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2012-05-16 20:26JeanBap"How Civilizations Fall, and By Whom...or What" (The History of the Present Evil Age, The Age of The Jews
Every Gog, Magog and Thus Far Adamic/White Civilization has been destroyed by "The World's Destroyers, Jews" as rabbis call themselves
2012-05-16 20:29Guest 5yes
2012-05-16 20:29JeanBapthe world's inceniaries...fomenters of all murder, all crime: "We either commit the crime, or influence (demonically) its commission" -Talmud
2012-05-16 20:33leonard901.
2012-05-16 20:34JeanBapJesus YHWH says the jews / demons are guilty of all crime. they are made to be bad, by all we know of them
2012-05-16 20:34Guest 11hi JeanBap im glad you showed up
2012-05-16 20:35JeanBapJB here, what are you initials Guest 11?
2012-05-16 20:35Guest 11i think your cool and i never hated you
2012-05-16 20:35JeanBapbtw thanks
why would anyone hate me???
2012-05-16 20:36Guest 11your welcome and my name is Ethan
2012-05-16 20:36Guest 10you know DK is a lesbian trapped in a man's body don't you
2012-05-16 20:36JeanBapOh Ethan, yes, I figured you'd had a break up in your life, last week ?
2012-05-16 20:36Guest 11Doney Kong?
thats a video game aint it
2012-05-16 20:40JeanBapfederal police, at all levels, I've heard and read have a super plan to apprehend the banksters and try them in a Real Court of Our Israelite Law
Israelites are spreading this from the highest levels of military, highway patrol, secret service, Sheriffs, etc
so Everyone, when You see a police officer, you know and like, arresting some big wig bankster, or a negroid or other anti-Christ, Help Them Out, Amen
by all means
2012-05-16 20:43Guest 11the Jews are really not that smart they just have all the money and get to do whatever the hell they want
2012-05-16 20:45JeanBapthe jews saw earthly sexual relations, and said to themselves: "hey, that looks better than Heaven" and "ain't we sharp?"
thus, we have sodoms and gomorrahs and The Lake Of Fire, for jews, and earthly suffering for The Elect.
first residents of sodom and gomorrah??? you guessed it, jews / nephilim and their brood or rephaim (brood of the vipers)
2012-05-16 20:49Guest 11well the Jews love to have a good time and makeing money easyly is fun and thats why they do it
2012-05-16 20:50charles8854Ed; when your show is over, i invite folks to my show:
2012-05-16 20:51JeanBapjews make money b/c they know jewesses will do absolutely anything for a shekel...and even other females are weaker vessels and fall for that ruse
The Elect Are As Virgins, Pure.
2012-05-16 20:52Guest 11well that means im no elect because im not that pure
2012-05-16 20:53Guest 10so where does that leave us whore chasers
2012-05-16 20:53Guest 11i wish i had a pureheart,God loves the pure in heart
2012-05-16 20:53JeanBapEthan, the Scripture Signifies "Once Your Eyes Are Open" as Bartemaeus
or opened
2012-05-16 20:54Guest 11ya maybe,thats why God loves children because they have a pureheart
2012-05-16 20:54JeanBapChrist OPENS Every Seeing Person's Eyes; We Are NOT Able To, Ourselves. Just as Children aren't born Smart; they are Matured only by Christ Himself
Except Christ Builds the House, They Labor in Vain, Who Build"
This Life and All Eternity is 99.9% about What Christ Does Through Us and To Us, and Not about what we can do, of course. :)
2012-05-16 20:56Guest 11"we are born with hearts of gold but when we grow old are hearts grow cold"
2012-05-16 20:56JeanBapBe Anxious about NOTHING!!!"
Christ Controls All
2012-05-16 20:57Guest 11ya i wish that was true
2012-05-16 20:57JeanBapWhy Does One Go Into Carpentry or Painting or Art, or Chemistry? Christ Created Them SO
2012-05-16 20:58Guest 11maybe it is but not in my world
2012-05-16 20:58JeanBapwhy does one have blond hair? Same Exact Answer
or brown hair? same exact answer, Christ Does It All
2012-05-16 20:59Guest 11why?who the knews,why is the earth round?
2012-05-16 20:59JeanBapwho created desire? Christ Smell? Christ Taste? Christ Attraction or Repulsion? You Got It, Christ :)
Christ Created All and In All, as He Willed / Desired
2012-05-16 21:00Guest 11when your liveing in the Ghetto,Satan controls things not some holy God
2012-05-16 21:01JeanBapWhy does Billy love Susie? Christ Created The Attraction. Our Part: Test The Spirits, if it is A Marriage Attraction or Friendship
2012-05-16 21:02Guest 11Bill finck you mean?
2012-05-16 21:02JeanBapEthan, I live in a very rough place, and grew up, as Eli, Ed and many others in NYC (or another rough place). It is not location but Christ who Wills
"Billy" = Generic male name = is all
Susie = ditto
2012-05-16 21:03Guest 11i thought you liked susie
2012-05-16 21:03JeanBapone is in Beverly Hills or Harlem / Bronx To Teach That Particular Group, of course, NOT as a punishment :)
2012-05-16 21:04Guest 11i thought you guys were friends
2012-05-16 21:04JeanBapwe can relate to our environment
we were, till she rejected CI :)
2012-05-16 21:05Guest 11girls just can't get along
2012-05-16 21:05JeanBapshe and joan and my buddy steve chose judaeo instead
My Wife is an Angel from Heaven. She is feeding me, as I type away, and telling me she loves me, all at the same time :)
2012-05-16 21:06Guest 11My wife?Holy shit!im sorry i thought you were a woman
this chats on talkshoe are crazy
2012-05-16 21:07JeanBapno, Jean is John in French, which I love, as a 2nd or 3rd language :)
Je suis un Homme naturellement (sp)
I'm a Man (6'2" and about 220 Lbs) Thank YHWH I'm Not a Big Woman :)
2012-05-16 21:08Guest 11thats the last time i say sorry to people on talkshoe
2012-05-16 21:09JeanBapoh now my wife daughter and cousins (all women) are all mad at me :)
2012-05-16 21:09Guest 11Pastor Eli James i thought JeanBap was a woman and i write you an email saying sorry for hurting a womans feelings?
well they i aint sorry for shit i said they
2012-05-16 21:10JeanBapEthan, Jean like Jean Lafitte, the Christian "Pirate" is a very common name in France, etc
Jean Baptiste or Le Jean Baptiste is French for John the Baptist, Christ's Cousin, and Greatest Prophet
2012-05-16 21:11Guest 11in America now people are truely crazy
2012-05-16 21:13JeanBapAnyway, Ethan, as a Christian Psych Counselor (Phds in same) I had already diagnosed you, as having a problem or several (of the psyche)
many of Us Israelites have psyche / psychological problems, due to the extreme suffering imposed upon Us all by Christ YHWH.
2012-05-16 21:14Guest 11I REAL DO HATE THIS FUCKEN CHATS
2012-05-16 21:14Guest 10big woman with a fat ass
2012-05-16 21:14Guest 11FUCK YOU
2012-05-16 21:15Guest 10he must have irritable bowel syndrome
2012-05-16 21:15Daniel KGreeting Ed!
Greetings Pastor Eli!
2012-05-16 21:16leonard901.
2012-05-16 21:16EdClanofChattanHey DK ;)
2012-05-16 21:21Guest 10damn Ed that was a fake laugh
2012-05-16 21:24Daniel KEd, sorry Ive been out of touch lately, been working on these lawsuits
amongs other distractions
2012-05-16 21:25JeanBapie is messed up
I have missed about 40 mins of this shoe due to ie or ts connection problems
2012-05-16 21:28Guest 16i love Pastor James and Ed but im very glad that the blacks took over america because the white man really needs a GIANT nigger dick up his ass
2012-05-16 21:31StopCommieModeratorsIf you really want to learn about THE LAW OF MONEY, then come and listen to Luis Ewing on PRO-SE WINNERS:
In 1998, I caused former Governor Albert Lowry to convene an emergency session of the Legislature to change the 1961 definition of Money at: RCW 84.04
The 1961 definition of MONEY at RCW 84.04.060 was changed because I forced King County District Court Judge Barbara Linde to DISCHARGE a $1,000 FINE!
It's 1 thing to talk about THE LAWS OF MONEY & it's an entirely different thing TO MAKE IT WORK IN OPEN COURT! - WANNA LEARN HOW TO MAKE IT WORK?
2012-05-16 21:35Guest 16al greenspan said they do,so it must be true
2012-05-16 21:35JeanBapAudio keeps going on, then off, for awhile
Eli, Stay on For The Entire Shoe with Ed!!!
2012-05-16 21:36Guest 5Thank You!
2012-05-16 21:36Guest 16guest 16 did
2012-05-16 21:36Daniel KI got on late, but I will go back and listen
2012-05-16 21:36JeanBapThough it is almost 10 pm in Chicago
Ed, what have you heard about President Tim Turner and his Group?
someone tell Ed to look at The Chat Room, My Question!!!
Tim Turner was elected by The People, who are Awake, and who Voted. The Notice went out, and only a Few (Remnant) were awake and Voted. :(
2012-05-16 21:40Guest 10I'll have some of what you're smoking
2012-05-16 21:40Daniel KJean, the "People" did not elect TT!
the "People" means the WHITE People!
2012-05-16 21:40JeanBapTim Turner has most of the Christian Vote, and even the denommers vote
Yes, White People. His Cabinet is Israelite
2012-05-16 21:42Daniel KSo TT, is aware now of the fact this Nation was for and by white folks and that ONLY white people can hold de jure office or be Citizens?
2012-05-16 21:42JeanBapthough, the non-Israelites who Bless True Israel are blessed in the process (Gen 12:3 etc)
He and His Cabinet are verrry aware of this. I talk with them regularly
2012-05-16 21:43Daniel Khmmm....
2012-05-16 21:43Guest 10john stuart says all you fuckers are crazy and wrong!!
2012-05-16 21:43Guest 19HES RIGHT
2012-05-16 21:43JeanBapjohn stuart, the jew homosexual?
2012-05-16 21:43Guest 19praise god
truth hurts
2012-05-16 21:44Daniel KJohn stewart also says drinks alcohol every night while preaching against marijuana...
what an IDIOT!
2012-05-16 21:44JeanBapjohn stuart's father is of course, satan, or other demon
2012-05-16 21:44Guest 10LOL
2012-05-16 21:44Daniel KLOL
agreed Jean!
2012-05-16 21:44JeanBapas all the elect know
I know every person spiritual condition, as a shrink of nearly 40 yrs, it is all I know---people, etc---> :)
or rather individual's
2012-05-16 21:45Daniel KI dont trust TT!
he is a government shill!
2012-05-16 21:45JeanBapTim is An Outstanding Man of Valor Truth Knowledge and Wisdom
2012-05-16 21:46Daniel Khow so? he taught of bunch of hogwash that didnt work and stole everyones "money"?
2012-05-16 21:46JeanBaphe is ready to execute---he and his military etc staff---all of the sos / banksters, etc
this will happen in the verrry near future, I'm sure
by Christ
2012-05-16 21:47Daniel KThen WHY didnt he speak the truth before?
with his restore america nonsense?
2012-05-16 21:48JeanBapHe is moving very slowly in public. Behind the scene, he and his staff are busy 24/7
Restore "The Republic" you mean
2012-05-16 21:49Daniel Kwhatever.. what happened with that?
2012-05-16 21:49Guest 10it got sidetracked because tim's cock got caught in the cookie jar
2012-05-16 21:49JeanBapi'm not on my email address where I have his website stored, but keep listening and reading and you will see much good coming, more and more quickly
2012-05-16 21:50Daniel Klol, TT is a shill@
2012-05-16 21:50JeanBapHe is a Southerner, as Most True Israelites
2012-05-16 21:50Daniel Kused to work for edomite FEMA?
misled MANY Israelites and took their money?
2012-05-16 21:51JeanBapall have been ALLOWED / Made To, be deceived, till YHWh Jesus Opens The Eyes of The Blind
Tim's Eyes are Open Now
2012-05-16 21:51Daniel Kwhen did this happen?
2012-05-16 21:52JeanBapjust as none of us had been awakened by Christ till recently
2012-05-16 21:52Daniel KIve been awake for years now?
So has Ed?
2012-05-16 21:52JeanBapTim's eyes have been opened more and more as all other Elect, recently...past 18 mos esp
2012-05-16 21:53Daniel Kthen Tim need to come see us, NOT try to do his own thing, NOBODY trusts him!
2012-05-16 21:53JeanBapDark, your first date, did you think ONLY of The Girl / Woman, Your Date, or ?
Everyone will have the exact same answer
2012-05-16 21:53Daniel Khmm.... not sure, probably
2012-05-16 21:54Guest 10I was thinking of her daddy and how damn big he was
2012-05-16 21:54JeanBapMaturation = A Thing of YHWH JESUS Only
2012-05-16 21:54EdClanofChattanJones v. Temmer (Aug. 1993) 829 F. Supp. 1226
2012-05-16 21:54Daniel Klol @ guest 10
2012-05-16 21:54JeanBapwho Matures Every Child / Person, etc? Only Christ The Creator
2012-05-16 21:55Daniel KJeanBap, your support for TT has made me very weary of you
2012-05-16 21:55JeanBapI have counseled 1000s and till Christ builds the House, I'm wasting my time, trying to "change" anyone, of course
Dark, you may not understand, till some time in the future. I'm of a hoary head, and have more maturation of Christ, than younger Brethren
2012-05-16 21:56Daniel Kmaybe, and I hope your right
2012-05-16 21:56JeanBapI am: guaranteed :)
2012-05-16 21:57Daniel Khowever, I was let down by TT on MANY levels and dont trust him as far as I could throw him!
2012-05-16 21:57JeanBapbut dont take my word: Listen and Read The Most Recent Words/Actins of Tim....Everyone Else!!!
2012-05-16 21:57Daniel Kwhere can his "most recent words" be heard?
2012-05-16 21:57JeanBapAnd Above All Study and Be Involved IN Bringing Down Mystery Babylon 100%
2012-05-16 21:58Guest 21sonofthemist is the only normal person on this chats,the rest are all completely crazy
2012-05-16 21:58JeanBapInterviews, Go to Their Website and Call Them...There is a toll free # or was on website
2012-05-16 21:58Guest 10glad I am not a person
2012-05-16 21:58Daniel Klol, what did you think I said that was crazy?
2012-05-16 21:58Guest 21like this 6'2 nigger from harlem
2012-05-16 21:59Daniel Kyikes
2012-05-16 21:59JeanBapDid you read that, Dark?
2012-05-16 21:59Daniel Kwhats the website?
2012-05-16 21:59Guest 21did he say he was 6'2,i think not
2012-05-16 21:59Guest 10pastor manning says that black wemmens needs to get a white husband
2012-05-16 22:00JeanBapI am not on my email page or I would put it in chat box
2012-05-16 22:00Guest 10lol
2012-05-16 22:00JeanBapI have it saved therein
2012-05-16 22:00Daniel Kpastor manning is funny
2012-05-16 22:00Guest 21pastor manning wants to join my group, i want to join his!
2012-05-16 22:00Daniel Kits funny how he goes off on obama
2012-05-16 22:01JeanBapManning: "White people are True Israel; jews brought us blacks here and everywhere else; jews are devils...!!!"
2012-05-16 22:01Daniel KJean, I know he talks like this but do you have the audio thats taken from???
2012-05-16 22:01JeanBapAnyway, I have to call a patient, who is also someone I baptized into Christ, and another appointment, and will have to listen to recording, later on.
2012-05-16 22:02Guest 21the niggers in harlem have alot more sense they these people beside commander
2012-05-16 22:02JeanBapDark, he has a great youtube, but it is not recent, sad to say
2012-05-16 22:02Guest 21Ed is very cool
2012-05-16 22:02JeanBapanyway, till next week all. YHWH Bless All Of Us In Christ YHWH Amen!!!
Amen, Ed is great...and Rob...and Paula too :)
2012-05-16 22:03Daniel Kyeah Ive seen lots of him, but do you have where that quote came from?
2012-05-16 22:03Guest 21Goodbye Asshole
i thought white people could get along
2012-05-16 22:04Daniel KNot all blacks are niggers! There are some very honorable blacks and they can and should help us restore our Nation
2012-05-16 22:04Guest 21but i think they think need a ANC Goverment
long live the ANC
You bastards
2012-05-16 22:06Daniel Kpastor manning understands this
2012-05-16 22:07Guest 21crazy crazy white people
2012-05-16 22:07Aaron Bergamen guest 21
2012-05-16 22:08Daniel Khuh? what did you think was crazy?
2012-05-16 22:08RawMilkDrinkerWhat kind of a case are you filing this in?
2012-05-16 22:09Guest 21because i thought Jean was a Woman and NOW he says "IM A 6'2 FOOT MAN"
thats crazy to me and he calls me crazys?
2012-05-16 22:10Daniel Kdid he? oh that is nuts! lol
2012-05-16 22:10RawMilkDrinkerWhat kind of a case is this for?
2012-05-16 22:11Aaron BergI dont agree with racism white supremacy but I do agree with Ed that the CONstitution was written for white people.
2012-05-16 22:11Guest 21because your an old babyboomer
2012-05-16 22:12Aaron Bergwho me g21?
hi Van
2012-05-16 22:12Guest 21NO your mother,ya YOU
2012-05-16 22:12RawMilkDrinkerWhat kind of case is this for?
2012-05-16 22:12Aaron BergI'm colombian
and I'm not a baby boomer
2012-05-16 22:13Guest 21ok that makes you good right?
2012-05-16 22:13Aaron BergI never said that clown
why don't you log in with a chat name
2012-05-16 22:13Guest 21nice guy
2012-05-16 22:13Aaron Bergyour just a coward guest
too chicken to reveal yourself
2012-05-16 22:14Guest 21coward?
2012-05-16 22:14Aaron Bergbrb
2012-05-16 22:14Guest 21Ethan Dalton Scroggins aint no coward
i promise
2012-05-16 22:14Aaron Bergwell then log in as ethan dalton
2012-05-16 22:14Guest 21i do
2012-05-16 22:14Chuck of Vancouver, WA USHey Aaron Berg, for the record, haarpWillNOTbeSilent is over on his Call #44064, he is bashing the living daylights out of Blacks.
2012-05-16 22:15Aaron Bergthats ok Van
thats his freedom of speech
2012-05-16 22:15Guest 21haarpwill is a complete asshole
2012-05-16 22:15Aaron Berghe's just showing his true colors pun not intended
2012-05-16 22:15Chuck of Vancouver, WA USI am not stirring S up, I am just stating what is happening right now.
2012-05-16 22:15Aaron BergI do agree with you on that point guest 21
I know Van
Van would be willing to come on my broadcast as a guest speaker on a future broadcast?
would you*
2012-05-16 22:16Guest 21This coward word is so old
2012-05-16 22:16Chuck of Vancouver, WA USI do appreciate your stance on Free Speech.
2012-05-16 22:16Guest 21YOUR A COWARD
so tough
what a Fxxxx joke
2012-05-16 22:17Chuck of Vancouver, WA USAaron Berg, I would appreciate the opportunity to come on your *recorded* call -- but not deal with interruptions of countless people.
2012-05-16 22:17Aaron BergI guess that is a no Van?
2012-05-16 22:17Guest 21your cowards!!!!!!
2012-05-16 22:18Aaron BergI would not allow callers during our call if you wanted that
2012-05-16 22:18RawMilkDrinkerWhich court is this in and what's the case number so we can look it up on PACER?
2012-05-16 22:18Chuck of Vancouver, WA USI would most appreciate being at the *beginning* of the call. With your touch questions, and I don't really need any notice.
2012-05-16 22:18Aaron Bergwhat is pacer raw?
2012-05-16 22:19RawMilkDrinkerIt's just a search engine for case files.
2012-05-16 22:19Aaron Bergty raw
2012-05-16 22:19Guest 21i drink raw goats milk RawMilkDrinker
2012-05-16 22:19Aaron BergI have a guest scheduled already for next tuesday
2012-05-16 22:19RawMilkDrinkerI prefer a woman's milk!
2012-05-16 22:19Aaron Berglol raw
2012-05-16 22:19Guest 21nice
is that legal?
2012-05-16 22:20Aaron Bergthe government will outlaw that too
2012-05-16 22:20RawMilkDrinkerIf you're married or your girlfriend lets you!
2012-05-16 22:21Aaron BergVan, I can schedule you as a guest for May 22nd 6PM eastern time
2012-05-16 22:21Guest 21Rocky told me,that this chats are full of liers and feds and now i know he's right
like that"6'2 foot 220 pound" nigger called JeanBap
i don't care if your 9 feet tall! my 9mm will fix your ass
2012-05-16 22:24Chuck of Vancouver, WA USAaron Berg -- I have you scheduled for Tue-May-22-2012 @ 6 PM EDT -- with *no interruptions* of the flooders -- I look for tough fair questions.
2012-05-16 22:25Aaron Bergok Van, I will block guest chatters and may block talkshoe users if they start disrupting
2012-05-16 22:25RawMilkDrinkerThat ain't right, the client's liberty counts first and most importantly!
2012-05-16 22:25Chuck of Vancouver, WA USC U then, a reminder ahead of time that day, would be appreciated.
2012-05-16 22:26Guest 21but your a nigger Aaron,who cares what you say
this is a white man chat,a christan chat
2012-05-16 22:26RawMilkDrinkerThis lady is right, you are risking this client's liberty for your own selfish needs, that ain't right, it ain't about what you want to do!
The client comes first!
2012-05-16 22:27Aaron BergVan sorry I meant May 29th, I am scheduling you now
2012-05-16 22:28Guest 21why does a nigger come on a chat room made for white christian people and then tell them how to talk?
makes no sense
2012-05-16 22:29Chuck of Vancouver, WA USAaron Berg -- I have you scheduled for Tue-May-29-2012 @ 6 PM EDT -- you can anticipate the perps will F the call up somehow. Book it.
2012-05-16 22:29RawMilkDrinkerHow much marijuana is involved?
2012-05-16 22:29Guest 21a dime bag
2012-05-16 22:29RawMilkDrinkerAre you kidding me?
A dime bag, that's it?
2012-05-16 22:30Aaron Bergyour probably right Van
I just booked you as a guest
2012-05-16 22:31Guest 21book me?I'll grap your neck and ship your ass back to Mexico
2012-05-16 22:32Aaron BergI wasn't born in Mexico Ethan
2012-05-16 22:32Chuck of Vancouver, WA USAaron Berg -- Tue-May-29-2012 @ 6 PM ET -- This gives you plenty of time to prepare with tough questions -- which I do not want to know of in advance.
2012-05-16 22:33Guest 21my name is guest 21
2012-05-16 22:33Chuck of Vancouver, WA USI am assuming it will be a recorded call, is that right.
2012-05-16 22:35Aaron BergYes Van, I record all my calls
2012-05-16 22:36Guest 21i hate niggers
2012-05-16 22:36Chuck of Vancouver, WA USAnd I hope you will *keep* the call online -- as I see you always do -- I have noticed that others take their calls down, very often.
2012-05-16 22:36Guest 21i really really really do
2012-05-16 22:36smokesignals420Hi, Ed!
2012-05-16 22:37Guest 21that means Aaron or what your name is,you have no guns
2012-05-16 22:37Aaron BergI won't remove our talk
2012-05-16 22:38RawMilkDrinkerHow much marijuana was it?
2012-05-16 22:38Chuck of Vancouver, WA USSee you then, Aaron.
There goes EdClanofChattan -- riding his racist horse again.
2012-05-16 22:38EdClanofChattansmokesignals420, hi
2012-05-16 22:38Guest 21at the end of this game called life,IF YOU AINT WHITE YOU AINT RIGHT
2012-05-16 22:38smokesignals420No balls.
2012-05-16 22:39Guest 21I didn't what they say
2012-05-16 22:39RawMilkDrinkerHow much marijuana was this about?
2012-05-16 22:40Guest 21beernazi conquered the streets and we were out numbered `1000 to 1
2012-05-16 22:41JeanBapJust stopped back in for a second. Here is an early less mature President Tim Turner youtube
2012-05-16 22:42Guest 21NOT the 6 Foot 2 220 pound nigger from harlem
2012-05-16 22:42JeanBapoh, copy and paste is turned off, here on talkshoe, I forgot
2012-05-16 22:42Guest 21the cross dresser
2012-05-16 22:44JeanBapanyway, just go to youtube and type in "Tim Turner in Utah 11-13-2010" and the youtube is about 2 hours long. Tim is much much much more up to date,
2012-05-16 22:44Chuck of Vancouver, WA USFor the record, *I am NOT monitoring this chat right now*
2012-05-16 22:46Guest 21Bye Jean!he or she or whatever that thing is,forgot its pinkdress
the potsmoke left
2012-05-16 22:52RawMilkDrinkerIf that is Arkansas code is true, why are you appealing?
2012-05-16 22:54Guest 21the young white man will rise again!THAT I PROMISE YOU
and I don't give 2 shits what they say
i like this lady
yes the probably in this country is white christian people
No question
2012-05-16 23:03Guest 27what kind of a sentence is that?
2012-05-16 23:03Guest 21they call OBAMA there GOD!
2012-05-16 23:04Daniel Kplus, its not the whites Ed, its the jews!
2012-05-16 23:04Guest 27dont try to talk to them
2012-05-16 23:05Daniel Kthey kill each other off like crazy here just like in africa
2012-05-16 23:05Guest 27no
2012-05-16 23:05Guest 21i love black man,because black man kill each other
2012-05-16 23:06Daniel Klol
2012-05-16 23:07Guest 10Rod Class has got to be controlled opposition because ain't nobody that dumb on purpose
Van quit stalking me
2012-05-16 23:08Guest 27he can only remember numbers of statutes
2012-05-16 23:10Guest 10I am voting Luis Ewing as a write in for Seattle dog catcher
old macdonald
2012-05-16 23:12Daniel Klol at guest 10's Rod Class comment!
TOO much flouride in Rods water!
2012-05-16 23:21Guest 27wow spagetti and firecrackers!
200 million
2012-05-16 23:29Daniel KRob do you have a link to that?
2012-05-16 23:30Guest 27what is the group?
2012-05-16 23:31RockoVanZetti...
no audio
2012-05-16 23:32RawMilkDrinkerCan you post your e-mail so that we can send you a request for a copy?
2012-05-16 23:33Guest 27giant giants
he is big on giants!
like Frank Ocollins
2012-05-16 23:42RawMilkDrinkerI prefer to drink a Woman's milk!
Can that guy with the giant photos post his e-mail so we can get copies?
Rob, can you post your e-mail so we can request copies of that e-mail about the statute heads and photos of Giants?
2012-05-16 23:47Guest 12 fLORIDA sCHOOL