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2011-06-08 19:55EdClanofChattanGreetings ;)
2011-06-08 19:56Guest 2Good Evening
Good evening
2011-06-08 20:25Guest 5
2011-06-08 20:30Guest 6Geez Ed,u sound so inflamitory,i understand where u commin from but u need more honey
2011-06-08 20:30Guest 3lastnight ED there were a lot of stupid,deluded whiggers talkin against you and your teachings;and then there was that mamzer luis ewing spoutin off
the way I see it,there are a variety of whiggers;you got atheist/agnostic ones;judeo wiggers, traitorous whiggers who sell their own out
and of course the white males and females who talk,think,dress,and act black; any behavior but white is cool for them..
2011-06-08 20:35Guest 6g3 want to see crazy check out this site ita a freakin cult these people are bred to hunt/enslave my ass!
they also have a TS called C.O.W.S
2011-06-08 20:37Guest 3lastnight all those white fools standing up for the nonwhites,when in fact the nonwhites don't give 2 shits about the whites
2011-06-08 20:38Guest 6they already messed up the House
2011-06-08 20:39Guest 3the nonwhites will never insure/enable the white race to preserve itself;in fact they are here for a plunder and spoil,at the behest of joory
g6 that COWS stands for context of white supremacy; groups like that do not differeniate between true whites and jews,i but the joos fund them
at this past weekend's feast of pentecost,i recieved a phamplet about group,about the de jure government
originalsavagechick youtube channel has numerous videos destroying the antiwhite lies and multiculturalism evil,and boldly exposing jewry as the enemy
the pamphlet states the USA went wrong in 1871
2011-06-08 20:48Guest 10hahaha,thats my time.
voteing doesn't do anything anyway.
the System of ZOG.
2011-06-08 20:52Daniel KHey Ed
2011-06-08 20:52Guest 3the whites are and have been dispossessed;the nonwhites think they can replace us and keep/uphold what our race built here
2011-06-08 20:53EdClanofChattanHey DK ;)
2011-06-08 20:54Guest 3of course they would fail if that dreadful outcome became reality;america would become 3rd world north mexico with scattered ghettos
2011-06-08 20:56Daniel Kjust look at any other country where whites onced ruled and now another group has taken over, they all go to rubish
2011-06-08 20:56Guest 3,
2011-06-08 20:57Daniel KThere is a whole group of blacks and sadly whites too, who know the jews arent Israelites but they think that blacks are!
pretty unreal!
our people better wake up soon
original 13th amendment
2011-06-08 20:58Guest 3that would be a case of whites worshipping the beast,just like the idols of sports,music,media
2011-06-08 20:59Daniel Kyes guest 3, I have tried to explain that to the whites leading these blacks but they are seriously brainwashed by the jews
2011-06-08 21:00Guest 3dark knight,some in christian israel indentity think that only 35-40% of the total US population is acceptable racially to YHVH
2011-06-08 21:01Daniel KIm not sure what the pertentage is but I know its bad
2011-06-08 21:01Guest 3dk,on blog talk radio there are numerous pro-black,pro-black muslim radio shows
2011-06-08 21:01Daniel Kour people have lost the law
I have listened to their point of view and it is downr right nonsense
2011-06-08 21:03Guest 3so amongst themselves these groups are totally nonwhite in their outlook,and I doubt if they care how "nonprejudiced" whites can act/think
some of them say black nubian savages built egypt and the pyramids,what a laugh!
2011-06-08 21:04Daniel Kexactly, which is the difference between us and them, even though the black people rob, rape and kill our people at an astonishing ....
rate and the spilled blood goes unvindicated year after because that is part of the jews plan, I forgive them and dont hate them
2011-06-08 21:05Guest 3it is coming down to strict US VERSUS THEM terms,just like in the disentegration of the former Yugoslavia,SERBS,CROATS,bosniac muslims,and the
2011-06-08 21:05Daniel Kthe jews are not concerned about blacks, lol
2011-06-08 21:06Guest 3hated shiptar alabanian dogs duking it out for power,territory
2011-06-08 21:06Daniel Kyes, this is what the whites in that group dont realize is that its part of the jews plan to cause problems between blacks and whites
too bad most blacks and whites for that matter are too stupid to see through the lies
2011-06-08 21:07Guest 3jews brought the slaves to the new world,jews and muslim slave traders had no qualms about selling subsaharan blacks into chattel slavery
2011-06-08 21:07Daniel Kright, and then blaming it on the white man
2011-06-08 21:08Guest 3yet some blacks want to embrace their slavetraders' faith and ways
2011-06-08 21:08Daniel Kblacks cant be Israelites for obvious reasons
2011-06-08 21:09Guest 3see how the pc traitors in Serbia are glad that ratko mladic is in the custody of the world court,when general mladic fought for the SERB race
2011-06-08 21:10Daniel KI have a neighbor who is Croatian and he will not speak about all that
2011-06-08 21:10Guest 3the SERBS' big failure strategically was not storming the muslim headquarters of SARAJEVO and cleaning out the muslims,before nato/un could intervene
and croats sided with muslims to cleanse serbs from the krajinia and slavonia
2011-06-08 21:11Daniel Khonestly I dont know enough about that conflict and its funny you brought it up because I was just telling someone I need to go study that....
even without studying what exactly happened, I have a feeling the Jews were behind it
ah.. thats probably why he doesnt like to talk about it
2011-06-08 21:12Guest 3the next time,CROATS in hercegovina-bosnia will fight the muslims;too bad serbs and croats didn't make a deal and split up bosnia amongst
of course jews,bill clinton,joo albright sided with muslims against christian serbs;and germany recoginized their ww2 ally Croatia,against serbia
croats are catholic.serbs are eastern orthodox ;of the 2 i prefer orthodox christianity bty a wide margin;of course islam comes in dead last
i'm sure international jewry had machinations/subterfuge behind the scenes of the whole balkans conflicts
the joo richard holbrooke and the CFR/NATO have blood on their hands when they visiously bombed Serbia;glad that holbrooke is dead
muslim gangs in albania,kosovo,bosnia are flooding europe with drugs
the drugs,legal and illegal kinds,are the pharmakeia-sorceries mentioned in the bible used by satan to decieve the people
so it all adds up to the muslims having beachead in southeast balkans europe,if the turks try to invade europe they have allies already there
not to mention the muslims in italy,spain,france,germany,england,netherlands;its a pretty pathetic situation
2011-06-08 21:55Guest 6Paula its called the FEMA camps that shpuld convince the Bitches where there better off
2011-06-08 21:57hippydude1962CONSTITUTION of the STATE OF FLORIDA Adopted February 25, 1868
2011-06-08 21:57Guest 6ed there gonna kill the messager's before our standing will ever reconized
2011-06-08 21:57hippydude1962
2011-06-08 21:59Guest 6hippydude that pre amble speaks of civil rights its a 14th amend con
ed thats an ugly bloody war
u r side way of sayin
2011-06-08 22:01Guest 3tim rifat on jeff rense show was just discussing the radiation effects from fukishima disaster,soon there will be food shortages,societal collapse
2011-06-08 22:01Guest 6theres not enough men we need to regroup let some land go and exurt the claim later
claim to resettle that is
2011-06-08 22:03Guest 3where do you suggest regrouping to g6?have certain geographic locations in mind? many say the pacific northwest could be a white homeland..
2011-06-08 22:04Guest 13Mexicans need to speak English sicking green cards and visa duel citizenship they need to get out of America
2011-06-08 22:04Guest 6iguess the orignal 13 + NW territory
2011-06-08 22:04Guest 3one location that comes to my mind would be Michigan's upper peninsula,which is quite white and isolated
thomas chittum's book CIVIL WAR 2 has interesting scenarios and situation possibilities
2011-06-08 22:06Guest 6if we work off original docs. up to civil war that would be the land to start with
2011-06-08 22:06Guest 13media and corrupt political freaks
2011-06-08 22:06Guest 3like the cotton belt and the mississippi delta regions in the deep south being black strongholds
new england north of boston,mass. could be a bastion too
for white folks,that is
2011-06-08 22:08hippydude1962
2011-06-08 22:08Guest 3EdClanofChattan,is the part of TEXAS you reside in a worthy area?
appalachia and the great lakes and northern plains states like the dakotas seem to be good areas for freedom,prosperity,living space
2011-06-08 22:11Guest 14Unfortunately, the Constitution granted unlimited taxation rights to the federal government.
Your wonderful Constitution ligitimised the gradual assumption of central power by the federal government.
2011-06-08 22:12Guest 3florida south of talahassee,gainesville seems a lost cause,with 3rd worlders entrenched in south florida
2011-06-08 22:13Guest 14I say: dump the Constitution and go back to independent states.
2011-06-08 22:13Guest 3i was listening today to carl klang's song NO KING BUT KING JESUS,that is what we need
2011-06-08 22:14Guest 6hippydude notice how well it was ingrained into yhe mind of the people that it wznt nessecary to even mentin "Free White Men" until the 21 sec. of 1st
in that florida con.
2011-06-08 22:15Guest 3the constitution should have been worded specifically that USA was,for,and by the white christian people
2011-06-08 22:16Guest 14As a white pagan I take exception to the previous comment.
2011-06-08 22:17Guest 6g14"and thats OK"
2011-06-08 22:18Guest 3okay g14,we could write the document as "white people,regardless of faith,creed or lack thereof",does that work for ya?
2011-06-08 22:18Guest 14My point is that the Constitution was a coup by the ruling elites.
2011-06-08 22:18EdClanofChattanThe Pocket History of the United States by Allan Nevins and Henry Steele Commager
2011-06-08 22:19Guest 14The Constitution created a Federal government that has become a monster.
I think that the speaker should address my points.
2011-06-08 22:19Guest 3g14,if THOR,ODIN,VALKYRIES.AESIR come to save the day,i'd sure applaud it!
2011-06-08 22:20Guest 14Yeah! Christianity is a religion for slaves and women.
2011-06-08 22:20Guest 3i've read a little about the nordic end-of-the-world scenario of ragnorak
2011-06-08 22:21Guest 14Thor bless you!
2011-06-08 22:22Guest 3i have read that aesir region where the Nordics were is actually present-day Azerbaijan,the phonetics is quite similar
2011-06-08 22:22Guest 6and the good white folk placed the bill of rights knowing this was happening thus giving both sides alittle of what they all want SECURITY
2011-06-08 22:23Guest 3then the NORDIC heoric people marched to Scandanavia,the Baltic region,northwest Russia
2011-06-08 22:23Guest 14Yes. This is the original white race, the most advanced on Earth.
2011-06-08 22:24Guest 6shit this board goofin up on me im behind in the chat
2011-06-08 22:24Guest 3g14,i know your against it but I believe the nordics are israelites of old ,try reading at
2011-06-08 22:25Guest 14Yes. Most modern 'Jews' are not semitic. They are from central Asia.
2011-06-08 22:25Guest 3GERMANIC,CELTIC,ANGLO-SAXON,SLAVIC and kindred volk are the true people of GOD
2011-06-08 22:26Guest 14Yes, and not the Jewish god. The true Allfather.
2011-06-08 22:26Guest 3either way,whites got to lay their differences aside and circle the wagons and unify,the rest of the issues will sort themselves out later
2011-06-08 22:26Guest 14Christianity is Jewish mind-control conspiracy.
Israel controls the US govt.
2011-06-08 22:27Guest 6there are many gods so the bible says but my god must have an image of my reflection other wise it would be a false god,when i look in the mirror i se
see GOD
2011-06-08 22:27Guest 3judeo-christianity is a joo device,i hold to 2 seedline racial covenant identity
2011-06-08 22:28Guest 14Me 2.
2011-06-08 22:28Guest 3the scandavians best get that VIKING spirit back and liberate/cleanse their homelands!
the vikings were a kick-ass hitsquad when they were in their prime
2011-06-08 22:29Guest 14The speaker thinks that the US is a 'country', thus legitimising the federal government.
'Countries' are legal fictions controlled by ruling elites who foment wars for profit.
2011-06-08 22:31Guest 3g14,do you believe in hyperborea and ultima thule,white homelands that were the first on earth,even the hollow earth theory..
2011-06-08 22:32Guest 14I believe in the hollow speaker theory. Meaning the present speaker.
2011-06-08 22:32Guest 3the nonwhite gods and religions were started by satan and the fallen angels when they wrecked,corrupted preadamia
2011-06-08 22:33Guest 14Yeah, that's about the truth.
2011-06-08 22:34Guest 3for instance dr. wesley swift talked about the fallen angel VOODOOS starting VOODOOISM amongst the blacks who were brought to earth by satan
sumerians called them "the dark and curly haired ones",they must be from the 1/3rd of the universe that rebelled with satan/the dragon/old serpent
2011-06-08 22:36Guest 16Hello Dear EDCLANOFCHATTAN and Everyone Praise Yahweh....ny upstate
very wellTU
2011-06-08 22:37Guest 3or fallen angels/watchers corrupted gorilla/ape dna and created biped hominids in strange,bizarre experiments
2011-06-08 22:37Guest 14The truth is that your beloved Constitution has succeeded in enslaving the white people to the Jews.
2011-06-08 22:37Guest 16it is Devil system....the cornia signs>sad:-(
2011-06-08 22:37Guest 14Fuck the Constitution!
2011-06-08 22:38Guest 6150 yrs and nothing got better just better slaves
2011-06-08 22:38Guest 16fuck the Devils
2011-06-08 22:38Guest 3the joos corrupted the roman republic/senate thru their gold trading and headquarters at pergamos;they always cause revolution
2011-06-08 22:39Guest 6the brave r in jail
2011-06-08 22:39Guest 14Tear up the constitution! Bomb Washington!
2011-06-08 22:39hippydude1962
2011-06-08 22:39Guest 16impeach>trail...sentence
2011-06-08 22:40Guest 3at this point the constitution is a dead,archaic,unenforced document
2011-06-08 22:41Guest 16trial sorry
2011-06-08 22:41Guest 3the district of columbia/cabala/cahilla is enemy turf,just as the CITY OF LONDON and the EU headquarters in brussels,belgium
2011-06-08 22:42Guest 16why we keep voting these scumbag's in office??why:-(
2011-06-08 22:42Guest 14The speaker should address these issues. He's ignoring the chat.
A vote for any federal politician is a vote for slavery.
2011-06-08 22:43Guest 6i dont think we put em in office there gonna be there whether we partake in voting or not
2011-06-08 22:43Guest 14Washington must be dismantled brick by brick.
2011-06-08 22:43Guest 3soon the nonwhites will have electoral college majorites with the states of california,texas,florida and new york
or damn close to it
2011-06-08 22:44Guest 16white rule
2011-06-08 22:44Guest 14If you vote you're signing a contract of slavery to government. this has a moral dimension.
Lawful rebellion!
2011-06-08 22:45Guest 16a3p
2011-06-08 22:45Guest 3the dream act/general amnesty would totally strip the whites in the phoney system anyway
2011-06-08 22:46Guest 14The Jews are not whites, but they run the show through the money power of central govt.
2011-06-08 22:46Guest 16pyramid=ponzi scheme
it's all about frequency---
2011-06-08 22:48Guest 3jews are turco-mongolian,arabic-canaanite,there are iranian mizrahi joos,black falasha jews,oriental zhushu joos
2011-06-08 22:48Guest 14Fiat currency is a magic spell. A Jewish plot.
2011-06-08 22:49Guest 16eliminate the private bank fed. and have Our Own Banking System
2011-06-08 22:49Guest 14The speaker is a whining slave.
2011-06-08 22:49Guest 16usuary is enslavement
2011-06-08 22:50Guest 14Why doesn't the speaker address these basic issues? Is he a gatekeeper?
2011-06-08 22:50Guest 3ZOG will not be defeated by court actions,they are entrenched and here to stay,dislodging them will come by other menas..
2011-06-08 22:50Guest 16bought....'made' person
Thanks ED Great Show/Information...we Are the People
cheers happy days to us..aye
we have been LIED TO!
2011-06-08 22:54Guest 6Ed you r the only one to come out and speak like u do I LOVE IT i wi hope to grow the balls U got!!
2011-06-08 22:54Guest 16internet =Fredom
GOD bless You ED and US
2011-06-08 22:55hippydude1962i got them just need to know how to use them
2011-06-08 22:56Guest 16shittzle
2011-06-08 22:56hippydude1962thank you
2011-06-08 22:57Guest 6
2011-06-08 22:59Guest 16that website sucks...vileness
good night ED
2011-06-08 23:00EdClanofChattanGood nite bothers and sisters ;)
2011-06-08 23:06Guest 3some good chatting/info here tonight