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2012-08-30 19:48falcon1evening ed
missed u last what happen
ed no show
2012-08-30 19:53EdClanofChattanYes as soon as some more folks get in
2012-08-30 19:53falcon1no i say last week u late i thought u no show
last night
you and eli doing more shows or ??
2012-08-30 19:55EdClanofChattanMy computer was corrupted last nite, so no show.
2012-08-30 19:55falcon1yea thats what i mean
2012-08-30 19:56EdClanofChattanGreetings Hobe ;)
Just waiting for more folks Hobe
2012-08-30 19:56oldhobeHello I will listen for a while.
2012-08-30 19:57EdClanofChattanOK
2012-08-30 20:00falcon1your breaking up ed\
2012-08-30 20:00oldhobeNO
2012-08-30 20:00falcon1not now
2012-08-30 20:13EdClanofChattanJohannessen v. United States - 225 U.S. 227
Johannessen v. United States - 225 U.S. 227
2012-08-30 20:14bikermanjhey y`all
eve`nin ed
2012-08-30 20:27oldhobeyes
2012-08-30 20:28EdClanofChattanSTATUTES AT LARGE VOL. 34, PART I PAGE 596
FIFTY-NINTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 3592. 1906
[H.R. 15442.]
[Public, No. 338.]
2012-08-30 20:31See-Eye-Ed, this is DK, guess what year my grandfather was born here?
born here
just made it! lol
pretty tricky what those wicked canaanites did!
on my mothers side I have actual family who came over on the Mayflower
2012-08-30 20:35EdClanofChattan
2012-08-30 20:36bikermanj
UUGGHHH think i`m gonna puke
2012-08-30 20:37Guest 7ibanez neck
2012-08-30 20:43bikermanjguess i`ll wander
Yahweh bless, y`all
2012-08-30 20:46EdClanofChattanWest's Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved.
2012-08-30 20:59Guest 8Ibanez-S970CW-NT-FPK-03022-rw-1918
2012-08-30 21:57See-Eye-nope just listening
probably confused because there was no progam last night
I get em
hmm... thats odd, I will check on it
Thanks Ed, good call!