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2011-11-02 20:23monamontgomeryA buncha folks are coming over from Paster Dan's show.
2011-11-02 20:25Guest 11Evening EDCLANOFCHATTAN...bc near Albany,ny Hi ya
2011-11-02 20:26monamontgomeryRosenFelt means "Field of Roses."
In Yiddish.
2011-11-02 20:26Guest 11surely Not the war of the roses lol
2011-11-02 20:26monamontgomeryNo, not the war of the roses.
2011-11-02 20:27Guest 10GRASSHOPPERS.....IN THE ROSES...
2011-11-02 20:28monamontgomeryBuncha hooey.
2011-11-02 20:28Guest 11'equality' is a damnable lie
2011-11-02 20:28monamontgomeryInjuns are not Noble and White folks are not mean.
2011-11-02 20:29Guest 11Merchantism=$ Profit
2011-11-02 20:31Guest 9it's called subversion Ed!!
2011-11-02 20:31Guest 11Lie's and DoubleSpeak and Deception
2011-11-02 20:31See-Eye-communist KGB video on youtube explains how to brainwash a nation in less than 30 years
2011-11-02 20:31Guest 9subversion expert:
Yuri Bezmenov ex KGB Psychological Warfare Techniques
2011-11-02 20:32See-Eye-yes this is it!
2011-11-02 20:32Guest 11tv is 'brainwashing' subliminal illumination company comeing Ed lol
2011-11-02 20:33Guest 9yes it is Darknight!
2011-11-02 20:33monamontgomeryYou got some beautiful dogs there.
2011-11-02 20:33Guest 9a must view!!!
2011-11-02 20:33Guest 11our money has 'subliminal Messeges' imprinted
yes..all is good
if it's Light=it's right
2011-11-02 20:35Guest 8You got my rotty excited
2011-11-02 20:35See-Eye-white is right!
2011-11-02 20:35Guest 8Indeed
2011-11-02 20:35Guest 11yes:-) Praise YAHWEH
2011-11-02 20:35See-Eye-Hey Paula! Your sissy husband wake up and pull is head outta his butt yet?
2011-11-02 20:36Guest 11not me
i listen es read
2011-11-02 20:37Guest 8Hey Ed, Received the 400 question American Community Survey from Asshole Census.
2011-11-02 20:38Guest 11White Born American
2011-11-02 20:39Guest 9I am one of the people, in blood and in kind with my peerage
2011-11-02 20:42RockoVanZetti...
2011-11-02 20:42Guest 11rightiousness is GODLYNESS
2011-11-02 20:42RockoVanZettihowdy
2011-11-02 20:42Guest 8Hey Rocko
2011-11-02 20:43Guest 11hi ya
2011-11-02 20:45See-Eye-the Law is the BIG secret they hide with all their power!
2011-11-02 20:45Guest 9the big stick is any stick that a man happens to be holding
2011-11-02 20:45Guest 8I like guns.
2011-11-02 20:47RockoVanZettimoral fiber
make sure you talk to me later Ed
Abeel v Culberson, 56 Fed. 329 (1893)
(US Circuit Court, Eastern District Texas. May 12, 1893)
2011-11-02 20:49Guest 13Luis Ewing must have the "big stick" because he wins all his cases and just stopped a trial in Kansas for a guy who gave a black eye to a cop!
2011-11-02 20:50See-Eye-big deal, win a banking case
2011-11-02 20:51Guest 13I think Luis is right, this Ed guy is a dumb ass who just from listening, you can tell he does not know the law.
2011-11-02 20:51See-Eye-bye luis
2011-11-02 20:51RockoVanZettiits a good thing Cluless Jewing is not here...
2011-11-02 20:51EdClanofChattan
2011-11-02 20:52See-Eye-guest 13 was Clulis Jewing
2011-11-02 20:52MajorThrashG13 Really,,,plz,, tell me all about this Luis Ewing guy,,,is he related to JR Ewing of the Dallas Clan of EWING
2011-11-02 20:52RockoVanZettiyeah...
ya think?
2011-11-02 20:52Guest 8G13 up yours.
2011-11-02 20:52EdClanofChattanAbeel v Culberson, 56 Fed. 329 (1893)
2011-11-02 20:53Guest 9my link dont work
2011-11-02 20:54See-Eye-Rod seems to think the 11th amendment took away all judicial power
2011-11-02 20:54Guest 11repeal the 16th and 17th admendment's plz
2011-11-02 20:56MajorThrashEd lets just shoot the Bastards!
2011-11-02 20:57Guest 15Lewis Ewing is a liar, proove it? He is a crook too. Tried to get me for 35,000, for a years work that he never did???
The Gov does not read any briefs nor affidavits. So how can his fraudulent claims in his laws work , anyway if they were true.He lies about research
Ewings claims are not in the cases he sites. He list so many so you will not check them out. They are a fraud and so is he
2011-11-02 21:07See-Eye-Ed and I think he is a gov. provacatuer, he has family that works for the goverment
2011-11-02 21:08EdClanofChattanUNITED STATES V. LOUISIANA, 123 U. S. 32 (1887)
2011-11-02 21:08See-Eye-lol, agreed! But we have to give them a legitimate chance to follow the law first
then if they dont follow the law, the law has a remedy for that as well!
2011-11-02 21:10Guest 15DARK. what can you do that will work???
2011-11-02 21:11Guest 17Guest 15, a lot of people on Angela's call said they checked out all of Luis's claimed wins in his list and they said all wins were legit and true.
Why don't you write Luis and ask for his big wins list and double check for us?
2011-11-02 21:14Guest 16because we don't care
2011-11-02 21:16See-Eye-there are no real wins in that system
Luis's ego is too big to allow him to see that FACT
good question
many of the patriot process do work for some
but thats just the game the play, they allow some to "win" and they send others to prison for the same thing
they just allow some to slide by and "win" so they can keep us barking up the wrong tree
Once the "People" start bringing the law, they are going to have to make a choice
Ed thinks they will start obeying by the law
I however think they will try to kill us
2011-11-02 21:18Guest 17They only let some of the patriot junk to win once or twice when it's something they haven't seen before they have have a full court room.
2011-11-02 21:19See-Eye-they DONT want us or ANYONE to know this
2011-11-02 21:19Guest 11it's all a ponzi against the poor whitefolk
2011-11-02 21:19See-Eye-The only thing Ed and I really dont agree on is that....
2011-11-02 21:20Guest 11slaves Don't 'read'..they just want food and sleep :-(
2011-11-02 21:20See-Eye-I think its going to take A LOT of the "People" DEMANDING our lawful system, not just a few in each state....
2011-11-02 21:20Guest 8The White man is under attack.
2011-11-02 21:20See-Eye-exactly
and WHO hates the white man and wants to destroy us?
more imortanly, WHY?
2011-11-02 21:21Guest 11i cannot speak of thing's i know not
2011-11-02 21:21Guest 19the jews?
2011-11-02 21:21See-Eye-bingo
2011-11-02 21:22Guest 11Ignorance is Not Bliss
2011-11-02 21:22Guest 8Ed, how do I respond with the threats by Census under Title 13 to fill out the 400 question, invasion of privacy?
The American Community Standard.
2011-11-02 21:22See-Eye-its really is scriptural, Jacob and esau have been at war ever since their inception
2011-11-02 21:22Guest 8Survey
2011-11-02 21:23See-Eye-esua has tricked Jacob into forgetting who he really is....
2011-11-02 21:23Guest 19yeah Jacob i have loved and Esau i have Hated...
2011-11-02 21:23See-Eye-exactly
2011-11-02 21:23Guest 11cabbage gruel is costly,ay
2011-11-02 21:24See-Eye-The must destroy the white man in order to destroy this nation and what the founders did
2011-11-02 21:24EdClanofChattanPro hac vice -
2011-11-02 21:24Guest 19its always under our noses...
2011-11-02 21:24EdClanofChattanvee chay
2011-11-02 21:25Guest 11give them(us) bread??
2011-11-02 21:26allentruittHello Ed. Sorry I havent been here. Been extremely busy
2011-11-02 21:26Guest 15Other Crooks, Just Dave, Dave Mack. Doug Riddle an IRS operative, Sam Davis a hypocrite got lawyer & plead guilty??? Lady Trvth.
2011-11-02 21:26See-Eye-I was shocked at what Sam said
in my humble opinion... the ONLY explaination for such behavior from such a man is..... he cut a deal with them.....
I would be weary of him from now on.... my humble opinion
2011-11-02 21:28Guest 11eg,money 'talk's,bs walks
wiry and weary..i'd be 'both'
2011-11-02 21:29See-Eye-He was facing like 30 years!
then he's pleading guilty?????
he ONLY gets 57 months?
Probably be out in a year......
2011-11-02 21:30Guest 11my my
2011-11-02 21:30See-Eye-I mean I dont blame him
2011-11-02 21:31Guest 15If Ewing was beating the system. He would be threaned. No one is threatening him or shutting him down. He has not been killed or harmed. He is Bul
2011-11-02 21:31See-Eye-im just saying... sadly.. my heart tells me not to trust him any longer
2011-11-02 21:32Guest 19.
if they ask for money...thats the tell...
2011-11-02 21:34Guest 15Sam the hypocrite, the hypocrite, the hypocrite. Take one for the folks who will not back down. Shows us to be cowards. Fools. The Gov controls.
2011-11-02 21:34Guest 11manipulating our language:-(
2011-11-02 21:34Guest 17Guest 15, they set up a special prosecutor task force in Washington 7 years ago whose sole mission is to get Ewing for practicing law, he is threat.
The cops beat up his partner Kurt Riggin and broke several of his ribs and fractured his liver.
2011-11-02 21:35Guest 15Seven years ago??? You believe that. Show proof. Ewing is a liar & thief
2011-11-02 21:35Guest 19G17=LUIS EWING=LOL
2011-11-02 21:36Guest 17No, I just follow what him and every other guru is doing.
I look at everyone's stuff.
2011-11-02 21:37Guest 15Sounds like the Cops are not afraid of Eweing. He never got any money award for that did he or Curt??? Bull S.
2011-11-02 21:40Guest 17I heard that the cops beat up Kurt Riggin because Kurt Riggin is a cripple who walks with a can but are scared of Luis because he is an ex boxer.
2011-11-02 21:40Guest 16hearsay
2011-11-02 21:43Guest 19.
2011-11-02 21:45Guest 11rex vs lex?
moer examples of 'feitmoney' lol
2011-11-02 21:48Guest 17I heard Luis is an ex boxer and kickboxer who lived in Thailand and fought in Thailand stadiums with thai kickboxers & trains World Champions.
2011-11-02 21:48Guest 16hearsay
2011-11-02 21:49Guest 11sounds like infinity,to me:-(
we need Excalibur lol
eg, 'reallocating districts'?
magyar is really old
2011-11-02 21:55Guest 17Jews are not a race or nation, they are a religion called JEWRY or JUDAISM.
2011-11-02 21:55Guest 16orientals
2011-11-02 21:58Guest 19g17 what did LUIS do for WESLEY SNIPES?
2011-11-02 21:59Guest 17I have no idea, I heard Wesley Snipes cut off communication between them because they were scared Ewing was going to steal their golden goose.
2011-11-02 22:00Guest 16more hearsay
2011-11-02 22:00Guest 19I dont know just asking?
2011-11-02 22:01Guest 11set in stone>dead>unchangable
2011-11-02 22:03Guest 9'PERSONS'
2011-11-02 22:03Guest 11eminent domein:-(
all is Vanity
shysters and scoundrels
eg,original 'statelines' Soveignity
fine loud clr
clear here
2011-11-02 22:16Guest 17Having slaves is not a due process right, that has to be the silliest thing I have ever heard.
2011-11-02 22:16Guest 11yes Sir
2011-11-02 22:16Guest 17Any man who would want to enslave another man is not better than the fucking Jews, you must be a Jew, I am out of here.
2011-11-02 22:17Guest 11Thios Truth makes Me ReaLIZE HOW MUCH OF A 'DUPE' I'VE BEEN!
civil was Not About Slavery>Period
2011-11-02 22:18Guest 22Texas is a fiction
2011-11-02 22:19Guest 11We are All Slaves, To Someone
2011-11-02 22:19Guest 9indentured servants
2011-11-02 22:19See-Eye-the scripture allows for slaves
2011-11-02 22:20Guest or bond,etc
2011-11-02 22:20See-Eye-Yahweh gave Adam dominion over the other races
2011-11-02 22:20Guest 21There was a language barrier back then referring to the blacks.
2011-11-02 22:20Guest 11yes
2011-11-02 22:20See-Eye-but that doesnt mean we are to mistreat them
and we DIDNT
like Ed was saying MANY slaves when "freed" DIDNT want to be free!
2011-11-02 22:21Guest 11the cost of slaves..Who/Why..would Anyone 'Mistreat' them...duh
2011-11-02 22:21See-Eye-the white man took GREAT care of their slaves! We are smart!
what sense would it make to mistreat your slave?!!!!
2011-11-02 22:22Guest 21The blacks were forced off there land and bought into a new country.
2011-11-02 22:22See-Eye-of course it happened here and there but for the most part whites treated their slaves REALLY good, just look at old pictures
slaves were pictured WITH the family, even holding children
2011-11-02 22:22Guest 21They were used as labor for profit for the white man.
2011-11-02 22:22Guest 11check out the price of the slave's then...Unbelievable... and to 'abuse' this Pricy Possessions..i do not thinnk soo
common sense
2011-11-02 22:23See-Eye-by the jews
2011-11-02 22:23Guest 21The blacks were doing what they had to do in hopes of survival.
2011-11-02 22:24Guest 11it's simular as the eg,, 'holohoax sitrip
2011-11-02 22:24See-Eye-exactly!
2011-11-02 22:24Guest 21The Indians know that there days were numbered as well.
2011-11-02 22:25See-Eye-they also know that they are NOT the true native Americans and that they genocided WHITE tribes who were the real native when they migrated here
2011-11-02 22:25Guest 21Columbus never set foot on America. Why are we saying that he discovered America.
2011-11-02 22:25See-Eye-funny so many sheeple still believe that holohoax story
2011-11-02 22:25Guest 11leif erikson and other's before columbus
2011-11-02 22:26Guest 21People need to put guns down and fight with knowledge.
2011-11-02 22:27Guest 11we now are 'tail's' instead of 'heads' due to mongrelizing
2011-11-02 22:27See-Eye-agreed, and that knowledge is the law!
2011-11-02 22:27Guest 21The majority is the new minority.
2011-11-02 22:27Guest 11yes,G21
2011-11-02 22:27See-Eye-yep
2011-11-02 22:28Guest 11Knowedge is Wisdom
2011-11-02 22:28Guest 25When you are being attacked and others want your head kill them with knowledge
2011-11-02 22:28Guest 21Everyone is always going to have there own beliefs. But the good thing about it.
It is always good to here both sides.
2011-11-02 22:29See-Eye-if we give them a chance to follow the law and they dont, then guns may come into the picture
2011-11-02 22:30Guest 21You have to be strong minded and decide for your self.
The something goes when picking congressman.
Don't be fooled by the media hear say.
2011-11-02 22:32Guest 11it's about bribes or 'set up'...take a 'choice'...sad:-(
the 'goodlife' corrupts
2011-11-02 22:33Guest 21That is hear say.
I can't speak on someone else belief system. That same statement can describe any race.
Every group of people just want the best for there kids.
2011-11-02 22:36Guest 11true...but do we need to 'elect' these type of cretins??
2011-11-02 22:36Guest 21Some people would state that does Americans love there football and beer.
2011-11-02 22:37Guest 11they all Lie....last one told Lie's too...elected...and 'changed direction,no....hmm
2011-11-02 22:37Guest 21That's just speaking in general terms. But not all Americans love football and Beer.
2011-11-02 22:38Guest 11the Telemud make's us think so
2011-11-02 22:38Guest 21We can't believe everything that someone else puts out there.
Slaves had to learn to adapt to this new system of survival.
2011-11-02 22:40Guest 11all 'indian's' cannot be cheif's...nor all poor be rich
winner's,loser's And Survivor's
2011-11-02 22:42Guest 21Poor vs Rich Poor labor used for profit.
2011-11-02 22:44Guest 11killing(ROBBING) the poor....Without Cause
probebly by 'straw vote lol.kidding
accident's are 'accident's
thing's 'happen' no
ooh well...sorry lol
Good Show Ed>TU
i 'don't recall...or 'remember' lol
a badheart
it's just a 'fine'
mosquito's and 'fly's are me
vno audio
back,now :-)
an eyesore...
treveal i bet
better some,then none
graduate of hardknox
if in 'doubt' ..Lie like hell> kidding,course
no lyin
'truth' is 'easy' to 'recall'
2011-11-02 23:11Guest 9Ed if this dont work we can all start to forms rings, lol
2011-11-02 23:12Guest 11Good Night ED>mni Tks> All Cheers& regards. Good Show.
2011-11-02 23:12Guest 9James madison last night
remember the caller on the James Madison call??
2011-11-02 23:12Guest 11attitude and fortitude :-)
2011-11-02 23:13Guest 9William Wallace
He was talking about jumping ship and to start over
We got a good ship right here!
2011-11-02 23:14Guest 11Deprogram yourself
truth makes us free
we are deliberately 'draining' our resources and treasury away to the 'dirty birds'
2011-11-02 23:17Guest 9Ed, our people went to sleep, time to wakeup
2011-11-02 23:19Guest 11pixiedust elixur syrup
2011-11-02 23:20Guest 9silver
2011-11-02 23:20Guest 11yellow brick road to oz or was it zog? i don't 'rember'
2011-11-02 23:20Guest 9red was a better color for the new technacolor technology
2011-11-02 23:21Guest 11Good Show ED..again tis Excellente..aloha
tu bye
aye..will listen to song
2011-11-02 23:23Guest 9! thanks for you support of our Nation Ed
2011-11-02 23:23EdClanofChattan(-:
2011-11-02 23:23Guest 11i like i 'cha cha cha' aye
once buirnt..twice 'shy' ay
2011-11-02 23:24EdClanofChattanLes Dudek-Old Judge Jones
2011-11-02 23:26Guest 9the nigriss sound fine in the backup vocals!
2011-11-02 23:26Guest 11who let the dog's out...who who lol
2011-11-02 23:28Guest 9good night Ed...
2011-11-02 23:28Guest 11merci mercy
2011-11-02 - 214-994-5687 - edclanofchattan
2011-11-02 23:30Guest 11GoodNight