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2011-06-15 19:55EdClanofChattanIs the music coming through?
2011-06-15 19:57licentiapiumI can hear it
2011-06-15 19:57EdClanofChattanThx ;)
2011-06-15 20:00licentiapiumit's as good as it gets
republic of
2011-06-15 20:01Guest 3hello
2011-06-15 20:03licentiapiumhello g3
2011-06-15 20:03Guest 3hi
2011-06-15 20:05Daniel Khey Ed, doing good
2011-06-15 20:07Guest 4Hello EDCLANOSCHATTAN....bc from near albany,ny
2011-06-15 20:07EdClanofChattanGreetings NY ;) Glad to have you tonight!
2011-06-15 20:07Guest 4i'se clan of chathel
audio is fine,here
2011-06-15 20:08EdClanofChattanThx
2011-06-15 20:08Guest 4TU ED SIR
2011-06-15 20:09EdClanofChattanThis is the Liberty Bell March.
2011-06-15 20:09Guest 4Cathel...sorry typo
nought here
2011-06-15 20:11Guest 5Praise Yahweh!!! Good evening everyone. Harley and Eva on S.C.
2011-06-15 20:12Guest 4Praise YAHWEH
New Isreal>jerUSAlum:-)
2011-06-15 20:14Guest 7good evening ED and all here
hey ED, according to the dallas,texas wikipedia page,according to 2006-2008 community survey,Dallas is now only 30.1% nonhispanic white
2011-06-15 20:18James MadisonI woulds't pray Elohiym cause each here to be blessed with good health, longevity, prosperity, and that each step you take brings you closer to the
2011-06-15 20:18Guest 7hispanics are 43% of the city's population
2011-06-15 20:18James MadisonCreator
2011-06-15 20:19EdClanofChattanGreetings James ;) Glad to have you with us!
2011-06-15 20:19Daniel Kyeah like NO JEWS
2011-06-15 20:20Guest 7a republican form of government,well down in Texas the invaders and mongrels/mamzers will never submit to it
2011-06-15 20:20Guest 4we allowed 'stranger's and Alien's' to overwhelm us:-(
2011-06-15 20:21Guest 7its fucking disgusting,and I don't apologize for the language
2011-06-15 20:21Guest 6lol
2011-06-15 20:22Guest 4names don't hurt me lol
2011-06-15 20:22hippydude1962if i was the last white man alive would i be THE KING
2011-06-15 20:22Guest 7how about stopping the invasion by creating a "no-go" zone/border with mexico using NBC weapons;it seems the only way to stop it
2011-06-15 20:23Daniel Kwe need to get control of our law
or start using it rather
2011-06-15 20:23Guest 8yes damn sick and tired of the Texans invading the rest of America,,,damn inbreds
2011-06-15 20:24Guest 7i heard a man explaining how the poor farmers in mexico are losing their land/farms and thus come north to survive;again the jew devil bankers behind
2011-06-15 20:24Guest 6DK 13 to 300M, not good odds to take anything
2011-06-15 20:24Daniel Kagreed
guest 6, thats why we need more to wake up
2011-06-15 20:25Guest 7mexicans are mongrel inbreds,most of the brown,squat,puite savages/monsters have canaanite blood,at best they are mamzers/mestizos
2011-06-15 20:26Guest 6by the time i figure this out there isnt gonna be any white men left to even , matter fact is alot land gonna be lost or we R!!!
2011-06-15 20:26Daniel KPuite tribe has specific oral tradition of their ancestors genociding white tribes that were ALREADY here when they migrated here
2011-06-15 20:26Guest 7a mix of black slaves,savage indians,converso and crypto jews,and some white spainard blood
2011-06-15 20:27Guest 4mixed gene's equate> Violence,stupidity,rage hatred:-(
2011-06-15 20:28Guest 7luis ewing can not and will not stand for the white race/legit citizens of USA because he is not white-that ends it right there
2011-06-15 20:28Guest 6Welcome Chief of Staff
2011-06-15 20:28Guest 8Uncle Tom?
2011-06-15 20:29Guest 7luis "ewing",how the hell does he have an anglo-saxon/old english surname
2011-06-15 20:29Nightwolf1HELL THEY ARE OUTLAWS
2011-06-15 20:30Guest 8you get no money because you have no standing
2011-06-15 20:30Guest 4robbery via 'legality':-(
2011-06-15 20:30Guest 6CofS been listening to the show ANN "like it"
2011-06-15 20:31NC_Aryanthank you
it will be back this week
2011-06-15 20:32Daniel Kluis has good information, but it ONLY pertains to the de facto, and he doesnt care to go back to the law, which shows he knows and understands
2011-06-15 20:32Guest 4citizen's are only white males landowners
2011-06-15 20:32Nightwolf1FREE WHITE AND 21 :)
2011-06-15 20:32Daniel Kwho can use the law, and its probable that he doesnt qualify
2011-06-15 20:33Guest 6g4 r u sure its not Electors that r the landowners?
2011-06-15 20:34Daniel Kin other words, he knows only white men can use the law, but because he doesnt fit that description he doesnt care to travel that path...
2011-06-15 20:34Guest 4there was rioting in the street's of the constitution signing..not everyone was 'happy'
2011-06-15 20:36Guest 7doesn't luis brag about him being able to drive without a liscense?well hell,for the most part,the illegal invaders get away with just
about everything,law enforcement told not to hassle them
2011-06-15 20:37Guest 4wth...Sancuarycities?? for who..not us!
2011-06-15 20:38Guest 7in other words,the invasion has been planned,co-ordinated,fostered and is no accident
2011-06-15 20:38Guest 4true,g7
2011-06-15 20:39Guest 9what invasion is that g7?
2011-06-15 20:39Guest 4what's why Lincoln as 'wacked' to 'Prevent' the black movement Back to<<>Cheap Labor!
2011-06-15 20:39Guest 7ship USA jobs off to asia,the jobs/benefits/etc that must stay here domestically is by-and-large set aside for the invaders
2011-06-15 20:40Guest 4american's will be the 'hardest' to 'break'...for the NWO agenda
2011-06-15 20:40Guest 7what invasion g9?the total nonwhite,3rd world locust-horde invasion taking place here in USA,southern border wide open to facilitate it
2011-06-15 20:42Guest 4g7>it's NWO IMF CFR and all the other 'devil's...yep
2011-06-15 20:43Guest 7of course traitors/dupes/ignorant ones will couch it in safer,less threatening terms
2011-06-15 20:44Guest 10has anyone here read Lysander Spooner's "Constitution of no Authority"?
2011-06-15 20:44Guest 7and the dumbass judeo-churchinsanity ones will welcome them and feed/shelter them;roman catholic church thinks they have a new powerbase withy them
2011-06-15 20:44Guest 4Dragon and BabelonianWHORE gangstabankers:-(
synogog of satan system
2011-06-15 20:46Guest 10Are you a party to the constitution?
2011-06-15 20:46Guest 4we go lower and Lower> they (dogs) go Higher And HIGHER:-(
2011-06-15 20:47Guest 7i've made peace with the prophecy of zechariah 13,verses8-9; 2/3rds of the white israelites will perish,and i reckon plenty of candidates for it
2011-06-15 20:47Guest 4we win, g7...but it will be Ruff
2011-06-15 20:48Guest 7pray for the annointed and elect ones,those destined for the inner court
2011-06-15 20:48Guest 4woof woof lol
'stacked' card''s 'against' us:-(
2011-06-15 20:50Guest 7i truly do not see national repentance from the house of israel in new jerUSAlem zion-usa,thus the punishments and cursings of deuturonomy 28 are a go
2011-06-15 20:50Guest 4make jacob people to Sin...and jacob will have YAH Wraith!
2011-06-15 20:52Guest 7yes the devils cause/tempt/steer us to sin,but we as a folk body have not and do not resist it,nor do we enforce the laws of GOD
2011-06-15 20:52Guest fine
2011-06-15 20:52Guest 6Read LoN Ed
2011-06-15 20:52Guest 4set up was in 1812
2011-06-15 20:55Guest 7Eustace Mullins painted a grim picture indeed for the people of SHEM in USA,at the very end of his book THE CURSE OF CANAAN
by the way,i found a website that archives plenty of mullins' mpss,at FOURWINDS10.COM
i've read a few cryptic references about the valley of jehosaphat spoken of in JOEL, that the valley of decision is in fact the MISSISSIPPI VALLEY
region of USA,that's where the future battle of armageddon will take place
2011-06-15 21:00Guest 4duel phophetcy is assured
i think ou are right,g7:-(
2011-06-15 21:01Guest 7yet I can not find an accurate geographical description of the mississippi valley;maybe its the entire area along the total length of the mississippi
one time i heard a guest say on coasttocoastam that a fierce battle would be fought on the river that seperates Texas and Louisiana
2011-06-15 21:03Guest 4section of colorado mtns will be 'turning point'
eg,, enemy invasion
2011-06-15 21:03Guest 7MT. HAMONGOG is an actual place in UTAH,east of the great salt lake
2011-06-15 21:04Guest 4yes
2011-06-15 21:04Guest 7in the movie RED DAWN, state of Colorado at the rocky mountains was the deciding place of battle
2011-06-15 21:05Guest 4maybe hollywood is 'tellijng us Something?....hmmm
2011-06-15 21:05Guest 7i think the grand canyon,ARIZONA would be a good defense line,everything south of it would be temporarily lost
the OZARK mountains could be another natural defense line,also appalachia
2011-06-15 21:07Guest 4make a good 'dumping ground' for sure>grand canyon
2011-06-15 21:08Guest 7florida seems to be lost,as is southern california,maybe the earth will help the woman and swallow this flood by use of the san andreas faultline
new england ,north of boston,looks like good territory
2011-06-15 21:09Guest 4fhtf will be for land annexation
2011-06-15 21:10Guest 7on pastor ROY TAYLOR'S webpage,he has an article claiming that there is a tunnel connecting russian far east to ALASKA
2011-06-15 21:11Guest 4bering sea is very shallow
2011-06-15 21:12Guest 7ROYTAYLORMINISTRIES.COM has it g4,plus the near famous AMERICAN PIE AND ARMAGEDDON prophecy;Taylor says don mcclean's song BYE BYE MISS AMERICA PIE is
2011-06-15 21:12Guest 4invader's are here..and still Coming is deliberate
2011-06-15 21:13Guest 7veiled prophecy by YAHWEH himself to us in these latter days
2011-06-15 21:14Guest 4ears to hear...eye's to see..the wise will have understanding
2011-06-15 21:14Guest 12Hello EdClanofChattan
2011-06-15 21:15Guest 7then theres GEORGE WASHINGTON's vision/prophecy, and REVEREND F.F.PITTS' address to the US congress in 1857
2011-06-15 21:17Guest 4YAHWEH will Not Be MOCKED
2011-06-15 21:18Guest 7thats true,i wonder how much we here on earth in flesh bodies have to endure and persevere
2011-06-15 21:19Guest 4We are to be a Witness For YAH
2011-06-15 21:19Guest 7that is why i chat here,praise HIS name
2011-06-15 21:20Guest 4Yes
no audio
2011-06-15 21:22Guest 7one thing about prophecy, what with the collapse/dissolution of the USSR, no gigantic COLD WAR battle happened,many thought like I did that the soviet
2011-06-15 21:22Guest 4is program still active??
2011-06-15 21:22Guest 7and warsaw pact forces would invade West Germany,thru the fulda gap-it has not happened
2011-06-15 21:22Guest 4ok...all okay now
it moved here..we are ussa
2011-06-15 21:24Guest 7some now contend that the reason the Berlin wall fell was because the west was communized/socialized and there was no need for military conquest
plus the 2 sides of the same coin,communism and capitalism,had to be merged into 1 global world order-yet the dragon of RED CHINA is still here
2011-06-15 21:25Guest 4thier 'allie's' will 'turn on them'....hmmmm
2011-06-15 21:26Guest 7i would hope that the russian slavs would never try to conquer their kinsmen in europe and north america
slavs more than anyone have a beef with the bolsheviks/communists
MILTON FREIDMAN the economist ED?
2011-06-15 21:27Guest 4slickydickie and slickwillie dudes
2011-06-15 21:29Guest 7murray rothbard,sherman skolnick,benjamin friedamn and jack bernstein were jews who were seemingly opposed to the system
one could throw in brother natheniel kapner,henry mackow,aaron russo as other examples
also the darling of liberal realists,noah chomsky
2011-06-15 21:30Guest 4logjammed on 'scrolling' window
2011-06-15 21:31Guest 7talkshoe gets buggy at times
seemingly,since some have no trust for that race,no matter what they say/espouse;besides 2 seedline racial identity counts them out,regardless
it was Stalin who said the best way to deal with opposition is to create/control it
2011-06-15 21:34Guest 15re logged on>bc
2011-06-15 21:35Guest 7many in the patriot movement will tell the truth to make a buck off of it,they see the collapse comin and gotta prepare for themselves
the sins of the fathers to the 3rd,4th generation;what our ancestors did in the late 1880s onward is biting us back now
2011-06-15 21:37Guest 15yes,i believe so g7
2011-06-15 21:38Guest 12
2011-06-15 21:38Guest 7it seems the freemasons back then made a deal with the devil and opened the door to their conspiracy/chicanery;they were the frontmen when it was
prudent for the devils to stay in the background/shadows
2011-06-15 21:39Guest 15zorcaster....babelonian magical....
fallen 'angel' knowledge>forbidden knowledge:-(
2011-06-15 21:41Guest 12
2011-06-15 21:43Guest 7heinrich von treitschke and paul de la garde were 2 early german nationalists;then there was houston stewart chamberlain nad nesta webster too
2011-06-15 21:44Guest 15duel citizenship is Not nice
2011-06-15 21:44Guest 16all money is a medium of exchange , but "primary money only" is the measure of values.
2011-06-15 21:45Guest 7the HAGUE,hmm jews inAmsterdam holland financed cromwell's glorious revolution ,who installed the bank of engalnd
2011-06-15 21:45Guest 15slave ship owners,also
2011-06-15 21:47Guest 7ED,doesn't the federal reserve system's charter expire in 2012?What will happen to the FED then?
2011-06-15 21:47EdClanofChattanI am not sure G 7
2011-06-15 21:48Guest 7i think it has a 100 year charter,soon to expire..
most likely the sellout Congress would vote to renew it;the bribes/payoffs for that vote would be enormous,and all the power of AIPAC and jew lobby
2011-06-15 21:52Guest 15another hong kong lol
whota deal
2011-06-15 21:53Guest 7bilderbergs just had their meet in switzerland,and i hear soros and company are meeting in new hampshire to iron-out bretton woods part 2
2011-06-15 21:53Guest 15dirty deed's done dirt Cheap!
2011-06-15 21:54Guest 16from 1792 to 1873 , the Unit of value was silver. the dollar was the unit. gold was made money but its value was counted from these silver dollars.
2011-06-15 21:55Guest 7though the bilderbergs seem now to be frontmen jokes who are there to take/absorb the criticism and exposure,while the real power is still in the
2011-06-15 21:55Guest 15onlythe'shadow' knows...damn shame!
2011-06-15 21:57Guest 7for example,real investigative journalism would find out and expose the world cahilla,the current elders of zion meetings and minutes
2011-06-15 21:57Guest 15wise as a Serpent:-(
2011-06-15 21:58Guest 7the serpent swallowing its tail is symbolic of world jewry encircling and conquering the globe!
2011-06-15 22:00Guest 16our forefathers showed much wisdom in selecting silver as the measure of the dollar.
2011-06-15 22:00Guest 7the bohemian grove thing,that all seems passe now,after alex joness' exposure
silver is great,we do not even have copper in our pennies anymore
2011-06-15 22:01Guest 15hideous monster bohemian dos
2011-06-15 22:01Guest 7yet I read that it costs 7.5 cents to produce each current 5 cent nickle
2011-06-15 22:02Guest 16Gold was the money of the rich, it was owned principally by that class of people
2011-06-15 22:02Guest 15usuary is profit
2011-06-15 22:03Guest 7the discovery of the comstock lode of silver in nevada made it possible for widespread silver coins/currency
gold and gold dust was used as a medium of exchange in the old west frontier,as was silver
2011-06-15 22:04Guest 15Liberty
2011-06-15 22:05Guest 16men having a design to injure business by making money scarce, could not so easily get hold of all the silver and hide it away as they could gold.
2011-06-15 22:05Guest 7EdClanofChattan,do you think there is any real gold bars left in the fort knox depository?
2011-06-15 22:06Guest 15it's gone....sold/stole off
2011-06-15 22:06Guest 7what theiving bastards they are
2011-06-15 22:06Guest 15eg,,'trillon's missing???? hmmmm
2011-06-15 22:08Guest 7make the daughters of the american revolution the rulers,it would be better than what we have now
the nebraska land act and the oklahoma land rush,what a deal back then it was
2011-06-15 22:10Guest 15eminent domein=legalized theft:-(
2011-06-15 22:10Guest 72 great moves were the louisiana purchase and buying alaska from russia
2011-06-15 22:11Guest 15pay your Taxes
2011-06-15 22:11Guest 7and the gadsden purhase too
2011-06-15 22:11Guest 15so was the gadson purchase:-)
2011-06-15 22:12Guest 7hawaii should have been kept as a territory status
2011-06-15 22:12Guest 15do Not forget Manhattan Island lol
2011-06-15 22:13Guest 7peter stuyvesant warned about letting jews into manhattan island,wall street was called because it seperated the jews and nonjews
2011-06-15 22:14Guest 22Do they have a NICK NAME??? Like me I am an old COON ASS
2011-06-15 22:14Guest 7napoleon needed the dough to conquer europe,usa astutely offered to buy new france in america
2011-06-15 22:14Guest 15loyalists left for arcadia,nfl,newbrunswick..
2011-06-15 22:15Guest 22Arcadia is BRETT FARVE. Full blooded as I am
2011-06-15 22:15Guest 16silver was demonetized secretly, and since then a powerful monet trust has used deception and misrepresentations
2011-06-15 22:16Guest 15indian lands annexed after rev.war in ny,especially
2011-06-15 22:17Guest 22The DINAR has passed the Silver & Gold. Dinar is the most secure.
Dinar is monetized in secret. Worth $3.01 as of yesterday,
2011-06-15 22:18Guest 15'anti rent' War...about 100 yr's After the Rev. War!> patroonship property ownership! only!!
2011-06-15 22:20Guest 7explain this "DINAR" GUEST22,what do you mean,and that its worth $3.01 value
the lakoda tribe has a silver coin currency i think
2011-06-15 22:21Guest 15monatary 'revalueizing'? sad
2011-06-15 22:21Guest 22Could of bought IRAQ money DINAR a 100,000.00 for 100 dollars. They revalued it at 3.1 so that would be worth 301,000,00 dollars
All for 100 dollars. See
2011-06-15 22:22Guest 7oh the dinar,the name of the iraqi dollar currency;i think other countries have units called dinars too
2011-06-15 22:23Guest 151 paso=$5 us,right?
2011-06-15 22:23Guest 22No one peso dollar is worth ten u s cents
2011-06-15 22:24Guest 7mexican peso was at 10-1 ratio to the dollar,but it is probably changed by now
2011-06-15 22:24LifeLight;)
2011-06-15 22:24Guest 15last i looked almanic said differently( i think)
2011-06-15 22:24Guest 7mexico used to issue gold peso coins, i had some and sold them
2011-06-15 22:25Guest 22Sell all your gold & silver & buy Dinar. Iraqi
2011-06-15 22:25Guest 15food/water/guns/ammo lol
2011-06-15 22:26Guest 7Russia could have gold and silver currency,what with their vast mineral and natural resources,and they paid off all their foriegn debts
2011-06-15 22:26Guest 22I will sell 15 all the pesos he want for 4,00
2011-06-15 22:26LifeLightDid you get the audio of the Tennessee hearing?
2011-06-15 22:27Guest 16
2011-06-15 22:27Guest 15no...i just thought that the reason was why 'illegal's' are here> was to monary exchange rate
2011-06-15 22:27Guest 2215 you need women who is willing & you can get all you need.
2011-06-15 22:28Guest 15women has made me broke lol
2011-06-15 22:28Guest 7what do you mean,women from iraq who will smuggle out iraqi dinars to here
2011-06-15 22:28Guest 2215 you have everything reversed
A women needs be willing
2011-06-15 22:29LifeLightOne of the People, not Citizen or citizen
2011-06-15 22:29Guest 7what then,take us dollars to iraq and exchange them for dinars?
2011-06-15 22:29Guest 15hi-class airline 'hooker's syndrome lol
2011-06-15 22:30Guest 7g22 do you hold dinars ,and have made wealth with them?
2011-06-15 22:30Guest 22Buy Dinar at Dinartrade,com
2011-06-15 22:31LifeLightnor do we want one
2011-06-15 22:31Guest 7okay,maybe i'll give it a look
2011-06-15 22:32Guest 15mulin is Not for Me lol
2011-06-15 22:33Guest 7jeff rense frequently says that US armed forces have killed millions of iraqis and afghans;it would not surprise me, the israeli empire
between the Nile and Euphrates rivers has to ethnically cleansed
2011-06-15 22:33Guest 22gidassociates is cheaper & good to buy dinar
Rense is a joke. only a few were killed
2011-06-15 22:35Guest 15balkanization of usa:-(
2011-06-15 22:35Guest 22Dinar buy at
2011-06-15 22:35Guest 7the 2 blue stripes on israeli flag stand for the greater jew empire between the 2 rivers
2011-06-15 22:36Guest 15satanic symbol,really
2011-06-15 22:37Guest 7yes the USA is being racially balkanized,i think it will collapse in civil war/flames just like the former yugoslavia broke apart among the
different ethnic and religious factions
2011-06-15 22:37Guest 16the word person first appears in constitution article 1 section 2
2011-06-15 22:37Guest 15probebly be 'hit' first g7
2011-06-15 22:39Guest 16
2011-06-15 22:41Guest 28LUIS EWING CROOK LIAR THIEF
2011-06-15 22:42Guest 7kick them out and they will organize a UN/GOG AND MAGOG invasion of north america
2011-06-15 22:43Guest 28that ain't my blog
2011-06-15 22:45James Madisonthe answer to 2012 is 1776
2011-06-15 22:45Guest 29Hello All
2011-06-15 22:45Guest 15a new age lol
2011-06-15 22:48LifeLightWe need a copy, we are proterity
each one of the people, prosterity
2011-06-15 22:50Guest 28how old and whats her number??
2011-06-15 22:50Guest 29sick....
What do you all think of Ron Paul?
2011-06-15 22:51LifeLight;)
2011-06-15 22:51EdClanofChattanI think Ron Paul is a diversion.
2011-06-15 22:52Guest 15ron paul may be another Perot???
de mint or dave duke...i wish
2011-06-15 22:55Guest 16where are the locks? who holds the keys?
2011-06-15 22:56Guest 29What about God given rights? Do all poeple have them?
how can we have to classes of people? did we not try that with black peole? and now babys?.....
2011-06-15 22:57LifeLightAs long as you are one of the people, you are sovereign
2011-06-15 22:57Guest 29ok
2011-06-15 22:58LifeLightthe slaves were persons, not people
2011-06-15 22:59Guest 29So they are not part of "We The People" and yes we are all persons....
2011-06-15 22:59LifeLightperson means property
it is your person, your property
2011-06-15 23:02Guest 16No person shall be a representative who shall not have attained the Age of twenty five Years, and been seven Years a a Citizen of the United States.
2011-06-15 23:02Guest 291. An individual human being consisting of body and soul. We apply the word to living beings only, possessed of a rational nature; the body when dead,person
2011-06-15 23:02Guest 15shyster's:-(
2011-06-15 23:02Guest 29A man, woman or child, considered as opposed to things, or distinct from them.
2011-06-15 23:03LifeLightpersons are corporations, and other property
2011-06-15 23:06Guest 15goodie:-)
2011-06-15 23:07Guest 16so a corporation or association can be a representative in congress....enter the BAR . association
2011-06-15 23:09LifeLightthe 14th Amend person includes corporations, and other classes of persons
But does not include a people or the people
2011-06-15 23:11Guest 16the bar attorneys have really contrived the word person.
2011-06-15 23:12Guest 15simple truth....turned 'into' intellignt doublespeak babblings of falsehoods>lies!
2011-06-15 23:12Guest 16exactly
2011-06-15 23:13Guest 29lol
2011-06-15 23:14Guest 15it is commonsensical;-)
eg,,harp &flute,jig & reel lol
2011-06-15 23:16Guest 29OMG lol
get out and get to know some more poele
2011-06-15 23:17Guest 16indoctrination,
2011-06-15 23:17Guest 15jug &spoons;-)
2011-06-15 23:17LifeLightwe have allowed them to enslave us, by their defacto BS
2011-06-15 23:19Guest 32I am of the NASCAR race
2011-06-15 23:19Guest 15dueling became illegal lol
yoke of slavery is becoming heavy to endure:-(
2011-06-15 23:19Guest 29omg did he just say that....
2011-06-15 23:20Guest 32I love Latino women
2011-06-15 23:20Guest 29lol
2011-06-15 23:20Guest 32they are just like rabbits
Power?? as in Power in the blood
2011-06-15 23:22LifeLightthe rightous information has been kept over time from the people
2011-06-15 23:22Guest 15clean house
2011-06-15 23:23Guest 32yeah, they tried to mix our race when they let Danica Patrick in
2011-06-15 23:24Guest 16blacks 2nd definition of "Person" - A man considered according to the rank he holds in society, with all the rights to which the place he holds.
2011-06-15 23:24Guest 15dumbing down america is real
2011-06-15 23:25Guest 7the illegals are here to take a plunder and a spoil
2011-06-15 23:25Guest 29yes it is, but so is all this race talk
2011-06-15 23:25Guest 32
2011-06-15 23:25Guest 15cya & git!
2011-06-15 23:26Guest 7satan's goal is to destroy the white race,thus the illegal invaders are an integral part of the conspiracy
2011-06-15 23:26LifeLightit is clear who the people are, but many classes of person, property
2011-06-15 23:26Guest 29If it where more about the problem and less about the race then people would let u help them
it a good book
give that a read and put it 1st
2011-06-15 23:28Guest 32he's a wife beater
2011-06-15 23:29Guest 29o u know it
2011-06-15 23:29Guest 15YAHWEH bless Your Courage, ED>Wunderbar! hip hip hurah!
2011-06-15 23:29Guest 35The debt is fiction, not real.
2011-06-15 23:29Guest 7guest 32 was trying to subvert the chatroom,probably it was a nonwhite
2011-06-15 23:30Guest 16distinctions were made back in the day. the bar attorneys have intermingled person with artificial person and natural person.
2011-06-15 23:30Guest 29sorry to tell you Guest 7.... but I am white and I would say so was 32
2011-06-15 23:31Guest 35they can if you agree to it
they are not charging the man or woman, but the name
2011-06-15 23:31Guest 7if one is against ED's teachings/philosophy then why are they here
2011-06-15 23:32Guest 35they are charging the name not the physical body
2011-06-15 23:32Guest 29this is sad please do not follow this.... please get in your bible and read....
2011-06-15 23:32Guest 35guest 29 go read your bible and please leave
2011-06-15 23:33Guest 15women cannot hold authority.say's YAHWEH
2011-06-15 23:33Guest 35your not a master if you claim to be a citizen...
2011-06-15 23:35Guest 38so what is ED's day job?
2011-06-15 23:35Guest 35me too
who's Ed
2011-06-15 23:37Guest 15love a lie...hate the truth:-(
dumb bah sheep:-(
2011-06-15 23:39Guest 35that's hear say too
2011-06-15 23:39Guest 15Propaganda via msm lies!
2011-06-15 23:39LifeLight.
2011-06-15 23:40Guest 35this call my be recorded for training purposes
there are no problems ... only solutions
2011-06-15 23:41Guest 15i be here,2
2011-06-15 23:41Guest 35where is here?
2011-06-15 23:41Guest 15poor whitey in ny state...near albany
2011-06-15 23:42Guest 16HU'MAN - BELONGING to man or mankind; pertaining or relating to the race of man; as a human voice; human shape; human nature; human knowledge;
2011-06-15 23:42Guest 35That's settles it, I'm not human...
2011-06-15 23:43Guest 15race of the son of man>YAH
2011-06-15 23:44Guest 35If your making a claim, counter or otherwise you have given juridiction
2011-06-15 23:44Guest 16BELONGING - being the property of; being the concern of
humans are owned by men
2011-06-15 23:46Guest 15Incredible!
2011-06-15 23:47Guest 16abstract
2011-06-15 23:48Guest 15we living in a Sick Society:-(
jesemine jar
smell the purfume
woodchipper's&backhoe's lol
2011-06-15 23:53Guest 42How bout that stupid star on your FOREHEAD In KINDDERGARTEN?
You get a Gold Star for being Mind Controlled.
2011-06-15 23:57Guest 15must say Goodnight....many Cheer's ya'll...cherio YAHWEH bless! bye>gone
2011-06-15 23:57Guest 42Nitro
Wow wood matches will now be made a crime!
You are now in possesion of having Matches. More dangerous then the Swiss Army Knife. They always find an angle to make you a criminal for living.
The more corrupt the state, the more they legislate. Taticus.
Don't buy matches with a credit card.
The gov created JOBS. Health- Y -Coaches. You know, universal Non Health Care.
Check it out. Blood takers come to you place of work.
2011-06-16 00:10Guest 43who cares what the supreme court says? what has what they say got to do with you?
2011-06-16 00:11Guest 42Who cares what a Politician says? None ever kept their word.
2011-06-16 00:12Guest 43what is the constitution other than a piece of paper? what has it got to do with you?
2011-06-16 00:14Guest 4243 the Constitution was most likely a guide line.
I already know a New Constitution has been written.
2011-06-16 00:18LifeLightwell good night all ;)
2011-06-16 00:18Guest 42It's who defends the old vs the new.
Just look at all those Native Americans in Reservations! And Ask yourself Whos Next!
2011-06-16 00:20Guest 45
2011-06-16 00:26LifeLightwhat is the youtube video?
2011-06-16 00:33Nightwolf1 this you gotta see