22:42Guest 6Congressional law provides 6 day delivery.
2013-02-06 22:42genartno they won't
2013-02-06 22:42Guest 17we are only court jesters:-(
2013-02-06 22:43Guest 6Congress needs to repeal the 75 year in advance retirement stuff
that is what is killing the PO
2013-02-06 22:43BlackPopeAh....
2013-02-06 22:43Guest 6We went 16 billion in the hole last year ...11 of that is pre-funding retirement
2013-02-06 22:43charles8854their control will not be displaced until we bring criminal-complaints against them & there-by have them forcibly removed from their offices.
2013-02-06 22:43BlackPopeRob, the caller lives by us.
2013-02-06 22:43genartthe post office operates under the dod
2013-02-06 22:43Guest 6It's the prefunding that is destroying the PO
2013-02-06 22:44Guest 17don't feel sorry the robbers
2013-02-06 22:45BlackPopeEd the Tares rule the military. ZOG !
2013-02-06 22:45See-Eye-Blackpope, we need to destroy the "Tare-rist"!
2013-02-06 22:46BlackPopeExactly
2013-02-06 22:46Guest 17a 'trickledown'society...provety benefit's the elite
2013-02-06 22:46BlackPopeThe military doesn't do shit. Look at the borders.
2013-02-06 22:46Guest 6The synagogue of satan and their seed shall be removed for eternity....sometime soon.
2013-02-06 22:47charles8854just because the "constitution" document has become displaced, does not mean that the more ancient & organic "constitutional law" is un-available.
2013-02-06 22:47BlackPopeyep
2013-02-06 22:47genartunlawful since 1787
2013-02-06 22:47Guest 17minumum wages is disgraceful...making slaves of the people
2013-02-06 22:47Guest 6Black Pope....did you go to that link I sent you yesterday to download the Illinois laws?
2013-02-06 22:47Guest 17the rich get richer..the poor get 'poorer'
2013-02-06 22:47BlackPopeOnly 5% on minimum wage. US Labor stats.
2013-02-06 22:48genart17 is ows haha
2013-02-06 22:48BlackPopeMost are entry level or part time.
i started at $3.25 per hr. So what.
2013-02-06 22:49Guest 17statisic lies
2013-02-06 22:49genartafter the const
2013-02-06 22:50BlackPopeSometimes yes
People with agendas lie also
2013-02-06 22:50genartwar powers lieber code, civil rights
2013-02-06 22:50Guest 17i picked onion's @.15c a big overflowing 'crate',too...1962 era ornage cnty,ny
orange cnty>florida,ny
2013-02-06 22:52genartjefferson
2013-02-06 22:52BlackPope.15c went further then, than Minimum wage today.
2013-02-06 22:52Guest
2013-02-06 22:53genartthey all are
2013-02-06 22:53Guest 1712-14 hr. day's...dirty as a mudslider...bath,eat..and bed..looking for the samo,tomarrow,againagain and again
2013-02-06 22:54genartyou reside under the contract of your state and the us
2013-02-06 22:54charles8854The elections need to be run from the bottom-up, & from with-in the biblical hundred-household common-law "Precincts".
2013-02-06 22:54BlackPopeEd, under ZOG (occupied government) there are no rights, only privileges.
2013-02-06 22:54genartin the case texas v white
read a fellow, george mercier
2013-02-06 22:55charles8854the confusion is designed to corrupt the elections from the larger "county" jurisdiction.
2013-02-06 22:56genartdon't register to vote
2013-02-06 22:56See-Eye-Their mystery babylon system is NOTHING but confusion!
the very term "babylon" means CONFUSION!
2013-02-06 22:56charles8854the counties are too centralized & large to assume the burdens of monitoring the integrity of the elections.
2013-02-06 22:56genartdark night!
2013-02-06 22:56See-Eye-hey genart
2013-02-06 22:56charles8854agreed, dk.
2013-02-06 22:57genartdo not register to vote
2013-02-06 22:57Guest 17no gun's..use scissor's for personal 'protection'.Incredable
2013-02-06 22:57See-Eye-the mystery babylon system was created by the jews, rothschilds are the 8th beast
2013-02-06 22:57Guest 17this is leadership ability?
2013-02-06 22:57See-Eye-rothschilds are the 8th beast of mystery babylon
2013-02-06 22:57charles8854"registered voters" are way different than the "qualified electors".
2013-02-06 22:58genartwho owns 50 acres of unencumbered land who is an elector
2013-02-06 22:58Guest 17voice sounds faMILIER
2013-02-06 22:58Guest 6If you want to unregister from voting.....
2013-02-06 22:59Guest 17SRI CAPS..ACCIDENT
2013-02-06 22:59genartwilliam windsor
2013-02-06 22:59Guest 17my keybrd erroring
2013-02-06 22:59Guest 6you can send the county clerk where you are alleged to have registered...
by placing them on notice by affidavit or affirmation....
2013-02-06 23:00genartsee inns of court
2013-02-06 23:00Guest 6that your signature does not appear on their voter registration application form.
2013-02-06 23:00genartok 6
2013-02-06 23:00Guest 6You need not revoke your signature.....sorry...
2013-02-06 23:00genartbut who signed it?
2013-02-06 23:01Guest 6your authorized signature does not appear on their form.
2013-02-06 23:01genartok
2013-02-06 23:01Guest 6This is the easiest way to get out of an unlawful situation
You need not revoke your authorized signature on a contract that was fraud from the beginning...
2013-02-06 23:02charles8854An interesting note is that it is at the "Precinct Level" that the commoners are wrongly identified as "Registered Voters".
2013-02-06 23:02genartgoing down to the election board to get voter reg form
2013-02-06 23:02Guest 6contracts containing fraud are null and void from the beginning.
2013-02-06 23:02Scorpio_Norcalgreetings
2013-02-06 23:02genartsue for a breach of contract
2013-02-06 23:03Guest 17hello
2013-02-06 23:03Guest 6you can sue for breach of contract or you can claim your authorized signature does not appear on their form
2013-02-06 23:03Scorpio_Norcalhay
2013-02-06 23:04Guest 6How can you sue for breach of contract if it was null and void ab initio?
You can sue for fraud if the contract contained it.
2013-02-06 23:04Scorpio_Norcaltemple bar - city of london
2013-02-06 23:04charles8854altho the county-clerk is usually responsible for that wrongful "Registration" process, that clerk is usurping a function of the "Precinct".
2013-02-06 23:04Scorpio_Norcalattorneys are in it for the Shekels
2013-02-06 23:05Guest 17'papers pleas' society
2013-02-06 23:05charles8854right on, 6.
2013-02-06 23:05genartalien to the contract
2013-02-06 23:05Guest 17aliens and strangers
2013-02-06 23:05See-Eye-clulis jewing talks about that
2013-02-06 23:06genartattorney is in military tribunal or court martial
2013-02-06 23:06See-Eye-maybe one of the ONE things he is not completely retarded about
2013-02-06 23:06genarttwister
2013-02-06 23:06Scorpio_Norcalis the caller a female?
2013-02-06 23:07genartall civil rights are under a military jurisdiction
under war powers
the war powers are like the polar opposite of a magnet
civil/common and wp shall never meet\
the us was created in int'l law
2013-02-06 23:10Guest 17treatymania
2013-02-06 23:10genartthere was a case mentioned but the researcher did not get the case quote accurate
on the gff
do you have to sue but are you under to have a right?
2013-02-06 23:12Guest 17we love phcho kool-aid
phycho kool-aid
2013-02-06 23:12genartcommercial
2013-02-06 23:13charles8854the rights of white-people have been de-centralized to all races.
2013-02-06 23:13genartcommunism
2013-02-06 23:14Guest 17we are 'bambugled' by pychomentia in high places:-(
2013-02-06 23:14charles8854in the eyes of the true god of israel.
yea meredith.
2013-02-06 23:15Guest 17universalism
2013-02-06 23:15genartmilitary not civil
2013-02-06 23:16charles8854regarding the 14th-amendment, that text was not inherently subversive; but rather, it was the rulings of the us-supreme-court that were subversive.
2013-02-06 23:17Guest 17the 'just us's'
2013-02-06 23:18charles8854the true intent of the 14th-amendment was to bring the rights of white-people to all of the races. the us-supreme-court perverted that original-intent
it is the rulings of the corrupted us-supreme-court which need to be over-turned; & not the 14th-amendment itself.
2013-02-06 23:19Guest 17'your document's please'
2013-02-06 23:19charles8854nice focus meredith.
2013-02-06 23:19Guest 29JamesMadison's Community Call-J Harris
2013-02-06 23:21genarthe is a descendent of his namesake
then why reserve the right to plea?
2013-02-06 23:24charles8854very good focus, meredith.
2013-02-06 23:25Guest 17the rotton apple ruins the whole barn
no speak miranda rights
2013-02-06 23:27genartmiranda rights went south under bush i think
2013-02-06 23:28Guest 17oh,didn't know..seems possible..what else is 'new',today times
2013-02-06 23:31genartis he still in custody
2013-02-06 23:31Guest 17two 'witnesses'(liarsrule)
2013-02-06 23:32genartcivil war, war powers
2013-02-06 23:33Guest 6No, I think mike is free right now
2013-02-06 23:33RDBradshawAny word on Dave Myrland?
2013-02-06 23:36Guest 17codes=control
2013-02-06 23:36RDBradshawAll "codes" need to be "de-coded".
And we don't have the Decoder rings.
2013-02-06 23:37charles8854"1. systematic organization of methods, rules, etc." /
2013-02-06 23:37Guest 17ringnosed slaves
2013-02-06 23:37charles8854i see nothing inherently deceptive or secretive about the use of the word "code".
2013-02-06 23:38Guest 17codes are abrieviated
2013-02-06 23:39genartcodes are in "their" law
2013-02-06 23:39charles88548pages is a lot of reading, ed.\
2013-02-06 23:39Guest 17'pass the bill' so 'we' can reAD WHAT 'IT' SAY'S'..WOWIE
caps sri
2013-02-06 23:40charles8854there have been efforts to codify/organize/index common-law.
2013-02-06 23:40genarthe's full of it, prepositions are key
sentence construction
2013-02-06 23:42Guest 17all is 'read and weep' society
2013-02-06 23:43genart english grammar
you left out some serious shit
2013-02-06 23:44RDBradshawAny word on Dave Myrland?
2013-02-06 23:45genartbreach of contract
2013-02-06 23:46charles8854jack-bower/mike-golden keeps fairly close track of myrland; rdb. i have only heard snippetts.
2013-02-06 23:46genartgo ll
2013-02-06 23:48Guest 17lie's in plain sight:-(
unlimited 'resources' via feit $
2013-02-07 00:03genartgood night people
2013-02-07 00:03Guest 17gn cheers
'we' are 'the people'
hucus pokus delussion's
silver status;-)
2013-02-07 00:17See-Eye-They are bringing what sounds good to the sheep!
2013-02-07 00:17Guest 29ok
2013-02-07 00:17See-Eye-sheep LOVE to have their ears tickled!!!!
2013-02-07 00:17isaiah14I don't think that it makes a difference.
2013-02-07 00:17Guest 17now..let's go to mars...fooleries
we love Lies
2013-02-07 00:18Guest 29JamesMadison Community Call-J Harris
2013-02-07 00:21See-Eye-Thanks Ed!
2013-02-07 00:21Guest 17GM Ed and Wonderful Grp Fellowship members...GN All.
2013-02-07 00:21See-Eye-YHWH bless!
2013-02-07 00:21Guest 17TU