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2012-07-04 19:59isaiah14Wow, I can streak through the chat room. Nobodies there. Wow.
2012-07-04 19:59EdClanofChattanWelocome folks ;)
2012-07-04 19:59JeanBapWelcome Ed
2012-07-04 19:59isaiah14Hello Eddy. Looking for a real good show this evening.
2012-07-04 20:00EdClanofChattanJust playing some music til every gets in. The show is planned to be great!
2012-07-04 20:00JeanBapEd For US President and Eli For Vice President
:) :)
2012-07-04 20:01EdClanofChattanMainly waiting for Pastor Eli.
2012-07-04 20:01JeanBapwhat's the first thing, you'd do in the Oval Office, Ed?
2012-07-04 20:01EdClanofChattanSit down and take a nap! LOL
2012-07-04 20:02JeanBapno, you'd send a nuke somewhere, remember :)
2012-07-04 20:02isaiah14How about me as the White House Streaker.
2012-07-04 20:02EdClanofChattanNothing to do in the oval office right now but wait for somebody to attack our soil!
2012-07-04 20:03JeanBapnever mind, just appoint Jean as your Chief over the Air Force, etc
2012-07-04 20:03isaiah14How about if we drag Obama out of the White House kicking and screaming.
2012-07-04 20:03JeanBapI would clear the entire globe of the synagogue of satan, first off
2012-07-04 20:04EdClanofChattan"Nobody's life, liberty, and property is safe while the congress is in session" right?
2012-07-04 20:04isaiah14True. Their to scared of the Jews.
2012-07-04 20:04JeanBapyou mean while the knesset exists?
2012-07-04 20:04EdClanofChattanIt would be best that nobody in government do anything!
2012-07-04 20:05isaiah14True Ed, I think that Yahweh has it well in hand.
2012-07-04 20:05JeanBapWell, I'm over tel aviv, Ed, what are you instructions???
2012-07-04 20:05EdClanofChattanYes He does ;)
2012-07-04 20:06JeanBapwe've got 12 Planes with Full Payloads, and We're Strike Ready, Mr President :)
2012-07-04 20:06EdClanofChattanIf you are in Tel Aviv, I would order you to tell the dictator there that they won't be seeing anymore money from America!
2012-07-04 20:07isaiah14Hey, Shamir passed a way about a week ago. Isn't that great.
2012-07-04 20:07EdClanofChattan....and drop your payload while you're there.
2012-07-04 20:07JeanBapOk, bomb doors are being opened...I got You....there they go, heading right for the knesset, and Bibi's face
2012-07-04 20:08isaiah14Wait a minute Jean, I'm not there to witness it.
2012-07-04 20:08JeanBapand the rest are on their way to the city within the city :)
we took em all out, Mr President
the sos is all history
did you catch all that Isaiah14?
2012-07-04 20:09isaiah14YEA YEA
It's to hot in Chicago to celebrate.
2012-07-04 20:11JeanBapcelebrating the bombing of the sos :)
2012-07-04 20:11isaiah14Sounding good
2012-07-04 20:11JeanBapyes Ed
2012-07-04 20:12Guest 7.
2012-07-04 20:12JeanBapthe best part is the SOS didnt die: they are all in the lake of fire, after our first little bbq and are really roasting now :)
2012-07-04 20:19EdClanofChattanOzawa v. United States, 260 U.S. 178 (1922)
2012-07-04 20:35JeanBapyes, Ed, everyone keep speaking in nice, Loud voices :)
2012-07-04 20:57Guest 9this is agood case Ed
2012-07-04 20:57isaiah14NO Sound
2012-07-04 21:05JeanBapbbl all: family situation calling my attentions awayyy :)
good case, yes
see you all in awhile
2012-07-04 21:15isaiah14Lincoln was part Jew. Maybe full Jew. His mother Nancy Hanks last name is Hankenburger. She had an affair with Abraham Ingram.
2012-07-04 21:19Guest 9swhat is the name of this case?
2012-07-04 21:20EdClanofChattanOzawa v. United States, 260 U.S. 178 (1922)
2012-07-04 21:20Guest 9thanks
good case Ed
how is louis' case going?
do people really get damages?
2012-07-04 21:28EdClanofChattanUnited States v. Bhagat Singh Thind - 261 U.S. 204 (1923)
2012-07-04 21:30isaiah14What's Louis case about??
2012-07-04 21:31Guest 9thats the era they were tightening up immigratin llaws
2012-07-04 21:31EdClanofChattanHague v. Committee for Industrial Organization - 307 U.S. 496 (1939)
2012-07-04 21:32Guest 9thanks Ed