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2012-08-22 19:59EdClanofChattangREETING hOBE ;)
2012-08-22 19:59oldhobeJust listening for nowe
2012-08-22 20:00EdClanofChattanBe sure to stay and get all the full scoop!
2012-08-22 20:00oldhobeI can only stay until my wife calls me to dinner but will listen to the recording so be sure to record.
2012-08-22 20:01Jacob Israelwhich is the power source to solve all of this? most (even so called "Christians") think they are (themself) the power source---they leave out 50% of
the facts about God
2012-08-22 20:02oldhobeI'm trying to call in.
2012-08-22 20:03Jacob Israelmost see only the parable, but "never seek" the "truth of the parables" (a parable is a juxtaposition / comparison btwn unlike or like things etc
Ed, is Eli on still, or is he no longer on, as a mainstay, co-host?
2012-08-22 20:04oldhobeBRB after rebooting
2012-08-22 20:04Jacob Israelok
2012-08-22 20:04EdClanofChattanPastor Eli is involved in other things for now.
2012-08-22 20:05Jacob Israelhe has really cut back his speaking, it seems
40% or so
2012-08-22 20:06EdClanofChattanPastor Eli is under severe attack right now.
2012-08-22 20:07Jacob Israelyes, I have heard and read
may all of this present evil age end, by Christ, Amen!!!
2012-08-22 20:10Guest 5so do you agree Jew facebook should be off limits or not?
Pastor dan hung up like a chickenshit coward
2012-08-22 20:11Jacob Israelfacebook is a mossad operation, of course, with a mossad jr agent, zuckerberg-thief, as its so called "ceo"
2012-08-22 20:12Guest 5thats right, why doesnt Pastor Danny boy see this?
its horsecrap
and he is the jew if anyone is
2012-08-22 20:12Guest 7Guest 5 is a TROLL.
2012-08-22 20:13Guest 5F off 7
2012-08-22 20:13Guest 7LOL
You are such an idiot.
2012-08-22 20:13Guest 5Commander Mc- Elder is a kike- thats pretty evident. No Mc behaves like him ever
you want to trust him and boot me? Feel free
but you will lose in the end
2012-08-22 20:15Guest 8Guest 5; why don't you log in as Toad Warrior?
2012-08-22 20:15Guest 5DanfromGa is the dumbest CI member in the world- for all time too. He doesnt even know how to spell separation, let alone do it
2012-08-22 20:15Guest 8How much do you get paid to embarrass yourself the way you do?
Neither do you! LOL
2012-08-22 20:15Guest 5Can I call your show Dan?
or do I have to call Zuckerberg first?
2012-08-22 20:16Guest 8Your fruit shows you to be a contentious troublemaker with no real value to add.
Get of the NET; it is all a data mining operation do do bird.
2012-08-22 20:17Guest 5Talkshow doesnt require a profile
to compare Talkshoe to Jew facebook is Jewish HORSE manuer
you are an idiot
2012-08-22 20:18Guest 8Yes, you are!
2012-08-22 20:18Guest 5I would join the French Foreign Legion before Id join Jew Facebook
but it doesnt register in your pea brain or you are a kike
2012-08-22 20:19Guest 8Your own words condemn you.
No good fruit.
2012-08-22 20:20Guest 5Pastor Dan will let a jew name join his show before a white one
2012-08-22 20:20Guest 8LOL; you are such a foolish man.
2012-08-22 20:20Guest 58 you are a kike with no substance whatsoever
2012-08-22 20:20Guest 8You don't have a clue do you?
2012-08-22 20:21Guest 5you just BS
2012-08-22 20:21Guest 8LOL; do you actually believe the BS you spew?
You are a 'name calling' jew...
2012-08-22 20:21Guest 5no I dont believe what I say, I just waste my time
like you kies
2012-08-22 20:21Guest 8That is the only thing you push, your name calling...
2012-08-22 20:21Guest 5kikes
2012-08-22 20:22Guest 8LOL, right. LOL
2012-08-22 20:22Guest 5Is Jew Facebook ok with you?
2012-08-22 20:22Guest 8I don't use it, do you?
It is a waste of time; like so many things today.
2012-08-22 20:22Guest 5you dont care if people use Jew facebook?
2012-08-22 20:22Guest 8I don't tell folks what to do.
I am here Ed.
2012-08-22 20:22Guest 5you are a kike- period
2012-08-22 20:23Guest 8Kiss off you idiot.
2012-08-22 20:23Guest 5you have to cut people off
because you are flawed
2012-08-22 20:23Guest 8Get a life.
2012-08-22 20:23Guest 5Pastor Dan is a QUEER if he trusts jew facebook and Ill tell him to his face- hows that?
yes thats name calling
he is a damned QUEER
2012-08-22 20:24FlashGordon !Hi ed..........I will be on for a while
2012-08-22 20:24Guest 8Keep going on exposing yourself, you moron.
2012-08-22 20:25Guest 5he calls people names and yes Yashua called people sons of satan and many other things. In fact the best man was a name caller- John the Baptist
to say otherwise is antichristian entirely
you vipers
Dan is a BS queer- thats all I can conclude
2012-08-22 20:26Guest 8LOL
2012-08-22 20:27Guest 5and Danfronga (a stockbroker ha ha ha ha) he is as dumb as a door knob
2012-08-22 20:27Guest 8Bad fruit from a bad tree.
2012-08-22 20:27Guest 5thats the bloody truth
2012-08-22 20:28Guest 4Guest 5 is an immature joke. /grow the hell up.
2012-08-22 20:28Guest 8.....
2012-08-22 20:28Guest 5anyone that has the faggot Commander McBragg/sonofhthemist around kissing their arse is a queer
2012-08-22 20:29Guest 4No, guest 5 is a moron
2012-08-22 20:29Guest 8Ed you need to mute 5...
2012-08-22 20:29Guest 5it really is bizzare
2012-08-22 20:29Guest 4and a punk
2012-08-22 20:29Guest 5I would tell them both to take a hike
go find a jews arse to kiss but not mine
but these guys say nothing
Like I want some arsehole to partner with me and have a jew Facebook account with ZUCKERBERG
its so pitiful its surreal
they go from talkshoe to jew facebook- can you f ing believe that? Honestly? Think!!!
its too stupid to believe- they are kikes or complete idiots
a little of both
2012-08-22 20:34Guest 8Are you listening to what Ed is saying?
2012-08-22 20:34Guest 5and you know down deep its true whether its hard to claim here or not
but Pastor dan cuts people off because he is guilty
2012-08-22 20:35Guest 8Ed, I will listen to the archive... Yahweh bless.
2012-08-22 20:35Guest 5faggot CI people we dont need
Abe may be viewing this but it isnt going to be used against me in a police report
2012-08-22 20:36Sammy Goodfellowwe hear you
2012-08-22 20:36Guest 5like JEW FACEBOOK WILL
Why cant a CI leader see this?
Because they are Frank Collin CI guys? Could very well be.
2012-08-22 20:38Sammy Goodfellowguest five, you must think you very smart and cleaver, but no one gives a shit about you or your comments.
2012-08-22 20:38Guest 5Sammy, I am glad you speak for everyone like youe jew media
2012-08-22 20:39Jacob IsraelGuest 5, as a Christian Psychologist, I can tell you are having some sort of a semi-episode, at this time. Why don't you call a good friend and chat,
2012-08-22 20:39Guest 5you speak for dogs
2012-08-22 20:39Sammy GoodfellowNo I just read what others said about you and I agree.
2012-08-22 20:39Jacob Israelinstead?
2012-08-22 20:39Guest 5Elijah- go kiss Frank Collin's jew ass
2012-08-22 20:40Jacob Israelyou will only feel worse, if you continue in here
2012-08-22 20:40Guest 5you are Sigmund Freud I am sure
2012-08-22 20:40Jacob Israelsee?
you are already feeling worse and worse, till you wlll simply expire, from this
2012-08-22 20:40Guest 5see what? Your little jew schmekel?
You kikes hate the truth
2012-08-22 20:41Sammy Goodfellowalcoholic fueled phoney bravado
2012-08-22 20:41Jacob Israelgo call a close friend, and disuss this, with him, or her, or them!!!
probably that too
2012-08-22 20:41Guest 5Sammy- why dont we have a phone chat right here
2012-08-22 20:41EdClanofChattan
2012-08-22 20:41Guest 5I'll call in
2012-08-22 20:42Jacob Israelthere you go
good idea
2012-08-22 20:42Guest 5and we will watch you cryptos defend jew facebook
Elijah arent you a wickstrom jewboy?
Hal Turner was a jew you know?
and wickstrom knew it
2012-08-22 20:43Jacob IsraelEd, that law article above says "White Person" yes
2012-08-22 20:44Guest 5change the subject jew
Sammy Goodstein is a Christian barf
sorry I must go, but not defeated
2012-08-22 20:46Sammy Goodfellowwhat a weirdo!
2012-08-22 20:47leonard901.
is the show over?
2012-08-22 20:56Guest 10why would any dufus want to be a citizen or national??? IDIOTS keep riding this citizen train until you arrive at your FEMA Camp Cabin.
count me out
2012-08-22 21:01Jacob IsraelI guess 5 finally called a friend or went to sleep it off or ?
so many crazies, coming out of the woodwork. 5 is not the only one, but one of millions, everywhere.
even more troubling, perhaps, is the lack of good folks who understand that all that has occurred and will occur, is all part of Yahshua Ha Mashiach's
nothing surprises The Creator of All!!!
He is over all, YHWH (The Eternal)
2012-08-22 21:06Guest 14elijah, you are crazy as batshit
2012-08-22 21:07Jacob Israelnothing, even 5 turning into a 14 :)
or a serpent
or back into one :)
brb getting ready
2012-08-22 21:15Guest 9agriculture
2012-08-22 21:15IrishGringovatican
2012-08-22 21:19Legalman2O12How can a city inspector inspect your remodeled home without a warrant?
2012-08-22 21:22Guest 9exevutive
moot point
2012-08-22 21:24Jacob Israelyour t/s keeps getting knocked off the air, Ed
must be the info, you are giving
2012-08-22 21:25oldhobeElijah it hwas not gonoe off for me.
2012-08-22 21:25Jacob IsraelWhites In Israelite Lands; negroids in nubia; and mongoloids in malay, i.e. asian lands
thanks Hobe
ATT messes up more than all the others, as it is foreign run; not American run, for years
2012-08-22 21:27Guest 15by law.. what is law
2012-08-22 21:27IrishGringojus sanguinus,
2012-08-22 21:27oldhobeI need to chedk out but will listen to the recording tomorrow.
2012-08-22 21:28Jacob Israelmine have been here since the Puritans / Mayflower
2012-08-22 21:28Guest 15why..?
2012-08-22 21:28Daniel Kmy family on my mothers side literally came over on the mayflowr
2012-08-22 21:29Jacob IsraelYahshua Bless, by coming (Heb 13:5 / Rev 22:20ff) Amen!!!
have to drive somewhere, now. Gute Nacht Alles!!! :)
2012-08-22 21:29EdClanofChattan
2012-08-22 21:32Guest 15U mean the bankes..
2012-08-22 21:33Daniel KI just on Ed, I missed it all too
2012-08-22 21:33Guest 17the link is not working
2012-08-22 21:33Daniel KI will have to go back and listen
2012-08-22 21:33Guest 16so what the planet is all ours
2012-08-22 21:33IrishGringo^ dead link
2012-08-22 21:33Guest 15let lear abouy crbil..
2012-08-22 21:34BlackPopePastor Eli James now has a show on RBN Sunday's 11:00 - 2:00pm central time.
2012-08-22 21:35Guest 17what is RBN?
2012-08-22 21:35BlackPopeRepublic Broadcast Network
2012-08-22 21:36Guest 17can that be listen to on the internet?
2012-08-22 21:36Guest 16criminal codes are not positive law
2012-08-22 21:36Guest 15ok Fine... now what do we do,,
2012-08-22 21:37BlackPopeYes G17.
2012-08-22 21:37Guest 15no
2012-08-22 21:38Guest 17thank you
2012-08-22 21:38Guest 16then its meaningless for all the others too and they nostly came in in 20th c3ntury
2012-08-22 21:38BlackPopeYW
2012-08-22 21:39Daniel KTitles of the United States code which have been enacted into positive law are ONLY legal evidence of the general and permanent laws!!!!!
EVEN titles of the united states code which have been enacted into positive law are ONLY LEGAL EVIDENCE of the law!!!!
while nonpositive law titles only establish prima facie the laws of the United States
2012-08-22 21:40Guest 15why do i need to be a us situation
2012-08-22 21:40Daniel KSee, 1 USCS 204(a)
2012-08-22 21:41Guest 15ucc-308-1
what is the law..?
2012-08-22 21:41Guest 16original citizens are nt under all the new coes and law forms
2012-08-22 21:42Daniel KGuest 15, its the Original Constitution and the Statutes at Large written pursuant to, and also the treaties
this is the law of the land
2012-08-22 21:42Guest 17Does the us constitution say a white man is a citizen?
2012-08-22 21:43Daniel Kit hints at it
2012-08-22 21:43Guest 15lets learn the law..
2012-08-22 21:44Daniel KIt talks about the "Posterity" of the founders
2012-08-22 21:44Guest 17So the us constitution does not say who is a citzen?
2012-08-22 21:44Daniel Kthen the Statutes at large clarify and say EXACTLY WHO it is that can be a Citizen
2012-08-22 21:44Guest 16the articles of confederation do
2012-08-22 21:44Daniel Kit does, thats not what you asked
2012-08-22 21:44BlackPopeMany of the "original state constitutions" refer to Free White People.
2012-08-22 21:44Guest 17amen
2012-08-22 21:45Daniel Kcorrect
and so does the statutes at large
which proves the intent was to confer citizenship ONLY to those individuals the founders knew as "white"
the term Nation means race
Nation = Race
This was to be a Nation for and by white folks
2012-08-22 21:46BlackPopeThe states CREATED the Federal Government. Therefore how can the created be BIGGER than the creator? It can't....
2012-08-22 21:46Daniel Kwhich is WHY the jew has everyone believing this was intended to be a melting pot
2012-08-22 21:46IrishGringounder the constitution, 1791, the Citizen was a privileged person class being enabled by "the People " in Order.
2012-08-22 21:47BlackPopeYEP
2012-08-22 21:47Daniel Kthe "People" means the White People
this is WHY all these gurus process's "worK" for some and not for other and why dummies like Clulis Jewing think they "win" in court
2012-08-22 21:48Guest 15bull shit... (they).. Do u mean.. all judges/cops/ any thing
2012-08-22 21:49Daniel KYou cant bring in de jure law or de facto corporate code as a de facto 14th amendment citizen and expect a "remedy"!!!!
2012-08-22 21:49Guest 16good find Ed
2012-08-22 21:49Guest 15good thing..u need to learn the facts
2012-08-22 21:50Daniel Kthis is what Rod does, Luis does, EVERYONE does this!!!
2012-08-22 21:52Daniel KEd, both sides of the family or just the father side needs to have been here before 1907?
2012-08-22 21:52Guest 16the docotrs at your birth determined your race on the birth certificate
2012-08-22 21:52Guest 15lets see the trutjh,
2012-08-22 21:53Daniel Kand what if the father side migrated here after 1907?
2012-08-22 21:55Guest 16the mormons keep very thorough records
2012-08-22 21:55Daniel Kthe best, from what Ive been told
2012-08-22 21:56Guest 16dont you think Bill Bhortons common law process works and Rob Ryder
i found a supreme court case about how indians can only have Indians on their Juries. judge Storey I believe
2012-08-22 22:00BlackPopeWhat's your website Ed ?
2012-08-22 22:00Daniel KI came on late too, what was the jist of this 1906 info??
blackpope, were you on, did you hear?
2012-08-22 22:02BlackPopeWhat ?
2012-08-22 22:03Daniel Kwhat was the jist of this 1906 info?
2012-08-22 22:03BlackPopeNo sorry got on late DK.
2012-08-22 22:03Daniel Kdarn me too, can anyone bring me up to speed on this? Im impatient, dont want to wait for the archive
2012-08-22 22:04BlackPopeEd, answer DK's QUESTION please.
2012-08-22 22:04Guest 16immigration was moved to under commerce and labor departments from the common law courts
2012-08-22 22:05Daniel Kits alright, I dont want to make him repeat himself, i will go back and listen!
2012-08-22 22:05Guest 21block thejokeisonyou, that luis the asshole ewing
2012-08-22 22:07Daniel Kha, lol, "that asshole ewing" lol
but that wasnt lawful, right?
2012-08-22 22:08BlackPopeEd, what if the fathers side migrated after 1906-07 ?
2012-08-22 22:08Daniel KEd, but just like everything else they did, that was UNLAWFUL!!
But was it moved lawfully?
Right so it doesnt matter
so its should be irrelevant, right?
2012-08-22 22:10TheJokeIsOnYouGuest 21, why are you so jealous of Luis Ewing? I heard he just won a felony assault case for a guy who kicked a cop in the face with cowboy boots!
You're just a jealous hater guest 21!
2012-08-22 22:11Daniel KI see
so then our post 1906 brethren simply need to follow the lawful process to become Citizens, ritght???
ahhh Young Jewing, greetings!
I see!!!!
2012-08-22 22:12Guest 21no one is jealous of butt boy ewing, we just get tired of seeing his crap splattered all over talkshoes
2012-08-22 22:13Daniel KRight but they are eligible
2012-08-22 22:13Guest 16You re the jealous hater Luis
2012-08-22 22:13Daniel Kthey just need to do the process lawfully since they were tricked into doing and unlawful one, right???
2012-08-22 22:13Guest 21for someone who says that he is soo fricking busy helping people, he sure spends alot of time on talkshoe trying to piss people off
TheJokeIsOnYou is luis
2012-08-22 22:14Guest 16right just say there was a mistake
2012-08-22 22:15Daniel Ksimple fix!!!
we just need to restore the law, like weve been saying Ed!
we'll need a lawful judge first
2012-08-22 22:18Guest 16they know if the lawful
2012-08-22 22:19Guest 23like building seven
2012-08-22 22:21IrishGringoespecially reconstruction era in the south. the yeoman class was destroyed.
2012-08-22 22:25Guest 23then came the carpet baggers
2012-08-22 22:26Guest 16writing experts csaim thomas paine wrote the declatation of Independenc by his writing style
2012-08-22 22:30BlackPopeGood call Ed. See ya Brothers.
2012-08-22 22:30EdClanofChattan
2012-08-22 23:13Jacob Israelback after an hour plus
what was the solution, Ed?
I sent you an email to join that, Ed.
how about 144K?
good night Ed and All
Rev 22:20ff = The Perfect Solution
Hebrews 13:5