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2012-06-20 19:54Daniel KGreetings Brother Ed!
finally made it here on time!
2012-06-20 19:55EdClanofChattanGreetings Bro DK ;)
2012-06-20 19:55Daniel KI read in your profile you play classic guitar, I DIDNT know that!!!
2012-06-20 19:55EdClanofChattanYes
2012-06-20 19:55Daniel Kthats awesome, ME TOO!
Not very well, but nonetheless, LOL
2012-06-20 19:56EdClanofChattanThe next song is one I am working on.
2012-06-20 19:56Oreillyi'm just a retired school shrink :)
2012-06-20 19:56Daniel Kmy little brother is way better than me
2012-06-20 19:57Oreillyevening Neil
2012-06-20 19:57Guest 4lets turn the burl ives music off
2012-06-20 19:57TipperaryEvening O, how are you?
2012-06-20 19:58OreillyI was just on the Aryan Nations site, today, listening to their So Africa March Sermons. All Very Good, including Eli's
doing a little better. How about you, Neil?
2012-06-20 19:58Daniel Klost sound
there we go
2012-06-20 19:59TipperaryVery fine thanks, just a little cold down here in SA!
2012-06-20 19:59Guest 4can we hear some free bird???
2012-06-20 19:59Daniel Kdo you have the sheet music or tableture for this song Ed or are you just learning it by ear?
2012-06-20 19:59Oreillyhow are the beasts of the field behaving, Neil?
2012-06-20 19:59Daniel Kdo you have the sheet music or tableture for this song Ed or are you just learning it by ear?
Pastor Eli!
2012-06-20 20:00TipperaryBurning tyres and behaving like baboons
2012-06-20 20:00OreillyEvening Eli. I listened to your Aryan Nations 2/27 Sermon in Arkansas, today. Very God!!!
2012-06-20 20:00Daniel KGreetings Brother!
2012-06-20 20:00Oreillysame old same old, Neil. Makes All Good People Sick!!! :(
2012-06-20 20:00Guest 4you have electricity in Arkansas??
2012-06-20 20:01Guest 7Its called SUMMER
2012-06-20 20:01OreillyGuest 4, are you asking me?
2012-06-20 20:01Tipperarywhere are u in the US O?
2012-06-20 20:01Daniel Kit hit 102 the other day here
2012-06-20 20:01OreillyI'm near sf,ca, a weird place
2012-06-20 20:01Guest 4are you in arkansas?
2012-06-20 20:01Oreillyme?
2012-06-20 20:01Daniel KDenver, CO
2012-06-20 20:01Pastor Eli Jamesthank you, OR
2012-06-20 20:01Guest 4o i c
never mind
2012-06-20 20:02TipperaryCalif, ok. were still safe tho. Praise YHWH!
2012-06-20 20:02Oreillyhow is Denver, DK?
2012-06-20 20:02Daniel Kbeautiful
2012-06-20 20:02Oreilly:)
2012-06-20 20:02Daniel Kbeen hot, but today it was really cool
2012-06-20 20:02Guest 7So now people on here are spreading the Jew Global Warming crapola? Thats weird.
2012-06-20 20:02OreillyYes, Praise and Come YHWH YAHSHUA AMEN!!!
2012-06-20 20:02Daniel KNOBODY here is spreading jew anything!
2012-06-20 20:03Guest 7Hope not
2012-06-20 20:03Guest 4I heard that darkknight is a closet jew
2012-06-20 20:03OreillyThere are about 100K Russian Troops In Syria, Getting Ready!!!
2012-06-20 20:03Daniel Kboy that would suck
2012-06-20 20:03TipperaryYou sure O?
2012-06-20 20:03Guest 7100k troops? lol.
2012-06-20 20:03Oreillyyes
though I'm not there of course
2012-06-20 20:03Guest 7How are they feeding 100k troops?
2012-06-20 20:04TipperarySyrian remnants 7!
2012-06-20 20:04Guest 6WENDY'S
2012-06-20 20:04Guest 7You would need 24/7 air support to enable 100k troops to be stationed somewhere.
2012-06-20 20:05Daniel Kthat guy is a retard, weiland
2012-06-20 20:05TipperaryO, are the russian ships really there?
2012-06-20 20:05Pastor Eli JamesLOOL, DK
2012-06-20 20:05Guest 7Russian ships have ALWAYS been in Syria. THey have a port there.
2012-06-20 20:06Daniel Kweiland is obviously funded by mystery babylon!
2012-06-20 20:06Tipperaryacknowledged, 7, but why now?
2012-06-20 20:06Guest 7Always there
God Bless the Russians or anyone who kills US TROOPS (ZOG war criminals).
2012-06-20 20:07OreillyI pressed "refresh" when ts's chat stopped functioning and it closed instead :)
2012-06-20 20:07TipperaryBut the single Russian carrier is not always there, except for now
2012-06-20 20:07OreillyREV 14:11 ON YOU GUEST 7
2012-06-20 20:07Daniel Kany ever read Lysander Spooner?
another idiot!
2012-06-20 20:07Oreillyno
7 is a Troll
2012-06-20 20:08Daniel Ktries to argue that the founders could not bound their posterity to any contract
2012-06-20 20:08Guest 7Tipperary. And what SICKNESS is threatening Syria today? God Bless the Russians for defending Syria
2012-06-20 20:08Daniel Khow dumb! If you dont want your inheritence, DONT take it!
2012-06-20 20:08Guest 7Oreilly is a troll.
2012-06-20 20:08Tipperary7 make yourself known
2012-06-20 20:08OreillyEd, or Eli, Guest 7 is A TROLL
2012-06-20 20:08Guest 7I am known
Guest 7 is a truth teller
Some just cant handle the truth
2012-06-20 20:09Daniel Kwhy are you calling guest 7 a troll? what did he say?
2012-06-20 20:09Guest 7like jews
2012-06-20 20:09Daniel Khis comment about Russia?
2012-06-20 20:09Oreillycalled for the death of US Troops
2012-06-20 20:09Tipperarysome cant handle zionism
2012-06-20 20:09Daniel Khe is CORRECT
2012-06-20 20:10Guest 7Of course I call for the death of US TROOPS. They are war criminals and doing the works of Satan's chosen sickos
2012-06-20 20:10Oreillynot their death, but their being awakened to Life (Ez 37)
2012-06-20 20:10Daniel Kthey are fighting for the jews enlaving the world!
but I understood his point
2012-06-20 20:10Guest 7Only a Jew or shabbos goy could support US Troops.
2012-06-20 20:10Daniel Kyou are 100% correct!
2012-06-20 20:11Guest 4john stuart is right, all you freaks are going to jail
2012-06-20 20:11Daniel KROTFLMWAO!!!!
2012-06-20 20:11Guest 7Jon Stuart = Nasty Jew
2012-06-20 20:11Daniel KJohn Stewart is the BIGGEST IDIOT I have seem come accros the truth movement in a LONG time!
2012-06-20 20:11Guest 4we are not worthy of our massa john stuart
2012-06-20 20:12OreillyJohn T Stewart?
2012-06-20 20:12Daniel KJohn Stewart HATES truth
2012-06-20 20:12TipperaryThe Zionist comedian?
2012-06-20 20:13Guest 4no, john stuart the murderer and the guy that Anglea stark sucks his nasty sweaty greasy nuts
2012-06-20 20:13Daniel KLOL
2012-06-20 20:13Daniel KYa AN-JEW-LA !!!!
not that John Stewart, we are talking about this retard in the partiot community
2012-06-20 20:14TipperaryDear Ed and Eli, could you please clarify the 2nd ammendment please
2012-06-20 20:15Guest 6that right and that why we have the gov we have today and the rights we see today
2012-06-20 20:15Guest 7Yahweh = God in Hebrew. Dios = God in Spanish. Allah = God in Spanish etc... Only an idiot speaks English yet uses another language to say GOD
2012-06-20 20:15Daniel Kwhat do you mean clarify?
2012-06-20 20:15Guest 7Allah = God in Arabic. sorry
2012-06-20 20:15Oreillyarabic = dialect of the demonoids
2012-06-20 20:15TipperaryI am not from US, so in context I mean
2012-06-20 20:16Oreillycepharvaim
same as Sanhedrin
2012-06-20 20:16Guest 6only bible law, not the constitution
there is simply no other possible solution
2012-06-20 20:19Guest 6turn him to the law
2012-06-20 20:19TipperaryLOL ED
2012-06-20 20:19Daniel KThe Constitution is was written in exact accordance with the scripture
2012-06-20 20:20Guest 6right we are slaves because the constitution has allowed it
2012-06-20 20:20Daniel KNONSENSE!
2012-06-20 20:20Oreillythough The Scriptures and even the US Constitution are much Virtuous, ONLY CHRIST'S BEING HERE IS ANY REAL SOLUTION TO THE CREATION'S INHERENT PROBLEM
2012-06-20 20:20Daniel KWe are slaves because the Constitution is NOT being used
which is what this call is about
going back and MAKING them obey the law
2012-06-20 20:21Oreillyand Christ expects all of HIS to figure that out
2012-06-20 20:21Guest 6We are slaves in the bible too, so why wouldn't we be slaves under the constitution?
2012-06-20 20:21OreillyChrist expects HIS to reject anything short of HIS BEING HERE 24/7 FOREVER
2012-06-20 20:22Daniel Kbecause this Nation was the regathering of Israel, and we arent slaves in the scripture, we have just been enlaved at times
We have dominion over the earth and animals and other peoples
2012-06-20 20:23OreillyDK by comparison that is irrelevant
2012-06-20 20:23Guest 6doesn't scripture say we are slaves to christ?
2012-06-20 20:23TipperaryWas Jefferson part French by blood Ed?
2012-06-20 20:23OreillyAdamites have never ever had any dominion. Adam and Eve were small children, not even potty-trained. ONLY CHRIST'S PRESENCE SOLVE THE INHERENT PROBLE
2012-06-20 20:24Daniel KWe are supposed to be in control, we are being punished for not obeying his laws
2012-06-20 20:24Guest 6paual called himself a slave to christ
2012-06-20 20:24OreillySOLVES
2012-06-20 20:24EdClanofChattanJefferson was Scottish.
2012-06-20 20:25TipperaryCool, i'm 10% Scott and 90% German
thank you Ed
2012-06-20 20:25OreillyDK, the law says that the eternal death of the demons was to be carried it out!!! Was it? No. Thus, the parable is Keep The Law. Truth is: Come YHWH
carried out
Come YHWH and Be Our Father Who Art With Us!!!
2012-06-20 20:26Guest 6doulos
From G1210; a slave (literally or figuratively, involuntarily or voluntarily; frequently therefore in a qualified sense of subjectio
2012-06-20 20:26TipperaryYHWH bless you, Oreilly
2012-06-20 20:26Oreillyparable: slaves of Christ Truth: Hi Sons and Daughters
2012-06-20 20:26Guest 6so if we are slaves in the bible, we must be slaves under the constitution
2012-06-20 20:26OreillyAmen You Too Tipperary
2012-06-20 20:27TipperaryDanke!
2012-06-20 20:27OreillyBitte Sehr :)
2012-06-20 20:28TipperaryBitteschoen O!
2012-06-20 20:28Guest 6So the constitytion does not set us free
2012-06-20 20:28OreillyGleichfalls, und so weiter, und so weiter, bis zur Ewigkeit :)
2012-06-20 20:29Guest 6dark knight what do say?
are we slaves in the bible?
2012-06-20 20:29OreillyMy wife is calling me to take her to the food store. So, I will be leaving for awhile
in about 10
2012-06-20 20:30Guest 6Paul,G3972 a servantG1401 of JesusG2424 Christ,
2012-06-20 20:30TipperaryMensch, die haelfte von Amerika sind Deutsch-sprechend!
2012-06-20 20:30Oreillymeine erste sprache. Meine grossmutter sprach deutsch
2012-06-20 20:31TipperarySprechen Sie noch heutzutage Deutsch?
2012-06-20 20:32Oreillyja, in dieser hinsicht
2012-06-20 20:32Guest 6Do you speak any German today
2012-06-20 20:33Oreillyi must go my wife is calling again :)
2012-06-20 20:33Guest 6yes, in this regard
2012-06-20 20:33TipperarySehr shoen, das ist ausgezeichnet!
2012-06-20 20:33Guest 6goodbye
2012-06-20 20:34TipperaryCheers Oreilly, go well!
2012-06-20 20:34Guest 6Very shoen, which is excellent
I think weiland teaches the law is written on our hearts
under the constitution we are slaves
slaves to the gov
the constitution give you ur rights
2012-06-20 20:39Daniel Kyou are severely confused guest 6
2012-06-20 20:39Guest 6tell me how?
2012-06-20 20:40Daniel Kfirst, we are NOT slaves under the Constitution
Second, the Constitution DOESNT give you any rights?
2012-06-20 20:40Guest 6really?
2012-06-20 20:40Daniel Kyes REALLY!
2012-06-20 20:41Guest 6Have you ever heard someone say "its my constitutional right"?
2012-06-20 20:41Daniel KYour rights come from Yahweh, Constitution just reiterates them and PROTECTS them from those that would that them
take them
like I said, the problem is . . . WE ARE NOT USING IT!
2012-06-20 20:42TipperaryWe have the intrinsic capability to recognise right from wrong
2012-06-20 20:42Guest 6The gov can take away any right u have
2012-06-20 20:43Daniel Kin this current de facto set up, yes i agree
but not under the LAW!
2012-06-20 20:43Guest 6which law?
2012-06-20 20:44Daniel Kthe laws of this Nation!
2012-06-20 20:45Guest 6yes you are do you pay taxes?
2012-06-20 20:45Daniel Konly when I am required to
2012-06-20 20:45Guest 6by law
2012-06-20 20:45Daniel Kyou realize they are imposing taxes via the 14th amendment, right?
2012-06-20 20:46Guest 6thats right but if u bring the law u will go to jail, therefore u are under law of this nation
:break the law"
2012-06-20 20:47Daniel KWhite people are NOT subject to the 14th amendment
they have moved into our Nation and imposed their own rules, codes, "laws" that are set up to rob, rape and pillage us!
Which is WHY we MUST go back and use the Original de jure Law the founders established for us to use!
2012-06-20 20:49TipperaryGood nite everyone, and Yah bless Pastor ED and Eli, thanks for the great show.
2012-06-20 21:01Guest 15who said "I smell a rat"
cherry picking weilands book.
2012-06-20 21:03Sammy Goodfellowsmell a rat. Was it Thomas Paine?
2012-06-20 21:05Guest 15Patrick Henry
He opposed the United States Constitution
fearing that it endangered the rights of the States as well as the freedoms of individuals;
2012-06-20 21:06Sammy GoodfellowHe was right.
2012-06-20 21:08falcon1i was just going to say that eli
a marxist
2012-06-20 21:09Sammy GoodfellowDid he just say that the Founding fathers were Christians?
2012-06-20 21:10falcon1most of them were
2012-06-20 21:10Guest 15weiland didnt ed said they were but that is not true
2012-06-20 21:10Sammy GoodfellowWhich then were not?
Most were masons and Diests. Not Christian.
2012-06-20 21:12falcon1masons back then are not masons like today
2012-06-20 21:12Guest 15right most were masons
2012-06-20 21:12falcon1the masonic organization was infiltrated by jews
so u really need to study more
you will never see or hear a jew commie say give me liberty life and happiness or give me death
yes this guy is a shill guaranteed
there ya go folks
2012-06-20 21:20Guest 15It is impossible that a nation of infidels or idolaters should be a nation of freemen. It is when a people forget God that tyrants forge their chains
Patrick Henry
2012-06-20 21:21falcon1we have all these lawyers who worship english parliament royalty law arguing against the very constitution that was put in place to protect us
irony at its finest
2012-06-20 21:22Sammy GoodfellowWould the hosts be in favor of a National Sunday Law requiring people to observe Sunday as "The Lord
Lord's day
2012-06-20 21:23falcon1no but he maybe in favor of following the sabbath day as the lords day
that is a commandment and requires no approval of mans law by the way
2012-06-20 21:25Sammy GoodfellowBut Congress cannot make such law without violating the Constitution. Even if they voted for the Seventh Day.
2012-06-20 21:26Guest 15thats right sam
BTW Ted said he would not come on ur show...
2012-06-20 21:27Sammy GoodfellowOne of the last things John Paul II asked for was Sunday legislation here in the good old USA.
2012-06-20 21:28Guest 15...reason for my decision not to debate these fellows, Eli has already proven himself to be a fool (Proverbs 18:13) and Ed a swine by rendering pearls
2012-06-20 21:29Sammy GoodfellowAccording to Pastor Eli, what happens when we die?
2012-06-20 21:29isaiah14Who is guest 15. Weiland does preach false doctrine. 15 you better be careful about who you are calling a fool.
2012-06-20 21:31Daniel KThanks Eli!
Yahweh Bless!
2012-06-20 21:32falcon115 is stinkstadt? sure sounds like it
the good ole child molester
who trolls other shows
2012-06-20 21:32isaiah14Do you think he might be a member of NAMBLA??
2012-06-20 21:33Guest, I'm telling you Ted said he will not come on ur show...
2012-06-20 21:33isaiah1415, Ted should. Let him prove himself.
2012-06-20 21:35Guest 15read Teds book at
2012-06-20 21:36falcon1whats teds last name
2012-06-20 21:36Guest 15weiland
Ted also have a audio section on his website as well.
2012-06-20 21:38Guest 19Ted who?
2012-06-20 21:39Guest 15Ed a swine by rendering pearls asunder (Matthew 7:6).
take care...
2012-06-20 21:40Guest 19I guess he didnt want to say who Ted was pretty bad
2012-06-20 21:41falcon1all these arguments from those who's true intention is to
2012-06-20 21:41Guest 19I will die a thousand deaths of curiosity now
2012-06-20 21:41falcon1destroy our freedoms and protections
all the info needed is recorded, one only needs to read and study
even the minutes leading up to the decisions are available
2012-06-20 21:42Guest 19and act?
2012-06-20 21:43falcon1i'm afraid we are past the point of redress of grievances
they will bounce your butt into a fema reeducation camp
2012-06-20 21:43Guest 19Im afraid of not doing anything at all more than anything
2012-06-20 21:44falcon1i agree but strength is in numbers
we are told to take up arms and do what needs to be done
2012-06-20 21:44Guest 19tell that to Davey Crockett at the Alamo
tell that to John the Baptist
2012-06-20 21:45falcon1most all of the constitution amendments are unconstitutional
2012-06-20 21:45Guest 20to many people getting fed checks
2012-06-20 21:45Guest 19yes there are
I say we make them swim
2012-06-20 21:46Guest 20lol
2012-06-20 21:46Guest 19make pearl divers out of em
2012-06-20 21:47Guest 21 TI's Stories
2012-06-20 21:47Sammy GoodfellowSoon Washington DC will repudiate the Constitution along with all 50 state constitutions. We're in a heap of trouble.
2012-06-20 21:47Guest 20these TI guys (like chuck) need to get a life.
2012-06-20 21:48falcon1democracy is mob rule
2012-06-20 21:48Guest 19when the trouble starts the fun starts
2012-06-20 21:48Guest 21very true 20 now tell the perps that
2012-06-20 21:48Guest 20but how are we going to pay our bill if the checks stop?
2012-06-20 21:49Guest 19when the bullets start flying its all over Gracie
2012-06-20 21:49Guest 21by not becoming a TI or a Perp 20
2012-06-20 21:49Sammy Goodfellowthen they bring out the big blade!
2012-06-20 21:49Guest 20perp all around according to the TI's
2012-06-20 21:49Guest 19the bigger blade they bring the better
2012-06-20 21:50Guest 21true 20
Hospitals and all
2012-06-20 21:50Guest 19the best things in life are free to this day
2012-06-20 21:50Guest 2021 r u chuck
2012-06-20 21:50Guest 21nope
2012-06-20 21:51Guest 20when the checks stop all heel will break lose
2012-06-20 21:51Guest 21true 20
2012-06-20 21:52Sammy GoodfellowWhat were his "crimes"?
2012-06-20 21:52Guest 19what will we do without Jew kosher food?
2012-06-20 21:52falcon1Ed, do you honestly think going threw the courts is the answer? Do you think you are the only one who has tried this?
2012-06-20 21:52Guest 20courts rule according to the powers to be
2012-06-20 21:53falcon1Ed, you are in for a rude awakening
2012-06-20 21:53Guest 19and Jew TV and Jew courts, schools etc?
2012-06-20 21:53Sammy GoodfellowWhat were the crimes?
2012-06-20 21:53Guest 20I think he talking about using the courts
2012-06-20 21:54Sammy GoodfellowWhat were the fucking crimes man???
2012-06-20 21:54Guest 19me Tarzan
2012-06-20 21:54Guest 20what crimes?
2012-06-20 21:54Guest 21U JANE
2012-06-20 21:54Sammy GoodfellowOf the man Ed is talking about
2012-06-20 21:54Guest 19me thinkem jane go with the chimp
2012-06-20 21:55falcon1Ed, I admire your persistence and wish you the best
but they will not hear your case, not openly.
when you walk into the court room do you see the flag wrapped in gold tassel? you are in a martial law court room
and they will not hear any constitution nonsense
you will see
2012-06-20 21:57Guest 20one of thousand who have tried this
2012-06-20 21:57Sammy GoodfellowThank you. Sorry for the F-bomb
I'm about 2 minutes behind on my audio. My appologies.
2012-06-20 21:59Guest 2021 who is u jane?
I think its a perp
2012-06-20 22:04Guest 24Apostle Keith J Brooks here hello everyone
As an Apostle it sounds like the arguments would be voided if no one is going back...only the new laws are being used.
2012-06-20 22:07falcon1yes admiralty law
this is why they will not answer your case
2012-06-20 22:09Guest 24Apostle Keith here it's a problem that can not be solved in the current court system. we need to setup our own courts.
2012-06-20 22:10falcon1thats the freeman stance
the appellate court a common law court?
then they will not hear your case
we will see
2012-06-20 22:11Guest 24Cheif Apostle Keith here...we need chritian courts.
Cheif Apostle, they make the laws
How can you get them out if they make the laws...Cheif Apostle
2012-06-20 22:13falcon1yes agents of england royalty
2012-06-20 22:15Guest 24Royal Cheif Apostle Keith here...I think that we will be forced to setup christian court to make any headway.
Apostle of the grandseat...i think we need to vote in the right people to change the laws.
2012-06-20 22:19falcon1i dont think voting in is the answer as your vote doesnt count its who counts the votes that count
2012-06-20 22:20Guest 24True what you are saying but they frame the cases in court...honorable Apostle Keith
2012-06-20 22:20falcon1night Ed good luck
2012-06-20 22:21Guest 24yes me I have a program to get on talkshoe..Cheif Apostle
2012-06-20 22:22Oreillyback from shopping trips
2 food stores
Ed, The People of the Constitution are such a minority, even in our own USA. It certainly seems, without much dispute, that YHWH must Act or Else.
Your Thoughts???
2012-06-20 22:24Guest 26I hope we can...I do believe we can Together Manufacture Dreams!
2012-06-20 22:24Guest 16I live in California now they are going after the people that live out in the desert and they are off the grid
2012-06-20 22:25Oreillyyes, I'm in california too, and chinese outnumber Americans by several to one, in most cities in california, and elsewhere
2012-06-20 22:26Guest 16they will become a major threat very soon
2012-06-20 22:26Oreillyevery night, Especially, 1000s of chinese, and other asians sneak into Our USA, by plane, etc...(late night flights, e.g.)
and breaking the "Sound Barrier" near any city is ILLEGAL
esp at Night
yet, "The Lawless" do so
2012-06-20 22:28Guest 26glory be massive dose of Bible!
2012-06-20 22:29Oreillynot really, very minimal amount, this evening, compared to other evenings or other CI talkshoes
30% only tonight
they enter OUR USA, True Israel, and YHWH executes every single one of them, and casts them forever into the lake of fire (Rev 14:11 / 20:10-15) Amen
2012-06-20 22:32Guest 26that why we are a heterogeneous people thanks to the constitution. this why I came to amercia.
2012-06-20 22:32Oreillyno, USA is not part of CFR. CFR is 100% jewish (lighter, yellow, with some dark ones) America is The Victim, not the perpetrator, of course.
YHWH allows the jews and other demons to come up against His America (God's Realm in Our Hebrew) so He can execute Judgment against them ("be glorifie
2012-06-20 22:34Guest 16that is correct the people are always the victim
2012-06-20 22:34OreillyPeople = White People (True Israel) and our Gen 12:3 'friends'
as Caleb was in the days of Moses and Joshua
our friend
and received the inheritance"
2012-06-20 22:35Guest 16We are the goverment when we know how to defend our nayural rights
I meant (natural)
2012-06-20 22:36OreillyAmerica (God's Realm) is completely under the control of the demon-jews and God is just waiting to annihilate them (Matt 25:41)
2012-06-20 22:36Guest 26As a Mexican Americans I am thankful for the constitution, and my rights under the constitution. I do plan to vote for Obama he is a good amercian...
I don't understand "demon jews"/
2012-06-20 22:37Oreillyobamanation of desolation and all its fellow demon-jews are being cast even now into the eternal lake of fire, Amen.
2012-06-20 22:37Guest 26oh,
2012-06-20 22:38Oreillyjews are satan and its fellow demons, per Scripture (John 8:4, and All of Apocryphal Texts, Christ quoted from)
2012-06-20 22:38Guest 26I do hope to get my family here as well, Obama is trying to help.
2012-06-20 22:39OreillyChrist said to them (demons / jews) 'I will never forgive you. Your condemnation is eternal!!!" (Book of Enoch)
well, 26, then the lake of fire is your Real Home.
neither asbestos, nor anything else will help you.
2012-06-20 22:40Guest 26I'm so glad we have constitution shows like this...I don't know what you mean lake of fire is my home, no amercia is now my home.
2012-06-20 22:40OreillyEternal Home
2012-06-20 22:41Guest 26yes amercia, and my family who will be here soon
2012-06-20 22:41OreillyGuest 26, Read 2 Kings 19:35, to see how it will end for you, here
2012-06-20 22:41Guest 26is that the bible?
You can as a Mexican Americans too
oreilly why do you want me to read 2 kings 19:35 for?
2012-06-20 22:44Oreilly35 That night the angel of JESUS CHRIST went out and put to death a hundred and eighty-five thousand in the Assyrian camp. When the people got up the
2012-06-20 22:44Guest 26did that really happen, wow!
2012-06-20 22:44Guest 28the only ID I have is a 9.125" appendage that has a tattoo that says.. "Shorty's Truckstop Tupelo Mississippi"
2012-06-20 22:45Oreilly2 Kings 19:35
for some reason the best part wont post
2012-06-20 22:46Guest 26in Mexico we have alot of coffee beans, I see in amercia you have alot of corn.
2012-06-20 22:47Oreillyanyway, read that verse, which speaks directly to all illegals ("the lawless" of 2 Thess 2)
illegals = lawless (definition)
2012-06-20 22:47Guest 26is he talking about the constitution?
2012-06-20 22:48Guest 28once you go black, you don't go back
2012-06-20 22:49Guest 26I am so glad amercia has the constitution it has allowed me and my family 50 of of us to come to amercisa, Obama has been agood president.
2012-06-20 22:49Oreillyblacks and all they touch die, due to lawlessness (from being raped by the demons, per Apocryphal texts and true archaeology)
2012-06-20 22:49GoneTroutFishingYou can't be WHITE & STUPID and NOT know anything about the law & get A FREE PASS to DRIVE WITH NO DRIVERS LICENSE just because you are WHITE & STUPID
2012-06-20 22:50Guest 22G26, Ovomit is a P.O.S.....
2012-06-20 22:50Guest 26i don't understand oreilly is that part of the constitution too?
2012-06-20 22:50Oreillyobama was created by YHWH to test all. those which follow it, are the DECEIVED, and will be cast into the lake of fire: Their Names Are NOT in Christ'
s Book of Life"
2012-06-20 22:51Guest 26oh, good we will all vote for him, he will help us.
2012-06-20 22:51Oreilly"you may not set a black male over True Israel Ever" (Deuteronomy 17)4
2012-06-20 22:51Guest 22Licks his boots Huh ?
2012-06-20 22:52Guest 26I don't understand you amercians, you have a great country, and a constitution that allows us to come and have rights like you
2012-06-20 22:53Guest 16GOOD COMEDY
2012-06-20 22:53Guest 22We had a great country.......
A country with no borders is no longer a country bootlicker.
2012-06-20 22:54OreillyNo illegals will be any place in eternity, as say your ancestors, who died and were cast in, but in the lake of fire, burning without any respite, for
they chose it
2012-06-20 22:54Guest 26as a Mexican I am so happy to be called an amercian and now I am a israel people too, right?
2012-06-20 22:54Oreillyand that is YES your right
2012-06-20 22:55Guest 26i thought so.
2012-06-20 22:55jkevin1959no 26 you are a troll
2012-06-20 22:55Oreillyno Israel / Shemites = White People.
2012-06-20 22:55Guest 16We like it or not they were here first
2012-06-20 22:55Guest 26what is a troll?
2012-06-20 22:55OreillyGuest 26, you can go home, and thus bless Us (Genesis 12:3) or stay and be forever cast into the lake of fire, YOUR CHOICE
2012-06-20 22:56Guest 22Shut that dog up.
2012-06-20 22:56Oreillytroll = one who comes into another country or chat room, but not to Bless Us
2012-06-20 22:56Guest 22Ha ha ha
2012-06-20 22:57Guest 26thank you and thank you for the great constitution, oh I was only trying to share with you?
2012-06-20 22:57Guest 16Time to wake up
2012-06-20 22:57Guest 26we are now all amercians
2012-06-20 22:57GoneTroutFishingIs there a nice way to stone faggots?
2012-06-20 22:58Guest 22Excuse me. Maybe the Mexican was barking.
2012-06-20 22:58OreillyOk, I've taught enough / warned enough. Time for The Family Now
2012-06-20 22:59Guest 16Yes with vaselin
2012-06-20 22:59OreillyAdios = To God (be the Glory) Amen
2012-06-20 22:59Guest 26I heard that Mexican Americans will be more than white people soon, did you hear that too...?
2012-06-20 22:59Guest 27The mexicains
2012-06-20 22:59Guest 26yes?
2012-06-20 23:00Guest 22There are ONLY Americans.
2012-06-20 23:00Guest 16Numbers always take over
2012-06-20 23:00jkevin1959lol 27 good one
2012-06-20 23:00Guest 26yes we are all amercian
2012-06-20 23:00Guest 22No
2012-06-20 23:00GoneTroutFishingIf the white guys grew a larger pee pee, the white girls wouldn't be humping the black guys, ha, ha!
2012-06-20 23:01Guest 22Proof you have no brains. Ha ha ha
2012-06-20 23:01Guest 26I'm a amercian too and my family we have 50 so far in amercia, we do marry white people its ok.
2012-06-20 23:01Guest 27and LEWIS
2012-06-20 23:01GoneTroutFishingI heard someone's daughter likes the black anaconda????
2012-06-20 23:03Guest 26well nice talking with you all, thank you for the constitution amercians. i have to go.
2012-06-20 23:03Guest 27mexicans are a part of this country......
as are blacks ...
2012-06-20 23:03Guest 22Hurry pick more fruit.
2012-06-20 23:04Guest 26what is a black anaconda, is that a snake in amercia?
where are my words?
oh there they are.
2012-06-20 - 214-573-3294
2012-06-20 23:07Guest 16please post it
2012-06-20 - 214-573-3294
2012-06-20 23:18WhiteWaterKayakingAnd they will still be laughing on their death beds!
They will always remember you as the dumbest white patriot in America!
2012-06-20 23:21Guest 28I gotta to take a shit, I will think of you Ed as I flush it down the toilet
2012-06-20 23:21WhiteWaterKayakingWhat up?