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2011-07-20 20:03allentruittEd, I had to work this weekend. If you still want to do the show, we can do it sunday. If not I understand.
I apologize
I have been trying to figure out how to play music on my show. How do you do it?
2011-07-20 20:07EdClanofChattanI use "vemotion" at
2011-07-20 20:08Guest 6What kind of show?
2011-07-20 20:08allentruittAryan nations radio on talkshoe
2011-07-20 20:08EdClanofChattanG 6 this a show for white folks.
2011-07-20 20:08Guest 6Oh Mr.Truitt
2011-07-20 20:09allentruittyes
2011-07-20 20:09Guest 6Heil YAHWEH!
2011-07-20 20:09allentruittHail Victory!
Sounds crisp Ed
2011-07-20 20:10EdClanofChattanYes it is a pretty good program.
2011-07-20 20:11allentruittsunday at five central, okay?
2011-07-20 20:11EdClanofChattanGot it Allen
2011-07-20 20:14Guest 6Yes
good Audio
Good Audio
Lets Go!
2011-07-20 will this help a negro?
By using comercial code?
2011-07-20 20:25Guest 6Were all in the same Boat.
2011-07-20 20:25allentruittProbably because she thinks you are a terrorist
2011-07-20 20:29allentruittWell, I'm getting up to speed. Frankly its a little confusing but Im hoping we'll clear it up on the show
2011-07-20 20:29Ethan24very good thank you
its so Hot.
Go sheriff Joe!
2011-07-20 20:45Guest 9hello everyone
2011-07-20 20:45allentruitthello brother
2011-07-20 20:46Guest 9Aryan Nations is in the house!
2011-07-20 20:46allentruittHail victory!
2011-07-20 20:50Guest 9all aryans,adamites,israelites, and other branches of SHEM/shemites got to unify and come together
2011-07-20 20:50allentruittAgreed
2011-07-20 20:52Guest 9ANGLO-SAXONS,CELTIC peoples, TEUTONS-GERMANICS, BASQUES,SLAVICS-ALPINES,BALTIC VOLK and kindred people-the nonwhites are against us is a good website
i do agree that the 13 tribes of JACOB/ISRAEL are supreme,cream-of-the-crop;but there are also other white tribes too
2011-07-20 20:56allentruittAll whites, whether Israelites or not, are eligable for salvation brothers!
2011-07-20 20:57Guest 9of course mixed raced/polluted blood mamzers are excluded-sad to see racemixed whites
2011-07-20 20:58allentruittDuet. 23
2011-07-20 20:58lastwhitemanMorris Gullett is a fed
2011-07-20 20:58Ethan24Aryan card.
2011-07-20 20:58Guest 9BENJAMIN had a son named ROSH; I wonder if ROSH is the progenitor of NORDID/VARANGIAN RUSSIANS
2011-07-20 20:59allentruittRead the article I documented at www.aryannations-org it documents and proves Morris gulett is NOT a snitch
2011-07-20 20:59lastwhitemanHow come he betrayed Paul Mullet?
2011-07-20 21:00allentruittThe founder of aryansbook is a rap mogul, the host of ANSP is a child molester named Gary Godsey
2011-07-20 21:00lastwhitemanHe single handedly destroyed one of the most active WN groupes in the country
2011-07-20 21:01allentruittPaul mullet is a thief and recruited child molesters like godsey
2011-07-20 21:01lastwhitemanhe's a detrement to the movment
2011-07-20 21:01Guest 9back when mullet and gullett had their schism, lindstedt derisively called it "the night of the long dorks" a parody of the 1933 split of Hitler
2011-07-20 21:01Ethan241000 dollars an Hour Ed.
2011-07-20 21:02Guest 9versus the brownshirts and Ernst Roehm
2011-07-20 21:02lastwhitemanmost people have some sort of criminal past, lets not kid ourselves here
at least he's not a bank robber
2011-07-20 21:02Ethan24Amen Sir
2011-07-20 21:02lastwhitemanwho got some kid thown in jail
2011-07-20 21:03Daniel Kloud and clear
2011-07-20 21:03Ethan24Yes Sir
much better then last week
2011-07-20 21:04allentruittRead read the very well documented article I wrote at entitled the truth about the ANSP. Home page. All ther links are there. Th
ese devisive, regressive destructive individuals and accusers are the enemy, not Morris Gulett
2011-07-20 21:05lastwhitemanWhy did Morris Gulett do what he did?
2011-07-20 21:05allentruittWhat did he do?
2011-07-20 21:05lastwhitemanwhy did he back stab Paul Mullet?
2011-07-20 21:06Ethan24The America famliy famer.
2011-07-20 21:06allentruittHe didnt back stab Mullet, he KICKED HIS ASS OUT for theft
2011-07-20 21:06lastwhitemantheft, he headed the organization
what are you going on about
2011-07-20 21:07allentruittDo you even KNOW either of these people?
2011-07-20 21:07lastwhitemanI know Paul
2011-07-20 21:07Ethan24Heil Commander Rockwell.
2011-07-20 21:07allentruittHes your friend?
2011-07-20 21:07lastwhitemanI know the story
Morris seen something he wanted and stole it
simple as that
he completly ruined the aryan nations
2011-07-20 21:08allentruittWhy dont you ask him why he has a child molester running his radio show?
2011-07-20 21:08lastwhitemanNow whats it doing
with Morris Gullet
no rallys
2011-07-20 21:08allentruittThe aryan nations is alive and well. Prospering in fact
2011-07-20 21:08Ethan24Thats Lindstedtstein
2011-07-20 21:09lastwhitemanbullshit
2011-07-20 21:09Ethan24hahaha
2011-07-20 21:09allentruittRallies? Hello? Georgia, Missouri, Pennsylvania...all recent
2011-07-20 21:09lastwhitemanHow has it been prospering?
what rallys
give me some links
2011-07-20 21:11Guest 9i wonder if how the tribe of Mannaseh was split in 2, with east mannaseh being on the other side of the Jordan River; could it be that West Mannesah
2011-07-20 21:12Ethan24Pennsylvannia was a Great state.
2011-07-20 21:12Guest 9went to USA whilst East Mannesah settled in Germany; thus the continued geographic seperation of Mnnaseh; WEST in USA/NORTH AMERICA while EAST
2011-07-20 21:12lastwhitemandid you get any video from these rallys
get any news coverage
2011-07-20 21:13Guest 9Mannaseh in Europe/Germany
2011-07-20 21:13allentruittPhotos are posted, why you gathering info for feds?
2011-07-20 21:13Ethan24Pennsylvannia Farm will rise again.
2011-07-20 21:14lastwhitemanhow come your forums so dead if you have all these members?
2011-07-20 21:14allentruittLook, you know, its simple: SECURITY
2011-07-20 21:14lastwhitemanI just think you're full of shit
2011-07-20 21:14Ethan24all these members?
2011-07-20 21:14allentruittYOU CANT ACCESS THE FORUM STUPID!
I saw to that!
2011-07-20 21:14lastwhitemanwhen you hold a rally typicaly theres news coverage
2011-07-20 21:14Ethan24Hello?
2011-07-20 21:15Guest 9anyone interested in german israelites should check out THATCHERTHUNDERS.ORG-to view the website use the waybackmachine and type
2011-07-20 21:15lastwhitemanI join the forum
2011-07-20 21:15Guest 9THATCHERTHUNDERS.ORG
2011-07-20 21:15lastwhitemani seen nothing their
2011-07-20 21:15allentruittNo you arent
2011-07-20 21:15Ethan24this is talkshoe,not a Forum.
2011-07-20 21:15allentruittNeed members access code DUMN ASS
2011-07-20 21:15Guest 9because the website is not on the live web anymore
2011-07-20 21:16lastwhitemanbut you guys have no members
2011-07-20 21:16Ethan24SO WHAT!
2011-07-20 21:16allentruittYou are an info seeker. Spelled FED
TROLL whiteman, having fun disrupting Eds show?
2011-07-20 21:17Ethan24Last Lindstedtstein.
2011-07-20 21:17Guest 9also SENSTIUS.CHRISTOGENEA.ORG has the english translation of Paul Senstius' 1931 book about the GERMANS being the ancient ISRAELITE tribes
2011-07-20 21:17lastwhitemanim just asking you to back your bullshit up
I think Morris ruined the aryan nations
2011-07-20 21:17allentruittWWW>ARYAN-NATIONS.ORG stupid
2011-07-20 21:18Ethan24i'll back it up,with my 38/.
2011-07-20 21:18lastwhitemanIseen it going places under Paul, I was considering membership
2011-07-20 21:18Guest 9NORDISKISRAEL.ORG also has many articles telling how the NORDIC race are ISRAELITES
2011-07-20 21:18lastwhitemanMorris ruined it
2011-07-20 21:18allentruittread the article about ANSP on home page. You back a group who has a child molester as chief of staff!
2011-07-20 21:18lastwhitemanbecause of his ego
got any proof
2011-07-20 21:19allentruittYou dont know Morris.
2011-07-20 21:19lastwhitemanI know what I see
2011-07-20 21:19allentruittProof is on the link I told you about. LOOK AT IT AND QUIT RUNNING YOUR MOUTH!!!
2011-07-20 21:19Guest 9allen truitt, is TRUITT a SCOTTISH surname?
2011-07-20 21:20lastwhitemansounds jewish to me
2011-07-20 21:20Guest 9wow thats uncalled for lastwhiteman
2011-07-20 21:20Ethan24ed,the Angel from Maine is on
2011-07-20 21:21lastwhitemanyeah maybe
2011-07-20 21:21Ethan24SweetHeart
2011-07-20 21:21Guest 9lastwhiteman do you contend that is a total zogbot organization?
2011-07-20 21:21lastwhitemanlooks that way to me
2011-07-20 21:22Ethan24LINDSTEDTSTEIN!!
2011-07-20 21:22lastwhitemanI know for sure that it's not active
2011-07-20 21:22pjmpjmHey, DarkKnight and I were on Jack Bauer's call when he had Judge James Tucker on... was interesting.
2011-07-20 21:22Guest 9lindstedt has few positive words for anybody/organization
2011-07-20 21:23Ethan24Lindstedt Gook
2011-07-20 21:25pjmpjm Jack B's call with the retired, black judge.
2011-07-20 21:25Ethan24Scroggins Valley
thats my Name
2011-07-20 21:25Office of PropagandaWhite Power and Hail Victory !
2011-07-20 21:26Guest 9i will say that at least makes available tape cassettes/CDs of hard-to-obtain material from pastor Butler
2011-07-20 21:26Ethan24Praise YAHWEH!!!
2011-07-20 21:26Office of PropagandaCD's and DVD's too
2011-07-20 21:26Guest 9and other CI pastors,many which can not be obtained anywhere else
2011-07-20 21:26Office of PropagandaPraise YaHWeH !
2011-07-20 21:27Ethan24i wish Mr.Butler was still here.
2011-07-20 21:27Office of PropagandaSome hard to find booklets too.
And when is the last time anyone saw original Aryan Nations belt buckles for sale ?
of course they're for members only but still
You and me both Kinsman...83-14-88
2011-07-20 21:28Guest 9what ever happened to pastor jay faber and aryannationsrevival?they are not adding any new material to their website
2011-07-20 21:30lastwhitemanthe only aryan nations that was trying anything new and going places was Paul Mullets, and when Morris Gullet swindled it from him that died
2011-07-20 21:31Office of Propagandamust have dropped off the map. I tried to reach out to them to come on board and join forces with ARyan Nations, Jay called me a few times said someth
Morris Gulett swindled nothing from Mullet, Mullet was stealing money from members so he was removed from the ranks of AryanNations
2011-07-20 21:32allentruittlastwhiteman, Im back, you still talking?
2011-07-20 21:32lastwhitemansure, take some time to think about what I wrote
2011-07-20 21:32Office of Propagandalearn your history son, who are you anyway. this is Pastor Gulett
2011-07-20 21:33allentruittIf Gulett stole AN from the great leader Mullet, how did that happen?
2011-07-20 21:33lastwhitemanhow come you destory the AN?
2011-07-20 21:33allentruittIm signed in under my name. Whats your name lastwhiteman?
2011-07-20 21:33Office of PropagandaAN is not destroyed but growing day by day we have offices in 17 states and 4 foreign countries
2011-07-20 21:34Guest 9gotta go ,good chat session,will be back PRAISE YAHWEH OUR YAHSHUA,HAIL VICTORY
2011-07-20 21:34lastwhitemanyou took over the website and conspired with his two sub commanders
2011-07-20 21:34Office of PropagandaI processed 3 application this week and hve one on my desk yet still
2011-07-20 21:34lastwhitemanthen how did it happening
2011-07-20 21:34Office of Propagandawhy don;t you reveal you identity last white man. I told you who I am tell me who you are since you seem to know so much
2011-07-20 21:34allentruittGulett is on line, TROLL, now ask your questions. Dont be evasive either.
2011-07-20 21:35lastwhitemanhow come Gerdon and Bradly both left weeks later
what went wrong?
2011-07-20 21:35allentruittLastwhiteman is a troll who accused me of being a jew
2011-07-20 21:36Office of PropagandaBradley was removed for the same rwason Mullet wa stealing money from members' Gordon young resigned, ask him why, he wanted to start an AN motorcycl
2011-07-20 21:36allentruittLittle bitch couldn't stand in the same room with me
2011-07-20 21:37lastwhitemanhe went back to Paul after leaving, and said you forced him out
2011-07-20 21:37Office of PropagandaMotorcycle divison so we assigned him that task and he needed to focus on that as direcotr of the MC division and he got his feelings hurt because I d
because I did not think he could be ambassador to the northern US
and run the AN MC too
2011-07-20 21:37Ethan24hey Paulie.
2011-07-20 21:38Office of Propagandahe wanted it all and made up members apps to go to him in MD
that's not how AN has ever worked at all
all AN business run thru HQ
2011-07-20 21:38allentruittlastwhiteman is a member of a child molester, non-Christian group called ANSP
2011-07-20 21:38Ethan24Shut that dam dog up
2011-07-20 21:39Office of Propagandaare you a member of ANSP lastwhiteman
2011-07-20 21:39allentruittPastor, remember security
2011-07-20 21:39Office of PropagandaOK thank you
2011-07-20 21:40lastwhitemanI'm an associate
2011-07-20 21:40Office of Propagandalastwhiteman wants to be a troll evidently he won;t reveal himself. I am here open and honestly ready to answer questions
why not reveal who you are. cowards hide
2011-07-20 21:40Guest 14you are all jew
2011-07-20 21:40Ethan24just listening
2011-07-20 21:40allentruittlastwhiteman is exactly like Mullet. Hes never reaad the article I referred him to. Dumn ass FOLLOWER
2011-07-20 21:41lastwhitemanI'm in canada, you won't know of me
2011-07-20 21:41Ethan24Good
2011-07-20 21:41lastwhitemanyeah
2011-07-20 21:41Office of PropagandaMullet was never an effective follower how can he be an efficient leader. he's a punk and a coward and will never say on to my face
2011-07-20 21:42allentruittMAINE IS ON THE CALL ED
2011-07-20 21:42Office of Propagandawhat he says on the internet. him jenkins godsey the sex offender chrsi hogan and Steve Silva all cowards
2011-07-20 21:42Ethan24ya she has a Sweet Heart.
2011-07-20 21:42Office of Propagandaare you a coward lastwhiteman?
I think you are
2011-07-20 21:42lastwhitemannope
2011-07-20 21:42allentruittLike lastwhiteman who wont tell his name. FED
2011-07-20 21:42Office of Propagandathen who are you
2011-07-20 21:43allentruittwho are you?
2011-07-20 21:43lastwhitemanwhat you want my name?
I said I'm in canada, you don't know me
2011-07-20 21:43Ethan24Noooo!!!!!
2011-07-20 21:43allentruittSame reason youre gathering info
2011-07-20 21:43Office of Propagandayou know my name your making tatements about my chrecter I at least have a right to know my accuser
2011-07-20 21:44lastwhitemanI want to know what went on
I don't like being kept in the dark
2011-07-20 21:44Ethan24Get Paulie on the Phone.
2011-07-20 21:44allentruittREAD THE ARTICLE TROLL!!!
2011-07-20 21:44Office of Propagandawhy what's it to you/
2011-07-20 21:44Ethan24Troll Dog
2011-07-20 21:44Office of PropagandaHere are solid answers to the lies and accusations
2011-07-20 21:45lastwhitemanI'll read it over
2011-07-20 21:45Office of Propagandado that
2011-07-20 21:45Guest 14thumbs down tonight ed your following is a waste of your breath! children....
2011-07-20 21:45Ethan24Good,and then get Lost
2011-07-20 21:45allentruittOne troll can ruin a show
2011-07-20 21:45Office of Propagandalastwhiteman, pay attention to all the links provided in the article
2011-07-20 21:46Ethan24Trolls are Toilet Scum.
2011-07-20 21:46allentruittAmen
2011-07-20 21:46Ethan24hahaha
2011-07-20 21:46pjmpjmlastwhiteman, how far away from Edmundston, New Brunswick are you? I'm 10 minutes.
2011-07-20 21:46lastwhitemanwhat impresses me is activism, and I don't see a lot of that with you Morris, I see more dedication with the ansp
wrong coast pjmpjm
2011-07-20 21:47allentruittThats because you are too busy detering people from the message. Thats what trolls do!!!
2011-07-20 21:47Guest 11Canada needs more whites, hang in there lastwhiteman
2011-07-20 21:47Office of Propagandado ya, they're scared to come out of the house and with good reason I would be too if I burned bridges all over the country
2011-07-20 21:48Ethan24whoever said he is a White man?
2011-07-20 21:48Office of Propagandaand go join the ansp
I am not trying to discourage anyone from that
I am only defending myself against lies and slander
2011-07-20 21:48allentruittETHAN, Yahweh bless you brother!
2011-07-20 21:49Office of Propagandawe do TV and radio congress is coming up and we have invested a small fortune to be sure that is a successful event
2011-07-20 21:49Ethan24Sieg HEIL!!!!
2011-07-20 21:49Guest 11clear
2011-07-20 21:49Ethan24I hope to see you in Valhalla.
Good Audio
2011-07-20 21:50Office of Propagandathe ANK is the only Klan organization in thw world that I know of who have rewritten all of the old antiquated klan documents to meet todays politcal
are Aryan Nations Knights KKK material only, they are not conducive to any other Klan org in the world only ANK
2011-07-20 21:51lastwhitemanPaul says the congress is never going to happen
2011-07-20 21:51Office of Propagandathat is a task in itself
2011-07-20 21:51lastwhitemanyou're just going to take everyones money
2011-07-20 21:52Ethan24hahaha
2011-07-20 21:53Office of PropagandaPaul also told you I am a federal rat, read the article, Paul is a liar. He said on one radio show that he joined AN in ohio and his orinal applicata
shows he joined AN in Minnesota he cant eveen tell the truth about a simple thing such as that
ask mullet who sent him a hundred bucks to go to bethany beach when he was going to take his computer to the pawn shop for gas money
Ill answer that it was me
He wanted to know when he had to pay it back
I told him he didn't that he was AN nat Direc and needed to be at the rally
I payed his way there from here in Louisian out of the CSY bank account
2011-07-20 21:55lastwhitemanhow come you weren't happy just being the world pastor, how come you needed to take over days after?
2011-07-20 21:55Office of PropagandaId tell you to ask him but he'll lie about that too
2011-07-20 21:56Ethan24No Respect.
Forget About it.
2011-07-20 21:56Office of Propagandaworld pastor world leader what's the difference I was the man in charge you'r playing word games now like a Jew
2011-07-20 21:56lastwhitemanthat's the million dollar question Morris, that's what everyone is wondering.
2011-07-20 21:57Office of PropagandaI just answered it. I still have the emails where Mullet was going to step down as National director so I could have that spot
I told him no you're doing a good job so far you keep that position and I will step in as world leader. Mullet join AN in 2000 look at his applicatio
2011-07-20 21:58allentruittlastwhiteman is lindstedt
2011-07-20 21:58Office of Propagandaon the link I sent you'
2011-07-20 21:58lastwhitemanso your sayying it's all a lie, Paul just telling a big lie
he wanted you to take over
2011-07-20 21:59Office of PropagandaI have been AN since 1993 do you really think I would agree to come on AN and take orders and be second in rank to him ?
send me your email address and I'll forward to you the emails themselves
2011-07-20 21:59Ethan24WHAT?
2011-07-20 21:59allentruittJust ignore the troll. You've given everything he needs to make an educated opinion
2011-07-20 21:59lastwhitemanwell now your saying something different, that you'd make a better leader then him
2011-07-20 21:59Ethan24\
2011-07-20 22:00allentruittWHATEVER TROLLLLLL
2011-07-20 22:00lastwhitemanhey if you want to add me to skype I'll add you
2011-07-20 22:00Office of PropagandaI am saying that I would never agree to be subject to Mullet, he never out ranked me in Aryan Nations at all
2011-07-20 22:00lastwhitemanI've got nothing to hide
2011-07-20 22:00Ethan24Aryanknights1483 is another KIKE TROLL.
You son of a Bitch
2011-07-20 22:01Office of PropagandaI took orders from over ten years from two men and tweo men only in AN
2011-07-20 22:01allentruittHes pastor Gulett
2011-07-20 22:01Office of PropagandaRichard Butler and Ray Redfeairn
2011-07-20 22:01Ethan24Kike Jew Bastard
2011-07-20 22:01allentruittWTF? ETHAN???
2011-07-20 22:02Ethan24hahaha,America is a Luntica Land
2011-07-20 22:02Office of PropagandaI am Pasor Morris Gulett
2011-07-20 22:02Ethan24Bill Kike Fincko\
2011-07-20 22:02Office of Propagandasend me an email to
2011-07-20 22:02allentruittEthan is evidently another troll. What they do is manipulate and gather info. FUCK YOU JEWS!!!!!
2011-07-20 22:03Office of PropagandaI'll send you the emails from Mullet where he wa going to step down so I could take the leadership of AN'
2011-07-20 22:03lastwhitemanhow come you don't put it on the site
2011-07-20 22:03Ethan24ok allentruitt
2011-07-20 22:03Office of
2011-07-20 22:04Ethan24some brother
2011-07-20 22:04Office of PropagandaIm done you want proof send me an email
2011-07-20 22:04Ethan24i really feel the love
2011-07-20 22:04lastwhitemansure I'll take a look
2011-07-20 22:07allentruitthey lastwhiteman, fuck you!
2011-07-20 22:08Guest 22this Allentruitt is a pure Nigger
Race traitoring ho
Fuck you Allentruitt
And Your God Dam Family
2011-07-20 22:09allentruittthis is the xtent of paul mullets activism. all hail paul mullet
2011-07-20 22:09Guest 11it was ok when the classes mixed, but it started to get funny when the races stated to mix.
2011-07-20 22:10lastwhitemanyeah for the last while lol
2011-07-20 22:10Guest 22ya
sorry ED
2011-07-20 22:10lastwhitemansorry
2011-07-20 22:10Daniel Kas Israelite men we must be the change we want to see
2011-07-20 22:11allentruittA MAN HAs a right to defend himself and that is common law Ed!
2011-07-20 22:11Daniel Kwe must lead by our example
2011-07-20 22:11lastwhitemanMorris has a lot to explain
2011-07-20 22:12Guest 23only 12 trolls on the call
2011-07-20 22:12allentruittRead the links JEW
2011-07-20 22:12lastwhitemanI will
2011-07-20 22:13Guest 22Nobody cares Allentruit
Scum Bag
2011-07-20 22:13lastwhitemanI'll keep an open mind
2011-07-20 22:13Guest 23oh this is a jew channel?
2011-07-20 22:13allentruittThen why you here nigger?
2011-07-20 22:13lastwhitemanfuck you, don't ever call me a nigger
2011-07-20 22:13Guest 11from the reading it is clear the joos were considered non-whites
2011-07-20 22:13allentruittJews always troll our sites and then disrupt
2011-07-20 22:13Guest 22Because i love ED,And i'm a White Aryan Man.
2011-07-20 22:14allentruittNigger
2011-07-20 22:14lastwhitemanfuck you jew faggot
2011-07-20 22:14Guest 22hahaha
2011-07-20 22:14allentruittSee how happy they are?
2011-07-20 22:14Guest 23any whores in here??
2011-07-20 22:14Daniel Kthe Jews have divided us
2011-07-20 22:14lastwhitemanyou're the one calling people niggers
2011-07-20 22:14Guest 18No this is the dumb honkey red neck channel of inbred idiots and the speaker hasn't a clue about law junk either.
2011-07-20 22:14Daniel Kbut as a whiteman you must be wise enough to see through that
I am open to any argument, if what you say is true then prove Ed wrong
2011-07-20 22:15Guest 22Amen Ed
2011-07-20 22:16allentruittGod bless Ed
2011-07-20 22:16Guest 23Maria Janet says you are full of crap
2011-07-20 22:16Guest 11this is a nation of laws first and for most
2011-07-20 22:16Guest 22i enjoy your stuff
2011-07-20 22:16Daniel KI do
2011-07-20 22:16lastwhitemanno go on, don't mind us
2011-07-20 22:16Daniel Kshe doesnt know jack squat!!!
2011-07-20 22:16allentruittYou're doing a good job ed, just been infiltrated by bjews
2011-07-20 22:17pjmpjmMaria J is on Rod Class team isn't she?
2011-07-20 22:17Daniel KI bet if Jean keating was saying this she would be in support!
2011-07-20 22:17Guest 22unlike this lieing PIG called allentruitt
2011-07-20 22:17Daniel KHer, Rod ... ALL of them have their heads up thier ass!!!
2011-07-20 22:17Guest 11jean knows quite clearly the true status of whites in this country
2011-07-20 22:18allentruittyour moma is a lying pig punk
2011-07-20 22:18Guest 22hahaha
2011-07-20 22:18Guest 23jean will kick your sorry black Jew sucking ass
2011-07-20 22:18Guest 22Maybe she is.
2011-07-20 22:18Daniel Kthen why does he play with de facto codes pretending like they may show some grace an permit remedy?
2011-07-20 22:19Guest 11good question
2011-07-20 22:19pjmpjmHope I guess
2011-07-20 22:19Guest 20Okay... ya'll made your point that the country is divided! Peace be with you... In Jesus name.
2011-07-20 22:19Daniel Kin my opinion...ANYONE out espousing ANYTHING but the truth is a Provocateur!!!
2011-07-20 22:20Guest 23even as dumb as that Luis Ewing person is, he knows more than you Jew suckers
2011-07-20 22:20Guest 26PAUL m
PAUL mullet is a whore who was in PC
2011-07-20 22:20allentruittdarknight, if someone attacks you do you ignore or fight back?
2011-07-20 22:20Daniel Kyour an idiot
2011-07-20 22:20Guest 22Amen
2011-07-20 22:21Guest 26Darknight is another coward
2011-07-20 22:21Guest 20Faith is your power and Truth is your shield... Ps 91 I have faith you ya'll find Peace with eachother and be examples for the rest of us.
2011-07-20 22:21Guest 26troll cunt darknight
2011-07-20 22:21Daniel Klol
2011-07-20 22:21Guest 17where are we with the gnostics?
2011-07-20 22:21Guest 23oh he's not a coward, he has just been butt fucked too many times by Ed
2011-07-20 22:21Guest 22its this Nigger lieing Pick allentruitt.
2011-07-20 22:21Daniel Kof course, fight back!
2011-07-20 22:22Guest 22God DAM BASTARD
2011-07-20 22:22allentruittyour mama is the nigger
2011-07-20 22:22Guest 26allen truitt is an honorbale known him for years and he can handle whatever you got pal
2011-07-20 22:22Guest 22Hahaha
2011-07-20 22:22Daniel Klol
2011-07-20 22:22Guest 11non-whites on this chat, please show some respect, this is a history lesson.
2011-07-20 22:23Daniel Kexaclty, proves our point!
2011-07-20 22:23Guest 22maybe your right G26.
2011-07-20 22:23Daniel KCan you imagine what we could do if just say... 100,000 white people united with a common goal?
2011-07-20 22:23Guest 26one of you guys say some intelligent please, darknight say something profound
not pornographic but profound
2011-07-20 22:24Daniel Kyou dont have the capacity to recognize intelligence...
2011-07-20 22:24Guest 22HEIL YAHWEH!!!
2011-07-20 22:24Guest 26that will let me know if you are paul mullet or not because he hasn't the ability to say anything profund
2011-07-20 22:24Guest 22Praise YAHWEH!!!
2011-07-20 22:24Guest 23I think Ed has an affection for dogs and not in a good way
2011-07-20 22:24Guest 26ko excuse Mullet
good excuse there Paulie girl
2011-07-20 22:25Guest 17the JEW has enabled the negroid in society only to crumble the whites. the jew uses the negroid as the white wouldn't permit.
2011-07-20 22:25Guest 22St.Paulie Girl
2011-07-20 22:25Daniel KTROLLS!!! Your just mad because your people are too stupid to set up a country of their own!!!
2011-07-20 22:25Guest 26that's it because Paul Mullet is a woman, or should I say BITCH
2011-07-20 22:25Guest 11only non-white would be interrupting this lesson; log out please if you cant mind yourself.
2011-07-20 22:25Guest 22Amen
2011-07-20 22:25Daniel Kexactly!
2011-07-20 22:25pjmpjmNamecalling accomplishes nothing.
2011-07-20 22:26Daniel Kdisagree, makes you feel better..
2011-07-20 22:26Guest 26OK I asked someone for intelligent conversation and got nothing
2011-07-20 22:26Guest 17the jews and negroids will perish together in due time.
2011-07-20 22:26Guest 26what you need a nipple on your bottle darknight to make yer self feel better awwww
2011-07-20 22:26Daniel KI dont hate the blacks, its not their fault
2011-07-20 22:26Guest 22get on the phone.
2011-07-20 22:27Daniel Kthey are just the useful idiot
2011-07-20 22:27Guest 22Lets GO
2011-07-20 22:27Guest 23DarkKnight has a black jew girlfriend with a big jew nose
2011-07-20 22:27Daniel Klol
2011-07-20 22:27Guest 26yeah they can't hlp it if they're criminally insane, doesn that mean we shoudlnt; put them on trial and execute them when they murder rape and destroy
2011-07-20 22:28Daniel Kand a big black booty!
2011-07-20 22:28Guest 28This show is dumb.
2011-07-20 22:28Guest 26what doesn your master Mullet say
2011-07-20 22:28Guest 22Thank God,GOOD BYE
2011-07-20 22:28Guest 11Ed we got some joos here trying to provoke us
2011-07-20 22:28Daniel KBlacks are not part of this equation!
it goes back to Jacob and esau
2011-07-20 22:29Guest 22Flash Troll Dog
2011-07-20 22:29Guest 29could the real enemy be within?
2011-07-20 22:29Guest 23scared of blackey huh
2011-07-20 22:29Daniel Kright Ed, they have just been used by the Jew as the useful idiot
Blacks are no threat to anyone!!! The greates accomplishment of the black race all through history is a mud hut!!!
2011-07-20 22:30Guest 22thats Right ED
2011-07-20 22:30Guest 11joos hide behind the blacks
2011-07-20 22:30Daniel KJews have helped blacks rise to prominence in this country for ONE reason!!!
2011-07-20 22:31Guest 22Where is stormfront raido?
2011-07-20 22:31Guest 29could it be we are all brothers and sisters?
2011-07-20 22:31Guest 11to get whiteT
2011-07-20 22:31Daniel Kand that reason is simply so we would accept them intermarrying with our women so they can accomplish their goal!
Judge James Tucker
2011-07-20 22:32Guest 29could we even be brothers and sisters of beings from other parts of the universe?
2011-07-20 22:32Guest 23Detroit is the best place in the world to live, we have lots of good black folks here and not so many of those damn dead beat white folk that can't
do shit
2011-07-20 22:32Daniel KHe explained that race is of the UTMOST importance!!!
and he is BLACK!!!
2011-07-20 22:32Guest 26when you say we all just who is "we all"
2011-07-20 22:32Guest 23he had a white mama
2011-07-20 22:32Daniel Kthat should give all these other idiots a clue!!!
2011-07-20 22:33Guest 29way i figure, if we all get to humpin we could get a nice deep tan going.....
2011-07-20 22:33Daniel KHitler was the good guy
all was just trying to save his race
2011-07-20 22:34Guest 22Pat Buchanan is my Hero
2011-07-20 22:34Guest 29repent my retarded backward brothers and sisters.
2011-07-20 22:34Daniel Kthats because your a Jew!
you must hate scripture!
2011-07-20 22:34Guest 22Heil Mr.Buchanan
2011-07-20 22:34Daniel Kyou must hate truth!
2011-07-20 22:34Guest 22Sieg Heil
2011-07-20 22:35Guest 17yea french are a sub sept of saxons.
2011-07-20 22:35Daniel K!!!!!!
If folks were smart they would recognize that they arent going to go through your bloodline to prove your not white
2011-07-20 22:36Guest 23white people are slimy evil, cheating, crooked back stabbing queers
2011-07-20 22:36Daniel Klol, your confused by Jews
You must love jews
you must hate scripture!
and truth!
2011-07-20 22:36Guest 23white people are evil
2011-07-20 22:36Guest 15g23 but the pussy is awesome!
2011-07-20 22:36Guest 23the messiah was a black man
2011-07-20 22:37Daniel KROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2011-07-20 22:37Guest 22who you are and what you are,MATTERS!!!!
2011-07-20 22:37Guest 23yahweh hates white man
2011-07-20 22:38Guest 22Hahaha
2011-07-20 22:38Daniel KLOL
You he created Adam in his image?
Adam was not the first man, he was the first white man!
2011-07-20 22:38Guest 23black man is the pure dejure ruler of Earth
2011-07-20 22:39Daniel Kyou must hate scripture!
2011-07-20 22:39Guest 11good point!
2011-07-20 22:39Daniel KBlacks are nothing more than slaves!
2011-07-20 22:39Guest 22G23 uses White mans words against him
2011-07-20 22:39Daniel KThe greatest historical acheivement of the black man all throughout history is a ... MUD HUT!!!!!!
2011-07-20 22:39Guest 22crazy scum bag
2011-07-20 22:40Guest 23yes the white man always trys to enslave us but we always remain the chosen people
2011-07-20 22:40Daniel Kyou must hate scripture
2011-07-20 22:40Guest 22G23 IS A REAL NIGGER
2011-07-20 22:41Guest 23and I screw your white whore women because white man is inadequate in all things
2011-07-20 22:41Guest 22Hahaha
she was a rac-Mixing ho anyway
have fun
2011-07-20 22:41Daniel Kyou must hate black people too!
you hate your race, my race and scripture!!!
2011-07-20 22:42Guest 11use the attorney in advisory capacity ONLY!
2011-07-20 22:42Guest 23I bet Ed's wife is being screwed by a black man while he plays patriot
2011-07-20 22:42Guest 15but we have the ability to make your dick hard g23 and that has VALUE
2011-07-20 22:42Daniel KYOU MOST DEFINETLY ARE A JEW!!!!
2011-07-20 22:42Guest 22this Little Black Sun Nigger
2011-07-20 22:42Daniel KIts ok, at the end of the day your still black
2011-07-20 22:42Guest 23black and the chosen
2011-07-20 22:43Daniel Kyou cant even read?
2011-07-20 22:43Guest 22BLANKA go F your Mother
2011-07-20 22:43Guest 17chosen by whom? for what?
2011-07-20 22:43Daniel Kwhat have blacks built? EVER?????
you got me mad now....
what has the black race EVER built?
2011-07-20 22:44Guest 23Blacks are the greatest engineers in the world, everything a white honky can do a black man always does better
2011-07-20 22:44Daniel Kthen why are blacks so stupid?
2011-07-20 22:44Guest 17the jew chose the negroid for the inherit EVIL they conjure.
2011-07-20 22:44Daniel Kwhy are blacks so violent?
your a heathen!!!!
2011-07-20 22:44Guest 22G23 HAHAHA
2011-07-20 22:44Guest 15but the white man does it first g23
2011-07-20 22:45Guest 22Tell him to kick some ass
2011-07-20 22:45Daniel KYou know how WE know Adam was NOT a nigger????
2011-07-20 22:45Guest 23only thing a white man does is have sex with with their sisters and mothers and the ocasional cow and pig
2011-07-20 22:45Guest 17(the jew is the evil)
2011-07-20 22:45Daniel KHave you ever tried to get a rib from nigger?
2011-07-20 22:46Guest 22Please eat Pork G23
2011-07-20 22:46Daniel Kblacks dont give shit, even to their own people!!! and you think any black would give up a rib???
your just mad because your women are hidious!!!
2011-07-20 22:46Guest 22Swine EATER!
2011-07-20 22:47Guest 15ya sometimes ya gotta inbreed to perfect the beauty after a genocidal race war,shit happens!
2011-07-20 22:47Guest 23go eat your white flower tasteless cornbread, just like everything in a white mans have no taste
2011-07-20 22:47Daniel Khere is a funny statistic for you to chew on...
there are OVER 20,000 black on white rapes every year, but fewer than 100 white on black rapes per year!!!!!!
Black woman cant even beg other races to rape them!!!
2011-07-20 22:48Guest 22Hahaha,Hey Blacka,KISS MY WHITE ARAYN ASS.
2011-07-20 22:48Guest 23thats only because the white cops protect the white man... 100 times more white man in law protection than black men
2011-07-20 22:48Guest 15o but the pussy they all want the pussy and thats a weakness whiteman could start expliotin to eradicate the african of the planet
2011-07-20 22:49Daniel Kyou think whites control this country?
2011-07-20 22:49Guest 22SweetHeart it will be ok
2011-07-20 22:49Guest 23blacks control this country and everything else because we are the chosen people
2011-07-20 22:49Daniel Ktrue, but in reality blacks pose no threat... again their greatest historical achievement is a MUD HUT!!!
2011-07-20 22:50Guest 22this Guy funny and Sad
2011-07-20 22:50Daniel KEd!!! MUTE THIS IDIOT!!!
I cant take any more of your nonsense!!!!
2011-07-20 22:50Guest 22EDDY this Nigger needs to be Booted
2011-07-20 22:50Guest 23Ed can't do anything unless his black master tells him to
2011-07-20 22:50Guest 22Nigger
2011-07-20 22:50Guest 15u think blacks r in control cuz we all under military law just so darky feel good bout them selves
2011-07-20 22:51Guest 22NIGGER!!!!!
2011-07-20 22:51Guest 11Please ignore the non-white provocateurs!
2011-07-20 22:52Guest 22Ok then tell G23 to shut his Big Nigger Mouth.
2011-07-20 22:52Guest 23little white boys get so mad when they hear the truth
2011-07-20 22:53Daniel Kjust look at places around the world where blacks live
2011-07-20 22:53Guest 22Hahaha
White Boy yes,Little i don't know.
2011-07-20 22:54Guest 23fat, so be it
2011-07-20 22:54Guest 22hahaha
2011-07-20 22:54Guest 23flabby fat white boys
sit on the bench in all aspects of life because they are inferior
2011-07-20 22:55Guest 17what happened to south africa? why has it devolved into a HELL HOLE?
2011-07-20 22:55Guest 22tell this Marching Looting Coon Nigger
2011-07-20 22:55Daniel Khistorically the white race is the most fierce and feared fighters the world has ever known
2011-07-20 22:55Guest 22to F off
2011-07-20 22:55Guest 31wasnt judgement passed on the african continient
2011-07-20 22:55Daniel Kanytime blacks rule the country goes to a hell hole, look at haiti!
2011-07-20 22:56Guest 23the whites were always losing any wars until the real soldier black men got involved and bailed them out
2011-07-20 22:56Guest 17the communists gave south africa to mandela tribes. now look at it... HELL HOLE
2011-07-20 22:56Daniel Kblacks are the Jews useful idiots!!
nothing more
2011-07-20 22:57Guest 15g23 u bor me
2011-07-20 22:57Guest 22Blacka or Black Sun your a Lieing Satan worshiping Nigger SCUM BAG
2011-07-20 22:58Guest 23I will soon own your country, your world, your monetary system and will be sitting on the arm of yahweh because we are the chosen people
2011-07-20 22:59Guest 22G23 IS TROLL
2011-07-20 22:59Guest 23Darkknight has his nick because he wants to be dark like a black man but we all know his is inadequate in all aspects of life
2011-07-20 22:59Guest 15not to mention ALL the original state constitutions
2011-07-20 23:00Guest 22G23 Go Fuck YOUR NIGGER MOTHER
2011-07-20 23:00Daniel KI will remember that when we restore our nation
Thank you Ed!
2011-07-20 23:00Guest 22Sorry ed
2011-07-20 23:01Guest 11Paula- the Queen signs her first name only as do the other members of the 'royal' family.
2011-07-20 23:02Guest 22i thought your name was EdClanofChattan?
2011-07-20 23:02Daniel KEd, tell her if he is not versed in this NOT to meddle...
2011-07-20 23:03Guest 34Kick his ass Paula
2011-07-20 23:03Guest 32equity is arbitration for subject citizens
2011-07-20 23:04Guest 11sign your name 'natural born white, non-personae'
2011-07-20 23:04Guest 34i'll help you
2011-07-20 23:04Daniel KYes people dont have "last names"
2011-07-20 23:05Guest 33I believe those court are lawful courts
What's a white man?
2011-07-20 23:07Guest 35white men always try to supress the truth because they know the black man is far superior in all things, by blocking me earlier that proves it
2011-07-20 23:07Guest 33lol
2011-07-20 23:07Guest 35Ed is a dumb dick sucking queer
2011-07-20 23:07Guest 33lol
2011-07-20 23:07Guest 32so equity is at law or color of law basically
2011-07-20 23:08Guest 33I want to here the definition of what a white man is
2011-07-20 23:08Guest 34G35 is another kike Bastard
2011-07-20 23:08Guest 32g35 --> JEW STOOGE
2011-07-20 23:09Guest 33How do know ADAM was white?
2011-07-20 23:09Guest 15adamic glow in the face they got the GLOW
2011-07-20 23:09Guest 32WHITE IS CAUCASIAN RACES
2011-07-20 23:10Daniel KNorthern Italians
2011-07-20 23:10Guest 33How does he know that ADAM was so-called white?
2011-07-20 23:11Guest 32blacks law states white is caucasian people
2011-07-20 23:11Daniel Kjust look at the very meaning of the word "Adam"
119 'adam aw-dam' to show blood (in the face), i.e. flush or turn rosy:--be (dyed, made) red (ruddy).
2011-07-20 23:13Guest 20a red man...
2011-07-20 23:13Guest 33Could Black's law be just the opinions of the one who wrote it?
Could the law be written on your heart?
2011-07-20 23:13Daniel Kduh!
The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? (Jeremiah 17:9)
2011-07-20 23:15Guest 33How do you stay out of "they're" jurisdiction?
2011-07-20 23:17Guest 11Ed, when Paula makes a claim or statement she should say that '...and I believe that there is no evidence to the contrary.'
2011-07-20 23:18Guest 32no firearms in bouviers ed...
2011-07-20 23:18Guest 11shift the burden of proof to the other party.
2011-07-20 23:19Guest 34troll
2011-07-20 23:19Guest 32ARMS. Any thing that a man wears for his defence, or takes in his hands, or uses in his anger, to cast at, or strike at another. <-- bouviers
2011-07-20 23:19Daniel Kguest 33 stop believing everything Batman says
2011-07-20 23:19Guest 34hahaha
2011-07-20 23:19Daniel Kthere is a country at law
we just arent using the law
Ed, he is trying to make the piont that there is no country
2011-07-20 23:20Guest 34EDDY this niggas a TROLL
2011-07-20 23:21Daniel Khell NO!
ONLY white people are supposed to be here!
2011-07-20 23:21Guest 11they are trespassers
2011-07-20 23:21Guest 32america -- Union of States aka United States of America
2011-07-20 23:21Guest 34ARYAN PEOPLE
2011-07-20 23:22Guest 32they could be
2011-07-20 23:22Guest 34HE JUST ANSWERED THAT QUESTION?
2011-07-20 23:22Guest 15non whites CANNOT partake in goverment PERIOD!!!
2011-07-20 23:22Guest 34NOOOOO!!
2011-07-20 23:23Guest 11they can only be 14th amendment citizens
2011-07-20 23:23Guest 34POINT MY ASS
2011-07-20 23:23Guest 11NO it is the LAW!
2011-07-20 23:23Daniel KNo its the law
2011-07-20 23:23Guest 15to white people
2011-07-20 23:24Daniel Ktheir Posterity is WHITE PEOPLE!!
2011-07-20 23:24Guest 34THIS IS A WHITE NIGGER SCUM BAG
Forgive Lady
2011-07-20 23:24Daniel KWRONG!!
2011-07-20 23:24Guest 15white people froma candid world
2011-07-20 23:24Daniel KWRONG!!!
2011-07-20 23:24Guest 34Forgive me Lady
2011-07-20 23:24Daniel KWRONG!!!
2011-07-20 23:25Guest 32UNITED STATES is not's a Corporation ADMINISTERED by AGENCIES.
2011-07-20 23:25Guest 34ya thats right G33,YOUR A LIEING CRYING SCUM BAG
2011-07-20 23:25Daniel Kyour WRONG 33!!!
2011-07-20 23:26Guest 15but they cannot partke in goverment ,get out of the white mans house and build your OWN!!
2011-07-20 23:26Guest 36Canada is a Corporation too
2011-07-20 23:26Guest 34LIBERAL COLLEGE KID SCUM BAG
How many
2011-07-20 23:26Guest 11white status is a reality in law
2011-07-20 23:26Guest 34me so smart
2011-07-20 23:27Guest 38Where does the MAGIC NUMBER 3 come from?
2011-07-20 23:27Guest 32yea canada is monarch ruled
2011-07-20 23:27Guest 37Ed is Rice Mcleod still alive? I know you know Ed Brannum...juat wondering...
2011-07-20 23:27Guest 11Tim is a non-white!
2011-07-20 23:27Guest 34ya white nigger college boy is a BASTARD
2011-07-20 23:27Guest 15face the ugly truth and get overit nonwhites - take your superior nonwhite brains and build your own house
2011-07-20 23:28Daniel KNO WE ARENT all brothers!!!!
stop listening to Batman!!!!
2011-07-20 23:28Guest 34WHY BECAUSE I SAYED SO
2011-07-20 23:28Guest 11Acts 17:26
2011-07-20 23:28Daniel Kwhite people were here FIRST!!!!
2011-07-20 23:28Guest 15no we r NOT nigga cant create what his PENIS desires
2011-07-20 23:28Guest 39Ed worships the God of this world which is Satan
2011-07-20 23:29Guest 38The lost sheep of Israel are 12 different tribes.
2011-07-20 23:29Guest 34so called!
2011-07-20 23:29Guest 36no the Red man... Native Americans
2011-07-20 23:29Guest 34these man is DEVIL!!
2011-07-20 23:29Guest 39go back to the his story...oh my you have got to be fucking kidding me
2011-07-20 23:29Guest 32non-whites in America were recognized as native nationals
2011-07-20 23:29Daniel KYou need to stop listening to Batman guest 33!!!!
2011-07-20 23:29Guest 34MUTE THE NIGGER LOVER
2011-07-20 23:29Daniel Kwhiteman was here before the so called native americans!!!!
2011-07-20 23:30Guest 34MUTE THE NIGGER LOVER
2011-07-20 23:30Guest 39don't argue with ed, he is inferior
2011-07-20 23:30Daniel KMute this idiot Ed!!!
thats the Jews moron!!!
2011-07-20 23:30Guest 15abuuoookk
2011-07-20 23:30Guest 34G33 like you are you lieing LIBERAL SCUM BAG
2011-07-20 23:30Guest 38The bible says we are all one blood.
2011-07-20 23:31Guest 39oh all the white controlled media
2011-07-20 23:31Guest 34i wasn't there ED,ME TOUGH MAN
2011-07-20 23:31Guest 15G33 if this isnt addressed complete GENOCIDE shall fall upon white people
2011-07-20 23:31Guest 38White man has killed more people than any other race of people, what in the hell are you talking about?
2011-07-20 23:32Guest 34Bush was a Zionst Kike
2011-07-20 23:32Guest 11Look at what is happening in Africa, much legislation is being created to prevent non-blacks from owning natural resource.
2011-07-20 23:32Guest 15G38 mostly r own
2011-07-20 23:32Guest 34i don't care ED
2011-07-20 23:32Guest 39japanese are really negroid
2011-07-20 23:32Guest 34BECAUSE I HATE ARYAN PEOPLE
2011-07-20 23:32Guest 11...same in China
2011-07-20 23:33Guest 39only intelect that Ed has is blowing on a skin flute
2011-07-20 23:33Guest 38White man has the most famous psycho killers of all races, Ted Bundy, the Green River Murderer and Jeffrey Dahma EATS PEOPLE! - ALL WHITE MEN!
2011-07-20 23:33Guest 34Amen ED
2011-07-20 23:33Guest 15gg11 cry to the Jews about that natural resource argument
2011-07-20 23:33Guest 34IM FUCK YOU
2011-07-20 23:34Guest 11Go read Acts 17:26
2011-07-20 23:34Guest 15perfect the HATE
2011-07-20 23:34Guest 39Ed you are one fucked up son of a bitch, you have no honor or dignity
2011-07-20 23:34Guest 34G666 IS from the pits of HELL
2011-07-20 23:35Guest 38There are lot's of people who are smarter than each other regardless of race and there are a lot of black attorneys smarter than you.
2011-07-20 23:35Guest 11mud race
2011-07-20 23:35Guest 39once you go black, you don't go back
2011-07-20 23:35Guest 34YA ED,BLACK MAN DO EVERTHING
2011-07-20 23:35Guest 32mulatto
2011-07-20 23:35Guest 15becuz of military affirmitive action
2011-07-20 23:35Guest 38Obama is Muslim, he's not a real black man.
2011-07-20 23:35Guest 34LIBERAL NIGGER DEMON
2011-07-20 23:35Guest 11Ed this guy is making no sense
2011-07-20 23:35Guest 39acts better than you ed. ed is a person who trys to cause trouble and offers no solutions what so ever
2011-07-20 23:36Guest 34I SCREAM DEATH TO LIBERAL SCUM
2011-07-20 23:36Guest 15good entertainment
2011-07-20 23:36Guest 34NO
2011-07-20 23:36Guest 38I want to know where this MAGIC NUMBER 3 white thing has any basis in law?
2011-07-20 23:37Guest 34ya i can curse
2011-07-20 23:37Guest 39ed queer man, he screws fags in deep elum
2011-07-20 23:38Guest 34Screw you and your GOD DAM FAMILY
SIEG HEIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2011-07-20 23:38Guest 38The posterity is only those who signed the CON-stitution are the "elite" the attorneys, judges, etc, and "their posterity."
2011-07-20 23:39Guest 32beligerent claimant...reclaims lawful status.
2011-07-20 23:39Guest 34FUCK ALL TROLLS
2011-07-20 23:39Guest 39ed used to fuck his black mother
2011-07-20 23:39Guest 34FOREVER
2011-07-20 23:39Guest 33Senate Document # 43; SENATE RESOLUTION NO. 62 (Pg 9, Para 2) April 17, 1933. "The ultimate ownership of all property is in the State;
2011-07-20 23:40Guest 34lets see,ok
i forgot
2011-07-20 23:40Guest 38This guy doesn't know nuthin about land laws, I bet he pays property taxes like a good little sheep, probably has a drivers license too!
2011-07-20 23:41Guest 40only white men can operate in law
2011-07-20 23:41Guest 34he said there was no Book?
2011-07-20 23:41Guest 39Ed you are one dumb white mother fucker
2011-07-20 23:42Guest 34Amen ED
2011-07-20 23:42Guest 401802 in good law
2011-07-20 23:42Guest 32color of law facto Attorney system agencies rule the persons
2011-07-20 23:42Guest 40is
2011-07-20 23:43Guest 38You are NOT part of the "WE" who ordained that CON-stitution.
2011-07-20 23:43Guest 34they hate that word "WHITE"
2011-07-20 23:43Guest 32not true...the first presidents were not negroes
2011-07-20 23:43Guest 38George Washington was NOT the first president, DUH!
2011-07-20 23:44Guest 32HANSON WAS NOT NEGROE!
2011-07-20 23:44Guest 34G33 is live in another world
Thats correct ED
2011-07-20 23:45Guest 38There ain't nobody swearing to uphold the older original constitution.
2011-07-20 23:45Guest 34LIBERAL SCUM BAG G33
ok my butt
2011-07-20 23:46Guest 38The Constitution supercedes all acts of Congress when their is a conflict or difference because it is "supreme law of land."
2011-07-20 23:47Guest 34Mute this commie devil
2011-07-20 23:48Guest 32g33 is certainly indoctrinated by the public policy brainwashers involved in all education, media and entertainment.
2011-07-20 23:48Guest 34who CARES!!!
2011-07-20 23:48Guest 40he is a subverter
2011-07-20 23:48Guest 38We had slave states and free states because Constitution left it up to the states to admit or deny citizenship to any aliens, women and children.
2011-07-20 23:48Guest 34G33 YOUR A LIEING Bastard
thats right ED
2011-07-20 23:49Guest 40he is not very well learned
2011-07-20 23:49Guest 34G33 GET STUFFED
2011-07-20 23:49Guest 38How come anybody and everybody who disagrees with "know it all" Ed is a provacateur, when he can't win a debate, resorts to name calling?
2011-07-20 23:49Guest 40this is not a melting pot!
2011-07-20 23:50Guest 32g33 is certainly indoctrinated by the public policy brainwashers regulating education
2011-07-20 23:50Guest 40all races have their own nation
this one is for whites, TIM IS NON-WHITE! and a subverter
2011-07-20 23:51pjmpjmHas anyone else on this call put the documents into any court? The Decl of Citizenship and the Jurisdict Challenge?
2011-07-20 23:52Guest 32such as shrout maybe
2011-07-20 23:52Guest 40call, go listen to David Duke
innumerable rights
2011-07-20 23:53Guest 32declaration of independence
2011-07-20 23:54Guest 37lol
2011-07-20 23:54Guest 40caller, what is your status?
2011-07-20 23:54Guest 37you guys are funny
2011-07-20 23:55Guest 40there are three main races yellow, black , and white
2011-07-20 23:56Guest 42YOU don't know JACK
2011-07-20 23:57Guest 40if you go to the yellow nation (China) or the black nation (Africa), they are not Christen nations, this one is and it is white
2011-07-20 23:57Guest 43its a story of a picular people
2011-07-20 23:58Guest 32actually there is a red race class...indians
2011-07-20 23:58Guest 43a god who saves "his" people
2011-07-20 23:58Guest 41That's wrong, the "sword" is the law of god on 1 side and the law of man on the other side, this guy don't know the bible.
2011-07-20 23:58Guest 40red is a mud race
2011-07-20 23:58Guest 32red men were classified as indian
2011-07-21 00:00Guest 40the Indian classification was a mistake, true Indians are a mud race too
2011-07-21 00:02Guest 43stand on those docs
2011-07-21 00:02Guest 41That's BS, the Iroquois Indians were white skinned.
The only reason they called them "Indians" is because dumb ass white men thought they circled the world and came back to India.
2011-07-21 00:04Guest 32Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That no person shall be permitted to
carry on any trade or intercourse with the Indian tribes, without a license
2011-07-21 00:04Guest 40some Chinese are very white skinned too, but they are still yellow or possibly mixed blood.
2011-07-21 00:06Guest 37werent most of the writers of the constitution masons? so where does masonary fit into this?
2011-07-21 00:06Guest 4014th amendment citizens have civil rights, whites do not.
2011-07-21 00:10Guest 32i was reading about that earler g37..there were quite a few masons in founding government yet not exclusive
2011-07-21 00:11Guest 37so dont they have another agenda?
2011-07-21 00:11Guest 32
2011-07-21 00:12Guest 40The Knights Templars subjugated all the non-white nations under the Crown Corporation.
CC = 33
2011-07-21 00:13Guest 32freemasons that fell out of favor seemed to dissapear thus raising suspicions
2011-07-21 00:14Guest 40The masons split the world in two, whites and non-whites
2011-07-21 00:15Guest 37Just read about upper NY...
2011-07-21 00:15Guest 40so this country was for whites from it's founding
2011-07-21 00:15Guest 44ed's lodge brothers are going to be proud of him
2011-07-21 00:24Guest 32what do you know about the masons ed?
2011-07-21 00:27Guest 36This may help? Interesting info?
Change is on the Horizon Part 1 of 3 Dawn of the Golden Age
Change is on the Horizon Part 2 of 3 The Am
2011-07-21 00:27pjmpjmOkay, I'll try to finish up this paperwork with help from Ed... and I'll report next week.
2011-07-21 00:27Guest 36Change is on the Horizon Part 2 of 3 The American Federal Empire
Change is on the Horizon Part 3 of 3 The Farmer Claims Program
2011-07-21 00:29Guest 32
well said...STATE BARS have to be abolished.
2011-07-21 00:32Guest 40the California constitution was modified many time to eliminate white status
2011-07-21 00:33Guest 32
2011-07-21 00:35Guest 40"It would take nearly a century to purge the racism out of the state constitution."
"the convention and the tenor of the document it produced were far more expressly racist against persons not of Western or Northern European descent."
2011-07-21 00:37hippydude1962can you over trun a convention
2011-07-21 00:39Guest 40the point is this nation was setup for white men and to establish white status
equity follows law, only men of status can operate in law, status = white
no forum = no jurisdiction
sign you DL "non Assumpsit" which means no contract
2011-07-21 00:46Guest 43you can have ins. w/out License i looked into it
2011-07-21 00:47Daniel Ksame thing that judge said Ed
2011-07-21 00:47Guest 43just google it
2011-07-21 00:47Daniel Kand it pure logic
This chic is cool, I wish there were more like her!
2011-07-21 00:49Guest 40lots of guts, but needs more study
2011-07-21 00:49Guest 43i know they all been Niggarized
2011-07-21 00:49Daniel Kexactly ed
no reason to challenge some moron with a gun
that is NOT where the fight should take place
2011-07-21 00:50Guest 43live today to fight tomorrow
2011-07-21 00:51Daniel KI am willing to die for my nation, but only if it will further that cause
2011-07-21 00:51Guest 43Ditto!
2011-07-21 00:51hippydude1962i am going to jail if i get stoped
2011-07-21 00:51Daniel Kand dying because some blood thursty idiot doesnt know shit, WONT help change a thing!
why Hippy?
2011-07-21 00:52Guest 43Ditto!
2011-07-21 00:52Daniel KEd approach is the most simple because it is the most correct!
isnt the truth always simple?
2011-07-21 00:52hippydude1962no d l
2011-07-21 00:53Guest 43it will be good for them ed
2011-07-21 00:53Daniel KEd he needs to get his head in the game BEFORE he can apply any of this!!!
2011-07-21 00:54Guest 32yep..thats a straight to jail, hippydude
2011-07-21 00:54hippydude1962but i am white
2011-07-21 00:55Daniel Kthey take you straight to jail now for no DL?
2011-07-21 00:55Guest 43white man got long history tryin to get this issue in the for front, took the Nnwhites 150yrs to figure it out,only after the ship is going down!
2011-07-21 00:55Guest 32remedy..beligerent claimant.
2011-07-21 00:55Guest 43speaks Volume's
2011-07-21 00:56Guest 32avoid conflictt
superfluous conflict that is.
2011-07-21 00:58Daniel Ksolid research gives you confidence!
2011-07-21 00:58hippydude1962i have my papers i am purebred
2011-07-21 00:59Daniel Khippy the 14th amendment doesnt apply to white people
2011-07-21 01:00Guest 32
2011-07-21 01:01Guest 40Apostille the COLB puts the Name into international law and jurisdiction
2011-07-21 01:01Daniel Kwhy would they?
have you ever seen pictures from that time period?
the slaves were holding the white peoples baby!
they took care of their slaves!!! for the most part
and their slaves were happy!
have you ever seen pictures from that time period?
2011-07-21 01:03pjmpjmcall ended I guess.
2011-07-21 01:04Guest 40Ed got timed out
2011-07-21 01:04EdClanofChattanSee you guys next Wed. YaH bless brothers and sister ;)
2011-07-21 01:05Guest 40good nite
2011-07-21 01:05hippydude1962ok thanks