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2013-01-02 21:07EdClanofChattanI am having trouble with the sound.
2013-01-02 21:16JOB 42:2had to reboot to get on, Ed
the # of what?
I resolve that all the wicked be taken out of the way Amen
2 Thess 2
vs 7
may all the gun banners and their entire cohort be executed by YHWH Now, Amen!!!
most of Us Israelites are Expert Shots, since we were all about 10 or so :)
I am a middle of the forehead shooter myself
2013-01-02 21:24Guest 8Good Evening ED and Praise US
bc frm near albany,ny 21 f ptly cldy...
Rock the House
rah for the Lemmings
2013-01-02 21:26unclesuperior title...sounds expensive
2013-01-02 21:29Guest 9preamble
2013-01-02 21:30Guest 8gice 'em 'cake(RUM) har har
2013-01-02 21:32Guest 9ahmen ra?
2013-01-02 21:32Guest 8'shine the bauble',,'steal the Children from the parents..scheming cretins
2013-01-02 21:34Guest 9isn't america different from the united states?
2013-01-02 21:35Guest 8America=RightiousLand
2013-01-02 21:35Guest 9the united states is "congress assebled", america is the country
2013-01-02 21:35Guest 8New JerUSAlum
2013-01-02 21:36Guest 10Lets not get into Payne, he is a pain , yet dead as presented by Ed.
2013-01-02 21:37Sonya PatersonDoes this apply to Canada??
2013-01-02 21:37Guest 10Yes Canada is a pain, too
2013-01-02 21:37Guest 8arms&feet=same body
2013-01-02 21:37JOB 42:2and New Zealand, So Africa, Australia, etc
2013-01-02 21:38Sonya PatersonI heat you 10
I mean hear you 10
2013-01-02 21:38Guest 10You Sonya are a lot stupie, and damn proud of it
2013-01-02 21:46Guest 9right congress assembled= the united states
only congress
2013-01-02 21:51Guest 10They will get around EVERYTHING...they just IGNORE it & will even say DENIED. GO Appeal if you want. Awake folks.
THERE are dozens of methods would work, if they did not ignore it.This is just another thing they can just say "no".Nancy Reagan says.."just say no"
2013-01-02 21:54Guest 8the constitution is dead...Not Changable...etched in Stone..Non Negotiable
2013-01-02 21:54hippydude1962got tonight off thanks ed
2013-01-02 21:55EdClanofChattanGood! ;)
2013-01-02 21:57Freespeechfanaticyeah, it's some kind of powder that burns out leafs and make you sneeze! and it's all over the western world
2013-01-02 21:58Guest 8'airbursting' diease and other sicko diviant stuff
2013-01-02 21:58EdClanofChattanIN RE DUTY
318 P.2d 900 (1957)
2013-01-02 21:58Freespeechfanatici've heard far fetched theories about trying to bug people with micro ships, without their knowledge, so on...i doubt much of it
2013-01-02 21:58EdClanofChattan
2013-01-02 21:58Guest 8aluminum ,stronium,etc
2013-01-02 21:59Freespeechfanatici just thing they're trying to degrade the health of white people allover the place, and ruin the crops
2013-01-02 21:59Guest 8weather altering/directing via heatwave 'microeffect' technic's
2013-01-02 21:59EdClanofChattanThey are trying to kill off the white male!
2013-01-02 22:00Freespeechfanatici've been noticing that trees don't produce fruits as they normally should, and it is not only because of the bee plague
I agree Ed!
2013-01-02 22:01Guest 12 there was disagreement on the constitution
2013-01-02 22:01Freespeechfanaticthe bees have been recovering slowly, but crops anf tree fruits are still failing, they simply don't fruit, or do it out of season
2013-01-02 22:02Guest 8sterliizing and capon via drug and mineral 'frankenfood's,etc
2013-01-02 22:02Guest 12302 million
2013-01-02 22:03Freespeechfanaticyes, guest 8, i think it's more a campaign of sterilization and starvation than turning us into cyborgs against our will
2013-01-02 22:03Guest 8murcury in vaccines>rat Poison...oh poison IS poison..Canna 'delute' poison
2013-01-02 22:03Guest 12flouride in the water makes you docile
2013-01-02 22:04Freespeechfanaticyou can notice it more on pine cones than other fruits, they are extremely sensible in their growth.
2013-01-02 22:04Guest 8agenda 21Rule
2013-01-02 22:05FreespeechfanaticOnly the resillient quince still holds on!
2013-01-02 22:06Guest 12we can't turn anything around, never could
2013-01-02 22:11Freespeechfanaticgo ahead!
2013-01-02 22:12Guest 8Lie's and Pseaudo Science bs
mccanny hour
2013-01-02 22:12Guest 12you have to get a copy of your state court rules to accomplish anything!
and the judges bench book
court rules supercede constitutions
do 2 years in legal research at college
otherwise you'll get killed
you have to have standing first
2013-01-02 22:18Guest 10Oh Yea. My friend talked to a Military officer & he hit my friend and broke his nose. Yea, depend on Miliktary & their penalties nor their pensions.
2013-01-02 22:18Guest 8nafta hywy joke
2013-01-02 22:20Guest 10We did this twenty years ago & we are still in transportation arrest
2013-01-02 22:20Guest 12you're doing that wrong, you can drive w/o a license, but need the right paperwork
we're under war powers, forget it
2013-01-02 22:21Guest 8most mil's will Never get pension...abt 17 yr's 'duty' before 'de active' via 'non necessary,,or lack 'promotion' abilitie's...just become another a**
slaves>cradle to grave effect
2013-01-02 22:23Guest 10Greg Slauther method is no good. Beware of his claims. Judges will not do anything except denied
2013-01-02 22:23Guest 14EIN 98 foreign identification number
2013-01-02 22:23FreespeechfanaticGot to go, by Ed, everyone, good battle against the legal system monster!!
2013-01-02 22:26Guest 8CAPS=INC
2013-01-02 22:29Guest 10Yea Right, they will prove anything??? You guys are 25 years behind. They do not answer questions. They do not look at papers???This will not work
2013-01-02 22:30Guest 8if it is's not Lawful
2013-01-02 22:32Guest 17But in Oregon D.A's are elected by the people.
2013-01-02 22:34Guest 10You have that exactly back words. the judicial should be the prosecutor. the executive branch cant prosecute a conflit of interest
2013-01-02 22:35Guest 82 day wrk week...racketwonders
2013-01-02 22:36Guest 10Come that did not happen
2013-01-02 22:37jehovahssonThe People of the State of
2013-01-02 22:37Guest 8'state of being'
2013-01-02 22:38Guest 17The State is a Corporation.
2013-01-02 22:39jehovahssonwe are the state as principals and they assume jurisdiction under 14th Amendment nobles
2013-01-02 22:39Guest 8'loop holes' via english language...oh boy sadly unlightening
2013-01-02 22:39jehovahssonstate of un-enlightenment
2013-01-02 22:40Guest 8slickwillie was correct
2013-01-02 22:40jehovahssonI like mouth congress
that is a verb
2013-01-02 22:41Guest 17The state is corporation, and the people it's owners/share holders.
2013-01-02 22:41jehovahssonbirth certificates are the start of a corporation made in your name
2013-01-02 22:42Guest 8gay has become bastardized
2013-01-02 22:42jehovahssonthat is how the Mayan calendar got a bad name
2013-01-02 22:42Guest 8eg,a gay nice sunshine day
2013-01-02 22:42jehovahssonsomeone that says conspiracy is now looked at as crazy
driving a strawman
2013-01-02 22:43Guest 8upside down/topsyturvy...
2013-01-02 22:43Guest 10The judge does not care there are 15 definations? They just ignore any point that is in your favor. How do you over come the two words. Deny & No.
2013-01-02 22:44jehovahssonoperating a strawwman in commerce
Yes, lawyers and judges obscure the issues
2013-01-02 22:44Guest 8it's abt:kiss..i opin
2013-01-02 22:44Guest 10Solution is how to void "deny" & "no" & ignore??/ That is the answer
2013-01-02 22:44Guest 8keep it simple,stupid
2013-01-02 22:45Guest 17We need to get all lawyers out of elected offices period.
2013-01-02 22:46Guest 10The Judge does not care about differences. Only their idea prevails.
2013-01-02 22:46jehovahssonthe corporate name on your birth certificate is the citizen
fictional corporate antities can only interact with other corporate entiti fictions
2013-01-02 22:47Guest 10O.K. then I will go into Majauna. And see what happens??? Quit misleading folks
2013-01-02 22:48jehovahssonthe corporate officers of Washington D.C. had been made to be the administrators for the states.
2013-01-02 22:49Guest 18old westerns have lots of common law
2013-01-02 22:49Guest 10Oh Yea,show the Judge the Tonto movie Loanranger
2013-01-02 22:50Guest 8history is wriiten by the victors
2013-01-02 22:51Guest 19how about ,make no claims ,no contraversy....?
2013-01-02 22:51Guest 18thats why they dont show much of them any more
2013-01-02 22:52Guest 8or history is being extingushed..'revised' or else 'erased' deliberate agenda
2013-01-02 22:53Guest 10You speakers are way off base. Judge and Tonto won't work
2013-01-02 22:54jehovahssonThe 14th Amendment and interstate commerce clauses help
2013-01-02 22:54Guest 8hi-ho silver>We follow the dang 'silver'
2013-01-02 22:54RPWakeHey what do you guys think of Roger Sayles approach?
2013-01-02 22:54jehovahssonbut they gave up when the sourthern states ceded from the union - hence no lawful congress
2013-01-02 22:55Guest 18it works for Roger
2013-01-02 22:55RPWakety
2013-01-02 22:55jehovahssonunion turned to corporation in earlier 1860s
2013-01-02 22:55RPWakeclosed without setting a day to reconvine
2013-01-02 22:55Guest 18Roger uses whiteman papers too
2013-01-02 22:56RPWakeright
2013-01-02 22:56Guest 10Many trails to you. And good bye for now and etc
2013-01-02 22:56RPWakebye
2013-01-02 22:56jehovahssonHappy Trails
americafreewhiteandchristian by charles a weisman
Isn;t Weisman a jewish name ???
2013-01-02 22:57Guest 10Happy trails to judge & Tonto
2013-01-02 22:57charles8854right. weisman is judeo/christian.
2013-01-02 22:57Guest 8america the conquered,good reading,too;-)
2013-01-02 22:57charles8854/semetic; not ashkenazi.
2013-01-02 22:58Guest 10until we meet again
2013-01-02 22:58Guest 15charles8854 got his clocked cleaned by David Clarence last night
2013-01-02 23:00jehovahssonyeah same as colonial law
admiralty jurisdiction
2013-01-02 23:00Guest 10That is normal sized folks...some woman are CORN FED. Did you consider that weight. Where the beef is
2013-01-02 23:00charles8854"possession is 9/10ths of the law".
common-law maxim.
2013-01-02 23:00Guest 8the original puritin's got the 'con job'..surely
2013-01-02 23:00charles8854your full of shit, 15.
2013-01-02 23:01jehovahssonthe age of acquarius is supposed to be betterment of each other
2013-01-02 23:01Guest 15David Clarence had you clucking like a chicken
2013-01-02 23:03jehovahssonwonders if that is the Crown Corporation's land - also all states have allodial title
2013-01-02 23:03Guest 8they 'moved' to 'land's for battle,hunting,etc...not for procession
2013-01-02 23:03Guest 10David Clarence is insane. A liar. A b.s. er. He never gives case numbers, titles, date, etc names, for his wins of B.S.
2013-01-02 23:04jehovahssonwe inherited paper tigers of treaties and constitution
2013-01-02 23:04Guest 8feit paparrule
2013-01-02 23:04Guest 18Claence nevr says anything. I cant listen to him anymore
Raarh! i mena meow
2013-01-02 23:06jehovahsson318 P.2d 900 In Re: - - -
2013-01-02 23:06EdClanofChattanIn re Duty 318 P. 2d 900 (1957)
2013-01-02 23:06jehovahssonPacific Reporter 2nd Edition
I lost sound
2013-01-02 23:10Guest 10There is no sound now
2013-01-02 23:10jehovahssonlast link is the case
2013-01-02 23:13charles8854Thanks 10. 15 is an ass; twisting the truth of what actually happened last night. D-Clarance does have some virtues.
But D-Clarance is way goofy on a lot of important issues; just like you say, 10.
2013-01-02 23:15Guest 8in politic's>nothing is Coinstadential
2013-01-02 23:16jehovahssonso continue with what pertinence the case of Duty has with things
my sstreaming audio keeps buffering, might have to refresht the room
2013-01-02 23:17Guest 10Clarence, will fill in anything with a BIG lie. & is mentally off balance much of the time. Goofy does not cover it.
2013-01-02 23:17Guest 18Charles, did you write all of those articles on constitutional gov? I love reading them
2013-01-02 23:17Guest 8sorry spelling..i'm lazy
2013-01-02 23:18Guest 10Clarence isnot the only liar. Many folks on these calls are PURE BULL SHIT
The JUDGRE SAYS "I HAVE JURISDICTION".And anything else??? We go to trial.
2013-01-02 23:19Guest 8all is Vanity under the sun
2013-01-02 23:19charles8854Most of the articles on are mine, 18; Yes.
thanks 18.
Agreed; 10.
2013-01-02 23:20Guest 18They are very beautifully written!
2013-01-02 23:21charles8854Thanks, 18.
2013-01-02 23:23Guest 8me Daddy used to say: hurrah for Them, and **** on ME...tis wisdom
2013-01-02 23:26Guest 10Isent Thomas Payne dead??? So is his statement. The younger Judges will say "WHOs That"?
ED is following insanity
2013-01-02 23:27Guest 8stop Believing Lies>Vote 'EM OUT!\
git git cya approach ;-)
mappo and kool-aid
zoning,emenint domein,etc..list goe's on and on..
2013-01-02 23:31charles885410; i believe ed has some good skill; & his heart is good. But he also is goofy on much; imho, & as you seem to say.
Ed has some good court-related experience; 10.
2013-01-02 23:32Guest 8the foolish laugh..the wise stay silent>wisdom
2013-01-02 23:33Guest 10Go tell the JUDGE that and see what happens!!???
2013-01-02 23:35Guest 15charles, you still live with your parents and hang out at the 7-11 during the day. quit acting like you know anything
2013-01-02 23:35Guest 8peacemaker's kept 'the order'..regulating,vigiling,etc
diversity and quota's are Priority
2013-01-02 23:38charles8854burn in hell; 15.
2013-01-02 23:39Guest 8vanderman'sland,ogolthorpe,etc
2013-01-02 23:40Guest 10ES like Clarence.. really says nothing. Ramble ramble. never comming to the truth
2013-01-02 23:40Guest 15charles settle down or I'll have David Clarence call in and give you another dressing down.
2013-01-02 23:40Guest 10ED
2013-01-02 23:40Guest 8Truth is Dispised..We Love LIES
2013-01-02 23:45charles885410; ed does ramble a bit. He is some-what internally in-consistent, & refuses to admit it. but he is not as bad as others.
2013-01-02 23:45Guest 10ED's logic is not logical.. Just rambles. with nothings
2013-01-02 23:46charles8854Do your damdest; 15. Neither you nor D-Clarance are the final-judges.
2013-01-02 23:46Guest 10I read Thoms Payne
2013-01-02 23:47charles8854hi ed.
2013-01-02 23:47Guest 10He is dead, too
2013-01-02 23:47Guest 15charles8854, why do you talk so bad about Ed on other shows. quit being so two faced
2013-01-02 23:50Rev. Kenneth R. JenkinsHappy New Year and Good Evening!
2013-01-02 23:51charles8854i have never talked seriously bad about ed; you forked-tounged deceiver, 15.
2013-01-02 23:51Guest 8HNY REV. Good Evening
2013-01-02 23:51charles8854I have said that ed has some goofy & internally-inconsistent ideas; but i have never questioned his motives.
Your a forked-tongued liar; 15.
2013-01-02 23:53Guest 8illegal admenments
who did This wickedness Ed...Grant? or the WHO? or Many?
2013-01-02 23:57Guest 15Arkansas don't even have any courts,those hillbillies are too dumb to run a court. that would be like charles trying to operate a cash register at 711
2013-01-02 23:58Guest 8i'd like to move to arkansas,from ny..if i wasn't soo white poorman
ooling and garfishing sounds nice
2013-01-03 00:00charles8854what is your name; 15? who the hell are you, you creature of darkness? What state are you in? Where do you live?
You are a coward & a bully; 15. Burn in hell.
2013-01-03 00:04Guest 8Info vs Disinformation..Graciously Outstanding ED..TU SIR
We live in a dumbdown Society..sad
2013-01-03 00:06Guest 15oh I have several names. I am me. how can anyone be inside a state?? last time I looked I was living in my body. does that help you out charles??
2013-01-03 00:08Guest 8find them out...deed's will show proof
2013-01-03 00:08charles8854there ed is screwwy.
2013-01-03 00:10Guest 24lol
2013-01-03 00:10charles8854the defactos will not "leave you alone", no matter how good your paper-work, if ...
2013-01-03 00:10Guest 15quit bad mouthing ed, charles you are worse than your brother Luis
2013-01-03 00:10Guest 24come on
2013-01-03 00:10charles8854... if you are advocating anything that endangers their babylonian-whore system.
2013-01-03 00:10Guest 8a mutt &jeff situation
2013-01-03 00:11Guest 15sup DK?
2013-01-03 00:11charles8854no, ed, they nailed schweitzer; they nailed gordon kahl.
2013-01-03 00:12Guest 24they do not
2013-01-03 00:12charles8854They will nail you if you do anything really courageous.
schweitzer knew more than you, ed.
2013-01-03 00:13Guest 15montana freeman
2013-01-03 00:13Guest 8the brown's,too...Incredable
2013-01-03 00:13charles8854you dont know schweitzer? Cheez, ed. You really are dumb.
2013-01-03 00:13Guest 23Le Roy was King of common law
2013-01-03 00:13charles8854
2013-01-03 00:13Guest 8Alfred? the africa chap scientist?
2013-01-03 00:13charles8854
right on; 23.
2013-01-03 00:14Guest 24lol need help lol
2013-01-03 00:14Guest 15Charles, David Clarence already schooled you on common law. are you that hard headed??
2013-01-03 00:14Guest 24what law
2013-01-03 00:15Guest 8Sounds of Liberty
2013-01-03 00:15Guest 23Thank you Ed
2013-01-03 00:15charles8854
JUDGE VIDEO Leroy Schweitzer
burn in hell; 15.
2013-01-03 00:16Guest 15now why would I want to do that???
2013-01-03 00:16Guest 23Look at Charles sites he is posting everyone
2013-01-03 00:16charles8854right-on ed. fictions do not exist.
2013-01-03 00:18Guest 8Natural Born...Original Citizens...
eg,china for chinese,japanese,for japan,etc
2013-01-03 00:19Guest 15I think Charles8854 is part baboon so he would be excluded. he actually should be deported for being so damn ugly
2013-01-03 00:20Fiscal_CliffordLuis, Is that you?
2013-01-03 00:20Guest 8eg,,like the seoperATION: HOUSE OF lORDS, VS HOUSE OF cOMMONS
2013-01-03 00:21Guest 23I think 15 is Luis
2013-01-03 00:21Guest 8sorry..key strokes 'sticking'
2013-01-03 00:21Guest 15luis is over at Charles8854's bedroom getting ready to have a rumble in the jungle with that baboom
2013-01-03 00:23Guest 8'it' 'run's downhill' effect
2013-01-03 00:24charles8854thanks, 23; but 15 is more slick & slimey than luis-ewing.
Luis has a modus-operandi, that he is incapable of masking. 15 is not luis; imho.
2013-01-03 00:25Guest 8Good Nite ED and KinFolk
2013-01-03 00:25Fiscal_CliffordHail the Fallen.
2013-01-03 00:25Guest 8Hail Victory
2013-01-03 00:25Guest 15How do you know how slick and slimey he is?? been between the sheets with Luis???
2013-01-03 00:25Fiscal_CliffordPraise Yahweh and Goodnight all.
2013-01-03 00:25charles8854the spiritual-battle rages.
Praise the god of truth & justice of israel.
2013-01-03 00:26Guest 26greetings
2013-01-03 00:26Guest 8Rock 'EM
2013-01-03 00:26charles8854death to baal & his minions of evil & deception.
2013-01-03 00:26Guest 8AMEN
2013-01-03 00:27Guest 15nothing wrong with working 24/7. all you slaves and retards like charles need to get off of welfare and earn an honest living
2013-01-03 00:28Guest 8Teaching the GoodNews
i'se must go....need the video to look at>TU Much cheers...bye
2013-01-03 00:29charles8854and just how do you "earn your living"; you creature of darkness, & coward, & bully; 15?
it is so easy to take cheep-shots at others who are in the light; when you get to shoot from your corner of darkness; coward 15.
good show ed.
2013-01-03 00:31Guest 15My God provides very well for me, you poor little citizen charles
2013-01-03 00:33charles8854then why cant he protect you enough for you to publicly identify yourself, coward 15?
2013-01-03 00:33Fiscal_CliffordWorld Jewry will not allow a free enterprise economy. There are no political solutions to America's Problems.
2013-01-03 00:34Guest 15because I operate in the private, you didn't just ask that dumb ass question did you?? OMG!!!
2013-01-03 00:36Fiscal_CliffordAmerica must be cleansed of the Jew. Remove the Jew from our economy, education systems, governments and judiciary.
2013-01-03 00:36leonard901.
2013-01-03 00:37Guest 15charless8854 is a jew, just look at his picture
2013-01-03 00:38charles8854Yea; your making the same dumb-assed mistake on public/private as does your partially brain-dead guru david-clarance; 15.
2013-01-03 00:39Guest 15hey David Clarence is the one who schooled you like a inbred jew
2013-01-03 00:39charles8854As defined in revelation 2: 9 & 3: 9; as a true "Jew"; Yes, i am a Semetic/Israelite "Jew", 15,
I thought you supported david-clarance; 15. make up your dam brain.
your sounding good, ed.
2013-01-03 00:41Guest 15I never stated such, keep up dumb ass
2013-01-03 00:41Fiscal_CliffordWe can't get rid of the Jew banks. When the Jew can print all the money they need, they can buy all the Race Traitors and Whiggers they need.
Too many whites do the bidding of the Jews and believe that the Jews are "Gods Chosen People}.
Praise Yahweh and Goodnight all.
2013-01-03 00:42charles8854You speak with forked-toung, 15.
2013-01-03 00:43Guest 15you're a dumb ass charles