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2013-01-23 20:58Karl Lentzsounds likea Plan
i dont know if U ever Heard of me on theother Talkshoe Calls
i am Karl Lentz
2013-01-23 21:00EdClanofChattanWelcome Karl :)
2013-01-23 21:00Karl Lentzi was the guest On Angela's Thursday Nite call, named 'My private Audio' i did episode 188; 189; 190 or 11
2013-01-23 21:00EdClanofChattanWhat is your ancestory?
2013-01-23 21:00Karl Lentzi did Gordon Halls Show last night, he took the night off
2013-01-23 21:01EdClanofChattank
2013-01-23 21:01Karl LentzAncestory? or i have been told i am a decendant of Adam & Eve,
2013-01-23 21:02EdClanofChattanYes like Scotish, German, etc?
2013-01-23 21:02Karl Lentzi was the guest On Angela's Thursday Nite call, named 'My private Audio' i did episode 188; 189; 190 or 11, lol , NOT 11* 191
ido common law Suits by way of the 7th Amendment
One(1) page Suits
no crazy 800 page Suits
i have to do the woodstove i be back to this computer in 15-20 minutes, but i listening
2013-01-23 21:03EdClanofChattanDo you know what this call is about?
2013-01-23 21:04Karl Lentzthis song is called 'Breakdown'
2013-01-23 21:04EdClanofChattanYes
2013-01-23 21:04Karl Lentzi kinda see You trying to do history of some sort , i reckon
2013-01-23 21:05EdClanofChattanYes I teach our ACCURATE history
2013-01-23 21:05Karl Lentzwell at least U are recording them in case anyone ever gets interested
i live on WV , VA border so i reckognize some of the music
2013-01-23 21:06EdClanofChattank
2013-01-23 21:07Karl Lentzi be back in little bit, if u ever listen to Angelas shows, i think they are talkshoe 39904
if U need common law Suit help U can drop me an email at kldirectv2@gmail, i use THAT email ONLY for TALKSHOE people
When i do these Talkshoes, i have 100s that listen , i think people care MORe about court and lawsuits then the HISTORy of the nation
i be back in little bit , house is gettin COLD
Robb as in Robb RYDER
Robb RYDER is a Wild One, if U got Robb he will give U a run for the $$$ , U sound fine
yes i heard rocy top from
Yeah i think i heard singer Lynn Anderson singing Rocky Top, the song didnt break up but Your voice is
make sure YOUR plug is PUSHED all the wqy in
make sure YOUR plug is PUSHED all the way in
and its not tooo close to the speakers, and U have your stereo reciver shut off
2013-01-23 21:16MajorThrashGood evening Ed
me too
it was a computer error on DMV part
damm computer canceled my licesne with out a valid cause
now i need to come up witha plan to make the courts see the common sense
2013-01-23 21:19Guest 11Good Evening Ed and KinFolks...9 f near Albany,ny
2013-01-23 21:20Karl Lentzlol, just file a Claim
2013-01-23 21:21JOB 42:2Dan's shoe just ended
2013-01-23 21:21Karl Lentzdid anyoneon this call ever hear of me, Karl Lentz,and How U establish all courts in this land for all matters into the common law?
u just file a claim of consuanse
tellthe 'court' they are "on the wrong side of the court'
its called a claim of consuance, real simple
"claim of consuance",
i know U folks have done consuance Claims, correct, right?
lol, alll State courts are common law courts says... All State Courts are commn-law courts
need the link?
2013-01-23 21:26Guest 11We Are Ignorant for The Lack Of Knowledge
2013-01-23 21:26Karl Lentz
2013-01-23 21:26Guest 11Ignorance is Not Bliss
2013-01-23 21:26Karl says... All State Courts are commn-law courts
2013-01-23 21:26Guest 11or Excusable
2013-01-23 21:26Karl Lentzneed the link?
2013-01-23 21:26Karl Lentz
2013-01-23 21:27Guest 9What do you think?? Article 3 clause 1 creats the courts. Article 3 clause sets the jurisdiction. Law and equity.
2013-01-23 21:27Karl LentzThis LINK is from the UNITEED STATES GOVERNMENT website !
2013-01-23 21:27Guest 9The 11th Amendment eliminates the courts.
2013-01-23 21:27Karl Lentz
This LINK is from the UNITEED STATES GOVERNMENT website !
2013-01-23 21:28Guest 112 or 3 Witness's..all is needed
2013-01-23 21:28Karl Lentz" it says "All State Courts are common -law Courts"
2013-01-23 21:28Guest 9Is it possible they are only administrative?? The perported judges Oath says they administer law.
2013-01-23 21:28JOB 42:2purport
2013-01-23 21:29Karl LentzNO on the same site on Page One it says "federal court... all federal courts are article III courts under the Constitution
NO on the same site on Page One it says "federal court... all federal courts are article III courts under the Constitution
i talked to the US MArshals WEDNSEDAY
2013-01-23 21:30JimBobJerryJeffit is bad enough that Kldirecv is a yankee but heck he is a damn yankee!
2013-01-23 21:30Karl Lentzand they Read the same website as i did, and they know that i am moving a federal court UNDER common law
and they told me to GO Ahead
2013-01-23 21:31Karl Lentzno i am a Dam Fuc*ing Yankee
2013-01-23 21:31JimBobJerryJeffLOL
2013-01-23 21:31JOB 42:2NEEDING
2013-01-23 21:31Karl Lentza Yankee= up North
a Dan Yankee, = moves Down South
2013-01-23 21:32Karl Lentz a Damn Fuck*ing Yankee, = a Man from the NOrth , Who Moves South and Fuc*s and MARRies Southern Women ; )
2013-01-23 21:32JOB 42:2"....HIS 10Ks"
2013-01-23 21:32Guest 11yankee's love LIEs
2013-01-23 21:32Karl LentzSo U do what i am doing, i have a federal case NOW, 2:12-CV-1014-MHT
i am MAKING the FEDERAL court MOVE under the Common law
YES the Federal Court HATES IT
they Sent the US MArshals after me LAST week
i turned myself into the US MArshals, we talked for 2-3 hours AND the US MArshals LOVE ME
they TOLD me to go GET them to Allow U to move My Case in the common - law
the 2 US MArshals names are Agent Hicks and Hilton , out of Roanoke, VA
2013-01-23 21:35charles8854From Kld's quoted fed-court web-page: "... jurisdiction of the state courts extends to basically any type of case ..."
2013-01-23 21:35Karl Lentzso , YES the US Marshals Will HELP u to establish a common law court, if the Clerks TRY to block U
2013-01-23 21:35charles8854that statement is basically solid.
2013-01-23 21:36Karl Lentzthe US MArshals told me they would carry out any writ to help me get a common law court into the federal courthouse
2013-01-23 21:37Guest 11the boot And the Shaft
2013-01-23 21:37Karl Lentzand they said if i need the MARSHAL's help i could call them up and they will come up here to my farm and come HELP me
lol, i am PASTY White
2013-01-23 21:37charles8854but it is opposed to the constitutional higher principle of "Federalism" to rely on the "US-Marshal" or the fed-courts to resolve state's problems.
nice affirmations, kl.
2013-01-23 21:38JOB 42:2talkshoe or at&t went out, as they usually do
2013-01-23 21:38Karl Lentzi dont have a State Problem, i am suing a Federal Agent AND a State Agency
2013-01-23 21:38Guest 11Original Not Fiet
2013-01-23 21:38Karl Lentzand the Marshals AR HElping me do it
YUP the US MArshals SURe did LOVE the Federal Website
these MArshals are REAL gooooood Men
2013-01-23 21:39JOB 42:2kldirecv, what does your s/n means, bit by bit?
2013-01-23 21:39Guest 11not me..'m Rootin
2013-01-23 21:39Karl Lentzlol, i was Shittin a Pickle when i walked into the Federal Court house
kl = Karl Lentz
2013-01-23 21:40Guest 11fear=Defeat
2013-01-23 21:40Karl Lentzdirectv = i use to work for directv
2013-01-23 21:40charles8854ive interacted with some us-marshals. they seem to whimp-out on serious controversies.
2013-01-23 21:40Karl LentzWell , yes i figured i would NEVER make it out
2013-01-23 21:40JOB 42:2danke
2013-01-23 21:40Karl Lentzso i said goodbye to my friends/family and Alllllll my farm Animals
BUt they LOVED me After interveiwing me for 2- 3 hours
2013-01-23 21:41charles8854to be fair, they are probably under a lot of pressure, & im just having probs gaining traction with them.
they talk a good talk, but when it comes time to do something, they whimp-out.
2013-01-23 21:41Karl LentzWell, they know i am an honest man now, so lol, i did my part, i Could have hid out, lol, they couldnt find me up here in the mountains
2013-01-23 21:42charles8854the real decision-makers are in the judicial realm.
2013-01-23 21:42Karl LentzNow, if U TRY to proud mouth this GOOD men, will Then U are Bad mouthing me
2013-01-23 21:42amicusmatthewthe problem is since we are in marshall law and occupied under lieber code and the hague convention of 1907,occupying army owns all n publicentities.
2013-01-23 21:42charles8854who cares.
2013-01-23 21:42Guest 11Miracles are Real Praise yes
2013-01-23 21:42Karl LentzAgent Hilton , i would have stand by my side any day, any night
if U dont care , then go back to Being a NEGATIVE Nancy-Boy
if U dont care , then go back to Being a NEGATIVE Nancy-Boy
2013-01-23 21:43charles8854yea, yea. back-off on the flag-waving. we have real-world problems.
2013-01-23 21:43Karl Lentzi am OUT here putting my Neck Out to MAKEa Federal COURT, TAKE a common law Case before it
DID U not hear me i SAID i have A Suit PENDING NOW!
2013-01-23 21:44charles8854more action, less talk.
2013-01-23 21:44Karl LentzWhat are U doing?
2013-01-23 21:44Guest 11Rock On..i'm Rootin
2013-01-23 21:44Karl LentzMore ACTION Against whom?
2013-01-23 21:44charles8854links to your suit are where?
your suit is a good start.
2013-01-23 21:45amicusmatthewso do we capture the strawman n b executor or be peaceful inhabitants admit they own your corporate name and don't claim it.let the executor resolve.
2013-01-23 21:45Karl LentzUits on ANGELA's, "My Private Audio" talkshoe Call TALKSHOE# 39904
no the strawman is a waste of time
2013-01-23 21:45charles8854against corrupted public-servants, i hope.
2013-01-23 21:45Karl Lentzjust file a CLAIM as a man did for the last 10,000 YEARS
YEs i said i am Suing a FEDERAL AGent , a State Agency AND the US District Court !
and the US MARSHALS gave me the Green Light to GO! after it
2013-01-23 21:46charles8854naw; im not searching thru a stack of shit to find your suit. you should have a hard-copy on the web for possible supporters to review.
2013-01-23 21:47Karl Lentzthe COURT TRIED to say i was DOING paper terriosom / and inapprobiate communications to the Judges
2013-01-23 21:47genartyou can read those acts on line
2013-01-23 21:47amicusmatthewon now? kldirecv?
2013-01-23 21:47Karl LentzI do Nancy, i sent to to HUNDREDs of folks last night when i took over the Gordon HALL Show last night
2013-01-23 21:48charles8854us-marshals will whimp-out if the corrupted fed-judges order against you.
2013-01-23 21:48Karl Lentzit is ONE page LONG!
lol, U are Just a NEGATIVE NANCY, Aint U?
if the US MARSHALS ordered YOU to turn Yourself in, TELL me/us WHAT would U done?
2013-01-23 21:49charles8854one-page should be easy to post on the web. why cant you place it where we can see it?
2013-01-23 21:49Guest 11victor goe's the 'spoils'
2013-01-23 21:49Karl Lentzlol, i do, u ask me to send U it i do
2013-01-23 21:49charles8854depends on if their order was lawful.
2013-01-23 21:49Karl Lentzno the ORDER was NOT LAWFUL!
no the ORDER was NOT LAWFUL!
So U would NOT Turn YOURSELF in?
2013-01-23 21:50Guest 11null and void
2013-01-23 21:50Karl LentzWhat would U do?
2013-01-23 21:50genartnot since the 14th amendment i think
2013-01-23 21:50Karl Lentzbut i did the SMART thing and Turned MYSELF in !
2013-01-23 21:50genartand under war powers
2013-01-23 21:50charles8854im not sure that was smart.
2013-01-23 21:51genartread cracks in the constitution by ferdinand lundberg
2013-01-23 21:51Karl Lentz IT WAS GENIUS!
2013-01-23 21:51charles8854cheez, im gonna puke.
2013-01-23 21:51Karl Lentzthey Thought i was a crazy Freeman of Montana or a Rod Class, or A Tim Turner
do U know Rod Class?
2013-01-23 21:52Guest 11scotlanmd was Not conquered
2013-01-23 21:52charles8854yes
2013-01-23 21:52Karl LentzWhat do U think of Rod and his Style?
2013-01-23 21:52charles8854rod's brother is respectable, rod is not, imho.
2013-01-23 21:52genartwe have no allodial ownership of property
2013-01-23 21:52Karl LentzWhat about Tim Turner?
2013-01-23 21:53Guest 11Manifest Distiny
2013-01-23 21:53genartthis land was owned by the "virginia company"
2013-01-23 21:53Guest 11New JerUSAlum
2013-01-23 21:53Karl Lentzi told them my method is ALWAYS done in ONE Page!, and No crazy Sight Drafts or AFVs, And NO NEW Govts
2013-01-23 21:53charles8854wee have allodial rights, gen; the corrupted judges just do not respect our rights. that is a big difference.
2013-01-23 21:53Karl Lentzno Bible, No constitution
2013-01-23 21:54charles8854turner is likely cointelpro.
2013-01-23 21:54genartsee the treaty of peace
2013-01-23 21:54Karl Lentzmy method is ALWAYS done in ONE Page!, and No crazy Sight Drafts or AFVs, And NO NEW Govts; no Bible, No constitution
OOh no, TIM is a BONA FIDE moron
2013-01-23 21:54charles8854at minimum, turner is egotistical, arrogant, & ignorant.
2013-01-23 21:54genartthe dutch just gave up their claim n northern nj a few years ago
2013-01-23 21:54Karl Lentzhe is in the SMAE federal Court that mine is in in Front of the Same Magistarte
Tim is NOT a fed!
2013-01-23 21:55charles8854use more "complete sentences", if you want to communicate with me, gen.
2013-01-23 21:55genartdon't pay your taxes, they'll take your property
2013-01-23 21:55Karl Lentz i wouldnt mind being a fed, but a fed and a U.S. Agent are two different Animals
2013-01-23 21:55genarti hate typing 8854
i'll try
2013-01-23 21:56Karl Lentzhey GENART knows who i am
2013-01-23 21:56genartgonna give you a link brb
2013-01-23 21:56Karl Lentzis Charles from Oregon?
2013-01-23 21:56charles8854abbreviate, but use complete-sentences to express your thoughts. im not a stinking mind-reader.
2013-01-23 21:56stoodentWhat time is the "Bo & Rocko" call?
2013-01-23 21:57genart red this guy and the informer as a good base
2013-01-23 21:57charles8854yes, kl; we talked on the phone a week or 2 back.
2013-01-23 21:57genartstoodent!!
2013-01-23 21:57Guest 11eg,,Legal Robbery:-(
2013-01-23 21:57stoodentHey G
2013-01-23 21:57genartany progress on your poject?
2013-01-23 21:57Karl LentzOoh gez i i went round round with common law
Ooh gez i i went round round with common law
2013-01-23 21:57charles8854your telling geniuses to go read half-wits, gen.
2013-01-23 21:57stoodentWhat projectG?
2013-01-23 21:58charles8854yea; there you have the full picture, kl.
2013-01-23 21:58genartin email u mentioned it
2013-01-23 21:58Karl Lentzi should TOLD U the reason i know so much law and Bible is My Family has a Jehoviah Witness Church on Our Land
2013-01-23 21:58genartwhat is your take on them?
2013-01-23 21:58Karl Lentzi should TOLD U the reason i know so much law and Bible is My Family has a Jehoviah Witness Church on Our Land
2013-01-23 21:59genarthe's talking the same stuff
2013-01-23 21:59stoodentMy short term memory is shot G...I'll have go back & read the e-mail.
2013-01-23 21:59genartlem!
that u?
2013-01-23 21:59Karl Lentzi gotcha to go warm up the woood stove, be back soooon
2013-01-23 22:00Guest 11we let the goat's in
2013-01-23 22:00genart8854, what's your opinion please?
2013-01-23 22:00Karl LentzNah they all were shipped off to the Middle East around November
2013-01-23 22:00genartyour contention with them, i'm open
2013-01-23 22:00Karl Lentzthose Greeks and Ragheads, luv'em them goat meat
2013-01-23 22:01Guest 11woodstove detail brb2,ey
2013-01-23 22:01genartthat's right corporate colonies transitioning into corporate states
2013-01-23 22:01amicusmatthewCrown got 50% of exports. even gold still
2013-01-23 22:02genart30% in the treaty of peace 1783
2013-01-23 22:02Guest 12kldirecv who are you?
2013-01-23 22:02Guest 13Oh. Boy. This guy theorizes what some one thought 200 years ago. That leads to a lot of false information. Do not assume anything. or theorize. you'
2013-01-23 22:02genartthe founders saw that the king was stretched and made their move
2013-01-23 22:03Guest 12Who is kldirecv?
2013-01-23 22:03amicusmatthewwe were bankrupt, lost the revolutionary war, and still owe the crown today
2013-01-23 22:03genartand lost!
yes amicus
see the war of 1812
we git slapped around
2013-01-23 22:04Guest 13You'ur giving false data. And useless information. Waste our time. Yea he knowes the exact words they said 200 yrs ago. Forget this bull SSHhIi
2013-01-23 22:04genartsee council of state governments
2013-01-23 22:05Guest 11and loyalists,too
2013-01-23 22:05amicusmatthewconstitution was a bankruptcy statement to pay back debt. We didn't pay, they came and burnt the whitehouse down
2013-01-23 22:06Guest 11usupers
eg,,cya git git
2013-01-23 22:06genart
the british used a contingency force
they were fighting the french and were going broke
2013-01-23 22:08JOB 42:2Germany and Adolf did a great job
no doubt
2013-01-23 22:08Guest 11nationalism Pride
2013-01-23 22:09genartthe king threatened the holdings of thr framers in england and they cpitulated
2013-01-23 22:09JOB 42:2yes
2013-01-23 22:09genartthis guy is wrong
2013-01-23 22:09amicusmatthewbankruptcys last 70 years. 1789 - 1859 uh oh civil war didnt pay back needed to forcibly take land to lien for 1929 - 1999
2013-01-23 22:10JOB 42:2Nationalism = Only For Brave Men and Women; not for the selfish / cowards, of course.
2013-01-23 22:10Guest 11Nationalism=True Root
2013-01-23 22:10JOB 42:2Natiolism = Providing for Your Own Family
i.e. :)
2013-01-23 22:11genartantony c sutton i read him
read history of the american bar by charles warren
2013-01-23 22:11amicusmatthewnow we are surety for the original bankruptcy. The US is dissolved it's called Homeland Security.
2013-01-23 22:11Guest 10sconstitution was made more perfect. to perfect a financial obligation
2013-01-23 22:12Celtic CherokeeWhen is Luis Ewing going to be on?
2013-01-23 22:12amicusmatthewexcatally
2013-01-23 22:12genartread history of the american bar by chrles warren
my posts are not coming up
homeland security is under the coast guard
2013-01-23 22:14Guest 13This Guy theorizes his entire message down to a totally false message. Shut up the theory & speak w/o mencing words.
2013-01-23 22:14genartwe got some of our constitution form the iriqoui indians
2013-01-23 22:14Celtic CherokeeNiggers and Indians are the same today, too.
2013-01-23 22:15genartscalping people was french!
2013-01-23 22:15JOB 42:2FRENCH DID NOT SCALP!!! STOP LYING!!!
2013-01-23 22:16Guest 10why is it under the coast guard?
2013-01-23 22:16JOB 42:2GENART IS A JEW, OF COURSE (A LIAR JOHN 8:44)
2013-01-23 22:16genartthat's bs read america bc
2013-01-23 22:16Celtic CherokeeWe didn't get anything from Iroqouis Injuns. That a Jew lie.
2013-01-23 22:16amicusmatthewthe name abboriginals. any word starting with a vowel then a double consanant means no. The indians were considered Not-originals.justified geocide
2013-01-23 22:16JOB 42:2only light skinneds which murdered = jews, like you genart
MATT 23:35
2013-01-23 22:17genarta jew? you don't know anything dark night
2013-01-23 22:17JOB 42:2"JEWS ARE ALL MURDERERS" MATT 2:35
2013-01-23 22:17Guest 11french troop's kilt ft.ann ny surrander people..yes yes...malcolm also...
2013-01-23 22:17JOB 42:2MATTHEW 23:35
2013-01-23 22:17Guest 11yuumas,also
2013-01-23 22:18Guest 16kick out the jew
2013-01-23 22:18genarttexas v white says you are a part of the union
can't secede
they saw the const as flawed
2013-01-23 22:19genartmagna cart is a doc signed under duress
2013-01-23 22:19JOB 42:2FRENCH
2013-01-23 22:19Pootieyawn
2013-01-23 22:19Guest 11right..but dog's within our tribes
2013-01-23 22:20amicusmatthewJohn Hanson was the first president. Washington was 8th.
John Hanson first pres of the United states for congress through the articles of confederation
2013-01-23 22:21genartwashington used the war powers to create the 1st bank of the us
2013-01-23 22:21amicusmatthewthe european bankers didn't recognize that bankruptcy
the articles needed to be re written to qualify according to the bankers in europe
2013-01-23 22:22genartthe coinage act was put in by locke, british board of trade
2013-01-23 22:23Guest 13Ramble Ramble Yak Yak. Speak right & stop all assumptions. He don't know what they "already knew". He knows nothing of what they knew then
2013-01-23 22:23amicusmatthewso the first bankruptcy was the constitution.
2013-01-23 22:23genartwe could not mine metals in america
then, we were screwed
2013-01-23 22:23amicusmatthewall about the money owed. The charters were revoked but the debt remained
2013-01-23 22:23JOB 42:2"you will know them by their fruit" (liars, or honest)
2013-01-23 22:24Guest 11dog's mean the strangewr,alien,the evil people of the tribes
2013-01-23 22:24genartamicus, you have it
they were lawyers and screwed the common man
2013-01-23 22:24amicusmatthewthanks genart
2013-01-23 22:24Guest 112foldhellhounds
2013-01-23 22:25genartwar powers guy
2013-01-23 22:25Guest 13Yea right. they came to experment. Pure bull. He just therorizes everything into Bull Shit.
2013-01-23 22:25amicusmatthewsold us down the river
2013-01-23 22:25genartread lysander spooner
right on republic=corporation
it was an experiment!
2013-01-23 22:26Guest 11tare's within the true Wheat
2013-01-23 22:26genartthat's right!
2013-01-23 22:26Guest 10just a bunch of land speculators
2013-01-23 22:26Guest 13Most of these QUOTES can not be verified. Just made up by some Patriots. More Bull Sh.
2013-01-23 22:26genartbingo10
2013-01-23 22:27amicusmatthewwe are a public and know nothing of the republic that remains. Public is the debtor, republic is the creditor
2013-01-23 22:27genartread the statutes and codes
this guy is controlled opposition
2013-01-23 22:27Guest 10Washington surveyed lots of Virginia
2013-01-23 22:28Guest 13genart. I have valuable land to sell you. You seemed to like to be brain washed. And damn proud of it.
2013-01-23 22:28genarthe was an employee of the virginia co
you cannot retake that which you never had
We the People....understand English Grammar
2013-01-23 22:30Guest 10Franklin owned vast land holdings. How does that always happen?
2013-01-23 22:30genartsee the term hegelian dialectic
see cognitave dissonance 13
and they were threatened by the king
he's selling you a limited hang out
part truth part propaganda
they did not jeff and mad wrote letters saying the country would split
2013-01-23 22:33Karl Lentz ?
2013-01-23 22:34genartread the letters from the horses mouth
2013-01-23 22:34Guest 13Quit talking about problems. We know the Problem Attys. What we need is solutions. Quit your theory & study enforcement against Attys.
2013-01-23 22:34Celtic CherokeeKill the Lawyers.
2013-01-23 22:34genartget 1st hand info where ever you can
the lawyers aka knights templar
2013-01-23 22:35Karl Lentzwho is or WHAT is a Genart? ;)
2013-01-23 22:36genartsee the consolidation of the courts 1966
2013-01-23 22:36Guest 11Gen. Art? perhaps??
2013-01-23 22:36Karl Lentzlol Whose Courts?
lol , courts of What?
2013-01-23 22:36genarttheir private law
2013-01-23 22:37Guest 15EdCalnofChattan
2013-01-23 22:37Karl Lentzyes, The NBA merged with the ABA, made a heck of a basketball Court
2013-01-23 22:37Guest 15How you doing brother
2013-01-23 22:37Guest 11court Jesters,methinks lol
2013-01-23 22:37Guest 13Give us Law to Kill the Attys manunivers. Your B.S. ..You do not know they accepted..all or none. Who cares. What can we accept or reject.
2013-01-23 22:37Karl Lentzmethinks? no Uknows.!
2013-01-23 22:37genartadmiralty,civil merged into one jurisdiction
2013-01-23 22:38Karl Lentzooh Good as long as it doesnt have ANYTHING to do with me !
2013-01-23 22:38Guest 11aye,truely my my
2013-01-23 22:38Karl Lentzi dont care What merges, as long as it has no jurisdiction over i , a man
2013-01-23 22:38genarttry the war powers
2013-01-23 22:39Guest 13Constantly guessing what they did 200 years ago. Why? We need current solution. Apparently this or that, means B.S.
2013-01-23 22:39genartyou're not in a peacetime government
2013-01-23 22:39Karl LentzWar Powers,my person is not at War with any other person as far as i am aware
2013-01-23 22:39genarthe's talking peacetime
2013-01-23 22:39EdClanofChattan
2013-01-23 22:39Karl LentzEnglish common law, is Not my common law
2013-01-23 22:40genartyou don't have a choice in the self preservation of gov't in int'l law
2013-01-23 22:40Karl Lentzsorry i aint English!, so it non-sequitor, BUT yes fun to read if i had a 1,000 more years to be alive
2013-01-23 22:40genartduress again
2013-01-23 22:40Guest 13Do not read this. Its a waste of time & money. We want Common law enforcement. Solutions.
2013-01-23 22:40Karl Lentzi dont care About inter'l law, it has no force of operation over i , a man
i dont live under Rule , i live under custom = common law of the land
2013-01-23 22:41genartcommon law was hated in england
2013-01-23 22:41Guest 13They are not going to accept that??? He does not know that???
2013-01-23 22:41Karl Lentzi dont live under Rules ANY rules, no man's rules , i live under custom = common law of the land
2013-01-23 22:42amicusmatthewif you claim your name on the BC you are considered an enemy combatant by the occupying army. It's their name (title)if we say its ours we are liable.
2013-01-23 22:42genartyou live under conquest
2013-01-23 22:42Karl Lentzthank g0d we live in a land where the customs of the people are the supremem rule of the land
2013-01-23 22:42Guest 13So much for that, what? You have not said anything at all, yet.
2013-01-23 22:42Celtic CherokeeDon't worry, when the Kingdom comes all this law nonsense will be moot. When we live under Yahweh's law, all will be
2013-01-23 22:43Karl LentzSo? no man can askme whats in my pocket, and certianly NOT a Pulic servant
2013-01-23 22:43genartallowed to have the customs and traditions accepted ccording to the occupying force
2013-01-23 22:43Karl Lentzlol,DK?
2013-01-23 22:43Guest 11America:The Conquered:Pastor Peter Peters
2013-01-23 22:43amicusmatthewwe have unlimited peaceful use of everything if we are peaceful inhabitants
2013-01-23 22:43Karl LentzDK is that U?
2013-01-23 22:43genartaka the pres or congress
2013-01-23 22:44Karl Lentzthey have no force of operation over i a man. Congress, Prez, are MOOT
2013-01-23 22:44genartthat's right not the common man
2013-01-23 22:44Celtic CherokeeI don't need Law. Yahweh's Law is imprinted in my heart.
2013-01-23 22:45Karl Lentzlol, 100,000 of thousands of years before a written language all cavemen moved under common law
2013-01-23 22:45Celtic CherokeeNegroes and Aliens need "Law" enforced upon them, because they don't have Yahweh's Law in their hearts.
2013-01-23 22:45Karl Lentzis this LUIS?
2013-01-23 22:45genartif you came to america, from mars, you would be under conquest
2013-01-23 22:45Karl Lentzu mad MAn
2013-01-23 22:45Guest 11Right CelticCherokee
2013-01-23 22:46genartall civil rights are under a military jurisdiction
2013-01-23 22:46Guest 13All third world Country use COMMON lAW. What you mean just anglosaxions?? Are Chinease Anglosaxtons.
2013-01-23 22:46Celtic CherokeeWhite Men don't need Law.
The Chinese eat one another.
2013-01-23 22:47Karl LentzANd?
2013-01-23 22:47genartpeople capital P
2013-01-23 22:47Karl Lentzdoes civil Rights effect me as a man? no? i didnt think so
2013-01-23 22:47Guest 13I am about ready to eat ED to get him to shut up.
2013-01-23 22:47genartunder war powers?
2013-01-23 22:48Karl Lentzno lower case p, is correct
2013-01-23 22:48Celtic CherokeeThis is as bad as someone talking "sports".
2013-01-23 22:48Karl Lentzwhat War powers, i am Not at war?
who is at War?
2013-01-23 22:48Guest 13Who CARES???
2013-01-23 22:48Celtic CherokeeThis is as bad as someone talking "sports".
2013-01-23 22:48genartperpetual "state" of war
2013-01-23 22:49Karl LentzanAct is not a law, it is an Act
2013-01-23 22:49Guest 13This is 2013 not 1790
2013-01-23 22:49Karl Lentzi 'm not at War, and no one is at War with me nor my person
2013-01-23 22:49Celtic CherokeeI wish it was 1790.
2013-01-23 22:49genartwhy has congress not declared war since 1945?
2013-01-23 22:49Guest 13Who said that??
2013-01-23 22:49Karl LentzU do, how would U microwave Your popcorn?
2013-01-23 22:50genartlook it up 13
2013-01-23 22:50Karl Lentzi amNot at war, nor my person
2013-01-23 22:50Celtic CherokeeMicrowave popcorn is Satanic and causes cancer.
2013-01-23 22:50genartyour taxes going to dod?
2013-01-23 22:50Guest 11war is Profit and the Tax is Free
2013-01-23 22:51Karl Lentzan Act is Just One Act, like in a Play, the Act doesnt pertain to me, but ONLY the Actors, named within the Act/Play
2013-01-23 22:51Guest 11(free Collectable)
2013-01-23 22:51Celtic Cherokeeenough
2013-01-23 22:51genartbut they get non members to join K
2013-01-23 22:51Karl Lentzan Act is Just an Act, just like in a Play, the Act doesnt pertain to me, but ONLY to the Actors, named within the Act/Play
2013-01-23 22:51genartthat's the trick
2013-01-23 22:51Guest 13The Blacks invented Peanut Butter. So do not eat anymore Peanut and Jelly sandwichs. The butter may still be unsanitary, then, also.
2013-01-23 22:52genart???
2013-01-23 22:52Karl Lentzmy taxes?what taxes
i have never been liable for a tax, for i BELIEVE i have never had a taxable income
2013-01-23 22:53Guest 11Slaves pay Tribute>Taxes
2013-01-23 22:53Karl Lentzall the money i have made has come from sweat equity
2013-01-23 22:53Guest 13Boy, off the deep end. He needs a course in logic & teaching
2013-01-23 22:53Karl LentzU know ANOTHER name for TAX Slave?
U know ANOTHER name for TAX Slave?
2013-01-23 22:54genartdo you pay sales tax?
2013-01-23 22:54See-Eye-Greetings brother Ed
2013-01-23 22:54Guest 13No common law courts. why mention them then.
2013-01-23 22:54Guest 11Goyim>Tax Slave
2013-01-23 22:55genartwhat about article 3 courts?
2013-01-23 22:55Karl LentzU know ANOTHER name for TAX Slave?
2013-01-23 22:55See-Eye-then they simply changed the process again in 1795, KEEPING however the original intent that you had to be a "free white preson"
2013-01-23 22:55Karl LentzAll federal courts are Art. III courts
All state courts are common-law courts
2013-01-23 22:56See-Eye-and again in 1802, but the 1802 naturalization act STILL states ONLY a "free white person" can be a de jure citizen of this Nation.
2013-01-23 22:56Karl LentzU know ANOTHER name for TAX Slave?
2013-01-23 22:56See-Eye-and the 1802 act has NEVER been repealed!
2013-01-23 22:56genarti heard an interview w/eddie khan while in jail about art 3's
2013-01-23 22:57Guest 11SimpleTons>Tax Slaves
2013-01-23 22:57Guest 17a citizen
2013-01-23 22:57Karl LentzWho Cares if 1802 ACT isnt repealed
2013-01-23 22:57See-Eye-People who have a brain! DUH!
Its the LAW, DUH!
2013-01-23 22:58Karl Lentzwithin an ACT i ONLY pertains to those named within the Act (the Play)
2013-01-23 22:58Guest 11i'se's Illigal
Original Pepole...pertwerity...WhiteCitizenship peole
2013-01-23 23:00See-Eye-And the 14th amendment does NOT apply to white people!
2013-01-23 23:00Karl Lentzlol, it has ONLY to do with Who or what can be a citizen that the U.S. Govt recognizes
2013-01-23 23:00genartit gave = status
2013-01-23 23:00Karl Lentzso what, there are millions of different types of citizens upon the land
2013-01-23 23:01See-Eye-Only a "free white person" can be a de jure citi8zen upon the land! DUH
2013-01-23 23:01Guest 11it's illegal...14th
2013-01-23 23:01See-Eye-guest 11, its unlawful
2013-01-23 23:01Karl Lentzso what, there are millions of different types of citizens upon the land, the 1802 ONLY has to do with what THE GOV't AT THAT TIME, says That THEY not
notice as a Citizen
2013-01-23 23:02Guest 17and a citizen is member of a CIVIL society or a CONTROLLED being
2013-01-23 23:02See-Eye-KARL YOU ARE SUCH A FUCKTARD!
2013-01-23 23:02Guest 11samo..unLawful..Illegal
2013-01-23 23:02Karl Lentz , the 1802 ONLY has to do with what THE GOV't AT THAT TIME, says That THEY notice as a citizen
what is a citizen?
2013-01-23 23:02Guest 17a citizen is a subject
2013-01-23 23:03See-Eye-kldirecv!!!
2013-01-23 23:03Karl Lentz and be careful...... rememebr i wrote a Law dictionary.... becareful when u TRY to tread on me with WORDs or TERMs or Art !
so Becareful.........
2013-01-23 23:03Guest 17it don't make a shit how you spell it or capitalize's still a fricking Subject
2013-01-23 23:03See-Eye-Read his silly comments!
2013-01-23 23:03Karl Lentzwhat is a citizen?
and be careful...... rememebr i wrote a Law dictionary.... becareful when u TRY to tread on me with WORDs or TERMs or Art !
2013-01-23 23:04See-Eye-Guest 17, DE JURE citizens are NOT subjects
2013-01-23 23:04Guest 17bull crap they are not
2013-01-23 23:04See-Eye-14th amendments citizens are subjectes
They ARENT!! They created this NatioN!
2013-01-23 23:04Karl Lentzu can spell citizen anyway U wish , JUST what does it mean?
and be careful...... rememebr i wrote a Law dictionary.... becareful when u TRY to tread on me with WORDs or TERMs or Art !
2013-01-23 23:04See-Eye-The created CANT be greater than its creator!
2013-01-23 23:05Guest 17a citizen is a citizen is a ciizen is always a subject
2013-01-23 23:05See-Eye-LOL, you DONT know shit about law karl!
2013-01-23 23:05Karl LentzDK , U know i am a Guest on 3 TALKSHOE calls , Right?
U know ifiEVER see U on those other Shows, Would U like to BUMP u off?
2013-01-23 23:06See-Eye-Which PROVES my point!
PLEASE explain to these nitwits that a de jure citizen is NOT a subject!
2013-01-23 23:06Karl Lentzi did Gordon Halls Show last night for 3 hours
2013-01-23 23:06See-Eye-Gordon Hall is a CoIntellPro agent!
You are a bolshevic jew!
2013-01-23 23:07Karl Lentzis it sundown by You? U done with Your Talmud studies Already, Your Momma give U Your fill of Motza Balls Tonite?
2013-01-23 23:08EdClanofChattan
2013-01-23 23:08Karl LentzZeik Heil !
2013-01-23 23:08EdClanofChattan16-4-101. Personal jurisdiction of Arkansas courts.
2013-01-23 23:09Karl Lentzhey what happened to YOUR 12- 21 2012? U dig Your self out of Your Bunker YET?
2013-01-23 23:09Karl LentzHow are U getting a signal from 6 feet Under
2013-01-23 23:11Guest 11Haughty and Prideful is Shameful
2013-01-23 23:11Scorpio_NorcalGreetings!
2013-01-23 23:11Guest 11meet&greet>hi ya
2013-01-23 23:12Karl Lentzhey ED! Ready for me?
2013-01-23 23:12Guest 17oh hell, charles8854 is here
2013-01-23 23:12Karl Lentzooh he aint soo bad
2013-01-23 23:12Guest 17didn't think the oregon prisons let people like him out
2013-01-23 23:13Karl Lentzooh he aint soo bad
ooh he tries
2013-01-23 23:13Scorpio_Norcalsettle down
2013-01-23 23:13Karl Lentzhe seems pretty harmless
2013-01-23 23:13Guest 13Tell that to Martin Luthers Kings Grave & you will pay with your life.
2013-01-23 23:13charles8854hey 17;. i will leave now, just to make you happy.
2013-01-23 23:14Guest 13Martin Luther is not HARMLESS>
2013-01-23 23:14Guest 17don't let the talkshoe door hit you in the ass on the way out
2013-01-23 23:14Karl LentzDK? what happened to Your 7 years of Survival Food, that U didnt need for Your 12- 21 - 2012 BUNKER?
2013-01-23 23:15Karl Lentzdid U already eat allthose freeze dried Monkey Balls?
2013-01-23 23:15See-Eye-ED MUTE THIS FUCKER!!!!!!!
2013-01-23 23:15Guest 11know thier fruits/deed's
2013-01-23 23:16Guest 13Is that 12 21 12 date passed? I am still in the Bunker. Inside of DK. He likes it.
2013-01-23 23:16Scorpio_NorcalBig Chimpin'
2013-01-23 23:17Karl Lentzwell DK's BUNKER gives him time to catch up on his Talmud Studies
2013-01-23 23:17Karl Lentzlol
2013-01-23 23:18Guest 11PhycoBabling=Insanity Hysteria nutzerism
2013-01-23 23:18Guest 13The speakers, Why? is not known by him. So why guess at what.
2013-01-23 23:18See-Eye-HE'S A BOLSHEVIC JEW!!!
2013-01-23 23:18stoodentDK don't hold back...tell us how you really feel
2013-01-23 23:19See-Eye-WATCH LET HIM TALK!! YOU'LL SEE!!!
2013-01-23 23:19Guest 19hes always on Angela Stark show
2013-01-23 23:19See-Eye-WATCH YOU'LL SEE!!!!!!
2013-01-23 23:19Guest 17Darkknight quit being a pussy
2013-01-23 23:20See-Eye-LOL
2013-01-23 23:20genarttheir private law
2013-01-23 23:20See-Eye-HE IS WRONG ALL THE WAY DOWN THE LINE!
oK lets see if Ed, can talk some sense into him
We all get to have our own opinions, but NOT our own facts!
We arent using codes!
we are using the law!
2013-01-23 23:21Scorpio_Norcalsettle down, captard
2013-01-23 23:21genartthe authority never comes from you
2013-01-23 23:22Guest 17lol captard!! thats a good one
2013-01-23 23:22genartthat's the deal
2013-01-23 23:22Guest 17wooo hoooooo
2013-01-23 23:23See-Eye-ONLY a white man
2013-01-23 23:23Guest 17a man is not a person, a man has a person
2013-01-23 23:23Guest 11man=white hu-hue-color-human=colored person
2013-01-23 23:23genartno audio
2013-01-23 23:23Guest 11audio ok,me
2013-01-23 23:24Guest 17because man is not subject to law
2013-01-23 23:25Scorpio_NorcalThe judge isn't going to recognize Genesis lol
2013-01-23 23:25See-Eye-This guy is FUCKING retarded!!! Bouveirs defines MAN!!!
2013-01-23 23:25genartnot in their description
2013-01-23 23:25See-Eye-MAN. A human being. This definition includes not only the adult male sex of the human species, but women and children; examples: "of offences against
against the life of man come under the general name of homicide, which in our law signifies the killing of a man by a man." Id. book 1, c. 8, s. 2.
2013-01-23 23:26genartaccording to whose definitions? that's the reality
2013-01-23 23:26See-Eye-
2013-01-23 23:26Guest 17bozo dictionary has a different definition of man...big shit!!!
2013-01-23 23:27genartyou can get legal dictionaries from 1701 off the net
2013-01-23 23:27See-Eye-WELL, GO SEE BOUVIERS!!
2013-01-23 23:28genarti read bouvier's just poke around
2013-01-23 23:28See-Eye-Did you hear karl say "youll NEVER see the term "man" in a law dictionary"???
Here are the terms under "M" in Bouviers Law Dictionary!
See the term "Man"???
2013-01-23 23:29Scorpio_NorcalG'nite gents
2013-01-23 23:30Guest 11G'nite...mni cheers
2013-01-23 23:30genartthey gave everyone the same status of the slaves
2013-01-23 23:30See-Eye-genart, thats what they attempted to do with the 14th amendment
if you are white, the 14th amendment does not apply to you
2013-01-23 23:31genartand the lieber code, war powers
2013-01-23 23:31See-Eye-the lieber code is in place UNTIL the "People" restore law and order!
2013-01-23 23:32genartwe're in a war powers gov't and no one is taking back shit
2013-01-23 23:32Guest 17you people are hopeless, as long as you keep begging to be anykind of citizen you'll forever be in servitude
2013-01-23 23:33See-Eye-the "People" i.e. WHITE People can!
whether they will or not, thats another issue
2013-01-23 23:34genartthat's why they want you to register to vote!
it isn't voting, it's the registration
and they all took office as british subjects
2013-01-23 23:35See-Eye-in the de facto system, not the de jure system
2013-01-23 23:36charles8854Yes, Gen; "Qualified Electors" are much preferable to "Registered Voters".
2013-01-23 23:36genartwell, their system seems to be working
2013-01-23 23:37See-Eye-right, hence the difference between the two systems
2013-01-23 23:37charles8854That is dejure vs defacto; organic vs statutory. law vs legal-fiction.
2013-01-23 23:37See-Eye-CORRECT charles
2013-01-23 23:37charles8854yea, DK, good to see you again.
2013-01-23 23:37See-Eye-likewise brother
2013-01-23 23:38charles8854we are surrounded by goof-balls; you know.
2013-01-23 23:38Guest 11ny? bully bully
2013-01-23 23:40charles8854KL is really a work; & i have some probs with Ed also. listening to them both at the same time provides just enuf to spark my interest.
Ed needs to keep KL throttled. KL tends to take over the whole show.
And KL is not as smart as he thinks that he is. He is a statutory code-pleader, similar to luis ewing.
2013-01-23 23:43See-Eye-He is CLUELESS!!!!
Hasnt the slightest clue!
2013-01-23 23:43genarttell us where he is wrong stop yelling
2013-01-23 23:43charles8854Kl does admirably support common-law/due-process; but he has his own narrow/statutory definition of common-law.
2013-01-23 23:43See-Eye-His convo with you was a JOKE!
Everytime he talks he just goes on and on about NOTHING and NEVER makes a point, this is because he knows NOTHING!
Ever hear the expression "the wise man says the least"
2013-01-23 23:44genarti know a ny accent
2013-01-23 23:44charles8854it was goofy, yes, dk. thanks.
2013-01-23 23:45See-Eye-He should go team up with john stuart! lo;
2013-01-23 23:45charles8854"first hand knowledge of a debt". that does sound like a good focal-point.
maybe, dk. i think stuart has much better social-skills than kl.
2013-01-23 23:47genart04?
2013-01-23 23:47charles8854but they are about equally statutory; goofy in comprehending the older & more organic side.
stuart can communicate without talking down to people. kl has real probs there.
2013-01-23 23:48genarti have an 8th that is not so swell
2013-01-23 23:49charles8854but kl is making some strong points here. code pleaders like ewing & him do come up with some good tricks to navigate thru the defacto courts.
2013-01-23 23:50See-Eye- but its THEIR de facto court and the judge can make law from the bench
you CANNOT legitimately win
if you find a clever loop hole or what have you, the judge may allow you to win just because, or he could railroad you
its ALL up to him
2013-01-23 23:51charles8854kl does seem to be honorably motivated, & not afraid to confront the defactos courageously.
2013-01-23 23:52See-Eye-Anyone claiming to have the truth and NOT bringing up the white man issue, is either a liar or just a moron
2013-01-23 23:53charles8854dk, there are varying shades-of-grey. sure the defacto-judges are mostly corrupted, but that does not equate to our complete loss of control.
umm, i beg to differ, dk.
2013-01-23 23:55Guest 13Calling the people of a State to witness. Is not new. It has been tried & denied 25 years ago by me. That guy is full of B.S.
2013-01-23 23:55See-Eye-The WHITE People and ONLY the WHITE People have the authority to change this mess! So HOW can you beg to differ?
2013-01-23 23:56charles8854no; 13. I find KL obnoxious & rude; but imho; his basic strategy has much merit.
2013-01-23 23:56See-Eye-agreed guest 25!
I mean guest 13, lol
2013-01-23 23:57charles8854i am less able to navigate thru the defacto-courts than code-pleaders like him & ewing.
2013-01-23 23:58See-Eye-charles have you looked at Barbara Martin's papwerwork, or did you hear the call Ed had that she was on?
2013-01-23 23:58charles8854but they focus more narrowly, & they seem to never advance any claims that can cause any significant changes in the system.
no, dk. i dont know of barbara martin.
2013-01-23 23:59genartstatus is big
2013-01-23 23:59See-Eye-That is why you disagree with my statement!
status is the PRIMARY issue!!!
White men have the HIGHEST status on the land!
charles, check out her paperwork ...
2013-01-23 23:59charles8854well; you have not really provided me with much data to defend against that accusation, good sir.
2013-01-23 23:59See-Eye-and listen to the call Ed had that she was on a few months back
2013-01-24 00:00charles8854looking :
2013-01-24 00:00See-Eye-she made this VERY issue!!! She is one of the ONLY ones to bring our issue
her docs are at the very bottom
2013-01-24 00:01genarthe screwed himself
2013-01-24 00:01See-Eye-Rod Class has these whites suing under title 42!!!
2013-01-24 00:01charles8854Yea; dk. Im not gonna critique these beliefs. I have much in common with them. but ...
2013-01-24 00:01genartbingo the 14th
2013-01-24 00:01Guest 13You call the State people to the witness stand. The Judge just says no. These bastards who mislead people are just that bastards.
2013-01-24 00:01genartall civil rights are military right there
2013-01-24 00:01See-Eye-charles, its IRREFUTABLE! This Nation was created for and by white people!
there is NO debate
2013-01-24 00:02charles8854... but Yhvh is more concerned with "Justice" than he is with "Race".
2013-01-24 00:02See-Eye-They go together
OUR race is JUST!
we are SUPPOSED to be in charge and have dominion!
2013-01-24 00:03Guest 13You call the state to the hell breaks out. Nothing happens. If you insist its CONTEMPT OF COURT & Jail. I Did It.
2013-01-24 00:03See-Eye-but we've allowed our eternal enemy to take dominion over us and we are paying the price!
So are all the other peoples of the world
2013-01-24 00:03genartthe bill of rights is sepaarate
2013-01-24 00:03charles8854Sure he works primarily thru our Race. ...
2013-01-24 00:03genartwith it's own preamble
2013-01-24 00:03charles8854... But, as saul/paul preached, the cause of Yhvh's Justice has broadened-out to more races than just our Israelite Race.
2013-01-24 00:03See-Eye-We need the other races to help us!
So we can restore our Nation and get OUR justice! Then, we can restore THIER nations !
2013-01-24 00:04Guest 13I did it 25 yrs ago & they are still saying no. A JUDGES CAN SAY NO to anything & EVERYTHING. Get this stright.
2013-01-24 00:04See-Eye-CORRECT!!!
2013-01-24 00:04charles8854we are in agreement on your last words, dk.
2013-01-24 00:04See-Eye-guest 13, thats why these retards that try to use code pleadings are just that, RETARDS!
2013-01-24 00:05genartif it's a women and is going thru her changes your screwed that dday
2013-01-24 00:05See-Eye-They have FULL discrection to interpret THIER codes however they want!!!
They even copyrighted them!!!!
2013-01-24 00:05charles8854it really peeves me how kl repeatedly insists on criticizing the montana-freemen.
2013-01-24 00:05See-Eye-So you go say you're NOT a part of that system, YET you quote copyrighted codes from thier system?? Ever hear of an IMPLIED CONTRACT???
Its because he is CLUELESS charles
2013-01-24 00:06charles8854only under their romanist "Equity" jurisdiction, dk.
2013-01-24 00:06See-Eye-Right, which is what they run
2013-01-24 00:06charles8854a common-law due-process counter-complaint breaks thru all that shit.
2013-01-24 00:07stoodentwhat is the site?
2013-01-24 00:07charles8854kl seems to be nicely tuned into that.
2013-01-24 00:07See-Eye-they assume we are a part of it and usually our actions prove it!!!
Its an implied contract! You DONT need to sign anything! Your actions speak louder than words!
2013-01-24 00:07genartsilent contract?
2013-01-24 00:08See-Eye-Guys like clulis jewing ONLY win, when the judge allows them to twin
2013-01-24 00:08charles8854we have lawful authority to break out of their chains if we file a common-law due-process counter-complaint.
2013-01-24 00:08See-Eye-pretty much genart
for example...
They have a system
They assume you are a part of it
2013-01-24 00:08genarta revolving door
2013-01-24 00:08charles8854contracts are in equity, all of which is inferior to common-law due-process.
2013-01-24 00:08See-Eye-you DONT rebut the presumption and YOU start acting like you are a part of it by quoting thier codes, you are invloved in a contract
Like Rod Class!
2013-01-24 00:09charles8854beacon-theaters case-law affirms precisely that. link coming up:
2013-01-24 00:09See-Eye-he claims to NOT be a part of their de facto system, yet he attempts to defend himself using THIER de facto codes!!!
2013-01-24 00:10genarthe is saying it's in their authority not yours i agree
2013-01-24 00:10See-Eye-So his words and pleading may say one thing, but his actions say another and that is what they contract with
2013-01-24 00:10charles8854
2013-01-24 00:11See-Eye-Blah blah blah
karl say someting of substance!!!
All this stuff works, in THEORY, IF they obey THEIR rules!
2013-01-24 00:11charles8854imho; your being too negative, dk. we have more latitude & power than what you are presuming.
2013-01-24 00:12See-Eye-BUT.. GUESS WHAT???
2013-01-24 00:12charles8854go ed !!!
2013-01-24 00:12See-Eye-THEY created those rules so they would NOT have to follow the law, and could do whatever they want with their code!
2013-01-24 00:12genartcaps
2013-01-24 00:12See-Eye-Karl, go do some research and STOP pretending to have a clue!
2013-01-24 00:13genartunder war powers the gov can
2013-01-24 00:13See-Eye-NOT in their system
kl is confused
whites are NATIVE to the Americas
2013-01-24 00:13charles8854common-law due-process has been grafted into their codes. it is the "merger of law & equity". it is all still there, like kl is saying.
2013-01-24 00:14See-Eye-he does NOT understand common law
common law means ONE race rules!!
The anglo saxon rule of law, is the COMMON law!
2013-01-24 00:14genarthe's under war powers conquest
2013-01-24 00:15See-Eye-International law is what they run NOW!! Where ALL races govern
2013-01-24 00:15charles8854at the deeper common-law organic levels, Yes, dk. But kl is doing good in cracking the surface, imho.
2013-01-24 00:15genartsome came from stars that exploded
2013-01-24 00:15See-Eye-we are NOT all from one!
2013-01-24 00:16charles8854naw, dk. common-law/due-process is about not trespassing, non-aggression, & keeping the peace, in the physical-realm.
2013-01-24 00:16See-Eye-whatever that was
2013-01-24 00:16charles8854no poop, ed. some skitzo just went insane there.
right dk: "The anglo saxon rule of law, is the COMMON law!"
good insight, dk.
2013-01-24 00:18See-Eye-Charles, read this case, it will clear it all up and make the picture clear as day!
(Dyett v. Turner, 439 P2d 266 @ 269, 20 U2d 403 [1968])
2013-01-24 00:18charles8854my picture is already clear, dk.
try to argue some specific arguments, if you wish for me top re-examine the merits of my position, good sir.
2013-01-24 00:19See-Eye-READ THE SECTION CALLED "United States Constitution
Fourteenth Amendment
not quite yet
you need to read that section of that case!!!
2013-01-24 00:20charles8854do you have a link, that clearly expresses the point that you are attempting to make?
2013-01-24 00:20See-Eye-Ill get a link to it, one second
2013-01-24 00:20charles8854looking.
sure, waiting ...
nice interaction.
and it would be good for us to frame the controversy into a clear "Proposition".
I find that when that preliminary step is completed, that about half of all arguments disappear, because, in reality, we really agree.
2013-01-24 00:23See-Eye-Charles, PLEASE read this case!!
2013-01-24 00:23charles8854ok, lookinmg ...
2013-01-24 00:23See-Eye-See Ed this fuck just called YaHshua a friggin jew!!!
its fairly long! but TAKE the time to read it!
2013-01-24 00:24charles8854can you frame our "Proposition", so i know clearly the point i am looking for?
2013-01-24 00:24See-Eye-If your feeling lazy, the most important part is the section labeled " United States Constitution
Fourteenth Amendment
2013-01-24 00:25charles8854kl is sounding very insightful here. credit where it is due. go kl !!!
2013-01-24 00:25See-Eye-This explains the foundation of the Nation, how it was the whites and how the 14th amendment does not apply to whites.
also how the common law is where one race governs
2013-01-24 00:26charles8854yea, yea, yea, DK. I already know all of that. I dont need to go researching all of that.
2013-01-24 00:26Karl
2013-01-24 00:27charles8854see, kl is being a bit gracious. that is the east-coaster wierdio attitude. for an east-coaster, kl is not bad.
more ancient common-law was based on individual communities, which were racially segregated, & there-under, the race issue was important.
but all of our races have now been intermixed. i do believe that we need to segregate again. ...
2013-01-24 00:30See-Eye-then THROW away your Bible charles!
2013-01-24 00:30Guest 11Be YE Seperate...Kind of Kind
2013-01-24 00:30Karl Lentzgo read your TALMUD! PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE!
2013-01-24 00:30charles8854... but for now at lest, the justice that automatically flows thru common-law/due-process is most effectively promoted if we just drop the race issue.
2013-01-24 00:30See-Eye-multicultural societies have NEVER worked all throughout history and in FACT has been the main tool of the jew to destory us!
2013-01-24 00:31Karl Lentzgo read your TALMUD! PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE!
2013-01-24 00:31See-Eye-karl, YOU called Jesus a jew!!!
2013-01-24 00:31Karl LentzSO DID HIS MOMMA'
2013-01-24 00:31See-Eye-are you PSYCHO????
You calling him a DEVIL!
Its NOT funny!
2013-01-24 00:32charles8854your being biblically statutory, dk, christ condemned the scribes of the statutory mode of procedure, good sir.
2013-01-24 00:32Karl Lentzare U defingin my Nature Charactor or my reputation?
are U defingin my Nature Charactor or my reputation?
2013-01-24 00:32See-Eye-scribes were jews
2013-01-24 00:32Karl Lentzare U defining, my Nature Charactor or my reputation?
2013-01-24 00:33charles8854we can get back to segregation, dk. but in the mean time, we need to quit being such kkk/nazis about all of that.
2013-01-24 00:34See-Eye-charles you still have much to learn!
first off
KKK are NOT racist and was NOT started as a racist group
2013-01-24 00:34Guest 11many gods...1 Almighty GOD
2013-01-24 00:35charles8854dk; how do you translate revelation 2:9 & 3:9?
2013-01-24 00:35See-Eye-second of all National Socialist did NOT call themselves Nazi's, that was a derogatory term given by jews
2013-01-24 00:35charles8854"... I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan."
2013-01-24 00:35See-Eye-and NOTHING I have said is "racist", what are you talking about?
jew is a poor translation of the term "Judahite"!
there are NO "real jews"!
Only real "Judahites"! YaHshua was of the tribe of "Judah"!
2013-01-24 00:36charles8854that passage clearly uses the word "Jew" as the equivalent of "Israelite". Why are you being divisive about insisting on using that word negatively?
2013-01-24 00:36See-Eye-Judah was 1 of the 12 tribes of Israel! the so called jews of today are NOT Israelites, they are NOT Judahites!!
they are khazarian ashkenazi!
the term jew is a NEW term
didnt even appear until circa 1700's
2013-01-24 00:37charles8854DK; if "there are NO "real jews""; then why are you so peeved about KL referring to Christ as a Jew?
2013-01-24 00:37Guest 11Covenant>Issaic/Jacob=Isrealite=Hebrew=12 Tribes
2013-01-24 00:37See-Eye-the ones calling themselves "jew" are the seed of satan
There are NO real jews, ONLY real Judahites! Jesus was a Judahite, not a khazarian ashkenazi jew!
They are Identity thieves!
2013-01-24 00:38charles8854lost my chat window, back now.
we agree there, dk.
2013-01-24 00:39genartkkk=jesuit
2013-01-24 00:39See-Eye-wrong!
after the civil war so called
there was NO law and order in the South
criminals were running a muck!
2013-01-24 00:39genartaugustine created mohammed
hegelian dilecti
2013-01-24 00:40charles8854much better to focus on the race of the ashkenazi/kazars, &/or on the religion of the pharisees. those concepts are much more clear.
2013-01-24 00:40See-Eye-The kkk was started to combat the crime and restore law and order! In FACT 1/3rd of the total lynchings were
WHITE people!!!
That's all I've been talking about
2013-01-24 00:41charles8854there is much obscured history, slandering white-people, like you say, dk.
2013-01-24 00:42See-Eye-not just "much" there is TONS of it! The reason is because the so called jews KNOW we are the Israelites
2013-01-24 00:42charles8854and your link & video about the germans & hitler was very good.
2013-01-24 00:42See-Eye-they believe if they kill us off, then Yahshua will have no reason to come back
did you watch that entire video?
Very good, eh?
2013-01-24 00:43charles8854"so-clled jews" is ambiguous wording, good sir. please refer to ashkenazis or pharisees.
2013-01-24 00:43See-Eye-same thing
Charles, I have another book that will help you immensely!
2013-01-24 00:43genartthe patriot movement is controlled opposition
2013-01-24 00:43charles8854so long as we continue fighting for godly justice, yeshuah has good reason to come back, good sir.
2013-01-24 00:43See-Eye-Read this booK!
Hold on, Ill get the link!
2013-01-24 00:44charles8854kl is tooting his own horn.
im not sure i am the one who needs the "help", good sir.
2013-01-24 00:44See-Eye-The highest status is that of a FREE WHITE MAN!!!
Im not insulting you!
2013-01-24 00:45charles8854cheez, kl's ego makes me want to puke.
2013-01-24 00:45See-Eye-You do NOT understand the scripture!
2013-01-24 00:45genartin a federal jurisdiction by receiving a benefit
2013-01-24 00:45Guest 11Nature=skincolor
2013-01-24 00:45See-Eye-Read this and you will begin to understand!!!
2013-01-24 00:45genartyes
2013-01-24 00:45See-Eye-Spooner is a MORON!!!!
2013-01-24 00:46genartnot in the law of contracts
they knew they were playing fast and loose!
2013-01-24 00:47charles8854rude interuption by murphy
murphy is rudely interupting.
2013-01-24 00:48See-Eye-Seems like you didnt study Mr. Murphy!!!
Why does it say "free white person"???
What an IDIOT!!!
2013-01-24 00:49charles8854go ed! murphy is sounding goofy, imho.
2013-01-24 00:49genartwe should be helpful and not antagonistic
2013-01-24 00:49charles8854spooner is great, dk.
2013-01-24 00:49genartslow down the emotions
alien to the contract
2013-01-24 00:50Guest 24hey dark-night,genart,charles8854, everybody
2013-01-24 00:50charles885424?
no, kl is goofy there.
2013-01-24 00:50Guest 11hordeherders?
2013-01-24 00:50Guest 24resident alien is on my mortage contract
2013-01-24 00:51See-Eye-kl, is goofy everywhere!
should just change his handle to "goofy"!
2013-01-24 00:51genartcontracts
2013-01-24 00:51charles8854it is "un-alienable". it is mnot restricted to the commercial-realm, kl.
2013-01-24 00:51Guest 24charles i see u around so i said hi
2013-01-24 00:51See-Eye-Go listen to Barbara Martin!!!
2013-01-24 00:51genartquestion everyone here and think for yourself 24
2013-01-24 00:52Guest 24i have to pay my mortgage lol
2013-01-24 00:52charles8854murphy is also a tremendous ego.
hi 24.
2013-01-24 00:52genarti pay my bills no trouble in court
stay out of court
2013-01-24 00:53Guest 24yes
2013-01-24 00:53See-Eye-good advice genart!
2013-01-24 00:53charles8854naw; i know Barbara's argument, dk.
2013-01-24 00:54genarti wish you guys would read whiting on the war powers of the government
2013-01-24 00:54See-Eye-you just said you hadnt heard of her?
2013-01-24 00:54charles8854i only debate with people who communicate in real-time, directly, organically.
2013-01-24 00:54See-Eye-charles, read this book!
2013-01-24 00:55genartwar powers is now whether you receive a benefit or not
2013-01-24 00:55charles8854i downloaded it, & will skim it, dk. but i know the argument, & i find it defective.
2013-01-24 00:55See-Eye-gun prices still SKY ROCKET HIGH!!!
please DONT skim it!
take the time to read it!
and VERY helpful! Helped me a lot!
2013-01-24 00:56Guest 24we are Jacob
2013-01-24 00:56See-Eye-people have guns, but NO ammo
CORRECT guest 24
Whose name was later changed to Israel
2013-01-24 00:57Guest 24there must be a way to make it
2013-01-24 00:57genartthat's right they won'toutlaw guns but restrict the ammo
2013-01-24 00:57Rev. Kenneth R. JenkinsJacob Dark Knight
2013-01-24 00:57Guest 11cherio
2013-01-24 00:57Guest 24lol
2013-01-24 00:58genartgood night guys work tomorrow
2013-01-24 00:58Guest 24thanks guys
2013-01-24 00:58Karl LentzTalmud time?
2013-01-24 00:58Guest 24gn
2013-01-24 00:58Guest 11G'nite ED And Folk bye
2013-01-24 00:58Karl LentzManoshivitz, and Matza Time?
2013-01-24 00:59charles8854i dont need to read a whole book when i know its basic argument is defective, dk.
2013-01-24 00:59Karl LentzManoshivitz, and Matza Time?
2013-01-24 00:59genartmanischevitz
2013-01-24 00:59charles8854argue the merits, here, or cool you jets, sir.
2013-01-24 00:59Karl Lentzsomething like that... ;)
2013-01-24 00:59See-Eye-Not sure what argument your talking about
just read it charles
2013-01-24 01:00charles8854no dk.
2013-01-24 01:00See-Eye-LOL
2013-01-24 01:00genartnot with anyone's politics
2013-01-24 01:00charles8854my time & energy is valuable.
2013-01-24 01:00See-Eye-then DONT
Stay ignorant!
2013-01-24 01:00Guest 24ann rand is bad i hear
2013-01-24 01:01charles8854i dont take reading-assignments which i believe are not gong to produce any useful results`.
2013-01-24 01:01genartread her and judge for yourself
2013-01-24 01:01Guest 24she changed her name too
2013-01-24 01:01See-Eye-Your understanding of scripture is sophmoric at best! That book will HELP you understand the dynamic between Jacob and esau
2013-01-24 01:01genartalwys do your own research
2013-01-24 01:01See-Eye-and WHY things are the way they are in regards to race
which is something you fail to understand as of now
2013-01-24 01:01Karl LentzTalmud; manischevitz and Matza, time? Dark Knight ,
2013-01-24 01:01Guest 24when was it written
2013-01-24 01:01See-Eye-Im only trying to help you
2013-01-24 01:01charles8854you need to learn to articulate the merits of your position in open debate better, good sir.
2013-01-24 01:01Karl Lentz hey whats Dark Knight in Hebrew?
2013-01-24 01:01See-Eye-If you read it, you'll see, you WONT be disappointed
2013-01-24 01:02genartdo not be afraid to get info from any source, you do not have to stand with the sources point of view
2013-01-24 01:02See-Eye-Karkl, NOTHING you said tonight made any sense!
2013-01-24 01:02charles8854explain the point that you wish for me to comprehend from the book, good sir.
2013-01-24 01:02See-Eye-we are ALL now DUMBER for having heard you!
2013-01-24 01:02Karl Lentzhey wasnt JUDAS the ' Dark Knight' in Hebrew?
;) i do what i can !
2013-01-24 01:02genartdark night you mean 8854?
2013-01-24 01:02Guest 24the old books are being taken off the shelf, dont miss one guys
2013-01-24 01:03Karl Lentzok?
2013-01-24 01:03See-Eye-That the Bible is the genealogical lineage of the white race and ONLY concerns, whites and our enternal enemy, the jews
2013-01-24 01:03genartget the old ones 24 they are relevant
2013-01-24 01:03Karl Lentzwhite? or right?
2013-01-24 01:03See-Eye-White, its irrefutable
2013-01-24 01:03Guest 24they are amazing
2013-01-24 01:04charles8854i find that argument defective, & we could debate that here, or elsewhere. ed seems to be shutting down.
2013-01-24 01:04Guest 24thanks for the show
2013-01-24 01:04genartchat stays open
2013-01-24 01:04See-Eye-Read that book so you can BEGIN to understand the scripture
2013-01-24 01:04Guest 12Read Charles A. Weisman books
2013-01-24 01:04charles8854scripture is defective, good sir.
2013-01-24 01:04genartsite tht book again?
2013-01-24 01:05charles8854saul/paul himself was a judas-goat.
2013-01-24 01:05Guest 12America: Free, white and Christian
2013-01-24 01:05See-Eye-See Charles!! Read Charles Weisman books!!!
This is a charles weisman book!!!
2013-01-24 01:05Guest
2013-01-24 01:05charles8854i am not the one who is "behind the curve" here, sir.
2013-01-24 01:05See-Eye-
2013-01-24 01:05Guest 24there are other books to back up scripture
2013-01-24 01:05Guest 12Life, liberty and property by Charles Weisman
2013-01-24 01:05See-Eye-LOL, its NOt a competition! However, YES you are!
2013-01-24 01:06Guest 12Who is esau edom charles
2013-01-24 01:06See-Eye-Im just trying to open your eyes!
2013-01-24 01:06genartreligion and the creaton of the us is kind of off putting to me
2013-01-24 01:06charles8854i have a few if wisemans books. he does provide valuable insight. but he errors frequently also, good sir.
2013-01-24 01:06See-Eye-Stay ignorant if you choose
LOL, give an example
2013-01-24 01:06Guest 12good night numbnuts!!!!!!!! lol
2013-01-24 01:06See-Eye-what does he error on?
2013-01-24 01:06genartmercantilism created the us in int'l law
2013-01-24 01:07Guest 12all you nuts!!!!!!!!
2013-01-24 01:07See-Eye-thats because you dont understant it genart
2013-01-24 01:07charles8854
2013-01-24 01:07Guest 12nuts about freedom
2013-01-24 01:07charles8854
2013-01-24 01:07genartu never had freedom
2013-01-24 01:07See-Eye-LOL
2013-01-24 01:07Guest 24we are ok guest12
2013-01-24 01:07charles8854gnight ed.
2013-01-24 01:07genartgn