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2012-11-14 21:03EdClanofChattanFolks I am listening to this talk waiting for people to file into the program.
Folks, I am listening to this untill folks file into the program.
2012-11-14 21:10ChristSavesok there you go
is this a tape, Ed or Rob?
2012-11-14 21:10EdClanofChattanYes
2012-11-14 21:10ChristSavesok
2012-11-14 21:10EdClanofChattanIt is actually on my computer.
It is a three part series.
2012-11-14 21:13ChristSavesgreat sermon, so far
2012-11-14 21:15MajorThrashwell it appears they already used force and our 1865 northern ancestors did nothing about it
2012-11-14 21:17Guest 6I love amercia, i hope to bring all my family to amercia soon, god bless amercia
mexicio is a nice country but amercia is much better
2012-11-14 21:18MajorThrashLOL....o ya!
2012-11-14 21:19ChristSavesall non-Israelites will be executed by Christ soon and cast forever into the lake of fire, to suffer the fire, eternally Amen
2012-11-14 21:19MajorThrashwho was speakin?
2012-11-14 21:19Guest 6I am a white mexicain
2012-11-14 21:19MajorThrashEd?
2012-11-14 21:20ChristSavesWhite as in ?
2012-11-14 21:20See-Eye-Greetings
2012-11-14 21:20Guest 6as in white skin
2012-11-14 21:20ChristSavesPure German Guest 6 ?
2012-11-14 21:20MajorThrashwhat recording was that Ed?
2012-11-14 21:22Guest 6i was born in Ciudad Juarez
2012-11-14 21:22EdClanofChattanMajor, It was Robert Wangrud from Oregon
2012-11-14 21:22MajorThrashnew he sounded familiar
2012-11-14 21:22ChristSavesare you of German (Judah) ethnicity, Guest 6 ?
2012-11-14 21:22Guest 6no I'm pure mexcian, white though
most white people may have indian in them
going back 1-2 hundred years
2012-11-14 21:24ChristSavesI'm pure German, as Christ (Lion of Judah)
2012-11-14 21:25Guest 6a lot of white people think they are pure blooded white , but they don;t know who was in their past
2012-11-14 21:25ChristSavesyou're not white, Guest 6, so you do not know your heritage, you mean
We Are True Israel, and Know Ours
by Christ's Spirit (Rom 8:9)
2012-11-14 21:26Guest 6oh I am white as white,
how do you know u do not have indian in you
may, 1/10%
2012-11-14 21:27BlackPopeZionist system
2012-11-14 21:28Guest 6how do you know ur do not have nigro blood in you from 1000 years ago
2012-11-14 21:29BlackPopeCops are keeping them out ED. Its our rotty and 357.
2012-11-14 21:29Guest 6I know some people think they are pure blooded white people, but look at me white and a mexcian
2012-11-14 21:29BlackPopeNOT
2012-11-14 21:30MajorThrashg6 u saying your mexican is like me saying im Minnesotian
2012-11-14 21:31Guest 6now look at this person called blackpop, he must be a nigger
2012-11-14 21:31CampFireGirlI am him a lay in
2012-11-14 21:31Guest 6so it shows me we can all be israel
2012-11-14 21:31BlackPopeG6 you definitely are.
2012-11-14 21:32MajorThrashwe have been spread all over the Globe
2012-11-14 21:32See-Eye-Germans, Greeks, Russians, Italians, English, Scottish, Irish, French, all Celtic, Anglo Saxon and Caucasian peoples are Israelites. That however
2012-11-14 21:32Guest 6uh i;m sorry I thought u were a black person
2012-11-14 21:32See-Eye-does not mean you are going to make it! 2/3rd of the Israelites will not make it!
2012-11-14 21:32Guest 6what about white mexcians?
2012-11-14 21:33CampFireGirlthe whites will not make it, they are too weak
give me a big buck black man anytime
2012-11-14 21:33BlackPopeWhen I speak I say ask, not ax. LOL
2012-11-14 21:33See-Eye-White mexicans as well, you cannot tell an Israelite simply by looking
2012-11-14 21:33Guest 6that ok black we understand
2012-11-14 21:34See-Eye-you can get an idea, but "Ye shall know them by thier fruits"
many jews appear white, yet are NOT
2012-11-14 21:34Guest 6what about a half black and half white?
2012-11-14 21:35CampFireGirlmany Israelites appear to be hung but sadly are not
2012-11-14 21:35Guest 6like obama
2012-11-14 21:35See-Eye-NO WAY!
Race mixing is NOT ok!
2012-11-14 21:35Guest 6why not?
2012-11-14 21:35See-Eye-In fact, it is the unpardonable sin!
2012-11-14 21:36Guest 6how do you know you don't have indian in you from 1-2 hundred years ago?
2012-11-14 21:36ChristSavesWhite People are The Good Trees; all others are the trees of the knowledge of God and evil----i.e. the hypocrites
2012-11-14 21:36CampFireGirlDarkknight has little white chocolate colored kids
2012-11-14 21:36See-Eye-The real indians were all white
2012-11-14 21:37ChristSavestrue
2012-11-14 21:37See-Eye-the first native Americans were all white
2012-11-14 21:37Guest 6oh ok,
2012-11-14 21:37ChristSavesexactly DK
2012-11-14 21:37BlackPopeYEP
2012-11-14 21:37Guest 6where did they come from
2012-11-14 21:37ChristSavesIndia, where the Garden of Eden was
2012-11-14 21:37See-Eye-They were "great sea farring people", they build boats
2012-11-14 21:38ChristSavesIndia was originally All White (Adamites)
2012-11-14 21:38CampFireGirlindian men have big cocks, no way they are white
2012-11-14 21:38Guest 6if that was the case why didn't they have ship when the white man came here?
2012-11-14 21:38See-Eye-the scripture says the Israelites would be spread like salt, white went all over the world
2012-11-14 21:39ChristSavesevery true Nation was founded by Adamites (White People)
2012-11-14 21:39See-Eye-Because the so called "native americans" of today came across the Bearing Straight and killed them off
2012-11-14 21:39Guest 6well that good the indians were white
2012-11-14 21:39ChristSavesBoats were invented by YHWH through White People, as all other Good Inventions
2012-11-14 21:39Guest 6what about the creek indians
2012-11-14 21:40See-Eye-creek indians were white
2012-11-14 21:40Guest 6good
good night
2012-11-14 21:41See-Eye-What do blacks build?
LOL! that was a joke
2012-11-14 21:42ChristSavesblacks build piles of dirty stained clothing, and other garbage
2012-11-14 21:42See-Eye-Thats true, you got me there! lol
2012-11-14 21:43ChristSavesblacks as other jews, only, steal, murder and destroy. (blacks were the first to be taken down by the fallen ones, aka jews)
thus all blacks have jew dna
Remember Knoxville, Tn and Channon and Chris :(
2012-11-14 21:45CampFireGirlmy pussy is sore
2012-11-14 21:46See-Eye-Ed, MUTE this edomite CampFireGirl!
Its either clulis jewing or hearsay
2012-11-14 21:46CampFireGirlyou are just jealous that you are not man enough to handle me
inch worm
2012-11-14 21:47See-Eye-gotta be clulis jewing!
fucking pigs!
So your saying not to call them "porky pigs"?
2012-11-14 21:52ChristSavesyes, Ed, MUTE campfiregirl, immediately, Amen!!!
2012-11-14 21:52BlackPopeEd, its to the point that some of us are working slaves to the hyenas Zionist bankers paying taxes and the scum who suck off the gov't.
2012-11-14 21:52CampFireGirlshut up csa pig, you know your mother was a nigger loving slut
2012-11-14 21:53ChristSavesand taxes are 100% illegal except when one has profited from using Federal Land or Property
its a jew
2012-11-14 21:53CampFireGirlshut up you little black ass jew boys
2012-11-14 21:54Guest 9Nice Girl
what a sweet heart
2012-11-14 21:54See-Eye-Its that weirdo "Hearsay"
2012-11-14 21:54ChristSavescamp fire girl is a black jew, with asian features :)
2012-11-14 21:54See-Eye-LOL
2012-11-14 21:54CampFireGirlyes I have a hairy beaver
2012-11-14 21:55ChristSavesoh, DK, its "Chaz Bono"
2012-11-14 21:55CampFireGirlbut your little inch worm will never do me any good
2012-11-14 21:55ChristSaves:)
2012-11-14 21:55Guest 9that a Real turn on
2012-11-14 21:55See-Eye-ha
2012-11-14 21:55ChristSavescampfiregirl is Chaz Bono
2012-11-14 21:55CampFireGirllot of inch worm here
2012-11-14 21:55ChristSavesor Elton John
or Billy Crystal :)
2012-11-14 21:56CampFireGirlinch worm inch worm, go back home to your black slutty mothers
I have you blocked numb nuts
2012-11-14 21:57Guest 12Black Pope Batmans sidekick is out of here.
2012-11-14 21:57ChristSavescampfiregirl is obviously psychotic, from my diagnosis
2012-11-14 21:58CampFireGirlthats real funny coming from a skin head with darkknights dildoe up his ass
2012-11-14 21:59BlackPopeHey Boy Robin.
2012-11-14 21:59CampFireGirltsk tsk, I will log out so ed the retard can log back in
2012-11-14 21:59See-Eye-an obvious psychotic jew!
2012-11-14 22:00ChristSavesyes, campfiregirl is, definitely, a psychopath, probably on parole, or on the run for various perverse crimes against God's People
campfiregirl, you will soon be forever in the lake of fire, with the other billions of your ilk
oh it left :)
works every time :)
2012-11-14 22:01Guest 14RON PAUL'S FAREWELL SPEACH TODAY
2012-11-14 22:02ChristSaveswhen I was counseling in the prisons, all I had to do was be honest with murderers, and they's always turn and run
2012-11-14 22:03See-Eye-thats interesting csaf, what do you mean?
2012-11-14 22:03MajorThrashEd,blacks were trying to say they were white on the registration
2012-11-14 22:05Guest 13But we're way beyond objections to inter-racial marriage today... right?
2012-11-14 22:05ChristSavesthe seriously guilty cannot handle the truth about themselves, DK
chat went out, when my phone here rang
2012-11-14 22:06See-Eye-Oh, I see
2012-11-14 22:06ChristSavesesp when the seriously guilty refuse to confess / repent
2012-11-14 22:06See-Eye-Guest 13, u serious?
2012-11-14 22:07EdClanofChattanLoving v. Virginia - 388 U.S. 1 (1967)
2012-11-14 22:07See-Eye-Guest 13, you must be a white woman? Am I correct?
2012-11-14 22:07MajorThrashg13 u r Kiddin' right?
2012-11-14 22:07EdClanofChattan
2012-11-14 22:07ChristSavesa guilty party which refuses to be punished, rejects all reason, and loses control of any self control they may have had, thus exploding in rage or ?
2012-11-14 22:07Guest 13Yes DK. I'm talking about Christians being unobjectionable.
2012-11-14 22:07MajorThrashits against the LAW g13
2012-11-14 22:08See-Eye-As a Christian you are commanded NOT to race mix!
In fact, race mixing was the original and unpardonable sin!
2012-11-14 22:08Guest 13What law?
2012-11-14 22:08See-Eye-Yahweh's law
2012-11-14 22:09ChristSavesthus, campfiregirl left in rage
2012-11-14 22:09Guest 13We're in the Grace program today.
2012-11-14 22:09MajorThrashG13 ur used to military rule which is no law at all
2012-11-14 22:09BlackPopeRace mixing is promoted by the Jews.
2012-11-14 22:09ChristSavesMy Law Is Eternal!!! If Ye Love ME, Keep My Commandments!!!"
Christ Gave All The Laws and Never Abrogated Any Of Them, Save Animal Sacrifices
2012-11-14 22:10Guest 13HIS commandment today is to simply love oneanother.
2012-11-14 22:11ChristSavesGuest 13, you must be campfiregirl, "reborn" as guest 13
or just ignorant
2012-11-14 22:11BlackPopeDefinitely not of the 12 tribes.
2012-11-14 22:12ChristSavestrue
2012-11-14 22:12Guest 13Those who operate in falsehood usually resort to insult.
2012-11-14 22:12BlackPopeWho's promoting falsehoods here ????
2012-11-14 22:12ChristSavesFacts Are Facts!!! The Congregation of the dead (the lawless, as guest 13) is just that, dead
Guest 13 is a jew or jewess, by its fruit
2012-11-14 22:13See-Eye-Guest 13, you are not to love everybody
2012-11-14 22:13Guest 13Anyone who enters the body of Christ enters neither as Jew or Gentile, we are all equally children of God.
2012-11-14 22:13ChristSavesthere are no jews in the body of Christ
2012-11-14 22:14See-Eye-ROTFLMWAO!!!
2012-11-14 22:14BlackPopeJews are NOT Israelite s.
2012-11-14 22:14ChristSavesJudahites (Germans) and Other Israelites (White People) only
2012-11-14 22:14See-Eye-jews killed Christ!
2012-11-14 22:14ChristSavesjews = satan, other demons, cain and others of the brood of the vipers
2012-11-14 22:15BlackPopeyep
2012-11-14 22:15See-Eye-guest 13, im curious and just want to know for my own personal reasons, are you a white woman?
2012-11-14 22:16Guest 13Everyone benefits by being able to "rightly divide" the word of God.
2012-11-14 22:16See-Eye-???
2012-11-14 22:17BlackPopeWow
2012-11-14 22:17ChristSavesback
2012-11-14 22:18jkevin1959hey csaf i was away cooking dinner when you asked a qeustion of true ott on last program
2012-11-14 22:18See-Eye-Guest 13, is that a yes?
2012-11-14 22:18ChristSavesjews started slavery as they have started every other problem in all history
2012-11-14 22:18jkevin1959i havent listened to much lately
2012-11-14 22:18Guest 13I'm an hispanic/Jewish/black/communist/woman... LOL
2012-11-14 22:19jkevin1959i know i cant stand tom gambill
2012-11-14 22:19ChristSavesnor I, jkevin1959
2012-11-14 22:19Guest 13I'm a 52 yr. old white guy DK.
2012-11-14 22:20See-Eye-I was half right, our people are the last to accept the truth
hence the reason 2/3rds wont make it
2012-11-14 22:20jkevin1959i havent figured out who he is if hes gov stooge or just ignorant
2012-11-14 22:20ChristSavestrue ott is a hater of Christ's Own Tribe of Judah, aka Germany, and that makes true ott an anti-Christ per the Bible
2012-11-14 22:20Guest 13Who are "your people" DK?
2012-11-14 22:21BlackPopeG13 who are the Chosen people ?
2012-11-14 22:21See-Eye-The Israelites!
also known as the Anglo Saxon, Caucasian and Celitc peoples of the world
2012-11-14 22:21BlackPopeG13, DK
2012-11-14 22:22See-Eye-Yes, I am indeed one of his chosen!
2012-11-14 22:23BlackPopeThe producers us, must ask permission from scum bureaucrats who produce nothing and steal others labor.
2012-11-14 22:23ChristSavesanyone who is not Pro-German, is anti-Christ. The jews hate Germans (True Judah) because they are first on Christ's list, being His Own Tribe
2012-11-14 22:23See-Eye-Rod Class is REALL reaching now! He's doing everything he can to avoid the white man issue
Agreed! Germans are wonderful! My mothers side is all German, came over here on the Mayflower
WWII was nothing more than the attempted genocide of the German people
2012-11-14 22:25ChristSaveslisten to Deanna Spingola M-F 12noon to 2pm EST!!!
I'm 100% Judahite (German)
2012-11-14 22:26See-Eye-Yeah, her call was great today!
2012-11-14 22:26Guest 13Building Codes only apply to buildings lying on "public property" they don't apply to buildings lying on "private property".
2012-11-14 22:26BlackPopecsaf Deanna is great. She lives nearby.
2012-11-14 22:26ChristSavesAmen, DK
2012-11-14 22:27BlackPopeWhat was her call today on ?
2012-11-14 22:27ChristSavesAmen BP
2012-11-14 22:27Guest 17Where the fuck is that Vancouver/Chuck dude? That guy has talked his last bit of shit about. He is going to be wearing his ass as a hat!
2012-11-14 22:27ChristSavesDeanna and I converse back and forth regularly and sometimes I call in to her show
2012-11-14 22:27See-Eye-Its funny, my mother side is all German and Dutch and my father side is all Northern Italy, My fathers parents have more fair skin and bluer
eyes than my German family
2012-11-14 22:28BlackPopeGreat csaf.
2012-11-14 22:28See-Eye-Her call was sad today, I had tears at times
2012-11-14 22:28ChristSavesDeanna's Call today was as usual an Actual German victim of the jews bombing and murdering over 30 Million Christian Germans during WW1 and WW2
2012-11-14 22:28BlackPopeAh, Dresden ?
2012-11-14 22:29See-Eye-Yeah and all the rest
2012-11-14 22:29ChristSavesamong other German Christian Villages, yes
2012-11-14 22:29BlackPopeI see. She hammers on the subject, like Pastor Eli.
2012-11-14 22:29See-Eye-and thinking about all the rapes of all those poor German woman and girls really brings tears to my eyes and makes me furious!
That guys website is awesome!
Here let me get it....
2012-11-14 22:30ChristSavespilots which bombed German Cities in WW1 and WW2 have all been known for screaming when they die, as the Angel takes them off to the lake of fire, for
2012-11-14 22:30See-Eye-Amen, csaf!
2012-11-14 22:30ChristSavessuch horrid crimes
2012-11-14 22:30BlackPopeAmen Brother.
2012-11-14 22:31See-Eye-This first page about all the rape will bring tears to your eyes! Everyone needs to know this truth!
2012-11-14 22:31ChristSavesAmen
my chat is very slow here. how about for you folks?
2012-11-14 22:31See-Eye-
2012-11-14 22:31ChristSavesit delays here about a minute or more
2012-11-14 22:32See-Eye-The picture of that German girl REALLY got to me
2012-11-14 22:32BlackPopeMy buffering audio is still loading. Had to click on Trouble Hearing to get sound.
2012-11-14 22:32ChristSavessome of the German Ladies were Great Grandmothers, who were raped over and over, for days, by jews in Germany, etc
2012-11-14 22:33See-Eye-"Some day the world will know I was right" - Adolf Hitler
That day is quickly approaching and these wicked jews know it! They know what Obediah says, they are not under any delusions!
2012-11-14 22:35BlackPopeSome of us work 50-60 hrs a week. Having a wife and children leaves little time Ed.
2012-11-14 22:35Guest 11We were fighting on the wrong side."
2012-11-14 22:36See-Eye-Yes, and if America had not got involved Germany probably would have won
2012-11-14 22:36BlackPopeEsau knows his time is near. They are scrambling with hate crime laws, hate speech laws all attempting to buy time.
2012-11-14 22:37See-Eye-Those valiant Germans were fighting the entire world and STILL almost won!
Amen, esau knows his yoke is about to be broken off of Jacobs back!
Another reason they want to kill us so badly!
2012-11-14 22:38MajorThrashagreed DK...until there brothers on the otherside tripped it all up
2012-11-14 22:38Guest 11Tiny country almost conquered the entire world!
2012-11-14 22:38See-Eye-Those wicked jews think if they kill us all off the birthright will pass back to them
2012-11-14 22:38BlackPopeAmen. Their Dominion will soon end. Praise Yahweh !
2012-11-14 22:38See-Eye-Praise Yahweh for that! HalleluYah!!!
German was not trying to conquer anyone, they simply wanted to rid German and Europe of world jewry
They had no plans for a new world order as much of the jew propaganda would have you believe
They didnt even posses long range bombers
Hitler made NUMEROUS attempts at peace with England and France, the jews who had usurped those nations were not having it! They wanted
to drop that atom bomb on Germany and had to settle for japan
damn jews! why cant we just go kill all the jews! Wasnt King David the "apple of Yahweh's eye" because he did nothing for years but kill jews?
2012-11-14 22:44ChristSavesI just copied and pasted and emailed that entire Word Press "Justice for Germans" page to my family members worldwide to read
is there sound, Ed or Rob or anyone?
2012-11-14 22:45See-Eye-Yeah that website is awesome!
2012-11-14 22:45ChristSavesyes
2012-11-14 22:45See-Eye-Yeah, sound is good
Tryin hitting the Stop/Play button
2012-11-14 22:45BlackPopecsaf Saturday on Talkshoe American Reconstruction Jack Bauer, check it out. Join Ed, DK and me.
2012-11-14 22:46ChristSavesok that worked
brb checking on family
2012-11-14 22:47See-Eye-Jack Bauer blocked me last show for posting scripture! What a jew!
2012-11-14 22:47BlackPopeWhat
2012-11-14 22:47See-Eye-Well, first I made fun of AnJEWla, that was the first reason
2012-11-14 22:48BlackPopeOK
2012-11-14 22:48See-Eye-but then.. he blocked me, simply for posting scripture
2012-11-14 22:48BlackPopeI seen hom praise your postings.
2012-11-14 22:49See-Eye-He's off and on, sometimes he blocks me, sometimes he praises, go figure?
2012-11-14 22:49BlackPopeUnfortunate
2012-11-14 22:49MajorThrashthey let them marry with a license cause they saw it was unlawful...saw future revenue
2012-11-14 22:49See-Eye-All I said about Anjewla was that NOBODY on her shows knows the truth
2012-11-14 22:50BlackPopeThat's OK .
Never cares for her show personally.
2012-11-14 22:51Guest 7subjects of sovereigns or governments obtain licenses.
2012-11-14 23:02ChristSavesMicro Effect chat jews blocked me for speaking up for Germans, Christ Judah Family, months ago, and still has me blocked for same reason.
2012-11-14 23:03Guest 19These KIKES think that THEY run everything
2012-11-14 23:03ChristSavesMost Mexicans are actually dna jews, per Clifton Emahiser's long article entitled "Ladino-Mestizo" which shows LATIN AMERICA SHOULD BE CALL JEWLAND
2012-11-14 23:04Guest 19All the KIKES, WETBACKS, and other off-brand types should GET OUT of the USA TODAY!!!!!
2012-11-14 23:05Guest 20casf111, you are one of the dumbest mother fuckers god ever created!! It takes a lot of practice to be as dumb and stupid as you are.
2012-11-14 23:05FlashGordon !we need this website up and state links for all of us to sign in and join nationally to support one another as white Americans
2012-11-14 23:06EdClanofChattan
2012-11-14 23:06See-Eye-Charles Weisman is great! Read anything written by him!
2012-11-14 23:08Guest 7the kike financiers operate through and by license from the tories. (american and european)
2012-11-14 23:11ChristSavesGUEST 20 RAN AWAY, AS ALL JEWS
2012-11-14 23:11FlashGordon !are any of you possibly watching Monday night REVOLUTION ?
2012-11-14 23:12ChristSavesMY WIFE IS
2012-11-14 23:12EdClanofChattanWhat is Monday night Revolution?
2012-11-14 23:12ChristSavesa tv (talmud vision) show
2012-11-14 23:13FlashGordon !in this show, the "control milita makes new laws, and no one is allowed to have guns, it is a death sentence for having one, BOWS/ and knifes only
2012-11-14 23:13ChristSavessounds like what the jews did to Germans in 1945
jews raped and murdered over 30 Million Germans in WW1 and 2
2012-11-14 23:14ChristSavesmost little Girl Germans and elderly and disabled Germans
were the jews' victims
2012-11-14 23:15Guest 22111 your crazy. you meand 30 million germans raped the jews
2012-11-14 23:15ChristSavesjews always pick first and foremost on Our Children
2012-11-14 23:15Guest 19How come all the the 6 million jews in the hohocost ended up in apartments in Tel Aviv & New York after WWII?????
2012-11-14 23:15ChristSavesGuest 21 is a jew / demon
2012-11-14 23:15See-Eye-No Germans raped anyone guest 22!
guest 21 is a jew murderer rapist, no doubt
2012-11-14 23:16FlashGordon !Illinoi "silent S" !!!! like IT........ALIAN.....not "I" TLIANS.....
2012-11-14 23:16See-Eye-WWII was nothing more than the attempted genocide of Germany!
2012-11-14 23:17ChristSavesjews are demons
all jews are murderers
and liars
2012-11-14 23:17Guest 23german soldiers only had one job and that was to rape and kill jews
2012-11-14 23:17See-Eye-they are all murderers, liars, theives, fags and pedophiles
2012-11-14 23:17See-Eye-Guest 23 go to hell! You dont know shit!
2012-11-14 23:18Guest 23fuck you Darkpig
2012-11-14 23:18Guest 22ED you have no idea what others will do or not do. You are sounding like a fool. Always speculating what the judge or otheres will do.Your ideas a
2012-11-14 23:18FlashGordon !DARK KNIGHT YOU ALWAYS HAVE IT RIGHT !!
2012-11-14 23:18See-Eye-Fuck you! hearsay you faggot edomite bitch! go read your talmud!
2012-11-14 23:18Guest 23darkknight is a little pussy that couldn't even keep his wife,,,what a little pussy of a man you are. do you run from you own shadow
2012-11-14 23:18See-Eye-Thanks eyeontruth!
2012-11-14 23:18Guest 23you slimy piece of shit
2012-11-14 23:19ChristSavesGuest 23 is a jew rapist and murderer
as all jews
2012-11-14 23:19See-Eye-Ed, MUTE this cannanite bastard!
2012-11-14 23:19ChristSavesevery jew is a demon and will be in the eternal lake of fire, roasting for causing all sins, Amen!!!
2012-11-14 23:19Guest 23yeah run to your daddy to get him to mute me....can't handle the truth can you butt boy
2012-11-14 23:19Guest 22Ed your speculating is like a childs. You have no depth to your speculation which is stupid. You know not much human nature
2012-11-14 23:19See-Eye-Ed, what did you say that weirdo Hearsays name is? Where in Florida did you say he lives?
2012-11-14 23:20jkevin1959that is the late pete peters site
2012-11-14 23:20ChristSavesevery jew is a demon and Christ said "I will NEVER forgive them!!!" and all jews know this fact!!!
2012-11-14 23:20BlackPopeeyeontruth, Sunday 8:00am central RBN, Pastor Eli James.
2012-11-14 23:21Guest 19NAACP = Niggers Are Actually Colored Polaks
2012-11-14 23:21See-Eye-Guest 22, NOTHING Ed is saying is speculation!
2012-11-14 23:21ChristSavesEd is correct in all he says
2012-11-14 23:21BlackPopeRepublic Broadcast Network
2012-11-14 23:21FlashGordon !Sunday 8:00am central RBN, Pastor Eli James. Do we have to pay to listen to this on RBN ???
2012-11-14 23:22Guest 22Ed we have plenty of organizations and no one attends them. We need less organizations. You speculation is reall stupid. listen to your call
2012-11-14 23:22BlackPopeNo. Pay for archives only, not live.
2012-11-14 23:22ChristSavesnaacp = national assoc of Anti-Christs and other pieces of...
2012-11-14 23:22Guest 23shut up Darkknight, if Ed wants your opinion he will give it to you because you damn sure don't have the intellect to have a rational thought
2012-11-14 23:22FlashGordon !naacp ?!!, guest 19, actually thats funny !!
2012-11-14 23:23Guest 22See your speculation is just wasting time. Rambleing rambling
2012-11-14 23:23ChristSavesGuest 23 is a homosexual, i.e. a jew, i.e. a liar, murderer, rapist piece of satanic garbage
2012-11-14 23:23See-Eye-Rolling On The Floor Laughing My WHITE Ass Off @ guest 23!
Guest 23 is Hearsay!
I typed that out for you Hearsay because i realize ROTFLMWAO is hard for you to understand...
2012-11-14 23:24ChristSaveswhich prison are you in, or where you in, or are you going to be in, Guest 23?
2012-11-14 23:24Guest 23csaf, you are one stupid queer. the best part of you ran down your mothers leg after she fucked that nigger
2012-11-14 23:24Chuck of Vancouver, WA US -- *Public Domain for all to copy and redistribute* -- Updated DAILY
2012-11-14 23:25ChristSavesso, you are a negro-jew dna, GUEST 23...FIGURES!!!
2012-11-14 23:25Guest 22Ed nothing is more painful than Payne. And yourself.
2012-11-14 23:25FlashGordon !spell Wisman please
2012-11-14 23:25See-Eye-guest 22 and guest 23, Go to HELL you wicked bastards!!!!
Charles Weisman
2012-11-14 23:26ChristSavesGuest 23, when Christ told you, you'd be in the lake of fire, forever, what were your thoughts, and are you ready to be cast in?
2012-11-14 23:26Guest 23did your mother tell you to say that???
2012-11-14 23:26See-Eye-Now go read your talmud guest 23!!
2012-11-14 23:26ChristSaveswell?
2012-11-14 23:26See-Eye-Have guest 22 turn the pages for you
2012-11-14 23:26EdClanofChattanWeisman
2012-11-14 23:27ChristSavesGuest 23, We Israelites sooon skewer you, and put you in the eternal bbq pit, and begin roasting you, forever and ever. Ready, Set...!!!
2012-11-14 23:28Guest 24*common sense* -
2012-11-14 23:28ChristSavesGuest 23 is now roasting
which demon is next to be skewered?
2012-11-14 23:29See-Eye-Lol
2012-11-14 23:29ChristSaveslol
2012-11-14 23:29FlashGordon !amazon: here are all of his books:
2012-11-14 23:29ChristSaveswont it be fun, DK?
2012-11-14 23:29See-Eye-You can get a few of Charles Weisman's books online for free
2012-11-14 23:30Guest 19The KIKES will never get rid of the Fed Reserve!! They make wayyyy toooo much $$$$$ from it!!!
2012-11-14 23:30ChristSavesthe minute a jew leans on its dna, it is already fuel for the lake of fire
2012-11-14 23:30See-Eye-you should be able to find... "Who is Esau edom", "The Handbook of bible law"
Fun indeed! I love skewereing demons! lol
2012-11-14 23:32ChristSavesAMEN!!! :)
2012-11-14 23:32Guest 24"the one people"
2012-11-14 23:32ChristSavesI am not sure whether to do the skewering myself, or just make sure they never get out of the lake of fire (?)
tough ?
2012-11-14 23:32jkevin195923 was lindstench i can smell him a mile away
2012-11-14 23:32FlashGordon !unavailable on Amazon, so where do we get this book ?? all the rest are available on amazon even used
2012-11-14 23:33See-Eye-lol!
Lets camp out around the lake of fire, raost some marshmellows and make sure they never get out!
2012-11-14 23:33ChristSavesI have never met one single jew, whether yellow, lighter, or black which was anything other than evil
2012-11-14 23:33Chuck of Vancouver, WA US*About Organized-Stalking of Targeted Individuals (TI's) -- in YOUR hood:* --
2012-11-14 23:33Guest 26Darkknight if you won't tell anyone that I have a wooden dick, I won't tell anyone that you have splinters in your lips
2012-11-14 23:33FlashGordon !,%20Liberty%20and%20Property.pdf
2012-11-14 23:34ChristSavesAmen DK
2012-11-14 23:34See-Eye-OMG, would you look at this newest edomite demon that crept in!
2012-11-14 23:34ChristSavesguest 26 is another homo aka jew
2012-11-14 23:34jkevin1959hes back...
2012-11-14 23:34Guest 26csaf if you don't tell anyone that I have a rubber dick I won't tell anyone that you have skidmarks in your mouth
2012-11-14 23:35See-Eye-Ed, guest 26 is that weirdo "Hearsay"
2012-11-14 23:35ChristSavesguest 26 is like all jews, "waxing worse and worse"
i'm sure you are very involved in your homosexual deathstyle
2012-11-14 23:35Guest 26Darkknight and his butt buddy csaf111 are dick suckers
2012-11-14 23:35See-Eye-its so evident in his writings! only edomite jews awaiting the lake of fire speak like that
2012-11-14 23:36ChristSavesguest 26, you dont need to confess any more of your homosexual predatory deathstyle
2012-11-14 23:36Guest 27Guest 26. Did your Rabbi mutilate your penis? Maybe a little sucky sucky?
2012-11-14 23:36ChristSavesunless you have no self control
guest 26
2012-11-14 23:36Guest 26hey you're the one that is letting darkknight butt fuck you in the walmart parking lot
2012-11-14 23:37See-Eye-lol @ guest 27!
2012-11-14 23:37ChristSavesguest 26, are all of you jews homosexuals, as it most certainly sems, from all the evidence we have on you demons?
2012-11-14 23:37See-Eye-His rabbi gave him a little sucky sucky and left him with a little herpe herpe! He is still angry to this day about that!
2012-11-14 23:38ChristSavesguest 26 is so perverted, it must be a rabbi
2012-11-14 23:38Guest 27Faggotry is a learned behavior. Sadly baby Jews learn it from their Rabbis.
2012-11-14 23:38See-Eye-agreed! 26 learned it from his father/rabbi!
2012-11-14 23:39Guest 19This is NOT a call for jews!!!!
2012-11-14 23:39ChristSavesrabbi 26, which synagogue (lake of fire recruitment facility) do you call home?
2012-11-14 23:39Guest 19We are SICK of all the kikes and their constant barrage of trash!!!!
2012-11-14 23:39Chuck of Vancouver, WA US*Short recordings, subject of Organized Stalking:* -- loads from --
2012-11-14 23:39See-Eye-LOL, yes... tell us, which part of the lake of fire do you plan to inhabit?
2012-11-14 23:39ChristSavesevery jewish monkther which tells its son to become a rabbi has tossed its own son into the lake of fire
2012-11-14 23:40See-Eye-Amen guest 19
2012-11-14 23:40FlashGordon ! this is on our US OBSERVER, in Oregon
2012-11-14 23:41ChristSavesguest 26, did your jew (demon) monkther tell you to come in here, to practice your rabbinical "skills"?
2012-11-14 23:41Guest 27Damn, these frozen blueberries are good. yum yum
now a mouthful of honey. yum
2012-11-14 23:41ChristSavesGuest 26, you too afraid to answer?
2012-11-14 23:42See-Eye-Looks like you hit that nail on its head, csaf!
2012-11-14 23:42ChristSavesworks on the monkeys (jews) every time :)
2012-11-14 23:42Guest 26both of you would know alot about hitting on heads
2012-11-14 23:43See-Eye-Yes, White Guilt
2012-11-14 23:43Guest 26you two dick sucking queers
2012-11-14 23:43ChristSavesguest 26, answer my questions, before going into another psychotic homosexual tirade, ok!!!
2012-11-14 23:43Guest 26fuck you csaf, I answer to not you
go fuck your mother again
2012-11-14 23:44ChristSavesbecause we have you pegged so well, you cowardly pos
2012-11-14 23:44See-Eye-Then he starts in with incest, definite sign of a wicked talumd reading jew
2012-11-14 23:44Guest 26how man times did your daddy butt fuck you as a child or was it your next door butt boy neighbor darkknight
2012-11-14 23:44See-Eye-Exaclty what you were saying earlier csaf! Look how angry he is!
2012-11-14 23:45Guest 26angry, not in the least. I am laughing at how stupid you two idiots are
2012-11-14 23:45ChristSavesso true DK: guest 26 is no doubt, a homosexual involved with its parents in excessively deviant behaviours sexually and far far worse
2012-11-14 23:45See-Eye-"Diversity" is the funniest one!
They always show a picture with a bunch or race mixing Yahweh haters with a caption that says "Diversity"
2012-11-14 23:46Guest 19The STUPID WHITE people have bought into the GARBAGE fed to them by the KIKES--its a shame!!!
2012-11-14 23:46See-Eye-If we all race mix, we WONT be diverse, HELLO??
2012-11-14 23:46Guest 19Diversity is a WEAKNESS!!!!!
2012-11-14 23:46See-Eye-If your white you cannot say anything!
2012-11-14 23:46ChristSavesguest 26, when I skewer you on the eternal bbq pit, Christ told you and your fellow jews about (Book of Enoch) you will finally know the Truth.
2012-11-14 23:47Guest 26yawn
2012-11-14 23:47See-Eye-Voltaire said: "To know who rules over you simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize"
2012-11-14 23:47BlackPopeISALIE is the most racist country.
2012-11-14 23:47See-Eye-I say... To learn WHO is the MOST ruled over, simply look at WHOM is NOT allowed to say ANYTHING about anyone!
2012-11-14 23:48ChristSaves26, you know that the moment you die, or Christ comes (and all other prophesies have been completely fulfilled, likewise) you will burn forever.
2012-11-14 23:48See-Eye-Happens to me daily!
2012-11-14 23:48ChristSavesyou have no hope, none, guest 26.
2012-11-14 23:49MajorThrashBrainwashing is some CrazyStuff
2012-11-14 23:49ChristSavesguest 26, the lake of fire was built for especially you (Matt 25:41)
goodbye forever
in you go, By Christ, Amen!!!
2012-11-14 23:52See-Eye- csaf, it worked again!
2012-11-14 23:52ChristSavesanother demon (26) bites the dust
it is now in the lof
2012-11-14 23:53jkevin1959its martin over and over again
2012-11-14 23:53ChristSavesthere are billions of jews already "enjoying" the eternal lake of fire, as we listen and type
prob, jkev
bilions of jews already finding the truth in its hottest form
2012-11-14 23:56See-Eye-Yep, focus on what they are already agreeable on, then slowly transition to other issues
2012-11-14 23:57ChristSavesI give them the situation as it really is, in a minute or so, then go back to studying more and more, preparing for the next wake up call
2012-11-14 23:58Guest 28 Army Cloaking watch it???
2012-11-14 23:58ChristSavesif they are good soil, Amen; if not, then, that is Christ's concern, as well
2012-11-14 23:59Guest 28
2012-11-14 23:59See-Eye-Thanks Ed!
Great call, Yahweh Bless
2012-11-14 23:59BlackPopeSee you brothers.
2012-11-14 23:59jkevin1959seeya pope
2012-11-15 00:00ChristSavesgood night BP
2012-11-15 00:00See-Eye-Im going to back and listen to Pastor Dan's call from tonight, I missed it
2012-11-15 00:00Guest 28
2012-11-15 00:00ChristSavesyes
2012-11-15 00:00See-Eye-*going to go back
yikes I type too fast
2012-11-15 00:00ChristSaves:)
i'm going to go visit my family who heard parts of tonight's shoes
2012-11-15 00:01See-Eye-Waking family up is tough business
Yes, eyeontruth!
2012-11-15 00:02ChristSavesand I will keep praying Christ comes permanently (Real Solution To All)
2012-11-15 00:03Karl Lentzlol, DARK KNIGHT
2012-11-15 00:03See-Eye-Amen brother
2012-11-15 00:04Guest 28OH BOY I'am mixed blood
2012-11-15 00:04See-Eye-I see beautiful blonde haired blue eyed white women with disgusting blacks everyday, makes my blood boil!
2012-11-15 00:05Karl LentzOK, NO KIDS with blacks, but can we still fuck them like bunny in Heat?
2012-11-15 00:05Guest 28I'am mixed blood
2012-11-15 00:05Karl Lentz.
OK, NO KIDS with blacks, but can we still fuck them like a bunny in Heat?
2012-11-15 00:05Guest 19The niggers have to have some white blood to increase their intelligence level
2012-11-15 00:06See-Eye-Woman of other races gross me out!
2012-11-15 00:06Karl Lentz.
2012-11-15 00:06ChristSavesmost assuredly, Christ will return very soon; get rid of all evil, and put us in Our Spirit Bodies, as His Own, Amen!!!
2012-11-15 00:06See-Eye-Notice you rarely see a white man with a black woman?
its always a white woman with a black man
just like Eve in the Garden of Eden!
2012-11-15 00:07Guest 28we have many other things to worry about than who someone lay down with this is trouble.
2012-11-15 00:07See-Eye-not really guest 28, everything else we have to worry about is a result of race mixing and other anti Christian behaviour
2012-11-15 00:08Guest 28clean up the targetting in our country fix it then go on your trip of hate
2012-11-15 00:08See-Eye-perpetuated onto our society by the jew
2012-11-15 00:08Karl Lentzno dick to puss*, uhmmm ok? BUT it okay toi" Nail them in the Can?"
2012-11-15 00:08See-Eye-guest 28, race mixing us into oblivion is partly how they have targeted our country and our People
2012-11-15 00:08Karl Lentzno dick to puss*, uhmmm ok? BUT is it okay to still "Nail them in the Can?"
2012-11-15 00:08Guest 28you are so wrong this is why we can't get any place remember we have had white Presidents for years.
2012-11-15 00:09See-Eye-No we havent
2012-11-15 00:09Karl Lentz.
2012-11-15 00:09Guest 28Obama is just another white man he was raised by his mother
2012-11-15 00:09See-Eye-jews control this nation inside and out
his mother is a jew, not white
2012-11-15 00:09Karl LentzU meant he was REARED by his
other, lol u raise plants
2012-11-15 00:10Guest 28type in the Willie lynch letter
2012-11-15 00:10See-Eye-The reason this matter is ...
This Nation was created for and by white people
2012-11-15 00:10Karl Lentzi think guest 28 is part black,lol
2012-11-15 00:10See-Eye-It was created ONLY for white people
2012-11-15 00:10Guest 28type in Willie lynch letter
2012-11-15 00:10Karl Lentz,
2012-11-15 00:11Guest 28Yes kldirecv
2012-11-15 00:11Karl LentzU meant he was REARED by his mother..u raise plants
2012-11-15 00:11See-Eye-The jew has made everyone thing "we are all equal" so he can subjugate this nation
once all the white people are gone, they will be free to run wild
2012-11-15 00:11Guest 28Please type Willie Lynch in and read it
2012-11-15 00:11Guest 28NAACP Suck
2012-11-15 00:11See-Eye-Only whites can use the law
2012-11-15 00:11Karl Lentzthis call wa a jioke , right?
2012-11-15 00:11See-Eye-this is the big secret they dont want out
2012-11-15 00:12Karl Lentzthis call was a jioke , right?
2012-11-15 00:12See-Eye-kldirecv, I heard you on AnJEWla
EVERYTHING you said was a joke!
2012-11-15 00:12Guest 28
2012-11-15 00:12See-Eye-You are clueless! NOT even close to the truth!
2012-11-15 00:12Karl Lentzdid u like me on ANGELAS call?
2012-11-15 00:13See-Eye-You ramble on an on and on and on and on for HOURS about NOTHING jumping from subject to subject!
If you wish to know the truth, dont talk shit, stop and listen! Then go verify what you hear on this call
2012-11-15 00:13Karl Lentzwell thats GREAT i love being cluess to folks, like YOU.. makes me know i am dead on
2012-11-15 00:13Guest 28Rev. Pinkney say Burn baby Burn your NAACP cards YES YES YES
2012-11-15 00:14See-Eye-NOBODY can refute us
2012-11-15 00:14Guest 28
2012-11-15 00:14Karl Lentzlol, u dont evven know what the word verifys mean
2012-11-15 00:14See-Eye-you dont even understand how to use talkshoe!
2012-11-15 00:14Karl Lentzdude i wrote a dictionary
2012-11-15 00:14FlashGordon !88210 TALKSHOE Sunday 1 pm pacific 4 pm eastern every sunday
2012-11-15 00:14Guest 28TO EACH HIS OWN
2012-11-15 00:15See-Eye-Thanks eyeontruth!
2012-11-15 00:15Guest 28Sundays 5 pm east
2012-11-15 00:15FlashGordon ! my emails if you lose this call number
2012-11-15 00:15Karl Lentzwould u like to type in LATIN with me from now on DARK KNIGHT?
2012-11-15 00:16Guest 28expose the West Africans that sold their tribe in Africa and come to America
2012-11-15 00:16See-Eye-kldirecv, your talk is blue, this function is so that you can respond to specific questions, not to just continually type on and on
See now, the color of this chat changed as this is a new topic?
Get it yet?
2012-11-15 00:17Guest 28the US Government Placed them with the Cherokee Indians Florida North and South Carolina
2012-11-15 00:17See-Eye-Like if I want to start a new topic, I would do so like this....
Then continue it, like this....
2012-11-15 00:17Karl LentzI AM HERE FOR MY BENEFIT , NOT TO MAKE U HAPPY
2012-11-15 00:17See-Eye-derka, derka
2012-11-15 00:18Guest 28they where and are slave owners the American Government gave them Land in these States started in the 1800's
2012-11-15 00:18See-Eye-Well you look like an idiot, just trying to help you
Click on the chat and it will go clear, so you cant start a new topic
2012-11-15 00:18Karl Lentzhow MANY TALKSHOE CALLS HAVE u been a guest host for 3 hours DK?
2012-11-15 00:19See-Eye-That way you dont look like a retard typing in one color all night on various topics...
2012-11-15 00:19Guest 28this took place in the 1800's look it up Cherokee was slave owners as well
2012-11-15 00:20See-Eye-see, watch... click on my chat
2012-11-15 00:20FlashGordon !
2012-11-15 00:20Karl LentzI FOUND THIS TALKSHOE STUFF 3 WEEKS ago and i talked for 3 hours ans answered EVERY question thrown at me
2012-11-15 00:20See-Eye-Great, and you are incorrect
2012-11-15 00:21Karl Lentzyes ty for telling me how to change colours
2012-11-15 00:21See-Eye-If you want the truth, I will point you in the right direction
2012-11-15 00:21Karl Lentzbut my lawsuit is in and when i get a settlement
i cant ever imagine coming back
2012-11-15 00:22See-Eye-I hope you get it
Best of luck, what type of suit is it?
2012-11-15 00:22Guest 28 Willie Lynch was a Black man he lie here
2012-11-15 00:22See-Eye-I dont play around in the de facto anymore for a TON of reasons
2012-11-15 00:23Karl Lentzi was already offered a mil, but thats not even close to what i demanded
2012-11-15 00:24See-Eye-And they already offerd a million to settle?
2012-11-15 00:24Karl LentzYUP 2 YEARS AGO
2012-11-15 00:25See-Eye-A mill sounds good, Id take it!
2012-11-15 00:25Karl LentzI SAID , i wasnt sure all i could demand
2012-11-15 00:25See-Eye-To each is own though, I dont care for edomite script
2012-11-15 00:25Guest 21kldirecv, are you within the statute of limitations?
2012-11-15 00:26Karl Lentznow i know what i can demand and there is NO ONE that can deny me my wish/demand
there is no sol on 'man'!
2012-11-15 00:26Guest 21good
2012-11-15 00:26Karl Lentzstatutes ONLY pertain to LEGAL
LACHES: [This word, derived from the French lecher, is nearly synonymous with negligence.]
1.In general, when a party has been guilty of laches in
in enforcing his right by great delay and lapse of time, this circumstance will at common law prejudice, and sometimes operate in bar of a remedy whic
remedy which it is discretionary and not compulsory in the court to afford.
2. In courts of equity, also delay will generally prejudice, 1 Chit. Pr.
But laches may be excused from:
2012-11-15 00:30Guest 28
2012-11-15 00:30Karl Lentz.
where the part labors from a legal disability
2012-11-15 00:32Guest 21kldirecv, talkshoe 120418, check it out
2012-11-15 00:32Karl Lentzwhich means " i dont speak legalese, that is MY disability
2012-11-15 00:34Guest 30Leopold and Loeb were 2 KIKES who killed a relative of one of them
They got caught
2012-11-15 00:34Karl LentzAND the BIG ONE ! NO NO NO LACHES can be imputed to the PUBLIC !!!
2012-11-15 00:34EdClanofChattan
2012-11-15 00:34Karl Lentz4 Mass. Rep. 522; 3 Serg. & Rawle, 291; 4 Henn. & Munf. 57; 1 Penna. R. 476. Vide 1 Supp. to Ves. Jr. 436; 2 Id. 170; Dane's Ab. Index, h.t.; 4 Bouv
and THERE are the CITES to back up what i just said...
so there is NO Such THING as Statute of LIMITATIONS that can be burdened Upon the man, nor of those of mankind!!!!
a wrong 1 year 2 years 5 years 99 years ago is still a WRIONG
and if i die MY childrens childrens children children can STILL SUE
2012-11-15 00:36EdClanofChattan
2012-11-15 00:36FlashGordon !
2012-11-15 00:37Karl Lentzread ....Judiciary Act of 1793 section 36
2012-11-15 00:37FlashGordon !thanks ed, I gotta run now good information tonight...............
2012-11-15 00:38EdClanofChattanGoodnite Beth ;)
2012-11-15 00:39Karl Lentzi HOPE my answer of statute of limitation PUTS your mind to rest Dark_Knight
2012-11-15 00:40Guest 30The KIKES brought the Niggers over here to sell them
What else is new???
2012-11-15 00:40Karl Lentzloving V VA. had nothing to do with interracial, it had to do with the right to privacy , same as Roe v Wade had Zero to do with Abortion
BOTH were right to Privacy cases
2012-11-15 00:41See-Eye-Thanks Ed, great call!
Yahweh bless
2012-11-15 00:41Karl Lentzboth cases were where man, said the STATE had NO RIGHT to interfer with a mans beliefs in being LEFT ALONE
the US Constit, DOES protect mans right to be left alone
just like that silly Paddleford case EVERY Patriot uses
2012-11-15 00:43Guest 21what's in section 36?
2012-11-15 00:44Karl Lentzit says if U die YOUR children, friends, company, spouse may continue with YOUR lawsuit
or your childrens childrens childrens children can...
no limits to what man has the right to claim when done a wrong!!!
stauates of limitations is just a way to make U BACK OFF
its an attorneys TRICK
2012-11-15 00:45Guest 21equity will bar a stale claim
2012-11-15 00:46Karl LentzEQUITY is a farce
Commonlaw judges considered equity Arbitrary and a royal encroachment on the power of an independent judiciary. Renowned seventeenth-century judge Joh
2012-11-15 00:47Guest 21check out TS 120418 fridays
2012-11-15 00:49Karl LentzJohn Seldon called EQUITY "a ROGUISH THING!"and noted that results in equity cases might well depend on the size of a chancellor's foot.
so what did U say about EQUITY NOW Guest 21?
lol , dude i can do this alllll night,,, lol that what U get to do tooo when u write a law dictionary , like i DID!
Equity courts are not guarenteed nor protected by the US Const. ONLY common law court of records are !!!
2012-11-15 00:52Guest 21kldirecv, the I-man will be on stark's call this thursday
2012-11-15 00:53Karl Lentzif friday show is a pro se show, the word pro se ONLY appears IN LEGALESE so Why would i WANT to reduce my status of man, to being a lowly Semi-attorn
what is an I-man
lol he slpet it wrong, it is i-man NOT I-man
2012-11-15 00:54Guest 21that's The Informer
2012-11-15 00:54Karl LentzOOH ok
that makes sense
2012-11-15 00:55Guest 21the i-man
2012-11-15 00:55Karl LentzI as in Informer, lol ooh ok gots ya
2012-11-15 00:55Guest 21he goes by the name big al these days
2012-11-15 00:55Karl Lentzok i say.... i, as man,,,,, in all of my suits
what does he talk about?
do U think i make him cuss at me like pooor Gordon Hall did to me last monday night ?
i make ALLLL of the Guest Cuss at me like they are Drunk sailors...
2012-11-15 00:57Guest 21all of 'their' books only mention persons, NEVER man, older book of equity do however
2012-11-15 00:57Karl Lentzexcept Chappy, he kinda digs me
equity is for the RICH
Equity is NOT for the common man
person is fine
because.... "property is all what u claim is proper to your person"
heck i am a corporation
my mom and dad entered into an agreement, merged, created me ass their issue, produced me by their labor
corpse is a body
2012-11-15 00:59Guest 21the history of american equity jurisprudence is an interesting study, seemed to arrive with the commies to pervert land right
2012-11-15 00:59Karl Lentzcorporation is just a complete body
equity is not the law of the people
it is decided by Fat Cat Judges, who U nor i went to THEIR YALE law school with nor do we belong to THEIR Yatch Club
2012-11-15 01:02Guest 21in old england foreigners could not own land, but equity elevated beneficial interest above legal title so foreigners could control the land
2012-11-15 01:02Karl Lentzonly the Crown own land in ENGLAND
the subjects ONLY own the eddifices laid Upon the land
the Crown owns 100% of the soil/ground in the UK
lol, i can keep this going alllllll night....
now is the CROWN "the city of london" or is it the Royal family? GOOOOD Question, THAT one i am Not sure of
city of london is = rothchild domain
2012-11-15 01:05Guest 21let's say the foreigner could not be granted an estate, nor could such a grant be transfered to a foreigner, a superior beneficial title
could be granted to a foreigner
and enforced under equity
2012-11-15 01:06Karl Lentzthats the beauty of this country, where it is illegal AND unlawful for the govt to GRANT its creators - man, anything
man makes a claim , the govt has no say in the matter in a cl cor=common law court of record
which is the highest court of the land
2012-11-15 01:08Guest 21most in the system will tell you that the common law means case law
2012-11-15 01:08Karl Lentzi think if U go to Angela website and pull my common law court of record lawsuit, it will take U QUIE some time just to TRY to understand the COVER SH
no case law is Jsut Some OTHER mans opinion
2012-11-15 01:09Guest 21that was a good call, if it's posted i'll have a look
2012-11-15 01:09Karl LentzU have the POWER NOW, juris = law diction = words verbal or written
jurisdiction = power
so Yes can YOU refer to case las ABSOLUTLEY
so Yes can YOU refer to case law... ABSOLUTLEY
but BUT BUT make SURE u write it like THIS .... cf.
do U know what cf. means?
2012-11-15 01:11Guest 21is your dictionary posted?
no what?
2012-11-15 01:12Karl Lentzcompare this with.......U want to stand Your OWN ground , MAKE your OWN Claim in Your OWN words, BUT U MAY Refer BAX in time to others for HELP
Google 'cf', and see if what i mean makes sense compared to what goooogle tells U
'cf.' =compare this with.......U want to stand Your OWN ground , MAKE your OWN Claim in Your OWN words, BUT U MAY Refer BAX in time to others for HELP
'cf.' =compare this with....
2012-11-15 01:13Guest 21interesting
2012-11-15 01:13Karl Lentznor THEIR CITES !!, BUT ONLY as a comparision to YOUR BELIEFS!
2012-11-15 01:14Guest 21oic
2012-11-15 01:14Karl LentzONLY man CAN have A BELIEF !!!!
only man Can make the MAGIC HAppen
Guest 21 are U Mr. Chappy?
2012-11-15 01:14Guest 21...or make a wish
2012-11-15 01:15Karl Lentzwell sir or Ma'am what is Your name?
i am Karl Lentz
2012-11-15 01:15Guest 21friends call me zero, I'm in connecticut
2012-11-15 01:16Karl Lentzmy PACER # should be available tomorrow
ooh i dont mind people knowing my name heck my phone # is 540-245-0318 and my SS# is 126 62 4286
2012-11-15 01:16Guest 21you should get on the pro-se winners call friday
2012-11-15 01:17Karl Lentzbut as a pro se , U are BOUND by THEIR CODES and Rules, AND Regulations
so why should i want to be a Pro se?
i will just make the Pro se HOST and GUESt SCREAM Curses At me !
2012-11-15 01:18Guest 21i know, and they/we know that, but its only a name
2012-11-15 01:18Karl Lentzno its NOT, do these MEN go into Court and SAY they are pro se?
2012-11-15 01:19Guest 21not that i know of
2012-11-15 01:19Karl Lentz do they place into the caption on their lawsuit ,,,, 'John Doe' , pro se?
2012-11-15 01:19Guest 21never i believe
2012-11-15 01:19Karl Lentzhow do they stylize their captions?
2012-11-15 01:19Guest 21not sure
2012-11-15 01:20Karl Lentzlol, THATS why i make these Gurus NUTS
because i do NOT even LET them get PAST there COVER sheet/caption
2012-11-15 01:21Guest 21check out the call anyway,
2012-11-15 01:21Karl Lentzi SLAM them mericlessly , pounding on them if they can NOT even get the cover sheet correct, why bother with the rest of the Suit
i have been asked to sit in as a judge pro temp, here in VA a few times, and i zooom in right at the cover sheet and the LAST page to see how they st
stylized their Suit
and i can tell in 2 seconds if they are some free montano patriot nut job
2012-11-15 01:26Guest 21in Rome only persons could own property, person is used to attach rights, rights that were granted by the state
2012-11-15 01:26Karl Lentzthat whyy if u go into a civil admin hearing and u THINK u see someone in a black robe , 99% of the time they are not
operating under the US Constit
U sound like a nice man, but u have to learn what property is, the BEST source for definition is John Locke
2012-11-15 01:27Guest 21only by written agreement can a protemp hear your case
2012-11-15 01:27Karl Lentz i think it in his 2nd treatise
all civil case a based upon consent
implied or tacit consent
2012-11-15 01:28Guest 21ALL rights are derived from property
no property, no rights
2012-11-15 01:29Karl Lentz99.99% of the time the court will get consent, cause no body know how to stop them
so.... what is property?
2012-11-15 01:30Guest 21use and disposal
2012-11-15 01:30Karl Lentzi will be on Angelas blog tomorrow read Lockes 2nd treatise, and U will see what property truley is, it is more FUN to see it for yourself than for me
to tell u
2012-11-15 01:31Guest 21ok
2012-11-15 01:31Karl Lentzlol....use and disposal, thats DIFFERENT U at least made me smile
it is nice to see u are trying
how old r u ?
and WHY do u NEED to know law, or is it more for a hobby?
2012-11-15 01:34Guest 21i collect old law books, like a hobby
i have over 1k books
2012-11-15 01:35Karl Lentzme i needed my child back, so if U need this to get a baby back, i wont taunt U with riddles
ooh so U are doing this for fun ! good i will taunt U wiith ridlles
2012-11-15 01:37Guest 21if it's not in one of 'their' law book i'm not interested, the law will be found in books and only in books
2012-11-15 01:38Karl Lentzlets see so U have books ? dont cheat and use google but what is the differnce between J. Johnson and S. johnson?
do U know?
if U do u should reply in
2012-11-15 01:38Guest 21??
2012-11-15 01:39Karl Lentzlets see so U have books ? dont cheat and use google but what is the differnce between J. Johnson and S. Johnson?
2012-11-15 01:39Guest 21don't know ...
2012-11-15 01:40Karl LentzGuest 21, how old r u?
lol, i told u all about me age. SS# phone #, full name
2012-11-15 01:40Guest 21I was born before before the first man was put into orbit
2012-11-15 01:41Karl Lentzso before 1959
2012-11-15 01:41Guest 21close enough for horseshoes
2012-11-15 01:42Karl Lentznot INCLUDING the Chinese Ming Emporer who they CLAIM was sent into orbit in 100A.D. by putting a ton of gunpowder under his throne?
2012-11-15 01:42Guest 21he didn't make it lol
2012-11-15 01:43Karl Lentzwell they NEVER found the BODY so many say he did make it
2012-11-15 01:43Guest 21sure, the pieces were too small, this was b4 the invention of the microscope
2012-11-15 01:43Karl Lentzbut it safe to say, Your not THAT old
2012-11-15 01:44Guest 21correct
2012-11-15 01:44Karl Lentzwell read Locke, i take it U have not as of yet?
2012-11-15 01:45Guest 21not lately
2012-11-15 01:45Karl Lentzits not tooo bad
Spooner was, ok, but wow some of his stuff, was out there
2012-11-15 01:46Guest 21some very valid points though
2012-11-15 01:46Karl Lentzwe NEED judgea and COPS, very very much
2012-11-15 01:47Guest 21what up with J. Johnson and S. Johnson
2012-11-15 01:47Karl Lentzimagine if alll the cops and judges walked off their jobs for GOOD , IMAGINE what the COMMON man of the land Would DO?!
i am a million time more afraid of the common man, then a 100 cops and a dozen judges
if the common man KNEW he could do WHATEVER he WISHED , jesu$ H. this country would go NUTS!
2012-11-15 01:49Guest 21only a man can have charactor
2012-11-15 01:49Karl Lentzall the WALMARTS would be stripped bare in 24 hours
soalot of these guest BASH the judges and Govt, not ME, i have been in Riots In NYC as a kid, people are nuts
so if i do NOT give the TYPICAL, bash the IRS or DHS or the judges or the COPS, i have seen what the AVERAGE man in this country will REALLY do
IF he THINKS he can get away with IT
2012-11-15 01:52Guest 21character and reason are virtues of a man, one not living is peace with his brother has neither
2012-11-15 01:53Karl LentzWhen i seen the Joe Average Man, being given the FIRST credit Cards in the 1980's by BANKS, I KNEW THEN it was OVER for this country!
i wouldnt loan MY BRother $5 and expect it BACK, how can a Bank ? i knew in 1980 it was alll going to be over soon
the NORMAL AVERAGE AMERICAN MAN, when left to his own devises, will destroy everything in his path to satisfy his wants
2012-11-15 01:55Guest 21debtors are easy to provoke, we are being proved
2012-11-15 01:56Karl Lentzi ALWAYS tell EVRYONE the Govt U live UNDER is JUST the Reflection of the PEOPLE in which put it in Place
2012-11-15 01:56Guest 21service to others is a safeguard from self-destruction
2012-11-15 01:56Karl Lentz.
2012-11-15 01:57Guest 21never do anything for yourself, beyond what is necessary
2012-11-15 01:57Karl Lentzyes, but see credit cards made the normal mans EVERY Wish come true
buy now, enjoy now , destroy now, pay later
and LATER is NOW
2012-11-15 01:58Guest 21consumer.. consume ... destroy
2012-11-15 01:58Karl Lentzlol, i am 50 and i never even DREAMED ABOUT APPPPPLYING for a credit card, because i KNOW me!!!
i know i am an asshole and will JUSTIFY why i NEED 'something" RIGHT NOW!
so i rely upon the adage "all i need will be provided for my by g0d"
2012-11-15 02:00Guest 21the ability to postpone desire is an attribute of a man
2012-11-15 02:01Karl Lentzbut lol, coast to coast AM with george noorey is coming on now, see if u can come up with a BETTER defin. for property..
2012-11-15 02:01Guest 21i'll tell u tomorrow
2012-11-15 02:01Karl Lentzi will catch u on ANGELAS board tommorrow
2012-11-15 02:02Guest 21ok, but check out the call on friday,