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2011-07-27 19:56Daniel KI had an idea Ed....
what about instead of trying to get a ticket what do you think about just filing the declaration before hand with the de facto and simply putting them
on notice?
2011-07-27 19:57StupidAmerkinthat could be dangerous. :)
Hey Ed Will call in in a few
2011-07-27 20:02EdClanofChattanOk Rod ;)
2011-07-27 20:03StupidAmerkinThe new national anthem "That's the way I like it" KC & The SS Band
2011-07-27 20:03EdClanofChattanWe are going to change the guard very, very soon!!
2011-07-27 20:04StupidAmerkinIt's rockin for sure.
2011-07-27 20:04EdClanofChattanWe have to losse all fear to make this happen!
2011-07-27 20:05Nightwolf1Hey Ed
2011-07-27 20:05EdClanofChattanGreetings Allen ;)
2011-07-27 20:06FlashGordon ! right there
2011-07-27 20:06Nightwolf1Good to see everyone
2011-07-27 20:07EdClanofChattanYes we need to fill up the house!!
2011-07-27 20:07StupidAmerkincan you really see us? :)
2011-07-27 20:08FlashGordon !nightwolf and DARKKNIGHT AND G MAN,,WOW A NEW GROUP OF SUPER HEROS
2011-07-27 20:08StupidAmerkinhey Beth Still breathing I see
2011-07-27 20:08THE G-MANmy powers are amazing
2011-07-27 20:08FlashGordon !OK, ED I am exhausted and in pain today so I am going to just listen
yeah Rod, I am still alive !! it never ends does it ?
2011-07-27 20:09Nightwolf1Oh yes I can see you. :)
2011-07-27 20:09StupidAmerkinOn my grave stone will read, "I knew this was gonna happen."
2011-07-27 20:11FlashGordon ! I found this from a Beaverton, Or Druanna Johnston
to me
oh,gosh, not me, ha ?
2011-07-27 20:14Nightwolf1Ed we are the creditors to our own country not the debtors
2011-07-27 20:14Guest 7I heard that Lewis guy say that you drive with a drivers license because you are scared your arguments won't hold up, that doesn't seem very brave!
2011-07-27 20:15Nightwolf1The 14th admit are the debtors
2011-07-27 20:22THE G-MANindoctrination
2011-07-27 20:26Guest 9Is anyone talking?
2011-07-27 20:27THE G-MANyes
2011-07-27 20:27Guest 9My streaming audio is blank
2011-07-27 20:27FlashGordon !GUEST 9 you can't hear ? Are you on the phone or talkshoe ?
2011-07-27 20:28Nightwolf1Reboot
2011-07-27 20:28Guest 9strictly on talkshoe thru the 'puter.
2011-07-27 20:31FlashGordon !Is Vicki here ? Good, you got my email......I am exhausted today so just listening
2011-07-27 20:35Daniel Kright
right, and they should help us restore our nation and take our country back, it will be better for everyone once we are back in control
the gold
we need to kick them out of our house!
they dont know what to do with it Ed!
2011-07-27 20:40allentruittEd, I emailed you requesting the paperwork we discussed last week and havent recieved a response
2011-07-27 20:41Daniel K"excuse me Mr. Prosecutor, you are required to set the jurisdiction in this court, what jurisdiction as a BAR attorney could you possibly have
over a free white man?"
I may have that Ed
During the middle 1600's, the Crown of England established a formal registry in London where barristers were ordered by the Crown to be accredited
Barrister - one who is privileged to plead at the bar
2011-07-27 20:44allentruittEd, I emailed you requesting the paperwork we discussed last week and havent recieved a response
I have not recieved it. send it to
2011-07-27 21:00pjmpjmCan you put the volume up a littel.
2011-07-27 21:20Guest 10hey, Ed, clan of MacGilcrist here---
2011-07-27 21:31Nightwolf1look The WHITE MAN
My BC says I'm WHITE
2011-07-27 21:33Guest 13mine says white on white
2011-07-27 21:38pjmpjmHave you ever gone on Rod Class' call?
What is caller's name?
2011-07-27 21:42Guest 13LET THE MAN TALK...
2011-07-27 21:44Nightwolf1Ed, I did tell you I thought we had to go through the Sec of State with the declaration
2011-07-27 21:46Guest 13send Declaration of Nationality to the SOS and Homeland, I like that
2011-07-27 21:47Daniel KEd how does the whiskey rebellion play into this?
2011-07-27 21:47Guest 13sorry the caller got chased off, LET THE MAN YELL IF HE WANTS... I'm not offended.
2011-07-27 21:48pjmpjmTell us what they do that can be considered a violation of national law
2011-07-27 21:48Daniel KI was interested in what he was saying also, and I understand his frustration but he should have had more patients
2011-07-27 21:48FlashGordon !I got bumped off the board, it is not about being offended it is about hearing him....the yelling is meant for whom or what reason?
2011-07-27 21:49Daniel Kto get his point accross...
2011-07-27 21:50EdClanofChattanI don't know much about the whiskey rebellion DK.
2011-07-27 21:51Guest 13LEARN TO PARSE OUT THE KNOWLEDGE... don't get emotional.
2011-07-27 21:51Daniel Kme neither, I am going to look into it
2011-07-27 21:51pjmpjmHE seemed frustrated. He needs to understand that people have different opinions as to solutions.
2011-07-27 21:52Daniel KI was interested in what he was saying also, and I understand his frustration but he should have had more patients
farmers were being overtaxed on their spirits
so they rebelled
2011-07-27 21:53Guest 13when a man is hot, use cold.
2011-07-27 21:53Guest 14that was a tax washington imposed and the people rebeled
2011-07-27 21:53Guest 13not hot
2011-07-27 21:54StupidAmerkinbrb can still hear
2011-07-27 21:54Guest 13don't add fuel to a fire, learn to be calm is some one else is not
2011-07-27 21:54FlashGordon !The Distilled Spirits Tax of 1791 Alexander Hamilton, first Secretary of the Treasury (1789-1795).
A tax collector is tarred and feathered by anti-tax frontiersmen during the Whiskey Rebellion.
2011-07-27 21:59pjmpjmThe tax was a part of treasury secretary Alexander Hamilton's program to centralize and fund the national debt (Wikipedia).
2011-07-27 22:00Guest 13denature
2011-07-27 22:01pjmpjmDuring prohibition the govt purposely poisoned water that it knew was being used to make alcohol; many people died from drinking it.
2011-07-27 22:03Nightwolf1Rice
I was the proof tester on Rice Moonshine :)
2011-07-27 22:12Guest 16Ed probably stole his copy
2011-07-27 22:16Guest 13a free white man has superior right of claim over the state
...and if the state holds title, a free white man has superior claim right over the state
2011-07-27 22:21pjmpjmIf the justice system worked, a really really negligent individual could be sued and made to pay up that way.
2011-07-27 22:22Guest 13if you want insurance then get it, if not then do not... just make sure you do not injure another white.
2011-07-27 22:23pjmpjmForcing insurance on people is not right, but many would buy it anyway for peace of mind.
2011-07-27 22:23Guest 13i have insurance BY CHOICE
2011-07-27 22:24StupidAmerkinForcing a third party contract on anyone is illegal
2011-07-27 22:25FlashGordon ! alcohol is a gas
2011-07-27 22:26Guest 13declare your status
strawman UCC-1's are a joke!
2011-07-27 22:27Guest 14we've concluded the law of the land is in treaties that formed United States of America?
2011-07-27 22:28FlashGordon !newer copy at amazon:
that is cheaper and new $22.49
2011-07-27 22:31Guest 13crybabies or 14th's should get the 'world authority passport', white status is under attack, so take the easy way out
rental cars only have the rental agreement and no other paperwork in the car
make up your own paperwork
you need paperwork for the military zone, so make up your own
2011-07-27 22:38FlashGordon !no what
2011-07-27 22:39Guest 13NO other paperwork, just the rental contract
2011-07-27 22:47Guest 13free whites 'overstand'
2011-07-27 22:51pjmpjmokay got it
2011-07-27 22:52StupidAmerkin
2011-07-27 22:56pjmpjmI sent the email with notice of appeal pasted, and I cc'd Ed.
2011-07-27 23:01Guest 13Tim is a non-white
non-whites are owned by the crown corporation operated by the nights templar, whites are under English common law which is superior over roman civil
there is no such thing as 'fair' tax!
2011-07-27 23:10StupidAmerkinthank u
2011-07-27 23:15Guest 18Hello ED and Group, bc from near Albany,ny hi ya's
2011-07-27 23:15Guest 13"I plea under stress duress and coercion - for the record"
2011-07-27 23:18Guest 23kool
2011-07-27 23:19Guest 14would declaration of private trust suffice in status recognition?
2011-07-27 23:27Guest 13 the information here was OUTSTANDING
it's called the KMA card
2011-07-27 23:32Guest 14in forma pauperis
2011-07-27 23:33hippydude1962ed check your skype
2011-07-27 prison warden purchases property and Maine A.G. says transaction is void. $483,000 town valued, was purchased at $175,000
There should have been an auction, give the public a chance to bid on the property.
2011-07-27 23:35Guest 13apostille the COLB and you put the NAME into international jurisdiction
2011-07-27 23:36Guest 14what foreign country do you list for apostille g13?
2011-07-27 23:37Guest 13Netherlands, The Huage
2011-07-27 23:38Guest 24what is an "apostille"?
2011-07-27 23:39Guest 14makes sense..g13, thanks
2011-07-27 23:39Guest 13
you are protected under Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act
2011-07-27 23:44pjmpjmBeth, it's ... Paula
Or anyone
2011-07-27 23:45Guest 14the commonwealths pre-date United States of America
2011-07-27 23:47pjmpjmthanks guest 14. I was just sent a list of the dates each state formed. Anyone want it, just write to me
2011-07-27 23:51Guest 18Good Show And Knowledge ED TU
2011-07-27 23:52EdClanofChattanThx ;)
2011-07-27 23:52Guest 18Obey The Law: Be YE Seperate:-)
2011-07-27 23:53hippydude1962
2011-07-27 23:54EdClanofChattanBRB
2011-07-27 23:56Guest 13even the Italian gangster actors in Hollywood are jooish
2011-07-27 23:57Guest 18jasmine jars:-(
2011-07-27 23:58Nightwolf1G Night
2011-07-27 23:58Guest 18Night ya'll>sleepy2 bye
2011-07-27 23:58Guest 13payback for Roman captivity, read 'A Tale of the Christ' by Lew Wallace
2011-07-27 23:59Guest 14the system loathes non-conformists..
2011-07-28 00:02Guest 13the supertramp song 'the logical song' give it a good listen
"When I was young, it seemed that life was so wonderful,
a miracle, oh it was beautiful, magical."
"But then they send me away to teach me how to be sensible,
logical, responsible, practical."
"And they showed me a world where I could be so dependable,
clinical, intellectual, cynical."
>>> "Now watch what you say or they'll be calling you a radical,
liberal, fanatical, criminal."
!!! "Won't you sign up your name, we'd like to feel you're
acceptable, respecable, presentable, a vegtable!"
2011-07-28 00:06pjmpjmgoodnite, see you next week
2011-07-28 00:06Guest 13@@ I know it sounds absurd but please tell me who I am. @@
2011-07-28 00:08StupidAmerkin
Are we in the Twilight Zone?
2011-07-28 00:08Guest 14 --> "If everyone was listening"
2011-07-28 00:21hippydude1962
2011-07-28 00:43oracle3hi
whos palehorse4
2011-07-28 00:52Guest 13'the melting pot myth'
2011-07-28 00:56Daniel K
Here is the turner diaries
2011-07-28 00:57hippydude1962tim
2011-07-28 01:14oracle3my laptop ran out of battery
2011-07-28 01:15Daniel KI wish I could find a respectable white woman my age!
2011-07-28 01:16EdClanofChattanDK, it is your job to help them to become respectible.
2011-07-28 01:24Daniel KJews have been kidnapping little kids for thousands of years
they kidnap them and drink their blood
Yes they are the children of the devil!!!
exactly Ed!!
and drink it!
They absolutely HATE whites!!!!
They hate whites because they are Edom Esau and we are Jacob Israel!!!
there are over 20,000 black on white rapes every year! Compared to less than 100 white on black rapes per year!!!!
Amen brother!!!
Glad others realize these things too!
they blend in with whites through race mixing
but our country is special ed
our founders set it up for us
can you imagine if just ... say 100,000 like minded white men came together with a common goal
2011-07-28 01:38EdClanofChattanYES< THAT WOULD BE GREAT!!! (-:
2011-07-28 01:40FlashGordon !100,000 would work, we have 4 million people in Oregon you would think we can do this
2011-07-28 01:42Daniel KPatton knew the truth, and was later killed for it!
2011-07-28 01:42EdClanofChattanActually 3x 50 states = 150 people would be a great start!
2011-07-28 01:42Daniel KHe said they were filth!!!
Jews are responsible for ALL depravity!
because the Jews controlled the media then too!
David Duke!
Ben Franklin explicitly warned against the Jews and wanted to exclude them in the Constitutional Convention
thats because they suck the baby penis
after circumcisions
alright night all, Im tired
Yahweh bless!