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2012-07-11 19:50Guest 2just the 2 of us, Ed
i'm here but back and forth
2012-07-11 19:50EdClanofChattanYes, welcome ;)
2012-07-11 19:50Guest 2checking emails
Republican Congress Repealed OBAMACARE
imagine we walk outside and all of the edomites are dead on the ground, ready to be buried :)
is malcolm x really obama's daddy?
2012-07-11 20:37Guest 6most say Lincoln betrayed the 700K plus or minus who were murdered by the Rothschild-caused "Civil" War
2012-07-11 20:40JohnWatermandid Eli call in?
2012-07-11 20:43EdClanofChattanYes John
2012-07-11 20:44JohnWatermanHillary Clinton is signing a UN gun ban treaty next week
2012-07-11 20:48EdClanofChattanHitlerary Clinton can go to live in It's - a Lie! ;)
2012-07-11 20:48Daniel KHey brother Ed!
Sorry Im late, was grilling up some tri tip! It was goooood!
2012-07-11 20:51EdClanofChattanHey DK ;)
2012-07-11 20:52Daniel Kyes you cant be a public official and an angent of the queen
2012-07-11 20:52jkevin1959hi john how ya been?
2012-07-11 20:52JohnWatermanI'm getting slowly better
2012-07-11 20:52jkevin1959i'm glad to hear we have missed you
2012-07-11 20:53JohnWatermanthanks for your thoughts
2012-07-11 20:53jkevin1959np
2012-07-11 20:53JohnWatermanI'm usually busy Wed with my broadast
2012-07-11 20:53jkevin1959is it still on?
2012-07-11 20:53JohnWatermanIt is going to shortly be posted at my website
2012-07-11 20:54Daniel KI used to have a coach named Mr. Waterman
2012-07-11 20:54JohnWatermanlol
2012-07-11 20:54Daniel Khe was a damn good coach too!
thats not you is it, lol?
2012-07-11 20:54JohnWatermanI was a player not a coach
but Waterman is my radio name
2012-07-11 20:55Daniel KI see
2012-07-11 20:55JohnWatermanmy last name is MacLeod of Lewis
2012-07-11 20:55jkevin1959anybody know why jessie jackson jr is depressed? hell they have extorted enough money for many people
2012-07-11 20:55Daniel KCops operate under letter of Marque and Reprisal!!!
they just had to share it with the king
2012-07-11 20:56JohnWatermanthey are trying to tax people working in their own homes today
2012-07-11 20:56jkevin1959i bet him beem boozing and crackin it up
2012-07-11 20:56Daniel KIt was were they would hire pirates to go rob others and share the booty with the king
2012-07-11 20:57JohnWatermanI will soooooo glad when this is over
meaning ... the tyranny
2012-07-11 20:57jkevin1959it wont be soon enough john
2012-07-11 20:57JohnWatermanI will be*
2012-07-11 20:58Guest 8I thank amercians for the constitution, my family and I (11 children) are from mexicio, and we are now amercians. God bless.
2012-07-11 20:59Guest 10is Luis Ewing on this call?? I see someone named DumbandWhite on here
2012-07-11 21:00Guest 8I am trying to learn the constitution.
2012-07-11 21:00jkevin1959oh piss off 8
2012-07-11 21:00Guest 10the constitution doesn't apply to wetbacks
2012-07-11 21:02Guest 8I am sorry, but I am a amercian now.
2012-07-11 21:03oldhobeBut we do not have peace either.
2012-07-11 21:04JohnWatermanthe people abusing the constitution are the dual citizen politicians
2012-07-11 21:04oldhobeTell those soldiera who are bleeding and dying over there that there is no war.
2012-07-11 21:05Guest 8I would like to see my children in goverment some day,
2012-07-11 21:05jkevin1959who declared war old?
2012-07-11 21:06Guest 10war has been never ending since the war between the states
2012-07-11 21:06oldhobeDoes it have to be declared. Obama is the head and he continues to send people and provisions to continue the conflict. A war by any other name is a
war and hurts those in it
2012-07-11 21:07JohnWatermanoldhobe there are lawful wars and unlawful wars
2012-07-11 21:07jkevin1959these are edomite joo rothchild banker wars
2012-07-11 21:07Guest 10there are wars and armed conflicts
2012-07-11 21:07Guest 11Argusoog seems to be a pretty decent online radio station, John
2012-07-11 21:08JohnWatermanargusoog radio is trying to figure it out but europeans still have major issues understanding how socialist they are
2012-07-11 21:09Guest 8I like Obama , he has worked hard to help us come to amercia, I hope to see more Mexcian coming to amercia to the land of plenty
2012-07-11 21:09Guest 11yes, I have neigbbors from England, who are as dull intellectually as my old barn yard pig
sorry pig
guest 8, jews took over MEXICO, over 1500 Years Ago. There are no pure Aztecs, nor Mayans, nor Incas, in MEXICO, since it was taken down by them (Rev
2012-07-11 21:12Guest 8oh thank you for the information
2012-07-11 21:12Guest 11judaism is the only religion in Mexico, Central and South America, since 500AD
and forms of it
de nada
2012-07-11 21:13Guest 8I see, I don't think i have Jew in me, it would be nice, so i can have more right , yes?
2012-07-11 21:14Guest 11read LADINO-MESTIZO by Clifton Emahiser, where he shows the racial make-up of Mexico, and the rest of ladino (jewish) america
when anyone says, "I'm Latino" they are actually admitting their jewish lineage.
2012-07-11 21:15Guest 10I like some wild latino big tittied pussy
2012-07-11 21:15Guest 8I will look up mr emanhiser, is he from mexico too?
2012-07-11 21:15oldhobeI believe that orginally the one with the most votes was president and the one who came in second was vice-president.
2012-07-11 21:16Guest 11no
yes, Oldhobe
Emahiser is an Israelite (Caucasian) who is an historian, and bible teacher
2012-07-11 21:18oldhobeIt was a Republic but it is now a socialistic democracy.
2012-07-11 21:18JohnWatermanoldhobe Israelites are now in occcupied territory
2012-07-11 21:19Guest 8Yes a socialistic democracy, that is why we camr to amercian it has alot of social programs, thanks to the constitution.
2012-07-11 21:19JohnWatermanmilitary base in panama
2012-07-11 21:20Guest 10OFFICE of President is not THE President of the United States nor The President of the United States of America
2012-07-11 21:20JohnWatermanand military bases are rented in foreign soil but is not like an embassy
2012-07-11 21:20Guest 13"He gave everyone the boundaries of each's habitation" (to each race)
White People in theirs; Negroids and Asians, Theirs
2012-07-11 21:21Guest 8that is why i am hoping we will see amexcian president too
2012-07-11 21:21Guest 13all who violate that LAW will DIE!!! (2nd Death)
2nd death = eternal "lake of fire, which is the second death" (eternal)
2012-07-11 21:22Guest 8do you have bible lesson on this too?
2012-07-11 21:23Guest 13there are no "wet backs" in the lake of fire, just dry, burnt, screaming ones (Matt 13:40-42)
2012-07-11 21:24Guest 8I'm not sure what you are talking about "wetbacks", we are now educated in amercia and some day we will be ruling too
2012-07-11 21:24Guest 1342 And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.
2012-07-11 21:25Guest 10I like wetback pussy
2012-07-11 21:25Guest 8you what they are charging for a green card now? $600
2012-07-11 21:25Guest 13no, guest 8, you will be in the lake of fire, screaming, day and night, forever and ever, next to guest 10
2012-07-11 21:25oldhobeThat is for sure.
2012-07-11 21:26Guest 13as Christ said to you, c 5000 yrs ago, guest 8, "I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!"
2012-07-11 21:26Guest 8i didn't learn much on the contitution because of you guys
2012-07-11 21:26Guest 13BOOK OF ENOCH
2012-07-11 21:27oldhobeUntil we eliminate the party system we will be doomed.
2012-07-11 21:27Guest 1399% of so called "mexicans" are the same JEWS which murdered CHRIST
2012-07-11 21:27Daniel KThanks Eli!!!
2012-07-11 21:27Guest 13today
sepphardic jews = mexicans
2012-07-11 21:28Guest 10Darkknight is a mexican, lots of wetbacks in Colorado
2012-07-11 21:28Guest 13as caiaphas, herod, annas
2012-07-11 21:28Daniel Klol
2012-07-11 21:29Guest 13after 70AD they left Israel for Mexico, C and S America, to miscegenate with the willing and unwilling Aztecs, etc, there
2012-07-11 21:29Daniel Kmexicans are generally decent
but Im not mexican!
2012-07-11 21:31Guest 13Darkknight, have you read Clifton Emahiser's book online, Ladino-Mestizo ???
2012-07-11 21:31Guest 10OMG Ed you are so full of shit, you are brain dead after Luis kicked you in the head with real knowledge
2012-07-11 21:31Daniel Khi Clulis!
2012-07-11 21:32oldhobeThank you Ed
2012-07-11 21:32Guest 13guest 10 is luis ewing? he sends me these crazy emails, all the time. I mean they are the ramblings of a mad man
2012-07-11 21:32Daniel Kwow, Clulis! You are so dumb you think a pro se complaint cant be dismissed on a 12b6!!! ROTFLMWAO!
2012-07-11 21:33EdClanofChattanUnited States v. Bhagat Singh Thind - 261 U.S. 204 (1923)
2012-07-11 21:33Guest 13Singh = Sikh Religious Name
2012-07-11 21:33EdClanofChattan
2012-07-11 21:34Guest 13BAH-GOT SING TIND
2012-07-11 21:34Daniel Kafter the sophmoric display of legal knowledge Ive seen from him over the past few days, I cant believe he's ever even won a RAFFLE, let alone a
damn court case!!!!!
2012-07-11 21:36Guest 16gracias por la constituction. Espero que para gobernar sobre el hombre blanco antes
2012-07-11 21:38Guest 16mexcians que se hara cargo en breve y gobernar el hombre blanco
2012-07-11 21:39Guest 13judios de mexico, solo tienen como su eternidad, el infierno, y nada mas
guest 16 is a jew
que goze de lo mismo :)
2012-07-11 21:41Guest 16II'm ningun judio, soy un mexcian vamos a votar por Obama porque es negro
2012-07-11 21:41Guest 1316, you're a jew
asesino de JesuCristo
es decir sus antecesores
2012-07-11 21:43Guest 16eres anigger?
2012-07-11 21:44Daniel Kdamn brownie was goooood!
2012-07-11 21:44Guest 16hablas como anigger
2012-07-11 21:44Guest 13"NUNCA!!!!!!!!!!!"
2012-07-11 21:45Guest 1613 invitados que tienen a un negro, suena como un
2012-07-11 21:45Daniel Kok, no more spanish, PLEASE!
2012-07-11 21:46Guest 16ok
2012-07-11 21:47Guest 13DK, I was typing spanish, 16 was typing ladino (jewish)
2012-07-11 21:47Daniel Kyikes
2012-07-11 21:47Guest 16aoi 13 caithfidh tu a nigger, tu fuaime mar cheann
2012-07-11 21:48Guest 13see, DK? that is pure yiddish or jewish-spanglish, aka ladino (yiddish / jewish)
thanks for proving my point, again, guest 16
2012-07-11 21:49Daniel KYIKES!
"In general, 'Free White Persons,' includes members of the white or Caucasian race, as distinct from the black, red, yellow, and brown races." U. S. v
U. S. v. Balsara (1910), 180 F. 694, 695; In re Najour (1909), 174 F. 735; In re Ellis (1910), 179 F. 1002, 1003; In re Alverto (1912), 198 F. 688; I
2012-07-11 21:52Guest 16right good point
2012-07-11 21:53Daniel KIn re Akhay Kumur Mozumdar (1913), 207 F. 115. (Emphasis added.)
2012-07-11 21:53Guest 16I think so
2012-07-11 21:55Daniel KTo understand that not only Article IV, but all other Articles (I through VII) were written only for the government of and for the white race (thereby
barring those not of the white race from coming under their protection),
See, Crandall v. Connecticut
2012-07-11 21:56Guest 16I don't think gust 13 is white
2012-07-11 21:56Guest 132 Kings 19:35 Sets the precedent for all immigrants to True Israel (America)
the camp of the Assyrians an hundred fourscore and five thousand: and when they arose early in the morning, behold, they were all dead corpses.
that is the fate of all of other races entering Another's Country
2012-07-11 22:03Guest 17sure
we can drop 17 off at the carcel on the way :)
2012-07-11 22:16Jacob IsraelEd, how far can you take this case?
2012-07-11 22:17Guest 18Family Show my ass, you stupid Goat Fucker
2012-07-11 22:17Jacob Israelhow far in the court system, Ed
Go For It!!! :)
take this babylonian "judicial" system down
jews have no right to judge anyone, except themselves...seeing they are all guilty
Ed, I just was told to get a criminal record for my records, and had no criminal record, anywhere, as I never deal with courts, police, and such likes
I just obey the existing laws. Your Thoughts?
see above
a real estate group, regarding acquiring property, Ed
they said you must have that as part of your dossier
credit check, criminal record, monetary records, etc etc etc
the whole kit and kaboodle (sp)
acquire property
community assn rules (?)
here in Ca, most of the assns, banks, real estate businesses are owned by Asians, and other illegals
Ed, White People are now a minority, even in the USA. With that fact, what do you believe is the best way to not only win cases, but to rid the USA
of all illegals?
Asians, I've found out, come in by the 1000s nightly, on these "red eye special" flights of China Air, Japan Air, India Air, etc (200 M in USA now)
many of the seemingly "Whites" in USA are arabs, other edomites, or hybrids, and you can easily tell, by telling them the Truth, and their reaction to
"you will know them by their fruit" (reaction to Truth)
Adam and Eve in the garden were the two versus 1000s or Millions of the wicked
Yes, Ed, YHWH Must Come To Fix this Creation, entirely
We Need Real Power From Above, First, and Wisdom
Amen Ed
I tell illegals, I meet, especially, when it is just the two of us, to "Go Home or they will be executed (Ezek 38-39) by God
I tell Whites, whom I know are Israelites, to "Start Fighting For Our Nation...Our Families...Our People"
but Ed, this entire creation was started by YHWH and He Remains 100% Responsible For It, Forever...since He Chose All.
Let's (YHWH and Us) Execute All of the illegals, and then Punish Our Own :)
Good Night All :)
have to call my brother down south (confederacy country) :)
the illegals are already judged "GUILTY", so they must be executed first, then the lesser wicked, among our own
a very short, worthwhile lesson by Ray Redfairn
right before Ray passed away, after a great fight for True Israelites :)
2012-07-11 22:55Guest 19the application of jus soli since 1850 should be abolished for jus sanguinis
2012-07-11 22:56Jacob Israelnight all again, enjoy the above lesson, when Liberty ends, this evening