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2011-11-30 20:57EdClanofChattanGreetings ;)
2011-11-30 21:19jewkiller101SOUNDS OK
Sounds ok here
this is the 85 show!Man time flys
2011-11-30 21:25Guest 7Good Evening ED..bc from near albany,ny
aye samo.yes Sir
We Are speech and gunright:-)
the NEWJerUSAlum
2011-11-30 21:30jewkiller101ED don't fall asleep before we do.
2011-11-30 21:32Guest 7find a breach of contract..and nil and void..'em
all 'aye's,and no 'nay's ;-0
'they'>have the upperhand=it can be Dismised
it's all a ponzi scheme
sound's like 'zoning inspector is coming, lol..kidding ya
2011-11-30 21:41jewkiller101ED no sound
EdClanofChatten NO SOUND!
2011-11-30 21:41Guest 7i lost mt old concord 32 ft'r mobilecamper by the damnable 'zoning inspector..yesterday...
2011-11-30 21:41MajorThrashED ur Breakin Up!
test it keep goin
2011-11-30 21:42jewkiller101YO EdClanofChattan
2011-11-30 21:42MajorThrashtalk ed
2011-11-30 21:42jewkiller101No audio
2011-11-30 21:42MajorThrashthere now its gd
i hr u now
2011-11-30 21:43Guest 7audio now
damnable commie scum
2011-11-30 21:44Guest 10now i got sound
Beast from the East
2011-11-30 21:44Guest 7yes
Rogues in Soverign Court
it's all cha cha cha....
2011-11-30 22:00Guest 10just listening
hey ED Richard from Texs to
Richard is from Texs i ment,also
2011-11-30 22:02Sharp51 From TexasYeah from League City Galveston Co
2011-11-30 22:02Guest 7no Ed..i'se be just a dumb goyim,sad
2011-11-30 22:02Guest 10hang in there sweet heart
silver is good stuff
2011-11-30 22:04Guest 7whot doing? dowsing? lol
2011-11-30 22:04Guest 10people use to use a silver dollar to keep milk fresh
2011-11-30 22:05Guest 7old negitive plate photo development
2011-11-30 22:05Guest 10just go to the health food store and buy it
2011-11-30 22:06Guest 7we
Are what We eat
2011-11-30 22:07Guest 10ED she'll be dead by the time she goes through all that work.
ED are you hosting a new show,i saw your name ?
what time
we need Mel Gibbson
hes the only white man who isn't broke
2011-11-30 22:12Guest 7no
2011-11-30 22:13Guest 10EDs broadcasting from the local dog pound
2011-11-30 22:15Guest 7dog's and Geese make great 'security' guards lol
emancipation act 2 ;-)
2011-11-30 22:34Alda the KKKUNT Stinks!Hello , I am the NewsGuy
Hello , I am the NewsGuy
Hello , I am the NewsGuy
Hello , I am the NewsGuy
Hello , I am the NewsGuy
Hello , I am the NewsGuy
Hello , I am the NewsGuy
Hello , I am the NewsGuy
Hello , I am the NewsGuy
Hello , I am the NewsGuy
2011-11-30 22:35Guest 20ahh spammer
2011-11-30 22:36Alda the KKKUNT Stinks!Hello , I am the NewsGuy
Hello , I am the NewsGuy
Hello , I am the NewsGuy
2011-11-30 22:36Guest 20report you to talkshoe
have your account banned
for spamming
Should report him
2011-11-30 22:37Guest 7soldiar's 'fadeaway'too
2011-11-30 22:38Guest 21Hello , I am the NewsGuy
Hello , I am the NewsGuy
Hello , I am the NewsGuy
Hello , I am the NewsGuy
2011-11-30 22:38Guest 10the New Jew
2011-11-30 22:39Sharp51 From TexasWould it be safe to assume today the third party is typically disregarded
2011-11-30 22:40Guest 7insanityRule :-(
2011-11-30 22:40Guest 23Hello , I am the NewsGuy
Hello , I am the NewsGuy
Hello , I am the NewsGuy
Hello , I am the NewsGuy
Hello , I am the NewsGuy
Hello , I am the NewsGuy
2011-11-30 22:41Guest 10YA Zogland is a real Nut house
2011-11-30 22:41Guest 23Hello , I am the NewsGuy
2011-11-30 22:41Sharp51 From Texaskind of like the domain laws here on the coasts of Texas when the state or fed attempted to seize land
2011-11-30 22:41Guest 10the New Jewboy
2011-11-30 22:41Guest 7eminent domein is big bussuiness in ny
2011-11-30 22:42Sharp51 From Texasdown here in Texas too
2011-11-30 22:43Guest 7Slaves do Not own Property>pay your Taxes
2011-11-30 22:46Guest 19Ed, are you just mad at your parents for naming you after a horse named "MR. ED"?
2011-11-30 22:46Guest 7capital names=corporations
2011-11-30 22:47Guest 22what is democracy
2011-11-30 22:48Guest 19"Not really," so you admit you were in fact really named after "MR. ED"?
2011-11-30 22:48Guest 10Guest 19 why are you being an asshole?
2011-11-30 22:48Guest 7democracy is majority rule..whatever 'fad' is popular
2011-11-30 22:48Guest 10TROLL
2011-11-30 22:50Bearded_Axemob-rule
2011-11-30 22:51Sharp51 From Texasthats kind of loose
I mean who determines status
2011-11-30 22:52Guest 7thats BS..we are Not Equal
2011-11-30 22:52Guest 25why not Guest 7?
2011-11-30 22:53Guest 10God and the Bible make status,at lest they should anyway.
2011-11-30 22:53Sharp51 From Texasright on target
2011-11-30 22:53Guest 25we dont have sharia law
2011-11-30 22:54Guest 7g25-if you don't know by now...oook
2011-11-30 22:54Sharp51 From TexasHe never will at the least for the remnant
2011-11-30 22:54Guest 25what don't i know?
2011-11-30 22:54Guest 7Good discourse tonight Ed>TU
eg,iq,genes, much more G25
2011-11-30 22:56Guest 25haha
this is laughable
2011-11-30 22:56Sharp51 From TexasIt is dangerous to a point at what point they could label one incompetent
Status I mean
2011-11-30 22:56Guest 7G25-you Are sad
2011-11-30 22:57Guest 10Ed loses sleep every night because of Mr.ED
2011-11-30 22:57Guest 7decieving,and Being Lies and more Lies
no ED
2011-11-30 22:57Sharp51 From TexasNo good show thanks
2011-11-30 22:57Guest 25conspiracys
2011-11-30 22:58Bearded_Axeconspiracys to spell bad
2011-11-30 22:58Sharp51 From Texasfor most of the masses sad but true
2011-11-30 22:58Guest 7liking fables
2011-11-30 22:58Guest 25jewish fables
useless even bothering with
2011-11-30 22:59Guest 7knwledge is wisdom,now G25
2011-11-30 22:59Guest 10the Jews run and own this country LOCK stock and barrel is a proven FACT not a conspiracy
2011-11-30 22:59Guest 25what wisdom?
you implying is irrelvant
get to the point
Is this a religious thing?
2011-11-30 23:00Sharp51 From Texasyeah but it is honest we must admit right
2011-11-30 23:00Guest 25if your upset about your religion
then you must be believing in the wrong things
2011-11-30 23:00Guest 7no...just MY 'thing'
2011-11-30 23:00Guest 25your what ?
you can resort to racism all you like the fact is no one has any valid fucking opinion on anything
2011-11-30 23:01Sharp51 From TexasThe commandments are hard it is hard to hear one is wrong
2011-11-30 23:01Guest 10GUEST 25 IS A LIBERAL KIKE JEW
Burn in Hell JEWBOY
2011-11-30 23:02Guest 7you sound like confusion and recklessness G25
2011-11-30 23:02Sharp51 From Texasthanks have a good night
2011-11-30 23:03Guest 7Good Evening Ed..much cheers
2011-11-30 23:03Bearded_AxeGood show
2011-11-30 23:03Guest 10sweet dreams
2011-11-30 23:03Guest 7same tu bye
2011-11-30 23:03Guest 29keep talking come on
lets go nowhere
the song that never ends
fuck your courts
2011-11-30 23:04Guest 27What do you think is going to act with the wall street movement?
2011-11-30 23:04Guest 10Lindstein and the Jews are here
2011-11-30 23:04Guest 29You people are deeply confused
2011-11-30 23:04Guest 7goodNight ya'll
2011-11-30 23:04Guest 29i should warn you
your going about your conversation the wrong way
2011-11-30 23:05Guest 7Beware of the DOGs
2011-11-30 23:05Guest 29you dont know anything
2011-11-30 23:05Guest 10AND YOUR A JEW KIKE SON OF A BITCH GUEST29
2011-11-30 23:05Guest 29haha
yahweh is a jewish god
2011-11-30 23:05Guest 10whats your point?
2011-11-30 23:05Guest 7Praise YAHWEH
2011-11-30 23:05Guest 29your completely confused idiots
2011-11-30 23:05Guest 10OK ZIONST WHACKO
2011-11-30 23:05Guest 29yeh whateva
2011-11-30 23:05Guest 10GOOD NIGHT ED
2011-11-30 23:06Guest 29lies
and more lies
2011-11-30 23:06Guest 7aye:-)
and the Band played on ;-)
2011-11-30 23:08Guest 10Narrow is the path to Life and broad is the way to death
2011-11-30 23:08Guest 7so True