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2012-11-21 20:48Guest 2come on you white skin heads
limp wirsted, pencil dick white people
come over here and kiss my hairy black ass
2012-11-21 21:02Guest 4god I love Kansas
all their songs are great
The sparks of the tempest rage a hundred years on
The voice of the dreamer screams, the cause of the pawn
The King and the Queen are gone, each piece
Kerry Livgren
2012-11-21 21:09FlashGordon !good evening.......what's up today ?
2012-11-21 21:10bikermanjhey y`all
2012-11-21 21:13FlashGordon !later, I am multi tasking right now
I posted to a few others a minute ago go get on and emailed Dennis, no response yet but he is still in Miami Beach, FLorida
2012-11-21 21:14Guest 4ever hear Jack Smith on the Constitution?
2012-11-21 21:16FlashGordon !ABA and Attorneys OUT. Dennis Schulke, Attorneys Above the Law, our call is Sunday 88210# talkshoe 1pm pacific 9pm easter
2012-11-21 21:17Guest 4well,he says it transfer debt from one party to another,which it did
2012-11-21 21:18ChristSavesOn Vacation, Ed?
2012-11-21 21:18Guest 4whats the definition of the word Constitution ?
2012-11-21 21:18Guest 5complete text reading
2012-11-21 21:18ChristSavesok
2012-11-21 21:18FlashGordon !
2012-11-21 21:19ChristSavesthe whole of something
2012-11-21 21:19Guest 4they transferred the debt of the war onto the states and then onto the people
2012-11-21 21:19FlashGordon !1.A body of fundamental principles or established precedents according to which a state or other organization is acknowledged to be governed.
2.A wri
2012-11-21 21:19Guest 4we should have stuck with the articles of Confederation
my opinion anyway
2012-11-21 21:20ChristSaveswhole of something is one of the Websters dictionary definitions
of Constitution
Constitution of the US = The Entire Body of Laws of Israel/America
2012-11-21 21:21FlashGordon !Illino NO-OU !!
2012-11-21 21:21ChristSavesAmerica = God's Israel
2012-11-21 21:21Guest 4thats what it is,what does it mean
2012-11-21 21:21ChristSavesditto
2012-11-21 21:24bikermanjReb`l greets C.S.A. ;)
2012-11-21 21:24Guest 7is he talking about black dictionary?
2012-11-21 21:25ChristSavesWebsters = First book to contain the non word abbreviation J.E.W. meaning the demons; or just evil wicked spoken of by Christ, which murdered Christ
2012-11-21 21:25EdClanofChattanNoah Webster's 1828 Dictionary of the English Language.
2012-11-21 21:26Guest 4look up constituting
2012-11-21 21:27Guest 5... - law determining the fundamental political principles of a government
2012-11-21 21:28BlackPopeEsau has Dominion over us. Many satanic laws.
2012-11-21 21:30Guest 5The concept of a constitution dates to the city-states of ancient Greece.
2012-11-21 21:32Guest 7csaf111 said: websters First book.... was that the 1828 edition?
csaf111 i didn't find that to be the case on the word jew in websters 1828 ed
2012-11-21 21:35Guest 8just wait until you have any disagreement with jews, then you're going to see what is real jackass over semantics, grammar and accents!
2012-11-21 21:36ChristSaves7, I'm not sure which year
but I read that a year or so ago
2012-11-21 21:36EdClanofChattan
2012-11-21 21:36Guest 7I just checked 1828 ed and it did not have that dif
2012-11-21 21:37Guest 8things with more than one name or description they split it into two different things, and several things with different names they turn it allthesame
2012-11-21 21:38Guest 7the 1828 says...JEW, n. [a contraction of Judas of Judah.] A Hebrew or Israelite.
2012-11-21 21:38Guest 8...a bit vague!
2012-11-21 21:40EdClanofChattanBradwell v. The State - 83 U.S. 130 (1872)
2012-11-21 21:45ChristSaves7, that is due to the fact, the demons (jews) had stolen the publishing houses, and that is why that non word "jew" appeared, at all
all of them
2012-11-21 21:45Guest 5the normans brought Jewry to england for it's developed system of commerce after conquering anglo-saxons c.1066
2012-11-21 21:45See-Eye-WHY are Italians and Germans so smart? They invented EVERYTHING! Oh ya, because they are Israelites! Greetings brethren!
2012-11-21 21:45ChristSavesas of 1815, at the london stock market
the jews (satan) comes on for to steal murder and to destroy per Christ
2012-11-21 21:47Guest 8that makes part of the program! -their program - but then i wonder what's the definition of demon! ;-)
2012-11-21 21:50Guest 7I wonder if copy of webster dictionary with the word jew meaning demon can be found online?
2012-11-21 21:50Guest 8LOL!! 7!
2012-11-21 21:51Guest 7,demon
2012-11-21 21:51Guest 8:-)
2012-11-21 21:52ChristSaveshad to refresh
2012-11-21 21:53Guest 8it's hot in here!
2012-11-21 21:53ChristSavesGuest 7, once the demon rothschilds had stolen all of Our Publishing Houses, in 1815, then, they added their non-word "jew"
j.e.w. = just evil wicked seedline
its meaning
2012-11-21 21:58Guest 7csaf11 where did you document the rothschilds = jews? took over after 1815? just curious
2012-11-21 21:58FlashGordon !The Other Emancipation: Mary and Myra on CD
2012-11-21 21:58Guest 8?
2012-11-21 21:59BlackPopeIts a JEW WORLD ORDER.
2012-11-21 21:59FlashGordon ! Article: Agents of (Incremental)
Article: Agents of (Incremental) Change: From Myra Bradwell to Hillary Clinton
2012-11-21 21:59ChristSavesthat is a common historic fact
Guest 7, are you asking if the rothschilds are jews?
2012-11-21 22:00Guest 7if common it should be to hard to find? any suggestions?
shouldn't be
2012-11-21 22:00FlashGordon !1880s, a number of women lawyers joined Myra Bradwell's
efforts to gather and disseminate information on legal issues affecting women and on every
If this was true, how many female attorneys were around in this yr ? or was this more political- pushing ?
2012-11-21 22:01Guest 8i agree with you, even because if it looks like a duck... but commonly accepted facts are subjective! i could say "just evil wimps"...:-)
2012-11-21 22:01ChristSaveslook up Rothschild courier says Napoleon Wins at Waterloo, only to have another rider come in, with the opposite, that Wellington had, in fact, won
2012-11-21 22:01Guest 7lol
2012-11-21 22:02Guest 8i think the problem of "common people" to understand "lawish" is that they speak another language!!- at least it is my problem
2012-11-21 22:03ChristSaveswhen the first courier came in, lyingly saying Napoleon had won, Rothschild bought up all of he English Shares of Stock in All Companies of import
2012-11-21 22:03BlackPopeG7, have you seen this.
2012-11-21 22:04Guest 8and also, instead simplifying laws they complicate it by writing thousands and thousands of articles!
2012-11-21 22:04Guest 7yes , Brother Nathanael Kapner great guy
2012-11-21 22:04BlackPopeIndeed
2012-11-21 22:05Guest 9far too many jews in the USA
2012-11-21 22:05FlashGordon !ooo
2012-11-21 22:05Guest 7thanks casf111
2012-11-21 22:05FlashGordon !
2012-11-21 22:05BlackPopeThey have 2% of population and about 12-15% of congress.
2012-11-21 22:05Guest 8he appears to be honest, and also a bit crazed...but the uniform doesn't help
i lost sound, gonna take some air
2012-11-21 22:06Guest 990% of all media
2012-11-21 22:07BlackPopeor more
2012-11-21 22:07Guest 9no way to win
2012-11-21 22:07Guest 108
2012-11-21 22:07BlackPope68% of Senior Treasury positions. Every Fed Chairman since 1913.
2012-11-21 22:08Guest 7
2012-11-21 22:08FlashGordon !Myra Bradwell and called: Horror of a Women Myra Bradwell, 14th amendment,/the gendered origins of sociological jurisprudence:
Myra Bradwell, Elizabeth Cady
Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, and Virginia Minor and the strategy they
pursued to use the Fourteenth Amendment to bring >
pursued to use the Fourteenth Amendment to bring women into the
public sphere as full and equal citizens.21
2012-11-21 22:10Guest 7also check out
2012-11-21 22:11Guest 9u need 2 people to work in a family or else the only thing u have at the end of the week is a six pack
2012-11-21 22:12FlashGordon !she could not do any "contract law" without this right, even as an attorney,Mary Todd Lincolns son Robert, took power of attorney OVER HER
2012-11-21 22:12Guest 9many people are crypto - jews
2012-11-21 22:13FlashGordon !Myra helped remove his "power off of her to get her out of the assylum he and James BRADWELL put her into..........
2012-11-21 22:14Guest 9The USA was our last inherited land
2012-11-21 22:14FlashGordon !L-N-OU NOT L N OU "Z" , I AM A CHICAGO GIRL TEXAS, GET IT RIGHT
2012-11-21 22:14ChristSavesBP, jews are now, as in the days of Adam and Eve, the vast majority---The Trees of the knowledge of God (good) and Evil
yw, Guest 7
2012-11-21 22:15Guest 9majority yes
2012-11-21 22:15FlashGordon !I want Harmony and a normal man with some brains to trust him to do right
2012-11-21 22:15ChristSavesand jews (demons) propagate at 10x the rate of The Righteous
as they have NO STANDARD
2012-11-21 22:16BlackPopeIndeed csaf111.
2012-11-21 22:16ChristSavesBP, all or most of Mexico, L. America and S. America, Middle East, etc are DNA JEWS
and the jew dna is dominant
2012-11-21 22:16Guest 7csaf111 the tree of good and evil was that a race of people?
2012-11-21 22:17ChristSavesthe steal, murder and destroy (satanic) dna
2012-11-21 22:17BlackPopeHow do I find that csaf111 ?
2012-11-21 22:17Guest 9yes ,everything is an illusion
2012-11-21 22:17BlackPopeEdomites.
2012-11-21 22:17Guest 9i will stay with my kind
2012-11-21 22:17See-Eye-Guest 7, yes
2012-11-21 22:17ChristSavesBP, Adam and Eve, two young un-potty-trained Children, were 2 versus Millions of the wicked, when they were placed here on Earth
2012-11-21 22:17FlashGordon !Gloria Marie Steinem (born March 25, 1934) is an American feminist, journalist, and social and political activist
2012-11-21 22:18BlackPopeJew
2012-11-21 22:18Guest 10i think that DNA is the DNA of race mixing. You obviously find it on jews but it is not exclusive of jews. They are not a race.
2012-11-21 22:18FlashGordon !YES
2012-11-21 22:18ChristSavesand BP, the jews propagate with anyone and anything they can
2012-11-21 22:18Guest 7doesn't bill fink teach there was no races on earth before cain
2012-11-21 22:19ChristSavesCain, for example had many wives and mannny offspring
2012-11-21 22:19Guest 9jacob -israel is us
2012-11-21 22:19BlackPopeThey are the most racially mixed people or demons.
2012-11-21 22:19ChristSavesMost of Us Have One Spouse, per lifetime
2012-11-21 22:19BlackPopeYes G9.
2012-11-21 22:19Guest 10here we do,csaf - mixing of all races, adulteration of DNA,or white DNA!
2012-11-21 22:19Guest 7who screwed eve
2012-11-21 22:19See-Eye-Cain's sin was not having many wives, it was having wives of other races
2012-11-21 22:19Guest 9jew is an insercen into the bible
2012-11-21 22:20Guest 10here we go,imeant
2012-11-21 22:20ChristSavesJacob-Israel = Pure White People who founded all civilized (Godly) Nations, in all eternity
jews = just evil wicked seedline (Gen 3:15)
2012-11-21 22:20FlashGordon !SHE IS 78 AND LOOKS VERY GOOD AND HEALTHY
2012-11-21 22:20Guest 10just evil wimps!
2012-11-21 22:21ChristSavesthat works too
2012-11-21 22:21Guest 9maybe i will concentrate on white western european civilization
2012-11-21 22:21ChristSaveshowever, "Be Not Deceived!!!"
2012-11-21 22:21Guest 10well,gotta go! ;-)
a caller?
2012-11-21 22:21ChristSavesAdios
2012-11-21 22:21Guest 9bye 10
2012-11-21 22:21Guest 7was there any races on earth before adam man?
2012-11-21 22:21ChristSavesA Dios = modern hebrew for TO GOD
language / land of the Hebrews
2012-11-21 22:22See-Eye-wow Rod is confused!
2012-11-21 22:22ChristSavesyes, the negroid and the yellow race, Guest 7
2012-11-21 22:22Guest 9many more women make more money
2012-11-21 22:22ChristSaveswhich were both taken down by the jews (nephilim)
2012-11-21 22:22BlackPopeAbraham was told to go and make MANY nations, not one nation. ISALIE.
2012-11-21 22:22Guest 10castillian... maybe we ar going off topico! this is about law!
2012-11-21 22:22Guest 7bill fink teaches they came from cain
2012-11-21 22:23BlackPopeEd, Rob left to go out.
2012-11-21 22:23See-Eye-Guest 7, what does finck say? other races came from Cain?
2012-11-21 22:23Guest 9bill finck is correct
2012-11-21 22:23ChristSavesBill Finck teaches the nephilim are Co-Creators
with God
or Against God
which is contrary to John 1:3
God created all
John 1:3
2012-11-21 22:24AFLAChe went to take a dump
2012-11-21 22:24Guest 7what are the nephillim?
2012-11-21 22:24Guest 9u can not win period
2012-11-21 22:24ChristSavesnephilim = demons = fallen ones
2012-11-21 22:24BlackPopeOh ok, he told me he was leaving early.
2012-11-21 22:24Guest 7so the nephilim had sex with eve
2012-11-21 22:24EdClanofChattan
2012-11-21 22:24Guest 7?
2012-11-21 22:24ChristSavesazazel (demon) raped Eve
a small girl
at the time
not yet even potty trained
per Apocrypha
2012-11-21 22:25Guest 7lol
2012-11-21 22:25AFLACyepp the sa tan was tapping that ass
2012-11-21 22:25Guest 9does anyone know bill finck
2012-11-21 22:25ChristSavesaflac, you in prison
2012-11-21 22:26Guest 7i have listen to him
2012-11-21 22:26AFLACno, are you
2012-11-21 22:26Guest 7lol
2012-11-21 22:26Guest 9is rod glass right
2012-11-21 22:26ChristSavesno
2012-11-21 22:27Guest 9he does not want hyphenated americans
i am german-american
2012-11-21 22:29Guest 7
2012-11-21 22:29BlackPopePastor Eli James.
2012-11-21 22:29FlashGordon !her father, Leo Steinem, was the son of Jewish immigrants from Germany and Poland
2012-11-21 22:29AFLACEli is a negroid name
2012-11-21 22:29Guest 9i listen to william finck
2012-11-21 22:30StupidAmerkintrying to get some audio
2012-11-21 22:30FlashGordon !her father, Leo Steinem, was the son of Jewish immigrants from Germany and Poland
2012-11-21 22:30AFLACeyeontruth..... asdf jkl;
2012-11-21 22:30BlackPopePress on trouble hearing. Media Player.
2012-11-21 22:30Guest 7so do i, maybe you can clear up what he is saying concerning other race no being part of creation
2012-11-21 22:31StupidAmerkinwhere do u see that at?
2012-11-21 22:31BlackPopeBottom right.
Under chat names.
2012-11-21 22:32Guest 9only through jacob israel are we His people
2012-11-21 22:32StupidAmerkingot it. Thank you
2012-11-21 22:32BlackPopeYW
2012-11-21 22:33Guest 7gst 9 bill teaches the other race came from satan? after he had sex with eve?
2012-11-21 22:33FlashGordon ! VERY INTERESTING LIFE with her mentally ill mom, and Jewish dad who left them in Ohio to go to California
2012-11-21 22:33BlackPopeRead, Who is Esau - Edom. By Charles Weisman.
2012-11-21 22:33Guest 9only partly
2012-11-21 22:34Guest 7I'm just trying to understand what he is teaching, i know there are bones millions of years old
2012-11-21 22:34BlackPopeBuy it
2012-11-21 22:34StupidAmerkinAdam blamed Eve. Eve blamed the sanke and the snake didn't have a leg to stand on
2012-11-21 22:34Guest 9esau was rejected by God
2012-11-21 22:34Guest 7lol
2012-11-21 22:34Guest 9lol
2012-11-21 22:35AFLACbeware the one eyed snake
2012-11-21 22:35StupidAmerkinI'm listening Ed
2012-11-21 22:35Guest 9but esau got the money
jacob got the land
2012-11-21 22:35BlackPopeG9, remember its Temporary.
2012-11-21 22:36Guest 7bed time...good night
2012-11-21 22:37AFLACand eve got the shaft
2012-11-21 22:37Guest 9i did not know we were a minority
we are our minority rights
2012-11-21 22:39FlashGordon !
2012-11-21 22:40Guest 9ok what is 5th ammendment
this is getting good
2012-11-21 22:41FlashGordon !Gloria Steinem, " CIA- Communist party infiltrating, causing trouble by design...THE RED STOCKINGS...SEE VIDEO...she also honored Margret Sanger
2012-11-21 22:42BlackPopeAnother Jew commie.
2012-11-21 22:43Guest 11I have jurisdiction over Thomas Payne. Can tell by the pain
2012-11-21 22:43Guest 9lol
2012-11-21 22:44bikermanjguess i`ll wander
2012-11-21 22:44Guest 9how can i use the 5th ammendment to my advantage
2012-11-21 22:44bikermanjcatch yall next week
2012-11-21 22:45Guest 9biker tc
2012-11-21 22:45Guest 11We need a course in reading. You could teach it, as it takes a bad reader to learn to be a teacher
2012-11-21 22:46Guest 9form state
o shit
2012-11-21 22:46FlashGordon ! Hollywood producer, filmmaker,Aaron Russo reveals some of the REAL REASON FOR FEMINISM:
How the Rockefellers Re-Engineered Women
2012-11-21 22:49Guest 11Ed there again. illogic. Net will not go away as needed for jurisdiction. All they need for jurisdiction is to say " I hve jurisdiction" Quit illogi
Diddo, your illogic misleads folks. All your conclusions are illogical
2012-11-21 22:51Dr Boombenderjurisdiction is at all times open to challenge
2012-11-21 22:52Guest 9this is interesting
2012-11-21 22:52FlashGordon !I gotta disconnect for a while I just got some good information , be back soon I liked the topic on the women and too bad you changed this topic...
you all need to check out my posts and videos, make sure to go through all the information, videos on the feminist movement as a CIA operative plan
2012-11-21 22:54Guest 11One case is not a president. You can win 100 cases & the next one will just say I have jurisdiction??? Where do you get your wrong conclusions
2012-11-21 22:55FlashGordon !hay AFLAC, were having DUCK for Thanksgiving !!!
2012-11-21 22:55Guest 11See how likley it is that all your evidence will be burned up?? Quit your guessing on conclusions.
What they know. You do not know. So why say a bunch of garbage
2012-11-21 22:56Dr Boombenderpresident case?
2012-11-21 22:57See-Eye-Guest 11, did you mean "precedent"?
2012-11-21 22:57Guest 12hello ed
2012-11-21 22:58AFLACnothing better than a good roasted duck served with alligator giblet gravy
2012-11-21 22:59Guest 11Good you can read about Thomas Payne.
Sorry Tom Payne was mentioned. O boy. zzzzzzzzzz. Does not apply
2012-11-21 23:02Guest 9and the lawyers do not walk through doors they open
2012-11-21 23:02See-Eye-Guest 11, is Clueless Jewing!
greetings fucktard clulis!
2012-11-21 23:03Guest 9i am happy with any advise
2012-11-21 long as the advice is accurate
2012-11-21 23:04Guest 9i could go for some french in france
2012-11-21 23:04MattFromMichiganmost of the people who give advice would be better off keeping their mouth shut, since they do more harm than good!!!!
2012-11-21 23:04See-Eye-Agreed Matt! Like EVERYONE on pro se whinners!
At least you do, being a white man!
2012-11-21 23:05Guest 9what program
2012-11-21 23:05AFLACis mattfrommichigan that was promoting the constitutional convention crap a while back?
2012-11-21 23:06See-Eye-jewing is a CoIntellPro agent!!!
anyone not telling the truth is the ENEMY!
2012-11-21 23:06Dr Boombenderfirst of all anyone who does not independantly varify anothers advise is a fool
2012-11-21 23:07Guest 9i do not see jewing here
2012-11-21 23:08BlackPopeIRS can only levy government employees wages. I sent a copy of the letter from a congressman from Florida to Rob.
2012-11-21 23:09Guest 9i know cointellpro exists
2012-11-21 23:09See-Eye-Guest 11 aka young jewing, Ed is not drawing any conclusions moron, cant you tell he is reading from a book? Derka derka..
2012-11-21 23:10Guest 9i am not jewing
2012-11-21 23:10AFLACRocko is out of the slammer for the time being
2012-11-21 23:11BlackPopeWas wondering about him. What happened AFLAC.
2012-11-21 23:11AFLACI don't know, I was just listening on the bo and rocko show
came in right at the last
2012-11-21 23:12BlackPopeOK
2012-11-21 23:13MattFromMichiganAFLAC, it was NOT ME promoting the ConCon crap!!!!
and, DK, quit being an asshole; you have not won any court case of any substance
2012-11-21 23:14See-Eye-Guest 11, CUT the CAPS! ONLY Rod Class and Clulis Jewing type in ALL CAPS!!!
2012-11-21 23:14BlackPopeCan't stand this I won more cases then you crap. Who cares ???
2012-11-21 23:15Guest 9jews are destroyers of nations
2012-11-21 23:15MattFromMichiganIn fact, one of my Least Favorite People is the clod to constantly is squealing for a ConCon
2012-11-21 23:15See-Eye-You cant "win" a case in their system
2012-11-21 23:15Guest 11ZZOOO ZZOO ZZOO ZZZZZ zzzzzz .......> This is great stuff. Some stuff that will help stop jurisdiction???
2012-11-21 23:16MattFromMichiganThe only people who care are those who go to court
2012-11-21 23:16AFLACyeah I wouldn't be in favor of a concon either
2012-11-21 23:16MattFromMichiganIf you never go to court, its not important
2012-11-21 23:16BlackPopeMaybe Matt, but not everybody here goes to court or cares.
2012-11-21 23:16Guest 9what is concon
2012-11-21 23:16MattFromMichiganA ConCon is a goofy idea promoted by fools
2012-11-21 23:17AFLACconcon = constitutional convention
2012-11-21 23:17MattFromMichiganConCon = Constitutional Convention
2012-11-21 23:17See-Eye-Only 14th amendment citizens can play in that system, as such you are a SUBJECT! if you "win", they LET you win!
2012-11-21 23:17BlackPopeFighting among our own ilk is really stupid.
2012-11-21 23:17Guest 9thanks
2012-11-21 23:17MattFromMichiganDoes anyone believe that we will still have a 2nd amendment if we have a ConCon???
2012-11-21 23:17See-Eye-Ed is correct, the way out is to show they have NO personal jurisdiction, as we are NOT 14th amendment citizens
2012-11-21 23:18Guest 11Matt, do you know why you are against the ConCon. You say politically correct shit without any back up information
2012-11-21 23:18MattFromMichiganA ConCon will result in the taking away of more rights
2012-11-21 23:18See-Eye-There is NO need for a Con Con, the Law is already as close to perfect as its going to get!
2012-11-21 23:18BlackPopeGood point Ed.
It will be a Jew Con Con.
2012-11-21 23:20AFLACthe only Con I like is Decon rat poision for all ye nasty rats
2012-11-21 23:20See-Eye-exactly Blackpope more of a Jon Jon, LOL
2012-11-21 23:20Guest 11Matt, see what I said. Make politically correct shit with no knowledge. You are basically full of B.S, & damn proud of it
2012-11-21 23:20MattFromMichiganFUCK YOU 11
2012-11-21 23:20See-Eye-Ok, I was wrong.. guest 11 is not clulise jewing, lol
2012-11-21 23:21MattFromMichiganYou are just another ass who makes anonymous attacks kidding, DK
2012-11-21 23:21Guest 11Matt is a jew
2012-11-21 23:21MattFromMichiganLOL!!!!
not hardly
2012-11-21 23:22AFLACI have a friend from chicago area who is a jew and she is absolutely gorgeous, she can eat crackers in my bed anytime
2012-11-21 23:23Guest 9yes they can be gorgeous
2012-11-21 23:24See-Eye-shit jews have interbred with everyone so much some of them look more Caucasian than many whites!
You cant tell a jew from looks many times
which is why the scripture says "ye shall know them by their fruits", a good tree makes good fruit
2012-11-21 23:25Guest 9true , but many still have big noses hahaha
2012-11-21 23:25See-Eye-They dont all have huge hook noses and slopped foreheads, some look more nordic than many true Israelits
2012-11-21 23:26Guest 9jews are the bad figs
2012-11-21 23:26See-Eye-They love to take our brainless white woman and ruin our seed with thier devil DNA
they've been doing it ever since Adam and Eve were booted out of the Eden
2012-11-21 23:27Guest 11Is that animal crackers. Do you fill up on cracks, too
2012-11-21 23:27See-Eye-huh?
WTF are you talking about guest 11?
2012-11-21 23:28AFLACjust ritz crackers
2012-11-21 23:28Guest 9judeo-christians are not christians
2012-11-21 23:28See-Eye-judeo-Christian is an oxymoron!
the two are diametrically opposed
2012-11-21 23:29Guest 9germans were the real judeans in a manner of speaking
2012-11-21 23:30See-Eye-there were all types of Judeans who lived in Judea, Germans were of the tribe of Judah as was Christ
2012-11-21 23:31Guest 9we accepted the old and the new
really only the one book
2012-11-21 23:31See-Eye-jews are the lliteral seeds of satan
2012-11-21 23:32Guest 9us and the other lost tribes are the lost sheep of the house of israel
2012-11-21 23:33Guest 6Thomas Paine was a Freemason
2012-11-21 23:33Guest 9most taken away around 750 bc
jews were sent home in 125 bc
its amazing that our God has made it known
and what of patrick henry
always be good and patient to our women
2012-11-21 23:38Dr Boombenderthe only place God or the STATE exists today is between the ears
2012-11-21 23:39Guest 6Age of Reason = "New Age" + "man of Reason" (masonic phrases)
2012-11-21 23:39MattFromMichiganMasonry is Judaism for Israelites
2012-11-21 23:40Guest 6hi Matt
2012-11-21 23:41Guest 9it is not matt
2012-11-21 23:41Guest 6o
2012-11-21 23:42Dr Boombenderi do not wish to take part in the violence of government
2012-11-21 23:44MattFromMichiganI'm Matt
2012-11-21 23:44Dr Boombenderi got a bad case of leaveme the f&*kaloneism
2012-11-21 23:46Guest 6Paine wrote "On the Origins of Freemasonry"
posthumously published
2012-11-21 23:50Guest 14Greetings!
uh wut is this
2012-11-21 23:52Guest 6Ed is reading from the Age of Reason by Thomas Paine
2012-11-21 23:52Guest 14oh, thanks
2012-11-21 23:52MattFromMichiganToo bad the schools don't read from TP
2012-11-21 23:53Guest 14indeed, schools are creating clueless whiggers with communist sympathies
2012-11-21 23:55Guest 6
2012-11-21 23:55Guest 14learning about climate change, homos and global citizenship
2012-11-21 23:57Guest 9yep ,change cannot happen
2012-11-21 23:57Guest 14yeah, that's back when america was mostly white european. You think 3rd world immigrants care about liberty or the constitution? I think not
2012-11-21 23:58Guest 9its the volk
anything we try to do is usurped
you can have a country but not an empure
homosexuality is part of our foreign policy!
it must be known that the catholics helped stop the moslem hoards
2012-11-22 00:03MattFromMichiganalmost 50 years ago, you could not immigrate to the USA unless you were of European descent
2012-11-22 00:04MajorThrashEd'thanku for another great audio book nite..unfortunatly i need to wake up early...that thankgiving day crap tomorrow...u know...god bless and goodni
2012-11-22 00:04MattFromMichiganbut Sen. Jacob Javits (Jew) changed all that
2012-11-22 00:04See-Eye-Yeah what's that wicked bastards name Ed?
2012-11-22 00:04MattFromMichiganOh, great!!!
That is good news!!!
2012-11-22 00:05Guest 9yes thanks ed ,u are very patient
2012-11-22 00:05MattFromMichiganThis country REALLY started going down hill after JFK was shot
2012-11-22 00:06Guest 9i miss JKK and my dog
i hear ur dog ed lol
2012-11-22 00:07Guest 6school is also teaching the young that "global warming" is causing new and more dangerous viruses
2012-11-22 00:07Guest 9i lived very near bolchivism and i know what they do
yes tell me about the dog
i lost mine and miss her dearly, and she helped me back to health
2012-11-22 00:10See-Eye-Thanks Ed
Yahweh Bless
2012-11-22 00:11Guest 9thanks one more time
2012-11-22 00:11See-Eye-lol
Im thankful to be aware of the truth and to be an Israelite! At least we've got that going so far!
2012-11-22 00:12Guest 9Yahweh Bless
2012-11-22 00:12Guest 6the church views masons as heretics
2012-11-22 00:13EdClanofChattanKansas-Sparks of the Tempest
2012-11-22 00:14Guest 9very good words
2012-11-22 00:16MattFromMichiganWhat ever happened to Bach?
2012-11-22 00:16EdClanofChattanI have some Bach too!
2012-11-22 00:18MattFromMichiganGood--that would be much nicer to hear!!
2012-11-22 00:25Guest 6Happy Thanksgiving all and good nite.... :)
2012-11-22 00:27AFLACgobble gobble