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2011-09-28 19:57EdClanofChattanGreetings G 3 ;)
2011-09-28 19:58Guest 3Hi Ed
I saw you last night on James Madison, hoping you could comment
2011-09-28 19:59EdClanofChattanOh ok
2011-09-28 20:00Guest 3Monday I listen to Eric, Tuesday Madison, and Wednesday I listen to your show
2011-09-28 20:00EdClanofChattanThere wasn't much of interest going on on James's program huh?
2011-09-28 20:01Guest 3not much, that's true
2011-09-28 20:01EdClanofChattanI can't get into too many of Talkshoe programs anymore since I have found the truth. ;)
2011-09-28 20:02Guest 3lol
2011-09-28 20:02EdClanofChattanIt makes me ill to hear people talk about things they have no clue about.
2011-09-28 20:03Guest 3it's the melting pot mentality that most grew up with
sorry but true
when you raise the white issue it exposes the joos, and they don't want that
Eustace Mullins is a good source for truth on the joo problem
Don't give up Ed
2011-09-28 20:21heron stoneremember... 50% of people are below average intelligence
exactly 50%
by definition
2011-09-28 20:26Guest 3thy sold the only thing that they had- their soul
2011-09-28 20:27FlashGordon !you're right, guest 3
2011-09-28 20:28Guest 3dont worry, you sill have yours...
2011-09-28 20:30wavelengthWeekly Reader non sence.
2011-09-28 20:40Guest 3it means he is in their jurisdiction but has an exemption
he could not prove the exemption
2011-09-28 20:41EdClanofChattanCity of Salina, 737 P.2d at 983
2011-09-28 20:48Guest 3the right way is the white way
2011-09-28 20:53FlashGordon !why is it, people won't talk ???
They need to start practicing these words........Hi, I am a white American I do have rights.....and I CAN BE PROUD OF MY HERITAGE
Like this one:
2011-09-28 21:01wavelength
2011-09-28 21:04FlashGordon !sounds good we would like to see him again and get going with new groups
2011-09-28 21:05wavelengthHow many groups are there against the status quo?
I knew someone who go a ticket for driving too slow.
2011-09-28 21:11FlashGordon !Wavelength: do you or anyone else know what this International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is ? I am getting stuff in the mail from them
2011-09-28 21:12wavelengtheyeontruth no I don't know what it is about.
2011-09-28 21:12FlashGordon !Perhaps they are just taught to play dumb
2011-09-28 21:17wavelengthThe basic Law is the Ten Commandments. Then there is all kinds of Garbage.
Gees I reported my ID theft. I didn't steal my ID.
but I was sent to jail.
2011-09-28 21:27Guest 3executor's are only recognized in probate court
i have a copy
in three parts
2011-09-28 21:31wavelength
How many mamograms does it take to cause breast cancer?
2011-09-28 21:38Guest 3male non-melting pot members over 21 yrs of age
2011-09-28 21:39wavelengthI thought the bible was the rule of law.
Why is a court needed to interfere with a family inheratance?
2011-09-28 21:47Guest 3National Ensign
2011-09-28 21:50FlashGordon !wavelength..1 mammo is equal to 75 chest X Ray and Komen is a huge pink fraud lie........I know this very personally as well as research I do
The Beautiful Truth watch this please:
2011-09-28 21:52Guest 3flag denotes jurisdiction
2011-09-28 21:52FlashGordon !answer their question here: wavelength> Why is a court needed to interfere with a family inheratance?
Ed, I have to go and set up the other talkshoe now for our updating case since I am hosting it talk later
2011-09-28 21:59Guest 3jure soli
follows the father
2011-09-28 22:09wavelengthI'll bet Nancy Pelosi isn't working hard and getting her fingernails all broke. LOL
Salt is a great ingrediant. Just what kind?
Who would be ANTI Salt?
Has your dumb MD told you salt kills?
And you still believe your DR? Why don't you believe yourself?
Obama Care, some legal, not Lawful Genoside!
2011-09-28 22:27Guest 3doctors r BS same category of scum as lawyers
2011-09-28 22:28wavelength3 The Scribes are the oldest profession of Prositudes.
2011-09-28 22:31Guest 3no, they are not the prostitutes, they are the PIMPS
2011-09-28 22:32Guest 13american system is feudal..backbone of courts are Roman. inquisitors administering inquisition.
2011-09-28 22:33wavelengthThey are prositudes, They can't follow the drug labels warnings.
2011-09-28 22:34Daniel KIsrael is a black mark on the face of this earth and humanity and should be wiped off the face of the earth!
2011-09-28 22:35wavelengthSee Eye who is Israel?
2011-09-28 22:36Guest 3now that they have a homeland, they should use it, that's a better idea
2011-09-28 22:36Daniel KWell in reality its a People... but Im talking about those devils living in the middle east calling it "Israel"
guest 3, they DO NOT belong there and have stolen the land from Palestine
2011-09-28 22:37Guest 13commoners are so far removed from the controlling powers, only blind speculation is possible.
2011-09-28 22:38Daniel Kthat "Homeland" was ONLY set up as crime freehaven for the Jews!
2011-09-28 22:38wavelengthWell now arent the so called Native
ameicus run out?
2011-09-28 22:39Daniel Kwhat do you mean wave?
2011-09-28 22:39Guest 3expert impostors
2011-09-28 22:39Daniel Kyes, to wavelenght
right guest 3, the GREAT impersonation!
Ed, its just like if you start a business, you have to have an operating agreement that sets out everyones job and what is expected...
2011-09-28 22:42Guest 3paula abdul, the Latin singer turns out to actually be a joo
2011-09-28 22:42wavelengthMother Nature always shows Authority.
2011-09-28 22:42Daniel KYahweh gave Adam dominion over the earth
we all get to have our own opinions, but we DONT get to have our own facts!
2011-09-28 22:43wavelengthSalt is good.
2011-09-28 22:44Guest 3that is the most demented thing i have ever heard
truth can only be absolute
by definition
2011-09-28 22:45wavelengthOnly a MD would tell you salt is bad.
hope this link works. LOL
Well I was born in Michigan, and forced to leave.
2011-09-28 23:05Guest 13like u.s. did to japan , thus provoking pearl harbor
2011-09-28 23:08wavelength13 the u.s. ? Who is the u.s.?
2011-09-28 23:10Guest 13united states..aka UNITED STATES
2011-09-28 23:12wavelength13 who would mindcontrol some piolets to bomb Pearl Harbour?
2011-09-28 23:16Guest 13the emperor?
2011-09-28 23:22Daniel KThanks Ed, Keep up the good work brother!
2011-09-28 23:23Guest 17ok
2011-09-28 23:29Guest 3Flag was a good read, like the definition of National Ensign
2011-09-28 23:29Guest 16Wish I had come in earlier :(
2011-09-28 23:35Guest 3maybe Ed you should change your flag here on talkshoe
2011-09-28 23:37Guest 16Didn't it contain the English flag because at that time we were still English and not yet American?
2011-09-28 23:38Guest 3i have it
2011-09-28 23:43Guest 3good night Ed